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The Authentic Lesbian Review: The Candidate

Dana Vespoli is a fucking genius! The last flick I watched from Dana also happened to be a Sweethearts Video title called Lefty that I completely went ape shit over (review here), and following up with The Candidate was exactly what I needed. The plot is beyond captivating, nothing new for my fellow Dana fanatics, the acting is so spot on you once again forget you’re watching a porno, something I really value, and, of course, the sex is great. The Candidate is situated in today’s hostile and terrifyingly politically charged good ole U S of A. Sounds incredibly sexy right!?

Scene 1 – Penny Pax & Casey Calvert

When we open, Democratic Senator Jen Hanlon is in position to be the first woman president of the United States of America, and her ad is playing on TV. From the very beginning you’re going to get this parody because Dana wastes no time setting up parallels. Senator Hanlon can’t help but remind one of Hillary Clinton with the sexy swag that only Brandi Love can bring, but before you even see her the message is going to sound very familiar. “The usual liberal bullshit”, which we’re reminded of by Republican Senator Trip Mathis (played by the convincing Alec Knight), as he so gently puts it before rambling about some clip of him shaking an oriental’s hand missing from his own ad. Right away he’s annoying as fuck (his name is Trip for crying out loud!). Well done Mr. Knight!

Also right away, we get a sort of stick-it-to-the-douche-homophobe-Republican-know-it-all-white-dude moment when it becomes obvious that Senator Mathis’ daughter, Penny Pax (yes, her beautiful breasts are also here!) is a lesbian fucking her best friend, Casey Calvert, right under his nose in his own house (reminds me of some fun times). Casey mentions Senator Hanlon’s new and highly effective campaign ad and the two briefly discuss Penny’s pop before clearing their heads and doing the nasty. I haven’t seen Pax’s big bouncy boobs in a while, so when the pair began taking their clothes off I couldn’t wait. I was so anxious that I seriously think my favorite part of the entire scene was when Casey put both of Penny’s tits in her mouth, a challenge I more than welcome, and gave a quick motor boat. I flipped! I really, really like Penny’s boobs…

Anyway, the sex throughout the scene was pretty basic as far as positions go. Casey started off by fondling Penny for a while before eating her asshole out and fingering her to god knows how many orgasms. It’s Penny’s turn, and she flips Casey over returning the favor with a really sloppy head job that is sure to turn on, and a little dirty talk. They 69 which briefly turns into Penny sitting on Casey’s face because the tongue game is that strong, and at one point I thought she was going to have to jump down, but she rode Casey’s face all the way to the bank and cashed in with a huge thank you in the form of fingers and lips. It was crazy hot for a first scene.

Scene 2 – Brandi Love & Julia Ann

Finally we get to meet Senator Hanlon. She’s being interviewed by Dana Vespoli about her recent heroic act where she ran into a burning school building and saved a bunch of kids from horrible fire death. Turns out her instincts just kicked in and her years of volunteer fire work under her fire chief dad more than paid off. Not only did she save lives, but the publicity she’s getting is right on time and to top things off she gets to go home and sleep with Julia Ann…Julia fucking Ann! Have you ever seen Brandi Love and Julia Ann in the same room together, let alone kissing and touching all over each other!? It’s better than paradise and it’s happening! I mean, look at them up there. You can’t tell me that isn’t a sexy overload. The only thing that threw me slightly off was Julia literally rolling into the room in a wheelchair. Dana, the subtleties are not lost on me! Mostly though I wanted to see if Julia would be able to stay in character with Brandi undressing and sucking on every inch of her body. Getting her on the bed was the toughest challenge I saw in the near future, and my dreams of watching it go down were cut short by editing. I get it though…

What I didn’t expect was the level of sensitivity the wheelchair introduced into the scene. Senator Hanlon loves and respects her partner and it’s obvious in the extra care she demonstrates while undressing and caressing her. It’s also apparent through their words. In-between kissing we learn that the two gorgeous women have been together for quite some time and the passion is still incredibly strong in their relationship. There are millions of ways to introduce sensitivity into a movie scene, especially a lesbian plot-based scene, but the wheelchair was different, creative, and effective. As Brandi gently kisses down Julia’s body it’s easy to get lost in this fake-relationship (see what I did there) and forget this isn’t just a love scene in a made-for-TV flick. I always appreciate when a porno takes me out of the normal porno element and makes me forget where I am, and Dana is great at it. The chemistry really makes this scene and watching it was just as fun.

Both of these experienced women know their way around the female body and they’re comfortable in theirs so the sex is going to be exactly what you’ve come to expect from a Sweethearts title. Brandi is super focused on pleasing Julia, paying attention to every little detail, ensuring she hit all the right spots at just the right moment. Since Julia’s legs don’t work, it kind of forces the pair into moments of scissoring that will force you over the edge. The position is pretty sexy itself, throw these two moaning, making sexy time faces, bumping clits with juices running down every which way into the mix and yeah, it’s a good time! There was a slightly awkward mostly chuckle-worthy part where Julia wants to taste the Senator so Brandi kind of rolls her over and she flaps on her stomach. It made me smile.

After all the lovemaking is over shit gets real, typical for a Dana Vespoli flick, with Julia letting the Senator know she thinks it’s time to come out of the closet and there’s no better place to do it than the LGBTQ rally she’s due to speak at. Possible future prez brings up a good point though. Yeah, while it does seem disingenuous to speak at the rally and not come out as a lesbian, she’s been in the public eye for a really long time without revealing that part of her identity and it could be seen as an attention grab. Plus, she’s a woman running for president! We already know how hard that is and that people will still rather see a crazy too-damn-tan-for-his-own-good man with no political background over an experienced and qualified woman, but hey, I just write about porn…

Scene 3 – Brandi Love & Bree Daniels & Uma Jolie

Meanwhile back at the rich boys club, Senator Mathis sends his campaign manager on a hunt for dirt on his competition, and man is it good dirt! Senator Hanlon made a sex tape back in college with two of her sorority sisters and the shit is out! After locating and securely hiding my college tape fun times (I plan to run as Kanye’s VP next go round – anyone can win right?) I was back to being glued to the screen. Senator tight-ass is stressed all the way out while Trip, who I’m waiting on to trip over something at some point in this movie, loves every minute of watching it. It’s a damn good threesome to say the least! Bree Daniels and Uma Jolie are hot as fuck and make the perfect DTF sorority sisters for a young freaky Senator Hanlon.

I love how the sex starts instantly in this scene. Before you know it Bree Daniels’ sexy redhead ass is sitting on Brandi’s face while Uma sucks her off. I always preach of balance is key in threesomes (and life) and without it the experience doesn’t come across as fun and exciting. You don’t have to worry about that this time around. Every woman in this scene is sucked, fucked, fingered, fondled, kissed, and licked to the point of no return and back again. I think Uma got it the best while in the pile-driver position with Bree fingering her pussy non-stop and Brandi working steadily on her clit. By the end of it all I think I was more exhausted than they were…

Scene 4 – Karlie Montana

Senator Hanlon neither confirms nor denies she’s on the sex tape (we all know what that means) but stands firm on her stance about slut shaming and attempts to divert everyone away from consensual adults fucking on tape to matters of poverty and the education system, you know, shit that matters. She even gives the press a “good day” at the end of her speech. Senator Mathis is still eating this up while giving his take on the sex tape, while Hanlon is explaining things to her wifey boo and trying to figure out how to clean up her image.

In what I’m considering a celebratory move, Senator Mathis calls over a friend who I’d put at least 50 bucks on as an escort (rich man’s prostitute) and has himself a nice glass of liquor while watching her masturbate. Solo scenes fascinate me for a variety of reasons but I found myself more than the usual turned on during this one. The music is sexy, Karlie Montana is hot as fuck, the lingerie is even spot on; this scene just sets the perfect mood. Watching Karlie strip-tease and grind her body up against the bed could have lasted for hours as far as I’m concerned. The heels were a little dangerous in my opinion, but still, great scene and great scene placement. That Vespoli is really something man.

Scene 5 – Kira Noir & Lyra Louvel

Holy shit! I haven’t even dried my fingers when in walks Senator Mathis’ daughter to see Senator Hanlon and my jaw hit the floor. I don’t trust it. Either her pop put her up to something or he’s about to get fucked over major by his blood. Turns out Penny agrees that what her father is up to as far as dragging Hanlon through the mud is wrong, and wanted to come to apologize for his actions. She also reveals she’s a lesbian, a Democrat, and voting for the opposition. Trip is in world war 3 and doesn’t even know it! I almost feel bad for the guy. That conversation ends rather pleasantly and I feel pretty confident Penny will figure out the right time and place to talk to her father, if she ever gets home safely. Just as I thought shit seemed to be getting sketchy, Penny is snatched up and turns up dead the next morning. Dana always know how to keep that mood going…

Now Trip is all fucked up, and I’m all fucked up, and the mood is all fucked up. Plus Penny Pax fake-dead is not a fun thing to see. Dana brings it back to focus by letting this story take us into our 5th and final scene featuring my favorite at the moment, Kira Noir, and the lovely Lyra Louvel. Poor Senator Trip is trying to drown his sorrows in alcohol and lady juices, so he invites these two sex divas over to get it on while he watches (does Dana think Trump can’t get it up and that’s why he’s obsessed with beauty and what can be seen, or is that just me?). Again, we’re right into the sex of it all, but not long before the action starts, Senator Mathis gets up and leaves. I get it. I know I’m watching a porno and sex is the main objective here but something about this scene just felt too soon. I know nobody really died, but you get pulled into the story so deeply that help but feel the plot.

Being the professional I am, I pushed through the hard times and found myself incredibly turned on by Kira and Lyra as well as the dark contrasted theme of the scene. Lyra goes down on Kira first, making her squirm and moan, then the favor is returned and Lyra’s bush was cool to see. Everybody is always so manicured these days. Anyway, they trade clit-jobs for a while before scissoring to multiple orgasms (I swear Kira was fucking Lyra no strap necessary at one point!), but my favorite part was (and usually always is) when the hitachi was pulled out. That thing is powerful, and watching women having orgasm after orgasm with their bodies shaking completely out of control is beyond intoxicating, especially when the women are this hot. Even their moans were enough to push me over the edge. The sex was light and playful in this scene and I’m happy I stuck around for it. At one point Lyra is teasing Kira and Kira responds with a huge laugh “you fucking bitch…” Now that’s when you know you’re having a good time and doing it the right way. I wonder if they even noticed Trip bounced way earlier…

So dig this crazy ass drama going on… Senator Mathis’ own campaign manager killed his daughter. He knew the Senator’s daughter was gay and followed her to Senator Hanlon’s hotel room. He probably thought they fucked and wanted to talk to her in an attempt to protect the Senator. Seeing him behind bars was gratifying but I wish somebody punched him in the face before all was said and done. To keep things moving, Hanlon won the election, Mathis congratulated her on inauguration day, and they even had a heart-to-heart about her last conversation with his daughter. My only beef was the way Hanlon came out during her acceptance speech. Something about it felt sneaky to me, like she couldn’t do it unless she was already elected and they couldn’t take it back. That’s more like a personal problem than an actual critique, but it stuck with me during her final words. Don’t you love with a porno makes you think!?

The Candidate is another classic Dana Vespoli and Sweetheart Video can add to their vault of hits. The story is rooted in real life and completely captivating, and the acting drives the whole thing. I was so intrigued by the acting in fact that I reached out to Brandi Love for a quote on what it was like playing a Democrat when she’s so openly and publicly conservative, to which she replied via Twitter “I LOVED the part! Reminded me that there are a number of issues where I’m comfortably left of center.” And it left me with a feeling of hope people. That’s right, porn gave me hope! At the end of the day, it’s up to us regular everyday citizens to let the government know how we feel, and Brandi Love’s acting and role in this movie reminded me that the only responsible way to do that is issue by issue. Alright, I’ll stop preaching, but real shit, check out The Candidate, follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1, and let me know what you think of porn, politics and Penny’s precious boobs! You stay classy, horny people.

Sugar Babies: A Cautionary Tale Review

sugar babies dvd coverSugar Babies is a cautionary tale about young women who try to have it all, and end up with much less than they expected. With an all-star cast, incredible cinematography, and great storytelling, this film will make you think about the things we lose when we make promises we can’t keep. From brand new studio Pretty Dirty and the dream duo of directors Bree Mills & Stills By Alan, you won’t want to miss this exciting new release!

Scene 1: Penny Pax, James Deen, and Chanel Preston (Non-Sex: Jade Nile and Jesse Jones)

Penny is super stressed out. She’s in school, but her bills keep piling up and she can’t get ahead. She’s even received an eviction notice. She just needs a little time to get a plan together, and then maybe she will think of some way to pay all these debts. She’s just so overwhelmed, she calls her friend Jade so she can blow off some steam. While her and Jade are out on a beautiful hiking trail, Jade reveals to Penny that she has been having a really wonderful time recently and that she feels really bad for Penny’s circumstances. Jade tells Penny that she has gone all over the world with a wonderful man, and she just got back from Hong Kong. There’s just one catch to Jade’s story. Jade has been traveling with rock star Xander Corvus, and he isn’t her boyfriend, he’s her sugar daddy.

Naturally, Penny is a little freaked out, but she is so intrigued. Plus, if she doesn’t get her act together soon, she won’t even have a house to live in. Penny decides to have Jade give Xander a call. Penny starts to think that she may have just been saved, but Xander isn’t interested in a girl like Penny. Xander is looking for a virgin. A little surprised, Jade tells Penny the bad news. Luckily, Xander has a friend who may be interested. His name is James Deen. James and his wife like to “help out” pretty young things too. Penny decides to accept the offer for James’ help, and she goes home to tell her boyfriend the news. When Penny gets home, her loving boyfriend Jesse is waiting for her. He tries to be supportive about her situation with tuition mounting, but Penny tells him things are worse than he thinks. The rent was due two weeks ago. His new job won’t really matter if they get kicked out of their place. Penny presents her other option to Jesse: meet James Deen and have him pay her bills. As one could expect, Jesse is less than thrilled about the prospect of his girlfriend whoring herself out for tuition. He can’t believe she already agreed to this arrangement. He storms out in a huff saying that Penny has thoroughly disgusted him. Penny’s left with no choice but to continue on to her date with James and his wife.

Penny Pax in Sugar BabiesChanel Preston in Sugar Babies

When Penny arrives at James’ house she is taken back by the beauty of the place. The house is quite grand, full of beautiful artwork, and a bit intimidating. James greets her in an incredibly warm way, while offering her a meal he has prepared for the two of them. As Penny and James eat, Penny describes her situation to James, letting him know how desperate her financial situation is and how she really want to continue on in her medical education. James knows how difficult school can be and that education is so important. While these two are getting to know each other, Jesse keeps calling and texting Penny. He’s blowing up her phone, and it is obviously distracting her from her conversation with James. James notices, and swiftly changes the conversation towards the evening’s festivities. Penny understands what is happening and acts accordingly. She puts her phone down and becomes fully immersed in what she has to do. It is right at that point that Chanel, James’ wife, walks into the room. She is statuesque and wearing only a robe, which she quickly drops to the floor revealing, a tight body and a strap-on dildo. Penny must earn her allowance tonight.

Chanel Preston Penny Pax James Deen
Penny Pax threesome in Sugar BabiesPenny Pax sucks James Deen in Sugar Babies

Scene 2: Penny Pax, Jesse Jones, and Jaclyn Taylor

Penny comes home to find her boyfriend Jesse waiting there. After the way he stormed out, this is the last thing she expected. Jesse sits Penny down and tells her that he was wrong to call her names, judge her, or make her feel like she was doing this just for pleasure. Jesse says that he knows he needs to try to understand her more, try to spice things up a bit, and realizes that she was only doing this so they could have a good future together. Jesse says he wants to try something with Penny just to show that there are no hard feelings between them. Penny is eager to have things between her and Jesse be ok again, so she agrees when he says that he wants to tie her up for some kinky fun. Jesse notices Penny is all marked up from her experience with her sugar daddy, but he says that he doesn’t mind. Penny lets Jesse bind her hands and feet, and lies back on the couch awaiting Jesse’s surprise. Unfortunately, Jesse has revenge on his mind. After Penny is tied up, he tells her that he was thinking about all of the things she was doing with her sugar daddy, and it was driving him crazy. He decided to take action and call his friend Jaclyn to help him take charge of his hurt feelings. Jaclyn enters the room and tells Penny that she used to be a good girl just like Penny was, but she knows that deep down Penny is just a little whore too. Jesse begins to verbally degrade Penny while Jaclyn starts to go down on him. Penny is devastated and helpless to do anything but watch her man fuck another woman.

Jaclyn Taylor in Sugar Babies
Jesse Jones and Penny Pax in Sugar Babies Sugar Babies threesome

Scene 3: Rebel Lynn and Jade Nile

Jade and her step-sister Rebel are just chillin on their bed when Jade gets a text from Xander saying that he is tired of waiting for her to find him a virgin. He knows he can find groupies anytime he wants, but he is tired of “worn out” women. He wants a virgin, or he will find someone else who will get one for him. Jade certainly does not want to lose her relationship with Xander, so she thinks of an idea. Her little step-sister Rebel hasn’t ever been with a boy. She is adorable and really curious about the lifestyle and experiences Jade has with Xander. Jade realizes she can keep Xander if she introduces him to Rebel, so she decides to warm Rebel up to the idea. Jade says that Xander and her have been traveling together, which is a huge secret because Xander is a pretty big star. Rebel is a huge fan of Xander’s, so it takes her a minute to get used to the idea that her sister has been traveling with him, but as Jade begins telling her about the parties she goes to and shows her pictures of their travels together, Rebel becomes more and more excited to meet him. Jade has another proposition for Rebel. The most peculiar part about Xander is that he really likes it when the girls he is hanging out with kiss each other. Since Rebel hasn’t kissed anyone they decide to practice together, and as they begin to feel more comfortable, Jade suggests Rebel learn a little more about how to please another woman. Of course, this is purely so that Xander will like Rebel, and Rebel will feel more comfortable when they finally meet. Jade tells Rebel about Xander’s preferences, how to talk to him, and how to act when they finally have sex. Rebel is an apt pupil, and they explore all kinds of positions together in preparation of meeting Xander later that night.

Jade Nile in Sugar BabiesRebel Lynn in sugar babies
Jade Nile and Rebel LynnRebel Lynn and Jade Nile in Sugar Babies

Scene 4: Rebel Lynn, Jade Nile, and Xander Corvus

Rebel and Jade go to one of the apartments Xander keeps a lease on. As a famous star, Xander needs to be able to keep his personal life private. Xander is a confident and dominant man, and he really enjoys taking charge when it comes to sex. When he first meets Rebel, he has to inspect her pussy to make sure she is definitely a virgin. This whole process leaves Rebel extremely nervous, but she holds still while Xander completes his examination. Elated that Rebel is indeed a virgin, Xander begins to take her clothes off, but Rebel stops him short. Before he begins, Rebel asks for a trip to Hawaii. Of course, Xander wants to be Rebel’s first, so he concedes to get her a first class ticket with hotel accommodations to Hawaii. Jade nods at Rebel approvingly and helps her little step-sister through the process of losing her virginity.

Rebel Lynn Jade Nile Xander CorvusXander Corvus rips off Rebel Lynn's panties
Rebel Lynn blowjob in Sugar BabiesRebel Lynn and Xander Corvus

The thing about being a sugar baby is that there is no job security. Find out how things end for Penny and Jade for yourself and watch Sugar Babies here.

Mother’s Little Helper Review

Mother’s Little Helper from director B. Skow ominously opens with this title card:

Explanation of Mothers Little Helper song and porno

Alrighty then!

Mother's Little helper BoxcoverFrom the outset, Skow lets his audience know that we’re in for a nasty, wild ride that’s going to push the boundaries of feature porno. To be honest, I’m really not sure how to review this movie. Mother’s Little Helper has a lot to take in, and is one of Skow’s darkest movies yet. Having dealt with disability, kidnapping, grief, psychiatry, and family fantasies, Skow now tackles mental illness and pharmaceuticals as an homage to the Rolling Stones.

Here, the “little yellow pill” is anthropomorphized as a beautiful young Englishwoman in a yellow sundress, Emily, played by the stunning Ava DeLush. Emily is a ghostly presence, seducing housewife Angie (a deliciously unhinged Dana DeArmond) and haunting her family. This family includes Angie’s stepdaughter Bianca (a surprising, standout performance by Kasey Warner), Bianca’s father Mick (Evan Stone), and Mick’s ex-wife, pharmacist Claudine (Penny Pax gamely playing a role that might be a bit too old for her). On the periphery are Kasey’s boyfriend Pete (Dane Cross) and Keith (Alec Knight).

Scene 1 – Dana DeArmond and Alec Knight

Dana DeArmond in Mother's Little Helper
Dana DeArmond as Angie

The flick opens with Bianca and Mick begging Claudine to help Angie by bringing Emily back. We cut to Angie having a breakdown, sobbing on the floor with lipstick smeared all over her face, when Mick appears to help her. She accuses him of having murdered Emily, when he then reintroduces Angie to the yellow-clad Emily. Angie cries with relief and happiness, leading to an abrupt cut to Angie drinking from a bottle in a bedroom with Emily by her side, presumably in a flashback. Mother’s Little Helper is full of strange, abrupt, non-chronological edits, giving the audience a sense of disorientation and confusion. It might be annoying in any other movie, but under Skow’s vision, it works and serves a purpose. Keith appears in the doorway, bottle in hand and smirk on his face, and Emily orders Dana to “suck his knob.” Dana laughs and gamely crawls towards Keith, unbuttoning his pants and giving him a sloppy, gaggy, deepthroaty blowjob leading him to cum in her mouth. It’s a scene that doesn’t quite fit into the rest of Mother’s Little Helper, as Keith never appears again, but it serves to show how Angie’s illness and addiction to Emily leads to infidelity and burdens her family. Other than that, it’s a perfectly sexy BJ scene, and a great intro to Angie’s mania and Emily’s seductive control.


Scene 2 – Kasey Warner and Dane Cross

Kasey Warner and Dane Cross in Mother's Little Helper
Kasey Warner and Dane Cross as Bianca and Pete

We cut again to Mick chasing Angie down the hallway, pulling her dress up, and ripping a patch off her belly so that he can flush it down the toilet against her protests. We cut again to Bianca and boyfriend Pete making out on the couch. It’s a classic “teens fuck before mom and dad get home” scene, and it works beautifully here. Throughout the movie, Bianca shows more concern and compassion towards her stepmother than any other character, and giving her a chance to fuck and have fun and be a normal young woman is refreshing and sweet. I’d never really noticed 20 year-old actress Kasey Warner before Mother’s Little Helper, but she’s definitely someone that I’m looking forward to seeing more of. She has some of the best acting chops that I’ve seen since Carter Cruise, and her fuck skills are sexy as hell. This is probably my favorite scene of the movie, with Pete fingering Bianca’s pussy and giving her tons of head before she returns the favor. They fuck in cowgirl, reverse, doggy, and spoon, and even get a little rough with Pete slapping Bianca’s tits. The cumshot barely registered, but I didn’t mind at all. Skow films the scene brilliantly, keeping his subjects well framed and lit, a testament to his time spent as a fashion photographer.

After the fuckery is over, Mick and Angie come home in the midst of fighting over the car keys; a frantic Angie refuses to hand them over, screaming that Mick murdered Emily. Mick gets them back from her and Bianca and Pete run for cover.


Scene 3 – Dana DeArmond and Ava Dalush

Ava DeLush and Dana DeArmond in Mother's Little Helper
Ava DeLush and Dana DeArmond as Emily and Angie

Well, here’s a bit of a mindfuck. The next scene opens with a shirtless Mick sitting down to breakfast, when Angie comes downstairs, looking radiant and smiley in a blue shirtdress and pretty hair. Mick asks when she had time to make breakfast, seeing as how she’s been asleep for three days after kissing Emily. Apparently this is NBD, as Mick and Angie are all smiles; Angie climbs onto Mick’s lap for some kissing and softcore reverse cowgirl. You thought this would be the sex scene? Think again, because suddenly Emily appears over Mick’s shoulder and a cut leads to a Sapphic session between Emily and Angie on a wood paneled room lit with gold light. They make out on the couch, smearing lipstick all over each other’s faces, before Angie goes to tease Emily’s pussy. It’s an erotic, spitty, playful lesbian scene, with lots of eyebrow raising dirty talk (“I’m gonna take care of you. You’re my little angel.”) Dana and Emily fuck each other like madcap teenagers, sniffing each other’s feet and sucking each other’s toes, constantly changing positions. One standout moment was Emily smothering Angie with her gorgeous ass in 69. They’re very bouncy and smiley, almost devilish in their interactions. Now, I normally love pretty, dirty lesbian scenes, but this was probably my least favorite scenes of the whole movie. Dana and Ava are two performers that I love, but they never quite settle into each other or give the viewer time to enjoy individual moments. But that’s just me; I tend to enjoy slower lesbian scenes, but people who prefer to watch two ladies just tear into each other will probably love this.

Scene 4 – Evan Stone and Penny Pax

Penny Pax and Evan Stone in Mother's Little Helper
Penny Pax and Evan Stone as Claudine and Mick

As Dana cums, the action suddenly switches to some family scenes; Bianca hugs Claudine goodbye, the family and Emily maniacally laughing around the dinner table as they toast to Emily, and an unsettling conversation over breakfast where Angie forgets that Bianca is not her biological daughter. Claudine and her ex-husband Mick have a heart-to-heart over the situation; Claudine is jealous and confused about Angie’s relationship with Bianca, while Mick feebly tries to assure her that everything will be alright. Claudine takes this opportunity to seduce the ex that left her for a nut, and Skow’s bizarre editing shows that Mick’s cock is pretty much magically already out of his pants. She deepthroats his cock, moaning all the while, and he eats her ass while rubbing her clit. They have pretty standard porno sex; they don’t have a ton of chemistry, but they do look great together. I adore Penny Pax, but I think that this scene would have been stronger had Skow cast an older actress; maybe Dana Vespoli, Mercedes Carerra, or Cherie Deville, to name a few.


Scene 5 – Dana DeArmond, Ava Dalush, and Kasey Warner

Ava DeLush Kasey Warner Dana DeArmond in Mother's Little Helper
Ava Delush, Kasey Warner, and Dana DeArmond as Emily, Bianca, and Angie

So here’s where things get real weird. Without giving away the ending, Angie truly loses her grip on reality and cuts a swath of terror and betrayal through the family. Claudine, Mick, and Bianca meet, and Claudine insists that they have to kill Emily. Still feeling sympathy for her stepmother, Bianca pleads her case, until she walks in on Angie fucking Pete on the kitchen. Emotionally broken, Bianca falls to the calming, escapist seductions of Emily. It’s a madcap series of short scenes, and a testament to B. Skow’s ability to draw beautiful, believable performances from his cast. Kasey Warner in particular is excellent (it helps that she bears a striking resemblance to Shailene Woodley.) What happens next is a short (only about ten minutes long) but super weird and sexy threesome between Bianca, Angie, and ringleader Emily. Skow’s camera favors close-ups of his subjects’ bodies as they writhe around each other in blissful, hedonistic ecstasy. Angie and Bianca crowd around and worship Emily; at one point, Bianca tribs her while Angie sits on her face. It’s an improvement over the previous lesbian scene; the addition of a third woman anchors the performers, allowing them to settle into each others’ bodies. Despite its short length, this final scene is a superbly erotic and satisfying ending to Mother’s Little Helper.

Want to find out the fates of Angie, Bianca, Emily, and their family? Watch Mother’s Little Helper  on HotMoviesForHer today!

Judy Hologram is too cute and hungry to write a cute byline. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Family Secrets Movie Review

Family Secrets boxcoverFilmed two years ago with star Kimberly Kane in the director’s chair, Vivid Premium’s taboo film noir Family Secrets has finally hit the streets. Kane stars Detective Jean Carver, the Olivia Benson to Detective Jim Valentine’s (Steven St. Croix’s) Elliot Stabler, with the added tension of an illicit sexual affair. When Detective Valentine’s step-daughter Vicky (Penny Pax) is found stabbed to death on a San Francisco beach, Carver takes up the case. In a spotlit interrogation room, she grills Vicky’s friends to piece together the series of (very sexy) events that led to the young woman’s death. Kane proves herself to be a masterful porno storyteller, keeping the action and the dialogue moving at a quick pace, and allowing the movie to clock in at a mercifully short 124 minutes. She quickly establishes the personas and motivations of her cast of characters, helped along by performers who can confidently deliver a line. The sex is the real star of the show here, with each fuck feeling entirely different from the next, yet still meshing with the overall moody tone of the flick.

Scene 1 – Kimberly Kane and Steven St. Croix

Kimberly Kane and Steven St, Croix 2Family Secrets opens with an artfully shot sequence showing a joyful Penny Pax dancing barefoot on a moonlit beach before she is approached by the hooded figure who ultimately ends her life. It’s a tactful bit of storytelling that immediately involves the viewer before we jump right into my favorite part, the fucking. Director Kimberly Kane’s sex scene with Steven St. Croix opens with the characters mid-fuck. It’s a surprisingly non-porno porn scene, wherein the detectives don’t open up for the camera much (save for some reverse cowgirl), instead opting to bang in pretty naturalistic positions. It’s a scene that curiously alternates between intimate eye contact (hot) and animalistic, almost hateful fucking, such as well Jim Valentine pins down Jean Carver’s head with a pillow and growls, “I don’t want to see your fucking face.” It works well and helps to establish the fraught relationship between the two crime solving partners, one of whom is married. After a post-coital cigarette and terse conversation, Jim returns home to his wife, played by Kylie Ireland, only to meet up with Jean again at the scene of his step-daughter’s murder. On working with Kane, Steven St. Croix had this to say:

“I was excited to work alongside Kimberly and [director of photography] Eli Cross as she definitely has ideas and a vision that isn’t standard porn fare. And knowing Eli could capture that made me confident this wouldn’t be a waste of my time. The story was a challenge for me as I had to have a connection with a daughter ( I have no children in real life) and to be able to play that loss in the scene where I discover her at the crime scene. In the end, I felt we made a real strong effort at creating an engaging story for viewers looking for a bit of sophistication in adult releases.”

Scene 2 – Claire Robbins and Princess Donna

Claire Robbins and Princess Donna 1After the discovery of Vicky Valentine’s body, Jean is on the hunt for the killer. The first suspect brought into Detective Carver’s interrogation room is Donna Huntington (Claire Robbins), a friend of Vicky and one of the last people to see her alive. Her moodiness contrasts sharply with Vicky’s joyful exuberance, especially as she fends off unwanted hetero advances from Jesse Valentine (Danny Wylde) and Ricky Sweeney (Richie Calhoun.) Her savior comes in the form the Mystery Woman (Princess Donna) who leads her quarry into the bathroom for some blistering femdom lesbian fucking. Princess Donna is a legend of kink, and I was thrilled to finally be able to see her in action. She takes incredible control of Claire, alternately spanking her round, panty-clad ass and servicing her pussy. Claire wrote to us about her experience on set:

“Working under Kimberly Kane’s direction was really amazing. It was great being able to see her able to bring her vision to life.  I really appreciate her moody aesthetic. My scene with Donna is actually one of my favorites! Kimberly told us generally what she was looking for and we were really able to go wild. I’m so excited that I can finally see the full feature.”

Princess Donna added, “I’ve always thought Kimberly was one of the coolest people in porn. I was thrilled to work with her…I’ve directed Kimberly a handful of times, and always had a crush on her. It was an honor to be a performer on her set and have the roles reversed! Claire is a gem. I absolutely love working with her!”

Scene 3 – Penny Pax and Tommy Pistol

Penny Pax and Tommy PistolAfter Donna Huntington’s story check out, Detective Carver brings in Rick Sweeney, Vicky’s artist boyfriend. When Vicky wanders off to that moonlit beach with a drifter named Vinnie (Tommy Pistol), Rick finds himself in possession of Vicky’s locket necklace, which isn’t so easy to explain away to Carver. Vicky and Vinnie then head to Vinnie’s seedy room, set with a mattress on the floor, bare light bulbs, and empty beer bottles. What follows is the most porno scene yet. Penny Pax’s body and puffy pussy are practically made to be devoured, and Tommy Pistol animalistically sucks her tits and eats her pussy while she jerks his cock with her feet. She whimpers the whole way through as they fuck the shit out of each other in that seedy bedroom.

Scene 4 – Penny Pax, Richie Calhoun, and Danny Wylde

Penny Pax Danny Wylde Richie CalhounUnfortunately for Rick, Detective Carver smells bullshit when he tries to pin Vicky Valentine’s murder on Vinnie the drifter, so she brings in Vicky’s step-brother, Jesse Valentine. This troubled young man with the disaffected monotone tells his version of events, which oddly doesn’t match up with Ricky’s. After Vicky kisses him to goad Ricky, the two leave him and he wanders off to his car. Detective Carver asserts that the kiss went further that night, and that Vicky’s relationship with Jesse became much more than sibling-like that night. The sex scene that follows shows a dirty threesome between the two step-siblings and Ricky in the nightclub, their bodies lit with lurid green and purple neon lights. Amid sloppy blowjobs and eager double penetration, the boys are completely enamored with Pax, and she’s deep in her element as she gives a standout performance. On working with Kimberly and Penny, Danny Wylde said:

“Shooting for Kimberly Kane is always a great time. She seems to dance at the edge of what’s acceptable, even by porn standards. This movie, in particular, has a pretty fucked up narrative. And I got to play an asshole, which is perhaps more fun than my typical ‘school boy’ porn performance. Plus, I fucked Penny Pax. She’s really good at fucking, so I can’t imagine that our scene is anything but hot.”

So, who killed Vicky Valentine? I won’t tell you. But if you want to know, you’ll only have to watch one of the best plot driven pornos I’ve seen in a while. With Kimberly Kane at the helm, Family Secrets tells a tight, uncomfortable story that looks and sounds great, featuring some of the best acting that you can find in porn. Above it all, Kane never loses sight of the fact that, when it comes down to it, it’s the fucking that matters here, and uses insanely hot sexual scenarios to drive her story. I’d name Family Secrets one of the best skin flicks of 2015, and I suggest that you don’t miss it.

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Kink School: A Guide To Erotic Role Play

Kink School: A Guide to Erotic Role Play box coverOnce again, husband/wife director team Jimmy Broadway and Dee Severe take the helm at Severe Sex with the latest installment in their instruction series Kink School: A Guide To Erotic Role Play. People are drawn to tapping into their imaginations sans pants for a variety of reasons, ranging from intellectual stimulation, guilt mitigation, for the love of their favorite characters, or just for the fun of it. For pantsless people who are interested in exploring sexy dressup, Kink School presents an excellent beginner’s guide. Broadway and Severe diverge from their usual Kink School format of putting the focus on instruction first and porno second. Instead, the first five scenes are straight up hardcore cosplay sex scenes, which expertly give viewers realistic inspiration for how to pull off their own role plays. The final scene is an extensive Q&A with the cast, and is a must see for anyone looking to safely delve into their fantasies.


Scene 1 – Cat VS. Captain – Annie Cruz and Steve Rodgers

scene 1Kink School starts out strong with a sweaty, animalistic fuck between Selina Kyle aka Catwoman (Annie Cruz) and Steve Rodgers aka Captain America (Steve Rodgers). The chemistry between these two is strong from the get go; I’m fairly certain that Cruz and Rodgers are a real life couple. The whole enterprise is low budget and silly, with Rodgers wearing a First-of-November-close-out-sale Captain America costume. Axel Braun this is not. But you know what? It’s perfect. Most viewers and sexytime cosplayers aren’t going to construct elaborate sets, concoct true to canon story lines, or dress in official costumes that they’re just going to take off anyway. Cruz and Rodgers make do with what they have in a playful, mildly kinky domination scene, threatening each other with sex toys as torture devices and throwing in the occasional pussy pun. After setting the mood by constructing the fantasy of being someone else for half an hour, Cruz and Rodgers put the focus just plain-old orgasmic fucking, and that’s what really matters.

Scene 2 – The French Maid And Her Boss – Dominik Kross and Charlie Piper

scene 3Scene two of Kink School simplifies things with a straight forward French maid scene. Dominik Kross is perfectly charming as the smug employer of sweetly demure French maid Charlie Piper. With a little bit of suggestion and hints at a raise, Kross gets Piper out of her frilly uniform and onto her knees for a sloppy blow job. I loved the power dynamics of this scene; while Kross is clearly the one in charge here, it’s wonderful to see Piper gain the upper hand as her boss inches closer and closer to orgasm. This would be an easy scenario for viewers to recreate; most dudes own a suit, and ladies can be anyone from a French maid to a sexy secretary, depending on whatever clothing she already owns. Again, simplicity and suspension of disbelief is key for couples who are just starting to dip their toes into erotic role play.

Scene 3 – Rogue Cop Meets Escaped Prisoner – Lily Cade and Penny Pax

cade and paxThings get more intense in scene where, where Lily Cade’s dirty talking, handsy rogue cop discovers escaped convict Penny Pax in a store room. In exchange for not sending Pax back to prison, Cade gets to have her way with her redheaded prisoner. The result is way more aggressive and fast moving than the previous two scenes; there’s no room for seduction, just straight up tearing off of clothes, finger fucking, and ravishment with a strap on. It’s a classic power exchange scenario, and Cade makes the perfect service domme to Pax’s submissive. Pax revels in playing a domme’s frightened quarry, and she does it well. Again, it’s a pretty easy scenario to play out; with a costume and a pair of handcuffs anyone could pull it off.

Scene 4 – Naughty School Girl Gets Punished – Dominik Kross and Charlie Piper

scene 4Dominik Kross and Charlie Piper return in scene 4 for a classic naughty school girl spanking scene. Piper plays a troublesome high school senior called into the office of frustrated blowhard Principal Kross. Spanking just for the sake of a good spanking is a good time, but a naughty school girl role play gives context to the act and helps the participants fully immerse themselves in the scene. Piper and Kross set up their characters’ personalities, histories, and relationships with plenty of dialogue and verbal sparring before Kross loses his patience and exclaims, “If you’re gonna be a little girl, we’re gonna treat you like a little girl.” The teacher vs. student scenario sets up an element of age play (Piper is referred to as being 18 years old) that further pushes the power dynamics of the scene. This is another scene that would be simple for viewers to recreate; all you really need is a desk and a plaid skirt. Don’t have a crop or a switch? A wooden spoon, hair brush, or belt work great too!

Scene 5 – Clowning Around – Jessica Ryan and Jimmy Broadway

scene 5Ok, so…clowns. This is one fetish that has really eluded my understanding, but that’s ok! For scene 5 of Kink School, Jessica Ryan and Jimmy Broadway clown around in a manic, light femdom scene. The clown theme lends itself well to domination, with the gleefully insane Ryan using a combination of teasing, pranking, humiliation, fear, and tickling to dominate professional sadsack Broadway. After establishing who’s in charge, Ryan slips out of her undies (the squeaky toys in her bra were a great touch) and makes Broadway go down on her until she cums. She mercifully returns the favor before slipping a bright blue condom on his dick (another great touch!) for some cowgirl and doggy fucking. After the cumshot, the scene is wrapped up with a comically large hammer and several pies to the face and genitals.

Scene 6 – Q&A With The Cast

If you’re only going to watch one scene of Kink School: A Guide To Erotic Role Play, make sure it’s this one. Scene 6 is where the school part really comes into play; the cast, along with “pro villain” Tim Woodman, BDSM educator Lorelei Mission, and clown makeup artist Beaverella, return for extended interviews on role play. They go over a wide variety of topics, covering just about anything that someone new to role play needs to know: the what, why, and how, scene ideas, where to get costumes, and the ever important topic of safety, consent, negotiation, risk mitigation, and legality. Woodman and Mission are particularly helpful and enlightening. While the straight up porno of the first five scenes make for great titillation and inspiration, the important thing is to ensure that, at the end of the day, all participants are safe, consenting, and happy.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lesbian Fashionistas

lesbian fashionistasI must admit, I pre-judged this one. The dyke inside me took one look at the box cover and decided nope, not for lesbians, not even a little. It’s glam and glossy with a model feel to it, and everything inside me was ready to bash it. I was wrong…dead wrong! It is all of those things, but that’s what enhances the plot and makes it great. Had I actually read the box cover I would have known that’s the point of this flick, but I didn’t, and trust me, I learned a lesson.

Adam & Eve’s Lesbian Fashionistas is about a “straight” woman, Liz, played by the beautiful Penny Pax, who is thrown into a lesbian filled fashion company with more on its mind than selling lingerie…way more! The opening credits are cool. The music reminds me of something between smooth jazz and the Red Shoe Diaries theme, and half naked women in lingerie are thrown in your face immediately, which is always a good thing. There’s an underlying artsy thing going on with the various camera angles and the overall feel of the set that I really liked. From the beginning I was drawn to Liz’s innocence. During her first phone call with her soon-to-be boss plus some, I found myself extremely turned on by her stumbling giddy nervousness. The entire time I’m thinking “Oh please, somebody hurry up and fuck her. She needs it soooo bad.” I really couldn’t wait for that innocence to be ruined!

Scene 1 – Sasha Knox & Nickey Huntsman

Rita, played by the flawless Sasha Knox, is the right hand to the boss and she happens to be the one in charge of showing Liz around headquarters on her first day. Liz is immediately faced with naked women touching and rubbing all over the place and the uneasiness mixed with extreme curiosity is all over her face. Things escalate rather quickly when Rita eyes a sexy young model, Nickey Huntsman, and just can’t keep her hands to herself. It’s obvious these models are fucking whenever they feel like it because nobody in the room besides Liz so much as bats an eye. Being watched doing the nasty is kinda my thing, so for this was perfect, especially with Liz’s reaction to the whole ordeal. She goes from curious to horny in less than 60 seconds and starts rubbing her pussy and breasts through her clothes. Rita is definitely in charge as she fondles, flips, and grinds all over Huntsman while undressing her. At this point the boss lady, Victoria, played by the drop dead gorgeous Ash Hollywood, walks in on the action and straight up to Liz. The action continues with titty sucking, finger fucking, and pussy licking before Knox pulls out a strap-on and goes in on Nickey’s shaved wet pussy. The sex itself isn’t anything we haven’t seen before, but the set-up is sure to make you cream a little more than usual. Not only is the pair being watched, but you can see something growing between Liz and new boss Victoria, as she watches for Liz’s reactions and grabs her hand. Straight, my ass!

Scene 2 – Anikka Albrite & Penny Pax

Anikka Albrite is fucking hot! (Mick Blue, you lucky bastard!) She also happens to be Liz’s roommate, Sky, and a little more open-minded than our shy and curious star. Liz tells Sky all about her first day on the job and how she doesn’t think it’s for her, but you can see something cooking in Sky’s head the whole time. Liz attempts to convince herself that she prefers her “strap-on attached to a man,” but readily agrees to let her gal pal fondle and suck her boobs (exactly how it happens in my dreams!). Unfortunately our little lez-virgin isn’t ready for much more, so watching that innocence get completely ruined isn’t a reality just yet, but can we please take a minute to worship Pax’s boobs for the amazing works of art that they are?! I mean, how Albrite didn’t break out into full motor boat mode I’ll never understand! That woman could hire me to hold those beautiful mounds up for her all day for less than 2 bucks an hour and I’d consider myself one of the luckiest people in the world!

Scene 3 – Sasha Knox & Selma Sins

I call this scene “Liz’s Vision” and it’s my favorite! Even after allowing her roommate to play with her perfect tits and realizing that there’s a side to her more than willing to explore sex with women, Liz decides to step away from the new gig. She’s scared to fully commit to everything, and I mean everything, her boss wants from her. But while out that’s exactly who Liz runs into and what ensues is pure perfection! The conversation is light, but the eyes Victoria and Liz make tells it all. From there Liz’s imagination kicks in and there’s no way this girl can hide behind that “straight” line anymore. What makes this scene my personal favorite is the lesbian dialect! Liz’s curious side is speaking through her vision and gets it so right! “It may seem strange at first, but the first time you put your lips on another woman’s lips, you’ll find that you’re home.” Um YES! I’m sold! “As soon as she responds just the way you would respond you’ll know that there’s nothing better…” Well, there I go! I swear I could listen to this scene with my eyes closed and get off just as easily as if I were watching. And, to add to the overall vision theme, the scene is shot in a dark room with just a flashlight illuminating different body parts. Flashlight sex, the language, and ambiance, plus Sasha Knox once again in control, makes for one happy authentic lesbian! Knox definitely knows her way around a pussy and Selma Sin’s moans drove me absolutely crazy! There are no toys in this one, just two woman, one sitting in a chair by the way, with fingers and tongues sensually exploring each other’s bodies to no end. As Selma’s moans heighten, you hear “See how she gives herself to you. See how much more satisfying it is to please a woman.” Dear Sappho, yes! This scene definitely goes down in history for me. Also, these two slip into the 69 position smoother and more sexily than anything I’ve ever been a part of in real life…they should win an award for that alone! I definitely didn’t want this one to end.

Scene 4 – Ash Hollywood, Penny Pax & Crew

When this one started I thought I would finally get to see Liz give in to her cravings. Instead, what we get is more of an extension of Scene 2. After that extraordinary vision that I watched a million times, Liz decides to go back and work for Victoria. This time, while on set, she can’t control herself and gives in to her urges, slowly sucking her boss’s tits and exchanging kisses. You can tell Liz took some mental notes when her roommate was showing her the ropes because she looks like everything but a first timer! Forgetting that the crew is in the room, and now playing with themselves, Liz and Victoria each touch themselves until they’re just about ready to cum. The other models in the room have no problems getting off on the action, but Liz snaps back to reality and runs off stating that she just can’t go there yet, leaving an extremely hot and ready half-naked Victoria standing in defeat. At this point, the chase has me completely intrigued and I like the tease. Each time we get a little more of Liz but not quite enough…it certainly keeps you watching.

Scene 5 – Ash Hollywood & Penny Pax

Nope, still no lez action for our main character, but we do get more titty sucking and this time it’s Boss Lady who takes control. They tease and feel each other up in a bathroom I’d kill for (seriously, it’s gorgeous), but that’s as far as it goes. What follows is Victoria asking her new interest to basically be her submissive and, in true girl fashion, Liz expresses her desire to be in a loving and equal relationship. After Victoria explains that she doesn’t know how to be in a loving relationship, I pretty much checked out. By the end of it all they decided Liz should still work for the company and that whatever it is they’re doing will be put on hold. You can judge this one for yourself…

Scene 6 – Anikka Albrite & Penny Pax

First off, the two roommates are sitting in their living room talking in their bra and panties…why didn’t this happen when I was in college?! My roommates were always in sweats for crying out loud! Clearly I was doing something wrong…anyway, the conversation gets hot and heavy with Liz confronting head on her desire for some lady loving. She describes her and Victoria’s previous encounter to Sky, and from there they’re off. Finally, we get to see Liz fully submerged in all that is lesbian sex, and it’s hot! Both ladies put on a hell of a show, but I was really impressed with how Pax’s character came across when it was her time to go down on Albrite’s sexy ass. Liz takes her time, somewhat reminiscent of an actual first time carpet muncher, and then after hearing, seeing, and feeling Albrite’s response she dives in. I think that’s how most first times go. Again, there are no toys and I like the decision. It keeps the focus solely on the roomies and how they work with and around each other’s bodies. My favorite part of the scene, probably because it’s my favorite power position, is when Albrite takes Pax between her legs, pins her arms behind her, and goes to town with some clit stimulation sure to get anybody off! Pax’s orgasm demands one from the viewer…job well done, Anikka! Safe to say, I was not disappointed after the long wait.

Scene 7 – Ash Hollywood & Penny Pax

At a company gathering, Victoria is determined to get what she wants from Liz and Liz is just as ready to give it up. The two again find themselves lost in each other while in a room full of people. They start out touching and kissing on a couch with the crew directly behind them and before you know it, they’re the only ones left in the room. I would have liked to see Liz fucked with a strap-on at least once, but instead we get a dose of facesitting that can’t be beat, so I’m more than willing to take that. Going into this scene there was no doubt in my mind that the pair would be able to take each other to multiple orgasms. Of course the pussy eating was on point, the finger fucking literally causes vibrations, which you can hear in Pax’s moaning, and they’re definitely enjoying themselves. I wanted the crew to stay and watch for the entire thing, but that’s probably just the voyeur in me demanding more of what we’ve already seen. The fact that this was chosen as the last scene enhances the sex since we’ve been waiting for these two to hook up since the very beginning. I hope there’s a part 2 because I’d love to find out if Liz ever accepts that submissive role! That could be hot!

Overall, I was thoroughly pleased (several times) with the movie! The sets are cool, the plot keeps you intrigued, the sex is awesome and the women are gorgeous! My girlfriend even sat down and watched Scene 3 with me after all my raving. I didn’t think I’d be as turned on by the glam of it all as I was, so that was fun. The fact that everything revolves around this high end lingerie company gives plenty of eye candy during talking points, so it’s easy to find yourself getting wet even while there’s no sex going on. I’ll definitely be watching this one again!

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XXX Parodies of Oscar Movies

The Academy Awards honor the greatest films of the past year. On Sunday night Alejandro González Iñárritu’s Birdman: Or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance) beat out some stiff competition for the coveted Best Picture Oscar. Past winners have included some of the steamiest sex scenes ever captured on celluloid, like Natalie and Milas’ intense lesbian hook-up in Black Swan, Leo and Kate’s romantic Model-T consummation in Titanic, and Halle and Billy Bob’s orgasmic tryst in Monster’s Ball. But we’re often left frustrated after that tasteful fade to black, aching to see more of these sexy scenes in every graphic detail. Thankfully, porn studios are always ready to adapt our favorite Oscar nominated films for adult audiences! Here are some of our favorite porn parodies based on Oscar noms.

American Booty

American Booty – 2000

American Beauty, the story of a suburban father’s mid-life crisis, swept the major awards of the 2000 Academy Awards. It generated a national conversation around its sexually charged plot, so it was no surprise when the adult industry leapt at the chance to produce a porn parody. Despite being thin on plot, the racially diverse American Booty is still worth a look. Check out scene two, where Ian Daniels eats out Midori’s pussy for what seems like forever.






The Private Gladiator

The Private Gladiator2002

Ridley Scott’s sword and sandals epic Gladiator beat out Ang Lee’s Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon at the 2001 Oscars, and also inspired its own high budget porn parody from high end European studio Private. It’s surprisingly faithful to the original story, with a young Toni Ribas (aka Mr. Asa Akira) playing Maximus Decimus Meridius and Frank Gun as Commodus. If you can get past the goofy voice overs you’ll appreciate this for what it is; a fun and sexy romp that harkens back to the Golden Age of porn, with tons of hot Europeans getting freaky in their finest Forum wear. If you enjoy this one, check out the sequels: The Private Gladiator II – In The City Of Lust and The Private Gladiator III – Sexual Conquest.




Whore of the Rings

Whore of the Rings – 2001

Nerds all over the world collectively creamed themselves when Peter Jackson’s adaptation of Tolkein’s fantasy epic The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring hit theaters in 2001. It took two years and two sequels for the trilogy to get the recognition it deserved, when The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King swept the 76th Academy Awards for 11 statues. Naturally, the adult industry latched onto the fantasy franchise’s massive success by producing its own parody. Heatwave’s Whore of the Rings stars the gorgeous redhead Kylie Ireland as an evil warrior princess who seeks the ring of power on order to recapture her youth. It’s campy fun that reminds me of cheesy, low budget horror and fantasy movies from the 70’s and 80’s, but with lots more anal. If you’re into it, check out the sequel Whore of the Rings II.




The Art'X movie








The Art’X2013  and This Ain’t the Artist XXX2013

2011’s send up to silent cinema, The Artist, is the most awarded French film in history, the first French film to win Best Picture, and its star, Jean Dujardin, is the first Frenchman to nab the award for Best Actor. The adult industry saw fit to give us two parodies of this Oscar darling. Scrappy French studio JTC Video’s The Art’X tells the story of a lovable loser looking to get laid by directing his own pornos. It’s not totally silent, with plenty of moments of spoken dialogue, all in French. Hustler’s much sleeker This Ain’t the Artist XXX is actually a compilation of previously released and totally disparate scenes with the color and sound replaced with black and white and old timey piano music. These two parodies are distinctly different, with JTC’s offering mimicking the playful plot of the original and Hustler nearly nailing The Artist’s distinctive visual style. They’re both worth a look!


American Hustle XXX movieAmerican Hustle XXX 2013

David O. Russell’s American Hustle was nominated in ten categories at the 86th Academy Awards, just as Will Ryder’s American Hustle XXX was nominated in several categories at this year’s prestigious AVN Awards. Two con artists (Penny Pax and Tommy Gun) themselves get conned into helping the FBI take down the mayor of Camden. Ryder’s parody follows the plot of the original film with a charming faithfulness, and features some laugh out loud humor and an all star cast of some of the brightest porn stars working today, including AVN Best New Starlet Carter Cruise.