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The Authentic Lesbian Review: The Marine

the-marine-coverThe Marine is the first movie HotMoviesforHer has gotten from director Steve Jones and Elite X Films, and it is a hell of a way to start a relationship. The story focuses on an ex-Marine, Chris, played by Chad White, who finds himself in the middle of a rather bizarre lust/potential love triangle with way more than your average complications. Jessica, played by Tasha Reign, is a freaky, fun, horny woman who you definitely want to share the bedroom with (more than once), but probably don’t take home to meet the family, while Sarah, Daisy Haze’s character, seems more reserved and laid back, someone you can settle down with. All of that is about to change though as Chris finds himself in the middle of some bullshit he couldn’t have possibly seen coming. This action packed porno has a lot of dialogue and story setup between sex, but the development of the story along with the production quality and overall good acting kept me invested in the story even between the sex.


Scene 1 – Chad White & Tasha Reign & Dana DeArmond


While working out at the gym, Chris gets a text from fuck buddy with even more benefits, Jessica, suggesting that if he came over she would make it worth the trip. Chris smirks, obviously knowing what she wants, and politely declines, which completely baffles me. Cut to Sarah’s apartment where she showering (wish they would have included a solo scene right here) and getting ready for her day. Suddenly she gets a phone call from some shady dude talking about “Don’t be late, this guy is a high paying customer,” and I’m instantly like “Is she a tute!?” Then he says, “Don’t be a bitch this time,” and I know not only is she a prostitute, but she isn’t particularly happy with her career at the moment.


Now it becomes evident why Chris blew Jessica of earlier. He takes Sarah out on a date that lasts all day and includes grabbing a bite to eat, traveling around the city hand in hand, and stopping for make out sessions. They seem to be having a great time in each other’s company, and even though it’s been a while before I’ve seen a titty or some ass, I’m really into the story and like watching the pair get to know each other. Chad and Daisy do a good job selling the plot to the audience. Most of the time smooth jazz is playing in the forefront so we only see them interacting instead of hearing their conversation, but the long deep stares in the eyes and the slow coming together for soft light kisses pull me in. Both Chris’ and Sarah’s phones are blowing up with neither paying much attention. I have a feeling Sarah’s has to do with the client she’s supposed to be meeting while Chris is getting nudes from Jessica, whose roommate, the gorgeous Dana DeArmond, just joined her in the bedroom.


Chris drops Sarah off back at her place, and while he’s getting text messages like the one above, Sarah is met by some strong armed dude waiting for her in her crib. He shoves her around a little, making her get dressed for her client before dragging her outside and throwing her into a black truck (that’s never good). Chris sees all this shit go down and I think he’s already made up his mind to go and save the day, but not before getting his dick wet. So he heads over to Jessica’s house for a quick dip in the cookie jar, and even he couldn’t imagine what was there waiting for him.


As soon as he walks in the door, the girls hurry to pull his clothes off and jump on his dick like two women possessed, and he loves every single minute of it! Dana fucks him first, bounding up and down on his dick cowgirl style while Jessica sits on his face and gets her pussy licked. I found Tasha Reign’s moaning to be forced and a little annoying, but it didn’t take me completely out of the mood. The balance between the three players in this threesome is on point and it made the sex even better! As Chris is fucking Dana missionary right before cumming all over her stomach, they have this eye contact thing going on that drove me crazy! Dana gives a naughty smirk as Chris teases her clit with the tip of his dick and it was like they forgot the cameras were even in the room. I love when chemistry gets captured on film like that and it proved to be that little push that I needed to send me over the edge.


Scene 2 – Daisy Haze & Nick Manning


Chris is so pleased with himself that he lights and smokes a cigar as he’s walking out of Jessica’s spot with a grin on his face. It doesn’t last long though as he’s approached by a gang of punks looking to scare him with a warning to leave her (Sarah) alone. Naturally he kicks their asses even disarming them of a gun in the process. After chasing the last of the assailants and taking a knife away from him, Chris learns that Sarah is a prostitute and gets told that some guy named John is going to kill him. Chris demands to know where Sarah was taken and the adventure begins (only after busting a nut though…priorities man, priorities).


Sarah now finds herself being guiding down a fancy hotel hallway towards who I’m guessing is her high paying client that she’s been warned to treat right. Turns out Carlos, played by Nick Manning, is her client for the evening and after wrapping up a rather aggressive secret text message handling some illegal business with a guy named Juan, he’s ready to get his rocks off and doesn’t appreciate the wait he’s had to endure. He tells Sarah to show him what she’s got and she slowly and seductively begins taking her clothes off. He tells her she looked better in her pictures, but that doesn’t stop him from taking his clothes off, shoving his dick in her mouth, and fucking her face in a blowjob scene even I enjoyed! Daisy seems really into the sex from the very beginning and Nick capitalizes on it by building from her comfortability with him and using it throughout the scene. There’s lots of intense eye contact, hard kissing, titty groping and slapping as Nick puts the old dick down on Daisy!


I love how Nick stayed in character and brought Carlos to life even more through the sex. He’s a very powerful and overwhelming man with an intimidating power he carries around with him, and it’s not only evident that he’s powerful but also on the wrong side of the law (where’s Officer Cade when you need her!?). During the sex he’s always in control and does what he can to dominate Sarah and make her his submissive, which she submits to happily after a few of those long strokes. Carlos fucks Sarah doggy style with a purpose, and as her moans grow louder and louder I’m pulled deeper and deeper into the action. I can tell Daisy isn’t faking and that enhances the fantasy in my opinion. Carlos continues changing pace and fucking Sarah silly until they both end up looking like this, real shit…


This is my favorite sex scene of the movie and I’m not afraid to declare that the truth even before getting through the third and final scene. They’re both dripping in sweat from going at it so hard and I’m pretty sure everyone on set needed at least a 15-minute break after all was said and done. Nick managed to fit his famous “dropping loads” phrase in there while teaching the young fellas out there exactly how it’s done. In the scheme of the movie though, this scene left me feeling a little guilty and confused. We already know Sarah doesn’t enjoy her job and didn’t want to be there in the first place, but when it comes down to it we see a woman willing to completely give in to this man’s every desire while submitting to him in the process and loving how it feels. I get it, this is a porno flick, no need to dive unnecessarily deep. But it’s hard to separate the sex from the plot, especially when they do such a good job of incorporating the two into each other.

Scene 3 – Chad White & Daisy Haze


While Sarah and Carlos are laid out like they just had the best sex of their lives, Chris is confronting Carlos’ kill squad in an attempt to rescue Sarah. Using one of the punks who tried to scare him into staying away from Sarah, he gains entry into the hotel room, kicks more serious ass, shooting a few people in the process, and finally finds his damsel in distress. They run through the hotel hallways to back stairwells until they reach Chris’ car where he questions her career choice. It turns out her mom is dying from cancer and she needs all the money she can get for treatments and therapy. All of a sudden a phone in the jacket Sarah’s wearing starts to ring and it’s Carlos’. Chris tells Carlos to pay Sarah 100k, to which Carlos laughs (I did too…I mean the sex was great but 100k?) and hangs up the phone before instructing the strong arm of his kill squad to find Chris and Sarah and do some not-so-nice things to them.


Chris takes Sarah to the apartment of the president of the geek squad where they discover, by hacking into Carlos’ security locked phone, that he’s a drug lord with 653 million bucks sitting in an account. Before they can decide what to do with the information, Chris and Sarah are tracked and hunted down by the kill squad and a pretty cool gun fight ensues. The special effects are better than anything I’ve seen in a porno before and I really got wrapped up in the action. Especially when everything comes to a head as Chris and strong arm kill squad leader duke it out on the roof top, no guns, just good ole fist to fist combat! Of course Chris wins and escapes with the girl unharmed.


We’re now waking up in what I’m guessing is Chris’ house with Sarah placing light kisses on his chest to wake him up. She gives him a blowjob to start things off (breakfast done right) and his dick gets as hard as a rock. They get it in cowgirl first, and I realize I really like watching Daisy get fucked. She’s enthusiastic and brings a lot of energy but still manages to stay a little submissive, fitting with her character, throughout the ordeal. As much as I enjoyed and appreciated that, the sex felt a little boring this time around. Maybe it’s because it follows the wild and crazy sex that she just had with Nick, or maybe it’s because it was a little softer this time around, but whatever the case I thought it could have been better. That being said, it isn’t terrible by any stretch of the imagination. There’s hair pulling during doggy style, which is always a turn on, and you can tell Chad is digging deep from Daisy’s facial expressions during missionary. Her eyes roll back in her head as he cums on her belly, and even if it is a little forced and fake, it still adds a little more intensity to the scene.


Suddenly Sarah’s phone rings and you hear her say “I didn’t order Chinese food.” Chris picks up on what’s happening right away and hurries Sarah to get dressed because Carlos and his goons have found their hideout. They run down a few steps as the screen fades to black and I’m hoping they’ve already started production on part 2! I’m usually not big on sequels but this story was so good I want to know more. Plus the production quality is way above average for a porno flick and the acting was right up there with it. Action packed sex movies are apparently my thing…who knew! Check out The Marine here on the site and let me know what you think of it in the comments section below. Until next time…

The Authentic Lesbian is a usually jolly woman with a love for reading old newspapers and taking long walks around any body of water. Follow her on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the gal gang @hotmoviesforher to keep up with the latest movies and news around the biz.

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The Flying Pink Pig

Parodies are nothing new in this industry.  I swear by now I’ve seen pretty much every show I ever watched, now with tons of XXX action included.  But what I’ve never experienced is a porno version of real life… until now.  Ok, so there’s a whole genre based on the real life action of ordering pizzas or calling plumbers, but I guess I just mean an inanimate object, like a lunch truck…  And yes, you read correctly, a lunch truck – L.A.’s Flying Pink Pig, to be exact!

Taking on a porno angle, the Flying Pink Pig (henceforth to be known as FPP) belongs to entrepreneur Sunny Lane and her band of hot and horny employees, which of course are all super sexy ladies.  Not only does the food come with a secret aphrodisiac sauce, it comes with a smokin’ lady to make sure you aren’t going to need all of those extra napkins they’ve added to your order!

Turning this from mere fuckfest into a plot-driven porno, Ron Jeremy is on Lane’s tail and wants to take the FPP as his own.  Jeremy’s girl on the side, Nikki Hunter infiltrates the FPP and becomes one of Sunny’s girls to get the inside scoop before (spoiler alert) she gets fucked into a conscience and joins the FPP ladies for real.

At the same time, Lane gets to meet with a couple of investors and have a wicked threeway to get her own way with the future of the truck.  This scene (the 4th one) ended up being my super favorite, if nothing else than Nick Manning’s super raw and totally hot sex face.  That man is not one to hold back!  While gritting teeth and snarling aren’t everyone’s bag, I think that they are awesome and make the scene all that better for me.  Though it didn’t take much more than just watching Sunny Lane, Shayla LaVeaux and Nick Manning to make it so very awesome.  Hot sex face is just icing on an already delicious cake.  So much win!

Oh and I can’t forget to mention the law suit that happened over the truck.  Apparently the truck’s owner didn’t get that this movie was a porno and just expected that his beloved piggy was being used in a romantic movie, and was pissed when he found out.  Dude, you are either a moron for not knowing what your truck was being used for, or a total liar because I can’t imagine that no one mentioned the whole fucking in your truck thing.  Though honestly, I can’t figure out why anyone would want to fuck in a food cart. Those things are as dirty and disgusting as they come.  Still, the movie is super hot and I recommend a watch to anyone that doesn’t plan to get lunch at a cart after watching.

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Scorned (Bonus Pity Party included)

I have a serious problem. I love Adrianna Nicole – she’s an amazing performer and super nice lady. For quite some time she’s reminded me of someone but I didn’t put that much thought into it. Then suddenly, I was flipping through pictures one day and realized that she is my sister-in-law’s doppelganger. Ever since making this discovery, I can no longer watch her naked. It feels dirty and wrong and all I can think about is the girl I sneak off to the porch with to drink beer when it’s time to do dishes. I can watch my friends fuck, but I personally have to draw the line at family.

So, you can imagine what happened when I got super excited to watch this Penthouse flick and found out Ms. Nicole was in the first scene. I was especially heartbroken looking at the screencaps, because it looks so good and I love bathroom sex… Why is life so cruel?

I decided that it wasn’t fair to just ignore every movie that Adrianna Nicole is in forever. In fact, I’m going to bug JD to review this particular scene so you can learn about it without having to hear my tainted opinion. It’ll probably be the hottest thing in the world and I’ll never see it. Anyways, enough of the I can’t watch Adrianna Nicole fuck any more pity party. Here’s my review of Scorned minus the first scene.

So basically what we have here is a tale of a woman scorned, if you couldn’t deduce that from the title. When Roxanne Hall figures out that her husband Marcus London, all hell breaks loose. She immediately fucks Mikey Butders in a scene that is pretty excellent. Hall is really great in it and really captures the devil may care attitude of a woman who’s on a sexual mission.

The best scene, without a doubt, is the final threesome between Hall, Nick Manning and Kylie Ireland. With those three, you know it’s going to be hot, but the fact that London is tied up watching the hole thing adds an element that really pushed this one over the edge for me. I’m not typically into the whole cuckold thing, but the set up in this movie makes it such a sweet moment.

Penthouse rarely disappoints and I think this is a really great movie. Hall is fantastic and it’s a good plot that adds to the sex scenes without getting ridiculous. If you’re looking for a couples film that’s a little dirty, consider this one.

Are You Sick of Watching These Guys Fuck???

Tommy gunnLexington SteeleEvan Stone

How about Mr. Marcus and Nick Manning?

Mr. MarcusNick Manning

Evan Stone has convinced them all to come together and form a super male dance troupe. That’s right, you can now watch some of the biggest male porn stars shake their asses for your viewing pleasure!

I’m really not.

All five of these studs have been working for a billion years because they’re super awesome and if you’re a fan of even one you’re going to be thrilled to hear that

They’ve dubbed themselves the XXX-Men, which I’m sure will please my super nerdy girlfriend, and will be touring the country. I’m thrilled to see one of my favorite male performers Tommy Gunn has signed on along with Lexington Steele, Mr. Marcus, Manning, and Stone.

I wonder if they do big gay weddings?

(via fleshbot)

Bang That Bitch 4

Studio: Jet MultimediaCategory: Gonzo

While I usually wouldn’t give a movie called “Bang That Bitch 4” a second look, Belladonna caught my eye on the cover and I’m pretty sure that if there’s one girl in this world who wants to get “banged like a bitch,” it’s her. Anyways, I decided I would watch the one scene with her in it and, if it was worthy, review it. Since you’re reading this, you should be able to deduce what I think.

First, Belladonna is totally young in this scene. I mean, I’m sure she’s a lot younger than I am, but I’m guessing it’s a pretty old scene by her tan lines, clunky shoes and pubic hair. Checking out a girl’s pubes is like carbon dating…

Anyways, Nick Manning is the lucky dude who gets to bang Belladonna and there’s a reason why he’s been getting his dick wet for money for like 100 years. He’s great in this scene, but doesn’t try to steal the scene from one of my favorite porn stars.

Manning starts by eating Belladonna out before finger banging her and, of course, it’s awesome. She’s absolutely adorable and sexy and everything I always expect her to be. Soon enough, she shows off her oral skills, deep-throating Manning’s sizeable member over and over again. It’s pretty amazing how she makes things I’m usually not into totally hot. The bj scene is pretty long, but she’s having so much fun that you can’t help but enjoy it.

Once they’re both good and ready, she climbs on top of Manning and rides him reverse cowboy style for freaking ever. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a tamer Belladonna scene and I am reminded why I fell in love with this dirty bird years ago. It’s pretty hot, but once they switch it up and he’s absolutely drilling her from behind I was thanking the porno higher power for Bang that Bitch 4…

Since it is Nick Manning, you know this scene is ending with him dropping loads and our greedy girl gobbling it up.

Regarding the rest of the movie, I have nothing to say. I don’t know who’s in it and don’t really care all that much. I’m just thrilled to have stumbled upon this great scene.
-The Porn Librarian

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WhoreLore Season 1: Episode 03 – The Awakening

Watch the Video

Studio: Whorelore Category: Fantasy & Supernatural

The Whorelore saga continues in Episode 3 as Remus gathers everything she needs to complete her quest. First up, the sweat of a troll. Oddly enough, I think the troll is Jamacian. She keeps saying “mon” and until she starts rubbing her pussy, talks of nothing but smoking up. So that’s kind of weird… Fortunately, there’s nothing weird about watching Taylor Rain finger herself – which is totally hot besides the occasional “ya mon.” In the end, the elf princess gets what she wants as the troll squirts into a beaker for her.

This episode concludes with a hardcore scene starring Nick Manning, Ava Rose, and Jessica Jaymes. As fans know, there’s lots of magic in Whorelore and watching Rose make Manning’s big cock disappear down her throat is magical indeed. Rose soon disappears, but Manning and Jaymes put on quite a show as the demon pounds the succubus into submission.

Of course, I’m not really sure what this means regarding the quest. To be honest, I kind of got caught up in the fucking and lost track. I suppose that really isn’t a bad thing and I’m going to assume that our heroes are now one step closer to defeating the greater evil.

Just a warning for those of you who don’t like super hardcore flicks – the final scene is pretty aggressive. Of course, demons aren’t known for cuddling…

The Porn Librarian

Spunk’d: The Movie

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Studio: 6969 Entertainment Category: Spoofs

I like porn parodies. Much like in my personal life, I think it’s important to be able to laugh at everything – even sexy stuff. I also really like celebrities, so I thought the character names in this movie would be above par, and they were, even for porn.

The scenes were amusing – Lindsay Blowhan can’t make it through the metal detector, Hairless Hilton and Cornhole Richie get some sex-ed on The Simple Life, Katherine Hymen and Sandra Ho get dirty on Grundel’s Anatomy, and Dumi Moore gives Gashton Coocher some head – but they weren’t really sexy. At the end of each scene, Gashton comes in to inform the “celeb” that they have been Spunk’d, and he blows a load all over their faces. Everyone laughs, and licks it all up.

That’s really it. Nick Manning makes a great Gashton – they both have a similarly irritating Midwestern accent. The movie is shot very well and there’s a great cast (Ron Jeremy, Hillary Scott, Evan Stone, Jada Fire, Steven St. Croix, Katie Morgan) and it’s definitely funny. I was just hoping for something a little sexier.

Oh well, maybe next season. Punk’d wasn’t that great at first either.