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7 Straight Male Porn Stars We’re So Happy To See Go “Bi”

A conversion therapy of a different kind if you will: most of the performers listed here got their start in straight porn, and for many of them, that’s where they’ve stayed, but some of swayed and challenged their boundaries and desires on camera to something a tad more sexually fluid, which has caused many fluids to leak sexually from us appreciative, salivating, and ecstatic female and queer male fans to see these performers go queer… even if it was a brief interlude for the exposure, a new career direction, or an itch that needed to be scratched, we are forever grateful to see these straight men go straight to dick.

There are plenty of instances of “incidental queer contact” with straight stars, including ball scraping in girl/boy/boy threesomes – just look no further than the infamous Toni Ribas series All Stuffed Up, and there’s the occasional load that will spurt a little too far and lands on another man’s trembling, virgin little lamb leg (did you know dude-cum BURNS straight men like garlic BURNS vampires?) But these performers took a few moments in their careers to make the incidental fundamental, and we thank them for it!

No. 1 – Mickey Mod

Mickey Mod is a gorgeous man who wears a fedora as well as he wears his cock. Mickey got his start in the industry with those saintly perverts at Kink.com. This gentle kinkster has performed in mainly straight scenes, but he doesn’t seem to be a proponent of the normal classifications in the adult industry and doesn’t fit try to fit himself into any certain category, just looking to connect with his partner. (SWOONS!) Perhaps that’s why everyone loves to work with him (men & women alike!)

Mickey has done some BDSM, queer scenes, and many straight titles, but boy, we were ecstatic to see him get his beautiful cock sucked wet by the ultra-cute submissive Jimmy Broadway in Black Bi Cuckolding #33. Here’s hoping that Mickey continues to explore his sexual fluidity even further as he continues to rise in the industry.

Also, look for his amazing work on HotMovies with Bonus Hole Boys and Pink & White Productions. And is it just me, or would it be really hot see Mickey hold his balls in that fedora?

No. 2 – Kurt Lockwood

The only thing vaster than Kurt Lockwood’s mighty and massive schlong is his long-running and versatile career in the industry. For many years Kurt performed in straight scenes, but thankfully, has recently branched out into transgender and bisexual scenes, and he now considers himself a pansexual. Lucky us!

It’s a real treat watching his dick get serviced by a man, and serviced in a sloppy way I might add. Marcelo does a hell of a job of slobbing his knob, balls, and hole in Bullied Bi Cuckolds 37. Granted, it’s a cuckold scene, but Kurt’s cock just looks like it belongs in Marcelo’s mouth and nowhere else.

Let’s hope that one day we get to see Kurt’s own willing punk rawker lips on a hard dick. I double dog dare you Kurt!!

No. 3 – Rocco Reed


Rocco Reed is the all-American muscle stud next-door you wish you were and wish you had. He’s worked with New Sensations and Digital Sin, and after doing his first gay scene with Men.com with a more than willing Tommy Defendi, he became one of their highest profile contract stars. For most of his career, we’ve seen Rocco sweep beautiful women off their feet and into deep orgasms. We’ve also seen Rocco pegged by some of the most famous women in the industry, but watch Rocco in Rocco Reed – Straight Bottom Bitch and have your fantasies cum true as this stud mans up, opens his hole and mouth, and takes one for the team. Our team!!

Here’s hoping Rocco keeps his boundaries and his hole open. His perfect ass is as pink as a newborn. Is there a double anal scene in his future? We can dream, can’t we?

No. 4 – Criss Strokes

Criss Strokes is a mainstay in straight porn who has worked with some of the most beautiful, talented women in the industry, but this chiseled stud has branched out and has done some solo scenes for gay titan studios like Hot House Video for a gay and female audience. His beautiful, big cock is sexual kryptonite, and fortunately for female viewers and gay fans, he was willing to share that in the daddy of all daddies Jake Cruise’s mouth in Monster Cock Rally from Jake Cruise Media.

If Criss Strokes has the best job in the fucking world, then who is second? Well, fucking Jake Cruise, that’s who (Criss Strokes is hardly the last hot straight cock he will have in his mouth), lucky fucker!

No. 5 – Christian XXX

Christian XXX started as a history teacher before he moved to adult entertainment. Under the alias Maxx Diesel, Christian did a lot of his early work in gay porn due to the higher fees he could command at the time. Christian enjoys working with transgender and BBW women, and he has great taste and chemistry in scene partners. The studly Christian has mostly put dabbling in gay sex on film behind him, but you can always find his mouth full of cock right here in Falcon’s 2005 Up All Night.

Just one cursory glance at Christian’s Greek god-like body, whether it’s straight, trans, or one of his early gay scenes, you may find your cock or clit UP ALL NIGHT. Remember, if it lasts more than four hours, call your doctor immediately!

No. 6 – Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark is a blonde stud who really makes me want to take a big bite out of a baguette for some reason. He’s performed many straight scenes for French studio Quebec Productions, but you can also find the studly man in gay studios such as Men of Montreal and Cockyboys. Gabriel… str8, queer, or bi, you really are the cream of the cock, and you can see for yourself right here in Cream of the Cock 7.

Gabriel is the porn star who won’t just get you off, but this fucker will make you fall in love. Look at those eyes, it’s like falling into a well of never-ending orgasms. Here’s hoping he continues his gay endeavors for his queer and female fans.

No. 7 – Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson just makes one naturally shout WOOF at the moon. Although Wolf identifies as straight, he’s an exception on this list (like Christian XXX) because he got his start shooting for gay studios before branching out more comfortably in the straight side of the industry. No one – gay or straight – should miss his scenes in Burning Angel’s The Walking Dead parody, but no Wolf-hungry woman or Hudson-hankering gay man should miss his early kinky gay scenes for Kink.com.

Wolf prefers the term “sexualist” to describe himself and admits he doesn’t participate in gay sex in real-life scenarios, so we’ll have to settle for one of his newest offerings that will have women and queer men like me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs in NO TIME: Bound Gods.

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Authentic Lesbian Review: Bisexual Pick Ups Scene 3

Bisexual Pick UpsThere are so many things right with Aiden Starr’s Bisexual Pick Ups that it’s impossible to even list them all, but scene three with Jeze Belle, Brock Avery and Ruckus XXX was soooooo perfect I had to give it it’s very own review. I mean, this scene HAS to win an award! It’s that good, and there are so many factors that play into why.

First, I like plots. I like a back story and a little humor with my sex.  It doesn’t matter if they change from scene to scene or get more and more elaborate as the movie unfolds, I just like being told a story. In my opinion it adds to the fantasy and this one was short sweet and to the point. Ruckus is selling one of his old motorcycles and Brock is a beginner looking to buy his first hog. Of course Ruckus suggests that Brock sit on the bike and get a feel for it before going out on a test drive, and of course Brock’s legs and midsection need a little adjusting. Ruckus makes sure to let his hands linger a little too long and porn gold is what ensues. Brock lets him know he notices by saying “You’re very friendly” and the next thing you know lips are being complimented and clothes are being taken off! Next thing you know, Brock’s girlfriend Jeze walks in on her boyfriend with a mouth full of cock and doesn’t hesitate joining in. If only…

Second, everyone in this scene is fucking HOT! Clearly I’m not attracted to men. The lack of titties and ass just doesn’t make sense to me. However, I can certainly appreciate the male body and Brock Avery has it going on! Everything from his hair to his muscular build just fits and pairing him with Ruckus XXX’s skinny tattooed cute self was genius (the motorcycle was the perfect prop). As soon as I saw the two of them in the frame together for the first time I wanted to watch them fuck, and when Jeze Belle finally entered the picture I felt like I was somehow cheating the system. She’s sexy, pierced, tatted up and to top it off her hair is green! Nothing screams “I’m sexy and I know it” like bright colored hair and her boldness works the shit out of it. This was hot people overload and if there isn’t already an award for casting it needs to be created ASAP!

Okay, so we have beautiful people and a short script to match, but what we’re ultimately here for is the sex, and if that isn’t fantastic nothing else really matters.  Luckily for us it’s beyond fantastic. In a lot of bisexual themed movies what you really get is two guys who are cool with giving each other blowjobs but both are obviously there for the girl. This scene is so awesome, in my opinion, because it’s balanced! Whenever there’s a threesome in the mix you have to make sure everyone plays an equal part and nobody is left in a corner, but with bisexual flicks I expect more than that. No one should be excluded but I want guys who enjoy fucking guys and I want that to come across in the scene. Brock, Jeze and Ruckus have that shit down. If I had to guess I’d say these 3 are friends in real life, that’s how amazing their chemistry is in this scene! Brock and Jeze know exactly what turns each other on and Ruckus plays the 3rd wheel role perfectly, sticking his dick where it’s wanted right on cue and pretty much letting these two gang up on that great body of his (they both seem really turned on by him).

As a lesbian who loves watching gay porn I was really excited to see how much dick on dick action I would get to see between Brock and Ruckus because up until this point there hadn’t been much. Don’t get me wrong, Jeze is fucking awesome throughout the scene and her body is sexy as hell. Brock fucking her ass while Ruckus holds a Hitachi to her clit blew my mind along with a few other body parts more than once. Watch for yourself…

But Brock stole the show halfway through the scene. You can tell from the very beginning he’s into Ruckus, especially when Ruckus is fucking him and he says “don’t hold back” while Jeze sits on his face. Things get even more intense after Brock’s first orgasm (he has 3 total!) when he isn’t quite ready to stop. He keeps jerking himself off and tells Ruckus to fuck him again and then magic happens! I had never witnessed an anal orgasm before this. In fact, I didn’t even know if they were real or not since I don’t do much butt stuff, but Brock and Ruckus opened up a whole new world for me. I mean, just look at his face!

Right! That shit stopped me dead in my tracks it was so intense and real. How can you not cum from watching that!? Just imagining how Brock feels is a turn on. I could watch that part a million times! From there, besides Brock looking completely exhausted, Ruckus continues fucking Jeze until he cums in both of their mouths and they swap and spit it around for a while. Amazingly enough Brock has yet another orgasm (this dude is my hero) and Jeze walks away feeling like a bad bitch having caused 2 of the 4 orgasms in the room that day.

Well, I’m going to smoke a cigarette and take a nap after that one. Make sure you watch Bisexual Pick Ups  and follow me and the gang on twitter @authenticlezz1 and @hotmoviesforher.com!


Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Threesomes

I have a fear of threesomes. There. I said it. I’ve long feared that such super hot fantasy fodder would turn out to be a total reality nightmare. So, I’ve never had one. I’ve been invited to join couples on a few occasions, but have always declined the offer. My train of thought upon those invitations: Ohwowreally?That’ssoflattering.I’msolucky.HOTFUCKWHEREISMYKLONOPIN? The anxiety kicks in and sends me into a paroxysm of fear before I can even get wet over the opportunity. But folks are obviously tripling up and I’m curious to know what it is I actually fear, and what I’m may be missing out on. (OMG, GIRL! DP! DON’T YOU KNOW?)

And who could better allay my, and anyone else’s, fear about a potentially frightening sexual experience but the magnificent and knowledgeable Tristan Taormino. Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide to Threesomes was my first stop on my phobia therapy train. As the author of several sex how-to books, including Opening Up: A Guide to Creating and Sustaining Open Relationships, The Ultimate Guide to Anal Sex for Women, and The Ultimate Guide to Kink, as well as the director for numerous titles for Vivid Ed and Vivid Premium, Tristan has intelligently guided many people through their sexual fears and curiosities. I trust her. And as I watched the Expert Guide to Threesomes, Tristan’s upbeat personality and sensible advice, in conjunction with the flickering sex scenes and perky “old-time” music (what the hell do you call this style?), soothed my anxiety.

Not surprisingly, Tristan discusses the importance of clear communication in determining what we and and our partner(s) would like to do as far as sex acts and partners. Additionally, she cautions us to establish boundaries before any sex about what we don’t want. Tristan reminds us to have fun and to stop worrying about being a porn-y, sexy show stopper. I’m a bit of a workaholic and this is a good reminder for me: SEX SHOULD BE FUN! FUCKING SHOULDN’T BE A CHORE. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

One thing I learned that I’d not considered before was that mixed-gender threesomes have different configurations beyond MMF and FFM (GGB/BBG). There is the “V” Threesome and the Triangle Threesome. The V is when 2 people sexually engage with the 3rd, as opposed to the Triangle-when all 3 people sexually please one another. Call me naive, but one of the reasons why threesomes seemed so daunting to was because of all of the damned work in satisfying 2 people. But hell, be a pillow queen to 2 other people? Taking the 3 person fuck plunge sounds better already.

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Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

Ok, ok, I know Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality has already been reviewed on HM4H, but I really wanted to watch this movie. I’ve been talking about MMF threesomes with a friend from Georgia for the past month, and to say that the MMF3 is on my mind is like saying Jennifer Lawrence might be thinking about the Oscars. So, this one is for you, dear Southern friend, and your box of tissues/sock.

I’m already a fan of Reel Queer Productions, so I had absolutely confidence that this film would deliver. And oh, man, did it! The stars are all so attractive, both to the eye and to the filthy, intellectual mind. While it’s easy to skip around the video and get to the fucking, you’d lose out on the very worthwhile video interviews with these dude cuties. Jack Hammer is into BDSM! Deviant Kade is a puppy and was a pony! (And he was recently featured in Rubber Bordello, winner of the 2013 AVN Award for Best BDSM Release.) YES! YES! YES! My deviant, kinky, queerdo heart is all aflutter!

I like the style-interview and then fucking. I can’t say that I always want realism with my porn, but I do like to know if the players are having fun and if they’re doing something, and someone, they really want to do. Not only are these guys talking about their sexual versatility, but they are mining through layers of sexuality, identity, current desires, and past experiences to let the viewer know who they are and what they want. Knowing that the people are getting off on something besides a paycheck really stokes my fire. (You know, because I mentally add myself in to their scenes.) And dudes who are into dudes rock my fucking world. I mean, do you have any doubts about Rose and Tommy Midas enjoying themselves here?

I feel like this film rendered me horny, joyful, and unable to properly articulate what I want to say. I like to see some cock-on-cock rocking, and I envy the female costars who participated in each scene. Ahem:

Lady Boner Killer: The soundtrack. Sounds like what you’d hear in a topiary store in your suburban mall.

Bonus Clit Sweller: The curtains and vintage dining set Rose’s kitchen scene! They even match his Tommy Midas’s sexy underpants! And is that a giant French press? *

*I have a bit of an interior decorating fetish. We don’t even have time to get into that here.

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Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality

It’s just true of our society that we tend to spend a bunch of time focusing in on Female Sexuality, while we assume that Male Sexuality always gets the spotlight and we needn’t talk about it.  We couldn’t be more off.  Yes Female Sexuality is super important, but on the same hand, so is Male Sexuality and taking a closer look at what is considered ‘the standard,’ and what men are really thinking – especially when it comes to being fluid.  And that’s just what we get with Reel Queer Productions’ ‘Fluid: Men Redefining Sexuality,’ directed by HM4Her crush object, Madison Young.

A while back, we reviewed this video’s sister ‘Fluid: Women Redefining Sexuality’ and we knew it was high time to give the men their moment in the spotlight (especially with a Feminist Porn Award Winner for Best Bi Movie).

I know, I know, this is HotMoviesForHer.com, with ‘for her’ signaling that we don’t spend a ton of time talking about men’s issues, but honestly, if us feminist gals aren’t going to look at masculinity, who will?

Male-centered porn sites don’t want to talk about porn intellectually (usually, not always).  They want to get you off and get you on your way so someone else can use your chair.  So we are stepping up and taking a gander at this often overlooked topic.

Before the fucking even begins, each scene starts off by interviewing each guy and discussing how he identifies and how he relates to the word ‘queer.’  I really appreciate having a chance to actually get to know these guys’ experiences before just watching then get humped on camera, though I can’t say I really minded that as well. Madison Young does an amazing job with getting folks to open up and talk to the camera and brings a fantastic passion to all of her projects that totally translates to the screen.

There is something so exciting to me to watch bisexual men fuck on film.  Maybe it’s because being bisexual is so damn taboo (WTF?!), and porn is the lady of girl-on-girl action that I am happy to see something different?  Especially folks that I know are actually interested in fucking both men and women.  I just find it really awesome and wicked hot, of course.

When it comes to the scene that stood out more for me, that’s definitely scene 3, with Rose, Tommy Midas and a beautiful brunette whose name I’m not sure of.  Their chemistry is amazing and the whole thing just plays out so nicely in that butter yellow kitchen.  Plus Rose is a little bit of a dirty punk, which I find totally endearing and super sexy.

Definitely a movie to watch, whether you are looking to learn a little something, watch some really great threesomes or both!!

Sex Experiments

It’s been a good long while since I’ve had any Anna Span’s Diary action on my screen, so when I saw this awesome bisexual romp in my pervy travels, I knew it would be the perfect review for today.  Along with featuring a delicious double dose of guy-guy-gal threesomes, this flick takes the time to do two long interviews with handsome gents, Neil Bow and Steve Hooper.  And you know how I feel about an interview.  HOT!

The first two scenes of this extra hot British bangfest offer up similar scenarios where two young men are getting it on with a dominant older woman, though one scene has the lady controlling the guys interactions, and one has the guys getting busy before she even returns.

While I don’t watch a ton of bi movies (though I really should!), I love watching this type of threesome when they all fuck in a row.  How amazingly hot is it when the middle dude is fucking and getting fucked at the same time?!?  I mean really, does life get better for him?

And because it’s Anna Span behind the camera, I know everyone is really enjoying themselves and having a truly fun time.  Also, I’m so glad that twinkie blond Chris Coburn appeared in both of these scenes.  He is totally adorable and fucks like a champ.  What a great combo.

What sets these rock star interviews apart from other ones I’ve seen is that these chats end with the guys naked and jerking off while Anna Span is chatting with them about sex and random stuff.  They could be out getting tea and having the exact same conversation – everything is just that natural and relaxed.  Such good stuff.

All in all, these sex experiments are the best I’ve seen in a while.  Actually, I don’t know if I saw very many “experiments,” to be honest, but either way, I’m down.  If you’re a fan of bi sexin’, threesomes and interviews, this is a movie for you!!

Watch “Sex Experiments” now!

We’re Here, We’re Queer! Happy LGBT Pride Month!

As sad as we were to see Masturbation Month come to an end, National LGBT Pride Month is here and we are super excited!  Back in 2000, Bill Clinton declared June as Pride Month to remember the Stonewall Riots, which are considered the start of the gay rights movement.  And yesterday, the first of June, President Obama officially proclaimed June 2009 as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Pride Month and called upon the people of the United States to “turn back discrimination and prejudice everywhere it exists.”  Woohoo!

In celebration of queers everywhere, I thought I’d pass on some of my favorite Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender (and queer!) movies to help kick off the month right!  Now, in no certain order, a few of my favies:
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Top Five Tuesday – Bisexual Movies

Today’s Top Five Tuesday pays homage to my favorite bisexual movies and will hopefully bring to light some great flicks that fall into a genre that doesn’t get enough love from the industry. Good bi porn captures raw sexuality without restrictions and hopefully you’ll see it like I do in these movies!

In my experience, bisexual movies are really amazing or total crap. Apparently there is no middle ground when it comes to this particular genre. There’s nothing worse than watching bi porn where half of the participants are obviously not thrilled to be there. Since in the amazing world of porn all women are pretty much bisexual, it’s really important to find male performers who have a genuine interest in men and women. Not just some dude who’s desperate enough to close his eyes while another guy sucks him off.

The directors and performers in these movies set out to capture a broader picture of human sexuality, resulting in great porn for those of us who like to play outside the box.

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Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica

Best Bisexual Women's Erotica Image

Now that I’ve finished reading Best Bisexual Women’s Erotica, I realize what a complex concept bisexual erotica really is. I mean, any shoddy editor could throw together a bunch of mediocre threesome stories and market it as “bisexual,” but this wouldn’t really do people who identify as bi justice. Bisexual women aren’t just dykes who are slowly working their way out of the closet or greedy easy chicks, as society often chooses to label them. While it’s no easy task, Cara Bruce has done a pretty good job of capturing the stories from the broad spectrum of experience we could label “bisexual.”

One story that stands out is Hilary’s Swank on Billy the Kid by Lana Gail Taylor. This definitely isn’t the hottest piece of writing in the collection, but it’s a really cute story of a couple falling in love. They question each other’s history, sexuality and pop culture crushes as they fall in and out of life and bed. It’s sweet, funny and totally worth a read.

Because I’m reviewing smut, I should also mention my favorite dirty piece, Party of One by Elise Tanner. In short, this is the story of a one woman who gets a birthday surprise from her girlfriend neither will ever forget. It’s really fucking hot and I love erotica about committed couples that trust in their relationship enough to explore their individual desires.

While I honestly didn’t know what to expect, I was quite pleased with this collection. A lot of the books I’ve read seem to push the boundaries of sexuality and gender, which lessens the need for a book dedicated to bisexual stories exclusively. However, this was a refreshing look at smut and one that will please anyone who enjoys a sexy story.