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Watching Porn Isn’t Cheating

Since time immemorial, human beings have been the filthiest, horniest, and most downright dogged organisms when it comes to fulfilling our sexual needs. While single people nowadays have the luxury of finding a partner pretty easily with dating apps like Tinder and Bumble, those of us in committed relationships face a predicament when alone and in need of release. As we *should* know by now, masturbation is not only a natural biological response – but a healthy alternative to letting out those pent-up urges we all get from time to time. Not everyone is the same when it comes to our solo time; whether your preferred method of choice is using your imagination, reading erotica, or watching porn, these are certainly better options than, I don’t know, ACTUALLY cheating on the person you’re with.

But some of us are of a different opinion. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard stories of jealous partners flipping out on their significant others upon discovering them having special solo-time. It’s about time we faced the facts: watching porn when you’re in a relationship is not cheating! Don’t agree? Check out the following reasons why not:

By choosing to stimulate themselves with porn when alone, your partner is alleviating the desire to go out and otherwise entertain themselves

In these instances, it seems that jealousy stems from knowing their partner is getting off using the image of another person. But there should be some piece of mind in the fact that the porn viewer isn’t actually sleeping with anyone else, right? By that logic, shouldn’t that same jealousy be applied to anything that sexually stimulates your partner? Are sex toys now suspect when discussing fidelity too? We have to know where to draw the line.

We’re kidding ourselves to think those in a monogamous relationship don’t still have a wandering eye… it’s only natural. Think of it this way, would you rather your partner be checking out hotties at the bar, or go home and fantasize about some completely unattainable woman like Jessica Drake?

Jessica Drake
In his dreams!

Porn provides inspiration for the bedroom

Whether we like it or not, viewing porn informs our own sexual habits to some degree. If you’ve been in a monogamous relationship for any extended period of time, you know that things in the bedroom can kinda get stale after awhile. This isn’t necessarily either partner’s fault, but the fact of the matter is that doing any activity over and over again tends to lead to habit-forming behavior. Unfortunately, a lot of times, this includes sex with your partner.

Want a simple way to spice things up in the bedroom? Watching porn is certainly an accessible and pleasurable way to learn a new position, trick, or how to implement a new toy into your stalling sex life. If you catch your partner watching porn in their alone time, rather than being upset, try considering it research!


Watching porn with a plot can even help you last longer in bed

Oftentimes the argument against watching pornography is that it leads viewers to suffer from premature ejaculation. No one can dispute that a succinct and sexy video may bring about a faster, possibly premature climax, but if you’re only watching porn for the most visceral imagery and nothing else, that’s (arguably) kind of your fault.

Sure, gonzo gets right to the point – the “good stuff,” if you will. But there’s a wealth of porn with thoughtful, tantalizing plots that are meant to entice and romance the viewer to their desired end goal. If your partner doesn’t feel rushed or shamed about their porn-viewing habits and they can actually take time to enjoy themselves, they can appreciate more nuanced videos, simultaneously building up masturbatory endurance that will translate into their sexual performance.

That’s right folks – maybe instead of destroying relationships, viewing porn is the single key factor in saving your monogamous partnership? It’s a novel idea that is certainly up for debate, but hopefully next time you catch your significant other having some significant alone time, you can ease up on the criticism a bit and see how it might actually benefit your partnership in the long run. You could even try watching it with them and invite a new kind of intimacy into your relationship!

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