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What Kinds of Porn Do Moms Want to Watch? A Survey

It’s that time of year again when we pay homage to the woman who brought us into the world and nurtured us into the fine upstanding citizens we are today: Mother’s Day. But instead of giving mom that gift we just know she’s gonna love but winds up sitting in the darkest corner of the house – I’ve decided to survey my fellow moms about what they REALLY want… and boy, did they answer! What started out as a survey question soon turned into what felt like a text war to see who could out-raunch the rest! Hen party? You wish. No hen has ever asked what a “velvet rope” is. Well ladies, you’ve asked and we have answered. If you can think it up – TRUST ME! – we’ve got it. This is for EVERY fellow homefront warrior holding down the fort, battening all the hatches, chasing down those runny noses; take a load off and cum explore with us!

The Question: What kind of porn would you watch when you’re alone and why?


“I don’t want to see a cute 9 inches when it’s supposed to be a BBC movie.”

Well ladies, let me introduce you to Dredd: a fine-looking brother with a pretty smile, flowing locks… and an anaconda has NOTHING on his monster cock that he uses to slay ALL walls in Dredd Gapes Them All.


“80’s soft porn movies! They are satire sex and makes me nostalgic because of the semi-acting skills. That’s what sparked my imagination and helped guide me to sexual explorations I have had to date.”

Cinderella 2000 is an oldie-but-goodie that fits the category for a trip down porn’s memory lane.

“Well it’s simple elementary to deduce that we wouldn’t be mothers if we were squeamish of creampies. And even still, sometimes you just get caught up in the moment.”

Cream-filled injections are brought to a head thanks to social media in the plot-based, steamy release from PornFidelity: The Matchmaker.

“Sometimes I like to get off on the thought of taking control simply with my mouth. Talking dirty, stroking, sucking, and testing my gag reflex until he blows makes me practically vibrate with a thrill of power.”

Oral Beauties may not feature the grapefruit method, but is just the ticket for those with an oral fixation or those who maybe want to learn something new.

Another Naughty Mommy wrote that she loves to feel a flaccid phallus grow engorged and throb in her hand while she strokes her man to completion. Whether it’s just for the fuck of it, or they want to put a man in his place, Jerky Girls of America Vol. 6 should fit that bill perfectly.

Some women replied that they didn’t watch porn at all because they were in a healthy relationship, while others responded that they experience all sexual activities with their partner. For those of the latter, please allow me to introduce Couples Seek Third Volume 8.

I got a few responses that some women love to watch other women with impressive racks get their just desserts. Overworked Titties showcases well endowed women – some in high power positions using what they’ve got to get what they want… down to the last gooey drop!

Some women admitted that they have fantasies and watch lesbian porn. The idea that a woman touching, licking, and caressing that spot in JUST the right way gets them going. Gamer Girls is a collection of vignettes featuring cosplay, fantasy, and real-life gamers engaging in lesbian liaisons.

“Transwomen simply astound me because they are gorgeous and look more like a woman than we do sometimes.”

With that being said, The Trans X-perience #7 might make you want to expand your horizons while you are in the “she-shed” the next time you have a few minutes alone.

For those moms who don’t want to feel like they have to be a sexual acrobat and just want a nice, sensual fuck scenario, Massage Creep Vol. 24 might be right up your alley. The women are pampered with a slippery massage from head-to-toe before getting a deep-tissue drill technique that will send you over the orgasmic edge!

There are single moms out there who like a stud of the younger variety for many, many reasons. Stamina and endurance, an eagerness to please, and little lag time in-between fuck sessions is the BEST! However, these ladies like to throw parties of the sexual orientation because where things are uncomplicated… and that makes for the best Cougar Orgy.

Ladies this was SO much fun! I enjoyed not only your responses but your willingness to bring to attention that just because we’re moms that doesn’t mean we can’t “tango” and “foxtrot” with the best of them. I look forward to doing this again next year. Enjoy!

Anna Span’s Diary Series #15 – Be My Toy Boy

We don’t often venture into MILF territory, but this Anna Span flick caught my eye.    It’s a lot let less forced and “porny” than some of the others out there.  Plus, cutie face Keni Styles is in the mix so you know something good is going down.  His scene with Heidi Vincent, “My Son’s Best Friend”, is the focus of my review.

Anna Span's Diary series #15 - Be My Toy BoyHeidi is an ex-championship body builder.  She isn’t bulging, but she still rocks the muscles which Keni and I both enjoy.  The two discuss their workouts and Heidi shows off a couple of her body building poses.  Mr. Styles loves it.  The clothes come off and Heidi blows him for just a bit.  This is hot and all, but I really love it when Keni works his skilled tongue on Heidi’s welcoming pussy atop the kitchen counter.  To make matters better, she poors milk all over her breasts!  After everything is licked clean they make their way to the couch.

Heidi sucks his Keni’s cock a bit more, but doesn’t waste much time before she climbs on for a ride.  My favorite part of this scene is when she turns her body and straightens her legs out into a split while still riding him.  Way to showoff your moves!  Again, Keni and I are both pretty into it.  This ride lasts for a while, but eventually he gets behind her and finishes the job.  Covered in sweat, Keni convulses into orgasm, shooting his splooge all over Heidi’s ass and back.

Before he leaves, Heidi reminds him not to tell her son or any of his mates.  Of course he does as requested.

Watch Anna Span’s Diary Series #15 – Be My Toy Boy now!



James Deen Loves MILFs – Payton Leigh

I’ve had a lesbian crush on James Deen for years that has only grown as I’ve followed his exploits on twitter the past couple of years. He’s a handsome dude who’s as funny as he is capable of fucking a woman’s brains out.

James Deen Loves MILFs - Payton Leigh

We’re now offering Deen’s own line of XXX movies exclusively on the HotMovies.com family of theaters and I’m pretty fucking psyched about it. He stars in and directs all the scenes, so I knew before I even pressed play that they were going to be amazing.

I decided to check out the first movie in his MILF line over the weekend and it was exactly what I expected – awesome! In this one, he bangs someone who is actually older than me, Payton Leigh. There’s nothing more depressing than a feature full of 19 year old MILFs to someone who can’t even remember being 25.

Anyways, Leigh is new to me, but an attractive older woman who has a lot of fun in this thirty minute sex scene. Apparently she’s been in 186 movies on our site, so she’s no newbie to taking cock on camera.

There’s nothing groundbreaking about the scene – oral followed by an almost endless stream of pussy and ass fucking. There’s a ton of anal, so if that’s not your thing, you probably should look elsewhere. Deen is as relentless as ever and I would definitely watch Leigh in action again. This one is better than average simply because both performers are really good.

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for more from Deen’s new line in the future.

The Land of the Misfits

People assume there are a lot of pitfalls in the adult industry, particularly in porn, and I’m here to tell you that indeed there are. Well come on now, of course there are. Any environment that offers a disproportionately large helping of excitement, sex (and other miscellaneous forms of indulgence) carries a risk of leading one down a dark path. One that leads to a place where too much sex is never enough, and where the surfeit, rather than making us full, creates a feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness.

But there are other cautions, too. An obsession with youth, beauty, and bodily perfection, perhaps understandably, permeates the adult industry. Even with the MILF craze there is a distinct understanding (often spoken and easily observed) that it’s the 18-25 sect who are considered “in their prime” as sexual performers; as “hot girls.” Male performers may have a bit longer shelf life, but surprisingly, not much longer. Once a guy gets into his 30s he’s no longer considered the hot young stud, especially if he’s been working for a while. He’ll enjoy “tweener” status for just a brief time before the sudden acceleration into “Daddy, Stop Fucking My Friends!” territory.

Due to this paradigm, many adult performers demean themselves by trying to hold onto their “youth” long after they should — or can. Adult industry conventions are teeming with “women of a certain age” dressed in belly shirts, mini skirts, and stripper heels. Women who look 17 years old from behind and some indeterminate age when they turn around. They don’t look young, they don’t look old. They sometimes don’t quite look human. Over-injected lips glossed to a high sheen, flaxen blonde hair extensions falling to their waists in Disney mermaid-like waves, skin that has so much filler and botox holding it still that you can’t tell if they’re smiling or sneering, happy or terrified. (Maybe they’re not sure, either.) And once the men get upwards of 40, I’ve seen some of the same embarrassing behavior. I’m sorry, but too much jewelry, dyed, thinning hair and True Religion jeans on a guy crowding 50 doesn’t tend to look fantastic. The message this behavior sends, to the world and to each other is: you don’t have long here, and there’s no way out. So just try to keep blending in — forever.

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