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41 Years Old, The Cheating Spouse

HotMoviesForHer.com is very excited to offer an exclusive from Marc Dorcel, 41 Years Old, The Cheating Spouse . Starring Zara Durose, Ania Kinski, Pascal White, and Rico Simmons, 41 Years Old, The Cheating Spouse is not your typical tale of a bored housewife who needs attention. No, this film really gets to the heart of what makes couples cheat, especially when they are still so in love. Also featuring a fantastic cast including, Tamara GraceMisha Cross, Ryan Ryder, Luke Hardy, Adrian Dimas, and Billy King in some of the most sensual and explicit scenes from Marc Dorcel.

Zara and Pascal have been married for over a decade, and they are still very much in love. As Zara will tell anyone, their relationship started very quickly. They began dating on a Thursday, had dinner on a Saturday, and then the next weekend, Pascal asked Zara to marry him. They have a son together and a gorgeous home in a lovely neighborhood. So, Zara doesn’t really know why she started a steamy affair with her son’s teacher, Ryan. It started about two months ago, and it has been growing quite intense between the two of them. Ryan comes over several times a week, often on his lunch breaks from school. They fuck at least twice before he has to leave, and it’s very hot every time. Even though Zara is still so in love with Pascal, this affair with Ryan makes her feel like she is more than just a wife and mother.

Zara has a good friend and neighbor named Ania who she confides in. Ania is married to a restaurateur named Rico. Rico and Ania are often over for dinner with Pascal and Zara, so at first Zara didn’t know if she could confide in Ania about her affair. Not only does Ania not cheat on her husband, but Ania knows Ryan personally because her child is in his class too. Once Zara opened up about her affair she was relieved that Ania was not offended. In fact, Ania had some secrets to share as well.

Since Rico owns a stream of successful restaurants, Ania is often having dinner or drinks at one of his luxurious locations. At one restaurant, Ania met a young woman named Misha. Ania was immediately stunned by Misha’s gorgeous face and body, and she wondered if Misha felt the same way. After a few flirtatious encounters with Misha, Ania decided to organize a little get together for her, Rico, and Misha after the shift was over. Ania orders a bottle of champagne and asks Misha if she would come join her and Rico for a drink. Misha is nervous at first, but as she gets settled she begins to unwind. She reaches for Ania’s face and they begin to kiss each other lightly. Of course, Rico is very excited about this and offers Misha the place next to him on the couch. Misha places herself between Rico and Ania. Things take their course until Rico has licked and fucked every inch of both women.

Ania is happy to share this little secret with Zara, and Zara finds Ania’s candor very comforting. But, something has changed suddenly between the two couples. There is a distrust building in Zara, and she can’t quite place why she feels like she doesn’t want Ania and Rico to be as close as they have been.

Luckily, Zara is also friends with another neighborhood wife and mother named Tamara. Tamara is completely open sexually. She sleeps with lots of different men, besides her husband. Apparently, her husband, Martin ignores the signs of her behavior. Martin is a bit older than Tamara, and he just wants a young trophy wife at his side. At one point, Tamara was so bold that she fucked a young guy she barely knows while Martin was in the house!

Zara loved hearing the juicy stories from Tamara, but when Tamara mentioned to her that she didn’t completely trust Ania, Zara felt a bit defensive. She thought Tamara was implying that Ania could not be trusted with Pascal. This news didn’t sit well with Zara, as she didn’t think that a woman like Tamara could be trusted. Tamara was the one who was dishonest with her husband, not Ania. This little aside kept Zara from contacting Tamara for awhile. But, Zara couldn’t help but notice things with Pascal had definitely changed. He seemed more distant and cold. He kept coming home later than he ever used to. Zara decided she was going to get her marriage back on track. She started making sure that Pascal had coffee and treats in the morning. She called off her affair with Ryan. But, Pascal wasn’t changing his behavior towards her. If anything, it felt like he had grown even more distant. At one point, Zara confided to Ania that she was worried about her marriage and that she stopped the affair with Ryan. To Zara’s surprise, Ania was not supportive or sympathetic at all. She almost yelled at Zara for stopping the affair, and told her that sometimes marriages just fizzle out, and that she shouldn’t have given up sex with a hot guy like Ryan. She finished by saying that her relationship with Pascal was never going to be the same. Zara was pretty devastated to hear this from Ania, and needless to say she felt betrayed. It was then that her suspicion about Pascal and Ania started to take hold. She would find them whispering to each other and then they would abruptly stop when she entered the room. At one point, Zara blatantly asked Pascal and Ania if there was anything to worry about. Of course, they both told her there was nothing going on.

Sad and lonely, Zara began to look for something new. Ania had stopped coming by to visit and Pascal was never home anymore. So, Zara joined a running group. In this group, Zara met a man named Luke. He was quite handsome and some of the other runners were a bit jealous of Luke’s attention towards Zara. Apparently, Luke was a bit of a celebrity on television. Of course, Zara and Luke began an affair. It was very passionate, and Zara could tell that Luke was serious about her, but all Zara wanted was her husband. Luke was just a distraction. Yet, as Luke and Zara began exploring more fantasies, Zara began to see that maybe she had less to lose than she thought. One weekend when Pascal had left to see his parents for the weekend, Zara and Luke decided to meet up for an afternoon. This time was a bit different. Luke had brought over another man that Zara had never seen before. Unsure of what to do, Zara hesitated to consent to Luke’s proposal. Luke lovingly sat beside her on the bed. He touched her arm and caressed her face. Luke kissed her from her mouth to the thick and warm parts of her ass. Then she looked up at the stranger, batted her eyes, and beckoned him on to the bed.

After the stranger left, it was just Luke and Zara on her bed. Pascal wasn’t due home until the next day, but suddenly he walked into the bedroom to find Luke and Zara. He was livid, and completely upset that his wife was fucking another man in his bed. Little did he know that just minutes before, his wife had been fucking two men in their bed.

To find out what happens next with Ania, Zara, and Pascal, watch 41 Years Old, The Cheating Spouse at HotMoviesForHer.com. And check out other films by director Liselle Bailey for Marc Dorcel

My Cousin Is A Whore

Lexie Candy DorcelI love Marc Dorcel and the sophisticated porn his company creates. I’ve written about the films from Dorcel a few times on this blog, and I’m always impressed with how the directors present the best qualities of their performers in these stylish and very erotic scenarios. One of the reasons I enjoy these films is the glamour of the locations, everyone’s wardrobe is exquisite, and there is the element of fantasy that I find to be necessary when watching plot-oriented porn. This week My Cousin is a Whore is an exclusive video with HotMoviesForHer. The title could use a reworking, but this seems to be part of a larger ‘Whore’ series, which includes My Wife is a Whore and My Daughter is a Whoreboth set in modern locations with very attractive performers. As in the previously mentioned titles, the female protagonist in My Cousin is a Whore is a very self-aware, sexually empowered character. Elise (Lexie Candy) comes to visit her aunt and cousin, Milo (Ryan Ryder) and becomes the kind of friend he really needs in his life. Elise has always been very fond of Milo because he is the sensitive, sweet-natured guy who people tend to overlook and pick on. Milo’s co-workers are complete jerks, and constantly make fun of him. Milo’s girlfriend Stella cheated on him and Milo’s aunt thinks it is his fault because he isn’t “man enough” to take care of a woman. Elise realizes that she has a special talent in which to help her big-hearted cousin.

Elise does not like the way her aunt talks to Milo, always insulting his masculinity, talking about his lack of money, however Milo is very sexy (Ryan Ryder is super hot!), but he’s been told so many times that he is a loser he has started think this might be true. To get back at her aunt, Elise plans a little mischief for her aunt’s new husband, played by Juan Lucho.


Milo asks Elise to stay with him while she is looking for her own apartment in the city. They love spending time together, and her presence is really helping Milo get over his ex, Stella. Elise takes Milo out to a club to meet some new women and get a little freaky, but she ends up getting into her own situation with a stripper played by Mea Malone. When Milo gets a phone call that Stella is coming to get the last bit of her things from the apartment, Milo reverts back into a terrified wreck. Elise assures him that she can handle things for him. Expecting Stella, Elise begins to dress for the occasion, but to her surprise Stella’s new boyfriend has come by to collect her things. Being the clever woman that she is, Elise realizes this is the perfect opportunity to get back at Stella. She’s going to seduce Stella’s boyfriend, and she’s going to do it while wearing one of Stella’s favorite black dresses.

mea1lex3 lex4

Meanwhile, Stella (Cox) is feeling like she just hasn’t made enough trouble for Milo, and she decides to go to his house and attempt to get back together with him. Poor Milo can’t keep himself from getting back into the same positions with Stella that he was so used to.

ste stel


Even though this feels good, Milo can’t forget that Stella cheated on him with another man, has moved most of her things out, and is kind of a terrible person. Plus, he has a huge meeting and presentation coming up and his douchebag coworkers do all they can to sabotage his efforts. Once he is able to get himself together, and Stella out of the house, Milo runs into his coworkers at the cafe Elise has started working at. As the men chide and harass most of the women, and Milo, in the cafe, Elise forms a new plan. She decides to tell the other patrons to leave and sends Milo on his way to the presentation. Elise locks the door and gives Milo’s coworkers a presentation of her own.


Elise is the kind of woman that knows how to have a good time while also helping someone else. Due to the fact that Milo’s coworkers were engaged in a three-on-one with Elise, they missed their meeting, and Milo got that awesome promotion. At least the men had a little fun before they got fired. Is Elise a whore? I’m not so sure about that being the best way to describe her, but she sure is an angel who came into Milo’s life and fucked all his problems away.

Watch My Cousin Is A Whore exclusively on HotMoviesForHer now!


Married Woman: The Call of Lust Review

Rebecca More in Library If you have seen anything from Marc Dorcel’s studio, you know to expect fantastic locations, beautifully shot scenes with attractive performers, and intriguing story lines. Married Woman: The Call of Lust is no different than you may have seen before in regards to aesthetics. The differences lie in the combinations of performers and the presentation of jealousy or intimacy between characters. Watching anything by this studio allows you to go deep into fantasy mode, and that is something that a lot of porn these days forgets. We still get the close-ups of penetration, and the type of stamina we’ve come to expect from the super heroes who perform in porn, but these sets are so breath taking that at certain points I found myself staring at the glass chandeliers thinking how much I needed one of them. Fantasy in porn isn’t just about the type of sex people are having; it’s also about the costumes, the sets, and the amazing claw foot bathtubs.

Scene One: Rebecca More and Joel Tomas

Rebecca Moore and Joel TomasRebecca gives Joel a little suprise.Rebecca is married to a very successful and good looking man. He breeds horses for a living, and has a very large, expensive, and fantastically decorated house to show for it. He seems to be quite particular when it comes to how Rebecca looks because he picks out her clothes for her in the first scene. Rebecca feels that the physical connection between her and her husband has disappeared, and she longs for the desire they once shared. She seems to b the dutiful wife, bringing in tea for his clients, and accepting their dismissal of her. That is, until she meets Joel Tomas. Tomas likes what he sees in Rebecca, and he lets her know by patting her ass. Needless to say, Rebecca is freaked out and goes to the restroom to figure out how to proceed. On one hand, her husband’s business has been declining, and they may have to sell a Porsche or two, but on the other hand she hasn’t gotten the attention that she desperately needs. All of her concerns are null as soon as Joel follows her into the bathroom. From there on her choice is made. While the sex here is pretty good, and Rebecca is a definite fox, the star of this scene is the bathroom. This bathroom represents all the grandeur that exists in French high society. From the delicately carved mirrors hung over the porcelain double sinks, to the claw foot tub, it is hard to concentrate on the hot sex when you can’t figure out if the chair they are fucking on is a Louis XIV, XV, or XVI.

Scene Two: Jay Snakes and Aida Sweet

Aida SweetAida Sweet and Jay SnakesOf course, after Rebecca hooks up with Joel she has terrible feelings of guilt. Yet, while watching her husband with one of the young female riders, she realizes that even though the two of them have been distant, they both have the same desire for sex. Unfortunately, Rebecca’s husband, Jay, has a desire for illicit sex with his young horse riders. Rebecca goes downstairs with a bottle of wine and a lacy nightgown only to find her husband engaged in some tawdry activities. Enraged, Rebecca goes upstairs and leaves him to it.

8599AidaSweet-JaySnakes1_xxx8462AidaSweet-1Aida Sweet and Jay Snake have the best sex of this film in scene two. They are both really in to each other. The way that Jay looks at Aida seems genuinely emotional, even though this scene is supposed to be a hot romp with a young student, the emotional aspect of this scene bounces off the screen. There is a ton of foreplay, nipple play, and kissing. Also, Aida Sweet wins my vote for best performer in a boy/girl scene by riding Jay sidesaddle while she still has her boots on. As in every scene, the lighting and location is perfect for the type of encounter happening. Candle light, dark leather couches, and stone walls create a dark atmosphere for a clandestine encounter, but Aida and Jay make this scene a scorcher.

Scene Three: George Uhl, Rebecca More, Honey Damon, and Alexa Tomas

Alexa TomasGeorge Uhl, Rebecca, Honey, Alexa

Since Rebecca can’t get the affection she deserves from her man, she has decided to get the other women in her financial and social circle together to complain about their cheating husbands, all of whom have taken up with younger women. They decide they will form their own club, helping young male riders to learn how to please an older female socialite. Their first conquest as a group takes place when they just happen upon a helpless George Uhl stranded on the side of the road. Poor George is so grateful to the ladies for giving him a ride back to the mansion so that he can call a repair person for his bike. When they arrive back at the house, George finds himself the lucky recipient of three naked women, ready to share every inch of his body. Alternating which one of them gets a turn at his mouth, the ladies begin a rotation between cock ridings and face sittings. Lucky George.


Honey Damon

If you look behind the action, you can see the ornate bed frame and matching light fixtures that add to the sumptuousness of this scene. Alexa Tomas, pictured top left, and Honey Damon (pictured with riding crop) are two very enthusiastic performers, and have small clips of action with other male stars, but do not perform in any other full-length scenes in this film.

Scene Four: Martina Gold, Juan Lucho, and George Uhl

Martina GoldNow that George is officially a part of the riding club, Martina introduces him to the secret barn where many of the clandestine encounters take place. Being George Uhl, he is able to make a regular old barn look like a luxurious sex palace. I’m just kidding. This setting really just looks like a barn, not even a rich person’s barn. No shimmering, gold-laced hay or anything in here.

3197_MartinaGold-GeorgeUhl-JuanLucho1xT3348_MartinaGold-GeorgeUhl-JuanLucho2_xxxhe sex, however, is pretty great. Juan brings his A Game, and makes sure that Martina has all holes stuffed. Any time a male-male-female threesome happens, the viewer can usually expect double penetration. Happily, this is just what we get, and George shows how diverse he is from being able to handle three women at a time, pleasing all of them, to sharing a hot lady with another man.

Scene Five: Cage and Satin Bloom

2201_SatinBloom11xIMG_9169_SatinBloom-Cage_xxxOur last scene brings us another hot couple who also have a ton of chemistry together. Not only does Cage have a great physique and charisma, but both he and Satin look stunning on a gold, fleur de lis embroidered duvet set that contrasts with a dark wood headboard. Yes, the bedroom here again is beautiful, and the dirty sex makes things even prettier. A highlight of this scene is when Cage tosses Satin onto the bed, spins her around, and begins to fuck her through the crotch of his riding pants. The man has a great flow, and really gives a good performance. Satin is gorgeous and has a beautiful ass. There isn’t much of a story line to this scene, but who needs one when you have such strong performers?

Watch Married Woman: The Call of Lust now!

L’Orgie de l’Apocalypse – The Last Shag (English)

I’m not sure if you guys noticed, but it looks like the world never ended last week.  Sorry friends, we are here to stay… well, until the next asteroid hits.  Anyway, even the porno industry got on board with the apocalyptic craze and made a few movies showing us exactly what would happen if the earth really did blow.  One of the folks giving us a sneak peek is luxury French studio,   Today we get an orgy to end all orgies… actually, an orgy to end it all.  The Last Shag.

The Mayan calendar may have been misinterpreted, but we know exactly what’s going on in this sexy story – people are worried about the world ending, so they do what many people would do – they bang.    Anna Polina and Mike Angelo start us off, offering up a delicious blow job within the first three minutes. Angelo adds the perfect amount of roughness and grit to keep it interesting.  They slip into their native tongue when things get heated, dirty talking in French while the semen flows.  I have no idea what they are saying, but I’m sure it’s as hot as it sounds.

Next up is Danny D and pouty-lipped Tarra White.  There is apparently a story happening, but honestly, I’m not sure exactly what is going on.  All I know is that there are beautiful, softly lit scenes featuring gorgeous women being royally fucked by handsome, built men.  The blurry edges of the screen add to the ethereal feel of the fuck, mixing perfectly with a sensual soundtrack that still allows us to hear their moans perfectly.  While it may sound sweet, this is definitely not softcore.  These couples are totally hardcore – the men pounding pussy like there is no tomorrow (har har).

The action is alluring, the performers perfectly coifed and ready to go, and everything is done with the highest of quality in mind.  Two thumbs up for this world ending screw!  I’m glad we are still around to check it out.

Watch “” Now!

Free Porn Friday – Post Thanksgiving Edition!

A few weeks back I was struck by a brilliant idea. Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here? Woah! Is your mind as blown as mine is?!?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is Sweetheart Video’s , scene four, with  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Sinn Sage In: Lesbian Adventures Wet Panties Trib 3 !


Second is New Sensations’ , scene two, featuring  (yet again – I can’t get enough of her this week!) and I’m not sure who the second lady is… sorry!

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Against Her Will 2!


And lastly, Marc Dorcel’s Lustful Housewives (English), scene four, featuring and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Lustful Housewives (English)!

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!

-JD and Ginger

Top Five Tuesday: Movies I Need In My Life

With all of this traveling going on, I seemed to have gotten behind on my porno watching! Here are a some movies, both old and new, that I need to get busy watching. Enjoy!

SNL - A XXX Parody
SNL – A XXX ParodyLook, I’m not saying this is going to be great, or even good, but I need to see it.  Parodies aren’t my favorite pornos, but still I’m compelled to watch.  I must see how different characters are portrayed and who they’re paired up when it comes to fucking.  I need to see it, for better or worse.
KissMe Girl Volume 10 - Girls Kissing Girls
KissMe Girl Volume 10 – Girls Kissing Girls – I never tire of watching girls getting into hardcore mak-out sessions.  I’m always delighted to see a fresh new KissMe girl up on the site.  Beautiful women getting their tongues acquainted with one another always makes for a good day.  Hello, Charley Chase and Jennifer White!
Army Girls Army GirlsIf you like high production value and top notch performers, you’re going to love Marc Dorcel pornos as much as I do.  That is of course if you don’t already love Marc Dorcel smut.  While I totally enjoy watching everyday folks getting down and dirty on the real, I also like watching a director’s vision come to life.  Story, set, wardrobe and gorgeous women come together to make magic happen in these flicks.  I can’t wait to watch Army Girls!
Tight Places - A Drop Of Color Tight Places – A Drop Of ColorI have no idea why I haven’t watched this porno yet.  J.D. reviewed it a while back and holy perve-balls does it sound fantastic!  Reel Queer Productions is definitely one of my top studios for my queer porn needs, so I guess I better get on this one.  I kind of can’t wait to watch Brooklyn and Vai get hardcore in scene 3!
Belladonna's Hot To: Fuck! Belladonna’s How To: Fuck! I know I know, another hot porno I need to get on ASAP!  J.D. reviewed this movie as well and advised me that is indeed the bee’s knees.  We both regard Belladonna as one of the elite untouchables in the adult industry, in case you hadn’t noticed.  Do I want Belladonna to teach me hot to fuck?  You bet your left ass cheek I do!


Top Five Tuesday: Baby It’s Cold Outside

Hello and welcome to a blustery Tuesday! Here in the HotMovies4Her land we are shivering like crazy, so I decided to give you my cold weather porno picks. You know we love us some weather-appropriate themes! Please enjoy with a blanket on your lap and a nice warm beverage in hand.

Winter Love Winter Love – Retro lovin’, you sure are the right way to start off my top picks for cold weather smut. Back in those days, they didn’t have internet porn and iPhones to entertain them in the winter. All they had was good old fashioned sex!  I think we could all stand to take a page from that book.
Belladonna's Road Trip: Cabin Fever Belladonna’s Road Trip: Cabin Fever – If there was ever anyone I’d ever want to shake cabin fever with, it would be Belladonna!  I’m sure she would keep me occupied along with her gaggle of hot porno friends would make me wish the snow would never melt!
Hot Winter Hot Winter: There is nothing wrong a few hard bodied studs turning up the heat with a little man on man action.  These Eastern European studs do it up righ tin the hot tub, gym and anywhere else they get the urge to bang!
Ski Bunnies Ski Bunnies – I for one was disappointed that unlike the box cover, there weren’t any girls skiing in their underwear.  I call shenanigans!  Regardless, you can’t have a “Baby It’s Cold Outside” list without hitting the slopes.  Well, you at least have to include porn stars that pretend to hit the slopes before they get down with 90’s feathered hair and fucking.
Hot Winter Rendezvous (French) Hot Winter Rendezvous (French) – Any Marc Dorcel movie will make the winter a lot more bearable, but Hot Winter Rendezvous just happens to fit the theme for today.  All of the hot sex is pretty inspiring and will easily get you all worked up into a frenzy.

Good luck staying warm, everyone!


Top 5 Tues – A New Reviewer In Town… Welcome Ginger Leigh!

Every once in a while, we here at HM4Her like to shake things up and bring someone new and exciting into the mix for you guys – and today is the start of something magical!

Please join us in welcoming our newest blogger, Ginger Leigh!  This fabulous dame has come to HotmoviesForHer to bring her witty sass and love of dirty movies to the banks of our smutty shores.  And we could not be happier.  So, without prolonging your introduction, I give you Ginger Leigh!

Hello and welcome to my first official post here on HotmoviesForHer.  Too formal?  Anyway, I’m pretty excited to be here!  I am starting my run with my top 5 porno list so you can get an idea of what I’m all about.  This really is more of a “skimming of the tippy top” of my favorite movies list – there are so many that I love and the list could go on and on and on…  enjoy!


Content:To be perfectly honest, the scene starring Madison Young and Dane Cross is my reason for watching this movie time and again.  They are hands down two of my favorite performers.  Dane is super hot with his hint of geekiness and his effortless dominance.  I love how he starts the scene out wearing his glasses.  Madison is a total pro.  I’m pretty sure I have stolen one or two of her moves over the last few years.  She likes her job and it shows.  With all of the rough fucking and the fine display of anal sex, these two definitely made magic happen.  Oh yea, Eon McKai didn’t so such a bad job of directing, e.g. the good times that were had bent over the washing machine. 
Roll Her Dirby: It isn’t necessarily the sex that I love in this 1970’s-ish film clip.  It’s the “oh no, I’m roller skating and I can’t stop.  Now I’m crashing into your car.  Let’s go back to your place and have a threesome” thing that I love.  It’s fun and unforgiving.  Not to mention I totally have a soft spot for classic and vintage porn.  I’ll watch just about anything shot on 8mm film.
Belladonna’s Cock Happy 2 (Disc 1): While it was initially the point shoes and tutu that caught my eye, this movie is chock-full of Grade A Belladonna fucking.  She rocked her ballet attire in the first scene, but it was scene 4 with Mr. Pete that really sealed the deal for me.  First of all, that whole bad-boy gold chain wearing thing totally works for him.  More importantly, he knows how to show love to a pair of feet.  He dives in head first, no holding back and gets down on Belladonna’s tootsies.  He may have her entire foot in his mouth at one point.  In the end, he gets off from Bella’s foot/in between the toes job.  Rad.
Belladonna, you’re super cute in your ballerina apparel.  Next time, tuck in your ribbons!
Casino No Limit (English): Marc Dorcel movies are beautifully shot, star beautiful people and have high production value.  He manages to cram all of this along with great sex into all of his movies.  Casino No Limit is no exception.  There is a plot, but I couldn’t exactly tell you what it is.  Gambling, guns, mayhem and lots of pretty people doin’ it.  One scene of note involves a gambler who “needs to relieve some stress” which quickly leads to the dealer sucking on his fingers, which leads to booby sucking, which leads to cock sucking, which leads fucking and just a touch of anal.  How come a rough game of Black Jack has never ended like that for me?  Anyway, what makes this scene special?  They spend the entire scene with at least a few pieces of clothing on.  I’m totally into porn with clothes on.  I like nakedness, but every now and then I like to shake it up.
Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Oral Sex Part Two – Fellatio : I’m a big fan of oral sex so it is no surprise this made it on my top 5 list.  Tristan Taormino is one of the go-to gals when it comes to sex education and she doesn’t miss a beat in this installment.  She covers everything including anatomy, orgasm, deep throating, prostate massage and beyond.  Even if you consider yourself a blow job expert, this movie is worth a watch.  I guarantee you will make at least a few mental notes for next time.  The post workshop oral sex sessions are incredibly hot.  You almost forget you’re watching an educational video.  That is until Tristan bleeps back in with more helpful tips! Remember, “blow jobs are best when you’re fully committed to the task at hand.”  I couldn’t agree more.

I hope you enjoyed reading these mini reviews. I sure enjoyed going back and watching these movies as I wrote this. Can you tell I love the cock? Don’t get it twisted, I love the ladies, but I’m definitely a fan of girl-boy sexing. Yea, I like dirtiness. What of it?

– Ginger Leigh