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Sacrosanct from TrenchcoatX – A Review

Sacrosanct box coverWhen I saw trailers for the opening scene of TrenchcoatX’s new movie, Sacrosanct, to say I was both shocked and titillated would be quite a understatement. I’ve delighted in following the career of the devilishly beautiful Katrina Jade since finding her kinky, real-life exploits with her husband on Twitter. Now, through the lens of director/performer Kayden Kross‘ sexual surrealism, Katrina and her husband Nigel Dictator have their first onscreen hotwifing experience together, and my anticipation to see this scene was overwhelming.

The trailer that preceded the release of Sacrosanct depicts Katrina’s perfect hourglass figure wrapped in black bondage cord, tied to an offering post before her husband. Hooded men encircle Katrina, slowly unraveling the cord as we hear water dripping and eerie echoing sounds from their secret, cavelike locale. Kayden Kross has set the perfect scene for an erotic, debaucherous act to take place and this small preview had me hooked.

Scene One:

What I love first and foremost about Katrina Jade is her unapologetic attitude towards her sexual cravings. Seeing her speak so frankly about her fantasies on social media, and watching her pursue those fantasies almost feverishly, gives Katrina an edge that some performers can struggle with – genuine enthusiasm. Katrina isn’t just a pretty face who likes having sex on camera – sex and hotwifing are very real aspects of her personal life and marriage. Prior to this scene, Nigel has never appeared on camera with his wife, and while he doesn’t necessarily perform as much as he surveys this scene, his presence and connection with his wife throughout are vital elements that make this scene so hot and different.

After she is unwrapped from her offering post, which takes a teasing few minutes to build suspense, the hooded men unmask and undress to reveal porn studs Tommy Gunn and Charles Dera. Katrina immediately gets to work administering two expert deepthroating blowjobs to their engorged cocks, then saunters over to her husband who looks at her approvingly. Tommy and Charles are ready to ravage Katrina even as she sits posed in her husband’s lap.

Charles spends a good amount of time spoiling Katrina’s pussy with his tongue and cock as Nigel holds his wife’s leg open for him. Tommy then takes Katrina from behind while she caresses Nigel’s chest. The deeper the penetration and the harder Katrina gets fucked, the more Nigel seems to take interest in what’s happening before him, but he stays silent the entire scene. I won’t spoil the cumshot, but it is a must-see part of this scene that finishes it off perfectly.

Scene Two:

This intensely erotic scene opens with new industry siren Honey Gold and Kayden Kross laying in bed, discussing the phenomenon of sleeping with a stranger. Honey tells Kayden that she’s never slept with a stranger before because it feels like “giving herself away,” and that it’s too “impersonal,” but Kayden disagrees – saying it’s the most personal you can be with someone, and that sleeping with a stranger is liberating in that you can be unapologetically yourself. The viewer sees Honey walk into a dimly lit parlor, staring across the room from Mick Blue. They size each other up, and without speaking a word, begin passionately kissing and groping each other.

After undressing her, Mick holds Honey by her ankles and tilts her back to lavish her with deep, penetrating cunnilingus. Honey returns the favor by sensually sucking Mick’s cock, allowing him to gag her as he holds her by the back of the head. Honey climbs atop Mick and writhes gracefully on him until he can’t take it anymore, flipping her onto her back and fucking her while choking her. The two climax simultaneously, rounding out an incredibly intense scene, and proving that sex between total strangers can be a liberating, exciting experience.

Scene Three:

The third scene opens with French stud Manuel Ferrara walking the ever-busty, beautiful Angela White through what seems like a sexual fever-dream. Whispering inaudibly to each other, Manuel allows Angela to touch and taste the people she walks past, but only for a moment. Then, Manuel brings her to a garage where an old classic car sits. Ripping open her blouse and pressing her into the roof of the car, Manuel teases Angela with his huge cock, making her beg him to suck it. After building up some suspense with plenty of dirty-talk, Angela gets her wish. Manuel fucks her quick and dirty from behind, then orders her to wait on her knees like a good girl.

Manuel whistles – and out of the car come four more men with stiff erections ready for Angela’s obedient mouth. Angela immediately gets to work pleasing them all as simultaneously as she can, and an incredibly fun gangbang goes down right before our eyes. Angela is definitely a force to be reckoned with in this scene, and her voracity and enthusiasm seem to be a consistent theme throughout the performances of the movie as a whole.

Scene Four:

In the fourth and final scene, we’re treated to real-life couple Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara accompanied by the beautifully lithe Jillian Janson. The scene begins with a torturous strip tease, with Kayden and Jillian taking turns teasing the ever-living fuck out of Manuel. Kayden eats Jillian’s pussy like it’s her last meal on earth, occasionally allowing Manuel the pleasure of tasting her fingers or tongue after they’ve been in/on Jillian, but Manuel never really gets in on the action himself. He watches the women together as they perform for him. The sensuality of this scene cannot be exaggerated, it is out of goddamn control!

Maybe I didn’t do this movie justice with this review, but I have to say it’s without a doubt the hottest porn I’ve seen all year, and I watch a lot of fucking porn. It’s my job after all. The suspense, overall aesthetic quality, and eerie, unique plots just blew this out of the water for me. Anyway, if you’re looking for an unconventional, suspenseful, beyond-steamy movie to watch, do yourself a favor and watch Sacrosanct on HMFH now!

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Writers Roundup: Best of 2016

At the end of each calendar year, the adult industry typically reflects on the past year’s releases in the form of award nominations. At HotMoviesForHer, we consider ourselves the experts of all things XXX, and with our unique and differing perspectives on the content we see each day, the staff writers decided to nominate our own personal choices for some already-established award categories, and some categories that we came up with ourselves. Take a look below to see what we’ve hand-selected as the best of XXX in 2016.


abelladanger2016Female Performer of the Year: Abella Danger and Sara Luvv

It’s a toss up between Abella Danger and Sara Luvv. They’re both great performers who are tons of fun to watch, and they consistently pick great projects to work on.

Male Performer of the Year: Manuel Ferrara

I know he’s already won like 1000 times, but I’ve gotta stick with Manuel Ferrara. The man could generate sexual chemistry with a chia pet. Her scene with Abella Danger in her Hard X showcase, Abella, was truly phenomenal.

Best New Starlet: Kira Noirkiranoir2016

Kira Noir really stood out for me this year. She has a look that’s really hard to find in this industry, and she carries herself with a ton of maturity. I consistently have to remind myself that she really is a newbie and that she’s not an industry veteran.

cindyqueenofhell2016Trans Performer of the Year: River Stark

I have to go with River Stark for her performance in Transition. It was a powerful, semi-autobiographic performance that I think is really helping to change the landscape of trans-porn.

Best Feature Movie: Cindy Queen of Hell

I love seeing big passion project from people who really love their work. The first scene with Joanna Angel, Xander Corvus, and Small Hands is particularly awesome.

Best Gonzo Movie: Girl/Boy 2

Girl/Boy 2 from Dana Vespoli just really blew me away. A very close second would be Abella, the Abella Danger showcase from Hard X.


Best Activist/Advocate: Siouxsie Q and Julia Ann

Siouxsie Q and Julia Ann  did stellar work on the No On Prop 60 campaign, and they really deserve more gratitude than we could ever give them!

Best Team Effort: Stoya and Kayden Kross

Stoya and Kayden Kross’s Trenchcoat X is all the gloriously arty smut that I’ve ever dreamed of, resulting in the candy colored Brett Rossi is Delicious!

Best Indie Movie: Glitter and Gold

These two really go hand in hand, so I’m going to pick 2 and go with Glitter and Gold.


Female Performer of the Year: Samantha Bentleysamanthabentley2016

Samantha has performed in several films this year, but I am most fond of her crazy character in Hard in Love I & II. She’s been writing a lot about the industry for mainstream publications, which has helped to give a non-porn audience an honest and intelligent look at the work she does.

Male Performer of the Year: Jean Val Jean

Jean Val Jean has been around for awhile, but recently he has made a huge comeback with Erotica X and Tushy scenes. Also, his scene with Joanna Angel in Dominantly Submissive was excellent.

christianacinn2016Best New Starlet: Christiana Cinn

Christiana Cinn started in late 2015, and she already has over 30 scenes to her credit with some of the biggest studios in the game.  She has a ton of creative vision and talent, and I hope to see much more of her next year. Although, I think many people will say Melissa Moore may get the nod this year due to her scary similarity to last year’s Female Performer of the Year, Riley Reid.

Trans Performer of the Year: Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin has worked her butt off this year as a performer, director, and studio owner.  She has also been forthcoming with her own work on her body, mind, and soul through social media and advocacy.

Best Feature Movie: Sugar Babies

Sugar Babies from Pretty Dirty studio. I am not writing any spoilers, but this was messed up and super hot. Best movie of the year, if you’re into dark and inappropriate relationships, which is what makes this studio really great.

Best Gonzo Movie: Anal Encores

Anal Encores from Mike Adriano Media. Newcomer Zelda Morrison’s scene with Mike is not to be missed.


Best Activist/Advocate: Chanel Preston

It was great to see the industry come together to fight Prop 60, and there are a lot of people that were very vocal, reached out to fans and mainstream media, and really educated the masses on the issues. Chanel Preston held APAC together when it could have fallen apart. She pushed through with her team, and continued to expand membership and outreach.

Best Team Effort: Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway

Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway for Severe Sex films. This husband and wife team work with extremely talented performers, they were instrumental in the fight against Prop 60, they genuinely want the industry and everyone in it to be informed, safe, and have a good time, and their scenes always make me feel like they are having the most fun out of anyone in the biz.

Best Indie Movie: Femdom Fatale 5

Julie Simone‘s Femdom Fatale 5  because I need more unicorn anal play in my life!


Female Performer of the Year: Sara Luvvsaraluvv2016

For me, 2016 was the year of Sara Luvv. Everywhere I seemed to look, Sara dominated the major releases from virtually every studio out there. One of the biggest releases of the year, Babysitting the Baumgartners, showcased Sara’s ability to deliver incredible performances for both lesbian and straight scenes. She’s a truly dynamic star that continues to rise through the ranks of the industry into fan-favorite status.

Male Performer of the Year: Mick Blue

He’s won the title in years past, but Mick Blue continues to lead the male performer pack in my opinion. With his studio BAM Visions as a standout new brand for Evil Angel and his work with every other major studio under the sun, watching a Mick Blue scene was almost unavoidable this year, not that anyone would want to avoid the raunchy Austrian sweetheart!

lyralaw2016Best New Starlet: Lyra Law

We were introduced to the stunning Lyra Law in 2016, and I couldn’t have been more mesmerized by her performances. Whether performing as a Domme or as your more typical porn video-vixen, Lyra put her own sexy spin on being a California beachy blonde. Her scenes alongside real-life beau Michael Vegas were especially titillating for me because I could tell their chemistry was 100% authentic.

Trans Performer of the Year: Nina Lawless

I saw a whole lot of Nina Lawless this year, and I liked it! The super-fit Mexican hottie made waves working with almost every trans-friendly studio in the industry this year. Not only is her work ethic impressive, but so too is her range. Nina can be a sultry scene partner when she tops or bottoms, but she can also be a merciless Dominatrix during her kinkier shoots.

Best Feature Movie: Little Red – A Lesbian Fairytalelittlered2016

Girlsway is constantly killing it with their feature releases, but Little Red really took the cake for me this year. Inspired by the classic fairytale of Little Red Riding Hood, Little Red somehow turned a children’s classic into a raunchy lesbian romp that kept pretty true to the plot of the original story… as much as was possible without involving an actual wolf.

Best Gonzo Movie: Dirty Talk 3

Manuel Ferrara‘s series Dirty Talk is a pretty sensual take on the POV genre, and for that reason alone I love it. With each starlet beginning their scene by giving the camera “bedroom eyes” while telling Manuel exactly what they want to do to him, it’s a pretty intimate and sexy moment. This series is unique and doesn’t get enough credit in my opinion, but the third installment is especially my favorite just because some of my favorite stars are in it: August Ames, Abella Danger, Karlee Grey, and Briana Banks! Doesn’t get hotter than that.


Best Activist/Advocate: Andre Shakti

It’s one thing to work in the adult industry and face all of society’s unwanted morality and criticism for your career choice, but it’s quite another to face all of that unwanted backlash and use your voice to fight for your rights as a sex worker. This year, Andre Shakti stood up for her and her fellow sex workers’ rights writing for multiple mainstream publications like Cosmopolitan and VICE, and also had the courage to pose for the cover of The New York Times Magazine for a piece debating whether or not sex work should remain 2016-12-20_14-03-47criminalized. Through her myriad of thoughtful pieces, Andre Shakti exposes the reality of working as a queer sex worker in a climate that still views her lifestyle as overwhelmingly taboo.

Best Team Effort: Anikka Albrite & Mick Blue

I love a good power couple, and Anikka and Mick are probably the closest thing to Beyonce and Jay Z that the adult industry is going to get. Between managing their new Evil Angel studio, BAM Visions, and continuing to churn out scorching scene-after-scene for every other popular studio in existence, Anikka and Mick keep themselves busy in the best way possible: doing what they love!

Best Indie Movie: FUCK THEM ALL

From indie porn studio Bleu Productions, FUCK THEM ALL really struck me as a fun and unique take on queer porn. Starring FTM trans performer Kay Garnellen, Kay travels through dark, erotic fantasies that ultimately lead him to an explosive gender-fluid orgy that is not to be missed!

For more award-winning movie suggestions, check out our 2017 AVN Awards category. And don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @hotmoviesforher!

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Impractical Sex

Robot Sex

The whole point of porn is fantasy. As viewers we get to imagine ourselves in scenarios that most likely won’t play out in real life, like your hot slutty teacher fucking your brains out on her desk after everyone else has gone home for the day, or that innocent looking girl next door who can’t manage to change her own light bulb, thanking you for your help by showing up to your house butt naked demanding you let her suck you off. Most of the time all goes accordingly and the fantasy is great, but, if you’re anything like me, every once in a while you see a position or locale that just doesn’t make sense when you really stop and think about it. I’m sure most of you aren’t stopping and thinking about it as often as I am since I’m around this stuff non-stop, which is why I took it upon myself to put together a small list of impractical sex positions and locations. Don’t worry, I left technosexualism, aka robot sex, off the list. You’re all very welcome.

Beach Sex

Beach Sex

I’m against outdoor sex for the most part. Sure, there’s the thrill of getting caught, but there are also bugs and grass and allergies and a bunch of other shit I don’t want around me while I’m naked, but beach sex is the absolute worst! Yeah, Ron Jeremy and Ginger Lynn look sexy up there with a beautiful ocean behind them, but look at all that sand on Ron’s legs. You know that shit ended up either fully inside or very close to Ginger’s legendary pussy. Not only does that feel awful, it’s also unhealthy as fuck! Those little grains of sand are tiny killers inside your body, plus it’s nowhere near as romantic as you think, trust me! My ex and I tried to live this one out in Virginia Beach and spent more time trying to find a comfortable position and keep our blanket sand free. After about 10 minutes we decided to try the balcony.

Car Sex

Car Sex

The camera man desperately trying to get in the car in the 2nd scene of Filthy Fashion Models perfectly illustrates my beef with trying to fuck in the car. Sure, it was hot and steamy when you couldn’t go to your girl’s house or bring her to yours, but come on, we’re grown-ups now and there just isn’t enough space in the car! I’m sure Ana Foxxx, Jenna Sativa, and Yasmine De Leon are making the best out of it and enjoying themselves in the process, but in real life this is just uncomfortable and a sure way to get her out of the mood and looking at you like you’re crazy. These beautiful women couldn’t get it done in a truck so there is no way my 2009 Kia Spectra stands a chance. If it isn’t a quick BJ or hand job, don’t do it.

Pile Driver

Pile Driver

I have to admit, this one is fun to do. There’s no doubt in my mind that Larkin Love is having the time of her life getting fucked by the strap-on extraordinaire Lily Cade, but I bet she was sore as hell the next day. Yeah, the g-spot is getting some serious attention in the piledriver position, but this shit is painful man! The amount of pressure on the neck and shoulders is extreme, not to mention the added weight of whoever is pounding away up there. Plus, it puts strain on your thighs and hamstring injuries are no joke. I don’t care how far along you are in your yoga classes, you’re going to pay for this one the next morning.

Tribbing/Scissoring Standing Up

TribbingScissoring Standing

Lana and Flora deserve awards just for successfully pulling off that pose. Look at that shit! The picture alone makes me feel like I need a deep tissue massage. That’s the type of position you try if you’re easily influenced by things you just watched on the tube or are extremely drunk and just don’t give a fuck. Just like with the piledriver, trying to scissor standing up is begging for leg cramps at the very least, which, I’m willing to bet, is why the pair didn’t stay in that position for long during the actual scene.

Titty Fucking

Titty Fucking

If I woke up with a penis titty fucking would be the 2nd thing I’d try (dick slapping is the first… judge me, I deserve it). It does look pretty awkward for the chick though. Look at Jada Fire up there with Manuel Ferrara’s dick sliding in and out of her big beautiful round mounds in the Vivid classic that is $2 Two Dollar Bill. She has her tongue out waiting for a little lick, only problem is his dick keeps hitting her in the chin! Awkward right? I mean, I’d imagine a dick to the chin a few times is all it would take to get me out of the mood. Maybe I’m wrong…

Shower/Bathtub Sex

BathShower Sex

Fucking in the shower or bathtub looks amazing! Ana Foxxx and Lotus Lain sure make the most of it, and they almost convinced me to give it another try until I noticed Lotus propping herself up on that porcelain tub and envisioned myself attempting the same, but slipping and cracking my damn head open getting blood and water all over the place. “What about the shower?” Look, the shower is cute when you first start sexing it up, but I don’t live in a mansion with a shower that houses a bench for sitting and requires two glass doors because it’s so big. Hell, I don’t even live in a house with a walk-in shower! My space is very limited in that regard. More importantly though, I love eating pussy and that’s hard to do when you’re drowning from the constant flow of water hitting you in the face. Also, I’m not always down for getting my hair wet and fucking with a shower cap on isn’t the sexiest thing in the world.

Piano Sex

Piano Sex

If you’ve ever sat on top of a piano you know exactly how hard that bitch is and there’s no way you’re laying back on it, blanket and pillows or not. That’s why Allie Haze and Samantha Ryan didn’t get any further than that right there. Allie sits her pretty little ass on the keys while Samantha fingers and fondles away, then they take it to the floor. Pianos are beautiful instruments that can often be seductive (I’m a musician and allowed to be turned on by musical instruments) but they are not for sex, so save yourself the embarrassment of falling off (blankets make them really slippery, be warned) and just fuck in a room with a piano in it. You’ll get the same result, trust me.

Shoes On Sex

Shoes On Sex

First of all, Prince Yahshua and Saya Song lost their everlasting minds with those damn shoes on that bed! Grandmothers everywhere would be on Greyhounds on their way out West to give both of them a smack upside their heads if I was a snitch. Second, keeping your shoes on during sex is just weird. I feel like you’re going to run away at any moment. The law is on my side with this one too. In certain parts of the country it’s illegal for a man to have sex with his shoes on, (prostitution prevention has come a long way) and even if it isn’t enforced it’s still legally valid, so don’t let me catch you. Third, it’s dangerous, especially women in heels and any dude trying to give their partner the Yahshua treatment by wearing a pair of fresh Timberlands. I’m a position explorer so there’s lots of movement going on when I’m making magic, and the last thing I want to do is take a heel to the dome. I agree that women in lingerie and red pumps are sexy as fuck, but my safety comes first and so should yours.

That’s all I have for now, but don’t worry, a part 2 could be in the works as you read. Until then, stay tuned by following me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the rest of the crew @hotmoviesforher.

Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch

Kayden Kross' Casting Couch boxcoverI usually don’t like casting couch movies. I know that it’s all a set up, and that the women in these movies do know ahead of time that they’re going to be fucking the “casting agent,” but the whole charade of pretending that this lady is getting conned into sex with the promise of fame or fortune at the other end rubs me the wrong way. Happily, director Kayden Kross breathes new life into the genre with Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch from fledgling studio airerose Entertainment. In only her second time flying solo in the director’s chair, Kross rounds up four young women who are new to the industry. After an interview in which the porno newbies awkwardly divulge their histories and sexual appetites, Kross unleashes her fiancé and perennial AVN award winner Manuel Ferrara on these girls who apparently don’t understand what a treat they’re getting. Kross is keenly interested in highlighting the inexperience of her subjects, exploring how time spent in the sex industry changes how the new girls perform and how authenticity is or is not maintained. Matching these women with a legend like Ferrara makes the juxtaposition of newbie vs. porn star clearer, and leads to both super awkward and super sexy results.

Tomi Taylor

Tomi Taylor Kayden Kross' Casting CouchCasting Couch starts off strong with Tomi Taylor; this statuesque brunette has a distinctive, memorable face, a banging bod, infinitely squeezable boobs, and is easily the most charismatic of Kayden Kross’ quartet of noobs. She seems the most comfortable during her conversation with Kayden, but she really shines when she enters the famous Kross-Ferrara bedroom for POV fuckery with Mr. Manuel. As it turns out, Tomi Taylor is a kinky, dirty talking, aggressively submissive little minx who has instant chemistry with her costar. It’s a match made in heaven, as Taylor goes face deep into Ferrara’s balls and asshole and asks to be his dirty little whore, which the well hung Frenchman is all too happy to indulge her in. There’s plenty of face, ass, and titty slapping, but my favorite parts have to be when Ferrara sets the camera down and allows the viewer to really see their interactions and closeness. What’s great about this movie, and Taylor’s scene in particular, is that these girls don’t yet know how to perform; instead, they’re just present and in the moment, and that’s such a refreshing thing to see.

Lacey Channing

Lacey Channing glamNext up on the casting couch is Lacey Channing, a pretty, leggy brunette stoner who reveals to Kayden that she got into porn at the suggestion of her cuckold boyfriend. Her interview starts off a little stiff, but she quickly warms up to Kross and demonstrates her singing chops for the camera. Her tease footage is probably the best of the bunch; her body is controlled while she gyrates and sways, and the upturned angle of her eyebrows gives her an alluring innocence. Channing’s time with Ferrara has a wonderful private sex tape feel to it; she doesn’t pay much mind to the camera, instead allowing sweetness and intimacy to build between herself and her costar. It’s a much subtler and quieter scene than the previous one with Tomi Taylor, and Channing shows that she’s a natural when it comes to establishing a genuine sexual connection with her costars.

Elektra Rose

Elektra Rose glamHazel-eyed brunette Elektra Rose was a stripper (briefly) and a cam girl before taking the plunge into porn; she was only in the biz for a month before joining Kayden Kross on her casting couch. She admits to being shy, which she offsets by being endearingly giggly as she responds to Kross’ interview questions. She seems like the type of girl who can do really well in porno; she’s in it for the love of being naughty in public, and the best performers are always the ones who just really like to fuck. Also, her boobs totally remind me of Penny Pax’s. She does a great job of getting right into it and sucking Ferrara’s cock; she looks great doing it, with no superfluous vamping for the POV camera. What I love about Elektra Rose’s scene is her facial expressions, which switch between a delighted grin and sleepy-eyed-lips-parted lustfulness. By the end of the scene, Rose is totally dick drunk and happily licks up Ferrara’s cum while he coos, “Oh Elektra, you’re so cute,” and he’s totally right. This chick is adorable, and definitely a new girl to watch out for in the coming year.

Kylie Nicole

Kylie Nicole glamTwenty-one year old modelesque blonde Kylie Nicole bookends Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch. She’s obviously the shyest and maybe the most nervous of the four newbies, but it’s pretty endearing. She divulges that she likes when her male sexual partners take control and are great at eating her out, which should be no problem when she gets her no-pants-time with Ferrara. Nicole’s awkwardness and shyness does carry over into the POV portions of her scene; she seems too aware of the camera, resulting in vampy, eyebrow-twitching facial expressions. But once Ferrara puts the camera down and fucks her in the spoon position on the couch, she starts to shine. She regains the authenticity that we love about amateur scenes when she allows Ferrara to take control. She’s a really cute and sexy girl, and her giggly submissiveness charmed the pants off of both Ferrara and myself. She’s the kind of lady who benefits from having a strong costar, and I’d love to see how she would do if she were taken under the wing of someone like Kayden Kross or Phoenix Marie.

Kayden Kross and Manuel Ferrara succeeded in creating a high end edition to the casting couch genre by carefully curating a cast of young amateurs who have what it takes go far in the industry. Kross’ insightful and disarming interview style allows viewers to get to know the girls on a more personal, human level while Ferrara’s experience and encouragement pushes his costars to the top of their fucking A-Game. Tomi Taylor, Lacey Channing, Elektra Rose, and Kylie Nicole are undoubtedly four porn starlets to watch in the cumming months.

Watch Kayden Kross’ Casting Couch on HotMoviesForHer today!


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Hot Reviews: All Access – Abella Danger

All Access - Abella Danger boxcoverEvery year, as new talent enters the adult industry, we see countless young women who seem to only appear in a handful of scenes before falling off our radars forever. But then there’s the select few who beat the odds and become constant fixtures in the landscape of the business. Even then, only one may rise to the top to be crowned Best New Starlet at any pornography’s award shows. This time last year, I was certain that the trophy would be going to Kota Sky, the petite blonde who seemed to be on every other box cover that came into the office. A few months later, I knew that I had been wrong; Carter Cruise swiftly became the new It-Girl, with her girl-next-door beauty, brains, serious acting chops, and ferocious sexual energy. She went on to win Best New Starlet at the three major adult entertainment awards, became the airerose Brand Ambassador, and starred in All Access – Carter Cruise. This year, there’s a clear and dangerous front-runner: Abella Danger, the big-assed, sultry-voiced, pouty-lipped, Jewish teenager who is brazenly following in Cruise’s footsteps. Danger now has her own worthy edition to the All Access series: All Access – Abella Danger, a two disc showcase that puts the starlet into some of her best scenes yet while granting viewers unprecedented behind-the-scenes access.

Scene 1 – Abella Danger, Ramon Nomar, and Toni Ribas

All Access – Abella Danger opens with a fast and furious MMF threesome costarring silent but deadly Spaniard Toni Ribas and hunky Venezuelan dom Ramon Nomar. In the interview that precedes the scene Danger gushes, “That scene was definitely one of the most intense scenes that I’ve ever shot. The energy that they both gave into it was just crazy.” It definitely shows in the scene, with Nomar leading the charge by barking orders at Danger and manipulating her into whatever position suits him. Danger notably performs her first ever double vaginal penetration, with two Spanish cocks squeezing into her pussy and making her scream and yelp. What I love about Danger is that I’m preeetty sure that her orgasms are completely authentic; there’s something about her expressive face and guttural moans that just shows how she’s able to let herself disappear into her scene. After watching Danger take on double vag, I’m actually looking forward to the possibility of her first DP in the future.

Scene 2 – Abella Danger and Lexington Steele

Abella Danger and Lexington SteeleIn her pre-scene interview, Danger explains that the idea behind her first ever scene with legendary stud Lexington Steele was that she would be his willing sex slave. While she’s not his slave in the kinky, BDSM sense of it, she does come across as a desperate slave to his impressive cock. Steele makes Danger work for it, playing with tease and denial; he briefly dips into her pussy, she cries out in pleasure, and then he takes it back until she’s literally begging for it, only for the process to repeat itself. This works in Steele’s favor as well; I get the sense that he’s very enamored with his young, big booty costar, and without recusing his cock from her pussy here and there, well… we’d wind up with a very short scene. The chemistry between Danger and Steele (cumming this fall on NBC) is palpable, and I hope that they get to hook up again soon for Danger’s first anal-interracial scene.



Scene 3 – Abella Danger and Phoenix Marie

Abella Danger has some serious love for blonde brickhouse Phoenix Marie, gushing about how much she looks up to the MILFy pornstar. The theme of the scene is perfect for Marie; she plays Danger’s bitchy ballet instructor, getting increasingly angry at the younger girl. She keeps her cool though, unleashing a torrent of ass worship and huge buttplugs in an awesome and hilarious lesbian femdom scene. After Danger cums for pretty much the millionth time, it’s Marie’s turn, but things don’t go as the blonde expects; Danger is vying for power, brattily trying to withhold orgasms from Marie. Shit gets meta when Phoenix Marie clips a clothespin onto Danger’s tongue spits one of the most fabulously bitchy comments I’ve ever heard: “Come on Princess, show me how you’re the next big thing. Take it down your fucking throat!” The fact that Abella Danger holds her own against the hurricane of sexual energy that is Phoenix Marie shows just how much staying power this young dynamo might have.



Scene 4 – Abella Danger and Manuel Ferrara

Oh fuck yes Abella Danger and Manuel Ferrara. After their last oily anal scene together, Danger wants this to be her best anal scene of the year, and holy shit does she do it. She fucks the bejesus out of the inimitable Ferrara and, honestly, it wasn’t nearly as rough as I expected it to be. Ferrara could probably conjure up some chemistry with a Dakimakura pillow, but the passion between him and Danger is super real and super hot. There’s more oral in this scene than in either of the other straight scenes, with the cursory blow job, Danger eating Ferrara’s ass, and then getting to sit on the Frenchman’s face. The way that Danger trembles after the scene pretty much sums up how I felt too. Seriously, just watch this. It’s great.

With a stunning first showcase and the youthful energy of fledgling studio airerose Entertainment behind her, Abella Danger continues to catch the public’s attention. Mark my words, this girl is going to be accepting a trophy in Vegas this January.

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The Top 14 Hottest DILFs in Porn

With Father’s Day looming before us and plenty of sexy, older men on HotMoviesForHer worth watching, I decided to compile a list of the hottest over-35 male performers currently making porn, and making it well! Age is just a number, and you definitely don’t have to be a father to be a DILF in my book. Without further ado, here are my favorite DILFs in porn today:

2015-06-08_17-16-211. Manuel Ferrara

What can possibly be hotter than a super-hung scruffy guy with a French accent? That’s right-nothing. Manuel Ferrara is a long-standing porn crush of mine. Everything about him is delicious: his furry dad-bod, his commanding sexual performance, and the inaudible things he mutters in French when he’s about to cum. Some things really do get better with age, and Ferrara is one of them! Kayden Kross is one lucky lady.

2015-06-08_17-06-482. Ramon Nomar

This Venezuelan hottie brings his Latin flavor to every performance he’s in. Not typically one to turn up the volume during scenes, I always make it a point to listen to the phrases Ramon Nomar utters while fucking. When he’s not calling his costars “mama,” he likes to encourage the women he’s fucking by showering them in compliments and, of course, spanking their asses with fervor! Once he gets rid of that faux-hawk he’s been rocking lately, I’ll be his “mama” anytime.

2015-06-08_17-07-153. Mick Blue

I’ll admit it-I’ve got a thing for uncut guys. Mick Blue’s penis is not only an uncircumcised masterpiece, but attached to a gorgeous Austrian man with piercing blue eyes-hence the last name. While Blue may be married to Anikka Albrite, I can’t quite say I’m jealous; instead, I’ll just squeeze between the both of them for a chance at this super-DILF!


2015-06-08_17-07-514. Steven St. Croix

A venerable performer with over 15 years in the industry, Steven St. Croix is a DILF-y favorite among the women at HMFH. Croix plays the father figure in many of the plot-oriented films he’s cast in, and it’s easy to see why. Croix’s authoritative presence, mixed with his mature age and delectable, toned physique make a girl want to enjoy the loving care of a decidedly way more experienced man.

2015-06-08_17-08-365. Rocco Siffredi

The incomparable Rocco Siffredi is an Italian Stallion I’d love to ride someday. Siffredi’s lustful enthusiasm and masterful anal scenes make him a favorite performer of mine. Combine his classically handsome look with that huge dick and you have a Euro-DILF for the ages. Not to mention, Siffredi has the cutest dimples ever. Awwuh.

2015-06-08_17-08-596. Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele is not only one of the most well-endowed male performers in recent memory, but he’s got a goddamn gorgeous smile. Steele’s performances are frequently nominated for awards, and he’s got plenty of trophies besides the one in his pants. An educated guy with a dual-degree in history and African American studies; I wouldn’t mind if Steele schooled me sometime. *winky face*

2015-06-08_17-09-257. Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce is an avid Crossfit devotee which, if you’ve seen his physique, isn’t much of a surprise. Pierce’s body is a smooth, solid muscle-mass covered in tattoos and most likely capable of fucking you into a coma. I’m not usually into bald dudes, but his “piercing” eyes coupled with his sculpted body are undeniably sexy. Plus, his fetish scenes are really fucking hot. I like a dominant man, and Pierce’s spanking scenes are worth watching even if you aren’t a spanking fanatic.

2015-06-08_17-10-048. Nacho Vidal

It doesn’t get much more caliente than a Spanish man with an 11-inch dick. Nacho Vidal has been a staple in the adult industry for almost two decades, and he’s really aging to perfection. Vidal looks like that one friend’s dad all the girls wanted to fuck in high school. Or like, the sexy older neighbor who you secretly watched mow the lawn every Saturday, hoping he’d pop that shirt off. A man with tattoos is always going to be hot in my book, but he’s also got some pearly-whites that are damn-near perfect. *swoon*

2015-06-08_17-10-489. Kurt Lockwood

Not only does Kurt Lockwood have a toned, bangin’ bod and impressive dick; this DILF-y, tattooed dude can really act. I always find myself mesmerized by Lockwood’s performances in films like B. Skow’s Gardener and Control. Besides his male-model figure and acting chops, Lockwood’s got some street cred as a musician too, having played and toured with Dee Dee Ramone. Who doesn’t love a mature, multi-talented guy?

2015-06-08_17-11-1910. Alec Knight

Alec Knight is pretty adorable. If I hadn’t watched him fuck girls up the butt a lot, I’d probably assume he was a stay-at-home dad or a paperweight collector. But nope, Knight is a straight-up DTF DILF with over 500 movies under his belt and really great sense of humor that makes me want to hang out with him in a sexual way. He used to work on the show Family Guy, which is also very awesome. I love funny, cuddly guys that happen to have big dicks.

2015-06-08_17-12-1111. Toni Ribas

Everyone loves Asa Akira, but Toni Ribas is the only guy worthy enough to lock down the gorgeous starlet. It’s pretty easy to see why; the Spanish stud is a solemn sex-machine. Ribas has spent nearly half his life in the industry, both directing and performing in award-winning movies like the Ibiza Sex Party series. And, weirdly enough, he kind of looks like Sopranos character Christopher Moltisanti, who I always had a crush on.

2015-06-08_17-12-5112. Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard reminds me of those aging boy band members from the 90s who are still pretty cute but have a hard time giving up those frosted tips. I can look past Everhard’s goofy spiked hair when I watch him go down on a girl, because he clearly knows what he’s doing! Plus, he usually maintains some level of scruff on his face in his scenes-an added plus for any girl that loves facial hair (me!).

2015-06-08_17-14-2913. Ryan McLane

Ryan McLane’s body is heart-stopping. I mean, this guy is fit. Beyond his chiseled 6-pack and sexy-sharp hip-bones, he’s got a pretty nice pecker. It’s not overwhelmingly huge, but it’s a nice dick nonetheless. McLane is nice for those slow, erotic scenes that some women enjoy, but I prefer him in a more fast-paced fuck like his scene in the movie, Our Father.

2015-06-08_17-15-0114. Prince Yahshua

Speaking of fit bodies, Prince Yahshua has the musculature of a body builder. Unlike most body builders, however, Yahshua has an incredible 11-inch cock that needs no performance enhancers! But don’t let this hulking hottie’s look fool you; he’s really a gentle giant. After reading a few interviews Yahshua’s done, it’s clear that Yahshua loves pleasing his female costars, and I can certainly appreciate a man that loves giving women pleasure.

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The Hottest Men of Porn Who Are Not James Deen-Part 2


Introducing Your Latest Masturbation Fantasies!

Last year we compiled a list of our favorite men of porn, but both our readers and I felt that we made a few egregious omissions. I’m here to rectify this and give you five more hung hotties to populate your diddle dreams!


Tyler Nixon

Tyler Nixon bio page

So Tyler’s twenty seven, but can pretty easily pull off being barely legal. He looks like he was the captain of the football team and home coming king at a small town Iowa high school, with a cute face and a sweet and awkward disposition.  He’s actually a California boy and likes surfing and snowboarding (with the bod to prove it!) and he takes pretty good photographs. He frequently gets paired up with MILFs and cougars in his flicks.

Sample Tweet: If an escort charges 1k an hour, how much would 6.25 minutes cost me? #justasking

Best place to see him in action: Aftermath

Find more: Twitter and Instagram and watch him now


Manuel Ferrara

Manuel Ferrara bio

This stupidly hot Frenchman has the bragging rights to being the only dude to win the AVN award for Male Performer of the Year five times, more than anyone else. He’s the sort of guy that you meet in a Paris café while travelling alone on a personal journey to “find yourself,” and he brings you under his strong, masculine wing and takes you on an adventure of love, self discovery, and lots and lots of orgasms involving a baguette in your booty.  Also, dude’s really good at dirty talk, and combined with that French accent, you’ve got yourself a pile of wet panties over here. Sorry ladies, Manuel’s taken; he’s engaged to and has started a family with the lovely Kayden Kross.

Sample tweet: A man should protect his love ones from any danger, never be that danger.

Best place to see him in action: A Love Triangle

Find more: Twitter and Instagram and Tumblr and his website and watch him now


Keni Styles

Keni Styles

Here’s another guy with a sexy ass accent! Keni is Thai born and British raised, having served seven years in the British military before joining the porn biz. He can flip between sensual and dominant at a moment’s notice in his performance, and he strikes me as someone that views fucking as somewhat of a spiritual exercise. He’s also a bit of a trailblazer, being one of the very few active male heterosexual performers of Asian descent, and we love diversity in our porn! And did we mention his amazing tattoos?

Sample tweet: The higher you get the more you see. Be free and share love unconditionally. Namasté

Best place to see him in action: Summer Vacation

Find more: Twitter and Tumblr and Instagram and watch him now


Mick Blue 

Mick Blue bio

I have a friend who goes by Q-Dawg, and one day she confided in me that she had discovered a porn guy that she liked: an Austrian by the name of Mick Blue. “Oh yeah,” I responded. “I’ve seen his penis.” A few nights later I dreamt that I set her up on a sex date with Mick, because in my dreams I am really good friends with porn stars and hang out with them in bars. So today I asked Q-Dawg if I could quote her on why she liked Mick Blue, and she responded, “I like Mick Blue because he’s a silver fox with a hot bod who can throw a girl around in bed.” And if that’s good enough for Q-Dawg, then it’s good enough for me. Unfortunately for Q-Dawg, Mick is off the market; he’s married to Anikka Albrite.

Sample tweet: What an amazing moment to go back with my love @anikkaalbrite to where everything began :-). Feels and looks like a fairy tail 🙂

Best place to see him in action: Anikka

Find more: Instagram and Twitter and watch him now


Steven St. Croix

Steven St. Croix bio

He’s the daddy to rule them all. He famously had his cock (his beautiful, beautiful cock) insured for $1 million in 1996, and fucks MILFs and young ladies with the same sensual ferocity on screen. Off screen he’s a musician, author, and artist, having gone so far as to briefly retire from the industry in 2010 to run an art gallery in Cannes, France. He’s that adjunct that you met in your junior year of college when you took begrudgingly figure drawing to fulfill your art credit, and felt a strange awakening stirring in the depths of your loins every time his deep, commanding voice described the subtle curves of the nude model’s body.

Sample tweet: So apparently, I opened a profile on Grindr thinking it was Tinder…. DayQuil is really strong stuff…beware.

Best place to see him in action: The Sexual Liberation of Anna Lee

Find more: Twitter and watch him now

Voracious (Disc 1)

We are officially one week away from Halloween which means we are reviewing related movies everyday for the next week!  I’m starting this porno countdown to Halloween right with a sexy new title from John Stagliano.  Voracious is definitely making my vampire horror/porno loving eyes happy.  Just when you thought you’d had all of the blood sucking you can handle for one life time, Voracious makes you realize you have yet to reach your vampy limit.  I totally sound like a commercial, but it is just that good!

VoraciousFirst I have to say that I’ve never seen such a well cast porno.  Kudos to whoever was in charge of that department.  (Did I just use the word kudos?)  Brooklyn Lee and  Lea Lexis are the leads and make for a couple of amazing depraved vampires.  The unsuspecting human, Manuel Ferrera, thinks he is going to take a look at a house that is up for sale.  Brooklyn and Lea get him upstairs and make their move.  One of the things I love here is that Lea is wearing a tight shiny cat suit and stretching as if she is getting ready for an intense gymnastics routine.  You know, like you do when people are coming over to look at your house.  The two lady-vampires pounce and the sexin’ is on.  I am really into the overtones of female domination.  There isn’t any CBT, but the ladies are definitely in charge even when they are sucking his cock.  This is true for a good bit of this movie.  Love!  Manuel takes a lot of ass in his face, but definitely gets to fuck a lot.  The ladies are indeed voracious.  The video is sped up and there is a god bit of grunting, although it is never overdone.  They do a great job of really depicting the characters while keeping it hot and not too campy.

Before Brooklyn is able to sink her teeth into Manuel’s throat, Lea stops her and sends him on his way.  She must receive permission from the high-up vampire dude before biting anyone.  At the same time, Brooklyn plays the quintessential vampire that struggles with being a vampire role.

Scene 2 is definitely my favorite one of all. A big group of vampires is unleashed on a few ladies of the night.  If you’re a scary movie nerd like me, then you’ll probably love this scene too.  The vampires destroy their victims – at one point I’m pretty sure someone’s vag gets bitten.  Along with all of the craziness a priest, played by Steve Holmes, gets a blowjob under a tree.  I don’t want to give you the play by play because I don’t want to ruin it for you.  Yes, it’s that good!  Lots of blood and definitely some decent acting for a porno.

The story moves along and there is some conflict between the head vampire, played by the exquisitely cast Omar Galanti, and Brooklyn.  Meanwhile they bring him a victim who he and Lea promptly fuck before turning her into a midnight snack.  Next up, Brooklyn gets a good talking to and, rightfully so, a good fucking.  I witnessed some of the most creative ways to use nipple clamps ever!  There is lots of dirty group sex action here and Brooklyn definitely gets pushed to her limit.

I’m not going to get to much further into the details, but I have to say that I was totally jazzed to see Rocco Siffredi in the last scene.  A super hot foursome ensues before we get to see his fangs come out!  Watch the movie for yourself to see how it ends, but again, if you’re a horror movie nerd and porno lover, you’ll love it.

There are more episodes that I’ll definitely be reviewing in the future!  It is like watching awesome dirty sex happen in the middle of a good scary movie.  I love it!  I will warn you, there is a lot of anal sex, deep throating and other such acts.  You’re not going to want to watch this if you’re not into that sort of thing.  If you are, then get to watching!

Watch Voracious (Disc 1) now!



Holy shit, it’s Dani Daniels‘s first boy/girl scene!  I wasn’t sure how I felt about it at first.  I’ve always been a fan of her lady lovin’ skills.  But about a minute into the first scene I was all about watching Dani get up close and personal with a nice big cock.  It is kind of awesome.

DareDani’s first ever boy/girl scene is with the super-stud Manuel Ferrara.  I’m not going to lie, it was a little odd watching her blow him at first.  She wasn’t bad at it or anything, I’m just to used to seeing her with a mouth full of pussy.  Excuse my vulgarity, but this is a porn blog after all.  Manuel went down on her for a long time, but what was amazing was watching him put his penis inside of her.  There was no doubt that she loved it instantly.  From time to time he would pull out and make her squirt with his fingers.  So hot!  Dani was totally losing her mind in the best possible way!

Scene 2.  Wow.  Here Dani is right in the middle of a hot-dude-sandwich and James Deen and Mick Blue are the bread.  Dani enters a huge garage/warehouse type room dressed in a fancy black gown.  There are two men in tuxedos and white masks waiting by a lone black couch.  Sort of creepy, right?  She walks up and the previously mentioned porno guys remove the masks and get down to business.  Dani gets fucked upside down and sideways.  She loves having two cocks at once and looks amazing taking them.  James and Mick take turns banging her, although the obligatory simultaneous blowjob and boning happens on occasion.  Dani continuously gives the command of “harder” and she definitely gets it!  I love the way James Deen quietly talks dirty to Dani (and all of the ladies he bangs).  You never really know what he is saying, but you know it is good by the ladies’ facial expressions.  And when they say things like “yes, I love being a slut.”  Common’, everyone likes to be called a slut sometimes.  Don’t act like you’re offended!  I mention this because as Mick is fucking Dani from behind, Deen is in her face whispering his sweet nothings.  Both guys blow their loads on her face and mouth and the push her back on the couch for just one more orgasm.

I’ll be honest; I only made it through the first two scenes.  They were fabulous!  I definitely intend to sink my eyeballs into the rest of the movie very soon!  Sinn Sage, Erik Everhard and Karlie Montana are still to come!  I’ll give you this as my last thought: Dani Daniels isn’t just good at fucking women.

Watch Dare now!


Wasterland (Disc 1) – Part 1

Wow.  I’m totally blown away by Wasteland.  So much so that I’m going to do the review in a few parts so I can touch every part of the movie.  That wasn’t my plan when I set my sites on it, but that’s what is up.  Keep in mind there are two discs.  The first one is the full length feature with somewhat edited sex scenes.  The second disc features all of the fucking (extended sex scenes) and none of the talking.

Wasteland (Disc 1)Lily LaBeau and Lily Carter are childhoods friends who reunite for one night after being apart for 5 years.  Carter heads from their hometown of Tuscon to LaBeau’s new home in LA.  Of the two Lilys, Carter is definitely the more gentle-hearted and LaBeau is far more cynical, unsettled, at times shallow and free spirited.  They’re unlikely friends that have an emotional, sexual and tumultuous bond.

The ladies go out for a night on the town and end up meeting a couple of guys.  Lily Carter is totally bored by her boy and heads to the restroom where she hears LaBeaux getting it on with Manuel Ferrara in one of the stalls.  Carter removes her shoes as to not make any noise.  She hangs out in the stall next door, listening and at times peering over to get a look.  Both turned on and disturbed by it.  The sex is insane.  It is no secret that dirty bathroom sex (not sex in a dirty bathroom) has a special place in my heart, but wow the fucking is intense.  LaBeau jerks his uncircumcised cock before he enters her from behind.  One of the things I love is the way they bang against the stalls and the door rattles.  It is unavoidable when banging in such a small space.  So hot!  LaBeau begs Manuel to make her come and eventually she moves to her knees to take his jiz in her mouth and on her face.  Carter heads back out to the bar as if nothing has happened.

The ladies leave the bar and LaBeau stops to talk to a random guy in an SUV.  The girls hop in the truck and end up in an industrial area where Carter is summoned by LaBeau to blow the random guy.  Behind her, LaBeau is rubbing her pussy, making it hard for her to suck dude’s cock.  LaBeau reminds Carter that she has to make him feel god too.  The tension and dirtiness here is amazingly hot and captivating.  At first Carter wants to go home, but gets tangled up in LaBeu’s web of debauchery.

That is it for now.  Come back next week for more!

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