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6.9 Questions with Madison Young

Madison Young interviewed by Kelly Shibari.

While at the Feminine Porn Awards for HotMoviesforHer.com, Kelly Shibari interviewed a few of our favorite stars and asked them 6.9 questions.  Below is the final in the series, 6.9 questions with Madison Young.

Well, that’s the last of the 6.9 questions series from Kelly Shibari at the 2013 FPA’s.  We hope you learned a lot of the stars and how they got their start in the porn industry.

2013 Feminist Porn Awards Winners and Review by Kelly Shibari

Attending the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards (Finally!)

I’d never been to Toronto for Good For Her’s Feminist Porn Awards. I’ve been nominated several times, and even won an award for Honoured Website in 2011 for http://PaddedKINK.com – which I had the lovely April Flores accept on my behalf. This year, I was lucky enough to get to go as a HotMoviesForHer representative, which came with a really nice (though slightly anxiety-causing) set of perks!

2013 Feminist Porn Awards

The Capitol Event Theatre is an absolutely beautiful location, complete with great architecture throughout reminiscent of a turn-of-the-century theatre. The balcony upstairs was reserved for VIP guests of the Awards, and I think they definitely had a premium view of all of the festivities – from the semi-formally dressed nominees to the antics of the frisky, sexy, show attendees, it was a beautiful, dreamlike space full of revelers of all kinds.

This was the eighth year that the Awards had taken place, and in line with current trends, they named this year’s Awards show “50 Shades of Porn,” which also described the eclectic crowd and the varied topics covered in the nominated films.

The crowd at the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards

Hosts Lex Vaughn (of Queer as Folk and Short Bus fame) and Ryan G Hinds (of Hedwig fame, amongst many other credits) were brilliant and hilarious in their turns both on and off the stage – with Vaughn mostly on stage and Ryan hopping on and off stage to do random interviews with nominees and show-goers alike to the delight of the audience. Live performances gave the viewers a reprive from the Awards show, the highlight of which was a beautiful yet raunchy burlesque number to the tune of Bell Biv Devoe’s “Poison” by the lovely Coco La Crème (who is also Artistic Director for the Awards).

It was a delight to see films that I had seen the night before at the Public. Provocative. Porn screening, including Because I Want You to Watch and Biodildo. The biggest cheers from the crowd came, though, when Krutch won for Sexiest Short – and most deservedly so. It wasn’t just the sexiest “crip porn” I had ever seen, but probably one of the sexiest short films I’d seen this year, I was definitely one of the loudest of those who cheered for Mia Gimp and Clark Matthews (an interview with them is forthcoming!).

Hotmoviesforher.com 2013 FPA Banner

As a rep for HotMoviesForHer, my main obligation was to present the Movie of the Year. As much as I like performing, doing interviews and running seminars and workshops, I always seem to get super nervous when it comes to speaking on a stage to a large group of people. Luckily, my presentation speech was written up for me, and though my hands were shaking, I was able to present the award at the very end of the evening.

The party went well into the night after the Awards was over – staff and volunteers cleared the lower seating area to make room for dancing…but many of us had to be up early the next morning for the Feminist Porn Conference at the University of Toronto, and had to duck out right after the Awards.

The winners of the 2013 Feminist Porn Awards are as follows:

2013 Feminist Porn Award Winners

Sexiest Short

  • Biodildo,
Christian Slaughter

Sexiest Short

  • Krutch,
Clark Matthews

Steamiest Straight Movie

Sexiest Star Feature

Most Sensual Softcore Movie

  • The Pleasure Professionals,
Justine Mii

Smutty Schoolteacher Award for Sex Education

Golden Beaver Award for Canadian Content

  • Because I Want You To Watch, The Madame

Hottest Dyke Film

2013 Trailblazer

  • Nan Kinney

2013 Indie Porn Icon

Most Tantalizing Trans Film

Hottest Kink Movie

Hottest Vignette

  • A Taste of Joy,
Petra Joy

Steamiest Romantic Movie

Heartthrob Of The Year

Heartthrob Of The Year

Movie Of The Year

  • Infidelité/ Infidelity

2013 Honoured Websites

  • ftmfucker.com
  • WolfHudsonIsBad.com
  • PornographicLove.com

2013 Honourable Mentions

  • Connections: Real Couples, Joyful Sex,
Ms. Naughty
  • Amber,
Gala Vanting, Frank Ly
  • Consent: Society,
Lynsey G
Crystal Delights FPA
Feminist Porn Awards 2013 Crystal Delights Trophy

20 Questions With Midori – Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades

MidoriA few weeks back we posted our review of Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades, a collection offering up fifty different perspectives on the 50 Shades phenomenon.  Today we bring you 20 questions with sexuality writer and sex educator Midori, author of the essay “Fifty Shades Of Snark.”  Midori’s piece looks at the kink community’s reaction to the 50 Shades phenomenon (which is quite critical) and tempers that with her own early adventures in the thrill of viewing erotica, creating a balanced and realistic view at the appeal of the series.  Spend a little extra time with Midori in her amazing !

1. How (and when) did you get started teaching bedroom skills and sexuality coaching?
In the mid 90’s I volunteered as peer educator for HIV education and safer sex in San Francisco. Shortly after that, I began writing sexual advice columns for various magazine and papers—always with the objective of giving people permission to shed shame and have smarter, safer, and steamier sex.

Slowly I began teaching classes in the local area. Soon I discovered I had a talent for public speaking, coaching, and designing effective and entertaining classes to help people live fulfilling erotic lives. In 2001 I became a full-time traveling sexuality educator.

The past few years my weekend intensive programs, including ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive and Rope Bondage Dojo, have really gained popularity. Recently, Skype and other technology have made it easier for me to help my students with ongoing coaching. It’s unbelievably exciting to be part of people’s lives as they explore, blossom, and grow into living fully!

2. If you weren’t writing, what would you be doing?
Adventure travel guide in exotic hinterlands, guiding people to achieve new peaks, experience fresh sensations, and see wondrous sights!

(Hmmm. Come to think of it, whether in the wilds of jungles and caverns or the wilds of bedroom adventures, I’m drawn to the same thing!)

3. What’s the best thing you’ve learned or best advice you’ve received from the erotic industry?
If it turns you on, someone else out there is turned on by it too!

4. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while working as a sexuality educator and coach?
Conversations with TSA agents as they open my luggage and find my teaching props! Then they want to come to my classes.

5. What do you think is the biggest misconception about women in the adult industry?
A common misconception about women in the adult industry is that it’s an occupation of last resort. While it may be for some, for many it’s a chosen occupation providing an outlet for creativity, agency, and flexible hours.

6. What did you do today?
Taught a group of erotic rope bondage enthusiasts the joys of passionate movement and hot rope tricks.

7. What would you rather have done today?
A lot more of #6 and then go to the kinky play party happening tonight — and a lot less office work, like work coordination e-mails and answering 20 questions.

8. If you could do a movie with anyone (living or brought back from the dead) who would it be?
Veronica Franco, Michel Foucault, Freddy Mercury, Pharaoh Hatshepsut

9. Who is your favorite adult performer?
Nina Hartley, Sinnamon Love, Adrianna Nicole, Madison Young. Why? They’re my friends and I just think they’re wonderful people! I like hanging out them.

10. You’ve got 20 bucks left to your name; what would you do with it?
Make “stone soup” with my most beloved friends.

11. If you were president, what’s the first thing you’d change?
Reform the electoral college system, and make voting mandatory for all adults with fiscal penalty for failure to comply. Vote!

12. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
Having to read Fifty Shades on an airplane while researching for this book is one of the most embarrassing things I’ve done lately.  I’ve read tons of sex-filled filth during flights, but nothing made me feel more uncomfortable than the possibility of people thinking I willingly chose to read this quality of writing.

13. Which is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?
ForteFemme: Women’s Dominance Weekend Intensive!

Creating an environment and program to help women discover and tap into their authentic power source within, and to find fulfillment in a mutually supportive experience has been deeply satisfying. Watching these amazing women blossom into their fuller potential—nothing like it. Not even chocolate comes close to this.

14. If you could have 1 superpower what would it be?
Cause others to experience deep and profound kindness towards others.

15. Meat or veggie?

16. What is your favorite book?
Like Water for Chocolate by Gabriel García Márquez

17. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Litter bugs. Such a simple act exposes a person as being deeply selfish and immature.

18. What is your best piece of sex advice for women?
Go ahead, be sexually selfish and ask for what you want! Put yourself first, everything and everyone else comes from that.

19. What is your favorite adult movie?
As a pre-teen in Japan I got a peek at Madame Emmanuel on late night TV. If I had to name a favorite adult film, it would be that.

I don’t have a favorite contemporary adult film, but some of my most favorite sex scenes are in these movies…
• Unbearable Lightness of Being
• Indochine
• Cabaret
• Mr. & Mrs. Smith
• The Hunger

20. Tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone else.
I do not have one of those naturally beautiful faces and bodies. I accept that my physical “package” is ordinary. At the same time, I know that I have developed myself into an attractive person, and continue to do so.

Check out Midori’s essay in Fifty Writers On Fifty Shades of Grey and her work on the screen in !

And follow Midori on Twitter!

Also take a look at our interview with Fifty Writers on Fifty Shades contributor Marci Hirsch!

Top Five Tuesday – We Love Jiz (Lee)!

I know it’s only Tuesday, but I am already thinking about the weekend.  What are you up to this weekend?  Not sure yet?  Well, I already have my weekend planned out.  I’ll be in New York City, rocking out the GLBT Expo for HotMoviesForHer, with the boys from GayHotMovies (including stars Jimmy Durano and Trenton Ducati) and Jiz Lee, who will be signing for us.

Oh yeah, you read that right – JIZ LEE.  They are heading back to NYC to spend some time at the booth with us, signing autographs for fans and generally being awesome.  And because of that, I decided that I would get myself revved up to Jiz love with this new list of my favorite Jiz filled flicks.  Sure, I’ve done this before, but seriously, do you blame me for doing it again?

This is Jiz Lee going at it solo in a grimy bathroom.  Need I say more?  Shot with a green tint and background music that is clearly from the bar on the other side of the restroom door, this five minute Jiz jack comes off so deliciously seedy and totally scummy.  I love it.

–  brings us this four scene movie that features some of the hottest names in queer porn, including two of my favorite dirty birds ever –  and Jiz Lee! I can barely describe in words how awesome both April and Jiz look in this movie. Both done up in amazingly sexy (and hard to describe) styles, they bring a kinky intensity that is seriously riveting. Featuring a strapped-on mouth tray, double-headed dildo action and everything in between, this scene was the stand out of the bunch.
This being one of Jiz’s first pornos, I decided it needed to be included in this list.  Jiz is so fresh in the biz that they are listed under the nom de plume Beau Flex! Awww.  And lucky us, we get 2 different scenes starring the fantastic Lee – one with Courtney Trouble and one with Papi Coxxx and Wil Thrustwell.  The whole thing is amazingly goofy and fun, while still being so freaking hot!
Tristan Taormino talking about female orgasms?  Sign me up!  The entire movie is awesome, especially scene 4 with Jiz and Madison Young getting busy with gloves and a Hitachi Magic Wand.  You should definitely watch the whole thing, but if you happen to only have half an hour to play with, check out scene 4!

This movie has made the top five tuesday list more than a few times for a reason.  Seriously, Belladonna is magical.  Just like the last movie in this list, this whole video is one you need to watch, whether you are checking out Jiz, , April Flores,  or .  I’m serious, friends, you want to watch this one.

If you are in NYC, you should definitely come on by the Expo!!


The Real L Word XXX: NYC Edition – Scene 1

Back in the day when it was on, The L Word was a total phenomenon.  It was one of the first TV shows to feature out lesbians as the main characters, which was freaking huge, and my friends and I were all over it.  While I was a total fan girl for that, I never actually watched The Real L Word, the reality show that rose from the ashes of the fictional one (although I became quite familiar with it because they were always shooting at The Dinah).  Even though I don’t know much about the reality show, I do know that both shows were lousy with action – their characters humping left and right.  Because they were on a premium channel (Showtime), we got to see a considerable amount of activity and lots of naked breasts, but no actual hardcore fucking.  And while softcore is great, sometimes you just want to watch the drama explode into something way dirtier. 

is not a parody of either of those shows.  It’s more documentary of real life any anything else.  Director  visits three real NYC lesbian couples to chat with them about their real experiences as couples and how they fuck.  And then she shows them actually getting busy.  Yum!  I think it I had to choose my favorite type of porno movie, this style of interview, then real sex, would be my ultimate pick.  There is something so raw and exciting about seeing folks sit down and talk about their sexual lives, and then give us a taste of the action.  Also, to be honest, any movie with Madison Young’s name on it is sure to get my stamp of approval.  And because it’s so awesome, I think it only makes sense to review it scene-by-scene to get the full effect of it all.

First up are  and , an adorable pair that start off talking about how they met – when Rozen came to Nikki to get her first tattoo about a year-and-a-half ago.  They give us a little peak into their lives together as lesbians in New York, including a little squabble, which turns into super hot action in the kitchen.  What makes it even better for me if knowing that Rozen is a baker that works out of their house, so the kitchen they are banging in is the place that delicious vegan, gluten-free treats come from.  What can I say, I have a total sweet tooth… and not just for sugar.

It’s so obvious that these ladies are not only totally hot for each other, they know one another’s bodies well and how to touch each other just right.  They kiss and caress each other as their clothes come off.  I absolutely love that we can see Madison’s socked feet as she stands on the counter to get the best camera angles.  That lady knows what she is doing!  We have a room full of smart cookies right here!  Because the action is shot from above, everything comes out extra sexy and exciting.  Once Nikki starts fucking Rozen with her fingers, Madison comes in below then, right at pussy level so we get the best views.

Rozen lets Nikki know exactly what she wants and gives instruction about how she wants to be fucked right now, which is fast, hard and with a lot of fingers.  She grinds her own fingers into her clit while asking Nikki to fuck her even harder.  The camera stays on Rozen’s face as Nikki fills her request and rams her fingers in hard, over and over again.  And then all of a sudden Nikki is stripped down to her purple undies, being ravaged by her lady.  All we can see is Rozen’s head moving back and forth in Nikki’s crotch while Nikki lays back moaning and grabs Rozen’s hair. They move over to the island counter where Rozen fucks the crap out of Nikki, which they clearly both enjoy.  Seriously, it’s the best.

Watch “” Now!

Fixed Gears Fast Girls – Scenes 3 & 4

Instead of our usual method of staggering our scene-by-scene reviews a few days apart for varieties sake, today I am throwing caution to the wind and reviewing the same movie – two days in a row.  Gasp!  I know, I am a rebel.  Anyway, that said, I am reviewing scenes 3 and 4 of  today, and I, for one, am pretty excited about it.  I mean really, I get a second day of hot queer bike messengers, who am I to complain?

In my review of the first half of this flick, I made sure to mention that this movie is directed by the awesome , who never fails to offer up the hottest sex imaginable on screen.  Young makes the perfect pairings, always getting delicious chemistry and explosive orgasms out of the performers.  Whenever I see her name in the director slot, I know that I am about to watch something outstanding – and this movie is no exception.

While Eden Alexander, Maxine Holloway, Annika Amour, Billie Sweet and all got busy in scenes 1 and 2, the second part of this movie features Dylan Ryan and Arabelle Raphael going at it, and Juliette March playing with the lovely Maggie Mayhem.  Yum and yum!

First up is scene 3, with Dylan as a bratty bike messenger delivering a package of banged up baked sweets to Wicked Grounds coffee shop (a kinky café and boutique in San Francisco) and Arabelle as an unimpressed barista.  Dylan drops the damaged goods off, offering up a bad attitude too boot, which, of course, leads to boning and smearing each other with the icing off the treats. (Are they cupcakes? Donuts? I can’t tell!)  Soon these horndogs move away from the counter and end up utilizing the café’s furniture.  It makes perfect sense to me.  I have a feeling that anyone who patronizes Wicked Grounds would probably be thrilled to know that folks were fucking on the chairs they sit in.

Dylan wastes absolutely no time getting Arabelle stripped down and covered in kisses, from her mouth, down to her full tits, and over to her beautiful, round ass.  Dylan knows exactly how to make her moan!  Plus, there is a full-circle poetry to having Arabelle’s face pressed into the spokes of a bike tire that she’s leaning again on the wall.  Nice work, Madison.

Soon we get to see that Dylan has been packing heat this whole time in the form of a hard, thick cock in her pants, which Arabelle is only too happy to stick in her mouth and then hop onto for a ride.  It looks like the chair they are on may break into pieces, but it surprisingly holds up through the rough fuckfest.  Plus Dylan Ryan looks like a total boss sitting in that random, high-backed, leather rolling chair, especially with Arabelle perched on her strapped-on dick.

Then out of nowhere Arabelle grabs her own harness and cock and gives Dylan what’s coming to her bratty ass.  First she gets Dylan on her knees and has her give that dick a thorough blowjob.  Soon Dylan is leaned over a table, getting screwed from behind by a very eager Arabelle.  Good thing she has her bike to hold on to so she can keep herself steady.  And it’s back to the rickety executive chair, with Dylan taking her ride this time.  Back to the table and hand replaces cock, with Dylan rubbing her clit to a huge, mid-blowing orgasm.  Man, oh man, that was four paragraphs work of amazing sex!

And onward to scene 4, the last of the movie, featuring Juliette March with a special spermy delivery for the ovulating Maggie Mayhem.  Only Juliette doesn’t exactly know that yet…  Maggie is a little “woo” about the whole thing and ends up talking Juliette into the action.  Seriously, she says “touch my heart chakra,” which is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in porn.  I am totally in love with this movie just on that.

It isn’t too long before both ladies and naked – other than Juliette’s awesome fingerless gloves.  I am a big fan of how this movie features hot sex with a few accessories left on.  Too bad Juliette’s platform boots with wooden heels didn’t make the cut to stay on.  Finally the gloves come off as Juliette gets her hands deeper into Maggie’s waiting pussy.  My favorite part of this scene is definitely when Maggie is fucking Juliette with one hand and rubbing her own clit with the other, as Juliette has her own hand on her clit.  There is so much amazing moaning going on – it’s the best!

After a whole bunch of hardcore strapped-on pounding and lots of amazing orgasms, Maggie brings out a blindfold and a Hitachi for Juliette and a turkey baster full of sperm for herself.  There is a whole strange blindfolded insemination thing that happens, that I admit is unexpected, and definitely steams from queers making fun of themselves, which, of course I think is hilarious and amazing.

Whatever scene you decide to watch, you totally need to check this movie out.  Two very excited thumbs up from this reviewer!

Watch “” Now!



Fixed Gears Fast Girls – Scenes 1 & 2

Alright, we are back from our week o’ horror porn and ready to bring you so much sexy action, with far less blood and guts.  Instead of ghouls, today we offer up some with this new release from .  Directed by the fabulous  and featuring  and , among others, I know we are in for such a treat!

Before I even get into the sex, I just need to talk about how queer bike messenger porno is totally freaking hot!  Holy late ‘90s, San Francisco, Michelle Tea/Lynnee Breedlove-esque fantasy fodder!  I feel like I am stuck in a Team Dresch song that I can’t get out of, and really that is totally fine by me.  Anyway, back to the banging.  Within minutes a couple of sexy bike mechanics (Eden Alexander and Maxine Holloway) are going at it with new messenger Annika Amour watching and learning the tricks of the trade.  I love that everything is going on right in the shop!  I’d be totally bummed if this movie said it would be about hot dyke bike messengers, and then just end up being a bunch of folks fucking in beds.  Soon Annika is pulled into the action and needs to prove herself as the newbie on the block, which she does by ejaculating all over their workroom chair.  Yep, she’ll do what it takes to get the job done!

Next up Billie Sweet is working away in her sewing shop, making her sewing machine purr like a kitten.  She is awaiting , a sweet, tattooed messenger queer.  When Dante doesn’t show on time, she tries to leave but ends up with a flat tire.  What a bummer!  Thankfully Dante actually shows up and brings her more than just a delivery.  They start off making out and getting a little rough from the get go.  And obviously because I am me, I have to mention the giant octopus stuffed animal they are banging next to – seriously, it’s amazing.  Dante wastes no time and gets to undressing Billie and biting her nipples hard. Yum.  I absolutely love that Billie keeps her green, peep-toe pumps on the entire time, no matter how naked she gets and that they show Dante taking off their boots and strapping-on.  There is just something so real and sexy about that!

Because I am running out of time for the day, and I really want to review this whole movie, I will make sure to review scenes 3 and 4 a different time.

Just know that this movie is awesome and if you like hot queers fucking, you will like this!

Watch “” Now!

Porn For Women: Happy Birthday Madison Young – Free Porno Clips!

Today at HotMoviesForHer, we are celebrating the birth of one of the industry’s most exciting feminist directors/performers – the fabulous Madison Young!  Mixing kinky and queer sex to create a whole catalog of steamy scenes, this video vixen definitely deserves all the birthday love that a collection of free dirty clips can give!  Help us celebrate her 32nd year with a couple of our favorite snippets!





And lastly, an oldie but goodie…


Happy Birthday Madison!!

-JD & Ginger

Top Five Tuesday – Happy Anniversary J.D. Edition!

It’s J.D’s 5 year anniversary at HotMoviesForHer and I’m congratulating her by posting five 6 porno clips I know she’ll love!  You know you’re friends with someone when you know exactly what kind of dirty pervert they are and it isn’t from experience.  I’m totally lucky to have this awesome lady as my work wife and partner in smut peddling.  Thank you, porno, for bringing us together.  More importantly, congrats to J.D. Bauchery on 5 years at HM4Her.  She is the best sex educator and porn-for-women-expert I know!

And here she is, smiling on all of the free porno!

J.D. Bauchery

Good Dyke Porn – James Darling & Deluxx Dash

Alpha Femmes

Roulette Toronto

River Rock Women’s prison

Going Down – The Official Guide To Cunnilingus

Rec Room


I Do… Love These Top Five Bridal Pornos

So, last week my partner proposed to me and, of course, I said yes. Though it seems a little weird to announce it on the site, I kind of have to, because it’s all I can think about.  And because it’s all I can think about, it translates to the pervy work I am doing, which means that this Top Five Tuesday is all about the wedded bliss of porno!  That’s right – five bridal flicks to feast your eyes on.  Though we aren’t doing the deed for a while, I figured I should start preparing now for the wedding night and get some additional pointers.

 – Of course I would start this list off with ‘s take on bridal porn, and really, it makes the most sense, since my own experiences are closer to this kinky, queer fuckfest than the rest of my top five.  offers up a tasty sampling of rough rope bondage, foot worship, flogging, strapping-on and more with some of the hottest tops in the biz, including  and .

 – It wouldn’t be my list if I didn’t make sure to add at least one same-sex marriage, right?  Filly Films sends super sexy ladies down the aisle to get the fuck of their lives as their wedding planner ans her staff get their fuck on all over the screen.  Gotta love the bride-on-bride action and more!
A compilation of bridal banging – sign me up!  While most of these scenes are pretty dated (super ’90s), I still really liked the idea of watching a bunch of brides getting pounded, one after the other.  We even get a scene with a little wedding cake activity. Yum!
This  flick from the U.K. stood out to me from the rest of the dirty wedded masses by featuring footage from her actual wedding interspersed among the hardcore action.  Sounds pretty random, huh?  Well, it is, and that’s what called to me.  The whole porno is wedding themed and includes the hen party (the bachelorette party to us Americans) and even some sex between the bride and groom.  Fancy!
Sure, this parody isn’t exactly a wedding movie, but could I really resist adding it to the mix.  Even as a porno, Bridesmaids shines through as seriously hilarious.  Extra props to the amazing Sasha Knox for being so freaking funny. Check out our review of this one as well!

Look at all these white weddings!