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Porn For Women: Happy Birthday Madison Young – Free Porno Clips!

Today at HotMoviesForHer, we are celebrating the birth of one of the industry’s most exciting feminist directors/performers – the fabulous Madison Young!  Mixing kinky and queer sex to create a whole catalog of steamy scenes, this video vixen definitely deserves all the birthday love that a collection of free dirty clips can give!  Help us celebrate her 32nd year with a couple of our favorite snippets!





And lastly, an oldie but goodie…


Happy Birthday Madison!!

-JD & Ginger


I was in the mood for some sex positive kink, so naturally I turned to Madison Young.  She pretty much epitomizes the genre, if you will, so this was a natural choice.  I had seen bits and pieces of Undone when I first started working in the editorial department of this here porno company.  I remember it being one of the movies that changed the way I looked at porn.  It was thrilling to see a woman enjoying rough sex and happily consent to being dominated.  Some might disagree with reviewing something that you’ve seen before, but being that I’m pulling up my big girl pants these days, I wanted to take another look at it.  That and I do what I want.

UndoneScene 1: Madison Young and Danny Wylde (Daniel as he is named in the movie) – yes!  Wow.  Two of my uber favorites in one hot scene, um, can I go home early today?  Before the sex ensues these two look at each other like they know that they are about to throw down for a round of seriously intense passionate fucking.  That’s probably because they are.  Love it!  While this is always true, Madison young gives one amazing blow job.  She takes all of him with ease and grace.  You know you watch a lot of porn when you use the word “grace” to describe a blow job.  Intimate and dirty, these two fuck to the point of exhaustion.  The scene ends when Madison welcomes Danny’s jizz into her mouth.

In the second and final scene, Madison has made her way to her party where she totally gets a double dose of domination.  The spanking, flogging and whipping is relentless, which she loves.  All of her holes get used as there is nothing gentle about this scene.  The best part of it all is that we know she wanted all of it.

In the end Madison is rung out and content.  It is nice to see that Madison got exactly what she wanted.

Watch Undone now!



11-11-11: Our Top 11 Picks!

Happy 11-11-11!  I don’t know if there is really any significance to today’s date other than it just being awesome (and, of course, that it’s Veteran’s Day), but since it is,  we thought we’d celebrate with lists of our favorite 11 porns and performers!  Because why not use it as an excuse to talk about stuff we like?

First up, JD’s Top 11 Picks!


Next, we’ve got Ginger Leigh’s!

Happy 11-11-11 and have a great weekend.

JD & Ginger

Madison Young’s Art House Sluts

Over the last couple of years I have heard lots of good things about Art House Sluts.  I’ve seen the word “visceral” used more than a few times.  I’m not quite sure why it has taken me so long to watch it, being that Madison Young (writer, director, star) is one of my favorite people in industry.  I love her work no matter what role she plays in the process.  Regardless, I recently watched it and it definitely lived up to and beyond its praise.

Art House Sluts pays homage to the world of Andy Warhol.  Cans of Campbell’s Tomato Soup run rampant throughout this porno.  Andie, played by Sadie Lune, captures the essence of Warhol and satirizes him (and the pompous art world) quite well.  Beyond this, we follow Maddie (Madison Young) through her journey from starving artist to stardom, from selling her art on the street to featuring in gallery shows

Enough about the story, let’s talk about the sex.  In the opening scene, Madison young fucks the shit out of herself in a taqueria bathroom.  Damn, does this girl know how to turn masturbation into an event!  She starts out playing with herself through her crotchless pantyhose on the toilet.  Can someone tell me why toilet masturbation so hot?  After copious amounts of intense pussy rubbing she moves to the wall and busts out the glass dildo.  She gives her vag a little love, and soon it’s time to give her rump some attention.  Wow, she looks amazing bent over, truly loving every second of every thrust.  Her facial expressions and sounds spell it out for us.  The background music is tribalistic and intrusive, but totally suitable for the frenzy of solo sex that is going down.

Scene 2 serves up a super hot romp with Jiz Lee, Syd Blakovich and cold cuts.  Wait, hot dogs too!  Female ejaculation?  If you count a mouth covered in catsup, it happens.  Among the ridiculous artsy stuff going on is some downright fantastic sex, but would you really expect anything less from Syd and Jiz?  Nope.

Scene 3 is a delicious match up with Syd and Madison.  These two definitely make magic happen as Syd’s mouth and Madison’s pussy become really good friends.  I’d have to say the term “visceral” absolutely applies here.

Scene 4 approaches and Madison discovers the unsettling truth that she is no longer the “it girl.”  There is a new superstar in town, bright eyed blonde beauty, Lorelei Lee.  The two fuck like any rivals would, only better.  Lorelei alphas the shit out of Madison, but no one seems to mind.  The two can’t get enough of each other and this fare skinned match-up is as breathtaking as it is rough.

Maddie walks away with her own success, and having had some amazing sex.

Art House Sluts definitely lived up to its acclaim. The sex was beyond amazing and the story was palatable, yet quirky.  It definitely made me laugh a time or two.  Watch it.  Don’t wait as long as I did!

Watch “Madison Young’s Art House Sluts” Now!

Madison Young’s Sylvia

There isn’t much that’s better in this world that becoming the proud parent of a puppy. Raising two amazingly cute pups myself, I know that intense draw to getting a dog of your own to love. So I wasn’t in the least bit surprised when Shawn (Syd Blakovich) explains to their mistress Kate (Princess Donna) that they are lonely with she leaves and they’ve adopted a dog. Of course I was expecting the canine variety of pup, but was I wrong! Shawn’s new puppy, Sylvia, is none other than the sweetest little lady, Madison Young. Woof!

Being the good little pup that she is, Sylvia fetches the paper, romps around with her toys and loves all the belly scratches and attention that Shawn showers her way. In fact, I think she seems to love the special attention that Shawn shows her pussy the best. Well, her pussy and her ass, which Shawn fills with a puppy tail butt plug that gives Sylvia just what it takes to wag her tail in pleasure. It’s just true that her tail is pretty much the cutest and most perfect addition to Madison’s fabulous ass. I totally love the way it wiggles all around when she shakes her bottom.

And then Mistress Kate comes along to give Sylvia the proper training that every pretty puppy needs when they join a new family. She shows her new pet exactly how to behave, making sure to drill it into her, one flogging at a time.

For the last scene the tables turn when Mistress Kate relinquishes her power over to Shawn, who makes sure that Kate gets to be the submissive she wants to be, even having her clean the toilet with her tongue (not to worry, it looks like it’s been freshly cleaned before they began). Even Sylvia gets into the action, bringing her puppy enthusiasm to the table in the form of pussy licking. Gotta love a little role reversal!

All in all, this movie is fantastic. Two thumbs up for awesomely queer, BDSM puppy play fun! Plus, we get some delicious behind the scenes action of Madison Young’s birthday celebration (which was the day they shot the film), where they all eat vegan cake off each other’s bodies. What an ending!

Watch “Madison Young’s Sylvia” Now!

Perversions Of Lesbian Lust Volume Volume 2

I’ve been waiting for this movie since I reviewed Volume 1 back in 2009!

Perversions Of Lesbian Lust Volume Volume 2

Director, star and new mom (!!) Madison Young’s kinky look at lesbian love is a must see for anyone who’s a little bit bored with watching girls make out for thirty minutes! Young definitely knows what she wants and her lover Princess Donna is more than willing to help her live out her every wish!

Her first fantasy involves Sasha Grey, and to be frank, who hasn’t fantasized about the adult industries latest crossover starlet! In this photoshoot gone right, Grey applies clamps to Young before teasing her with a vibrator. After that, Grey ends up with a ball gag on all fours while Young goes to town on her pussy and ass.

Next up is a really well-lit scene starring Young and the beautiful Zia Derva. Talking about lighting is a little lame, but once you see this one you’ll see why I had to say something. In the most vanilla scene of the movie, the two women share a giant red dong in a stairwell.

Scene three starts the dirty stuff between Young and her girlfriend Princess Donna and things quickly get kinky. Donna knows exactly what her girl needs and gives it to her relentlessly. All of you sub-femme’s will love the sexy red pumps she lets Young worship before exploring her shaved pussy thoroughly.

After a little humiliation and a lot of foot worship, Young is suspended with her legs spread wide open and a ball gag firmly in place. After a little cane work, Donna straps on a big cock and fucks Young silly in my favorite part of the entire movie.

She finishes up with a billion clothespins, some oral and a few kind gestures because aftercare is important!

Besides the obvious appeal of the super rad box cover, these Madison movies are some of the hottest kink I’ve ever laid eyes on. If you want to see a woman tested and the ecstasy that results, you should definitely check out either of the Perversions of Lesbian Lust movies.

Perversions Of Lesbian Lust 1

Perversions Of Lesbian Lust 1

Watch the Video

Studio: Madison Bound Productions Category: Lesbian

First things first, I’m pretty sure this is my favorite porno cover of all time! It manages to combine my two favorite things in the world – girls making out and books. I thought that Perversions Of Lesbian Lust 1 was the perfect way to kick off our Dinah week lesbian review extravaganza. It’s a little kinkier than a lot of the super Sapphic flicks we feature and definitely hot.

Those of you who are not into kink, shouldn’t immediately dismiss this movie because the first scene between director Madison Young and Lorelei Lee is awesome and pretty, for lack of a better term, vanilla. They start by making out passionately before Lee rips off Young’s panties and buries her face in between her legs. After a quick taste, she finger bangs her while Young works her clit. From that point on, things get frantic as they girls fuck and suck for fifteen of the hottest minutes I’ve seen in a while.

This scene sets up the rest of the movie by showing us Young with an ex who just couldn’t give her what she needs in the bedroom. Even though they had great sex (and trust me, they do) Young isn’t getting what she wants. I loved watching Young struggle to show Lee how to dominate her (choking, slapping, whatevs) and not really getting it. Plus, the scene is still hot as hell and it actually moves the plot along. I know the idea of an actual plot in porn is hard to grasp, but there’s one here and they’re sticking to it!

Next up we see Madison in a solo scene where she acts out her online lover’s every desire. Young binds her tits with rope, canes herself and breaks out the clothespins and from this point on we’re dealing with a fetish flick. There’s plenty more action before she makes herself cum with a Hitachi and a red dildo.

In the third scene we find Ms. Young in a new relationship and quite happy. She and Dylan Ryan appear to have a typical relationship, but Sunday mornings they forget all about their jobs and responsibilities and throw themselves into a Dom/sub relationship that helps them both live out their every desire.

Ryan starts by enjoying the breakfast of Champions, pussy, but once she’s had her fill, she orders Young to her knees to begin worshipping her. Before long, she’s got Young locked in a cage and following her every instruction. She trains her sub for over thirty minutes throughout the rest of the movie with a butt plug, cane, strict discipline and much, much more. If you long to see a woman truly in control, you don’t want to miss Mistress Ryan!

While this movie may not be for everyone, those of you who are looking for a kinky dyke flick are going to absolutely love this one. It’s beautifully shot, actually has a plot and is packed full of hot action.
-The Porn Librarian