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Polyamory: Lifestyle Porn


Polyamory is a romantic lifestyle that’s garnered a good amount of attention in the past few years (although research suggests it’s been in practice since the times of ancient Mesopotamia). Some of this mainstream attention can be attributed to my favorite reality TV show, Polyamory: Married and Dating, which airs on Showtime. If you haven’t seen it, I highly recommend watching it for those interested in getting involved with poly or those just curious to see the machinations of poly in action.

If you need a quick crash-course, polyamory is the practice of having “multiple loves;” poly-participants have more than one romantic/sexual partner at a time. Instead of calling themselves a couple, when 3 people date each other they use the term “triad,” and 4 or more partners are considered “pods.”  These relationships (while not always equitable) differ from swinging-style partnerships in their intention. Poly people aren’t necessarily in it for the sex; it’s about the love that develops between the practitioners and their partners.

My favorite poly-pod from Polyamory: Married and Dating on Showtime
My favorite poly-pod from Polyamory: Married and Dating on Showtime

As with any trending sexual proclivity, it was only a matter of time before porno took the reigns and made their own version. Thankfully, the ultra-stylized and high-quality studio Erotica X was the first to tell a polyamorous tale, and I was pretty impressed with the results.


The film begins with Adriana Chechik and Logan Pierce standing outside on Adriana’s deck. Adriana is grinding against Logan’s crotch and doing her very best to seduce him, but he won’t bite. Logan is planning on asking his main squeeze, Riley Reid, to be his girlfriend. Unbeknownst to Logan, however, Riley is the least monogamous person in their friend group. Adriana tries to warn Logan that Riley dates around, but he insists on staying true to her and rejects Adriana’s many advances. Logan then leaves and goes to Riley’s, where he sees her in plain view preparing to fuck someone else.


Scene One: Riley Reid and Danny Mountain

Scene1Logan leaves in a huff, and the camera pans to Riley’s sexy romp with her other lover, Danny Mountain. While Logan may be hurt and confused by Riley’s perceived infidelity, she subscribes to the polyamorous view that people aren’t inherently monogamous. Riley is able to enjoy all of her lovers in different ways, and today she’s just decided to spend some time with Danny. And spend time she does! The couple caresses each other on a bed with roses strewn about and a bowl of strawberries beside them. This looks to be a very romantic moment, but things quickly turn raunchy as Danny begins eating Riley’s pussy from behind: hot! Riley somehow manages to remain glamorous as she returns the favor with some enthusiastic head, and then the two proceed to fuck in some well-shot, artful positions.


Scene Two: Adriana Chechik, Aidra Fox, and Logan Pierce


Heartbroken by what he’d seen at Riley’s house, Logan returns to Adriana’s to see if he can still cash in on her offer for sex. When he goes out back to her pool, he sees Adriana has company; she’s entertaining one of her other lovers. When Logan tells Adriana that Riley has been unfaithful to him, Adriana laughs and gives him the classic “I told you so” look. Logan is naive and trained by society to only understand monogamy, so Adriana invites him to join her and her girlfriend Aidra for a little poly lesson. Needing no convincing, Logan undresses and joins the couple for a little triad action. Throughout this scene, I really appreciated the equal attention each participant gave to and received from one another. This really echoed the core tenant of polyamory: living without favoritism or jealousy. Without the context of the plot, this is also just a super hot threesome with three extremely attractive performers.


Scene Three: Riley Reid and Jenna Sativa

Scene3Back at Riley’s house, Riley’s preparing for a romantic evening with another lover. This time, it’s her girlfriend Jenna. Unaware that Logan had witnessed her tryst with Danny earlier in the day, Riley bemoans that she hasn’t heard from Logan. She was planning on coming out to him about her lifestyle and wanted to help him understand it. Riley obviously still cares about Logan, but her attention quickly turns to Jenna when she sees the sexy dress and heels her girlfriend is wearing. Jenna empathizes with Riley’s concerns about Logan, but it’s obvious there’s some sexual tension that needs to be released between these two. Jenna and Riley make out passionately on the patio with a luxurious view of Los Angeles, and then head upstairs to the bedroom for a steamy lesbian scene (by far my favorite of the film). Typical to Erotica X productions, Riley and Jenna are wearing gorgeous lingerie, and making love in high-definition, beautiful positions. The girls opt out of using toys for this scene, but manage to explore every inch of each other’s bodies in an organic and very stimulating fashion.


Scene Four: Adriana Chechik and Danny Mountain


After a long day of fucking her different lovers, Adriana is seen walking up the steps to a really nice house with a look of sexual anticipation written across her face. This girl can’t get enough! When she walks inside, she’s greeted by none other than Danny – Riley’s lover from the first scene! Is this a close-knit group of polyamorous friends, or one kinda-complicated pod? I have no idea, but from their conversation one gets the impression that Danny is Adriana’s primary lover. Adriana joins Danny in the hot tub and exchange a long, loving kiss. In typical Adriana Chechik fashion, the kissing doesn’t last too long; she’d much rather be sucking dick. Immersed in the warm water of the tub, she expertly sucks and strokes Danny’s shaft at the same time, giving way to a considerable erection. Danny then props Adriana on the edge of the tub to administer a tongue-attack on her pussy, which she happily receives with incredulous moans. While the sex here is incredibly hot, the chemistry between Adriana and Danny is palpable and really sells the scene for me.


Overall, what this film lacked in a realistic portrayal of polyamory it made up for with well-shot sex scenes and beautiful sets. The plot and the sex seemed to exist in different realms, with the plot as somewhat of an afterthought, but it’s always exciting when porn takes notice of pop culture, or vice versa.

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Hot Reviews: A Thing Of Beauty

When I began watching Dana Vespoli’s A Thing Of Beauty, I knew a few things right off the bat-it was going to be super hot, compelling, and maybe a little twisted. What I wasn’t prepared for was the incredible pornographic psychodrama that ensued. Of course, any porn directed by a woman has my immediate attention, but Dana Vespoli’s directorial work has a specific style and finesse that is nothing short of artistic.

A Thing Of Beauty is, of all Dana Vespoli’s films, a standout favorite of mine. As both a bibliophile and a professional pervert, I was ecstatic to find that Dana based her premise for Beauty off of the 2015-06-18_15-04-16classic Faustian legend of one selling their soul to the devil in order to gain an earthly desire. In this case, Bree Daniels is a depressed, mousy girl working a shitty temp job. She can’t get a man to save her life, and she’s at the end of her rope…literally. Just before Bree is about to end it all, she sees an infomercial on her TV for the “Victoria Hook Two-Part Plan” to turn things around and start living the life that she deserves. Bree watches as the scary-beautiful Victoria, played by Dana Vespoli, works her she-devil magic and sells the hell out of the extremely vague plan that consists of “believing and receiving.” Easy enough, Bree figures, and calls the number on her screen. She has no idea what a fateful, yet sexy, decision she’s made!2015-06-16_11-46-03


After meeting Victoria Hook and signing some documents (without paying much attention), it’s official-Bree Daniels has made a deal with the devil! Victoria ensures her that the life-changing effects of this pact will be noticeable within 24 hours. Bree goes home, 2015-06-18_15-06-42unaware of the price she’s just paid, and goes to bed. When she wakes up, looking more like the Bree Daniels-sexpot we’re accustomed to seeing, she has an extra pep in her step and she’s ready to see what this two-part plan is all about. As she’s walking down the street, she runs into none other than the dreamy Logan Pierce. Once Logan gets a glance at Bree’s newfound confidence and rockin’ bod, he invites her out for coffee. Sparks fly as they desperately clutch their Starbucks cups in order to conceal the copyrighted logo, and soon the new couple is headed to the bedroom. This was the first guy-girl scene of Bree’s that I’ve watched, and fans of her lesbian work will be pleased to find that she’s as demure as ever even while being ferociously penetrated. Logan starts out the foreplay by eating Bree’s pussy with her perfect ass in his face. I mean, seriously, look at her flawless, porcelain cheeks. She’s got quite the jealousy-inducing booty! After some expertly executed cunnilingus, Bree goes to town on Logan’s handsome cock. The sex that follows was nothing out of the ordinary for a straight, hardcore scene, but watching two gorgeous people fuck is always awesome.

SCENE TWO:2015-06-18_15-09-35

The following Monday, Bree lands a new job and can’t wait to get started. She takes the bus to the address of her new office, but finds that the directions led her right into the middle of the woods. Things are starting to get creepy! Shadows pass in the forefront and Bree is rightfully creeped out. Suddenly, two mysterious women-Sinn Sage and Karlie Montana-appear out of nowhere at Bree’s side. They’re wearing top hats and all black, and something about the look in their eyes makes evident the fact that 2015-06-18_15-11-54Sinn and Karlie are not of this earth. In fact, I’m pretty positive these chicks are demons sent by Victoria Hook. Well, the demon-girls grab Bree and pull her down into a graffiti-covered tunnel, where they proceed to grope and undress the frightened girl. They laugh and moan and inform her that they’re going to make her “do things she’s never done before.” Soon, Sinn and Karlie have Bree pinned against the wall as they lick and finger her pussy. Bree meekly submits to the Sapphic fiends and a hellishly hot lesbian threesome ensues! For someone who was raised Catholic, the demonic dirty talk hit home in a specifically sexy-but-scary way for me, especially the Jesus-cross dildo that Sinn and Karlie fuck Bree with. This was a seriously twisted, awesome scene.



I admit this is my favorite scene. Bree must’ve passed out after Sinn and Karlie fucked her brains out, because she awakens in a weird 2015-06-18_15-13-52plane of existence that is surely hell. Bree opens one of the velvet curtains she’s surrounded by to reveal Lea Lexis adorned in a spine-chilling ballerina-doll costume, dancing in pointe shoes like she’s possessed. That freaks Bree out, as it should, so she moves on to the next curtain to see what lies behind. Bree opens the curtain to everyone’s favorite femdom, Aiden Starr, cinched in a leather corset with appropriately black, demonic makeup covering her face. Aiden is caressing Skin Diamond, asking if she’s in pain. Skin Diamond is a fallen angel, and her wings were ripped off, as evidenced by the feathery scars on her back. Aiden makes Skin Diamond say that she’s better off without her wings, and Aiden proceeds to spank Skin Diamond’s gorgeous ass. In typical Aiden Starr style, Aiden says some hilarious shit while she dominates Skin Diamond. When Skin Diamond moans “oh god” as Aiden continuously stimulates her G-spot with her fingers, Aiden stops and demands, “Don’t say ‘god’ anymore.” Because, get it, 2015-06-18_15-16-12they’re in hell! Aiden flogs Skin Diamond while asking her why she’s such a fucking slut, but Skin Diamond doesn’t have a good enough answer. “You’re a fucking whore for no good reason?” Aiden quips, and continues punishing her ass with the flogger. When Skin Diamond pushes her ass out, Aiden says, “This is the naughtiest little pussy I’ve ever laid my fucking eyes on.” Aiden makes Skin Diamond eat her pussy as some really hot punishment, and Skin Diamond is able to make her cum. Aiden is proud of her angel-turned-devilslut, and some really awesome strap-on sex ensues. I can’t give this scene enough credit, so if you like kinky lesbian scenes, just go ahead and watch it already!



Bree’s mind is blown, as it should be, so she retreats back to another2015-06-18_15-19-55 curtain, where none other than the devil herself, Victoria Hook, and Mick Blue are about to get it on. Mick Blue is another fallen angel, and as Victoria gropes his body, she says, “I love turning good boys out.” Victoria shakes her hot ass and tells Mick, “So many bad things have happened here.” That’s all the she-devil needs to say, and Mick rips open her pantyhose and begins to rim her. Victoria turns around and sucks Mick’s huge dick, and soon the two are having hardcore anal sex the way I’d imagine Satan would enjoy it. All throughout the ass-pounding, we know Bree is watching from afar. When the steamy encounter is over, Victoria Hook approaches Bree and informs her that she’s cashing in on her half of the deal. This is the part in all Faustian schemes where the devil collects the protagonists’ soul, and even this porn movie doesn’t skip out on that half of the deal. When Bree realizes she’s sold her soul to the devil, 2015-06-18_15-24-56she puts her head in her hands and calls Victoria “heartless.” In response, Victoria reveals that-indeed-her heart has been ripped out of her chest, right between those perky tits! The only way Bree can get out of this deal is if she offers up another soul to Victoria in replace of her own. When Victoria asks if she’d sacrifice Logan Pierce’s soul instead, Bree admits that she could never do that to someone, and somehow this pure-heartedness frees Bree from the deal! Suddenly, Bree wakes up at home in bed with Logan, and *cue Biggie* -IT WAS ALL A DREAM. Thankful she isn’t stuck in hell with those sex-crazed demons, Bree wakes Logan up and begins to kiss him. Logan pans over to the camera, and the last thing we see before the screen goes black is his face transform into a dark, devilish grin.

All in all, A Thing Of Beauty is one of the coolest movies I’ve had the privilege of reviewing at HotMoviesForHer, and I highly suggest you check it out; if not for the incredible sex, for the insanely cool plot. Dana Vespoli has truly created a porn masterpiece here, and I’m really thankful that intelligent female directors like her are so active in the industry these days. For more movie reviews and sex-related stuff, follow me on twitter @BridgetXXXXXXX and all of us @hotmoviesforher!



Logan Pierce is an Adorable Sex Conqueror

At just under 1,500 Twitter followers and only a year in the industry, this cutie pie who knows how to work some holes is by far a brand spankin’ new addition to smut central. But has he ever been noticed, and not just by me. Logan has already picked up two 2013 awards by top award-givers XRCO and AVN, winning Best New Stud and Best Male Newcomer respectively. But that’s not why he’s on this Featured Star profile.

It’s — and just roll with me here — his acting.

Logan is sincere, believable, and really helps the scene flow to where it’s supposed to go next. Not just a “hi, how are ya, *bang* *kiss* *bangbangbangbangsplooge*,” he actually words, and works, the dialogue.



My favorite three scenes highlighting his acting/convo skills

The Stepmother 8



Hairy Twatter – A Dream Zone Parody



Broken Hearts (I totally get the OMG swoon at “Alex-ahn-drah”)



2013 AVN Award Winners – Congratulations!!!

The Oscars of Porn, The 2013 AVN Awards, were this weekend, where a whole bunch of performers took home gold in a variety of categories.  While I don’t want to name every single winner here (it would literally take me until Wednesday night), I do want to send out love to all of the winners and wish everyone nominated a big congrats.

Here is a condensed list of winners.  For the full list, head over to AVN.com.


Best Actor
Steven St. Croix, Torn, New Sensations Couples

Best Actress
Lily Carter, Wasteland, Elegant Angel Productions

Best Anal Sex Scene
Brooklyn Lee & Manuel Ferrara, , Jules Jordan Video

Best Boy/Girl Sex Scene
Alexis Ford, , Jules Jordan Video

Best Director – Feature
Graham Travis, , Elegant Angel Productions

Best Director – Non-Feature
Jules Jordan, , Jules Jordan Video

Best Director – Parody
, , Axel Braun/Vivid

Best Drama
, Elegant Angel Productions

Best Educational Release
, Belladonna/Evil Angel

Best Male Newcomer
Logan Pierce

Best New Starlet
Remy LaCroix

Best Solo Sex Scene
Joanna Angel, , BurningAngel/Vouyer

Best Supporting Actor
Tom Byron, , Axel Braun/Vivid

Best Supporting Actress
Capri Anderson, , Vivid Entertainment Group

Crossover Star of the Year
TIE: James Deen & Sunny Leone

Director of the Year (Body of Work)
Axel Braun

Female Performer of the Year
Asa Akira

Movie of the Year
, Elegant Angel Productions

Transsexual Performer of the Year

Unsung Male Performer of the Year
Mark Ashley

Unsung Starlet of the Year
Brandy Aniston

Again, for the full list, go to AVN.com.

Congrats again!