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Top Drawer Sex Toys In Porn

Njoy Eleven

I like porn. I like sex toys. I like sex toys in porn.

But what takes me right out of the moment is seeing porn stars jacking each other off with a nasty jelly dildo, a weak ass vibrator, or a floppy grocery store banana. It’s not sexy or cute. So when I happen upon a porno where the stars and studios have invested in some body safe, non-porous toys made from beautiful materials, I have to squee a little bit. I literally get turned on just reading about or shopping for top drawer sex toys, but seeing them put to good fucking use is enough to turn me into a little puddle of lustiness.

So dear readers, I scoured HotMoviesForHer to find the best scenes featuring some of my favorite top drawer sex toys in porn!

Crash Pad Series Episode 85 – Juliette March

Juliette March uses the Double Trouble sex toy in Crash Pad 85Juliette March (and her beautifully bruised ass!) stars in this solo scene from The Crash Pad. The Hitachi magic wand has been in pornos since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and features prominently here, but Juliette has tons of other goodies to play with. Besides clipping clothes pins to her perky nipples and swollen labia, she also slips an Njoy buttplug into her ass and fucks herself with a gorgeous black Double Trouble (named for director Courtney Trouble) from Fucking Sculptures! [UPDATE: Crash Pad reached out to inform us that Juliette was not actually using a piece from Fucking Sculptures. It was a toy from Juliette’s personal collection, and our best guess is that it is a Spectral from Good Vibrations.]

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 – Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 - Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee use the njoy Eleven sex toy togetherNjoy makes another appearance at the Crash Pad in Episode 41. The amazing Jiz Lee pulls the massive Njoy Eleven from its leather purse, and Dylan Ryan gasps at its size (eleven inches!) weight (2.75 pounds!) and girth (two inch diameter at its thickest!!!) Jiz wastes no time putting the big end in Dylan’s pussy, and then gets on the smaller end for some double dil action. Dylan gasps, “This is amazing” over and over again, and I can’t help but believe her.

Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3

Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary 3Scene four of Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3 isn’t my favorite of the movie, but I did perk up a bit when Chanel Preston pulls out her impressive Njoy collection: the Pure Wand and the Eleven. Dana puts the Pure Wand in her ass and enjoys its fullness, and Chanel inserts the large end of the Eleven; they put their legs over their heads and chill with the toys inside of them. It’s not the best use of such great toys, but its always fun to see them pop up!

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty Fucks

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty FucksScene 7 stars trans* performers James Darling and Papi Coxxx, each sporting some impressively girthy strap-ons (unfortunately I can’t identify the brands by sights.) Later in the scene, James sucks on the head of the Njoy Eleven and rolls a condom onto it with his mouth. He bends over and offers his holes to Papi, who obligingly fucks him with the smaller, ribbed end, asking him if he prefers shorter or longer strokes. He moans with pleasure, enjoying its unyielding size and shouting fuckword after fuckword.

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap Ons

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap OnsThis is another flick from Trouble Films, and is probably the first time I ever saw an Njoy toy put to good use in a porno. Butchy Maxine Holloway dominates candy-colored BBW femme Kitty Stryker, gagging her with an o-ring and clipping clothespins to her pierced nipples. She fucks her with a pink Ola from Minna Life, a cool G-spotting silicone vibe with a squeezeable pad that allows you to control the vibrations. After Kitty’s warmed up by the Ola, Maxine fucks her with a strap-on (again, I unfortunately couldn’t identify what dildo or harness she used.) Once Kitty cums, it’s Maxine’s turn with the toys. Kitty kneels before her and fucks her brains out with the Pure Wand while Maxine buzzes her own clit with the old standby Hitachi. It’s a wonderfully memorable scene; I first watched it about a year and a half ago and never forgot about it.

Occupy My Ass

Occupy My AssThis anal extravaganza from director/star Bobbi Starr has a great variety of awesome toys, all the better for occupying the aforementioned asses. Bobbi uses the Tantus Ripple on Lily LaBeau in Scene 1, as well as some gorgeous glass toys, and maaaaybe the Ringo (a 5” plug from Tantus) as well. Dana DeArmond’s Njoy Eleven finds itself in Sarah Shevon’s ass in scene 3. On Disc 2, the brilliant Aiden Starr dominates Arabelle Raphael’s ass with some glass toys and some giant black monstrosity. When she pulls with a pretty purple Tantus Silk, it seems almost meek by comparison.

BONUS: Belladonna Sexual Explorer

Belladonna Sexual ExplorerSo the toys in question don’t actually get used here, but in scene 5 Dana DeArmond proudly shows off some of her favorites from her sex toy collection to the legendary Belladonna. Naturally there’s a Hitachi, but there’s also the massive Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 and Njoy Eleven. She also owns two Tantus dildos, including Hank.

Sex toys can be an iffy, unregulated business, and pretty much the only film media that they show up in is pornography. As an advocate for body safe toys made by companies focused on pleasure and sex positivity, it’s always welcome to see porn showing off toys from great companies like Njoy, Fucking Sculptures, Crystal Delights, and Tantus, to name a few.

Watch more porn for women featuring sex toys here on HotMoviesForHer!

Judy Hologram wants an Njoy Eleven so that she can keep it under her pillow and smash skulls if there’s ever a break-in. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

Wasteland Movie Review

We started to review Wasteland a while ago, but haven’t seemed to finish.  I have been looking for an excuse to watch this movie, so when I noticed we had half of the movie reviewed and not the other, I got excited.  You can catch up on the part of the review you missed Wasteland Review Part 1 and Wasteland Review Part 2.

I will give a brief synopsis of what you missed if you don’t want to jump around.

There are two versions of Wasteland.  Disc 1 has the plot oriented version with shortened sex scenes and Disc 2 has no talking and cuts right to chase.

The two main characters of the movie are friends from high school who grew up in Tucson, AZ.  The movie begins as Anna (Lily Carter) travels from AZ to LA to visit her friend she hasn’t seen in 5 years Jacki (Lily LaBeau).  Jacki moved to LA to follow her acting career but as she tells Anna, “I’ve changed, you’ll see”.  Anna is a bit of a slut and so far in the movie has had sex with a stranger in a bar bathroom and that same evening on the way home she hooks up with a random guy she met on the street.  As she is hooking up with the guy in the back alley Anna begs her to go home and she pulls Anna in to give the guy a blowjob on the street while she fondles Anna from behind.  Anna gets mad; they walk home with Jacki following her saying “I’m sorry” the whole way.  When they get home, they have some makeup sex.  It is so obvious to me that Anna is in love with Jacki and Jacki is oblivious to this fact, or she just doesn’t care.  I am still waiting for an explanation on why Jacki left Tucson, but they haven’t said yet.  There are some random flashbacks of a fire and some cuts to an old lady, so I’m interested to see where this is headed and get these questions answered.

Scene 3

Anna is upset with Jacki because she opened up to her and told her she was upset when Jacki left Tucson because she was so lost when she left.  Jacki replied that she missed her too, for two weeks, and then she moved on.  Anna storms out of the room and locks herself in the bathroom.  More makeup sex, only this time Anna tried to fight it and it turned into some cute girl wrestling, chasing, play until they pounce on each other on the bed passionately.  This time the sex is slow and loving unlike the sex Jacki has in the bathroom and the alley earlier in the movie. After the sex they lay in each other’s arms silently staring into the others eyes.  Jacki finally opens up and says that Anna was always the special one and tells her sometimes she thinks that there is something wrong with her, and she feels like she isn’t a girl or a boy and she is just some weird species that is not like everyone else.  She then says she is antsy and wants to do something, so they move into the pool. We finally get some answers to the flashbacks and the obvious sexual/love tension between the two girls.  Now they are fighting and Jacki says they are not friends, they never were and Anna was not there for her when she needed her and storms off.

Scene 4

Now Jacki is waking up Anna and all seems well in the world now that Jacki is sober.  They are reminiscing, and flashback to when they were teenagers at a campfire.  Anna is flirting with a guy, she walks away to use the bathroom and that quickly Jacki takes Anna’s guy to the cabin.  Anna comes back and goes to find them and catches them having sex in the cabin.  (Can we say, terrible friend?)  Anna watches the whole time from the window.  This guy is good; he rips off Jackie’s t-shirt straight down the middle before she deep throats him.  Now they are fucking on a nightstand and it’s loud and raw and banging on the floor and against the wall.  Anna is still outside the window  looking sad.  Now it cuts back to today, and Anna is telling Jacki what she saw and how she felt.  Jacki asks her “Why did you come here.”  Seems like a good question considering their crazy relationship.  Anna’s answer? “I’m so tired, tired of everything.”  More explanation about the girls past and their feelings towards one another. This seems to have gotten through to Jacki and they are passionately kissing again.   Jacki goes down on Anna in a chair.

Scene 5

The girls are helping each other get dressed, putting on makeup and putting on rubber/latex dresses; Anna in red, Jacki in black.  They both look smoking hot and they go to a club.  Jacki tells Anna to wait 5 minutes then come find her, and then walks away after kissing 2 girls at a large door.  Anna heads into the club.  The music is loud, Anna walks through the dancers looking for Jacki, she finds a woman wearing a black latex cat suit and begins dancing with her.  She appears to have forgotten about Jacki as the girl leads her out of the club and down a hallway into a large room with only a woman giving a man a blowjob in the middle of it.  Anna is being fingered by the lady in black up against the wall.  She is covering her mouth holding in her pants and moans.  The man in the middle of the room cums in the girls face, while Anna’s mystery woman leads her into another room with only a man getting head in it.  The woman in black is fingering Anna from behind as she watches the woman in the middle of the room gag as she deep throats.    He cums in her mouth as she rubs his balls.  The lady in red leads Anna into another room with just a table.  She has Anna finger herself while she is choking at her and yelling at her to cum.  They then kiss passionately and she sends Anna back on her way into the long hallway to the club.  Anna finds a door and walks in and there are a bunch of people in masks watching someone else have sex.  Anna pushes her way to the front and it appears that it’s Jacki in a huge gangbang.  As Anna is watching, the guys in the crowd approach her and start fondling and kissing her neck.  She looks empty as she watches her friend in the gangbang, but is soon looking like she enjoying herself.  She jumps right into the gangbang with her friend.  If you are into gangbangs and voyeurism, this is the scene for you.  There is something really hot about the guys in the background just watching this all go down (pun intended).

The girls are back home wrapped in each other’s arms in bed, Anna wakes up and starts having flashbacks of what just happened in the last 24 hours. 

Overall, I really enjoyed this movie.  The sex is phenomenal and plentiful; the acting is surprisingly really great, and not just for porn.  Lily Carter did a fantastic job and I will look out for her more often because of how great this movie was.

Watch Wasteland Disc 1 Here

Watch the full sex scenes in Disc 2 Here

Sinn Sage Loves Girls – Sweetheart Video

Sinn Sage is the first person I have ever seen who fucks like I would like to think I fuck.

I have watched many a porno in my day and constantly find myself whinging that I can’t seem to find a pornstar or porn in general that represents the essence of what I love about fucking and how I like to fuck.

Until I discovered Sinn Sage.

Produced by Sweetheart Videos and directed by Nica Noelle, Sinn Sage Loves Girls is a great film and not just because it stars Sinn Sage (and her glorious ass) in every scene.

The film is broken up into 4 scenes, with footage of Sinn reflecting on each fuck spliced in between.

I really like Nica’s style of directing. In this film particularly, she manages to focus on the vibe and the general action of the fucking, more than the actual dull in-out-in-out. Thank you for not showing me extreme closeups of dildos being seesawed into orifices every 15 seconds! Thank you for showing me the reactions of the women’s faces while they’re fucking and being fucked. Thanks for showing me the little things that are actually big turn ons – the women grasping for something to grab onto while they’re being ridden like Seabiscuit, hands being held, lips being bitten in pleasure, ‘fuck me’ eye contact, deep kissing and so on. Thank you for purposefully emphasising the things that gonzo porn doesn’t give a shit about. Thanks for making a porno, Nica, that is clearly about the female gaze but doesn’t rely on Day of Our Lives music and too much fauxmance (fake romance). And also Nica, thanks for involving Sinn in the creative process and letting her fuck people she’s actually got sexual connections with.

Right. Let’s summarise the scenes.

In Scene 1, Lily LaBeau is staying with Sinn because she’s having issues with her boyfriend. Sinn is pissed about the Lily’s mess and her lack of motivation to pick up after her self. Lily says she’ll ‘clean it up tomorrow’ and goes to have a shower. Sinn grabs her strap on and follows her in for a little erotic discipline. Lily’s got the skinny, cute blonde porn-girl-next-door thing down pat, which isn’t my type (at all) but knowing that her and Sinn have a little off camera thing going on, had my eyes glued to the screen. Watching Lilly’s mascara run in the shower as Sinn chokes her and fucks her with a strap on registered a 10 on the hot-ometre The scene ends with Sinn exiting the shower and saying to a shaking, fuck-drunk, orgasmed-out Lilly, “Don’t use all the hot water”. Well played, Sinn. Well played.

Before Scene 2 starts, Sinn talks about how surprised she was at the sexual chemistry that her and Shyla Jennings had. “I’m always the one on top and the one that initiates tribbing and don’t get me wrong, I love that role. But she just kind of climbed on top of me!”. In this scene, Sinn’s just broken up with her long term girlfriend and her friend Shyla admits that she’s been ‘extremely curious’ and that her boyfriend doesn’t do it for her anymore. The premise of the scene is as cliched as it gets but as a queer woman, the scene is pretty true to real life! Shyla is very porny, if you know what I mean – from the way she looks to the way she angles her legs for fucking. Sure, there’s definitely chemistry between her and Sinn but I think the pair were a bit mismatched.

Scene 3 stars Annie Cruz alongside Sinn. Sinn talks about how she started stripping when she was 19 and that she loved the sexual chemistry she could conjure up with strangers without there being any physical touching. “If I can get them to engage, it’s exciting. It amps me up”. She talked about how once her stripper friend and her were bored so gave each other dances, which ended up in sex. It’s nice to hear her talk about how stripping made her realise how powerful being a woman is and taught her how to embrace that power. This scene pretty much follows Sinn’s memory of lapdancing a friend before it ending in sex but this time, it’s with the new girl at the club. The fact that Annie reminds Sinn of a girl she used to dance with is a nice touch.

Scene 4 was probably the weakest scene in the movie. Raylene and Sinn make a smoking duo and hearing them both talk about how bangable they find each other was hot but the scene was just too fauxmance for me. The sex is hot and passionate but I kept getting cuntblocked by the candles and soft lighting.

All in all Sinn Sage Loves Girls is a HOT ride. I am dying to see Sinn Sage fuck girls who are a bit more gay though. Sure, it’s nice seeing her fuck these pretty, small porno nymphette’s but letting her go to town a queer femme or a hard butch or a trans man or be allowed to fist someone or letting Courtney Trouble film her … oh my lord.

Watch Sinn Sages Loves Girls now!

And That’s A Wrap – HotMoviesForHer Says Goodbye to 2012!

Well, it’s that time again – the end of the year. Can you believe 2012 is already done!  Crazy!  Take a look at what we’ve been up to in the last 12 months to help us ring in 2013.

First up is Ginger Leigh!

Top Six Movies (five just wasn’t enough):

 gives me a girl boner every time, but this is one movie I shouldn’t watch while at work… if you know what I mean.
-The all-knowing  breaks down everything there is to know about pegging (female to male strap-on play) in an easy to follow and hot educational porno.  It’s a sex nerd’s dream!
-Beautiful, hot, dark, dirty, filthy, pervy, sweet.  Some of the words that describe Wasteland starring  and .
 – This is the hottest weirdest sex-free porno ever.  That is all.
-Vampires are played out, but Voracious has such awesome, bloody, hardcore scenes that I can’t leave it off my list.  The casting is great, the acting is decent, and the sex is wild.
Although I reviewed this movie this year, it was released back in 2004.  This movie is beautifully shot in all of its corseted and whipping goodness.  I obsessed over this movie for quite a while after I first watched it.  sure knows her way into my pants.


Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

The AnacondaMy favorite toy of the year is the Tantus Anaconda.  It is a big ass dildo that fills me up before I go-go, but also serves as a beatin’ stick. It is made from 100% body friendly silicone, is pleasantly heavy, and has a handle for awesome solo and partner play.  This shit is no joke.
Dinah Shore 2012 – My one and only Dinah Shore experience was AMAZING!  There was lots of great energy all through the weekend, I got to talk lady porn with tons of hot lesbians in the sun, and got to do it along side J.D. Bauchery.  It was a great trip to the hot and relaxing land that is Palm Springs, California, but it also solidified my love of spreading the word of sex positive smut for women.  It is a trip that will forever stand out in my mind.
Kurt Lockwood’s Return to PornThis year the one and only Kurt Lockwood returned to the XXX screen and I am so thankful he did!  He has always been one of my top male performers and he is looking better than ever.  He is a total sweetheart on top of having a rocking body and beautiful cock, which is always nice.  He did a 20 questions interviewwith us and gave some of the best answers ever.  Kurt was great to correspond with and I am super excited to have him back!
Burlesque Hall of FameThis has nothing to do with smut peddling, but I am super proud of the burlesque side of my life.  This year we (The Peek-A-Boo Revue) won the title of Best Group at the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame Competition in Las Vegas.  We worked hard and brought our 9 piece band, 9 pairs of pastie covered tits, and performed our assed off.  It is definitely a major highlight in my year and life.
J.D. Bauchery This professional perv has seriously been key in an awesome year.  She is a great work-wife, friend, and part-time therapist.  She is smart, funny, and the best listener in the world.  Yeah, this is porn and we’re not supposed to get sappy, but oh well, it is happening.  As you may already know, I am leaving HotMovies4her to pursue my career in fitness.  I am excited, ready, and a little scared, but am going to miss the shit out of my sex-nerd partner in crime. For the next 10 days I’m going to soak as much as I can because my life won’t be the same without seeing her face most days of the week.

Next Up is J.D. Bauchery!

Top Five Movies:

– Finally, a trans-positive mainstream porn studio that brings us romantic, well-written movies featuring trans women! Woohoo!!!  All the performers are super hot and the sex is the best mix of passionate, tender and hardcore.  I seriously love this movie and can’t wait til we get more from !
– When you put the words “Belladonna” and “instructional” in the same sentence I get a little faint, due to the blood rushing out of my brain right into my bits. Yum.  And don’t go thinking that this is some dry how-to… seriously folks, it’s Bella-Fucking-Donna.  Need I say more?
: The amazing  returns with yet another feminist porn masterpiece – and it’s not just us that thinks that.  This erotic delicacy won Movie Of The Year at the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards (and I got to announce the award!!)!  Seriously people,  is bringing porn to a whole new level.
If you are looking for a standard old porno, this latest C. Batts FLY movie is not for you.  Less fuck flick and more artistic look at  as a whole person, including her delicious sexuality, this pick is something totally different and exciting, and I for one, am so excited about it!
 – By now you’ve probably guested that I am total sucker for queer porn.  And this debut from new studio Dolores Park Studios, is one of the best queer flicks I’ve seen all year.  Featuring some of my favorite performers (including Drew Deveaux, Syd Blakovich, and James Darling), this is the kind of movie I’d power up the old porn machine at home to watch… oh wait, I actually have…

Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

Veronica HarnessWhile there are a few femme dildo harnesses out there, this fantastic cloth harness by Velvet Nest is by far my favorite. It’s feminine and delicate enough for even the daintiest of femmes, and still stays on tight during rough, hardcore thrusting.  Don’t be fooled by the sweet little bow on the front – this amazing, washable harness will have your partner begging for mercy.  Read my review for more details.
Getting EngagedI haven’t really talked about it on the site, since it doesn’t have too much to do with porno, but I actually got engaged in 2012.  That’s right, my man gave me a ring and is going to make this pervy smut peddler an honest woman!  We aren’t tying the knot until 2014, so this upcoming year will be all about wedding planning. Yay! (Ps.  Isn’t this picture awesome?  My bestie, RJ, took it.)
Handmade Leather Restraints from Project TransAction: I’m pretty sure that I could just say the phrase “handmade periodic table restraints” and that would be enough for some nerdy pervs like me, but for the folks that don’t get hard from science, here are a few more details:  beautiful, supple leather paired with sturdy metal fasteners; no pinching or chafing; and they come in lots of different prints.  Seriously, these are amazing!
Redesign – Back in June, our humble little website got a seriously needed facelift with a whole new redesign.  Not only did we change the entire layout of the site, we are now able to post so many more pictures and have more space to write in!  Woohoo!  Plus we got the awesome mascot (in the picture to the left).  We totally love our new design and are so thrilled to be able to share it with all of our visitors.
Ginger Leigh – Over the past year, Ginger and I have become ridiculously close and possibly even a teeeeny bit co-dependent.  Since we sit about 3ft away from each other for 40 hours a week, it makes sense.  While we haven’t announced it, Ginger will be leavingus in the middle of January, so I thought it only fitting that she make my list of favorite things in 2012.  Oh man, will that one be missed!

Have a very happy new year!

Ginger and J.D.

Top Five Tuesday – Top AVN Picks For 2013!

The nominees for the 2012 AVN Awards have been released! This means we pick through the best of the best and give you our picks for who should win what. Really, this isn’t an end all be all list of favorites. There were many that I would pick, but this is only a top five list so I did my best. Bet of luck to everyone!

Voracious (Disc 1)

Vorracious: The First Season, John Stagliano/Evil Angel (Best Art Direction) –
This movie totally blew my face off.  (That’s what happens when I like something).  First of all, the vampires are amazing.  They’re fast, sexy, horny, blood thirsty, and… voracious.  The sex is intense – exactly what you’d expect from such creatures.  The opening scene alone starring Brooklyn Lee, Lea Lexis, and Manuel Ferrara is off the charts!  The ladies pretty much attack Manuel, but he doesn’t fight them off.  The imagery is sexy and scary yay art direction!
Joanna Angel
Joanna Angel – (Director Of The Year: Body Of Work) – Joanna Angel and queen on Burning Angel Entertainment directs porno (cum covered) gold all day and night.  She is one hell of a performer, but she killed it this year with movies like Baristas, Fuckabilly 2, Fuckenstein, and Asphyxia Heels The World.  They are hilarious and hot.  Joanna makes porn that speaks to my kind (and obiously that of many others).  She is creative, funny, and knows a thing or two about fuckin’.
Wasteland Wasteland I have slowly been reviewing this movies scene by scene.  It is definitely on my top list of all time favorite pornos.  Lily LaBeau and Lily Carter are great together – lots of tension, passion, emotion, and mind-blowing sex.  They’re easy on the eyes, but I am also impressed by the acting.  Not to mention, there is one crazy gangbang scene that will be hard for future pornos to top
Lily LaBeau Lily LaBeau (Female Performer Of The Year) – Oh Lily, you create many girl-boners.  Sorry, that was totally creepy.  I think she is a fantastical performer – she has great energy and is totally dirty.  I love that she is oh-so naughty underneath a soft innocent outside.  It just gets me. 
Belladonna's How To Fuck
Belladonna’s How To Fuck (Best Educational Release) –
When it comes to sex advice, I prefer to take it from the pros.  Can you think of anyone better than Belladonna?  She is the high queen of porn, and I am happy to watch and learn. Seriously, I took notes during the blowjob scene with Mark Wood in this movie.

Congrats to everyone and every movie that was nominated!

Free Porn Friday!

Each week we make free clip galleries of three movies for our affiliates to use… so why not share some of those clips here?

Welcome to Free Porn Friday!

First up is Burning Angel Entertainment’s , scene two, with  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Joanna Angel’s Cumtastic Cook-Out!


Second is Sweet Sinner’s , scene three, featuring  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from The Neighbors Vol. 2!


And lastly, AbbyWinters’ , scene four, featuring  and .

Check out the FREE GALLERY of clips from Girls Wanting Sex!

Hope you enjoyed. Have a great weekend!

-JD and Ginger

Wasteland (Disco 1) – Part 2

Remember back in October when I said I was going to review Wasteland scene by scene?  That is still happening.  I know, it is has been much longer than a week since my Wastelandpart one review, but is it ever too late to watch porno?  I should clarify that I’m not necessarily doing a “scene by scene” review, it’s more of a section by section review.

Read Wasteland Part 1 review here!

We pick up midway through scene 3 after the ladies have their rendezvous with a random guy in a SUV.  Lily Carter is a bit conflicted and pissed at Lily LaBeau.  This anger of course leads to passionate makeup sex back at LaBeau’s super posh apartment.  The two are way into each other, selling the whole BFF with baggage and strings act.  LaBeau moves towards Carter’s pussy, letting out a happy sigh.  She makes her cum as tiny angels sing and dance above their heads.

Afterwards, its time for the ladies to have bit more innocent fun.  They sit around in the underwear playing Go Fish, drinking tequila and smoking cigarettes.  You basically get to watch 2 catching up and letting loose.  I enjoyed watching the two interact.  The acting was decent and they’re both easy on the eyes.

I could go on and on, but wouldn’t you rather watch the free clip of the two Lilys making the fuck?  Enjoy and don’t ever say I never did anything for you.

Top Five Tuesday: Top Pornos To Watch On Halloween!

We’ve been hunkered down riding out Hurricane Sandy here in the great city of Philadelphia for the last couple of days. We made it through safely and feel strongly that the porno must go on! There is no way we were going to let a little wind and rain stop us from one of our favorite posts of the year: Top Five Halloween Pornos!

Halloween XXX Porn Parody
Halloween XXX Porn Parody – While this porno isn’t new, it is a must-have on any top Halloween smut list.  Lily La Beau is sought after by Michael Myers and she is totally into banging him when he is covered with a sheet.  It is super weird and hot.  I’m also not sad about watching her friends – Andy San Dimas and Lexi Belle – get boned.
Ghostlusters Sure, I could have gone with This Ain’t Ghostbusters XXX, but how could I pass up this lesbian classic from 1990?  I’m not sure it has much of anything to do with the busting of ghosts, but one look at those yellow anal beads and the pink vibrator and I had to put Ghostlusters on my list.
The XXXorcist - Disc 1 The XXXorcist – Disc 1 The original Exorcist is hands down one of my all time favorite movies.  The idea of having sex with, or going anywhere near, Regan totally skeeves me out in the best possible way.  Tommy Pistol plays Father Merkin who takes it upon himself to fuck the demon right on out of Joanna Angel (Regan).  There are three endings to choose from – Sad, Happy, and Fucked Up.  For this and many other reasons, I love Burning Angel!
Vampire Sisters Vampire SistersThis movie is quite different from my other campy Halloween porn picks.  I reviewed Vampire Sisters last year and fell in lust with it. It was directed by Maria Beatty of Bleu Productions who totally rocks out with the high quality feminist smut.  There are plenty of fangs, blood, and BDSM for your kinky little hearts.  It is beautifully shot and you won’t be tempted to skip through the movie in hopes of finding something good because the entire movie is awesome!
Evil Head Evil HeadHot off the Burning Angel horror press!  I’m not sure anyone will ever be able to make another XXX parody again.  I mean, really, what other movie do you want to see turned into an XXX spoof?  With the Book Of The Head, The Necronomicum and a crazy orgy with possessed trees, I’m not sure any other movie could compare.

Wasterland (Disc 1) – Part 1

Wow.  I’m totally blown away by Wasteland.  So much so that I’m going to do the review in a few parts so I can touch every part of the movie.  That wasn’t my plan when I set my sites on it, but that’s what is up.  Keep in mind there are two discs.  The first one is the full length feature with somewhat edited sex scenes.  The second disc features all of the fucking (extended sex scenes) and none of the talking.

Wasteland (Disc 1)Lily LaBeau and Lily Carter are childhoods friends who reunite for one night after being apart for 5 years.  Carter heads from their hometown of Tuscon to LaBeau’s new home in LA.  Of the two Lilys, Carter is definitely the more gentle-hearted and LaBeau is far more cynical, unsettled, at times shallow and free spirited.  They’re unlikely friends that have an emotional, sexual and tumultuous bond.

The ladies go out for a night on the town and end up meeting a couple of guys.  Lily Carter is totally bored by her boy and heads to the restroom where she hears LaBeaux getting it on with Manuel Ferrara in one of the stalls.  Carter removes her shoes as to not make any noise.  She hangs out in the stall next door, listening and at times peering over to get a look.  Both turned on and disturbed by it.  The sex is insane.  It is no secret that dirty bathroom sex (not sex in a dirty bathroom) has a special place in my heart, but wow the fucking is intense.  LaBeau jerks his uncircumcised cock before he enters her from behind.  One of the things I love is the way they bang against the stalls and the door rattles.  It is unavoidable when banging in such a small space.  So hot!  LaBeau begs Manuel to make her come and eventually she moves to her knees to take his jiz in her mouth and on her face.  Carter heads back out to the bar as if nothing has happened.

The ladies leave the bar and LaBeau stops to talk to a random guy in an SUV.  The girls hop in the truck and end up in an industrial area where Carter is summoned by LaBeau to blow the random guy.  Behind her, LaBeau is rubbing her pussy, making it hard for her to suck dude’s cock.  LaBeau reminds Carter that she has to make him feel god too.  The tension and dirtiness here is amazingly hot and captivating.  At first Carter wants to go home, but gets tangled up in LaBeu’s web of debauchery.

That is it for now.  Come back next week for more!

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Top Five Tuesday – Lily LaBeau Lesbian Scenes

I’m not sure if you know this about me, but I’m a huge Lily LaBeau fan. She is fabulous in both girl-girl and hetero scenes. In all of the behind the scenes footage I’ve seen of her she seems like a totally sweet down-to-earth lady.  I was watching a short interview with her and her man, Danny Wylde, and it inspired to do my Top Five Tuesday post on this awesome porno star.

Her Little Secret
Her Little Secret I’m not going to lie, I’ve only ever watched the scene starring Lily and Marie Luv.  It’s freaking hot!  Lily is a receptionist at a spa and in trying to book more appointments, the ladies continuously try to sweet talk Lily into changing the schedule around.  Marie does the best job of persuading her when she fucks Lily.  The moment where LaBeau asks Marie to sit on her face is magic!  Thank you, Triangle Films, for bringing these two performers together for all the world to see.
Belladonna's Dirty Panties
Belladonna’s Dirty Panties I love you, Belladonna, and your ever pervy (though retired) ways!  This porno is all about delightfully used panties and creative ways to infuse them into a hot fuck session.  Lily blindfolds and gags Kim Kane with her underpants all while licking and fucking her pussy.  Sniffing Lily’s panties is what Kane digs most.  This is no surprise seeing as how she is a dirty birdie from Dirty Birdsville!
Lily Cade's Live Nerd Girls Lily Cade’s Live Nerd Girls Double Lily hotness!  Lily LaBeau and Lily Cade flirt their way through a game of Dungeons and Dragons when finally they’re left alone they make with the real life sexing.  Cade drives LaBeau crazy with her every touch – be it with her fingertips or palm.  LaBeau’s sweet face looks as if she can’t even believe what Cade is doing to her.  LaBeau turns the tables and has Cade shuddering and moaning when she uses her expert mouth on her.
Sinn Sage Loves Girls Sinn Sage Loves GirlsThis movie is definitely one of my favorite (fill in the blank) Loves Girls pornos.  Sinn Sage totally works Lily over in a ridiculously hot shower scene.  She straps on a dildo and fucks her every which way.  Watching Lily double over as Sinn goes down on her is totally awesome and you can tell Lily is all about it.  I could go on, but you can read my review here.
Girl Crush Vol. 2 Girl Crush Vol. 2This is probably one of the first movies that turned me on to Lily and her lady-lovin’ ways.  Her scene with Andy San Dimas is stellar (minus the Ugs that Andy doesn’t take off).  They get down to business on a white shag rug and blow each others’ minds.  I love watching Lily grind on Andy’s pussy.  Hot!  This movies is really well shot, and far more real than I expected.