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7 Straight Male Porn Stars We’re So Happy To See Go “Bi”

A conversion therapy of a different kind if you will: most of the performers listed here got their start in straight porn, and for many of them, that’s where they’ve stayed, but some of swayed and challenged their boundaries and desires on camera to something a tad more sexually fluid, which has caused many fluids to leak sexually from us appreciative, salivating, and ecstatic female and queer male fans to see these performers go queer… even if it was a brief interlude for the exposure, a new career direction, or an itch that needed to be scratched, we are forever grateful to see these straight men go straight to dick.

There are plenty of instances of “incidental queer contact” with straight stars, including ball scraping in girl/boy/boy threesomes – just look no further than the infamous Toni Ribas series All Stuffed Up, and there’s the occasional load that will spurt a little too far and lands on another man’s trembling, virgin little lamb leg (did you know dude-cum BURNS straight men like garlic BURNS vampires?) But these performers took a few moments in their careers to make the incidental fundamental, and we thank them for it!

No. 1 – Mickey Mod

Mickey Mod is a gorgeous man who wears a fedora as well as he wears his cock. Mickey got his start in the industry with those saintly perverts at Kink.com. This gentle kinkster has performed in mainly straight scenes, but he doesn’t seem to be a proponent of the normal classifications in the adult industry and doesn’t fit try to fit himself into any certain category, just looking to connect with his partner. (SWOONS!) Perhaps that’s why everyone loves to work with him (men & women alike!)

Mickey has done some BDSM, queer scenes, and many straight titles, but boy, we were ecstatic to see him get his beautiful cock sucked wet by the ultra-cute submissive Jimmy Broadway in Black Bi Cuckolding #33. Here’s hoping that Mickey continues to explore his sexual fluidity even further as he continues to rise in the industry.

Also, look for his amazing work on HotMovies with Bonus Hole Boys and Pink & White Productions. And is it just me, or would it be really hot see Mickey hold his balls in that fedora?

No. 2 – Kurt Lockwood

The only thing vaster than Kurt Lockwood’s mighty and massive schlong is his long-running and versatile career in the industry. For many years Kurt performed in straight scenes, but thankfully, has recently branched out into transgender and bisexual scenes, and he now considers himself a pansexual. Lucky us!

It’s a real treat watching his dick get serviced by a man, and serviced in a sloppy way I might add. Marcelo does a hell of a job of slobbing his knob, balls, and hole in Bullied Bi Cuckolds 37. Granted, it’s a cuckold scene, but Kurt’s cock just looks like it belongs in Marcelo’s mouth and nowhere else.

Let’s hope that one day we get to see Kurt’s own willing punk rawker lips on a hard dick. I double dog dare you Kurt!!

No. 3 – Rocco Reed


Rocco Reed is the all-American muscle stud next-door you wish you were and wish you had. He’s worked with New Sensations and Digital Sin, and after doing his first gay scene with Men.com with a more than willing Tommy Defendi, he became one of their highest profile contract stars. For most of his career, we’ve seen Rocco sweep beautiful women off their feet and into deep orgasms. We’ve also seen Rocco pegged by some of the most famous women in the industry, but watch Rocco in Rocco Reed – Straight Bottom Bitch and have your fantasies cum true as this stud mans up, opens his hole and mouth, and takes one for the team. Our team!!

Here’s hoping Rocco keeps his boundaries and his hole open. His perfect ass is as pink as a newborn. Is there a double anal scene in his future? We can dream, can’t we?

No. 4 – Criss Strokes

Criss Strokes is a mainstay in straight porn who has worked with some of the most beautiful, talented women in the industry, but this chiseled stud has branched out and has done some solo scenes for gay titan studios like Hot House Video for a gay and female audience. His beautiful, big cock is sexual kryptonite, and fortunately for female viewers and gay fans, he was willing to share that in the daddy of all daddies Jake Cruise’s mouth in Monster Cock Rally from Jake Cruise Media.

If Criss Strokes has the best job in the fucking world, then who is second? Well, fucking Jake Cruise, that’s who (Criss Strokes is hardly the last hot straight cock he will have in his mouth), lucky fucker!

No. 5 – Christian XXX

Christian XXX started as a history teacher before he moved to adult entertainment. Under the alias Maxx Diesel, Christian did a lot of his early work in gay porn due to the higher fees he could command at the time. Christian enjoys working with transgender and BBW women, and he has great taste and chemistry in scene partners. The studly Christian has mostly put dabbling in gay sex on film behind him, but you can always find his mouth full of cock right here in Falcon’s 2005 Up All Night.

Just one cursory glance at Christian’s Greek god-like body, whether it’s straight, trans, or one of his early gay scenes, you may find your cock or clit UP ALL NIGHT. Remember, if it lasts more than four hours, call your doctor immediately!

No. 6 – Gabriel Clark

Gabriel Clark is a blonde stud who really makes me want to take a big bite out of a baguette for some reason. He’s performed many straight scenes for French studio Quebec Productions, but you can also find the studly man in gay studios such as Men of Montreal and Cockyboys. Gabriel… str8, queer, or bi, you really are the cream of the cock, and you can see for yourself right here in Cream of the Cock 7.

Gabriel is the porn star who won’t just get you off, but this fucker will make you fall in love. Look at those eyes, it’s like falling into a well of never-ending orgasms. Here’s hoping he continues his gay endeavors for his queer and female fans.

No. 7 – Wolf Hudson

Wolf Hudson just makes one naturally shout WOOF at the moon. Although Wolf identifies as straight, he’s an exception on this list (like Christian XXX) because he got his start shooting for gay studios before branching out more comfortably in the straight side of the industry. No one – gay or straight – should miss his scenes in Burning Angel’s The Walking Dead parody, but no Wolf-hungry woman or Hudson-hankering gay man should miss his early kinky gay scenes for Kink.com.

Wolf prefers the term “sexualist” to describe himself and admits he doesn’t participate in gay sex in real-life scenarios, so we’ll have to settle for one of his newest offerings that will have women and queer men like me salivating like Pavlov’s dogs in NO TIME: Bound Gods.

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The Bard with a Boner: Kurt Lockwood’s Twitter Poems

KLOf all the porn stars on Twitter, you’ll be hard-pressed to find one as interesting and articulate as Kurt Lockwood. When he isn’t giving you an insider’s look into the exciting life of a male porn star, he’s espousing erotic poetry that could only come from someone who fucks as much as he does. As someone who loves porn and poetry equally, Lockwood is really doing me a huge favor with his craft, which he refers to as “guerillerotica.” If only Shakespeare was this ripped!


2015-10-01_15-19-23Over the past month or so, I’ve collected any Lockwood poems that entered my Twitter feed in the hopes of analyzing them and sharing his literary prowess with the world. Yes, everyone: porn stars are more than the sum of their (very lucrative) body parts! Lockwood’s poetic erotica seems to  be inspired by a few things: his career, his impressive penis, and-more romantically-his relationship with rising adult starlet, Maya Grand. The two are very much in love, and he doesn’t spare his followers the sweet details of their domestic bliss.


2015-09-23_16-47-02In this particular poem, Lockwood waxes both tender and introspective. The lines “140 letters / to say u what u mean 2me” recall a frustration with Twitter’s character-count guideline-we’ve all been there. Obviously, 140 characters could never be enough to tell someone how you feel! He continues, “ur breath is my life / ur laughter / sweetest melody.” Someone very special in his life is so important to him that their breath has transcended their own body and fulfills the needs of his own. “So kiss me now / n when we die / find me / in some starrysky”-although life is finite, he hopes to exist together with his lover in the afterlife. Aw!

2015-09-23_16-33-33This one’s pretty straightforward. Here, Lockwood utilizes the often-overlooked list poem format to outline synonyms for “porn star.” My personal favorite is definitely “connosieur of touch.”




2015-09-23_16-35-12Here, Lockwood provides the reader with visceral imagery to illustrate his unbounded lust. I imagine him flying over a field of naked women laying spread-eagle and just dive-bombing on top of them to do his job. He has such a huge sexual appetite, however, that all the women in the world “would never b enough.”


2015-09-23_16-37-19Lockwood has a pretty great vocabulary, and he’s not afraid to use it. In this poem, he paints a crisp picture of a woman performing fellatio a woodsy setting. I think this may be one of his strongest poems to date. His line-break at “blowing, blowing wind and she / how beautiful the falling leaves” is clever work. The woman is blowing in the sexual sense of course, but her hair is also blowing in the wind. She is beautiful, as are the leaves. Double-entendres everywhere!

I would definitely be remiss if I didn’t include my favorite, which I can only assume is called, “Ode To My Balls.”


2015-10-01_16-13-40If I were a male porn star, I’d write an ode to my balls every day of the week! I can’t thank Kurt Lockwood enough for filling my porny Twitter feed with something other than dick and boob pictures-although they’re great too! He’s really found a niche market in the adult industry with these poems, and I’m all for him publishing a book later down the line. These Twitter free-verses have my rapt attention!



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The Top 14 Hottest DILFs in Porn

With Father’s Day looming before us and plenty of sexy, older men on HotMoviesForHer worth watching, I decided to compile a list of the hottest over-35 male performers currently making porn, and making it well! Age is just a number, and you definitely don’t have to be a father to be a DILF in my book. Without further ado, here are my favorite DILFs in porn today:

2015-06-08_17-16-211. Manuel Ferrara

What can possibly be hotter than a super-hung scruffy guy with a French accent? That’s right-nothing. Manuel Ferrara is a long-standing porn crush of mine. Everything about him is delicious: his furry dad-bod, his commanding sexual performance, and the inaudible things he mutters in French when he’s about to cum. Some things really do get better with age, and Ferrara is one of them! Kayden Kross is one lucky lady.

2015-06-08_17-06-482. Ramon Nomar

This Venezuelan hottie brings his Latin flavor to every performance he’s in. Not typically one to turn up the volume during scenes, I always make it a point to listen to the phrases Ramon Nomar utters while fucking. When he’s not calling his costars “mama,” he likes to encourage the women he’s fucking by showering them in compliments and, of course, spanking their asses with fervor! Once he gets rid of that faux-hawk he’s been rocking lately, I’ll be his “mama” anytime.

2015-06-08_17-07-153. Mick Blue

I’ll admit it-I’ve got a thing for uncut guys. Mick Blue’s penis is not only an uncircumcised masterpiece, but attached to a gorgeous Austrian man with piercing blue eyes-hence the last name. While Blue may be married to Anikka Albrite, I can’t quite say I’m jealous; instead, I’ll just squeeze between the both of them for a chance at this super-DILF!


2015-06-08_17-07-514. Steven St. Croix

A venerable performer with over 15 years in the industry, Steven St. Croix is a DILF-y favorite among the women at HMFH. Croix plays the father figure in many of the plot-oriented films he’s cast in, and it’s easy to see why. Croix’s authoritative presence, mixed with his mature age and delectable, toned physique make a girl want to enjoy the loving care of a decidedly way more experienced man.

2015-06-08_17-08-365. Rocco Siffredi

The incomparable Rocco Siffredi is an Italian Stallion I’d love to ride someday. Siffredi’s lustful enthusiasm and masterful anal scenes make him a favorite performer of mine. Combine his classically handsome look with that huge dick and you have a Euro-DILF for the ages. Not to mention, Siffredi has the cutest dimples ever. Awwuh.

2015-06-08_17-08-596. Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele is not only one of the most well-endowed male performers in recent memory, but he’s got a goddamn gorgeous smile. Steele’s performances are frequently nominated for awards, and he’s got plenty of trophies besides the one in his pants. An educated guy with a dual-degree in history and African American studies; I wouldn’t mind if Steele schooled me sometime. *winky face*

2015-06-08_17-09-257. Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce is an avid Crossfit devotee which, if you’ve seen his physique, isn’t much of a surprise. Pierce’s body is a smooth, solid muscle-mass covered in tattoos and most likely capable of fucking you into a coma. I’m not usually into bald dudes, but his “piercing” eyes coupled with his sculpted body are undeniably sexy. Plus, his fetish scenes are really fucking hot. I like a dominant man, and Pierce’s spanking scenes are worth watching even if you aren’t a spanking fanatic.

2015-06-08_17-10-048. Nacho Vidal

It doesn’t get much more caliente than a Spanish man with an 11-inch dick. Nacho Vidal has been a staple in the adult industry for almost two decades, and he’s really aging to perfection. Vidal looks like that one friend’s dad all the girls wanted to fuck in high school. Or like, the sexy older neighbor who you secretly watched mow the lawn every Saturday, hoping he’d pop that shirt off. A man with tattoos is always going to be hot in my book, but he’s also got some pearly-whites that are damn-near perfect. *swoon*

2015-06-08_17-10-489. Kurt Lockwood

Not only does Kurt Lockwood have a toned, bangin’ bod and impressive dick; this DILF-y, tattooed dude can really act. I always find myself mesmerized by Lockwood’s performances in films like B. Skow’s Gardener and Control. Besides his male-model figure and acting chops, Lockwood’s got some street cred as a musician too, having played and toured with Dee Dee Ramone. Who doesn’t love a mature, multi-talented guy?

2015-06-08_17-11-1910. Alec Knight

Alec Knight is pretty adorable. If I hadn’t watched him fuck girls up the butt a lot, I’d probably assume he was a stay-at-home dad or a paperweight collector. But nope, Knight is a straight-up DTF DILF with over 500 movies under his belt and really great sense of humor that makes me want to hang out with him in a sexual way. He used to work on the show Family Guy, which is also very awesome. I love funny, cuddly guys that happen to have big dicks.

2015-06-08_17-12-1111. Toni Ribas

Everyone loves Asa Akira, but Toni Ribas is the only guy worthy enough to lock down the gorgeous starlet. It’s pretty easy to see why; the Spanish stud is a solemn sex-machine. Ribas has spent nearly half his life in the industry, both directing and performing in award-winning movies like the Ibiza Sex Party series. And, weirdly enough, he kind of looks like Sopranos character Christopher Moltisanti, who I always had a crush on.

2015-06-08_17-12-5112. Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard reminds me of those aging boy band members from the 90s who are still pretty cute but have a hard time giving up those frosted tips. I can look past Everhard’s goofy spiked hair when I watch him go down on a girl, because he clearly knows what he’s doing! Plus, he usually maintains some level of scruff on his face in his scenes-an added plus for any girl that loves facial hair (me!).

2015-06-08_17-14-2913. Ryan McLane

Ryan McLane’s body is heart-stopping. I mean, this guy is fit. Beyond his chiseled 6-pack and sexy-sharp hip-bones, he’s got a pretty nice pecker. It’s not overwhelmingly huge, but it’s a nice dick nonetheless. McLane is nice for those slow, erotic scenes that some women enjoy, but I prefer him in a more fast-paced fuck like his scene in the movie, Our Father.

2015-06-08_17-15-0114. Prince Yahshua

Speaking of fit bodies, Prince Yahshua has the musculature of a body builder. Unlike most body builders, however, Yahshua has an incredible 11-inch cock that needs no performance enhancers! But don’t let this hulking hottie’s look fool you; he’s really a gentle giant. After reading a few interviews Yahshua’s done, it’s clear that Yahshua loves pleasing his female costars, and I can certainly appreciate a man that loves giving women pleasure.

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And That’s A Wrap – HotMoviesForHer Says Goodbye to 2012!

Well, it’s that time again – the end of the year. Can you believe 2012 is already done!  Crazy!  Take a look at what we’ve been up to in the last 12 months to help us ring in 2013.

First up is Ginger Leigh!

Top Six Movies (five just wasn’t enough):

 gives me a girl boner every time, but this is one movie I shouldn’t watch while at work… if you know what I mean.
-The all-knowing  breaks down everything there is to know about pegging (female to male strap-on play) in an easy to follow and hot educational porno.  It’s a sex nerd’s dream!
-Beautiful, hot, dark, dirty, filthy, pervy, sweet.  Some of the words that describe Wasteland starring  and .
 – This is the hottest weirdest sex-free porno ever.  That is all.
-Vampires are played out, but Voracious has such awesome, bloody, hardcore scenes that I can’t leave it off my list.  The casting is great, the acting is decent, and the sex is wild.
Although I reviewed this movie this year, it was released back in 2004.  This movie is beautifully shot in all of its corseted and whipping goodness.  I obsessed over this movie for quite a while after I first watched it.  sure knows her way into my pants.


Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

The AnacondaMy favorite toy of the year is the Tantus Anaconda.  It is a big ass dildo that fills me up before I go-go, but also serves as a beatin’ stick. It is made from 100% body friendly silicone, is pleasantly heavy, and has a handle for awesome solo and partner play.  This shit is no joke.
Dinah Shore 2012 – My one and only Dinah Shore experience was AMAZING!  There was lots of great energy all through the weekend, I got to talk lady porn with tons of hot lesbians in the sun, and got to do it along side J.D. Bauchery.  It was a great trip to the hot and relaxing land that is Palm Springs, California, but it also solidified my love of spreading the word of sex positive smut for women.  It is a trip that will forever stand out in my mind.
Kurt Lockwood’s Return to PornThis year the one and only Kurt Lockwood returned to the XXX screen and I am so thankful he did!  He has always been one of my top male performers and he is looking better than ever.  He is a total sweetheart on top of having a rocking body and beautiful cock, which is always nice.  He did a 20 questions interviewwith us and gave some of the best answers ever.  Kurt was great to correspond with and I am super excited to have him back!
Burlesque Hall of FameThis has nothing to do with smut peddling, but I am super proud of the burlesque side of my life.  This year we (The Peek-A-Boo Revue) won the title of Best Group at the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame Competition in Las Vegas.  We worked hard and brought our 9 piece band, 9 pairs of pastie covered tits, and performed our assed off.  It is definitely a major highlight in my year and life.
J.D. Bauchery This professional perv has seriously been key in an awesome year.  She is a great work-wife, friend, and part-time therapist.  She is smart, funny, and the best listener in the world.  Yeah, this is porn and we’re not supposed to get sappy, but oh well, it is happening.  As you may already know, I am leaving HotMovies4her to pursue my career in fitness.  I am excited, ready, and a little scared, but am going to miss the shit out of my sex-nerd partner in crime. For the next 10 days I’m going to soak as much as I can because my life won’t be the same without seeing her face most days of the week.

Next Up is J.D. Bauchery!

Top Five Movies:

– Finally, a trans-positive mainstream porn studio that brings us romantic, well-written movies featuring trans women! Woohoo!!!  All the performers are super hot and the sex is the best mix of passionate, tender and hardcore.  I seriously love this movie and can’t wait til we get more from !
– When you put the words “Belladonna” and “instructional” in the same sentence I get a little faint, due to the blood rushing out of my brain right into my bits. Yum.  And don’t go thinking that this is some dry how-to… seriously folks, it’s Bella-Fucking-Donna.  Need I say more?
: The amazing  returns with yet another feminist porn masterpiece – and it’s not just us that thinks that.  This erotic delicacy won Movie Of The Year at the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards (and I got to announce the award!!)!  Seriously people,  is bringing porn to a whole new level.
If you are looking for a standard old porno, this latest C. Batts FLY movie is not for you.  Less fuck flick and more artistic look at  as a whole person, including her delicious sexuality, this pick is something totally different and exciting, and I for one, am so excited about it!
 – By now you’ve probably guested that I am total sucker for queer porn.  And this debut from new studio Dolores Park Studios, is one of the best queer flicks I’ve seen all year.  Featuring some of my favorite performers (including Drew Deveaux, Syd Blakovich, and James Darling), this is the kind of movie I’d power up the old porn machine at home to watch… oh wait, I actually have…

Top Five Toys/Life/Whatever:

Veronica HarnessWhile there are a few femme dildo harnesses out there, this fantastic cloth harness by Velvet Nest is by far my favorite. It’s feminine and delicate enough for even the daintiest of femmes, and still stays on tight during rough, hardcore thrusting.  Don’t be fooled by the sweet little bow on the front – this amazing, washable harness will have your partner begging for mercy.  Read my review for more details.
Getting EngagedI haven’t really talked about it on the site, since it doesn’t have too much to do with porno, but I actually got engaged in 2012.  That’s right, my man gave me a ring and is going to make this pervy smut peddler an honest woman!  We aren’t tying the knot until 2014, so this upcoming year will be all about wedding planning. Yay! (Ps.  Isn’t this picture awesome?  My bestie, RJ, took it.)
Handmade Leather Restraints from Project TransAction: I’m pretty sure that I could just say the phrase “handmade periodic table restraints” and that would be enough for some nerdy pervs like me, but for the folks that don’t get hard from science, here are a few more details:  beautiful, supple leather paired with sturdy metal fasteners; no pinching or chafing; and they come in lots of different prints.  Seriously, these are amazing!
Redesign – Back in June, our humble little website got a seriously needed facelift with a whole new redesign.  Not only did we change the entire layout of the site, we are now able to post so many more pictures and have more space to write in!  Woohoo!  Plus we got the awesome mascot (in the picture to the left).  We totally love our new design and are so thrilled to be able to share it with all of our visitors.
Ginger Leigh – Over the past year, Ginger and I have become ridiculously close and possibly even a teeeeny bit co-dependent.  Since we sit about 3ft away from each other for 40 hours a week, it makes sense.  While we haven’t announced it, Ginger will be leavingus in the middle of January, so I thought it only fitting that she make my list of favorite things in 2012.  Oh man, will that one be missed!

Have a very happy new year!

Ginger and J.D.

21 Questions With Kurt Lockwood… Part 2

Last week we hit you with part 1 of the awesome Kurt Lockwood interview.  Folks have been asking where the rest of the 21 questions are and today we are delivering them to you.  Kurt gives some pretty solid sex advice to the ladies, but you can read that for yourself.  Be sure to check out the free clip at the bottom of the interview.  Happy reading!

12. If you were president, what’s the first thing you’d change?
If I were President the first thing I would do would be to end corporate influence in our politics. I was heavily involved with the Occupy Wall Street Movement. I was there in New York in Zuccotti Park protesting. Our democracy has been Kurt Lockwoodcorporate raided by the richest one percent who want to control us. Did you know that the richest 200 people have more money than the combined income of the lowest 40 PERCENT of the rest of the population? How many beautiful things do rich people need before poor people can have free healthcare? Or that no child goes to bed hungry? It’s not right. I’m a Democratic Socialist. I’m so far left I make Obama look like Cheney, lol.

13. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
This interview? LOL, just kidding. Hmmm, not so sure. I have few ex-girlfriends I’d like to that “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” memory eraser thing, though, LOL.

Not Embarrassing: Kurt’s performance in Kill Girl Kill 3.

14. Which is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?
I directed, wrote, starred in, edited and created the soundtrack for 8 movies that I directed for SexZ Pictures ( www.sexz.com ) and anyone who considers themselves a fan of mine should DEFINITELY check those out, especially THE REAL BOOGIE NIGHTS, L.A. VICE, and DECLINE OF WESTERN CIVILIZATION PART 69: THE PORNO YEARS where you can see my band play. But all these movies were labors of love and I’m really proud of all of them.

15. If you could have 1 superpower what would it be?
If I could have one superpower I would choose to be an Anne Rice Vampire. Ageless, super strong, and fast.  I could dig all that.

Check out Kurt’s superpowers in Tristan Taormino’s Chemistry An Experiment (Disc 1) and Disc 2!

16. Meat or veggie?
Meat, for sure. However, one of my greatest disappointments in myself is that I still eat animals. I would love to be Vegan because I know that unless I was starving on a deserted Island, I would never kill an animal myself to eat it. We make it too easy these days. We go into the store and buy our neatly packaged rump roast without any hint of the animal cruelty and viciousness of the murder these animals are subjected to by the psychotic slaughterhouse employees who do nothing but kill all day. I don’t think I could ever be fully vegetarian though, I just don’t like enough vegetables. I had the vegan meat-substitute “Seitan” recently and it was delicious, so… I could see myself as a “pescatarian” though, because even Christ fed people “loaves and fishes.” So I guess it’s okay to eat little Nemo, lol.

Kurt Lockwood Interview17. What is your favorite book?
I have a few that I re-read over the years, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice, The Tolkien Legendarium by J.R.R. Tolkien, anything by Phillip K. Dick. And believe it or not, I find the Bible really fascinating from both a historical and a philosophical point of view.

18. What is your biggest pet peeve?
Hmmmm, oh I know! I HATE it when you say “thank you” to someone and instead of saying “you’re welcome,” back to you, the other person instead responds with a “mmm-hmmm”. Grrrr! Would it really have killed them just to say “you’re welcome”? I mean, if you say “Mmm-hmmm” after someone thanks you it’s like you are saying, “yea, it’s expected you should thank me,” while the “you’re welcome” response is so much more pleasant because you are saying “you are welcome to ask this of me at anytime.” Much nicer.

19. What is your best piece of sex advice for women?
Own your sexuality. All of it . Every piece. To thine own self be true. Really go for it. Revel in your time. Become who you are, the best version of it you can be. Self-actualize! Everyone is different so don’t be afraid to tell your lover exactly how you like it. And never let anyone “put Baby in the corner.”

For too long the female libido has been tempered and restrained and yes, shamed. Let all that b.s. go and realize you only get one go around on this Merry Go Round of Life, so my advice?


Speaking of “freak flag”, Belladonna and Mr. Lockwood get dirty in scene 5 of Belladonna’s Cock Happy!

20. What is your favorite adult movie?

21. Tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone else.
I want to start my own free-love cult with my fans and with me as the head Charles Manson/Jim Jones figure (only y’know, without the murder and race war and stuff, LOL). Jk.

As promised, below is a free Kurt Lockwood video from The Girls Of Red Light District – Sunny Lane Enjoy! 

Check out all of Kurt Lockwood’s movies here!

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes And For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood

With Kurt Lockwood coming back to the porn biz, we’re all types of excited around here.  One of the things I like about Kurt as a performer is that he is diverse, fun to watch and down for way more than just vanilla fucking.  Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood illustrates just that.

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! - Kurt Lockwood Luscious Lopez joins Kurt for 34 minutes of boning.  I am not terribly familiar with her previous movies, but I enjoyed her in this particular porno.  I love the way she uses her hands to show off Kurt’s body, including his feet and ass.  Seriously, there is something about her gestures that excites me.  Lopez totally puts Barker’s Beauties to shame!  Anyway, she spends some time licking his ass hole which Kurt enjoys.  Later, she pumps her finger in and out of his ass, pointing out that it makes his cock hard, while blowing him.  They are both super turned on by it.  Hot!

Being that this is a Straight Guys For Gay Eyes flick, there isn’t a lot of foreplay in the direction of the lady half of the couple.  That is just how these movies are.  I’m so not mad about it because Luscious Lopez is worked up from all of the ass play and oral sexin’ she performs on Kurt.  From time to time he looks into the camera giving us a nice smile which I find totally charming.  Still, he is all about fucking Lopez, directing her to beg for his cock and whatnot.  Yeah, that’s how he rolls.

The two get nice and sweaty as the fucking continues.  I totally enjoy watching Kurt position himself so he can continue fucking Lopez while she fingers his ass.  I also enjoy watching her straddle his face while we get a straight-on view of him stroking his cock.  One of the things I am rather fond of in all of Kurt Lockood’s movies is that he is all about the dirty talking and kissing.  He really engages his co-stars and makes it a genuinely hot experience for the both of them.  A genuine experience is what separates okay smut from awesome smut.

Kurt finishes up by jerking his cock and blowing his load on his stomach and chest.  It is a good few minutes of solo male action which is always fun to watch.  Luscious Lopez swoops in and cleans him up with a wet cloth.  You don’t see that too often in porn!  I give it points for being different, at least to me.

I think any Kurt Lockwood fan would enjoy this movie, especially if you like a little female-on-male ass play.  Totally worth the watch!

Watch Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood now!



21 Questions With Kurt Lockwood… Part 1

Yes, I said Kurt Lockwood!  Have you missed him as much as I have? Kurt left the biz for a while to focus on being a dad, I know awwwww, but I’ll let him tell you about that.  He is back and all about reaching out to his lady fans and I’m pretty excited about.  Kurt’s answers are totally real and honest which is pretty awesome.  Enjoy!

Kurt Lockwood is back!

1. How (and when) did you get started in the industry?
I started way back in 1998 when porn was still on VHS tapes, lol. Before porn, I was in a band, I was touring as a guitar player with Dee Dee Ramone (after he left the Ramones). Dee Dee died of a heroin overdose right before we were about to leave for our European tour and I was suddenly without a job. My girl at the time was a stripper at Jumbo’s Clown Room in Hollywood (where Courtney Love used to strip) and we had a friend (our weed dealer, lol) who would come to the club. He told us that a couple of friends of his, Luc Wylder and Alexandra Silk had their own production company and were looking for couples who had never done a scene before to shoot.

Me and my girl were already living that wild and crazy rock and roll lifestyle and we were both very sexual (we were always having threesomes and foursomes with girls she stripped with or female customers) and she was already mostly naked and gyrating at work anyway, so there wasn’t really that big of a leap to make to us shooting a scene (plus we made more money for one scene than we did all week otherwise).

This was BEFORE the days of Viagra and Cialis (when being a male porn star was skill and not a pill) and all that AND it was during a time when the whole business was shooting condom only. So for my very first scene I did it completely natural (no Viagra), with my girl who I had already fucked like a thousand times before AND I had to do it in a room full of people AND while wearing a fucking condom! Talk about a challenge! But we did it. I think it’s Dirty Dancer’s #13. She and I did about three more scenes together before we broke up (for reasons completely unrelated to porn) but me and Luc Wylder and his partner Alexandra Silk stayed in touch and they asked if we wanted to do another scene.

I told them we weren’t together anymore but they saw that I could do a good scene and asked if they could book me with another girl. I wasn’t seeing anybody at the time and I had already done those previous scenes so I figured why not. One thing led to another and ten or so years later I had filmed over 1400 scenes worldwide with over 1200 beautiful porn starlets and won three AVN Awards and like fifty nominations (including Male Performer of the Year three years in a row).

2. What have you been doing with yourself during your time out of the industry?
I became a Dad. I didn’t want 21 Questions With Kurt Lockwood to be performing while I was trying earnestly to be the best full-time father I could be. My baby-mama is a Spanish woman so I moved to Europe so we could raise our child near her family. I was in San Sebastian, Spain; Hendaye, France and even spent some time in Baden Baden, Germany. I also got my national certification and state license to be a Licensed Massage Therapist, which was hard as fuck! LOL

3. We have missed you.  What inspired you to come back?
That’s very nice of you to say. I have been very pleasantly surprised at how welcoming everyone I’ve come in contact with from “the biz” has been about my return.  I just try to focus on the positive and moving forward. As for what inspired me to come back? It was the fans. The free porn sites which have been terrible for the industry as a whole has actually been very beneficial for me (and other porn stars) in that some of my scenes I have seen on there have been seen millions of times worldwide.

I put up a Kurt Lockwood Facebook page just for fun and it maxed out at 5000 fans from all over the globe.  So from my nearly four-year-self-imposed-exile “out of the biz” I became aware of the sounds and goings on of this new, sparkling clean Information Age, where web-connected fans of mine from different continents gathered together into these virtual Pleasure Domes until suddenly a feint, electric heartbeat pulsed like an infant’s over the circuits of veins and arteries until yours truly once again became manifest. My fans kept asking to see new scenes from me to the point where I realized that I have my own brand, my own niche market of fans and there was a dollar and a cent to be made at it.  So, here I am.

4. What’s the best thing you’ve learned or best advice you’ve received from industry?
Be smart with your money. Pay off your debt, take care of  your bills first, THEN get the brand new BMW with 20″ rims and limo tint on the windows and the place in the Hollywood Hills like I did, lol.  Oh, and don’t put your porn money up your nose, LOL. #BrightLightsBigCity

5. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while filming?
God, there’s so many things that I remember that were way funny now but not at the time.  Here’s one: I was doing a boy/girl scene with Dominique Leone a she was facing me and bouncing up and down on me in “cowgirl” position and we were really going at it, I mean, REALLY going at it. Well, while she was bouncing on me really hard, and really fast, she came up too far, my hard cock popped out of her vagina and when she went back down (still in hyper-energy-passionate rhythm) she missed her vagina and suddenly sat down on my cock, completely, balls deep, right into her ass.


She let out such a scream and her whole body spazzed like she had just been struck by cock lightning, LOL. We had to stop filming because she just immediately fell to the couch and she just quivered and whimpered for a good minute or so while I guess her anus recovered, LOL.  Afterwards, I could tell she wanted to be mad at me but she couldn’t because it was totally her fault, she was driving, lol.  But that’s just one memory I have of crazy shit happening on set.  I really should write a collection of all these stories and put them in a book, Lol. It would be a real page turner let me tell ya, LOL!

6. What do you think is the biggest misconception about women in the industry?  Men?
I think the biggest misconception is that the male performers are incidental, necessary evils or just life-support systems for their cocks.  A strong, experienced male porn star knows how to draw out the hottest performance from the girl, he knows his job is ultimately to make HER look good, a good Kurt Lockwood and his absmale porn star leads his scene partner almost like a dance, he also has an internal timer from experience which tells him when to switch positions so that the director doesn’t have to ever cut (which most directors hate to do!).  Plus, porn-sumers have changed.  Because of the free sites, women are now free to explore their every kink and no one is the wiser.

We are living in the time of Magic Mike and Fifty Shades of Grey, and of course sites like yours www.hotmoviesforHER.com, and women porn fans are embracing their inner erotic creature now more than any other time in history of the world and I think that’s extremely healthy for individuals and for our society as a whole. Repression sucks and leads to dysfunction. Anyway, we guys tend to get the short shrift and while I agree that porn is mainly about the girls, no girl, no matter how hot, no matter how sexually volcanic can bring it with a so-so guy. So yeah, I think we male porn stars deserve a little more appreciation but I do see it getting better. I love all my female fans! Rowr!

7. What did you do today?
Today was a very busy day for me actually.  I woke up around 8 am (I’m an early riser), showered, ate, read the news (I’m a political and current events junkie. Obama 2012!), got myself together for my noon appointment with my new agents ( www.101Modeling.com) and that went well and then I went to the bank, to the store, to Dr. Riggs (THE doctor to the porn industry) because I have a touch of bronchitis, I came home, ate again, sent my pix to my new agents for them to post, now I’m just chillin’ watching political coverage on MSNBC (trying to gently smoke a bowl as to not aggravate my bronchitis) and enjoying answering your thought-provoking questions while sipping on my codeine cough syrup.  >hiccup<  (Ordinarily there would be some gym time in there somewhere as I work out every single day, but as I mentioned earlier, I am a little under the weather.

8. What would you rather have done today?
Hmm, how about a ten girl “reverse gangbang” orgy with me as the only guy?  (But that’s every day, LOL).

9. If you could do a movie with anyone (living or brought back from the dead) who would it be?
I would like to do a re-make of A CLOCKWORK ORANGE with me as “Alex De Large” as directed by Stanley Kubrick.  Hands down. I love movies, porn and mainstream Hollywood.  Kubrick is my all-time favorite director and that would be my ultimate fantasy shoot. Although, I do love Malcom McDowell’s performance so much in the original.

10. Who is your favorite adult performer?
I don’t know if I have a favorite performer.  I love working with Paul Thomas or “PT” as we in porn know him as. Paul Thomas was in the original film version of “Jesus Christ Superstar” who became a porn star and director. How cool is that?  PT’s was a performer in the 70’s and 80’s, so does that count?

11. You’ve got 20 bucks left to your name; what would you do with it?
Probably get something to eat. I mean, if you’re that broke you’ve got to at least make sure you’re fed, right?

Come back next week for the rest of 21 Questions With Kurt Lockwood!



And we’re back with more raunchified dirt baggery in Jack The Zipper’s Stuntgirl.  Some call it art, some say it’s smut that wishes it was art and that it tries too hard.  Me?  I think it’s dirty-dirty and at the very least it’s a little something different.  Different from what?  From the sweet and innocent, from the same old gonzo, from the repetitive plain old fucking.  Is it all together different from much of the other “alternative” pornos that have come since Stuntgirl was released in 2004?  Not necessarily, but I’m not going to cry about it.  Take it for what it is – hot people having hot sex and enjoying every hot ass moment of it while giving a fuck about what they’re doing and not just lying there getting railed until they get their pay check.

StuntgirlEnd rant.

I don’t know if the editing – the slow mo, super speed, reverse play – makes this a ground breaking piece of pornography, but I do like it.  It doesn’t take away from the get-off-factor as fancy (forced) camera work and editing often does.  The lighting – the blue, red, dark, (insert technical term here) works for me.  It hides imperfections and creates atmosphere a la seedy motel rooms and strip clubs.

There is a lot of weaving and overlapping of scenes, but I’m going to focus this review on scenes 3 and 4 starring Kim Kane, Kurt Lockwood and Deja Dare.  They seem to flow into each other, so why the hell not?  Kim Kane is definitely the “done-to” participant in these scenes.  She gets used for the pleasure of others, but absolutely enjoys everything that goes down.  Deja Daire strap-on fucks her for a bit and then the scene cuts to Kurt Lockwood entering with force and pushing Kim back on the couch.  I love a dude that owns it and takes charge!

He roughs her up a bit and she absolutely loves it – a little spanking, fingers in the mouth, choking and a rough blow J.  He fucks her for a bit, but the real fun begins when Deja reappears still sporting her strap-on for an amazing threesome in which Kim Kane gets the life fucked out of her from both.  What I love most, beyond the camera angles and lighting, is the true enjoyment you can see from Kim and Kurt.  They are dirty birdies and pair quite nicely together.  And Deja Dare, in all of her long-legged, long-haired sexiness, is the perfect accompaniment.

I’m definitely a fan of Stuntgirl and can totally see why it won so many AVN Awards.  What is and isn’t art is in the eye of the beholder.  I will say that enormous amounts of vision and creative effort went into this porno.  Best of all, none of the gratuitous filth was sacrificed in the process.

Watch Stuntgirl now!


Ginger Leigh

Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood

Tuesday after a holiday seems like a good time for a hot muscular man fucking a cute brunette and shot the way I’ve always wanted straight porn to be shot. Yay for Jake Cruise and “Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & For Women Too! – Kurt Lockwood.”

Kurt starts out by giving us a tour of his tattooed arms, explaining each of the sexy all black tats. He’s even got a little tramp stamp right above one of the cutest firmest roundest little bubble butts. Ok anyone else think it’s hot when I guy with a hot ass likes analingus? Kurt likes it so much his partner gets to finger him while giving oral.

There are a couple of unsexy bits to this movie; Kurt doesn’t really give his partner much attention. He seems rather like a dive right in kind of guy, not unusual in straight porn but disappointing. Seriously for the first half of the movie he was pretty hands off with his partner, maybe a full breast squeeze her and a kiss there but not much to tempt and titillate a female audience. It’s understandable that there’s a moment where Kurt’s on top that his partner looks rather bored, she alleviates her own boredom with a finger up Kurt’s ass.

The other thing is the gratuitous looking at the camera. Kurt’s got a hot brunette wrapped around his cock and takes a moment to see himself fucking in the camera? Personally I think of that as anti-hot. Yeah Kurt goes back to making contact with his partner but for me the moment was badly bruised the first time he got caught up in his own reflection and completely shattered by the second time. It’s a theme that his partner picks up on as the scene progresses and she happens to get into the shot, shooting the camera loving looks while Kurt has his face buried in a pillow.

I had pretty good hopes for this one but I was sadly bored silly with it. It became painfully obvious rather early on that the only one coming with this particular film would be Kurt.

The Devil In Miss Jones – The Resurrection

I’ve been waiting for this one for a while – I mean, how can you go wrong when you take a woman as amazing as Belladonna and feature her in the latest movie from a classic line of films! In this one, Bella gets to show off her acting chops as a journalist who has plans to make it big but runs into a little trouble after making a deal with the devil, who is played by the gorgeous Savannah Sampson.

Things start off with a bang in an amazing scene between Belladonna and Kurt Lockwood. Seriously, this is an amazing scene. I love just about everything this lady does, but this performance is just out of this world and Mr. Lockwood isn’t too shabby himself. After a little sixty-nine action, he slides his rod up her ass and there’s no doubt it’s exactly what she wants! The energy and chemistry in this scene is fantastic and I really suggest checking it out.

I also loved scene four where Tom Byon (as a priest!) takes on Belladonna, Penny Flame and Victoria Sin. The girls quickly get down on their knees and worship his cock before he gets to work satisfying his minions. Byron is great and I love how much fun all of the girls are having. Sometimes when you get three girls and one dude you end up with a left over girl just kind of observing and trying to fit in. That definitely is not he case with this one.

There’s also an orgy that is notable because of the A list cast of pornstars involved. Take everyone I’ve already discussed and throw in Rebeca Linares, Evan Stone, Nick Manning and a few more people and you’ve got a guaranteed good time!

Overall, this is a very good movie that features some great performances by one of my favorite dirty ladies! If you’re the least bit interested, I think you’ll be glad to have watched this one.