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U.K. Porn Ban

Last month, a bill in the United Kingdom passed which requires internet service providers to block websites that provide “non-conventional” porn acts as defined by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). While “non-conventional” isn’t entirely defined within the bill, most sources report that videos (or pictures) that depict spanking or any impact play that leaves marks, urine, or female ejaculation fall into the loosely defined “non-conventional” category. Besides being a bit Orwellian and possibly foreshadowing some repercussions in the States (I’m looking at you South Carolina-no digital device is gonna block my porn!), not allowing spanking that leaves marks in Britain is like denying a whole culture their one unifying kink. I’m sure not every Brit likes a bit of the slap and tickle, but if all the British spanking videos don’t convince you this is part of an English sexual experience, then maybe you should check out a few of our favorite British scenes below. In addition to some spanking, we’ve collected some of the U.K.’s top stars doing all the acts that will get these videos banned across the pond.

Urination, Sex in public, Toe Sucking (maybe this isn’t on the list)

Tanya Tate and Friends – Lesbian Jacuzzi Play – One of our all-time favorite English beauties, Tanya Tate, stars with fellow Englishwoman Sophie Dee and their hot lady-friend in this super wet and very “non-conventional” jacuzzi party.

Female Ejaculation

Speaking of the beautiful Sophie Dee, she hooks up with fellow Brit Keiran Lee and Kelly Divine for a wet afternoon on the veranda in She’s Gonna Squirt.

Spanking, Whipping or Caning that Leaves Marks, Female Ejaculation

Pascal White is known for his no-BS attitude towards shooting. He’s not a gentle flower, and he proves that in Spank Me Harder 2. Scene four with Miss Trixx breaks most of the rules on the UK banned list.

Gagging, Gagging, More Gagging, and Lots of Sloppy Lesbian Sex

So, this is an amazing two-part series and Samantha Bentley should get an Oscar for her performance in Hard in Love. I mean it, not just an AVN, but she gives her best performance of her career (so far) in these two films. The dynamic and messed up relationship between her and Angel Long is really fun to watch.

Public Masturbation

Scene 1 in On A Dogging Mission shows a unique aspect of Sahara Knite’s personality when we see how adventurous the young star is in the public parks and streets of England. Naughty, naughty Sahara.

Urination, Gagging, Female Ejaculation

Sexyscorpionxxx is THE QUEEN of British homemade porn. This scene of hers is probably going to be locked away in a vault somewhere deep below Buckingham Palace in the future. Definitely don’t miss Piss Gush Gag Fuck.


For more wonderful scenes from our friends in the United Kingdom, check out our UK category!

Porn Gave Me Butt Pride

I am not a size 2 or 4. Hell, I don’t even think all the Crisco in the world could slide my right ankle into either size. I’m of an average size on top but situated below my waist and at the top of my thighs sits my big, fat, gloriously impressive ASS.

It’s only been in the last 4-5 years that I have truly come to learn that my butt is not a burden, rather it’s a sexual goldmine and it’s all MINE.

Having a big ass and hating it is pretty expected with the amount of crappy body-hating messages that the media sends us about how we should slenderise our asses. Trying to ‘help’ us de-ass our asses so we won’t have to despair being a pear! Pfft. Bitch, please. For the record, I think we start using the term ‘ukulele shaped’ instead of ‘pear’. Much more hip…

These days however, I LOVE my ass. I think it’s great! I want to write songs about it! I want to climb to the peak of Pride Rock and stick it out proudly while the animals of The Pride Lands pay homage to it!

There have been two defining moments in my life that have drastically changed my attitude about my ass for the better. And no, believe it or not, the first wasn’t when my boyfriend at aged 16 told me he loved my ‘child bearing hips’. The first was when I was working at a circus and a drunk clown cried and told me I had the ‘ass of his dreams’ and the other was when I started to watch porn and realised women who had butts like me were the stars of a whole niche of masturbatory material. Needless to say, the second moment held much more credibility than the emotional, perverted clown.

I will forever credit porn with giving me more body confidence than any of those silly (anti) women’s mags. Anyone who tells you that porn industry revolves around skinny, blonde, big faked boobied sexy robot sluts have NEVER seen more than 5 minutes of porn in their lives. If any at all.

Watching women of diverse body types but all with the common theme of a rumpalicious behind, such as Brianna Love, Gianna Michaels and Kelly Divine has been brilliant for both my body and sexual confidence. Watching the movies that John Stagliano (Buttman) directs, that revolve around worshipping and focussing on big butts has only made my short shorts get shorter.

It should be mentioned that I do like how unlike ‘BBW’ porn, big butt porn doesn’t tend to make fun of a woman’s weight and there isn’t that underlying punishment sex aspect that I seem to find with some porn that centres around zaftig women. It is just usually a celebrated sexualisation of a big ole butt.

So, dust of your shortest short shorts and get your thighs on full display because you have been born with a beautiful butt (and thighs and hips!) that need to be seen. And next time someone tells you that porn is bad for women’s confidence, ask them how many pornos they’ve actually seen.

For quality ass-half-full masturbatory material that I can personally vouch for, check out Big Wet Asses 15 (starring my big butted porn crush Gianna Michaels).

Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody

While it may not seem like it on the surface, porn parodies are actually a multi-layered experience.  Sure, they can get you off, but they can also offer up a less charged and scary way for people to engage with porn, and they can draw out memories that you totally forgot surrounding movies and shows you watched long ago.  Take Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody, for instance.  It’s been a minute since I even thought about the movie Clerks, let alone watched it, but lo and behold, the minute I saw this parody in the recently added, all of my teenage angst and love of the movie came flooding back.  Oh parody porn, you are amazing.

Anyway, today I am reviewing Vivid’s Clerks XXX – A Porn Parody, which, like the real version of Clerks, follows a day in the life of a store clerk.  This time instead of a convenience store, it’s a sex toy/porn shop.  The movie starts with Dana () coming in to open the shop – putting out product, dressing the mannequin and blowing up the sex toy doll (which I think is Joanna Angel’s doll).  Soon the customers come in and the day begins with one annoyance after the next.  Like the guy haranguing the other customers about the dangers of condom use.  Jeez, is Dana even supposed to be there today?

Oh man, the best are Jane and Silent Bertha, the “Jay” (Chastity Lynn) and “Silent Bob”(Kelly Divine) of this flick.  Jane is ready to “suck some dicks and turn some trick,” and she can “suck a volleyball through a curly straw.”  Seriously, that is the best line.  Or is it “try not to get fucked in the ass on the way through the parking lot”?  Yep, just like there real movie, this version is filled with quality one liners.

But you didn’t come here for the banter; you came to talk about the sex.  Like and  banging on the floor behind the counter in scene one.  While the floor is fucking disgusting, it’s easy to ignore with how nasty they are (in a good way).  They make out for a long time before getting their fuck on in a whole bunch of positions, including Haze on top while Gamble reddens her ass with smacks.  One thing I’ve noticed about Allie Haze that I love and haven’t mentioned before is her delicious dark brown nipples.  I don’t know if it’s just them against the shade of her skin, but there is something about her nipples that I find kind of striking.  And I see a lot of naked tits.

Another one of my favorite scenes is number five, with  and Allie Haze getting it on.  Dana decides to give happiness a try and goes for Randi, the other clerk and her best friend.  It’s not long before they are fucking all over the store, ending up on a big red couch.  I love watching them lick each other’s pussies at the same time, but the best is the mutual masturbation with vibrators at the end.  Their legs are intertwined and they cum together, trembling and moaning in unison.  Such good stuff.

The sex is really hot, but for me, the banter and nods to classic Clerks is what did it for me.  Thanks Vivid.

Watch “” Now!

Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)

I can always count on Belladonna to make the hottest, most brutal girl on girl pornos ever.  There is something so totally hot about about watching super femme ladies wrestle and fuck each other hard.  Especially when it is done proper on a wrestling mat.  There’s nothing wrong with cheering and yelling “damn girl” while watching porno.  There just isn’t.

Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1)Adrianna Nicole totally owns Kelly Devine in scene 1.  Adrianna brings Kelly straight down to the ground and proceeds to play the bongo drums on her breasts before pulling them out of her leotard.  Weaving in and out of pretzel-like positions,  Adrianna makes her way to Kelly’s pile driven pussy and ass.  She never complains and only asks for more.  Adrianna’s foot finds her way to Kelly’s holes as well.  So kinky.  Eventually, Miss Devine gets her turn between Adrianna’s legs for a much gentler fucking.  Adrianna definitely dominates here.

If you’re into blonde on blonde action, you definitely need to sink your teeth into scene 2.  Lea Lexis puts Sammie Rhodes through hell and it is amazing.  They both look great rolling around on the mat with their pony tails swinging.  With similar makeup and hair styles, they look nearly identical which is creepishly hot.  Lea’s Romanian accent is a total turn on and adds to her authoritative-ness.  A few toys get to know the inside of Sammie’s Ass, including the Eleven and a big brass Knuckles Butt Plug from Burning Angel.  These are not small toys! The two get down with the tribbing and Lea gets off on Sammie’s mouth.  So hot!

Scene 3 starring Sinn Sage and Kara Price is totally hardcore.  Kara talks a lot of shit, but Sinn has no problem shutting her up.  She rides Kara’s face and it is glorious!

If you like rough girl on girl fucking, you’ve found the right movie.  That is all.

Watch Belladonna: No Warning 6 (Disc 1) now!