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Kelli Lox Interview

Some people just bounce off the screen with enthusiasm and charm, and Kelli Lox is definitely one of those people. A natural performer, Kelli has collaborated with some of the most influential directors and performers in porn, and has championed a new era of trans content; content that transcends labels and invites a wide audience. We were very excited to ask Kelli questions about her career trajectory and the state of trans issues outside of the industry. Her answers are some of the most thoughtful, poignant, but also hopeful responses that we have had the privilege of printing.

HotMoviesForHer: While doing research on you, and revisiting some of my favorite films with you in them, like Real Fucking Girls and Fetish Fvckdolls, it is obvious why you have been nominated for so many prestigious awards. You have been nominated for Best Hardcore Performer at the Transgender Erotica Awards this year, as well as Transsexual Performer of the Year at both AVN and XBIZ. Did you get into the adult business with the intention of being a household name? What were your goals when you started performing?

Kelli Lox: I think mainly I was drawn to a chance at becoming semi-famous. I looked at Domino Presley and said “I want to follow in her footsteps” and I did! When I started, she had almost 50 thousand followers on Twitter, so I set that as my goal. Now I have like 63 thousand, well over that number, and she’s got over 100 thousand! But yeah, I looked at it as a way to make money and have fun. Getting paid to have sex with beautiful people is a pretty sweet deal whichever way you slice it (haha). And, the business side, the community side, the network of trans peers we’ve been building year after year, it’s pretty special and it’s a special time for us, too, so it feels great to be a part of that. We’re like the most visible group of the most visible group of the most visible group. Me for example, woman of color, queer, porn star, trans, etc, that’s like 4 or 5 marginalized groups right there. I think the richness of experience for me is being a real life face for that specific experience at this time in our society when we are finally talking about all those things – sex work, race, transgender issues, etc for the first time. It feels like I might be remembered for a minute. You could say that fame is an empty pursuit but, according to my mom, the Aztecs say there’s a third and final death that occurs when you’re forgotten. Haha- But seriously I’m an artist and if I weren’t starring in adult films I’d be in a band, and if I weren’t in a band I’d be a painter or a digital artist or something.

You talked about doing nude modeling when you were in college and how that experience made you more comfortable with being nude in public. Had you transitioned at that time? What clicked for you in those classes? What made you think you were ready to explore more of the adult entertainment professions?

You know, it’s actually funny, I was just thinking about this the other day. In college, I modeled nude for the drawing classes at the art school. And yes, every time I’m asked “So, how did you get into porn?” which every interview asks (hahaha except you, good job!) any time I’m asked that in an interview, I always mention that. But a few days ago I was thinking about a side gig I also had at that time. The local inhabitants of the town had a drawing class every few weeks as well, and they were booking me to model for those. So I was good at it, and I was getting a lot of work. Now the thing is, I was a boy back then. A boy with long beautiful brown hair. I acted like a normal boy, but anyone who looked could probably tell I had a femme bud inside me that wanted to blossom, hahaha I mean, I danced ballet. But, I was still a few years away from even beginning to transition. So I would ride a male-female edge as a personal narrative, and long story short, I cut my hair one day. Went to my side gig, the community drawing class. It went fine except the main guy who hired me was pissed. He never hired me again after that. It wasn’t until later when I had thought about it, that I realized why. He loved my long beautiful brown hair. HAHA Isn’t that cute? He never hired me again because he liked me more when I looked like a girl.

Not only your film work, but your personal interests and skills are really unique. You’ve taken ballet, you play musical instruments, you speak different languages, and you are a great performer. Can you elaborate on how your skills and interests off screen have influenced roles or projects you decide to work on?

Wow, you’re good! Thanks. Yes, I think it was Asa Akira who said something along the lines of “Porn stars aren’t, like, victims. many of us are intelligent women who choose this as a personal career, not as a result of some desperation or damage. Like, many of us we were raised well and come from nice families.” I read that a few years ago and it really clicked for me, because I realized we don’t have to fit into any “what kind of person becomes a porn star?” answer. Who becomes a porn star? I can look around and say “We do.” So that helped me feel more comfortable sharing things about me that are unique or interesting. The thing is, a lot of industry trans girls are a bit terrified of sharing their interests on twitter. Like, “I want to tell everyone I’m learning a song on the piano – wait – is that…sexy?” or “I want to talk about my miniature train building hobby – wait – will people make fun of me?” So, I like to show that, yes, it’s okay to be a multidimensional person with a variety of skills and interests that have nothing whatsoever to do with sex or being transgender. At the end of the day, I think it all just makes me an interesting person who people like to work with. I’m trying to think of a time when I’ve had to speak another language in a video and I don’t think there’s been one. But I do play soccer, and once, for Joey Silvera’s Rogue Adventures 38, we drove to a park and I dressed up in colorful soccer gear and kicked a ball around. Hahaha. It was cute. Then I “got home from practice” and proceeded to undress on the bed. You know the rest. Then there’s also Fetish Fvckdolls of course, where I wore ballerina gear. I can’t actually dance en pointe, but I did dance ballet my whole life up until I transitioned.

Speaking of playing musical instruments, what do you play and what is your musical background? Can we hear your music anywhere?

I have been in a ton of bands of all sorts, from death metal, 80s cover, and folk, to ska funk. I usually played drums and keyboards, and sang. My soundcloud is https://soundcloud.com/kelli_lox and i have a few original songs on there and I also did a few remixes of Suzanne Vega songs. Nowadays I mostly play the keyboard and sing or make music on my computer, but my drumset is at my friend’s house and sometimes we jam there, and I’d love to be in a band again someday. I miss the fun of making up parts to each other’s songs, creating music together.

You have talked about the type of personality needed in order to be a porn performer. What do you think are important personality traits or characteristics that are needed to be in porn?

Super impressed by your questions by the way =) Yeah, I read that the human brain can overpower disgust in a moment of sexual activity. Suddenly, things that would normally seem gross are super hot. Long story short, muggles aren’t ready for butt jelly. Also, civilians make everything about them. As a porn performer you have to be comfortable around sweat, vaginal fluid, cum, lube, buttholes, and saliva, and lots of people watching and feel SEXY and not icky or weird. And the objective is to produce a good scene. I think normal people can’t do that. They can’t face the non-sanctity of sex and they get grossed out too easily and they can’t put their heart and body and mind into their art like that. We’re special!

In the last few years there has been a huge upsurge in mainstream media covering porn performers. Several stories look at what a typical day in the industry is, or how feminism and porn are not mutually exclusive. What questions do you think need to be asked of performers that aren’t being asked? What issues get swept under the rug for the sake of sensationalism?

Wow. Well, I think there’s a lot of intersectionality that needs to be explored in the social landscape. Like, a black trans woman living in rural America who is in an abusive relationship, but wants to go back to college, or a queer Muslim girl who lives in Seattle and is scared to come out. What are the needs of that particular person that are never met because she’s on the erased edge of multiple social control systems? What kind of support networks are needed and how can we build them? I don’t know! But we need to ask it. Personally, here in Berkeley, California, I kind of live in a bubble; I forget that vast swaths of this country are full of people who say I either don’t exist or shouldn’t be allowed to. So yeah, I think trans women of color living in rural America are one of our most vulnerable populations today and there should be more support networks for them. So yeah, a white cis-woman talking about feminism and porn isn’t intersectional enough anymore, it’s already boring. Those people should give voice to their peers who are of color or trans. Those are the voices that need to be heard right now. And yeah, there may be an article with the headline “27 Trans Women of Color Murdered Already in 2017” and I’m realistic about the fact that all anyone clicks on are articles about white women who show their boobs to prove feminists can have boobs and show them and still be feminists. Nothing against white girls boobs, but yawn, you know what I mean? People are getting murdered over here.

What would you like to see from cis-female activists, or just civilians that would make you feel like we were moving in a more unified direction?

1. Hire trans women. Hire the fuck out of us! Specifically seek us out for jobs, scholarships, and professional positions. Mention that you’re looking specifically for us in your outreach. Rent us your houses, your apartments, and your rooms. Post notices on your properties and in your businesses that state we are welcome and can expect to feel safe and respected.
2. Give your voice to us! Instead of researching trans issues and writing an article about us, hire one of us to write the article. Instead of seeing yourself as an insider to or ambassador for trans women’s issues, shut up and pass the microphone to us and let us speak for ourselves. Cast actual trans women actresses in roles of trans women in films. Get actual trans women to participate in panels about transgender issues. On Twitter, instead of reading our tweets and then tweeting your support of us, tell people to follow us and retweet our tweets. We don’t need more cis white males saying they support us, we need to replace them and stand where they stood, and be given the voice that they had. Instead of cis white women stating they support us, they should invite us onstage and then sit down while we speak.


What is the role of Trans activism in porn for you? Is porn political?

I don’t really know. My take on my own activism, personally, has been that I don’t need to prepare a statement or promote any viewpoint or position. I have remained visible when others told me to hide, insisted on being included when others attempted to erase me, stood up when others were too scared to, and – just being visible and never letting the big bad world scare me away, that’s enough to ask of one person, because that’s really hard. It has been really hard. So, I don’t put pressure on myself to be “an activist” or “political.” My continued existence every day here on this planet is political. I am making a trail breaking and provocative statement just by breathing and not getting murdered. LITERALLY HALF of trans girls have been murdered or attempted suicide. The fact that I am still here is pretty fucking rare, so I don’t have to go out of my way to make a statement. The fact that I didn’t crawl away in shame long ago is statement enough. For now.

From your experience as a trans performer, how can porn media help to promote trans performers? What issues have you seen within adult industry media that need to be addressed?

The porn industry needs to get a bit farther ahead of the curve on this. First of all, there needs to be more inclusion of trans women on the major labels and by the major studios, and lesbian porn needs to cast more trans women in lesbian porn. As everyone knows, there is a stigma that is attached to working with trans women. I think it’s because we’re still associated with gay males. and anyone who does gay male scenes is automatically higher risk. Which is complete bullshit, especially for girls like me who mostly shoot with genetic females. I don’t have sex with gay men. But what can be done to de-stigmatize us? I think that’s what I’m doing, just by talking about it and pushing for elimination of that invisible wall that systematically keeps us out of mainstream porn. Second, the awards shows should shift from the bare minimum they currently do and really showcase diverse trans women in their special features, on stage, and in their staff or project teams. I mean, AVN made a statement that trans women can use the women’s bathrooms at their awards show, and there’s no way they expect anyone to bake them cookies for that. They should have trans women in their promotional materials, trans women working at the registration tables, trans women presenting awards, and female performers who happen to be trans being profiled for the pay-per-view specials etc. Take the fucking lead already.

If budget, location, and casting were not issues, what would be your dream project to work on?

Kelli Lox Academy for Wayward Tgirls. The Kelli Lox Academy. A boarding house and foundation for college scholarships for trans girls who are attending college.

I’ve read you have a thing for cute toes. What is your favorite color nail polish for toes?

It’s true, I love cute girls with cute toes. Probably purple sparkly would be my favorite color.

What do you hope to accomplish in the industry?

I just want to feel like I made a difference. And I have already, I have kind of done something different. I mean, how many other transsexual female performers are there who have natural boobs and primarily shoot with females? I’m prrrrretty sure me and Chelsea Poe are the only ones.

How can your fans best support you?

Buy me gift cards on amazon.com! Or order things off my wishlist:

(Kelli’s Wish List Link: http://a.co/91gcV12)

The 25 Hottest Trans Women Of 2016

While 2016 may be over now, 2017 promises to bring even more fantastic transsexual porn to the many fans of the genre. It seems that there are more trans models with their own studios than ever before, and more trans-oriented studios that continue to pop up to produce this highly in-demand content. At HotMoviesForHer, we love to see our favorite trans models succeed in sharing their beautiful bodies and sexuality with the world. With the past year behind us, we decided to take some time to highlight the biggest names in transsexual porn from the year and some of the newer trans beauties that made 2016 the breakthrough year that it was.

Aubrey Kate

Anyone who follows trans porn knows the name Aubrey Kate, and it’s no surprise that 2016 was another banner year for the blonde bombshell. Aubrey graced the box covers of almost every release she appeared in this year and provided her fans with a variety of different performances. From her role as a superhero in Trans Tastic Four, to a formidable Dominatrix in TS FemDom, to her video-vixen appearance in almost everything else, Aubrey Kate proved herself to be a versatile and awe-inspiring performer this year.



Kelli Lox

Kelli Lox really came out of the box this year, showcasing her bubbly spirit and fun-loving personality with her fans in films like Real Fucking Girls and Best of Monstercock: Trans Takeover 2. While Kelli’s technicolor hair may change often, one thing that never changes is Kelli’s dedication to expressing that she is an artistically sexual being, and that’s what we love about her!





Chelsea Poe

Chelsea Poe rocked 2016 like no other. Whether she was championing trans rights in the adult industry, directing her own releases for TROUBLE Films, or starring in some of the highest-rated trans releases on our site, Chelsea paved the way for the viewers and fans to consume trans porn with a conscience. Chelsea’s artistry brings something very unique and special to the trans genre, and, as always, we’re anxiously awaiting her next release!



Aspen Brooks

Aspen Brooks introduced herself to the adult industry in 2016, and we embraced her with open arms. The sassy beauty wowed us with her performances again and again with her roles in TransSensual features, and her confidence and maturity made it all the more surprising when we found out she was only 18! Aspen may hail from the icy Switz alps, but this ambitious young hottie is definitely on fire!




River Stark

We had the pleasure of drooling over River Stark this year when she entered the industry with a bang, filming for the top trans studios right out the gate. As if that wasn’t impressive enough, River cut her teeth on some pretty meaty acting roles for her first year. River’s performances in Transition and My TS Teacher are absolute must-sees and prove that there is more to River Stark than just her bangin’ bod.




Jessica Fox

Nobody could ever get enough of Native American stunner Jessica Fox! The raven-haired goddess shone bright this year with more dominating roles, like her performance in TS Girls In Charge, and an especially titillating glory-hole scene. We can’t wait to see what the new year has in store for this demure showstopper!





Chelsea Marie

Anyone would kill for a Transsexual Girlfriend Experience with bisexual babe Chelsea Marie! Chelsea’s performances exude a captivating confidence that we love to see in trans scenes. Her self-assured nature has a purpose beyond just being plain sexy, however; she wants to help normalize trans bodies for other trans women and those attracted to them. We hope to see Chelsea spread her mission in many more movies!




Honey Foxxx

LGBTQI activist and sizzling star Honey Foxxx excited fans this year by appearing in her first FTM (female-to-male) trans scene alongside Eddie Wood in The Squirting Man 2. Always the versatile and exciting performer, Honey Foxxx continued to amass fans this year with her beautiful smile, fantastic body, and – of course – huge cock.





Venus Lux

What would this list be without the incomparable Venus Lux? This superstar made 2016 her year, as she has with every year she’s worked in the adult industry. Whether Venus was shooting for her own studio, Venus Lux Entertainment, or for any of the biggest trans-friendly studios out there, the multiple-award winning trans goddess was unavoidable if you watched trans porn in the past year.




Jamie French

Jamie French is a fun latex-enthusiast, and after her directorial debut in 2015, the ever-ambitious Jamie went on to start her own podcast (The Approximate Podcast) in 2016. When she wasn’t in the recording studio, the bodacious beauty starred in high-rating films like She-Male Perverts 3. We hope Jamie continues to share her interesting perspective and gorgeous self with us in 2017!




Morgan Bailey

If you somehow weren’t aware, Morgan Bailey is one of the more popular transsexual performers in the industry. Her fans love her trademark tattoos, big boobs, and overall punk-infused attitude, and it’s clear from her performances that Morgan genuinely loves what she does. Prior to Bailey getting into the adult entertainment industry, she worked as a tattoo artist and a bartender in Chicago. We’re glad she made the career-switch, because this inked hottie was made to be a star!



Jessy Dubai

When the drop-dead gorgeous Jessy Dubai didn’t like the porn that she was seeing produced, she challenged herself to change the industry by joining it. Thankfully she did, because Jessy has made an indelible mark on the world of transsexual porn with her remarkable performances in popular titles like TS Lusty Latinas. In a short amount of time, Jessy was able to make a name for herself and gather the rabid fanbase she now has, and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

Read our interview with Jessy here!



Isabella Sorrenti

Isabella Sorrenti came out of nowhere in 2016, much to everyone’s delight, and dominated trans porn with sizzling scene after sizzling scene. In her first year alone, Isabella has filmed with notable studios like Severe Sex, Evil Angel – Aiden Starr, and Devil’s Film. Not only has she been filming nonstop, but Isabella is also up for her first – and definitely not last – AVN nomination for Best Transsexual Performer. With the incredible momentum she has built up, we can’t wait to see Isabella’s filmography in 2017!



Michelle Austin

Michelle Austin had an exciting year contributing a variety of fantastic new titles through her studio Kennston Productions with her partner Dicky Johnson. When she wasn’t working on her studio’s films, Michelle provided her Twitter followers and fans with body-positive inspiration and some seriously sizzling photo sets. We love Michelle Austin and everything she does, and eagerly await her next Kennston releases.

Read our interview with Michelle and Dicky here!



Nina Lawless

Fit, tattooed, and well-endowed hottie Nina Lawless gave us plenty to drool over this year, starting with her jaw-dropping scene alongside River Stark in Trans-Visions 6. We also became more acquainted with Nina’s dominant side through her TSSeduction.com scenes. She’s up for Best Transsexual Performer this year at the AVNs and it couldn’t be more deserved!




Stefani Special

Fans of trans porn were treated to a whole lot of Stefani Special this past year, as the brunette babe continually appeared in scorching titles like TS Beauties Vol. 2 and TS Love Stories. We also got more familiar with Stefani’s kinky side in Fetish Fvckdolls; her scene alongside Mistress Kara is unquestionably erotic. Stefani’s versatility as both a pansexual and D/s switch performer keep her future possibilities endless, so to say we’re excited for her next move is an understatement.



Domino Presley

Incredibly gorgeous Domino Presley has been on our radars since 2010, but Domino surprised us this year with some pretty fantastic career developments. Grooby Productions released the aptly titled showcase, Domino Presley: Transsexual Icon, a 6-scene tribute to one of the leading ladies in trans porn today. Domino also met up with crossover stud Christian XXX to film a scene for his film Tranny Blowies Vol. 1 that was full of chemistry and hot, hot sex. Domino is a porn superstar, and is absolutely deserving of all the accolades she’s obtained.




Speaking of superstars, the vixen we know as Foxxy had another awesome year in 2016. TransSensual released its own Foxxy showcase, Deep Inside TS Foxxy, with 4 scenes dedicated to the bodacious star and her sizzling sexual performances. Her club scene in highly rated Transsexual Girlfriend Experience III was another visual treat for fans of her curvaceous figure. Whatever this little Latina does, she mesmerizes people in her wake and we love it!




Jonelle Brooks

The supermodel of TS porn, Jonelle Brooks, graced our screens with some select releases this year, like the Evil Angel title The True History of She-Male Cock 5 and a few Kink.com titles that have us salivating for more. The new year looks like it will be an exciting one for Ms. Jonelle as she’s starting her grad school journey, but we hope to continue to see her face pop up in more trans porn if she has time to shoot between study breaks!




Kimber James

Bubbly blonde and fan favorite Kimber James kept out of the spotlight for a lot of 2016, which is why fans rejoiced to see her join Christian XXX for a blowjob he’ll not soon forget for Tranny Blowies Vol. 1. The high-maintenance hottie broke barriers for her fellow trans performers when she memorably signed with LA Direct Models as the first transsexual star on their roster. We hope to see Kimber break more barriers in the coming year!




Joanna Jet

British MILF Joanna Jet wowed trans fans with her directorial releases through Third World Media this year. Her showcase series Joanna Jet The Trans MILF maintained high ratings, as well as her many scenes alongside Christian XXX for his studio CX WOW. Joanna fills the mature niche that was previously missing from much of trans porn, and we love to see her succeeding by being herself.




Tasha Jones

Tasha Jones has always been a force to be reckoned with in transsexual porn, and in 2016 we were treated to a showcase of Tasha’s kinkier side with Tasha Jones’ Femdom Stories. Tasha has had one of the lengthiest and most successful careers in the adult industry for a transgender performer, and every year she continues to impress and amass fans.

Read our interview with Tasha here!




Yasmine Lee

Yasmine Lee has shot to stardom in recent years after appearing in The Hangover II and other mainstream films, and we couldn’t be happier for the gorgeous and hardworking star. Yasmin found her way into the adult industry by way of her work as a makeup artist, eventually shooting her first scene with Anabolic when their talent cancelled last minute. Since then, Yasmine has proved that her performances have range, and she has become a favorite Domme for Kink.com to use in their TSSeduction scenes, like All For You: A Pleasure-Filled POV Punishment. We hope to see plenty more adult ventures from this multifaceted beauty in the coming year!



Kelly Klaymour

Kelly Klaymour has had an exciting career since joining the industry in 2013, and hasn’t showed signs of slowing up anytime soon. This past year, Kelly appeared in two of the highest-rated Evil Angel transsexual releases, The True History Of She-Male Cock 5 and TS Playground’s Best Of TS On Female. We can’t wait to see what steamy new projects Kelly’s working on for the new year!




Kylie Marie

Petite and pretty Kylie Marie is up for 4 TEA awards and the AVN award for Best Transsexual Performer this year, and after watching her scenes from this past year it’s no surprise why. Kylie’s threesome scene in Monstercock: Trans Takeover 10 is jaw-droppingly hot and highlights her ability to maintain a sweet, almost innocent onscreen presence no matter how hard she’s being fucked. Kylie is the ultimate seductress, and we have a feeling that 2017 will be an even bigger year for the sexy sweetheart!




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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Real Fucking Girls

Real Fucking Girls CoverBefore watching Mona WalesReal Fucking Girls I didn’t know much about Grooby Productions besides the fact that they specialize in movies featuring transsexual performers, but this title definitely inspired further research. Every single star is hot as fuck, the production quality is great, the soundtrack made me feel like I was watching Chicago (and I mean that with nothing but respect), and the sex was really entertaining. To put icing on the cake (the good stuff too, not that pre-made crap) each scene has its own story line and everyone knows how much I love a good plot or story. Let’s jump in!




Scene 1 – Kelli Lox & Ella Nova

1Kelli Lox & Ella Nova find themselves in a situation most of us can relate to at some point in our lives. They’re in a relationship but because both live with their folks it’s hard for them to fuck, so they decided to ride around and find random places to do the nasty. Seems like a way to get your rocks off and keep things spicy at the same time, which is exactly what happens when Kelli discovers how turned on she gets when Ella is scared. When they find an abandoned hotel Kelli just can’t control herself and before you know it Ella’s giving her a blowjob while keeping a look out for ghosts (talk about multi tasking talent). After exchanging oral pleasantries, Kelli fucks Ella so hard her head starts knocking shit off the nightstand. Now, I’m no fan of banging a chick’s head into the headboard so that she has a headache while I rest peacefully in an orgasms induced slumber, but Ella loved that shit so much I couldn’t help but get off. She literally smiles at one point!


Ella returns the favor by fingering Kelli’s ass while jerking her off. It may not sound like much, but this is the highlight of the scene in my opinion. Kelli loves the sensation she’s getting, evident by her tight grip on the bed post and constant moaning, and it gives Ella that added confidence to go even deeper and harder. Kelli literally looks like she’s about to explode and I was surprised when she didn’t! I had such a good time watching her enjoy the pleasure that I could hardly contain myself. Ella even bites her butt cheeks in the midst of it all and the laughter they share make the exchange really fun. Kelli goes on to fuck Ella doggy style in the ass before cumming in her mouth, but for the rest of the scene I kept thinking about ass play and how intense it was! Definitely a great opening scene.


Scene 2 – Bella Rossi & Tori Mayes


First off, Tori Mayes is fucking gorgeous! I could watch her sit in that lounge with that dress on talking for at least 20 minutes. Right away she lets us know that she’s a serial monogamous lesbian. She jumps from relationship to relationship (I know a few of these) in search of that happily ever after, but when she met Bella Rossi all of that changed. Bella isn’t exactly the relationship type, but the sex is beyond amazing and the chemistry they share keeps Tori coming back for more even though she knows she’ll ultimately be hurt. One night after a horrible date Tori called Bella for some of her good stuff and when she walked in her lady lust was sitting in the kitchen waiting just like this…


There’s something else I can add to my why don’t you do this for me list…anyway, as you can see, Tori wastes no time getting all up in that shit. She walks right over and the two make out like a couple that’s constantly on-again off-again. The passionate kisses almost had me convinced they were real life partners (I Googled it) and the tension felt so real it was oozing off the screen. Watching both women get naked was a huge turn on. They both rock amazing bodies and when Tori bent down to give Bella head I just knew I wasn’t making it to the end of this one without sticky fingers. Tori pulls a butt plug from the kitchen drawer (where else would it be??) and instructs Bella to put it in her ass. I’m not really into butt stuff, but after watching Kelli Lox have the time of her life in scene 1 I couldn’t wait for Tori’s reaction. I can’t say it was equally as exciting, but she definitely loved every minute of it and that was cool to watch.


After more oral and anal play the pair move to the kitchen table (why I travel to people’s houses with Lysol wipes!) and Tori lays that shit down! First, they’re face to face kissing like people in love do and the closeness is uber sexy. Then Tori channels her inner Energizer bunny and quick strokes the shit out of Bella while slightly choking her. Talk about hot. There was one point when Bella started sucking Tori’s fingers that had me and Tori on edge! I don’t know what it was with these two, but they really brought the story to life. When magazines began sliding off the table I just knew nut was gonna be everywhere, but surprisingly Tori pulled out and started eating Bella out again while jerking herself off. Bella came almost instantly and pulled Tori on top of her for more kisses. As the two lay in sexual bliss Tori notices a bridal magazine between them, something completely uncharacteristic for Bella, and looks puzzled. Bella just smiles and touches Tori’s lips before the screen goes black. It would have been nice to see Tori cum, but I can’t lie, the lifetime ending made my heart happy.


Scene 3 – Natassia Dreams & Simone Sonay

2This scene was a lot of fun! Natassia Dreams is in Las Vegas for all the adult awards ceremonies and we’ve all heard the stories about what goes down in the ladies bathrooms (thanks Lily Cade!). Not really into girls but wanting to see what all the fuss is about, Natassia pulls Simone Sonay into a stall and an epic slut off ensues, for which Simone is beyond prepared! After some pretty hot and heavy dry humping and fondling, Simone sucks Natassia off in the stall (still not a bathroom sex fan) for what turned out to be a really hot blowjob scene. They still don’t get me off, but watching Natassia grab hold of Simone’s hair and fuck her face was super intense. Simone then pulls a vibrating dildo and two double headed dildos out of her purse (told you she was prepared).


In the middle of their stall action you hear other women walk into the bathroom and tell them to “get the fuck out, other people wanna fuck too!” to which they respond “shut the fuck up, you’re just jealous.” The brief argument was hilarious and reminded me of my college bar hopping days. Nothing like pretty women arguing about who gets to fuck where first! What really made me crack up was this…


Obviously, one chick is passed the hell out from all the partying (nothing we haven’t seen before) when this other babe walks over, steals some blow out her purse, and snorts it right off the passed out girl’s tits. First you steal my blow, and then you use my body to snort it? That’s just rude!

Anyway, Natassia and Simone eventually exit the tiny stall and find a nice couch and table to continue their slut off. The double dildo action was okay, but I would have preferred to watch someone get fucked. Both have screaming orgasms but if I had to choose a winner it would be Simone only because she supplied to toys. I mean, every slut knows to walk around with at least 2 dildos, but she was prepared with 5 if you count the doubles twice. Well played, Simone!


Scene 4 – Amarna Miller & Ms. Jane Star

1This is my favorite scene of the movie and I want to marry Amarna Miller. Now that that’s out of the way…Jane Star finds herself in a peculiar situation. Her only claim to religion is mocking it, but she’s forced to take a religion class in college and there’s nothing she can do about it. She finds herself surrounded by bumbling idiots except for one girl, Amarna, who she develops a huge crush on but doesn’t think she has a shot in hell with. Little does she know Amarna is a FREAK! She’s a cute, little, Spanish redhead with an accent that’ll wet your panties on the spot and an innocent look that too hot to resist. Turns out though Amarna is really into dominating her partners, which fits perfectly with Jane since she likes being dominated.


The banter between the two is really funny as Jane uses her sarcasm to gain more spankings and choking. Amarna is more than happy to oblige, spanking her ass until it’s red. I love spanking! After her wanted punishment, Jane licks and fingers Amarna’s pussy while she talks dirty and I damn near lose my mind. I swear, I could listen to that woman read the dictionary and be horny from start to finish. Jane reveals the butt plug she’s been wearing the whole day to Amarna’s pleasure and the anal games begin. She sucks Jane off while playing with the plug and the fact that Jane made it through without busting a nut earns her an award in my book! I probably would be 3 orgasms in by that point, even with the cock ring on.


From there to two embark on a little smothering fun, something I’ve never tried but got more curious about after watching how wet and hard they both got! Plus just look at her up there, a queen on her throne. All sexy and shit…20 minutes man, just give me 20 minutes!


They have a little Hitachi fun, grinding up against it and each other at the same time, making their eyes roll back in there head, before Amarna straps up and gives it to Jane’s asshole. I loved this part! Not only was it incredibly hot watching Amarna long stoke with her cute self, but Jane really pushed this one over the top in a good way! She begs and pleads for Amarna’s dick and finds great pleasure in every single stroke. In fact, it was so good Jane said she felt “closer to God” after all was said and done and there’s a valuable lesson to be learned here: being forced into religion or studying it can lead to some really steamy sexual encounters if you do it the right way. Plus, church girls are the best!


Scene 5 – Aubrey Kate & Daisy Ducati


I was waiting on this scene. Daisy Ducati is on my list of favorites because of all the energy she brings to every scene she’s in. It seems like her chemistry is effortless with every performer she performs with and this one is no different. Aubrey Kate met Daisy on a lesbian porn shoot and even though she wasn’t really into girls at the time, she was really into shoes (I know a few of these too) and Daisy happened to be wearing a pair of her all time favorites, Louboutin red bottoms (are they all red bottoms?? I don’t know, I just hand over my debit card during times like these). After a day of shopping, talking about the industry, and drinking, the two gorgeous ladies find themselves wanting more than just a friendly outing and decide to take things a little further, and by a little I mean a lot!


Daisy starts with Aubrey’s beautiful tits and I have to tell you, this girl is sexy! Her body is amazing and she has a face to match. They use the shoes as props throughout the scene to really enhance the fantasy and. even though I’m not into feet or shoes, I found myself getting just as turned on as them. After a blowjob Daisy straps up; if you’ve ever seen one her in action with a strap before you know you’re in for a good time! They fuck missionary, with Daisy stroking Aubrey’s cock, and with every stroke Aubrey grows louder and louder. Something about this scene, maybe the way it was shot or the colors, made me feel like I was in a dream or some fantasy world and it helped me get more involved in the story. Plus their energy level throughout is sky high.

4I especially loved the mutual masturbation as they lay side by side. Something this gets over looked in lesbian sex flicks but it’s a huge part of what goes down and it can be extremely intoxicating as you look into your partner’s eyes while you get each other off. I love it and they do it to perfection! There’s also a Hitachi involved, the toy of the day on set, I suppose, which is always a bonus (if you don’t have one, go buy one now!). To end, Daisy eats Aubrey’s ass to her sheer delight and even after it’s said and done they can’t get enough of each other, still slowly grinding and fondling away.

5Real Fucking Girls is a must watch! It’s a great flick with lots of energy and you’re bound to love it! Check it out and follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 to let me know what you thought. Until next time, stay wet!