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Writers’ Roundup: Porn Stars We’d Love To Date

Porn can be a tough business. Not only does a performer have to work hard on their body, perfect their scene skills, and constantly promote themselves, they also have to deal with a lot of people who misunderstand them, unfairly categorize them, or troll them on social media. We all know not to feed trolls, so let’s celebrate this industry as best we can by lifting up these hard-working performers. Porn is about fun and fantasy, and we decided to fantasize about porn stars we think would make great partners. Of course, these stars are much more than their relationship status, but this was a way for us to look past the stigma that working in porn has created and showcase that they’re worthy of just as much love as the rest of us.


Ok so FIRST OF ALL no woman’s worth should be based on whether or not anyone thinks she would be a good girlfriend. Even my opinion shouldn’t matter to her, and I’m a super cute badass with great opinions. So that being said, there’s lot of porn stars who I think would make pretty baller girlfriends. One of course is Charlotte Sartre. The first time I ever watched one of her videos, Dr. Mercies of Assylum was making an omelet in her ass. It was some wild out there shit, and it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but goddamnit, it was memorable. I love a woman who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to express it, even if it grosses out some guy on the internet.

Another thing that makes Charlotte 100% wife material is this tweet from Janice Griffith:


Holy shit, I don’t know about you guys, but the quickest way to MY heart is to arm me to the teeth. Another very cute thing about Charlotte is that she is an animal lover. I’m a sucker for an orange tabby, and Charlotte’s cat Juice is no exception. She also has tarantulas and scorpions and I think lizards too, which just goes to show you that Charlotte has a big heart and can love even the most seemingly unlovable creatures, such as weasels.

I should also mention that Charlotte is already someone’s girlfriend, and that someone is Draven Star, a very lucky lady indeed. Another porn star that I’d wife up in a hot second is Missy Martinez. She’s got the fake-boobs-fake-lips-bimbo-porn-star look down pat, which demonstrates that she is able to commit, a very important quality in a life partner. Also, Missy is hands down one of the funniest women in porn, and I like a lady who can joke about her asshole and peeing and stuff. Last but not least, this is Missy’s pinned tweet:

As you can see, Missy Martinez is a Godly type of woman that you can bring home to meet your parents.

Janice Griffith Missy Martinez Ivy Aura Dana DeArmond


Keeani Lei would be the best girlfriend ever. We would take nice baths and showers together. She would wash me and I would wash her. Sometimes we would hang out with Dana DeArmond, and Dana would boss other people into to washing us all. I would be a very clean person if Keeani Lei was my girlfriend. Nicki Hunter is also into bathtime, and I enjoy watching her play with bubbles. Contrary to what you may have heard she can take it just as good as she gives it out. Both of these woman have performed in over 800 videos combined. I need strong and interesting ladies in my life. I apparently also really need a bath.


If I were to choose just ONE porn star to have as my girlfriend, I would be in a pretty tough position. There’s so many awesome performers out there that I’d be happy to date that narrowing it down seems nearly impossible. But since I have to choose, I would pick Keisha Grey. Keisha Grey just seems so downright date-able for a number of reasons. First of all, there’s that gap in her teeth that I think is pretty adorable. Secondly, she has a really nice body, and is completely unapologetic about her amazing curves. And lastly, she’s just extremely down to earth. Watching her in interviews and seeing her social media presence, it’s obvious to me that Keisha and I would be extremely compatible together. She’s a chill girl with a cute smile and a big butt… who wouldn’t want to take that home to mom?!?

Keisha Grey Marica Hase


Marica Hase – Personally, I believe Marica is one of the best-looking and cutest women in all of porn. Also, Marica isn’t just any Asian starlet — she’s one of the biggest Asian starlets in the American XXX scene today — and she’s developed a rabid following thanks to her sensational work featuring plenty of double anal, triple penetration, bondage, bukkake and more! If that’s not girlfriend material, I’m really not sure what is!

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Alex Chance: Family Therapist

Alex Chance Family Therapist CoverFilly Films has never disappointed me. Their plots are awesome, they always seem to cast the perfect stars, and their movies are actually made for lesbians even if all the actresses aren’t full on lesbos. I find myself waiting for their next feature time after time, so when Alex Chance: Family Therapist landed on my desk I couldn’t wait to crack it open. I knew from the title it was going to be interesting and Alex Chance has a set of boobs that clearly illustrate she’s favored by the gods. The plot at first glance seems like a winner too. Alex plays a family therapist taking us through a day in her life as a shrink helping step-sisters resolve their issues and better their relationships. Messy step-sisters in need of therapy already makes for perfect reality TV, throw in some messy step-sister sex and it just gets better, right??

Scene 1 – Alison Rey & Alex Chance

Alex is taking us through a day in her life, but before we can jump into the patient files, it’s important to understand why and how she chose her profession and unique methods. To do this, we travel backwards in time to Alex’s sophomore year in college when she roomed with her step-sister Alison Rey. Similar to many of my sophomore afternoons, Alex is masturbating in her room when her step-sister walks by her half-opened door. Under normal circumstances, one in Alison’s situation would probably tiptoe back to where she came from and never mention what was just seen. Alison, however, is not normal and neither is her dilemma. Alex hears a noise and notices step-sis at her bedroom door and invites her in to talk about what she just witnessed. It’s during this sisterly convo that Alison reveals she’s had a crush on her step-sister for a while and that she’s been watching her masturbate. Naturally, Alex is freaked the fuck out! Not enough to put clothes on, but still pretty freaked out. Eventually though she agrees to one kiss, just to see if there’s anything there, and after that it’s a wrap. The two can’t keep their hands or mouths off each other. During their talk, Alison seems innocent and nervous, talking in a low volume and keeping her eyes down, but when her dream finally comes true she looks like a pro with Alex’s beautiful boobs in her hands and makes it pretty believable that she’s been waiting for this moment for a while. They spend a lot of time exploring each other’s bodies before big step-sis takes over and makes Alison cum in 20 minutes. The positions aren’t really anything to write home about and it felt like the energy between them dropped off towards the end of the scene, but the finger fucking in this scene is right on point.

Scene 2 – Hollie Mack & Xandra Sixx

After her sexual experience with her step-sister, Alex finds her calling and decides to help step-sisters everywhere who might find themselves in situations they aren’t comfortable exploring or don’t know how to express. Enter Xandra Sixx. Xandra explains that she has always looked up to her older step-sister, Hollie Mack, but that now things have taken a sexual turn and she can’t control her feelings. Our understanding shrink explains that these feelings are perfectly normal as Xandra reveals one of her latest fantasies. Hollie is naked in the kitchen making a PB&J sandwich, body glistening and tatted up (and I’m already drooling all over myself), when she notices Hollie eyeing her from the kitchen table. She demands Xandra take her right then and there and instantly this fantasy gets even hotter. Both girls have amazingly fit and gorgeous bodies. There aren’t many curves in this scene, but the chemistry between the girls is fucking hot! They start with the typical kissing and rubbing, making sure to spend extra time on each other’s boobs (just the way I like!) before Hollie licks and fingers Xandra’s pussy. Next it’s Xandra’s turn to please big step-sis and from the way Hollie moans and squirms all over the kitchen counter, little sis is extremely well versed in the art of female pleasure. My favorite part in this scene, and what makes it stand out in my opinion, is the tribbing. I’m a huge fan of tribbing and scissoring when it’s done right (I’m forever in debt to you Sinn Sage!) and these two meet my gold standards. The position is spot on with their clits rubbing together, they look into each other’s eyes (worth at least 3 rewinds if you ask me), and the glorious sound of their asses smacking together cost me about 20 bucks at the laundry mat for clean sheets! Seriously, it’s that good…too bad it was just Xandra’s fantasy.

Scene 3 – Dani Jensen & Kimberly Brix

Dani Jensen is Dr. Chance’s next patient and her problem seems simple enough on the surface. She and her step-sister aren’t getting along anymore after pretty much being best friends most of their lives, and it seems like sis Kimberly Brix is begging for a little quality time and attention. Chance suggest a good old fashioned sleepover, but with a Truth or Dare game leaning towards the sexual tension that has no doubt developed between the two. Dani seems a little weirded out after leaving Dr. Chance’s office, but she calls her step-sister and the two plan a weekend together at their parents’ house. The first thing I noticed was that both girls are gingers and BAM, I found a new turn on! The girls talk, and Kimberly admits she’s been feeling a little left out of her step-sister’s life and that she could have really used a shoulder and an ear when she broke up with her boyfriend. Dani promises to be less self-indulged and all appears on the up and up. TheTruth or Dare game lasts a little too long for my taste, but they finally end up naked running around their parents’ bedroom (knowing what was about to go down I couldn’t help but find this a hilarious touch and a little rude too). When they finally get into it, the kissing is long and sensual, like they want to savor the moment, which I found cool considering the plot, and watching two gingers get it in was way more exciting than I would have guessed! Dani fingers and eats Kimberly’s pussy first, but Kimberly seems like more of the expert, making Dani’s feet and legs shake uncontrollably as she cums. Next a little more of the girls’ freaky side comes out as Kimberly dares Dani to eat her asshole and they proclaim themselves sexy naughty ginger step-sister perverts. Again, there wasn’t really anything special about the sex itself, but the chemistry between the two made the fantasy crazy hot and definitely pushed me over the edge. The humor at the end of the scene after all was said and done was a nice touch also.

Scene 4 – Alex Chance & Keisha Grey & Karlee Grey

Keisha Grey and Karlee Grey do not get along at all. The beef is serious with these two as they blame one another for getting kicked out of a rave a few days earlier. Clearly sex is what’s missing, and thank the lord above for Dr. Chance. She instructs the girls to stare deeply into each other’s eyes, which of course causes them to crack the fuck up, but they worked it into the plot and it added to the immaturity of the step-sisters’ characters which I really liked. Chance then shows them how to kiss and from there everything takes off. I must say, when it comes to body type all three of these women are top notch. First off, BOOBIES! Seriously, I would have loved to be on set just for the motor boating practice! Second, we have facesitting, and just typing those words is enough to get me there, so watching these curvy boobalicious babes act it out was perfect! The pussy eating, finger fucking and shared masturbation are your standard basic, and when Dr. Chance sees that the step-sisters are finally getting the hang of it she leaves them in her office alone to let them finish working there issues out. Keisha and Karlee 69 and cum everywhere literally releasing their problems and yay! Everyone is getting along and all is right in step-sister world.

The step-sister/family fantasy is not something I’m into so I found myself pushing that out of my head and focusing more on how the girls looked, how they interacted, and their chemistry. However, if the family fantasy is your thing and you’re looking to give this a try, there’s a bigger issue. The editing is pretty bad throughout this one. It’s as if nobody took the time to actually sit down and watch this in its entirety and it was rushed to press. It could be the master DVD we received, but since it’s a master I’m betting that’s not the case. In the 2nd scene, Alex asks Xandra a question and when they cut back to Xandra for her answer, it’s to a completely different question and doesn’t make sense at all. In the 3rd scene, after Dani and Kimberly sit on their parent’s bed and begin talking, the scene cuts and starts over. Initially they had already begun taking off their shoes and getting into comfortable conversation so the restart is very noticeable and annoying if you’re actually attempting to follow the plot. In the 4th scene, we get something similar to the 2nd where Karlee doesn’t answer Chance’s question at all. For me, it was frustrating, but the point is the sex after all, and because of that I’d still recommend it.

That being said, make sure to check out Alex Chance: Family Therapist right here and follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the rest of the gang @hotmoviesforher.com!

BONUS: Keisha Grey’s Full Interview

Keisha Grey 3Twenty-one year-old Florida native Keisha Grey was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview on her starring turn in Hard X‘s Gangbang Me 2. After our initial movie review, we decided that her candor was just too good to keep all to ourselves. So without further ado, here’s our full interview with Keisha Grey!

HotMoviesForHer: So you did your first gang bang AND your first DP. How was it?

Keisha Grey: Fucking intense.

HMFH: You’ve been in the industry since 2013. What made you decide to finally take the leap into gang bangs and DP?

Keisha: I became curious to see how two dicks in me would feel. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have many guys at once. So what better way to figure out how it is than doing it first hand?

HMFH: Tell us about that day on set. What were some memorable moments? 

Keisha: I was very nervous. Mason brought me balloons and roses and a stuffed animal to make me smile cause she knows how nervous I get for first time things, never knowing what to expect. It was so sweet.

HMFH: Mason is famous for being one of the most elusive directors in the business. What’s it like working with her?

Keisha: It’s fucking funny. We joke all of the time. She jokes about how goofy I am and I joke about how goofy she is. It works. She’s so creative and its honestly very inspiring. Makes me want to own the fucking scene and and blow her expectations out of the water.

Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha's Twitter @keishagreyxxx
Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha’s Twitter @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: Do you feel like there’s a big difference between being directed by a woman as opposed to a male director? Why or why not?

Keisha: I don’t feel there’s that much of a difference at all. You can tell which directors are driven and which directors just want to half ass and get the day over with despite the outcome. [Mason] is definitely hardworking and a perfectionist

HMFH: You had a really great set of guys in your gang bang. How much input did you get to have on the casting?

Keisha: I try not to say who I want to work with cause I trust Mason with who she’d pick. She knows who will fuck me right and look good on camera.

HMFH: Did everything you wanted to happen during your gang bang come true?

Keisha: Indeed. I’m addicted to numerous cocks at the same time.

HMFH: What’s next for you on your porno bucket list?

Keisha: It’s a secret.

Image courtesy of @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: What are your goals for your future in the industry?

Keisha: I want people to get off to me getting off. I want to be known. I want to enjoy myself constantly. I want to direct films. 

HMFH: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not on set?

Keisha: Music and art. I love exploring.

HMFH: You’re frequently cited as having one of the best bodies in the biz. What are your secrets for maintaining your figure?

Keisha: Hahahahahaha I’m honestly blessed. My weight fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I go to the gym. I’ve been eating organic and home grown my whole life. My mom made sure I was VERY active when I was younger with dance, yoga, and tennis. I get munchies quite often.

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Keisha: I’m gonna keep these hot scenes coming that’s for sure.

HMFH: What are the best ways for your fans to support you?

Keisha: Kind words and fan art make me very happy.

HMFH: Any last words?

Keisha: Eat my ass.

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Hot Reviews: Gangbang Me 2

front coverHaving won Director of the Year at the 2015 AVN Awards, acclaimed auteur Mason continues to redefine hardcore gonzo and anal pornography. With her simultaneously sleek, luxurious, yet undeniably dirty style of capturing her subjects, Mason knows how to capture viewers’ attention and keep them watching. Her interviews with performers show them at ease, yet breathlessly excited about what’s to come; in the case of Hard X’s latest release, Gangbang Me 2, it’s an intense five-on-one fuckfest filled with plenty of on-camera firsts. Current all-natural big-boobed darling Keisha Grey opens the flick with her first ever gangbang and DP, having previously shot her first blowbang, MMF threesome, anal, and interracial anal scenes with Mason as well. The second half stars the alluring Dahlia Sky as she performs her first ever on camera double anal, double vaginal, and triple penetrations.


Keisha Grey

Keisha Grey 2Dressed in a black dental floss bikini and shyly flashing her charming gap-toothed smile, curvy twenty year-old Keisha Grey opens Gangbang Me 2 with a brief interview with Mason. It’s clear that Grey is a bundle of nerves and excitement and lust, yet is so eager to get in the thick of things with her first ever gangbang. When asked what made her want to take the plunge into gangbangs and double penetrations, she said, “I became curious to see how two dicks would feel. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have many guys at once. So what better way to figure out how it is than doing it firsthand?” Grey obviously has a wonderful working relationship with Mason. When asked about that day on set and her relationship with the elusive director, Grey responded:

I was very nervous. Mason brought me balloons and roses and a stuffed animal to make me smile ’cause she knows how nervous I get for first time things, never knowing what to expect. It was so sweet…It’s fucking funny. We joke all of the time. She jokes about how goofy I am and I joke about how goofy she is. It works. She’s so creative and it’s honestly very inspiring. Makes me want to own the fucking scene and and blow her expectations out of the water…She’s definitely hardworking and a perfectionist.

Keisha Grey groupKeisha Grey blow jobs Keisha Grey analKeisha Grey dp











Grey absolutely succeeded in owning her scene. She’s joined by cocksmen Erik Everhard, Mick Blue, Jon Jon, John Strong, and James Deen, five veterans who know how to give a lady what she wants while keeping the focus on her and her pleasure. They indulge in Grey’s desire for rougher sex, slapping her tits and choking her till she cums. She gives us a spectacular performance, grinning all the way through and staying engaged with her costars and the audience. She’s always present and energetic, but is totally spent by the end as she masturbates herself to a final orgasm. Afterwards, Grey told us that the scene was “fucking intense” and that she’s now “addicted to numerous cocks at the same time.” She cheekily wouldn’t tell us what was next on her porno bucket list. “It’s a secret…I’m gonna keep these hot scenes coming, that’s for sure.”

Dahlia Sky

Dahlia Sky 1During her interview with director Mason, pretty blonde Dahlia Sky expresses her joy at having an opportunity to live out her fantasies on camera and her nervousness at doing something for the first time. In her case, she’s going to perform a gangbang along with her first ever double vaginal, double anal, and triple penetrations. It’s a huge step; one might argue that her scene is a bigger deal than Keisha Grey’s. Seasoned performer Sky brings a maturity to her scene, and appears truly grateful to be able to do what she imagines many women are only able to fantasize about. She’s joined by the same gangbangers as Grey, and matches their roughness tit for tat. She demands more and more cock; when James Deen momentarily pulls out of her pussy, she screams at him to give his cock back, grabbing him by the neck and pulling him back to her, all while she bounces on Everhard’s cock. Her scene moves at a breakneck pace, with double penetration occurring within the first few minutes before they move into Sky’s more extreme first time acts. If you’re someone who likes to be teased and warmed up with a slow burn, then you might be disappointed. But if totally bananas intensity and no-bones-about-it let’s-fuck-right-now madness, then you’re going to love watching Dahlia Sky’s lotsa-cocks dreams come true.

Dahlia Sky group shot Dahlia Sky blow jobs

Dahlia Sky double anal Dahlia Sky triple













Some statistics have shown that gangbang, rough sex, and double penetration are some of the most popular search terms used by women who watch porn. While anti-porn critics point to these kinds of pornos as some of the most problematic and harmful content, Hard X’s Gangbang Me 2 proves otherwise. Hardworking, talented directors like Mason who care about the wellbeing their performers, and porn stars like Keisha Grey and Dahlia Sky who love their work validate the fantasies and desires of the women (and men!) who are watching, even if those fantasies might be considered taboo. Gangbang Me 2 is a fantastic edition to the gangbang and multiple penetration genres, and will definitely stick around as some the best work from Mason, Keisha Grey, and Dahlia Sky.

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