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Kaitlyn Gender: Based On A Not So True Story

2015-10-12_16-05-26When I found out there was porn parody of Caitlyn Jenner’s widely publicized transition in the works, my immediate reaction was to recoil in disgust. I figured it would be tacky, distasteful, and-most of all-offensive. What I didn’t take into consideration was that the studio producing the parody was Trans500: a studio renowned for celebrating the beauty of trans women and their sexualities. When I got a chance to actually sit down and watch the film, I was met with a funny, self-aware, and sexy rendition of the Caitlyn Jenner story told through the eyes of “Kaitlyn Gender,” “Diana Sword,” and Kaitlyn’s step-daughter “Kimmy.” Sound familiar?

While not entirely as touching and intimate as the esteemed Diane Sawyer interview, Kaitlyn Gender: Based On A Not So True Story surprisingly managed to muster up some sentimental moments that paralleled Caitlyn Jenner’s lifelong internal struggle as an Olympic athlete with gender dysphoria. Rounded out with impeccable casting, acting, and (obviously) super hot sex scenes, I found myself delightfully won over by Trans500 and director Josh Stone’s pornified manner of tackling this tricky subject matter.2015-10-12_16-03-50

Scene One: Ramon & Kylie Maria



The film opens with one of Trans500’s favorite male talents, Ramon, having a good, quick fuck with trans hottie Kylie Maria. Ramon is pounding away with Kylie riding in cowgirl, and after finishing on her face, he’s ready to bail. Ramon is outfitted in a ridiculous wig and a coach uniform as he up and runs for Kylie’s door. After Kylie screams after him “Fuck you, Ramon! Call me,” Ramon heads to a racetrack to meet his trainee, the young “Juice Jenner” (a little heavy-handed, but hilarious nonetheless), played by Duncan Black.


After some stretches, Ramon informs Juice that he was late for their practice because he’s been busy fucking a hot trans woman. Juice seems especially interested in this concept and inquires more about what a trans woman looks like. The camera then pans to Juice at home holding women’s clothes up to his body and trying on some lipstick in the mirror.


Scene Two: Jonelle Brooks

Fast-forward years later, and Juice Jenner is mid-transition and being interviewed by “69/69” host “Diana Sword.” Diana asks him many questions that parallel the noteworthy 20/20 interview. For the first time, Olympic athlete Juice Jenner is coming out as a trans woman, and is revealing all her kinks to the world! Not only is Juice bisexual, but she is finally ready to live her life as the woman she’s always felt she’s been.


Kaitlyn is played by the impeccably gorgeous Jonelle Brooks, whose Bruce Jenner impression is second-to-none. She’s perfected his speech affects and facial expressions like a well-studied actress. If you’ve seen the Diane Sawyer interview, this scene is not to be missed.

After undergoing facial feminization surgery, Kaitlyn returns home and looks in the mirror if seeing herself for the first time. She caresses her feminine features and is so pleased by what she sees that she can’t help but kinda get turned on…


Kaitlyn peels off her long evening gown and gets acquainted with her female figure. With her long, strong cock and big, bouncy breasts, Kaitlyn is everyone’s fantasy and she’s reveling in her new found sex appeal. She lies back on her king-sized bed and starts stroking her dick. With subtle moaning and a few positional changes, Kaitlyn Gender gives you a full view to how a trans woman likes to pleasure herself.


Scene Three: Jonelle Brooks & Angelina Castro

After Kaitlyn’s happy transition, she invites her step-daughter Kimmy over to chat. Kimmy is played by curvaceous Latina starlet Angelina Castro. With her long, dark locks and a thick, juicy booty, Kimmy is a one-off Kardashian. Kaitlyn recently divorced Kimmy’s mom and hasn’t seen much of her step-daughter lately, but she’s about to see a whole lot more of her now. The girls talk and Kaitlyn decides to show off her new breasts, and begins comparing them to Kimmy’s. Things get a little heated between the two ladies, and it’s clear their relationship is about to go to another level.


For those of you familiar with the Kardashian empire, it’s a little hard to imagine Caitlyn and Kim getting sexual with one another. Regardless, there’s no doubt someone’s fantasized about seeing them fuck, and Trans500 has just granted this wish. Kaitlyn begins by going down on Kimmy, ecstatically eating her pussy and fingering her a little. Kimmy returns the favor by taking Kaitlyn’s generously sized cock into her mouth, taking it as deep into her throat as it will go. After some sizzling foreplay, the two step-relatives fuck in what is an extremely confusing, kinda hot, and definitely taboo scene.

Scene Four: Wendy Williams


As soon as images of Kaitlyn’s transition flood the web, Diana Sword (played by trans star Wendy Williams) can’t wait to see what Juice Jenner’s hot new body looks like. Once she gets a glimpse of Kaitlyn’s gorgeous figure, Wendy strips down to reveal a fishnet body stocking and a hard cock. She begins stroking herself while perusing Kaitlyn’s pics and, before we know it, she cums all over her hands.

Scene Five: Jonelle Brooks & Toby Springs


2015-10-12_16-02-55What would a Caitlyn Jenner parody be without a Vanity Fair photoshoot scene? Kaitlyn is on the set of her spread for “Tranity Fair” magazine, and she can’t help but notice that her photographer, Toby Springs, is super cute. After posing for a while, Kaitlyn decides that a couple nude shots couldn’t hurt. She undoes the iconic white corset she’s wearing and takes off her panties, and Toby just has to get some close-up shots of her amazing cock. He’s so fascinated by it that he doesn’t even seem to realize he’s sucking it until Kaitlyn is moaning in ecstasy. She immediately takes charge of the situation, disregarding the camera and flipping Toby ass-up so that she can rim him. I like a take-charge kind of girl, and Kaitlyn is certainly of that practice. After warming Toby up with some anal play, Kaitlyn fucks him in doggy, missionary, and my personal favorite-piledriver! After taking turns receiving each other’s cum, this scene easily trumped the rest in my mind as the hottest of the film.

There’s a fun interview/blooper reel scene at the end that gives you a behind-the-scenes feel of this film, and I actually recommend checking it out. All the performers involved looked like they had a really good time shooting this movie and that’s a really cool thing to see.


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