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9 European Male Porn Stars to Swoon Over

So often when we talk about the adult industry, we neglect to mention the wonderful companies, stars, and films that come from the other side of the Atlantic. Yes, folks – the U.S. is NOT the end-all-be-all of XXX. Not only does Europe produce some of the hottest adult content, but their male stars are of a caliber that the American porn market is sorely lacking. Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Chad White or Michael Vegas, but a lot of the sexy stars I associate with American porn weren’t even born here… looking at you, Manuel! When watching films from studios like Marc Dorcel or Private, it’s kind of hard for me not to notice how gorgeous a lot of their male stars (or should I say models?) are. So, as such, get to know a few of our favorite Euro-babes that the discerning porn fan cannot be caught sleeping on any longer!

1. Juan Lucho


Hailing from Catalonia, Spain, Juan Lucho began his career as a model and male stripper. Lucho’s impressive uncut member soon drew him into the world of adult film and fans of attractive men everywhere are thankful!

2. Luke Hotrod


Professional musician/tattooed porn stud Luke Hotrod came to the adult industry through his musician ties. When he isn’t filming, the dreamy Hotrod can be found strumming on his guitar, as well as everyone’s heartstrings!

3. Danny D.


Danny D. is tall, lean, and a certified fucking machine. With his 10.5″ cock, this Brit is pretty much a dreamboat for anyone who likes being dwarfed by their partner. Size queens and lovers of handsome men in general can find plenty to swoon over with this guy!

4. Mike Angelo


I have a thing for tattooed men, and Mike Angelo is one handsome inked dude. On top of just being plain sexy, Angelo is French, which means you know he has a killer accent. Total package!

5. Gabe Tonic


Spanish stud Gabe Tonic is a sight for sore eyes when it comes to porn actors. I’m much more fond of a contemplative bearded hottie than a ripped, muscular fuck machine. But maybe that’s just me.

6. Ryan Ryder


Ryan Ryder is a gentlemanly Scottish redhead with a fit body able to fuck his costars into a stupor. His acting skills have always been complimentary to his sex scenes, and it’s clear the Scot-hottie takes pride in every performance he brings to the screen.

7. Miguel Zayas


With his full, sexy beard, tattoo sleeves, and girthy uncut cock, it’s pretty safe to assume that Miguel Zayas is everyone’s type. The seriously handsome Spaniard should film more often for all of our sakes!

8. Alex Legend


Looking at his filmography, you wouldn’t know that Alex Legend is a French ex-pat. This tatted dreamboat often films with American studios and can be seen canoodling often with girlfriend Penny Pax on social media.

9. Dean Van Damme


Dean Van Damme? More like Dean Van DAMN. When he isn’t filming, Dean can be found power-lifting insane amounts of weights. Hard work pays off, because his body is out of this world.

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My Cousin Is A Whore

Lexie Candy DorcelI love Marc Dorcel and the sophisticated porn his company creates. I’ve written about the films from Dorcel a few times on this blog, and I’m always impressed with how the directors present the best qualities of their performers in these stylish and very erotic scenarios. One of the reasons I enjoy these films is the glamour of the locations, everyone’s wardrobe is exquisite, and there is the element of fantasy that I find to be necessary when watching plot-oriented porn. This week My Cousin is a Whore is an exclusive video with HotMoviesForHer. The title could use a reworking, but this seems to be part of a larger ‘Whore’ series, which includes My Wife is a Whore and My Daughter is a Whoreboth set in modern locations with very attractive performers. As in the previously mentioned titles, the female protagonist in My Cousin is a Whore is a very self-aware, sexually empowered character. Elise (Lexie Candy) comes to visit her aunt and cousin, Milo (Ryan Ryder) and becomes the kind of friend he really needs in his life. Elise has always been very fond of Milo because he is the sensitive, sweet-natured guy who people tend to overlook and pick on. Milo’s co-workers are complete jerks, and constantly make fun of him. Milo’s girlfriend Stella cheated on him and Milo’s aunt thinks it is his fault because he isn’t “man enough” to take care of a woman. Elise realizes that she has a special talent in which to help her big-hearted cousin.

Elise does not like the way her aunt talks to Milo, always insulting his masculinity, talking about his lack of money, however Milo is very sexy (Ryan Ryder is super hot!), but he’s been told so many times that he is a loser he has started think this might be true. To get back at her aunt, Elise plans a little mischief for her aunt’s new husband, played by Juan Lucho.


Milo asks Elise to stay with him while she is looking for her own apartment in the city. They love spending time together, and her presence is really helping Milo get over his ex, Stella. Elise takes Milo out to a club to meet some new women and get a little freaky, but she ends up getting into her own situation with a stripper played by Mea Malone. When Milo gets a phone call that Stella is coming to get the last bit of her things from the apartment, Milo reverts back into a terrified wreck. Elise assures him that she can handle things for him. Expecting Stella, Elise begins to dress for the occasion, but to her surprise Stella’s new boyfriend has come by to collect her things. Being the clever woman that she is, Elise realizes this is the perfect opportunity to get back at Stella. She’s going to seduce Stella’s boyfriend, and she’s going to do it while wearing one of Stella’s favorite black dresses.

mea1lex3 lex4

Meanwhile, Stella (Cox) is feeling like she just hasn’t made enough trouble for Milo, and she decides to go to his house and attempt to get back together with him. Poor Milo can’t keep himself from getting back into the same positions with Stella that he was so used to.

ste stel


Even though this feels good, Milo can’t forget that Stella cheated on him with another man, has moved most of her things out, and is kind of a terrible person. Plus, he has a huge meeting and presentation coming up and his douchebag coworkers do all they can to sabotage his efforts. Once he is able to get himself together, and Stella out of the house, Milo runs into his coworkers at the cafe Elise has started working at. As the men chide and harass most of the women, and Milo, in the cafe, Elise forms a new plan. She decides to tell the other patrons to leave and sends Milo on his way to the presentation. Elise locks the door and gives Milo’s coworkers a presentation of her own.


Elise is the kind of woman that knows how to have a good time while also helping someone else. Due to the fact that Milo’s coworkers were engaged in a three-on-one with Elise, they missed their meeting, and Milo got that awesome promotion. At least the men had a little fun before they got fired. Is Elise a whore? I’m not so sure about that being the best way to describe her, but she sure is an angel who came into Milo’s life and fucked all his problems away.

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