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Porn For Women: Happy Birthday Madison Young – Free Porno Clips!

Today at HotMoviesForHer, we are celebrating the birth of one of the industry’s most exciting feminist directors/performers – the fabulous Madison Young!  Mixing kinky and queer sex to create a whole catalog of steamy scenes, this video vixen definitely deserves all the birthday love that a collection of free dirty clips can give!  Help us celebrate her 32nd year with a couple of our favorite snippets!





And lastly, an oldie but goodie…


Happy Birthday Madison!!

-JD & Ginger

JoyOfSpex: Sachi Masturbation

After doing a little research on our visitors’ trends, we’ve noticed that many folks who come to HotMoviesForHer are hot for the lady solo scenes.  This makes perfect sense to us, because really, we reviewers are just as excited by them.  Whether it’s the fact that female masturbation has been so taboo for such a long time, or that watching women get themselves off is amazingly sexy – or, mostly likely, a mixture of those reasons – it’s just true that a good lady solo sextravaganza is usually a great option.

Today’s masturbation movie selection is another pick from the  series by .  As you can guess from the name, these smut slingers are all about girls in glasses, and they aren’t afraid to let the world know it.  Up this time is , a beautiful Japanese woman with wire-rimmed frames, shoulder-length hair and a warm smile.  The first few minutes of this flick is the standard JoyOfSpex interview, complete with short sex history and lots of talk about her glasses.  Sachi is really cute, giggly and seems totally innocent, but it isn’t long before her clothes come off!

Within a few minutes, Sachi is on her back with her hand down her pants.  She spends a little time rubbing herself under her clothes before pulling her top off and her shorts down.  It fits her sweet demeanor that she would have on a light pink, matching bra and panties.  Those panties stay on for a bit as Sachi gets herself warmed up, and finally get discarded on the bed once she is ready to really get rubbing.  She has a beautiful, full pussy that looks awesome in the close up shots.  I love all pussies, but full, puffy ones are definitely my favorite to see in porn.  Sachi works that clit for what seems like seconds before she is moaning and cumming all over the screen.

But not to worry, it looks like this four-eyed lady is multi-orgasmic, reaching for a big dildo as soon as she gets off with only her hands.  This lady wants it all!  That big guy slides right in with little resistance, letting us know just how hot and bothered she really is.  This video may only be 18 minutes long, but Sachi’s row of mind-blowing orgasms keeps our attention for what feels like hours of climatic thrill.  Another winner from team glasses!

Watch “” Now!

JoyOfSpex: Zille Masturbation

Today I watched my first JoyOfSpex porno and I’m officially hooked.  This particular porno was reviewed back in 2008, but it is definitely worth revisiting.  I’ve always thought that girls with glasses were hot so this flick did me right.

JoyOfSpex: Zille MasturbationI rarely get to sit and watch an entire porno from start to finish.  Believe it or not, they actually expect us to do something other that sit around and watch smut all day.  Since this flick was only a little over 20 minutes long, I actually watched it in its entirety.  For the first half, we listen to Zille talk about her glasses and how much she hated them until she discovered that some folks actually get turned on by a pair of specs.  She also reminisces about a sexual experience with her best friend in college.  I have to say, I totally judged a book buy its cover.  When I looked at her picture, I totally expected this shy little voice to come out.  I assumed she would be nervous and uneasy.  Well, you already know what happens when we assume.  She had a very mature and confident voice.  Zille was totally comfortable in front of the camera and had no problem getting down to the business of masturbation.

She removes everything except her matching bra and panty set and goes about caressing herself through the material.  She makes it a point to mention how nice it is to feel herself through the fabric.  I like that and totally agree.  She definitely gets lost in herself which is always a good thing.  I prefer people to masturbate for themselves, not the camera!  Her perfectly manicured fingertips work over her triple pierced pussy for a bit.  It is quite nice, but it isn’t the best part.  No, the best part is when Zille proceedes to remove her glasses from her face and uses them to finish herself off.  She presses and rubs one of the lenses against her clit and it isn’t long before she gets off off.  Points for incorporating the theme!  Wow.  She is totally into it and I love hearing the sound of her glasses clang against her piercings.  Details are important.

I am a JoyOfSpex fan for life now!  If you’re into cute girls with glasses and a porno with an intimate feel, then you will be too.

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JoyOfSpex: Zille & Lena

As we are out the door at the butt crack of dawn tomorrow, flying out to California, it’s pretty needless to say that today, we are pretty busy in the office, making sure that everything is both ready for The Dinah and that the site is full of juicy content while we are in route (we plan to blog when we get there).  That said, I wanted something quick and easy for today’s review.  I wanted a movie that would allow me to watch all or most of it and get a sense of the hotness, while at the same time keep me on track time wise.  So where did I head? To the Quickies category, of course!  Each movie is short, sexy and to the point, allowing me to enjoy my experience without feeling rushed.

While it’s true that I was looking for something quick and easy, but I still wanted to make sure I found something that would get me hot and bothered on such a cold morning (um, hello spring, where did you go?).  For that, I went with one of my favorite studios – Joy Productions, who offer up the deliciously bespectacled series JoyOfSpex.  That’s right, it’s all about girls in glasses! Yum.

Today we get a 20 minute shorty featuring Zille DeFeu and Lena, two sort of nerdy girls with long light brown hair and wire-rimmed frames.  They start out chatting about their glasses, but it quickly devolves into an all out tickle-fest with lots of giggling.  It doesn’t take long for the fun to turn sexy with some nipple squeezing and licking.  I love that they negotiate as they go along, checking in about intensity and how each other prefers to be stimulated.   Nothing revs my engine like consent and communication!

The movie is nearly half over when the genitals finally make an appearance, as Zille uses her tongue to flick Lena’s clit back and forth and nibbles on her labia.  They continue to keep things light and fun while they fuck, teasing both verbally and physically.  The toys come out, bringing bigger and louder moans from both of them.  Switching 69-position up at bit, Lena licks Zille’s pussy while Zille works a big dildo in and out of Lena’s sloppy wet hole.  I love how their moans and squeals intermingle.  After they go at it for a while and each get off, they come back down with sweet kisses even more giggles.  Awesome ending to a super hot quickie!

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JoyOfSpex: Ava

I wouldn’t say that I have a particular fetish for glasses, but when it comes to these JoyOfSpex movies, I can’t seem to get enough.  Whether the ladies are going solo, or with a friend, I am totally transfixed by the screen, unable to look away for the entirety.  Good thing these movies are quickies, usually ranging around 20 or so minutes, or I’d never get any other work done!

Ava, the shy redhead in today’s masturbation movie, is super cute, starting her scene off with a little conversation about the first time she started wearing glasses, which was while she was in boot camp for the Air Force. Who doesn’t love a girl in uniform? Yum.

She also goes on about her sexual history and tells us how she first got started having sex.  I love that says she didn’t think of herself as a slut – more of an opportunist.  Then she starts talking about masturbation and shows us her “little friend” – a giant blue vibrator with a red tip.  Yeah, Ava, there is nothing little about that thing.  Anyway, on to the jerking off.

Ava tries out some caramel lube this time around, giving it a quick taste before rubbing it all over her nipples and licking it off.  Though her shirt comes off pretty early, I like that she takes her sweet time with her bottoms, moving them over to the side instead of straight up pulling them off.  There is just something extra dirty about pulling your panties over, if you ask me.

I also love that Ava spends a while rubbing her giant vibrator all over the outside of her pussy, over her panties.  Sure ,we get a ton of time with the vibe directly on her clit and inside her pussy, but I really enjoy the added anticipation that comes before the panties come off.  But once they do, Ava pours on the caramel lube and  give us a hand show, which includes rubbing her butthole a little bit too.  Everything is better when you bring a little butthole into the mix!

Once big blue enter the scene, Ava breaks into fits of moans.  The subtle flush on her cheeks highlights just how hot she is getting and lets us know that, yes, those moans are 100% real.  And all that writhing around the bed?  Yeah, girl cannot help herself.  There are no explosive orgasms, but Ava definitely gets herself off in her own fashion.  Eh, I’d rather have a real, quiet orgasm than a screaming climax that is a total faker.

Watch “JoyOfSpex: Ava” now!

Top Five Tuesday – My Masurbation Porno Picks!

Happy Masturbation Month! May has us solo sexin’ crazy and I’ve been spending a little extra time perusing our masturbation movies.  And let me tell you, there are some SUPER hot flicks to help fuel your own celebrations. Here are my Top Five selections when it comes to hanging out with Rosie Palm and her five friends.

Orgasm! The Faces of Ecstasy: As much as I love me some genital shots and close-ups of hands rubbing bits, there is something seriously sexy about only getting an above-the-shoulders view of folks experiencing the sweet flush and overwhelm of hitting that delicious orgasm.  Libido Films does me so right with this amazing document of 22 people showing us their beautiful “o” faces.
Barcelona Sex Project: I’m not sure what I think is hotter in this documentary style masturbation masterpiece – actually watching the people getting off, or learning about their lives. As a pervy voyeur of sorts, both parts get me going and keep me totally engaged in knowing – and seeing – more about each person. Everything Erika Lust touches turns to pure porno gold!
Crash Pad Series – Episode 10: Vai’s Solo: Vai heads to the Crash Pad to study, but lucky for us she gets distracted with dirty thoughts and spends her alone time fucking herself and cumming all over that well worn couch.  This girl is seriously a fountain of pleasure and it is wicked hot to watch her get herself off over and over again.
JoyOfSpex: Madison Masturbation: I’ve always been a fan of four eyed folks, so I was really excited to find JoyOfSpex, a studio dedicated to being hot for glasses.  And I was super duper excited when I found this video of a young, freckled and bespectacled Madison Young getting her solo sexin’ on for us.
Solo April Flores: Four scenes with Zaftig porno queen April Flores getting herself off with a selection of toys – where do I sign up?!?  A list of my favorite jerk off flicks would never have been complete without this masturbation must-have on it!

Enjoy your celebration!


JoyOfSpex: Natasha

As much as I love porn where two or more folks get busy screwing on screen, there is just something so extra hot about watching people get themselves off. I love when people know how to touch themselves just right to elicit those super intense moans and body quaking orgasms. For me, the excitement is brought to the next level when it’s a woman.

Whether it’s because I am a lady lover through and through, or the fact that female masturbation is still such a taboo subject, watching women rub one out is such a thrill for me. Ladies get themselves going in such a variety of ways that I could enjoy some jerk off porn for hours and never see two women go at it the exact same way. Some gals love a vibrator, while others prefer to use their hands; some rock the penetration, and others focus all their energies on their clit. And then there are the combo lovers who want a little bit of everything, which brings us to Natasha, the busty soloist of this fabulous JoyOfSpex movie.

One thing I haven’t actually mentioned yet is that this flick is a JoyOfSpex movie, so instead of just getting a wank off, we get so much more! If you haven’t concluded – JoyofSpecs is all about the ladies in glasses and how freaking hot four eyes can be. They start off the video with an interview that focuses on both her eye-wear and her sexy history, which I think are both totally hot. Sure, I don’t particularly care about her eye prescription numbers, but hey, if that’s what she wants to talk about before taking off her clothes, I’m all ears!

Once those clothes do come off, all I can hear is her moans. Well, that and the buzzing of the various vibes she brings into the mix. As I said before, Natasha is a combo kinda gal, rocking a vibrating dildo in her pussy while she focuses her manual attentions towards her clit. I totally love that she tries out a few different positions while she’s at it – including on her knees and on her side, but ultimately it seems that we both prefer her in the same position, which is flat on her back with her legs apart. It’s really the perfect position – porno view-wise. It also allows her feet and legs to tense up and shake when she comes – and really, what’s better than that? Thanks JoyOfSpex!

Watch “JoyOfSpex: Natasha” Now!

JoyOfSpex: Madison Masturbation

I feel like I’ve just come across a porno gem. It seems to be a very early video of director/performer Madison Young, one of our favorite kinksters, getting off solo style for the camera. While I’m not sure how long into her career this was shot, I know that we’ve had it on our site for about four years, and Madison definitely looks like she’s just leaving that ‘barely legal’ bracket. In other words, she is super precious in that early twenties way, with a bit curvier of a body that totally makes me swoon. And she only gets sweeter as she pulls out her hot pink Hello Kitty vibe for an afternoon of orgasm after orgasm.

Starting this twenty minute quickie fully dressed while reading a book, Madison takes her sweet time rubbing her hands all over her body and slowly taking off her clothes one piece at a time. In fact, she doesn’t even ever take her short skirt off, choosing to just hike it up on her hips, which is insanely hot and makes the whole scenario seem so risqué – like she is only seconds away from being caught and needs to be able to hid her pussy fast. So hot.

The real action starts as Madison has her bunny-shaped egg vibrator battle it out with Hello Kitty for a premium spot in helping get her off. Kitty obviously wins (she plays dirty) and we get treated to both clit buzzing and internal play, as well as a guest appearance by a giant hard plastic vibrating dildo that goes straight up her ass. I was a little put off by its lack of flared base, since everything that is used anally needs to have a base bigger than it so it doesn’t get lost, but luckily she held on tight and everything worked out for the best. What can I say – I’m a sex educator through and through.

And since this is a Joy of Spex flick, we can’t forget to mention Madison’s super cute glasses. The thick, clear plastic frames look awesome on her and definitely add to the whole hot nerd fantasy that is so sexy. I totally love Madison’s movies now, but there is something completely endearing about this younger, newbie redhead. This is a must see for hardcore fans and first timers alike.

JoyOfSpex: Brittney & Simone

JoyOfSpex: Brittney & Simone

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Studio: Joy Productions Category: Lesbian

Bubbly blond Brittney (holy alliteration) and olive skinned Simone both like the ladies. And lucky for us, they let us see exactly how much they like to fuck. Brittney and Simone start off a little awkward for me. Their kissing seems a little forced, or at least a little stiff. And they both have so much hair; they keep getting tangled in each other’s long locks. But once the clothes come off and Simone trails her mouth down Brittney’s body, things start heating up.

I love the way Brittney goes wild and keeps yelling “Oh God, don’t stop!” as Simone licks her clit. It’s also super hot when they rub their clits together and the camera focuses in so all we can see is pretty pink bits! At only 20 minutes long, the ladies waste no time bringing out the toys and getting busy with a big blue vibe. I will say I wasn’t feeling the interruptions by the camera guy and the way it was super obvious he was there, but as it’s gonzo porn, I guess that’s pretty much the point. All in all, Brittney and Simone are two natural, be-spectacled cuties that rule the screen no matter what’s happening in the background.

-J.D. Bauchery

JoyOfSpex: Hadlee Masturbation

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Studio: Joy Productions Category: Solo Girls

I’ve always gone for girls in glasses. Maybe it’s because I wear them and it’s just familiar to me, or it could have something to do with the fact almost everyone I know wears glasses, but either way, I am definitely smitten for the bespectacled ladies. Watching JoyofSpex videos never fails to remind me just hot sexy a pair of specs can be, especially on a beautiful girl, and especially especially while the beautiful girl is getting off. Enter Hadlee, a bisexual pixie with a set of wireless frames and a penchant for frequent masturbation. After spilling her love for both women and a good spanking, Hadlee flips onto her back, loses the panties and lets her fingers go to town. I love the simplicity of watching someone get off with their own hands and nothing else. The close ups are what really make this movie for me. The camera focuses so closely on her pussy that you can see all the folds and creases and exactly how she touches her clit. Amazing. And her orgasm – completely real and quiver-inducing. What more can you ask for? This video definitely cements my love for this awesomely four-eyed studio and all of their flicks.

-J.D. Bauchery