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Darker Side Of Desire – Is Submission Anti-Feminist?

 is having the time of her life falling in love with . From the very first kiss she knew that something amazing was happening between them. The sex is passionate. Their connection is strong. Cassidy has never fell this hard and fast for someone, but uncertainty is creeping around the edges of her thoughts. Many people may have insecurities pop up when getting to know a new partner, but Cassidy wonders if Mickey will ever fully accept her if he knows who she “really” is.



Cassidy is the thoughtful, sincere, and trust-worthy woman that she presents to the world, but in her mind she is living another type of sexual reality. She dreams of being tied up and spanked. Maybe she would be pushed to do things just outside of her frame of knowledge sexually. When Cassidy has fantasies about this kind of role playing, the set is always in a dungeon-type place, with chains and bondage equipment. She often thinks of a recurring couple having sex in this way. The woman is a tall blonde () and the man is dark and mysterious (), egging his partner to submit to his every whim.  Cassidy is afraid she’ll never be able to tell Mickey that she would like to explore this part of herself with him. She thinks he would completely remove her from his life for fear that she was a deviant.



To be fair, Cassidy is not unreasonable in her fear of being completely honest with Mickey. One night while Mickey was over at her house hanging out with her and her roommates, Mickey affirmed Cassidy’s suspicion that he wouldn’t be open to trying anything too kinky. The four of them were playing a drinking game involving sexual experience questions.  The questions became more personal and outrageous, and  asked the group if anyone had ever been tied up and spanked. According to the rules of the game, if you had done the activity in question you had to do a shot. Only  answered yes to Riley’s question. To everyone’s surprise, Riley flipped out on Gia for answering truthfully. Riley chidded Gia for being “un-feminist” for letting a man tie her up and do those things to her. Even though Gia tried to answer that she had actually felt liberated in her ability to freely give her power over to her partner (even though only momentarily), Riley refused to listen to Gia’s story and became angry that Gia would let a man treat her like that. Gia became visibly upset and left the party. Mickey seemed to agree with what Riley was saying, and from that point on, Cassidy knew that she couldn’t be truthful with Mickey about her secret BDSM desires.




The following day, Cassidy decided to ask Gia about her experience with BDSM. Gia was hesitant to talk about it because she felt very judged from last night’s discussion, but she told Cassidy about her relationship with an older Dom (who showed her the ropes of kink-play. Gia said it was a beautiful relationship and that she had never connected with someone like that before, especially in a sexual manner. Unfortunately, Gia judged herself harsher than others probably judged her. She thought she was weird fr liking it, and she ended the relationship. She had regretted it ever since. After listening to Gia’s story, Cassidy realised that she needed to be honest with Mickey about her desire to try new things in bed, and she got the address to where Gia’s old boyfriend used to take her when they hooked up. The space was a dungeon that was available for rentals. Cassidy asked Mickey to meet her there so she could tell him about Gia’s experience and how she wanted to try this area of kink. When Mickey arrived he was taken back by the dungeon atmosphere and equipment. While Mickey doesn’t say no to the idea of exploring BDSM, and he also admits he didn’t necessarily agree with Riley’s outburst the other night, Mickey’s hesitance is obvious, and Cassidy doesn’t hear from him for another week.


Meanwhile, Riley and her boyfriend,  are discussing a paper that Riley just received an A grade on. Riley argued for the empowerment of women by allowing themselves the freedom to pursue submission with a partner. Although, Riley says she doesn’t believe a word of her own paper. She was hoping to get insight to Gia’s experience, so she crafted a counter-argument to her own in order to better understand Gia’s point of view. Michael is impressed with Riley’s intellectual capability to frame her own counter-argument, and get a good grade on it, but he thinks she may not fully understand how power exchange works in relationships. In order to better understand this, Michael suggests that she tie him up and dominate him. If domination happens naturally in the patriarchal society, maybe their roleplaying will be rewarding and cathartic for both of them. To both of their delights, Michael and Riley learn a lot about themselves through dominance and submission play, so much so that Riley even submits to Michael. He even promises her that this type of game is just for them and their little secret.



Cassidy finally hears back from Mickey a week after she invites him to the dungeon. He leaves her a few notes along the path to the main dungeon room, which instruct her to change into lingerie and put on a blindfold. Though Mickey was confused about his own feelings at first regarding impact play, D/s, and other types of kink-play, he says he needed some time to work out what role this kind of sexual fantasy would have in his own sexual philosophy and feminist ideology. He came to the conclusion that if both he and Cassidy were willing and communicative partners there would be no way that things could get into a dark place. If both of them wanted to experiment with bondage and discipline, then both of them were able to handle this kind of kink with love and openness, and have fun learning about it together as a team.



Best Of Porn 2015

Here at HotMoviesForHer HQ, our staff of professional porn watchers clock in thousands of hours of porn watching throughout the year. Sure, plenty of it will make us afraid to ever visit Germany, will familiarize us with the anatomy of the lower digestive system, or make just make us consider joining a convent. But every year, there’s a few movies and stars that we actually want to watch when we get home that prove to us that the adult industry still has artists, visionaries, and people who are just really good at fucking. I asked my colleagues what they thought was the best that the porn biz had to offer in 2015, and here’s what they said:

Andi G

FemDom Dream DateMy favorite movie of the year was Femdom Dream directed by Dee Severe for her studio, Severe Sex. Dee and her husband Jimmy Broadway have produced some really great films, everything from kink instruction to superhero films. I really like Femdom Dream Date because it was funny, sexy, and relatable. If you have ever been on a dating site you know the struggles that the protagonist, Dominick Kross is going through. Especially, if you have ever tried one of the fetish or kink dating sites, this movie pins down the stereotypes of experiences you probably went through. All Dominick wants is to find a kinky chick to explore with, but he ends up on some pretty wacky dates, and in a few messed up (and sort of scary) situations. You really feel sorry for the guy, and you want him to be happy. Without giving too much away, because you really should watch this film all the way through, Ela Darling needs several awards for her performance in this film. She is fantastic. Not only is the sex hot, but she plays this character that I have impersonated several times while explaining this movie to others. This is a must see. And, Femdom Dream Date  is up for an AVN this year, so I’m not alone in thinking this was an amazing flick.

The Authentic Lesbian

Fuck the Police BoxcoverBest Movie: Fuck The Police is a perfect mix of comedy, action and sex, plus the entire cast was amazing.

Best Actress: Skin Diamond, because she’s Skin Diamond and if you need any other explanation, you’re not human.

Best Actor: Jaxton Wheeler did a really good job in TS Sister In Law in my opinion.



A Thing Of BeautyBest Movie: I’m going to go with A Thing Of Beauty because I really liked the creepy Faustian angle Dana Vespoli went with for this. Something about Satan makes everything scary, but kinda hot at the same time…

Best Actress: Adriana Chechik, because nobody has that much enthusiasm for anal 24/7.

Best Actor: Kurt Lockwood in Gardener



Dee Viant

Best Movie: TIE between Levi Cash’s Director’s Cut: VIP at AVN and Wanderlust from PornFidelity.

wanderlsutEven when I like porn videos, I rarely watch them more than once. However, I’ve repeatedly watched both of these videos. VIP at AVN and Wanderlust are totally different from one another, but they both have carefree and playful airs to them. What they have in common is that I would watch both videos even if they didn’t have sex in them.

VIP at AVN is an especially fun watch as a past attendee of the AVN AEE; it captures the unpredictable fun of being at the AVN, with footage of a number of porn pros clowning around between the sex scenes. Levi Cash really hit the ground running in 2015 with Manipulative Media, and it’s been super cool watching his movies get better and better with every new release. As much as I love the entire movie, the Rahyndee James/Levi Cash scene is my favorite. Their chemistry is unstoppable.

Wanderlust is simply one of the most beautiful movies I’ve seen all year between mainstream and porn offerings. When I saw the stills for this, I was already smitten. Wanderlust, while absolutely being a hardcore movie, feels really intimate. It reminds me of long, summer days in the South, listening to obscure bands while having sex in the middle of the afternoon. The production value is amazing and there’s nothing “porny” about its appearance.

saya song
Saya Song

Best Actress: My fave actress I’ve discovered this year is Saya Song. I first saw her in Jizz My Glasses and I think she has awesome energy and enthusiasm. I hope she rocks porn in 2016.

Best Actor: Sebastian Keys! When it comes to fetish and BDSM films, Sebastian Keys is amazing to watch as a top or a bottom. I love this ginger motherfucker. He’s the only guy on Earth who I could still like even if he had a man bun.

Honorable Mention (2014 release): Whore Hole by Foxhouse Films. This is my favorite porn video of all time. The first time I watched it, I was literally breathless. Wow. This is just everything-but not for everyone.

Judy Hologram

Family Secrets boxcoverBest Movie: My favorite movie of 2015 came onto my radar late in the year, but Family Secrets from Vivid stole the show from everything else that I saw. Backed by director Kimberly Kane’s slick, economical story telling, a powerhouse supporting cast, and face-meltingly hot fucking, Family Secrets turned to be one of the best high-end pornos of the year.

Best Actress: It’s been well established that I’m a huge Dana Vespoli fangirl, so she’s an obvious pick for lady of the year. As far as I’m concerned she’s got it all: beauty, brains, her own studio, serious acting and directing chops, a booty to die for, and she fucks like her life depends on it. Although Family Secrets was ultimately my favorite movie of 2015, Vespoli directed or starred in tons of high quality smut all year, including The Turning, the Real Sex Diary series, and Fluid Volume 3. She gets pretty twisted, crafting scenarios that push the boundaries of what’s acceptable or normal, even for porn, and I love her all the more for it.

Best Actor: I get excited every time that I see that Steven St. Croix is in a movie. That daddy can GET IT.

Janie Mack

Emma MarxBest Movie: The Submission of Emma Marx – Boundaries – One of the best told stories of the year, targets a very wanting audience, and it’s directed by Jacky St. James – I need say no more!

Best Actress: Siri, purely because she’s the hottest thing I’ve ever seen.

Best Actor: Tommy Pistol, because he’s the most talented, picks the coolest roles, and was probably the most prolific actor of the year,  and was featured in just about every movie.

After 2015’s incredible year in porno, we can’t wait to see what our favorite naked people dish out in 2016! Happy New Year, you perverts!

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Porn Stars React To “Hot Girls Wanted”

hot girls wantedTwitter and the blogosphere are abuzz over Hot Girls Wanted, the latest documentary to stream on Netflix. Produced by Parks and Recreation’s Rashida Jones, the doc bills itself as “a first-ever look at the realities of the professional ‘amateur’ porn world and the steady stream of 18-to-19-year old girls entering into it.”  While some of the resulting outrage has come from civilians reacting to the seemingly exploitative working conditions of the performers depicted in the film, much of the outrage has been from sex workers, porn stars, and industry insiders themselves.  And no, they’re not siding with the filmmakers.

Director Jacky St. James, who wrote for us about how “porn defied every stereotype [she] had about it,” had a healthy dose of sarcasm for the filmmakers.

Much of the criticism of Hot Girls Wanted has focused on the filmmakers’ inabilities to take a truly unbiased look at porn. Performer Casey Calvert took a lighthearted approach to expressing her ire.

Professional dominatrix Mistress Matisse live tweeted as she watched the documentary.

Veteran performer jessica drake tweeted a powerful “rant” expressing her frustration at how many issues that porn performers face stem from the attitudes of outsiders.

Many sex workers, such  as trans performer Chelsea Poe, condemned Hot Girls Wanted for not examining broader societal issues or offering solutions for reform.

Chanel Preston also expressed similar views on her blog:

I understand why Rashida Jones would want to make this documentary; she saw a group of young victims, and she wanted to raise awareness around the issue of female exploitation. Unfortunately, the documentary doesn’t have a view point about this subject beyond “this is bad” except that it alludes to pornography as being the problem. Because of this vague message, it gives no insight into why this is happening or how we can work towards reducing female exploitation.

One scene in Hot Girls Wanted showed a pro-am performer dealing with health issues that arose from her work. Stoya pointed out that bodily injury is part and parcel of the careers of much of the working class, not just sex workers.

Gay performer Conner Habib expressed frustration over the erasure of the voices of sex workers in their own narratives.

There’s so much to say about porn. It’s vast, diverse, and complex. It’s not for everyone, and that’s okay. And it’s far from perfect or pretty. But does that make it an anomaly in society or a microcosm?

As a product and as a component of wider society, porn needs an informed critical eye. Hot Girls Wanted is not it. I wish the film had moved us even a baby step closer to complicating the conversation, especially given its potential reach. But it didn’t. Instead, feel free to put it on the shelf next to Reefer Madness and Red Asphalt, right where it belongs – “Tell your children!”

Many sex workers and performers pointed to an Uproxx review written by sociologist Dr. Chauntelle Tibbals as the most eloquent summation of their frustrations.

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HMFH Guide To Porn For Married Couples

With the recent release of Jacky St. James’ Spicing Up The Marriage, we figured we’d direct all you (heteronormative… I’m sorry queers!) married people to a few other titles that might give you some spicy new ideas to keep the sexy in your relationship! The rad thing about porn land is that it’s where all your wildest fantasies can come true; it’s up to you to decide whether to bring those fantasies off screen and into your bedroom, or store them away in the spank bank. So now, here it is, the best porn for married couples!

It’s The Little Things

Rekindling The FlameJacky St. James mastered romantic vignettes about married couples long before Spicing Up The Marriage. If her latest offering was a hit with you and your partner, definitely check out 2014’s Rekindling The Flame in which four couples surprise each other with erotic and romantic gestures. I especially loved scene one, in which angel faced Siri and Richie Calhoun pretend to be strangers in a bar. 2014 also saw the release of James’ Happy Anniversary, another series of four vignettes about married couples surprising each other. The highlight of this one is scene four, which daddy Steven St. Croix indulges bombshell, all-natural MILF India Summer in a massage.


Dress It Up

Kelly and Ryan Madison Dress UpKelly and Ryan Madison are a real life married couple, and their family business is porn. Whether they’re performing together, separately, or with a third, you always get the feeling that they’re having a blast and living their lives to the fullest. Their entire body of work is pretty excellent, but I found Dress Up, from their PornFidelity line to be particularly fun. I’m a huge fan of Halloween and costume parties, and bringing the playfulness of pretend, imagination, and roleplaying into the bedroom as a prelude to fucking is a great way to keep things exciting, especially for those of you who are in monogamous commitments.


Play With Your Toys

adam and eve sex toys for you and your loverIt’s not like there’s a dearth of pornos featuring sex toys, but they tend to be favored in solo and lesbian movies. If you’ve never incorporated sex toys into your partnered, hetero sex life now might be the time to try! Adam and Eve recently released the instructional Sex Toys For You and Your Lover, which features six scenes that cover toys for hetero couples, lesbians, masturbation for men and women, and even touches on anal play for men. Yes, it’s basically a long ass commercial for their toy line, but it does have a few neat ideas. You can also check out Nina Hartley’s Guide to Sex Toys and Nina Hartley’s Advanced Guide to Sex Toys. If you want to surprise your boo with a toy, look into my post on sex toys as gifts.


Fifty Shades of Beating a Dead Horse

A Beginner's Guide To BDSMIs there really anything else that can be said about the current cultural obsession with BDSM, and the subsequent flood of couples themed fetish pornos? Janie Mack already covered it, and since then we’ve also seen the release Jacky St. James’ lite as a feather Restraint.  If you and your spouse do decide that what your sex life needs is some BDSM, please make sure you know what the fuck you’re doing.


Open Up

The SwingerMy fellow devotees of Dan Savage know all about how humans are not necessarily monogamous animals (he prefers the term “monogam-ish”), and that it’s perfectly normal to want to fuck people who aren’t your spouse. If you and your partner are thinking about opening up your marriage, or if you simply enjoy the fantasy, there’s plenty of pornos about consensual non-monogamy. In porn, hotwifing is when the wife has sex with another man while the husband watches. New Sensations has been churning out vignette movies on hot wives for the past year, starting with I Love My Hotwife and following it up with My Hotwife’s Lover. Things get mildly kinkier with A Hot Wife Blindfolded, and then we see things from the husband’s POV in Watching My Hotwife. If full on swinging is your thing, director James Avalon has a whole series of standalone stories about swinging couples that he made for Sweet Sinner.


Make Your Own Porno

AbbyWinters.com Girls And Their Boys 13Feeling inspired? Maybe it’s time you guys pulled out the camera and made some movies of your own! Whether the final product it something to be deleted immediately, kept just between the two of you, or shared with the whole world, filming yourselves fucking each other can be an exhilarating addition to your sex life. If you want some inspiration, or if you simply like the gritty, real look of amateur porn, check out Homegrown Video; their massive collection of homemade smut has something to please anyone. If you prefer amateur porn with a more polished finish, you might like AbbyWinters.Com. The majority of their movies focus on lesbian sex and female masturbation, which is super hot, but in 2013 they started the series Girls And Their Boys, which stars real hetero couples on camera for the first time.

I may be a very, very single lady, but I do know my porn. Whether you and your spouse are in a rut, or if you’re just feeling particularly adventurous, smut can be a great way to jumpstart your fantasies and get you on the path to exploration. Now get out there and get weird with each other!

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Just a Civilian Girl in a Porn World: A Jacky St. James Guest Post for Women’s History Month

Known for her depiction of strong female characters, as well as her uncanny ability to place her finger on the erotic pulse of women’s sexuality, highly sought after director Jacky St. James has created an entire genre of adult films that seek to encourage and empower women. With titles like The Submission of Emma Marx, The Submission of Emma Marx-Boundaries, and the newly released Spicing Up the Marriage, her approach reassures women that it’s ok to embrace and explore their own sexuality. Through her exciting and masterful work, St. James has left a lasting impact on the industry while serving as an advocate for women across the globe.

In this third installment of HotMoviesforHer’s series celebrating Women’s History Month, we’re incredibly pleased to share the following: an exclusive and inspirational guest post from one of our heroes, Jacky St. James, exploring her experience in the adult industry, her career and her outlook on a woman’s ability to succeed in an industry that is often wrongly stereotyped as an environment degrading to women.

“Before I worked in the adult industry I had so many preconceived notions about pornographers and performers. I believed the mainstream media hype. The exposés on news channels where performers tell tales of drug abuse, sexual abuse, and exploitation. I always took those exposés at face value. That’s what I was spoon-fed so why wouldn’t I believe it?  Truth be told, I shouldn’t have – and neither should you.

I got into the adult industry after submitting a screenplay to a writing contest that New Sensations was holding. I did it on a whim. I didn’t have any expectations of winning. I didn’t plan on leaving my successful corporate job or my civilian life to venture into the “dark” side of the world. I did it because I thought it would be a fun story to tell on the off chance I did win. Porn is so elusive and intangible to the civilian world and being able to say, “I wrote a porn script” would be something of a bragging right.

So I sat down and labored over my first adult screenplay, Dear Abby. I had no idea how to structure it and wanting to put forth my very best effort, I sought advice from award winning adult director, Eddie Powell. I tweeted at him asking for advice and he DM’d me back with his phone number and told me to call him. I labored over making that phone call for days. I didn’t want to be that close to the porn world and I certainly didn’t feel comfortable talking to a “creepy porn director.” After all, Powell had directed movies like The Great American Squirt Off and a series called Fuck for Dollars. What respectable man would do something like that? But something compelled me to dial his number. The voice on the other end of the line was soft-spoken, friendly, polite, not at all the drooling, husky, creep-fest I expected. He offered sound advice. “Write a story that has sex. Don’t write porno.” I was surprised that he wasn’t encouraging me to throw in as many innuendos as possible. I was surprised by a lot of things about Eddie Powell.

A month later I got word that New Sensations had green-lit the script and that it would be produced in a few weeks. Eddie Powell would be directing the title and he invited me to set to be part of the production experience. My friends were as excited as they were terrified. They warned me about the dangers of porn sets. They told me awful things happened there. That Eddie would try to sleep with me, that there would be a lot of drugs, that it would be this terrifying seedy world that I hadn’t been prepared for having grown up in suburbia. They drew all these conclusions without ever having been to a porn set. They drew all these conclusions without ever having known anyone in porn. That’s what people do, don’t they? They talk about porn with such conviction you’d think they had firsthand knowledge and experience.
If you’ve never been to an adult set, let me shed some light. It’s not how it’s depicted in mainstream movies, at least not a New Sensations’ set. I was shocked to find how professional everyone was. How hard everyone worked. How the performers weren’t in some corner shooting up heroin, but were studying lines, going over blocking, sitting in makeup chairs, picking out their wardrobe, taking selfies, and laughing with other performers. They were just normal people doing the normal things performers do on film sets. The crew was equally normal – moving lights, blocking out scenes, decorating the set, figuring out their next shots. You know, what most film crews are doing! The only difference between an adult movie set and a low budget indie film would be that on an adult set there is a lot more nudity and, yes, there’s actual sex. But even the sex is professional. The male performers are considerate, they’re not misogynist bastards. The female talent are likeable, approachable, average girls – not these sexual caricatures society has made them out to be. Porn isn’t Boogie Nights people. I hate to disappoint.
Porn defied every stereotype I had about it. I loved how creative the process was. How hard everyone worked. How much everyone cared. How open and welcoming the industry was to me. I got sucked into that openness and a few months later I put in notice at my corporate job and dove full-fledged into an adult career.

The adjustment wasn’t seamless. There were points of frustration for me.  At times I pained over how porn seemed to lack the same amount of accountability you’d find in mainstream. How performers could be an hour late to set and there was no consequence. But, I made a choice. I chose to pave my own way. To conduct business on my sets the way I would in corporate America. I hired only the best performers. The ones repped by top agents with solid reputations. I held a two-strike rule. If you’re late to my set more than once, I won’t hire you again. And I felt good about treating my adult career as I would any other.

I built solid relationships with ethical people. I surrounded myself with them, most notably Eddie Powell who became a mentor and a best friend. I never felt like a fish out of water because I had such a strong foundation of people working alongside me (from pre to post production).

In mainstream you hear women frequently complain about the lack of opportunities there are for female directors, writers, producers.  Actresses complain about how they had to fight tooth and nail for a one-liner on a television show, or how the casting couch is very real, or how they’ve struggled for years with little success to show for their efforts. Female writers and actresses frequently complain about the lack of opportunities or good roles for women.

In adult, the creativity is limitless. The opportunities are plentiful for women both in front of and behind the camera. All different female types are glorified – there are roles for older performers, younger performers, plus sized performers, skinny performers, small boobed, big boobed, etc. etc. The female voice is encouraged and welcomed. There are more female directors than ever before. Good directors with unique voices producing unique content.  And the education I’ve gotten working behind the scenes of an adult film has been incredible. In less than a year in the adult industry I had gotten opportunities to write, direct, produce, production manage, script supervise, etc.  How many people in mainstream get those opportunities their first year in the business? How many people in mainstream ever get those opportunities?

There will always be people that snicker when I tell them I’m a porn writer. Who will make that tired old “pizza guy” joke and continue perpetuating the myths about porn that they are so certain are true. But I’ll take great pleasure in knowing that my gut lead me into a world where the sky is the limit, where my imagination has never been stifled, and where I can flourish not only as a writer and a director, but as a woman.”