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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lily Cade Interview

Lily Cade is at the top of the charts when it comes to making and distributing lesbian porn for lesbians. I’ve talked about her features countless times over the year as they just keep coming, and all of us here at HotMoviesForHer.com thought it was about time we get an interview with the lesbian legend herself! She never disappoints.

Lily Cade in pool

Authentic Lesbian: Congratulations on all the recognition and mainstream attention you’ve been receiving over the past year! You can’t Google “real lesbian porn” without a Lily Cade scene popping up and, as Porn Valley’s Gold Star Lesbian, that has to be a great feeling. The conversation on lesbian sex and what it looks like is changing and expanding in large part because of your movies. Did you consciously take on the task of producing genuine lesbian porn in an effort to present it accurately or was the mindset to make movies you would want to watch and just see what resulted?

Lily Cade: I’m not going to lie, it does feel great to be me. I’ve been able to make some really awesome movies and showcase beautiful, authentic sex in so many variations. When I first encountered porn, I was really put off by “lesbian” content. It didn’t look like the sex that I had with my lovers. I have sex to connect, and that connection was missing. It was bodies touching, but not souls. It was straight girls putting on a show for men. It offended my young heart, watching this mockery of lesbian love.

While I was at USC, I watched 70s era porno features and fell in love with the work of Radley Metzger. I wanted to make movies like that, but for a lesbian audience. I wanted to push the boundaries of erotic content in cinema. I thought I would go about it from the indie film side. I took my first porn scene on a whim, but I discovered a community and a job that I really loved. As a performer, being genuine and showcasing authentic connection has always been my goal. I saw an unfilled niche and sought to fill it. As a director, I want to create erotic content with characters that feel like real women with whom the viewer can identify, not fantasy creatures that exist only to be consumed. Of course, I make what I like, but I do put a lot of thought into what I’m representing.

AL: Now that you’re being looked at as an authority on lesbian sex within the industry do you ever feel pressured or burdened down by the responsibility that can come along with that?

LC: Honestly, no. I feel a lot of pressure, but it’s about deadlines and how I’m going to get funding to make larger movies and the challenges of being an artist. I get bogged down sometimes by worrying and frustrated by dealing with bullshit.

Last night I went to the XRCO awards. I started chatting up a newbie. My wife tried to bet a guy that I would take her into the bathroom, but he wouldn’t take the bet. I took her to the bathroom, fisting her while looking into her eyes, her body suspended between the stall walls. Back at the party, another model stopped her. “The bathroom? It’s incredible, isn’t it?” I watched them lock eyes and share a moment. This is my life. The sex is the easy part.

AL: Speaking of pressure and responsibility, how do you juggle writing, directing, starring in, and editing your own movies? Does one role trump the others?

LC: I just do it, because no one else will. The hardest part is finding the inspiration. Once I have that, they rest falls into place. The most annoying part is scheduling and dealing with the last minute cancellations and other disasters. As far as which is more important, that’s sort of like asking whether my heart or my lungs are more important to the functioning of my body. I do feel like my performance sometimes suffers when I’m directing myself because I worry about other responsibilities, like whether the set is running on time or where the lights are. During the sex, being in the moment feels natural, but I’ve been focusing on improving my non-sex acting skills and immersing myself in my characters. I consider Heartbreaker vs. Obscura my best performance as an actor, in part because I was able to delegate some of the set running and stay “Heartbreaker” instead of myself.

Latex Lily Cade

AL: Gender and sexuality are at the forefront of societal conversations in terms of understanding how people view themselves and want others to view them. As a person who identifies as being somewhere between butch and femme, do you ever find these topics creeping into your work? How much of an influence do they have on your plots and characters?

LC: It’s always been a component of my work, from the very start. I feel this split within myself – butch/femme, virgin/whore, good/bad, boi/girl – sort of both, sort of neither. I like to fuck with people’s expectations. I like to make people question themselves. Men tell me all the time that I make them wish they were a woman. I’m an avatar for my male viewers. I fuck girls the way they wish they could. I fuck girls the way they wish men would.

I joke that I’m “male talent” and my first released scene was a drag role in Elexis Unleashed, in which I played a Victorian era girl pretending to be a boy so she could get a job. As a director, I like to riff on boy/girl plots and characters. One of my first scenes as a director featured Dylan Ryan as a pizza “boy” who turns out to be a girl to the surprise but ultimate delight of India Summer in Hard Working Girls. My features take place in a butch/femme universe, with the boy parts played by girls. I don’t so much talk about gender or issues of identity with my work. I just show these things and let people think about it.

Lily Cade in cowboy boots

AL: Your first scene ever with Capri Cavanni was lost to the world forever so sadly we won’t get to see it, but what made you answer that Craig’s List ad in the first place? What did you buy with the $200 you made?

LC: I’m pretty sure I put it towards rent or food. I’ve always been very practical. I did put a down payment on a motorcycle for my wife with the money I earned from my first “real” shoots for Sweetheart Video.

AL: You mention in a lot of your interviews that your type is more of an energy that you feel with a woman. So far, who have you worked with that brought the most energy?

LC: I’ve had amazing chemistry with so many women, but if you want to see my deepest on screen connection, watch me with Jess Gatsby in Fuck The Police or at makelovenotporn.tv. Jess and I were dating at the time. She’s this gorgeous, hardbody butch, a type I had been dying to represent in porn for a long time. The Fuck The Police scene was really intense and a highlight of my career, the only time I’ve bottomed for a strap-on on camera. When it was over, Jess and I sat together as the crew put equipment away, our focus still only on each other. I held her and told her that I loved her for the first time.  The whole movie is great, but that scene is special.

AL: Cops seem to be an ongoing theme in your work. What is it about that power and abusing it that turns you on so much?

LC: I grew up watching cop shows and started to notice the women in uniform. I had a crush on Olivia Bensen from Law and Order SVU back when I didn’t quite understand what I was feeling. I’m into masculine clothes on women, and police uniforms are a particular favorite. As an artist, I find the police fascinating. Whether the police are “good” or “bad” depends on your position in society. Cops have middle class incomes but life and death power. They can get away with fucked up stuff. It’s a dynamic that lends itself well to porno style exploitation and my black sense of humor.

Lily Cade cop uniform

AL: Officer Cade and Heartbreaker are falling off a cliff and you can only save one, who lives?

LC: Officer Cade is fun at parties. She loves her life. She filters the world through an enormous later of bullshit, but she enjoys it. Heartbreaker doesn’t like herself. She’d be mad at me if I saved her.

AL: You do standup!? I had no idea…how did that start and what’s it like? Is porn a big part of your comedy?

LC: It’s definitely part of it. Porn is a unique world. The office politics and the difference between the show we put on and what’s really happening are funny to me but porn is not the only source of my material.

AL: After 8 years in the adult industry what advice would you give young women, gay and straight, looking for their start?

LC: Porn’s tough. To do it well requires a lot of emotional labor, and neither the money nor the fame are what they used to be. “Mainstream porn,” so to speak, has consolidated as fewer companies compete for a dwindling marketplace.  If you’re a traditionally hot girl, you can go to one of the better porno agencies and get a certain number of shoots. Success beyond that requires dedication, and running a brand, and acquiring fans. Porn will shoot whatever sells. If you can prove that you sell, you work. The business of being a “porn star” is not just going to set but interacting with fans, monetizing content, affiliate marketing, appearances, etc. Most girls also webcam, escort, or otherwise sell their services. What worked for me was standing out rather than fitting the mold, and I’ve seen others have success by focusing on creating niche content that fans can’t get elsewhere. If you decide to go into porn, do your research and go in with your eyes open.

Watch Lily Cade’s performances and check out her LilyCade.com studio on HotMoviesforHer.com

The Authentic Lesbian hails from Baltimore City, lives in Philly, and is healthily addicted to everything involving naked women. Follow her on Twitter @authenticlezz1 to watch adorable dog videos and occasionally porn.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Sober Sets

black background

When it comes to porn, everyone assumes it’s the same lifestyle as rock n’ roll: sex, drugs, alcohol, and money. While one of those is certainly true (there’s lots of sex in porn) and the other true for some people (I know a few claiming to make really good bank), the other two are more mythology by some accounts. For the record, we aren’t talking about the male enhancement drug side of things (although there’s a lot there to be dissected), but rather the alcohol, marijuana, and coke that outsiders think are given out in goodie bags as soon as stars walk on set. While that sounds like the dream life to some of us, porn is still a business and being sober is extremely important to businesses everywhere. I’ve made it a task of mine to find stars promoting sober sets and sharing their drug-free porn set experiences.

SiriIn an article written for Quora, the beautiful and boobaliciously blessed Siri outlines what sounds like common sense when you think about it. Making pornographic movies is a business first, and being fucked up on the job is unprofessional no matter what that job is (not to mention the whole consent issue you’re opening yourself up to if you’re a production company allowing stars to perform while under the influence). Siri writes,

If an adult company allows a non-sober performer to work, they are taking a MAJOR liability. A non-sober performer does not have complete awareness and full control of his/her faculties, and cannot legally give consent to what happens on film.

Sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen if you ask me. She goes on to explain that most adult film companies require performers to film a video disclaimer either before or after the shoot stating their age, that they consent(ed) to the sex acts taking place, and that they are not under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Producers and studios have to take that shit seriously because of VOD licensing and CC processor censorship. Garion Hall, owner and genius over at the Australian porn superpower that is AbbyWinters.com, agrees and confirms that drugs and alcohol are never allowed on his sets.


AceComedian turned porn star Ace touches on the subject in his Youtube vlog detailing his personal experiences in the industry. While he admits that he has witnessed the occasional joint smoking in a backyard after a scene, he says drug offers on set are nothing like people think. People want to believe there are a lot of drugs on set, but that’s just not true according to Ace. He goes on to outline typical interviews from outsiders and talks about how everyone assumes that adult performers are all on drugs and doing porn because of something fucked up that happened to them. However, these interviews completely ignore the fact that sex is enjoyable to most people and that there are some of us who want it more than others. If you can get paid for that, why the hell wouldn’t you, right!? Exactly. John E. Depth joins him on one episode and even I found it interesting that they talked more about male enhancement drugs that they saw during their time in the industry, rather than the party drugs everyone assumes comes with the career choice.


Kayden KrossNone of this is to say that porn stars don’t do drugs. Hell, I’m not even saying they shouldn’t do drugs, just that nobody should be under the influence of drugs or alcohol while at work (even on 4/20). In an interesting read at LiveScience, Kayden Kross joins the conversation and offers her knowledge and opinions on a study of the average adult performer. When it came to drugs, the study claims that the stereotype that porn stars use more drugs than the average person was partially true. Kayden agreed, stating:

I have a feeling we’ve probably, as a demographic, tried skydiving more. We’ve probably tried monkey brains in South Africa more.

That’s extremely telling to me. It speaks more to the personality type of those who may enter the industry and I think that’s where outsiders get things wrong. They assume sex in front of a camera and crew to be horrible and forceful, so they assume you must be doped up or drunk to do it. After researching, it seems clear to me that adult companies and performers have much more to lose than gain when it comes to being high or boozed up on set. Performers are reportedly sent home and not paid, which leads to a bad reputation with the end result being that nobody wants to work with you.

While I’m sure there’s much more out there, unfortunately the adult industry and those working in it just aren’t accurately represented in mainstream media. It’s easier for outsiders to make assumptions and lump performers into stereotypical categories, so there isn’t much to go on. But after working around the content for over 5 years, I feel confident in believing the voices of the few who have spoken out and continue to speak out against drug and alcohol stereotypes. I’ll continue my due diligence on the matter of sober sets and set the world straight, but until then make sure to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for all things lezzy and my favorite group of ladies @hotmoviesforher!

BONUS: Keisha Grey’s Full Interview

Keisha Grey 3Twenty-one year-old Florida native Keisha Grey was kind enough to grant us an exclusive interview on her starring turn in Hard X‘s Gangbang Me 2. After our initial movie review, we decided that her candor was just too good to keep all to ourselves. So without further ado, here’s our full interview with Keisha Grey!

HotMoviesForHer: So you did your first gang bang AND your first DP. How was it?

Keisha Grey: Fucking intense.

HMFH: You’ve been in the industry since 2013. What made you decide to finally take the leap into gang bangs and DP?

Keisha: I became curious to see how two dicks in me would feel. And it’s always been a fantasy of mine to have many guys at once. So what better way to figure out how it is than doing it first hand?

HMFH: Tell us about that day on set. What were some memorable moments? 

Keisha: I was very nervous. Mason brought me balloons and roses and a stuffed animal to make me smile cause she knows how nervous I get for first time things, never knowing what to expect. It was so sweet.

HMFH: Mason is famous for being one of the most elusive directors in the business. What’s it like working with her?

Keisha: It’s fucking funny. We joke all of the time. She jokes about how goofy I am and I joke about how goofy she is. It works. She’s so creative and its honestly very inspiring. Makes me want to own the fucking scene and and blow her expectations out of the water.

Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha's Twitter @keishagreyxxx
Keisha with her cat, Fritz. Courtesy of Keisha’s Twitter @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: Do you feel like there’s a big difference between being directed by a woman as opposed to a male director? Why or why not?

Keisha: I don’t feel there’s that much of a difference at all. You can tell which directors are driven and which directors just want to half ass and get the day over with despite the outcome. [Mason] is definitely hardworking and a perfectionist

HMFH: You had a really great set of guys in your gang bang. How much input did you get to have on the casting?

Keisha: I try not to say who I want to work with cause I trust Mason with who she’d pick. She knows who will fuck me right and look good on camera.

HMFH: Did everything you wanted to happen during your gang bang come true?

Keisha: Indeed. I’m addicted to numerous cocks at the same time.

HMFH: What’s next for you on your porno bucket list?

Keisha: It’s a secret.

Image courtesy of @keishagreyxxx

HMFH: What are your goals for your future in the industry?

Keisha: I want people to get off to me getting off. I want to be known. I want to enjoy myself constantly. I want to direct films. 

HMFH: What do you like to do in your free time when you’re not on set?

Keisha: Music and art. I love exploring.

HMFH: You’re frequently cited as having one of the best bodies in the biz. What are your secrets for maintaining your figure?

Keisha: Hahahahahaha I’m honestly blessed. My weight fluctuates a lot. Sometimes I go to the gym. I’ve been eating organic and home grown my whole life. My mom made sure I was VERY active when I was younger with dance, yoga, and tennis. I get munchies quite often.

HMFH: What can we look forward to seeing from you next?

Keisha: I’m gonna keep these hot scenes coming that’s for sure.

HMFH: What are the best ways for your fans to support you?

Keisha: Kind words and fan art make me very happy.

HMFH: Any last words?

Keisha: Eat my ass.

Watch Gangbang Me 2 on HotMoviesForHer today!

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