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Viewing Interracial Porn Differently

One of the most infuriating—and also most worth considering—aspects of porn marketing is the euphemisms and stereotypes used to promote videos.  Porn genres are broken down into terms that we would normally find insulting, but somehow they get thrown onto box covers with wide distribution. Just think about how the proliferation of the term “interracial” is used as a code word for racist stereotypes in porn. While porn is a place to explore taboo subjects, make fun of those stereotypes, and indulge in fantasies that we could not perform in real life, there are certain films, studios, or performers who may take this indulgence to a place where not everyone is comfortable or treated with respect. However liberating breaking those taboos may be for some people, it can also be hurtful to watch those scenes taking place. In the spirit of understanding taboo fantasies, loving porn, and wanting to see diversity on my screen, I have picked out a few interracial scenes that I enjoy watching because the people involved are obviously having fun, and everyone knows that they are respected and good at their job. These are interracial scenes that do not play with the normal porn tropes, it’s just hot people having great sex.

Mickey Mod and India Summer in scene six of Marriage 2.0


This whole movie is absolutely wonderful, and the film should be watched in its entirety, but scene six is a beautifully shot combination of scenes and images that are erotic and stunning. Often when writing about good chemistry between porn performers, it is easy to focus on the different positions, the way someone orgasms, or intense staring into one another’s eyes, but there is often the blatant gonzo movement or position that lasts too long. Inevitably,  I am reminded that I am watching porn. Well, this scene isn’t like that at all. Yes, Marriage 2.0 has a story arch and great dialogue, but the sex scenes are really honest even though they are artistically filmed. The chemistry between Mickey and India is good because of the story, and this creates a more believable scenario between the two of them.

Ana Foxxx and Mick Blue in scene four of The Art of Romance 5


Ana Foxxx bounces off the screen with sexuality and a sweetness that is endearing and totally captivating. Watching her and Mick Blue is a treat. The Art of Romance series focuses on the sensual as opposed to the usual formula of  gonzo in-out-in-out. Mick still lays it on pretty hard for Ana, but there is a lot of eye contact, kissing, and a bit of dirty talk. They are having fun, and this is a well-filmed scene. This series looks polished, but still real enough to be a regular couple having a steamy session.

There are several other current scenes that have multi-ethnic performers, and they don’t rely on overused formulas. Who Doesn’t Love A Teen Creampie has two scenes in it that play with fantasy, but leave out the expected racial stereotypes. Scene one with Bill Bailey and Kimberly Chi and scene two with Moe Johnson and Sheena Rose (who is really funny in this role) both have potential to fall into the over-used story lines, but neither scene does. Lesbian Adventures – Strap On Specialists 10 scene one with Nina Hartley and Sara Luvv is a personal favorite, as well as April Flores and Drew Deveaux in Artcore

Asia Carerra, Steven St. Croix, and Ana Malle scene 16 of Naughty In Nylons


This is a classic compilation of sexy nylon scenes from Vivid. The infamous Asia Carrera is shown at the peak of her career here, and she is a great match for Steven St. Croix. I like this scene because it is a throwback to when there was plenty of pubic hair to go around, that includes the men too, as well as the emphasis on luxury decor and ladies in lingerie. Asia makes the best sex faces, and her body trembles are a rare expression of excitement.  This scene reminds me of the films I saw when I first learned about porn, when I didn’t know about the unflattering parts of the industry and I was more focused on what was happening on screen.  There were other stars from this period that performed in tons of “interracial scenes” that were never promoted as such. For example, Charlie was a Latin performer I liked watching because she was tall and curvy, and she didn’t look like a lot of the other stars who were popular at the time. This scene in Naughty In Nylons has Asian, Caucasian, and Native American performers in it, but it was not promoted as anything other than a sexy threesome.

Every person in these scenes is presented with agency and a common respect for their fellow performer. This is not to say that these performers aren’t playing with power dynamics and maybe getting off on their differences, but there are no insults. There are no feelings of exploitation. There are only hot people having good sex. Interracial scenes do not only signify the black/white stereotypes and plots that many films have run into the ground, they allow for a viewer to find alternatives to what may be more easily found. Interracial porn categories in porn can be used to find combinations of performers who may not get as much promotion or work as other performers, or this category can be used to simply spice up your normal porn viewing with performers you haven’t seen before. Either way, it’s time that we look at this category a little differently, and start seeing it as an opportunity to promote different kinds of scenes.

My Black Personal Trainer Review

When you think of getting in shape and working out, it doesn’t sound like you would have a good time. Most people think of the grueling repetitions, the sore muscles, and, if you’re a woman, there’s a possibility that you’re self conscious working out among so many. The outcome of the hard work is great, but it’s not enough to keep a person motivated to work out, right? Zero Tolerance Entertainment may have just found the perfect solution with My Black Personal Trainer.

Dana Dearmond, Lauren Phillips, Lea Lexis, Melissa Moore, and Nadia Styles have the right idea with this one! If I had someone like Isiah Maxwell and Jovan Jordan (just to name a few) over-seeing the well being of my body, I would take advantage of ALL they have to offer too! All of these women start their sessions out stretching, lunging, and doing core workouts before the real cardio workout begins!

Scene One:

Lauren needs Jovan Jordan’s help balancing on a workout ball before he shows her his deep pelvic thrust technique in every position to test her progress and see how tight her core really is.

Scene Two:

Meanwhile, Jon Jon stretches Melissa out just a bit more after watching her lunge in tights. With her amazing rack and tight tush… I can’t say I blame the man!

Scene Three:

Prince Yashua is more than helpful when he pushes Dana to the limits by showing her there’s no pain but only pleasure to gain when he drills her in doggy, missionary, cowgirl, and spoon positions before he gives her a protein shake that’s one of a kind.

Scene Four:

You can tell what’s on the sexy Isiah’s mind while he oversees Lea’s warm-up. The rain provides a perfect excuse to take the session indoors so he can show her a new way to stretch those gams, quads, and glutes – on his massive dick (heh, heh, heh).

Scene Five:

Nadia knows she’s sex personified, maybe that’s why instead of working out she performs a strip tease to entice Moe Johnson. These two just get right down to business which kind of threw me off. While there’s no mistake that the action was SIZZLING HOT, the last should’ve featured Mo working Nadia out before he WORKED her out you know? There’s was a sense of puck-like mischief with the fellas during the movie that came to a crashing halt with this couple. I would still overall recommend this movie to anyone who wanted to get worked over while getting worked out.

They say that next to laughter, sex is the best calorie burner, and these ladies and gents burned more than their fair share in this adult feature dedicated to the physical and sexual well-being of others.

Watch My Black Personal Trainer on HMFH now!

Blacked’s Carter Cruise Obsession Review

Blacked Carter Cruise Obsession box coverWith their pristine sets, crisp cinematography, and beyond-glam hair and makeup, Blacked.com sets the standard for high-end interracial porn. As a fan of the genre and someone who strives to find non-exploitative representations of interracial sex in porn, I was ecstatic when Carter Cruise Obsession arrived at HotMoviesForHer. I got my greedy paws on the film immediately and couldn’t wait to see what all the buzz about Blacked was about!

AVN award-winning director Greg Lansky made Carter Cruises first interracial into a plot-centered showcase that highlights Cruise’s acting chops as well as her affinity for no-strings-attached passion. Cruise plays the role of Kate, an engaged “good girl” who can’t help her rampant fantasies of sex acts she has yet to try. In her current vanilla relationship, Kate dreams of breaking the boundaries of her engagement to finally experience interracial sex, anal, and even threesomes. When her fiancé, played by Michael Vegas in a non-sex performance, gets too preoccupied with work, Kate sees it as her opportunity to break free and unleash her inner “bad girl.”

Carter Cruise on the set of Blacked

Scene One: Carter Cruise, Flash Brown, & Jason Brown

Kate and her fiancée Brad decide to take some time off from their busy schedules to focus on their relationship by spending the weekend at a beautiful resort. When Kate notices that Brad can’t stop busying himself with conferences calls and meetings throughout their couples’ weekend, she’s rightfully hurt and lonely. After having one too many glasses of wine by herself, Kate is determined to socialize by the pool. It’s then that she meets Flash Brown and Jason Brown: two muscular, attractive men who have no issue giving Kate the attention she desires. After they successfully sweet-talk Kate, she does not object to a heavy petting session with both of them, taking them to a secluded area where she sloppily sucks both of their long, hard cocks.

Carter Cruise giving a double-blowjob

Scene Two: Carter Cruise & Flash Brown

Carter Cruise on the set of Blacked

The next morning, Kate is woken up by Brad. He has to make more conference calls on the second day of their little vacation, but this time Kate hardly even cares. She has Flash Brown’s suite number from the night before and she plans on giving him a visit while Brad is out. Wearing a sexy royal-blue lingerie set that matches her eyes, Kate wastes no time giving Flash an amazing blowjob reminiscent of the night before. Taking things even further, Kate gives Flash permission to fuck her in the ass. How he fits his enormous dick in there is beyond me, but he manages with more ease than you’d expect.

Carter Cruise getting fucked doggy-style

Scene Three: Carter Cruise, Flash Brown, & Jason Brown

Carter Cruise and Jason Brown

After their failed couples’ weekend, Kate has almost given up hope of saving her relationship with Brad. She bought fancy lingerie to wear when he gets back from a business trip in London just to find out that he’s staying in London much longer than he’d promised. Once Kate realizes she’s been ditched again by her fiancé, she decides to hit up Flash for another illicit rendezvous. This time, Kate wants to take on two BBCs at once, and asks Flash to invite his friend Jason over to finish what they’d started by the pool. When the friends arrive at her apartment, Kate is waiting on the balcony in the lingerie she’d bought to wear for Brad. Jason meets Kate out there and warms her up with some gentle caressing, and soon the Kate is taking both of their huge cocks from either end.

Carter Cruise having a threesome

Scene Four: Carter Cruise & Michael Williams

At this point, Kate has committed to fulfilling her fantasies in Brad’s absence. She’s always wanted to meet a stranger off the internet and fuck them in a hotel room, and she jumps at the opportunity to finally cross this off her bucket list. After chatting with Michael for a little and seeing what a big dick he has, Kate gives him her room number. The two complete strangers proceed to have hot, anonymous sex before Michael finishes in Kate’s mouth.

Carter Cruise giving Michael Williams a blowjob

Scene Five: Carter Cruise, Riley Reid & Rob Piper

Kate is having coffee with her good friend Riley when Riley notices that Kate’s mind is elsewhere. After sleuthing out that she’s been having problems with Brad, Riley tells Kate that it’s okay that she’s been seeing other guys. Riley reveals that she’s in an open relationship with her husband and that those kinds of arrangements can work with enough communication. Kate wishes aloud that her fiancée were open-minded enough to accept that kind of lifestyle. When Riley invites Kate along to one of her hookup sessions, she jumps at the opportunity to finally have that threesome she’s been craving. Rob Piper happily takes the nymphomaniacs to his bedroom to share his dick.  Riley teaches Kate how to eat her pussy, and the friends get closer than they’d ever expected.

Carter Cruise and Riley Reid threesome

If you love high-definition, high-quality interracial porn, look no further than Blacked.com. Carter Cruise Obsession is one of many great titles from this studio on HotMoviesForHer.

Watch Carter Cruise Obsession now with us!

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline

Whipped Ass - Skin Diamond CoverIt’s been a while since new straight and lesbian Kink.com videos came my way, so when a batch finally landed on my desk I jumped at the opportunity to write a review. After going through a few options I decided on Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline. Naturally I was drawn to my beau Skin, but being the dedicated and loyal fan that I am, I’m well aware of her love for BDSM and her onscreen relationship with Aiden Starr. Mix that with the Kink.com’s overall theme and format and you have a hit.





 Opening Interview

Skin Diamond Whipped Ass interview

Heeeey boo! Look at her sitting there all cute and shit. Even Maitresse Madeline mentions how adorable Skin Diamond looks during her introduction. Right away the set gives off a futuristic feel as Skin explains that she’s playing an innocent (one of her favorite roles) curious woman from the future who visits a doctor of sorts in search of a girl-girl virtual reality experience. The format is the same as with other Kink studios with Skin introducing herself to the audience and giving a brief synopsis of her history with Kink.com and WhippedAss specifically.

I love these interviews because one thing they do is serve as a great way to judge how excited the star is and what she is looking forward to or wants left out. Skin’s freaky ass wants just about everything, and watching her face twist with excitement while explaining it all to the audience is almost as fulfilling as the sex! We learn she hasn’t been a submissive in a while but is thoroughly looking forward to Aiden Starr easing her back in with some foot torture, forced orgasms, bondage (of course), clothespins everywhere, and she wants to be DP’d. The only no’s for the day are to body marks and fisting, and, after going over the safewords and gestures, the fantasy begins.

Scene 1 – Verbal Humiliation & Forced Orgasms

Kink is known for getting really into their sets and WhippedAss didn’t hold any punches on this one (or the cool graphic effects!). It made me feel like I was in some type of medical space ship and the production that went into the music enhances it. Everything from the lighting to the costumes made the energy jump out the screen and come to life.

Skin Diamond and Maitresse Madeline

The goal is an alternative reality experience with another woman, and after a few suspicious looks from Maitresse Madeline, our closet freak gets what she’s been asking for. A pair of VR glasses are put on her face as she lays down in preparation for her adventure, and I thought that was a cool prop to throw out there with virtual reality making its way into the porn industry rather rapidly (I’m taking this as a sign that Kink.com plans to jump on the VR train and I can’t wait!). Maitresse Madeline also inserts what looks like an electrically charged dildo of sorts into Skin’s pussy, pulls up a really cool Star Trek looking screen out of the air, slides some things around, pushes a few buttons, inserts a lesbian BDSM chip and we’re off…

Aiden Starr and Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

The screen glitches and we’re now in a dungeon. Skin’s hands and legs are tied with rope as she stands with a gag in her mouth and it doesn’t take long for dominatrix Aiden Starr to walk in. The verbal humiliation is instant and clothes come off soon after. Aiden calls Skin all types of bitches and sluts while rubbing her pussy, and, with each insult, Skin moans a little harder and louder. She’s already completely into it and Aiden picks up on it and attacks. She pulls out a flogger and goes to town on Skin’s perfect little nipples while throwing insult after insult. She even verbally attacks the fact that Skin likes being talked down to and the whole thing is extremely hot. I didn’t know Aiden’s word game was so strong, but you can tell there’s chemistry between the two and she knows exactly what to say and when to say it to get Skin off.

Aiden Starr and Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

There’s a brief flashback to “real life” where you see Skin on the table squirming and moaning in pleasure with the electro plug still in her pussy and then it’s back to the dungeon where Aiden continues her nipple torture, this time pulling out clamps. She fingers Skin’s pussy while Skin drools all over herself, and then denies her an orgasm which was insanely sexy! Skin proves she’s no rookie, taking 4 clamps to her nipples like a champ. Aiden makes her beg to cum with the gag still in her mouth and I almost didn’t make it. The Hitachi vibrator finally makes an appearance and my eyes lit up almost as much as Skin’s! Aiden puts it directly on Skin’s clit and makes her grind on it (God, I love this woman!), then counts down from 5 signaling to Skin that she’s allowed to cum. The orgasm is epic! Her eyes roll back in her head, her body quivers all over, and the intensity can literally be felt. Aiden doesn’t let up and I absolutely love the forced orgasms that follow! Skin mentioned that she was looking forward to that in her opening interview and Aiden was more than happy to oblige. They decide to go for more and this time Aiden pulls out a pump for each nipple and one for the clit. When the Hitachi hits the pump on her clit, you can see the flashes of pain and pleasure all over Skin’s face. The pumps are pulled off and our little submissive freak gets a moment to rest, but I did not want this one end!

Scene 2 – Foot Play

Skin Diamond in bondage

This looks promising…Skin is lying on her back with her arms tied down with rope and her legs tied in the spread eagle position (I have dreams that start just like this!). Remembering the interview, I could tell this scene would be heavy with foot play, and I was anxious to see how Skin handled it, mainly if she would cum as a result. Aiden made sure my curiosity was answered by immediately whipping and biting both feet. I’ve never considered myself a foot person. I don’t find feet disgusting or anything, I just never got into the toe sucking or foot fucking craze, but watching Skin and Aiden definitely gave me a few ideas. After the whipping and biting Aiden makes Skin hold the whip between her teeth while she fingers and licks her pussy. Watch Skin perform the balancing act of keeping the whip steady and getting finger fucked was fun. She’s completely lost in the scene and the pleasure is so real you can’t help but experience it too.

Skin Diamond and Aiden Starr lesbian bondage

Now shit gets real, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at my reaction to it all. Aiden pulls out an electric wand and gets screams of pleasure and pain from Skin, but the cane is really what sends her over the edge. She said she likes foot play, and she’s never lied to me before, but I was not expecting this! Watching her cry out while trying to grasp the whip still in her mouth and managing what I assume will be slight rope burns was beyond a turn on. You can’t help but cream your panties watching it go down, and if you’re a huge Skin Diamond fan like I am, you’re sure to love the raw and realness of it all! Things heat up even more as the scene goes on with dominatrix Aiden placing clothespins (something else mentioned in the interview) between and on Skin’s toes and whipping the bottoms of her feet with a huge rubber belt. They were going for 5 lashes on each foot, but Aiden pays attention to Skin’s body (always a great attribute in a sex partner) and decides 4 will do. Again, my boo is a champ! She takes those lashes like a pro and even gets called a pain slut for it, which sent both her and me into climax mode.

Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

To finish things off Aiden teases Skin, letting her sniff her pussy but not lick it. She gets in the 69 position and begins fingering and fondling her clit while Skin desperately tries to reach Aiden’s pussy and munch out. There’s another flash of Skin enjoying her virtual reality experience (Maitresse Madeline is looking mighty anxious herself in the background) and then we’re back, with Aiden finally sitting on Skin’s face and letting her have a taste. She continues to force orgasms, fingering Skin until she squirts all over everything, and riding her face at the same time. There aren’t enough words to describe the insanely intense pleasure this scene brought into my life, so I’ll just leave you with this visual…

Skin Diamond smilling in Whipped Ass

Scene 3 – Time To Fuck!

Aiden Starr strapon Whipped Ass

Still restrained with her arms behind her back, Skin is ripe to be fucked, and as Aiden walks in with her big black strap-on I couldn’t hold my excitement. Before entering Skin’s vulnerable juicy pussy, Aiden puts a tight green rubber band looking thing on each nipple and the gasp of air lets you know this is something new and pleasantly painful for our little diamond. She has a ball gag in her mouth this time, but that doesn’t silent the moans as Aiden fingers her pussy and slides her black strap into that tight sexy hole that I imagine to be where Heaven resides. They start off missionary and Skin’s eyes say it all. They widen with such delight that just staring at them is enough to make you cum, especially with the drool all over the gag! Aiden pulls out to face fuck before flipping Skin over and fucking her ass up! The scene is short (you’ll see why) but sexy as hell nonetheless.

Aiden Starr fucking Skin Diamond

Scene 4 – DP Me Please

Aiden Starr Skin Diamond And Maitresse Madeline

So, remember in that helpful opening interview when Skin said she wanted to be DP’d?? Well, the ladies listened and gave her one hell of a time! Back in the lab, VR programmer Maitresse Madeline is done watching the young beauty on her table squirm and moan with pleasure and decides to get in on the action. She plays with Skin’s clit a little (creepy yet so hot!) before placing a pair of VR glasses on her face and sending herself into the fantasy. She pops up in the corner of the dungeon, strap-on dangling and ready to fuck, and immediately jumps in. She sucks the green rubber bands off Skin’s nipples while Aiden fondles and pulls hair from behind. Skin takes her seat on top of Maitresse Madeline and grinds up and down with Aiden pushing down on her shoulders. The Hitachi comes back out and Skin yelling “yes” and “thank you” while all holes are filled was enough to make me cry out!

Lesbian threesome with Aiden Starr Skin Diamond And Maitresse Madeline

The pair continue fucking Skin silly, making it impossible to count the orgasms, and after hurling a few more insults her way, they toss her down like a rag doll they no longer have use for and leave her to lay gasping for air, body still shaking, with pleasure written all over her face.

Skin Diamond bound

Closing Interview

Skin Diamond hugging Aiden Starr

After all that intense pain and pleasure play, I love how these two sit and talk like two old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. The comfort level between them is something to be admired and listening to them talk about it was pretty cool. Skin looks completely worked out in the best way imaginable and Aiden looks like a mutha fuckin’ BAWSE! Skin really enjoyed the character she played and admitted that her favorite part was the foot play (mine too!) because she realized just how much she could take when the clothespins and rubber slapper began to feel good. Aiden breaks down the equipment she used and we find out the little green rubber bands, officially called elastor bands, were new and really intense for Skin. The ladies get all girl mushy and thank each other for the experience while explaining to the audience that knowing each other helped them take the scene to a heavier place verbally, sexually and corporal-ly. It came across beautifully in the scene, propelling this one to the top 10 of my favorite Kink.com scenes.

Watch Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline right here and comment below to let us know what you think. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for all things lesbian and the rest of the gang @hotmoviesforher!

Interracial Superstars from Dark X – Review

Interrcial Superstars box coverFrom the same company that produces Erotica X and Hard X titles comes the new all-interracial studio Dark X. Continuing in her signature highly stylized blend of artistic-gonzo, Mason sought to meet the ever-heightening demand for interracial porn that saturates search queries across all adult platforms. Since the induction of Dark X at HotMoviesForHer, I couldn’t wait to see Mason’s take on this popular category within her new studio. With the newly released Interracial Superstars, I found myself not only physically but visually turned on by the high-definition film and the luxurious sets that Mason is known for.

With a truly “superstar” female cast comprised of August Ames, Riley Reid, Remy LaCroix, and Allie Haze, I knew I was in for a real treat with this bevy of incredibly sexy brunettes. And, of course, the chiseled bods and girth-y cocks of Rico Strong, Mandingo, and super sexy Isiah Maxwell pairing up with these petite stars was sure to make a stunning visual impact.

Scene One – August Ames & Rico Strong

The scene opens with Rico Strong walking up a long pathway to a regal-looking house. The bulky, tattooed stud been sent to check up on his boss’ wife, played by August Ames. When he sees her reclining by the pool with a bored look on her face, Rico asks her what’s wrong. Apparently, even with all the money her husband’s been bringing in, August isn’t happy sitting at home by herself all the time. When Rico shows her a sympathetic ear, August can’t help but get intrigued about her husband’s muscle man. I didn’t particularly like that Rico was characterized as some kind of thug in this scene, but as he tells August, “I am much, much more than that.” When she leans in for a kiss, Rico feels paranoid and tells her they can’t be seen together like that…so August shows him inside (literally).

August Ames and Rico Strong in Interracial Superstars

Once in the all-white bedroom, Rico’s strong physique overtakes August. Instead of pummeling her with his enormous cock, however, Rico kisses up and down her body, lingering with his breath over her bikini-clad pussy. He undresses August enough to eat her out for a decent amount of time, then she returns the favor as best she can. Interspersed with the licks and fucks, August can’t help but cry out indistinguishable moans of pleasure. She seemed to be really enjoying herself, and that made watching this scene infinitely hotter.

Scene Two – Allie Haze & Mandingo

Allie Haze decided to pamper herself with a massage today, but that’s obviously not the only way she’s planning on relieving her stress. Once she sets her eyes on her hunky black masseuse, Mandingo, Allie hatches a plan to seduce him on the spot. With curiously pointed questions like, “Will this massage increase the length… of my life?” and, “Is there any way that I can see… immediate results?” It’s pretty clear Allie is a huge size queen, and she can’t wait to see what Mandingo’s packing. Mandingo acquiesces to Allie’s obvious come-ons and allows her to undo his pants.

Allie Haze and Fred Nice Mandingo in Interracial Superstars

This is Mandingo we’re talking about, so when his cock pops out of his pants, Allie’s eyes widen with a mixture of excitement and trepidation that I think any woman in her situation would have. He’s extremely hung, and now Allie has to figure out a way to accommodate a cock of this size. When attempting to deep-throat, she can’t manage to get even half of the shaft in her mouth, so she cleverly extends the pressure of her lips by alternating strokes with her hands the rest of the way down. Mandingo clearly likes this technique (it’s probably the only way women can blow him anyway), and Allie is well-rewarded when he bestows a good 85% of his dick in her tight pussy.

Scene Three – Riley Reid & Isiah Maxwell

Riley Reid is practicing some solo yoga in a tiny thong and cute sports bra. Her flow seems so effortless coming from such a petite and fit girl, and the camera pans up and down her body numerous times to emphasize how amazing she looks. Dark X seems to have a similar aesthetic to Blacked, with minimal makeup to highlight the performer’s natural beauty. In this scene, I noticed some of Riley’s lower-back tattoos appear to have been covered up as well, adding to the very pared-down, pretty appearance seems to be in vogue at the moment.

Riley Reid and Isiah Maxwell in Interracial Superstars

Anyway, when Riley’s yoga instructor (the shredded, bearded Isiah Maxwell) enters the room, he can’t help but run his hands along the curvature of her ass and up her spine. You can almost see Riley’s goosebumps as he does this. Riley asks him if they can practice some couples’ poses, and Isiah knows what she really wants. Taking her right there on her yoga mat, Isiah contorts Riley’s dainty frame into positions that serve to penetrate her as deeply as possible.

Scene Four – Remy LaCroix & Rico Strong

Remy LaCroix is laying on her bed, ass up, talking on the phone with her dad about the event they’re supposed to attend that night. Her father is clearly very rich, and Remy seems a bit on the spoiled side. Laying in her matching lacy bra and panties, her super-cute bubble butt bounces with every slight movement she makes. When her father gives her the unfortunate news that he’s going to have to cancel on her, Remy hangs up the phone and despondently meanders down the hall, when she runs into Rico Strong dressed in all black and asking her where her father is. Apparently, Remy’s father’s been doing some bad accounting and he owes Rico big time. “He owes me something, too” Remy nervously tells the intruder, and they begin making out.

Remy LaCroix and Rico Strong in Interracial Superstars

While I didn’t appreciate Rico getting cast as a thug-type character once again, I had to admit that the “sexy intruder” scenario was pretty hot. Rico gives Remy a pounding that ought to even the score between him and her father. And Remy is able to “get back at her dad” by sleeping with the guy who came after him! Everybody wins… except Remy’s dad.

As usual, Mason created another erotic masterpiece with Interracial Superstars, ensuring Dark X a studio to watch in 2016. If you love pretty interracial porn, continue to watch HotMoviesForHer for the latest updates from this exciting new studio!

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Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll

2015-09-21_12-12-08Of all mainstream porn stars today, it’s hard to come across one with such incredible staying power and crossover appeal as Asa Akira. She’s hilarious (check out her Twitter, Instagram, or podcast sometime), she’s a published author, she’s obviously super hot, and most importantly-she LOVES sex! I find it refreshing to see a female porn star who’s so passionate about what she does for a living and appreciates her fans immensely.

Akira is currently working as a contract star for Wicked Pictures. When the studio informed her that they wanted to shoot another Asa Akira showcase (because there can never be too many!), Akira decided to go directly to her fans to find out what they wanted to see from her.


Well, she asked, and fans definitely answered! Akira sorted through the varying requests on social media and compiled a list of reoccurring themes to make up her latest Wicked showcase, Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll.

Scene One: Solo Masturbation

Since Akira’s been filming so many features lately, fans really wanted to get her alone for a change. It’s no secret that Akira loves to masturbate; so it’s not all that surprising that one of her top-requested scenes would be solo one.2015-09-21_12-32-47Coupled with the desire to see Akira solo, fans of the star also wanted to see her wearing something different. Of all the Asian-stereotyped costumes that plague porn (kimono, sushi girl, 2015-09-21_12-00-19masseuse, etc.), it isn’t often that we see J-Pop outfits. This is exactly what fans asked for, however, and Japanese-American Akira was more than happy to oblige.

Wearing cute, candy-colored stockings, a tiny tutu, with her hair in pigtails-I don’t think I’ve ever seen Asa Akira look so… adorable. It’s alarming, charming, and definitely worth watching. Armed with an arsenal of dildos and butt plugs made of varying materials and 2015-09-21_12-00-58textures, Akira is in for a luxuriously self-indulgent solo session.

Starting with a ribbed glass dildo, Akira takes a minute to lubricate the toy in her mouth, keeping flirtatious eye-contact with the camera while simultaneously warming up her pussy with her fingers. Soon, she’s well on her way to cumming while fucking herself with the toy. She takes a second to relax and enjoy her orgasm, then sniffs her panties and moves on to an anal toy. Fans of Akira know how much she loves anal, so even though this is a solo masturbation scene, she isn’t going focus solely on vaginal masturbation. Would you, if you had an “award-winning asshole” like she does?

Scene Two: Interracial Blow-Bang (with Moe Johnson, Rob Piper, Jon Jon, & Tyler Knight)

2015-09-21_12-02-09In-between scenes, Asa Akira explains her decision process that went into choosing from all of the fan requests that came in. Fans overwhelmingly requested an interracial scene, a blowjob scene, and a group scene, so Akira chose to combine all of these into an interracial blow-bang! Before this scene, Akira admits she’d never done a true blow-bang as she’d always get too horny and want to fuck instead. However, the star decided to practice some discipline and give her fans her very first through-and-through blow-bang.

Dressed in a powder-blue prom dress, Akira enters a room where all
four gentleman are 2015-09-21_12-02-43dressed in dapper suits. They begin to grope and undress Akira, and soon all four of their gigantic, black cocks
surround her face. I wouldn’t know what to do in this situation, but that’s why these things are usually handled by professionals. Akira masterfully grabs as many dicks as she can hold in her tiny hands and begins jerking them off, while popping the closest cock in her mouth. As she deep-throats and tirelessly tugs on each of the guys’ dicks, I can’t help but admire her work ethic. Akira clearly practices the “no penis left behind” policy, making sure each of the guys gets equal attention.

Without succumbing to her desires for carnal fulfillment, Akira leaves the scene successfully coated in all of the guys’ cum. While bukkake isn’t my idea of a walk in the park, Akira takes it all like a true “fuck doll.”

Scene Three: Lesbian (with Kendra Lust)

2015-09-21_13-47-07Everyone loves lesbian porn, so it’s no surprise that Asa Akira was inundated with requests for scenes with some of today’s top starlets. Overwhelmingly, however, fans requested Akira finally shoot a scene with the super-popular Kendra Lust. Akira admits she was really pleased with this proposal, as she’d met Lust a few times previously but the opportunity to fuck Lust never presented itself. Akira begins the scene by gleefully bragging, “now I can say I fucked her.”

2015-09-21_12-08-21Starting with a sexy striptease, Akira and Lust dance around each other, occasionally throwing each other a knowing look, like, “hey, we’re totally about to fuck and everyone can’t wait to see it.” With the Hollywood Hills in the backdrop, Akira leads Lust to an outdoor seating area and begins passionately kissing her. They remove each other’s bikinis, and Akira works her way down to Lust’s fully-shaven pussy with her mouth open and eager to please. Akira utilizes her fingers and a toy while eating Lust out (a pro move), which brings her to climax in no time. Next, it’s Lust’s turn to show Akira what she’s made of. While maintaining eye-contact the entire time, Lust licks Akira’s pussy like only another woman can. The onscreen chemistry between the two is undeniable, as they whisper “sweet nothings” to each other throughout the encounter. Both girls take turns making each other cum multiple times, which is a pretty solid argument for why lesbian sex rules.

Scene Four: Hardcore Anal (with Toni Ribas)


With Asa Akira’s outspoken love of anal sex, it should come as no 2015-09-21_12-09-08surprise that fans would strongly request a hardcore anal scene. The gorgeous anal queen was, of course, all too happy to acquiesce to this particular fan fantasy; this time, with the help of her beloved husband/acclaimed porn star Toni Ribas. Her choice in partner was not out of selfishness, however; Akira explains that she knows Ribas can give it to her the way that fans want to see it done. And boy oh boy, does he deliver!

2015-09-21_12-10-00Wearing a ribbon across her tits that makes her look like a present to be unwrapped, Asa Akira crawls up to her husband and gives him a deep kiss, followed by some romantic dick-sucking. I call it romantic because they have an evident chemistry that extends beyond their marital status: these two clearly just can’t keep their hands off each other. Unfortunately, with the way porn’s filming requirements currently stand, Ribas is required to wear a condom throughout this scene; which is always kind of a bummer to watch, but whatever. I can ignore it. After removing the bejeweled butt plug from his wife’s ass, Ribas proceeds to stretch her butthole in every position imaginable, bringing Akira to new heights of ecstasy previously unseen. Her facial expressions say it all: she really, really loves anal.

Scene Five: Submissive, Double-Penetration (with Mick Blue & Carlo Carrera)

2015-09-21_12-12-31Asa Akira’s onscreen presence and sexual appetite tend to dominate any scene she’s in, but fans wanted to see a softer, more submissive side of her for this film. In typical Asa Akira fashion, she decided on a double-penetration scene to show off her obeisant tendencies. With Mick Blue and Carlo Carrera along to “devour her” as she’s fucked by them both; this scene was a great note to finish off the film.

2015-09-21_12-13-36For this scene, Akira starts out with a sultry shower-solo as she prepares to be ravaged by two gorgeous men. This is basically every woman’s fantasy, she just gets to live it. When she enters the bedroom, Blue and Carrera are waiting for her in masquerade masks, looking creepy in a way that turns me on. Akira is undressed and fingered with her hands held behind her back, as Blue makes good use of her mouth by face-fucking her without mercy. Soon, Blue is behind her in doggy-style while Akira attends to Carrera’s massive cock. When she can’t  handle it any longer, Carrera gets behind her and enters her anally, while Blue gets beneath her and fills her pussy. Intense, hardcore DPing ensues with appropriate screams of submissive joy from Akira. This is by far my favorite scene of the movie.


2015-09-21_11-57-55Asa Akira: Wicked Fuck Doll showcases one of the best porn stars of our lifetime in an impressive array of genres, while intimately connecting her directly to her fanbase. It’s not often we see a star as versatile as Akira who truly loves every aspect of her job. Her performance in this film makes evident that women can enjoy and display their sexuality to the masses and be empowered-rather than encumbered-by it. If you love Asa Akira as much as I do, this is a movie not to be missed!

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Hot Reviews: Anal Day

Anal Day BoxcoverYou know what the mildly inconvenient part about being a professional porn watcher is? Sometimes you get assigned to really good pornos, and it takes forever for you to review them, because then you’re just horny the whole time and have to keep texting a someone (you know who you are) to tell them that you’re thinking about their penis. And then they send you a photo of their penis and then your day is REALLY shot all to hell.

Anal Day from director/performer/wet dream James Deen is one of those movies. Filmed in an amateur style with no crew and just a hand held camera, Anal Day stars five beautiful women, including long-time industry veterans and a first time amateur. There’s varying amounts of anal in each scene; Deen takes the smallest “Let’s just try it out” dip into Mia Austin’s ass, and two scenes later is DPing Nadia Styles alongside Tommy Pistol. This unevenness surprisingly works in the movie’s favor; part of Deen’s strength lies in his ability to showcase the diversity of his costars. These are all very different women, with varying bodies, experiences, personalities, and styles of fucking, and that’s what’s important here; the anal is an afterthought. Deen may be in every scene, but it’s the women who are the stars of the show.

Scene 1 – Adrianna Nicole

adrianna nicole in anal day
Image courtesy of JamesDeen.com

Anal Day opens with James Deen joining kinky, naturally curvy, 30-something blonde Adrianna Nicole in her New York apartment. Nicole and Deen have both been fucking on camera since 2004, and they approach the scene super casually, as old friends who maybe haven’t seen each other in a while, but whose reunion doesn’t require any fan fare. Nicole goes make-up free, and seems almost stand offish at times, but once the sexy times start at around the 6-minute mark, all that falls away. I’ve seen her blow a dude before, but holy shit, Adrianna Nicole must have an iron uvula. She deep throats in ways that I can only dream of, with her whole mouth quivering around the base of Deen’s cock. She confides in Deen that she loses her sense of hearing when there’s a cock in her, and I have to conclude that she also loses her gag reflex. When the actual vagina/anal fucking happens, it’s fairly unporno, other than the standard opening up the camera. Nicole isn’t really performing, just enjoying the moment with Deen; there’s plenty of intimate eye contact, kissing, and unhearable whispers, aka many of the things that we love about James Deen. Most notable about this scene is the lack of a cumshot; Deen is on the record as saying that his orgasm is the least interesting part about sex. Instead, he turns the camera off and runs off to the bathroom to pee on Adrianna Nicole, which I totally wish we could have seen. What I love about this scene is how bare bones it is (harsh lighting, no makeup/wardrobe, un-luxurious setting) while still starring people who are really good at having sex just doing what they would do even if the camera wasn’t there.

Scene 2 – Ava Addams

Image courtesy of JamesDeen.com

Dark haired, big boobed MILF Ava Addams is up next in Anal Day, and her scene is probably the most porno of them all, and might be my least favorite of the bunch. Addams is very performative, and it makes it difficult for me to fall into the “these are just two porn stars fucking normally on their day off” fantasy. However, I don’t think the Addams or Deen are being inauthentic, and I definitely think that they’re super hot. And call me a rube, but I can totally buy Addams being as multi-orgasmic as she professes. I don’t really have a ton to say about this scene; there isn’t a ton of foreplay, but there’s lots of anal sex in lots of different positions, and Addams calls Deen “daddy” a lot, but he’s not very daddy-dommy in it. If you like James Deen putting his penis in MILF butts, you should watch this, definitely.



Scene 3 – Mia Austin

Image courtesy of JamesDeen.com
Image courtesy of JamesDeen.com

Full stop, this is my favorite scene of Anal Day. Mia Austin is a gorgeous, coy, multi-ethnic, poofy haired princess who is slowly and flirtatiously brought out of her shell by Deen in an exchange of dirty talk. They discuss how the last time they performed together, Austin was brand new to the industry; in Anal Day, Deen has her describe what she’s been up to since then, such as her first BBG threesome, and then has her tell him what her fantasies are, all while he feels her up and slowly gets her out of her dress. The whole exchange is ridiculously hot to me, and makes for a great bit of verbal foreplay and tease footage. They finally get down to business when Austin says, “I want you to put the camera down and fuck me.” Deen growls and complies, pushing Austin up against a glass sliding door and eating Austin’s ass and pussy from behind.  Mia Austin seems so sweet and innocent until she’s got Deen’s cock in her mouth; she really knows what she’s doing with it. The vast majority of this scene is limited to vaginal penetration, which works just fine for me. Deen sensually doms Austin, slapping her ass, growling, tossing her around, and making her whimper with pleasure. It’s not until about 45 minutes into the scene that Deen asks Austin if she wants to try having his cock in her ass. I love that Deen asks for consent, which Austin grants, and that he doesn’t just slam his cock in her. He goes very slowly, and they just chill out with him inside her for a minute before he really starts thrusting. It feels like such an authentic example of how real couples go about negotiation their sexual encounters, and how people safely explore new sexual territories. There’s really a lot of truth behind “Consent is sexy” campaign, and Deen and Austin really exemplify that in this scene. I definitely recommend it!

Scene 4 – Grayson Z

Image courtesy of JamesDeen.com
Image courtesy of JamesDeen.com

Next up, Deen joins amateur Grayson Z in Brooklyn, New York. Grayson is one of many women who have applied on Deen’s website to star in a scene with him, and one of the few who has actually stepped in front of his camera. She’s a beautiful, tattooed, pierced Latina hipster with a gloriously curvy body and an affinity for blow jobs. Her small talk with Deen isn’t particularly flirtatious, but they’ve got a great little buddy-cop connection going on. She’s allowed to ease herself into her first time fucking on camera, but once she starts, she’s unstoppable. Grayson Z is really really really good at sucking cock. I am seriously going to re-watch this for pointers. Not only is she really good at it, but she also seems to really enjoy it; she has this great focus while she’s doing it, and just seems like she’s really fascinated by cock. The actual fucking is pretty awesome too. Like in the previous scene with Mia Austin, most of it’s just vaginal, with a little dip in the butt towards the end, but that’s all fine by me. The great thing about Grayson is that her amateur status makes her reactions to getting fucked by Deen appear to be authentic and genuine. I’m sure Deen probably coached her on how to open up for the camera, but I totally buy that Grayson’s orgasms are real and that she really enjoyed filming her scene. A little internet snooping has shown me that Grayson has done at least two other scenes with Deen, and I’m really hoping that they’ll also make their way to my desk!

Scene 5 – Nadia Styles, Tommy Pistol, and James Deen

nadia styles
Image courtesy of JamesDeen.com

Deen saves the most intense action for the fifth and final scene of Anal Day, a threesome between himself, alt-Latina performer Nadia Styles, and tattooed DILF Tommy Pistol. The three veteran porn stars are hilarious together, trading stories from their time in the industry and joking around over drinks in Deen’s kitchen. As pants are coming off, Deen makes the observation that “We all do porn, but for some reason we still act like twelve year olds.” They kind of do, but don’t worry dear readers, because everything here is totally legal. This is a pretty rough and tumble threesome, complete with a sloppy double blow job, vaginal fucking that leads to anal, explosive squirting, and of course tons of searing double penetration. BBG threesomes and DPs aren’t usually my thing, but the joyous roughness and hysterical glee with which this veteran trio goes at each other is too much fun not to love.

The variety of women and situations in Anal Day, plus James Deen fucking the way that he fucks, means that there will probably be at least one scene worth getting off to. Anal Day offers up a great selection of hot, amateur style, woman friendly anal scenes.

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Big Brother 15 Housemates and Their New Careers

I do not have a history of following Big Brother 15. In fact, up to the events of this particular season, I did not know the rules, the format, anything at all about the show other than it’s a reality show of people manipulating their way to money. Or, to put it in a gentler light, “a social experiment”. But now, the cast of the current season is sweeping the news feeds with shocking bigotry and inappropriate comments that are flooring the nation. Two members have even lost their jobs because of statements and whispers caught on the 24-hour live feed that they are fully aware is taking place. One other member is in muddy waters with his employer, though because of strict union rules, his employment is still intact, as upset as the company may be about it.


The Out of Work Culprits

Aaryn Gries

GinaMarie Zimmerman


The Saved-By-The-Union Offender

Spencer Clawson


The Other One

 Jeremy McGuire


Since employment will now be an issue for them once they are released by the Big Brother house, whenever they are evicted (or maybe one will win, who knows) they will learn of the terminations and will be on the lookout for a new day job. Unemployment? Racist/insensitive remarks? We have the perfect solution for flipping both issues in a positive way —


Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, and even Jeremy can show the world that they are not in fact bigots and racists who are insensitive to our nation’s multi-ethnic and varied-sexuality population. They can do this by working with porn actors of all kinds. This will allow a healthy paycheck that can reflect on their inner heart — whatever reason they stooped to such a level in belittling certain cast members, surely they have a soul and are not so ignorant to our cultural and forward-thinking acceptance in the US, right? Here are our suggestions.




The Accused//Aaryn

Terms//Comments ranging from “no one is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up” re: Andy, “he’ll win because America loves the queers” re: Andy, “be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see the bitch” re: Candice, and mocking an Asian nail technician at length.

Termination//Dropped by the talent agency Zephyr Talent and let go from Bella Petite magazine.

Redemption//Make porn name Love Coloure. Set her up to do an opening scene with Asa Akira and Katsuni, an all-girl set. This will prove that she believes the ethnic look of Asian women is beautiful and strong, and her sexuality beliefs are independent of her stupid earlier comments. She then will go on to star with Misty Stone in Dark Magic Lovers, which will showcase her talent of open-sexuality ideals and feature an intense make-out scene in a darkened summer patio with Misty proving that yes, you can see humans at night.






The Accused//GinaMarie

Terms//Called welfare n**** insurance to cast members, referred to the black population as “tokens” and that they “stick together”, “she’s on the dark side because she’s already dark” re: Candice, accused Candice of “talking fake” because she talks “too white”.

Termination//East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. has fired her as a director and has cut all association.

Redemption//Make porn name Onyx Amour. Prove that her slurs were out of a mental issue that occurred because she was cut off from the outside world for the first time of her life. In addition to saying stupid shit, she dealt with the side effect of not being able to see her reflection in the mirror to acknowledge, again, that she is also a human being. Make up for this by starring in Onyx Amour’s Party Down, featuring an intimate gang bang of dark-skinned hotties and light spanking.



The Accused//Spencer

Terms//Refers to women as, ugh, “cunts”, praised Nazi doctors and said that “Hitler was a gifted speaker”, called Helen “Kim Jong Un”, called Andy “Kermit the Fag”.

Termination//No actual termination yet. He is currently a railroad conductor for Union Pacific, but they are quick to chide his comments and announce that he is on “unpaid leave” and that Spencer’s harsh words “do not at all align with Union Pacific’s values.” However, he is part of a Union, which makes termination a tricky thing. They said they are “acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson.”

Redemption//Make porn name Guy Feltistein. Debut film, The Cuckold Speech, will show Guy giving Jewish Porn Babe Joanna Angel, his on-screen wife, only amazing, stellar oral. He gets literally nothing back, to show his devotion to pleasuring women. He then steps back as Jewish Porn Babe James Deen comes into the room to fuck Guy’s wife, in the most intense and sexy cuckold film scene ever. Guy just sits there, watching, proving his dedication to seeing women pleasured even in the case of receiving nothing in return.




The Accused//Jeremy McGuire

Terms//Refers to the women in the house as “bitches,” and says of Kaitlin “I did touch her vagina today.. she didn’t act like she was happy.. I like to feel around see what’s she’s working with.. see if it’s a nice meat wallet … I know she’s on her period.”

Termination//Every vagina in the nation has terminated him.

Redemption//Make porn name Dick Twinkle. Cast him solely as the submissive in the fetish domination film, Strap Attack 14. Since he loves the ladies so much.



Money = Made. Evil comments = Redeemed by action. Even Paula Deen was offered a porn gig, so come on BB housemates, the industry is a’waitin! Unless of course, it isn’t. No one said the porn world was forgivable toward idiots.