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Sinn Sage Loves Girls – Sweetheart Video

Sinn Sage is the first person I have ever seen who fucks like I would like to think I fuck.

I have watched many a porno in my day and constantly find myself whinging that I can’t seem to find a pornstar or porn in general that represents the essence of what I love about fucking and how I like to fuck.

Until I discovered Sinn Sage.

Produced by Sweetheart Videos and directed by Nica Noelle, Sinn Sage Loves Girls is a great film and not just because it stars Sinn Sage (and her glorious ass) in every scene.

The film is broken up into 4 scenes, with footage of Sinn reflecting on each fuck spliced in between.

I really like Nica’s style of directing. In this film particularly, she manages to focus on the vibe and the general action of the fucking, more than the actual dull in-out-in-out. Thank you for not showing me extreme closeups of dildos being seesawed into orifices every 15 seconds! Thank you for showing me the reactions of the women’s faces while they’re fucking and being fucked. Thanks for showing me the little things that are actually big turn ons – the women grasping for something to grab onto while they’re being ridden like Seabiscuit, hands being held, lips being bitten in pleasure, ‘fuck me’ eye contact, deep kissing and so on. Thank you for purposefully emphasising the things that gonzo porn doesn’t give a shit about. Thanks for making a porno, Nica, that is clearly about the female gaze but doesn’t rely on Day of Our Lives music and too much fauxmance (fake romance). And also Nica, thanks for involving Sinn in the creative process and letting her fuck people she’s actually got sexual connections with.

Right. Let’s summarise the scenes.

In Scene 1, Lily LaBeau is staying with Sinn because she’s having issues with her boyfriend. Sinn is pissed about the Lily’s mess and her lack of motivation to pick up after her self. Lily says she’ll ‘clean it up tomorrow’ and goes to have a shower. Sinn grabs her strap on and follows her in for a little erotic discipline. Lily’s got the skinny, cute blonde porn-girl-next-door thing down pat, which isn’t my type (at all) but knowing that her and Sinn have a little off camera thing going on, had my eyes glued to the screen. Watching Lilly’s mascara run in the shower as Sinn chokes her and fucks her with a strap on registered a 10 on the hot-ometre The scene ends with Sinn exiting the shower and saying to a shaking, fuck-drunk, orgasmed-out Lilly, “Don’t use all the hot water”. Well played, Sinn. Well played.

Before Scene 2 starts, Sinn talks about how surprised she was at the sexual chemistry that her and Shyla Jennings had. “I’m always the one on top and the one that initiates tribbing and don’t get me wrong, I love that role. But she just kind of climbed on top of me!”. In this scene, Sinn’s just broken up with her long term girlfriend and her friend Shyla admits that she’s been ‘extremely curious’ and that her boyfriend doesn’t do it for her anymore. The premise of the scene is as cliched as it gets but as a queer woman, the scene is pretty true to real life! Shyla is very porny, if you know what I mean – from the way she looks to the way she angles her legs for fucking. Sure, there’s definitely chemistry between her and Sinn but I think the pair were a bit mismatched.

Scene 3 stars Annie Cruz alongside Sinn. Sinn talks about how she started stripping when she was 19 and that she loved the sexual chemistry she could conjure up with strangers without there being any physical touching. “If I can get them to engage, it’s exciting. It amps me up”. She talked about how once her stripper friend and her were bored so gave each other dances, which ended up in sex. It’s nice to hear her talk about how stripping made her realise how powerful being a woman is and taught her how to embrace that power. This scene pretty much follows Sinn’s memory of lapdancing a friend before it ending in sex but this time, it’s with the new girl at the club. The fact that Annie reminds Sinn of a girl she used to dance with is a nice touch.

Scene 4 was probably the weakest scene in the movie. Raylene and Sinn make a smoking duo and hearing them both talk about how bangable they find each other was hot but the scene was just too fauxmance for me. The sex is hot and passionate but I kept getting cuntblocked by the candles and soft lighting.

All in all Sinn Sage Loves Girls is a HOT ride. I am dying to see Sinn Sage fuck girls who are a bit more gay though. Sure, it’s nice seeing her fuck these pretty, small porno nymphette’s but letting her go to town a queer femme or a hard butch or a trans man or be allowed to fist someone or letting Courtney Trouble film her … oh my lord.

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Indulgence 4

It’s been far too long since the last time I watched a girl-girl flick from Abigail Productions.  They do a great job of blending their creative eye with good fucking.  They don’t drag out their artsy moments, which can lead to me fast-forwarding through half the scene to get to the fucking.  At the same time, their movies pornos have a unique and distinct glamor style that makes them more interesting than your everyday smut.

Indulgence 4Scene one starts opens up with one performer applying makeup in super slow motion.  It is fun to watch, although she already has plenty of makeup on. If I were to nitpick, I’d be annoyed that we watched her put lip gloss over lips gloss, rather than actually getting to watch the transformation.  That would have made it more interesting.  BUT, I’m not nitpicking. A sexy lady joins her and a hot cunnilingus scene ensues.  She pushes herself up out of her chair and shakes through a couple of orgasms.  It’s delightful.  Did I mention they’re on a rooftop?

After a filthy dirty all girl three-way in scene 2, scene 3 features a solo girl masturbation session and a bowl of cereal.  It sort of gave me the munchies.  She spoons the milk in her mouth and on her body all sexy-like.  She ignores the crunchy cereal bits, I assume because she didn’t want to show a mouthful of half-eaten cereal and milk.  Some folks may be into that, but you won’t find that here.  She dumps the bowl all of over herself and makes her way down to the floor where she rubs her clit and fingers herself on the soggy-cereal covered floor.  I’m down for incorporating food into masturbation, but I really hope she didn’t get any milk-soaked cereal in her pussy.  Nothing good would come of that.  NOTHING!

Scene 4 starts out with a little kink added in the mix.  One lady is tied up while the other is filming the act.  Everything takes place on the kitchen counter which I love.  They get rid of the rope and camera and proceed to fuck each other with dildos.  One performer squirts and squirts which makes this my favorite scene of the movie!

Minus the makeup on makeup thing, this Abigail Productions movie satisfied my need for girl-girl entertainment in all the right ways.

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Valentine’s Day Getaway

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone!  Today I figured that since we have the perfect movie for the holiday, I would go ahead and review it.  I mean really, what other day am I going to write about it, right?  And when it’s April O’Neil and Aiden Ashley we’re talking about, is there ever a wrong time?  I didn’t think so.

April and Aiden hit the road for a Valentine’s Day Getaway at a beautiful house they rented.  As hot as this pair is, I can’t help but spend a little time salivating over the real estate as well.  We don’t get to see much of the house, but that back yard is super nice.  Alright, back to the sex.  Before they can even get into any sexy action, both ladies want to change into their fancy Valentine’s lingerie, which actually ends up being fairly similar bra and panty sets.  I’d make a comment about it being almost like wearing the same prom dress, but honestly, they don’t stay in their sexy outfits long enough for it to matter.

Within minutes the ladies are naked and getting their fuck on.  There isn’t as much kissing as I would think for a Valentine’s Day getaway, but plenty of nipple licking, finger banging and oral action.  There is even a little tit-on-clit stimulation, which I don’t know if I’ve ever encountered before.  Thanks for teaching me something new ladies!

With this movie being a short 25 minutes long, we only get one shot to watch these two go at it, but the sexin’ we do get is nice and slow, keeping us glued to the screen for the whole time.  Nice work ladies. This girl-on-girl flick gets my thumbs up, though a suggestion for the filmmaker – next time try to keep the boom mic out of the shots.  Enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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