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Guess The Porn Star

One of my favorite games that I play daily with myself is “Guess The Porn Star”, in gifs and other things. So, based on my past posts and how I gush about many, many favorites, can you watch these porn star gifs provided by The Worst Drug and figure out the bang buddy?


Highlight the space after “Answer” for your solution.


1) Who is this girl with a penchant for collection?

Answer: Riley Reid


2) Who’s the girl that’s “Underneath It All”?

Answer: Christy Mack …duh.


3) Who could swallow a cucumber?

Answer: Asa Akira


4) Butt, who could this be?

Answer: Juelz Ventura


5) Whose eyes are these? …be buggin…

Answer: Dana DeArmond


6) And who is sheeeeee?

Answer: Faye Reagan


7) Switching to guys, who is this fucker? (hehe, literally)

Answer: Manuel Ferrara 


8) One of my favorite ladies of the smut world 

Answer: Sasha Grey


9) Guess both parties in this one

Answer: James Deen and Veronica Radke…and thanks to CatWhiskers11 for helping me out on this one 😉


10) Guess this one?

Answer: Kind of a fake-me-out? It’s Elisha Cuthbert in The Girl Next Door



….that was so fun.






















10 Reasons Why Women Watch Porn (Or Should)

Porn is the ultimate slice of cake. It can be tempting, revolting, or have different flavors (and if that’s what your into, it’s totally up to you). Sure, it’s known that men indulge quite a bit, but women are all up in that ish too, because, you know we also have the internet.


1. It’s like a 5 Hour energy shot for your sex drive when your partner(s) is/are getting boring or predictable or absent.








2. Spanking kind of hurts in real life. And [enter your secret fantasy here] would definitely hurt in real life.




3. That multi-speed, multi-angle, multi-attachment Dolphin 5000 vibrator pretty much requires the visual aid of porn to get you off since it’s starting to actually scare you even if you just hold it.











4. Your boy really needs to be taught new moves, and the pictures in your Kama Sutra book are just like…no.



5. Boobs are really, really pretty to look at.



6. The sitcom parodies, like now I can watch the geeky crush I have on The Big Bang Theory get dirty.


7. The lingerie can be flippin gorgeous and would look even better on you in real life.


8. Oh, it isss possible to bend that way. That’s funny.


9. Female porn stars pretty much have the best self-confidence, and you just gotta support that.


10. James Deen, duh.





I came into work today and  was the first face I saw when I opened the site, which I interpreted as a sign that I should watch a flick featuring her.  Not only is she super sexy and an obviously great lay, Allie has this sultry sweetness to her face that I haven’t seen in many other performers.  I took a look around her star page and decided to go with this slightly bizarre sounding plot-driven movie because who could pass up Allie Haze,  and  together on the screen?!  Not I.

The movie opens with sex workers Allie Haze and Jessie Andrews double teaming their trick () in a sloppy, sweaty fuck fest.  The pair is totally into it and encourages each other with delicious dirty talk and added dripping spit.  Allie and Jessie may be there to pleasure Tom, but what’s really hot about the scene is the way they touch one another and work together to get him, and each other, off.   There is this one part where Tom is fucking Allie and Jessie is holding Tom’s balls, so it looks like Jessie is fucking Allie with a dildo, but it’s actually attached to Tom.  Having a hard time following my train of thought?  Me too.  That’s why I offer this clip to you guys.

9qLHRW on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Anyway, from what I can tell, Allie Haze is a sex worker that’s looking for something different when she meets Lance (), a dude suffering from night terrors who needs someone to sleep next to him to keep him from harming himself and others.  It’s kind of like Pretty Woman, but not really, and also the guy is a little like Greg House from House, M.D. (in both looks and personality).  I know, it all sounds a little strange, because really, it is.  Sometimes plot-driven porn can be really confusing and make only the foggiest amount of sense.  Though with this, like other movies of its ilk, I am fine cutting the plot a little slack – the sex is hot enough to keep me watching.

Once Allie and Lance finally get it on – holy crap it’s hot!  It starts off with Lance waking from a nightmare and jerking off onto a sleeping Allie’s face (which she asked him to do).  Soon she is wide awake, sucking his cock like a champ.  All that action ends with them kissing, which is the total opposite of every other porn I’ve ever seen.  After Lance’s lawyer screws Allie in more ways than one, the pair end up back in bed together, having an encounter that is both rough and sensual at the same time.  They talk dirty and pull each other around, but do it with a sense of tenderness that holds it apart from other rough movies.  I’m not sure what it is exactly, but I like it and I want more.

Watch “” Now!

The 3-Way

This morning, while working on a totally unrelated porno project, I found myself headed to the star bio of one , reminding me of just how utterly hot this lady is – which led to me getting wrapped up in screen shots of her movies and, of course, red in the face.  That’s when I knew I would have to come back later in the day and watch a Skin Diamond flick to ease my throbbing… heartbeat.  Anyway, some days you just know what you want to review and some days you don’t.  Today is all about Skin Diamond so I decided to go with The 3-Way, a sexy story about Ann (Skin Diamond), her wife, Jules (Asphyxia Noir), and a relationship with her step-brother (Xander Corvus) that oozes sexual tension. While I usually shy away from anything even remotely incest-y (even by marriage), I thought that this one would be alright.  It was far removed enough for me to feel comfortable with it.

So Ann and Jules run a tattoo shop and have been married for a while, but their relationship is seeing a little bit of strain from jealousy and stress.  Soon Ann’s long lost step-brother comes back from his travels and shakes things up even more.  Apparently Ann and the step-brother’s parents were killed when Ann was sixteen, so the pair stuck together and their attraction to each other grew slowly, until Ann’s 18th birthday, when they finally could take no more and just had to hop on each other.  Right after an awkward premature ejaculation experience, the step-brother takes off in the night.

Fast forward 3 years to when Ann and Jules are together and the step-brother (his name is Jim, by the way) comes back into the picture. Ann is confused and still upset that he left her, while at the same time still in love with him.  Jules is totally attracted to him as well, and after a whole bunch of sexy scenes featuring delicious action, the trio finally hit the hay and give us the three-way that we’ve been waiting for. It only takes 2 hours to get there… two very, very steamy hours.

Skin Diamond is so freaking hot in this movie.  She is sweet, sexy and does a great job of playing vulnerable.  It doesn’t matter if she is totally clothed and talking, or on all fours getting it from behind – it is impossible to pull your eyes from the screen.

I don’t think I ever noticed Xander Corvus before watching this movie. He is seriously sexy!  Not only can he fuck like a total champ, Xander can actually act!  Gotta love the acting/fucking combo.  And with a porn as plot driven as this one, you need a performer than can do more than just keep his dick hard and pound like a pro.  What I want to know is how I missed honing in on this stud during my last five years as a smutty connoisseur?!   Anyway, definitely go check him out.   Trust me.

As for the strangest/most amazing thing in this flick, take a looksie at scene one – with ‘s masturbation/ejaculation eruption.  Asphyxia is busy tattooing her right above her pussy and all of a sudden she starts rubbing her tits, moaning and squirting cum all over the tattoo shop.  As awesome as it is, my first thought is obviously, ‘holy crap you are contaminating the whole shop!’  What can I say… safety first.

Check out this awesome gif we made for the occasion!

1OTp0t on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

See, I told you it is amazing!

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