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Exclusive James Darling Interview

NAZ_0073A lot has changed since James Darling started performing in adult movies in 2009. At that point in time, there were less than a handful of studios producing porn with female-to-male trans performers, and even fewer were producing content with wide distribution. When thinking about the development of James’s career, it’s important to realize how big of a leap it must have taken him to leave the place he grew up and travel West to perform in porn. Not only has James become a celebrated performer, he has become known as a director, an advocate, and a stand-up guy in a business that is often polarizing. As a director, James has curated a bevy of performers who have worked together on several different projects, blurring the industry categories of straight, gay, or trans porn in order to make hot scenes with interesting characters who know how to have good sex on camera. James’s scenes are not easily pigeonholed, and that is what makes them so refreshing. As a viewer, you are not going to see the same tropes. You are going to see people enjoying themselves–really enjoying themselves–and this enthusiasm comes through in all of the scenes James has performed in and shot. We had the opportunity to ask James a few questions about his experience in the porn business, and what his life was like before he began filming.

HMFH: 2015 has been a big year for you. You were nominated for Transsexual Performer of the Year at the AVN Awards, and you were named as one of the TRANS 100. You have created a strong brand with your website FTMFucker.com, and you have been instrumental in changing the name of the Transgender Erotica Awards. These are huge accomplishments. Did you think you would be able to have this kind of impact? What goals did you have in mind when you started performing?

tumblr_n9y5zpRDB01qf66coo1_500James Darling: Thank you! 2015 has been a pretty big year for me. I never thought that I would impact people on this level by making porn, and I’m still pretty surprised that I have been able to go as far as I have with my work in the porn industry. When I started performing there were only three companies that would shoot a trans male performer and they were all independently produced companies based out of the Bay Area creating visibility for queer bodies and desire. I never thought it would be possible to make a career out of porn, and for the most part making a living performing is still something that’s not possible for most porn performers, especially performers who are trans men. I am very grateful and it’s been an amazing experience.

I’m very honored to be included on the Trans 100. There are so many trans people whose work I admire on that list and even more trans people doing important and necessary work who should also be recognized. I think sometimes lists and awards can create hierarchies and a sense of scarcity where it shouldn’t exist, especially when it comes to the work that trans people are doing to better our communities. That shouldn’t feel like a competition and I wish there was a better way to honor the work that people are doing. I do think it is important to see and celebrate trans people thriving and creating change, though, however big or small.

What were you doing on the day you decided to start working in the adult industry? What was your life like at that point in time?

At the time I was living in Georgia working for minimum wage at coffee shops and sleeping on friends’ couches. I had very little resources at the time and wanted more from my life. I knew that I would be able to get healthcare and be around more queer and trans people if I moved to the Bay Area, and I also knew that was where queer porn was being made. My friend showed me the original Crash Pad film by Shine Louise Houston and I thought it was really amazing to see queer people having the kind of sex that I was interested in, which was something that I didn’t see reflected much at the time in porn. Many people fantasize about being in porn, but I knew I wanted to make it a reality. So one day, I had enough of dreaming of a different life and I bought a ticket for a Greyhound bus. Two and half days later I was in San Francisco, and a month later I shot my first scene.

tboystgirls coverWhat lead you to start directing your own films? Do you have a specific audience in mind when you film?

I had very limited performing opportunities as a transsexual man and knew if I wanted to make more porn, I was going to have to do it myself. I most often shoot whatever I’m interested in at the time, but I have a pretty diverse audience. Some people really enjoy my scenes with men and some people really enjoy my scenes with women, and some people like all of it.  I just really enjoy working with people I’m attracted to and I like filming interesting dynamics and try to keep things pretty fun and casual.

When I first started performing, I had shot a number of amateur porn videos for myself and with friends, and was eventually invited to be a part of Shine Louise Houston’s Point of Contact project, where she gave flip cams and a small budget to a handful of performers to create their own porn. It was a really rewarding and inspiring experience that helped influence me into thinking more about directing. The biggest moment for me actually making my own films a reality was when I discussed creating a porn membership site about trans men with Courtney Trouble at the 2012 AVN Awards. They offered to help me build a site and get it off the ground. Once FTMFucker launched, I had free reign to create whatever filthy amazing smut I wanted, and to my surprise people really loved it and the site became very successful!

jamesdHow has performing influenced your directing style? Has directing influenced the way you perform?

Absolutely! I have gained a lot of respect for editors and directors. There is so much work that goes on behind the scenes of a porn shoot that I had no idea about as a performer, and a lot of stuff that would bore most porn fans to tears that they thankfully don’t have to witness. I also have gained a lot of insight into how to make sets better for the performers because I’ve been one for so long and know what it’s like and I want performers to be comfortable and have a good time on my sets. I wish sometimes that more directors and performers got to experience both sides of the camera, because I think it creates a more compassionate and informed experience for everyone involved.

 puck1How do you find performers, and do you have specific criteria when casting?

I mostly work with people who come to me, who like my films and want to be a part of them. I feel conflicted about poaching performers, especially if they have not shot porn before. I prefer to work with people who have given working in the adult industry some thought and are ok with the associated risks involved with performing in porn. Besides the obvious legal requirements, I mostly cast based on my budget, where the performers are based, their fantasies and interests, and the needs of whatever projects I’m currently working on at the time. But sometimes I meet someone special who really inspires me to try something new or different, and that’s always fun too.

jamesd2kissJRYou’ve mentioned in other interviews that you had a difficult time finding resources for the trans community in the South where you are from. Have you learned of any new resources that might be available in that area since you left? Is there a national program you might suggest that would help with outreach?

A lot has changed since I moved to the West Coast! Atlanta is definitely a hub for LGBT people in the south. A support group that made a huge difference for me when I lived there is Trans & Friends, which still meets at Charis Books & More, one of the last surviving feminist bookstores in the country. There is also Alphabet Soup, which is a support group for trans and gender variant people. Lost n Found  is a nonprofit and drop in center that serves LGBT homeless youth in Atlanta. There is also the Health Initiative which helps LGBTQ people access healthcare in Georgia.

What do you think media, mainstream and industry media, can do to help be allies for trans performers?

I think it’s imperative to have more trans people speaking for themselves and telling their own stories. I’d like to see more trans actors placed in trans roles in mainstream media. I’d also like to see more discussion of decriminalizing sex work when we are talking about how to make the world better for trans people because so many trans people are in the sex industry and I think decriminalization is vital towards creating a safer and more just world for trans people. It’s also important to listen to trans people, to honor the words we ask non-trans people to use for us and to respect our names and pronouns.

jace alternadudesOur fellow writer, Otter, would like to know what it was like to work with Jace from Alternadudes? Otter has a pretty big crush on him.

Jace is awesome! He’s a super sweet and handsome guy. We knew each other from when he lived in the Bay Area and I just happened to get booked with him the last time I shot for Alternadudes. He has a huge and truly magical cock and was able to cum twice in our scene! I’m always very impressed when I meet men who can cum more than once; even I find it challenging to have more than one orgasm and I don’t ejaculate! Working with performers who have not hooked up with a trans guy before can sometimes be challenging and it’s always great to work with someone who can be both professional and super sexy.

If you’re in a position when someone asks what you do for a living, and you don’t want to talk about porn, what’s your cover story?

I’ve been pretty lucky to rarely find myself in environments where it is not safe or OK for me to talk about my work in the adult industry, which I recognize is a huge privilege. I’m out to most people about what I do, but sometimes I tell people I am a video editor for experimental documentaries or shoot corporate training videos or some other more mundane sounding things. Speaking of disclosing my work to people, I talk about coming out to my dad in Jiz Lee’s new anthology Coming Out Like a Porn Star through ThreeL Media, it’s a really great resource for anyone looking for more stories about coming out as an adult performer to friends and family.


jrsqueeze RebekaSpank jacques jaq3 jacquiline1 jacq2 puck3 puck4 jamesd3 james4The screen shots pictured above, and here,  are
from the movie Tboys+TgirlsThe couples in this film are evenly matched, meaning their chemistry works and does not seem contrived in any way. Rebeka Refuse has this great attitude, a feisty persona, and Jacques LeFemme  is the extremely dapper escort who fills in for Rebeka’s no-show hook up. The second scene features Jacqueline Woods and Ramses Rodstein, and is especially erotic because of the genuine kissing, which is often missing in porn. These two really had a good time and it’s evident in the way they treat each other after they have both gotten off a few times. Chelsea Poe and Puck Goodfellow fuck for Jesus–you really have to watch this scene to understand. Finally, James and Venus Lux provide us with before and after interviews, sandwiching a sex scene that is as compelling as the previous scenes, yet this scene conveys more intimacy because of the interviews. There is a definite suspense due to James and Venus going from talking about wanting to work together and then straight into kissing, and feeling each other out sexually. James and Venus move from being colleagues to lovers as the viewer has the pleasure of watching their relationship transform  in real time. That’s pretty cool. Yes, this scenario has happened in other films, but because of who James and Venus are, two larger-than-life personalities, their scene is unique because they come together in an honest and sincere attempt to please one another. It’s not only good porn, but it’s an impressive display of respect and desire.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: The Squirting Man

Squriting Man CoverBefore I came out to my friends and family in high school, I seriously considered transitioning to a man. I’ve always been a “tomboy” who felt better in baggy clothes and suits instead of tight skirts and dresses, so I figured it would just be easier. As I got older, and with the support of my family and friends, I realized I wasn’t considering transitioning because I wanted to be a man, but because it would make it easier for the rest of the world to understand and relate to me. So after giving everyone with beef about my sexuality and gender the finger, I became increasingly comfortable with and in my body, and here I am today as the proud authentic lesbian. However, while exploring my transitioning options I developed a fascinating curiosity with trans men that has stuck with me ever since. When The Squirting Man from Kennston Productions hit my desk for encoding, I literally ran to my editor-in-chief asking if I could review it. Being the awesome, amazing, wonderful person she is, she said yes and here we are.


Scene 1 – Eddie Wood

Eddie Wood, our leading man throughout this flick, is one handsome dude, and this scene is the perfect opener. He’s outside up against a fence and gets right to it by fingering and jerking himself off. The fire truck along with other random outside noise really enhances the fantasy and captures the whole sex in public theme. To top it all off, Eddie squirts a fucking river and the whole thing is insanely intense, proving the title more than fitting. Because it’s a solo scene there isn’t much more to it than that, but watch the clip below and tell me that doesn’t look like a hell of a good time! Eddie looks pretty exhausted and satisfied by the end of it all.

Scene 2 – Eddie Wood & Parker Reed

This scene is a lot of fun. Eddie and Parker Reed are playing a video game, and after Parker wins, it becomes evident exactly what is at stake. The boys decided that whoever lost would have to suck the other one off and, being a man of his word, Eddie stays true to his promise. I found the dialogue in this one particularly humorous and ironic as it’s filled with “no homos” and too many “bros” to count. I love when a porno makes me laugh so this was right up my alley. Parker is already hard when Eddie pulls his shorts down, and besides a weird audio glitch, the sucking off is pretty great. Eddie talks throughout the ordeal, showing how funny he really is (at least in my opinion) and you can tell both guys are completely into the scene. Eddie takes pride is making Parker squirm and moan and Parker just loves being sucked off, as I would imagine most people do. My favorite part of this scene is the strap-on fucking. Eddie fucks Parker with a purpose and watching both of them cum as a result was hot. I especially love the camera’s front facing perspective while they fuck doggy style. Something about seeing facial expressions but no body parts really turned me on. After they get it in missionary, the boys proceed to jerk each other off. Eddie cums 4 times by my count, and even though it takes Parker a little longer to bust his nut, when he does it’s incredibly sexy. He cums quietly, but he worked hard for that nut, and by the look on Eddie’s face it turned him on too. At the end, Parker says he won, to which Eddie replies “Can we say we both won?” Parker’s response is brilliant. He looks over at Eddie and says, “I guess. It’s all about equality right?”

Scene 3 – Eddie Wood

Eddie is in the shower for this scene and I didn’t find anything particularly special about it. It could be because the first solo scene was so fantastic that I compared the two, or maybe it’s because such a great scene preceded it, but either way this one didn’t do anything for me. I did enjoy taking this time to check out Eddie’s body, how he masturbates, and what turns him on, but sexually I took it as a well-placed, much needed intermission.

Scene 4 – Eddie Wood & Veronica Moore

Call me your typical lesbian perpetuating the stereotypes, but the first thing I noticed was Veronica Moore’s amazing boobs! (I love boobs! BOOBS!) Eddie was very appreciative also because he spends a lot of time with these babies, and for me that was perfect. I also couldn’t help but focus on her “Boss” necklace which fit her personality perfectly as the scene went on. The chemistry between these two makes this my favorite scene. My absolute favorite part comes after Veronica fucks Eddie missionary, when the two find themselves having a conversation about how quickly Eddie cums from excitement and how much easier it is to tell if a man cums versus a woman. It wasn’t the content of the conversation that I enjoyed as much as how comfortable these two were in their bodies while discussing it and throughout the scene for that matter. Nothing enhances a fantasy like knowing the performers actually like each other and are really getting each other off. Veronica continues to fuck the shit out of Eddie and at one point tells him to take it like a man, which was a major turn on for both of us! You can tell she’s taking pride in making him squirt because she just won’t let up. Every time you think he can’t take anymore she pulls another one out of him. She even has him sit on her face, which got both of them extremely hot, while she masturbates. We don’t get to see Veronica cum, but by the end of the scene I completely lost count of how many orgasms Eddie had. Nap time anyone?

Scene 5 – Eddie Wood & Tasha Jones

This plot almost had me on the floor dying from laughter. Eddie is in the bathroom while his sleeping girlfriend is just down the hall and Tasha Jones is standing directly outside of the door. Breasts only covered with suspender straps, it’s clear Tasha is a woman on a mission. As soon as Eddie walks out of the bathroom, you can tell he just lost the battle. The poor guy doesn’t stand a chance and it’s awesome! Even as he pleads with her to stop and tries to convince her that they shouldn’t be doing what they both have every intention of doing, you can tell he wants her, and you can’t blame the guy. Not only is Ms. Jones sexy, she’s already half naked and standing directly in his face, touching and kissing all over him while he tries to think of his girl, but steadily walks towards Tasha’s room. The constant “Yes, I want to, but no, we shouldn’t” got my fantasy juices flowing and made the buildup amazing. When she finally gets him on her bed, she takes his clothes off and immediately starts jerking him off. She takes it up a notch with some fingering before sucking him off and giving some of the best head that I’ve seen on film this year! He squirts all over the place, as we’ve come to expect and love, and that’s pretty much that. It leaves a little to be desired, but it didn’t feel incomplete.

Overall I really like this movie and definitely think it’s worth checking out. The cameraman’s constant heavy breathing in the 4th scene was super annoying, but because Eddie and Veronica are so great together they make up for it, and you can kinda understand it if you put yourself in that room watching those two. I probably would have jumped in the scene! Other than that you won’t find anything to complain about, so go check out Kennston Productions The Squirting Man and let me know what you think.

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Rec Room

I just watched Rec Room by T-Wood Pictures, and now I know what the fuss is all about. J.D. has raved about it here on HM4H, but it was brand new to me. And I’m not going to forget it anytime soon. I’ve a bit of a fetish for knee socks, and my nipples puckered right up at the sight of J-Bird‘s athletic socks. That’s when I knew I was in the right place for hot queer porn.

Rec Room is shot in exactly what the title suggests: a multipurpose rec room in a dorm or community facility. In other words, it looks like a room people aren’t supposed to use for fucking. This lackluster setting alone, complete with the stacked event chairs in the background, set off a blood rush for me. If you’ve ever misbehaved in a janitor’s closet or a dorm “quiet study” room, then you know the thrill of spicing up a very mundane setting. The whiteboard on the wall is used to tell us viewers where the scenes are set: Deluxx Dash and J-Bird have a personal fitness session in the Rock Hard Gym, and Quinn Valentine and Chance McKinsey teach each other lessons in Switching 202.

If I could have a personal trainer like Deluxx, I’d be in flawless condition. I’d probably also have a permanent sex flush on my face and ass cheeks from their training techniques. Cutie J-Bird fails to impress combat boot-wearing personal trainer Deluxx, and suffers the delicious consequences from the commanding trainer. Deluxx sexily dominates J-Bird, pulling their hair in rhythm to guide each sub-par pushup. Then comes the spanking(!) and the bare chested sit-ups. J-Bird wraps those knee-socked legs around the trainer for stability, as Deluxx taunts and teases their trainee. Then comes the best shot in the film. Deluxx gives J-Bird a BJ, and the camera shifts to the perfect spot to catch the action; angled behind Deluxx, through their toned legs and tight ass, the camera catches Deluxx’s gold chain dropping down, glittering against J-Bird’s slippery cock head.

The sex scene further steams up when Deluxx spits water all over submissive J-Bird, whose hands are bound at this point, and then rubs ice cubes on their nipples. Then Deluxx rides the bound J-Bird, coming hard and gracefully before devoting their hands to an exquisite finger fuck for J-Bird. Hot hot hot.

In contrast, Quinn and Chance’s segment, Switching 202, starts with a slow, tantalizing make out session. Hands rove over each other’s bodies and the sensuous kissing continues. They seem to be enjoying themselves, playing, exploring, mutually jacking each other off. Unlike the previous segment, there exists no air of dominance or control. The two stars take turns going down on one another, fucking, and coming hard. I didn’t dislike anything about Switching 202, but I was taken with the kissing more than anything. I love make out scenes in vanilla movies, despite knowing there’s usually no attraction between the actors. However, the sexual tension between Quinn and Chance is palpable, and the kissing is intensely more erotic because of that connection.

I feel good about saying that the stars in this film were having fun, enjoying themselves, and getting off the way they wanted to. If I think you’re going to come, I’m sure I will. Applause all around for Rec Room!

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Link Love

(Picture via Etsy)

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch. It’s Wenesday of a packed week, so let’s get those links loved! 

– Love your vulva and want the world to know it?  Why not wear it on your sleeve… or better yet, around your neck.  Etsy user VulvaLoveLovely creates custom vuvla pendants from photos of your own pink bits!  I’m thinking this might be the perfect holiday gift for that hard-to-shop-for partner.  (via Babeland)

– A new study has found that men who frequently smoke pot end up with sexual problems earlier in life.  I guess 420 does not equal 69.  (via Em and Lo)     

– New Jersey woman Stepfanie Velez-Gentry, owner of  adult novelty company Nookie Parties LLC, is running for an open spot on the state’s Legislature.  This gives me hope for my own political future.  JD for President!  (via SUNfiltered)  
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