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Between the Headlines Review

Between the Headlines box coverWith the upcoming election season dominating the US news lately, it’s only appropriate that we discuss Between the Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody from Filly Films. Directed by Lily Cade, and starring Lotus Lain, Nina Hartley, Aiden Starr, Ela Darling, Aaliyah Love, Vanessa Veracruz, and Zoey Monroe, as well as Cade herself, Between the Headlines is a corker of a political satire. If you’re like us, you’re going to love seeing Hillary, Michelle, Megyn Kelly, and Rachel Maddow get the XXX spoof treatment from some of porn’s top female performers. Released in 2014, this lesbian movie came out during a rather quiet political season, but with Hillary Clinton currently angling for the Democratic nomination, it’s all too fitting that we revisit this lusty, comedic gem of a film.



Scene 1-Lotus Lain and Nina Hartley


Lotus Lain and Nina Hartley

The first scene opens in what I’m assuming is the White House, with our beloved First Lady, played by Lotus Lain, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, played by the legendary Nina Hartley, sneaking off to discuss their strategy meeting amongst themselves. It doesn’t take long before the two women switch the conversation from business to pleasure, and Michelle reveals that her husband has been so busy and stressed lately running the country that he hasn’t had much time to pay attention to their marriage. Michelle Obama is a beautiful, independent woman of course, but there are some jobs even the First Lady can’t do all by herself. Hillary, who is no stranger to marital issues herself, informs Michelle that Washington DC isn’t just a boys’ club of infidelity – women can have their extramarital needs met too! In a stunning display by one of the lesser-sexualized women in politics, Hillary Clinton grabs Michelle Obama by her stunning arms and begins to kiss her on the lips. When Michelle recoils in shock, Hillary reassures her that she’s good at “covering things up,” and the First Lady’s worries go out the window.

Nina Hartley and Lotus Lain as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama Nina Hartley and Lotus Lain in Between the Headlines

Nina Hartley and Lotus Lain are two forces to be reckoned with when it comes to lesbian sex, so to have them in a scene together is a real treat. Not only is Lotus Lain a dead-ringer for Michelle Obama, but she’s a delightfully nasty performer who relishes in getting her partners off. Nina, on the other hand, is a sultry seductress, taking her time – while remaining completely in character – to show “Hillary” the ropes of girl-girl lovemaking. The witty dialogue and political puns continue throughout the scene without ruining the atmosphere of the sex. Nina’s 100% real, body-spasming orgasm that wraps the scene up perfectly and is not to be missed.

-Judy Hologram

Scene 2 – Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling


Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling in Between The Headlines

White House staffer Elena Rodriguez leaves work and heads to Bad Girlfriend Ela Darling’s apartment. Ela, all decked out in magenta lingerie, expects a late night booty call, and is instead disappointed to find Elena a bit shaken. After a bit of prying on Ela’s part, Elena spills the beans and reveals that she walked in on Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Sapphic affair. The dynamics of Ela and Elena’s relationship are made perfectly clear, and it’s a great bit of casting. Doe-eyed Venessa Veracruz is lovely as shy, loyal Elena , and the impish, sexually aggressive Ela Darling drives the action. She makes a great speech about the oppression of the American people and how the powers-that-be wouldn’t hesitate to throw Elena under the bus. It seems that she’s convinced Elena to sell her story to the press, but not until they fuck each other. Ela is definitely the star of the scene, taking charge and aggressively fucking Vanessa with clit rubbing, finger fucking, pussy eating, and face sitting.

Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines Ela Darling eats Vanessa Veracruz Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines

Ela gets plenty of chances get pleasured by Vanessa as well, and it’s a lot of fun to watch her cum. She does this thing where she shuts her eyes tight, clenches her teeth, and grabs her hair that I love seeing. As they cuddle on the couch afterwards, Ela has a glint of mischief in her eyes as she asks Vanessa if she would prefer a cab or an Uber.

Vanessa Veracruz fingers Ela Darling Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling in Between the Headlines Vanessa Veracruz sits on Ela Darling's face Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines


Scene 3 – Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe


Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe in lesbian porn parody

I really wanted to write about Scene 3 in Between the Headlines because I’m all about kitchen sex. This cute and bright kitchen also makes an appearance Kink School: A Guide to Anal Play, which I discussed here. I also really loved Zoey Monroe (she’s since left the porn industry) and Aaliyah Love together, as both women are ultra sexy dynamos who seem to actually have a good time on camera.

Before I even get to the sex in Scene 3, I have to share my favorite moment in the entire movie, which takes place before the Megyn K (Aaliyah Love) and Intern Zoey encounter. The scene opens with Hillary explaining her predicament to her fixer, Aiden Starr:

However, we soon find out the Megyn K already has the dirt and broadcasts it on her Foxxx News show The Megyn File. Bad girlfriend Ela leaked the story and now Elena is pissed.

The Megyn File is additionally funny as Aaliyah Love does a great job as uptight Megyn, and the news ticker at the bottom of the screen packs a bunch of goofy faux news jokes in on top of her icy comedic role. However, once the icy Megyn struts off the set, she needs her personal intern Zoey for refreshment. Megyn coaxes Zoey into a kitchen tryst, and the eager-to-please gal is happy to comply in order to keep her internship.

“Do I get a paid job out of this?” Zoey asks, and shrewd Megyn dodges the question. Megyn also stresses the value of sororities in a successful woman’s life, and Zoey replies that she’s Kappa Alpha Theta. Actually, Kappa Alpha Theta, according to their own website, “was founded in 1870 as the first Greek-letter fraternity for women. We value our history and our long tradition of leading the way for women’s groups and women in higher education.” In other words, KAT invented lesbian networking. Welcome to the perils of climbing the corporate ladder, Zoey!

Once Megyn gets her intern on her knees and between her legs, the sorority sisters do some networking. Megyn’s chirps of pleasure are a huge turn-on, as are Zoey’s dreamy eyes are she eats Megyn’s cunt. Also, Aaliyah Love’s ass and legs are gym time tight, and I’m jealous. There is not a jiggle in her toned butt!

Zoey Monroe and Aaliyah Love in Between the Headlines Lesbian Porn ParodyAaliyah Love fingers Zoey Monroe in Between the HeadlinesThese uptight, good girls are on the path the success, and Zoey butters her boss up as she gets on the counter to have Megyn’s experienced mouth and fingers work her pussy over. “I love Kappa Alpha Theta,” sighs Zoey as her boss begins to tease her twat. It’s not easy to be funny and keep your audience aroused, but we’ve already established that Between the Headlines manages to do that. The sex seems to flow naturally between these two, with Megyn asserting her power over Zoey throughout.

I don’t know if Zoey got a paying job out of anything, but she did get an ass teasing that made her knees buckle!

Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe lesbian sex
Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe in lesbian porn parody Between the Headlines

I also really enjoy the wide angle shots that show the room. Seeing an “ordinary” room turned into a fuck location flicks my imagination switch on more than a pretty, stark, modern loft does. Show me a (tidy) space that looks like my reality, and I’m in.

-Dee Viant

Scene 4-Vanessa Veracruz, Lily Cade, and Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines lesbian porn parody

Elena Rodriguez is in a difficult spot. She realizes she can’t trust her girlfriend after watching the Megyn File show, so she leaves her girlfriend’s apartment to think things over. Of course Hillary knows that it was Elena’s big mouth that leaked the story, but how will she prove that it wasn’t her who sold the information to the Megyn show? Just as she is thinking things over, a shadow appears from out of the darkness, and a stranger approaches her. The stranger (Aiden Starr) tells Elena that she is in deep shit because of her big mouth. Does Elena like spreading rumors and trying to ruin the best chance for a female president of the United States? The stranger thinks she might be able to bully Elena into submission but, Elena is a bit too cocky to take a stranger trying to strong arm her into silence, so she leaves Hillary’s henchwoman in the dark to think of plan B.

Vaness Veracruz, Aiden Starr, and Lily Cade in Between the HEadlines

Knowing that she has to do something, Elena goes to the Rachel M. show to tell her about the affair between the First Lady and the Secretary of State. She also knows that if talks to the press she may have a chance of staying safe. As Rachel and Elena prepare for broadcast, someone enters the room, and that someone looks dangerously familiar. Never stating her full name, Hillary’s henchwoman tells both Elena and Rachel that this story cannot go to air. A compromise must be made, and tits must be a part of the deal.

Vanessa Veracruz, Aiden Starr, and Lily Cade Lily Cade, Aiden Starr, Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines Lily Cade, Vanessa Veracruz, and Aiden Starr in Between the Headlines

The henchwoman bares her breasts for Rachel and tells her that if she postpones this show she can give Rachel a much better deal for two Republican scandals, and throw a State Rep under the bus. If the site of those fantastic boobs wasn’t enough to convince Rachel, Elena decides that she would rather work in the White House than be unemployed and scared for her life. Elena undresses and lets Rachel know that she too is part of the deal, and if Rachel acquiesces she can have both pairs of tits caressing her face within seconds. It’s a hard decision, but Rachel may have to decide which is the better deal.

-Andi G.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Magdalene St. Michaels & The Stranded Series

I Like to Kiss CoverYou probably know Magdalene St. Michaels from any number of Girlfriends Films classics. She’s been featured in timeless series like Women Seeking Women, Imperfect Angels, and Lesbian Seductions Older/Younger, and the story of how Dan O’Connell persuaded her to get into the adult industry back in 2007 is legendary. Taken aback by her beauty, he wrote I Like To Kiss specifically for her and it was a stellar entry performance. You probably also noticed that since signing on all those years ago as a Girlfriends star, Magdalene has branched out to perform in lesbian and straight scenes for major studios including Sweetheart Video, Sweet Sinner, Girl Candy Films, and Lethal Hardcore, just to name a few. But did you know that the talented and gorgeous Ms. St. Michaels has stepped into the writer/director role and produced a few titles for her own studio, OffWorld, that more than hold their own? I’m willing to bet you didn’t, but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Today is all about Magdalene St. Michaels’ Stranded series, which focuses on women stranded together and exploring their hidden desires for the female body. Mmmm, yummy!

Stranded I

Stranded I coverIn Stranded I, Magdalene and Ela Darling find themselves stuck sharing a honeymoon suite due to a massive snowstorm that has grounded their flight. Neither seem too thrilled about the situation after coming from business meetings all day, but they decided to make the best out of it, plus the room isn’t too shabby. While Magdalene sits on the bed to make a phone call, Ela prepares for a bath. The only thing is the spa-sized tub is in the bedroom. You see where this is going…Look at those faces! Ela is enticing as hell and Magdalene may be playing the hard-to-persuade role, but those eyes reveal she’s on the prowl. I bet she’s envisioning the positions their bodies will explore at that very second. Point is, ain’t nobody leaving that room without busting at least 2 nuts and the set up is perfect! Ela finally convinces her boss (yup, Mag’s the boss!) to join her in the spacious tub. They sip some red wine and light a candle to further relax the mood, then proceed to rub, touch, lather, and scrub all over each other before lightly kissing.



Magdalene St Michaels and Ela Darling in Stranded

Magdalene St Michaels and Ela Darling in the tub in Stranded

After the buildup, the two move all activities to the bed, which luckily isn’t far. What ensues is more pussy licking, finger fucking goodness (now I want KFC), with both ladies taking their time pleasing each other. What I really like about this movie is the balance between being gentle but firm. Not once did I feel like I was watching something meant to be overly sensual and what people imagine lesbian sex to look like, but I still got my healthy dose of slow, purposeful touching and groping the way us girls like to do. At the same time, both women were very commanding with their actions, flipping and tossing each other into different positions, but Magdalene especially, as she fondled and looked at Ela’s body as if remembering her own youthful body full of excitement and sexual cravings. There was also a playful feel to the scene as the two talked about co-workers spending so much time with each other weekly but not really knowing a damn thing about one another (we all know that’s true). They also make plans to take more “business” trips together and blame tardy returns on bad weather, which is a moot point since Magdalene is the boss…I thought it was funny.

Ela Darling sitting on Magdalene St. Michaels face in Stranded


Stranded II

Stranded II coverNatasha Starr got all the way to the airport only to realize she lost her passport after a night on the town drinking with a friend. Luckily for her, friend Magdalene has a huge pad (seriously, it’s enormous and gorgeous) and is more than happy to give her a place to stay for as long as she needs. After making a phone call, the friends change into their pajamas, minus the bottoms, and pour a few glasses of wine. The banter between the two is so real I forgot they were acting. They talk about going out and partying, drinking, and of course exciting sexual experiences. Natasha reveals that her last adventure happened in a moving limo, partition up, and that she’s also had sex inside of a club (I wonder if that’s true??). Magdalene starts remembering encounters shared with her best friend in random places around the world and naturally this conversation leads to them revealing their infatuation for different female body parts. I was surprised to see the banter extended, mostly because I was ready for some action, but it was neat to watch the pair continue talking, illustrating the natural interaction of two good friends to further set up the fantasy. And just like in Part I, the buildup was fantastic.

Natasha Starr and Magdalene St Michaels in Stranded II

Natasha Starr going down on Magdalene St Michaels in Stranded II

You can already tell there’s going to be a constant theme across the series of women exploring and re-discovering their bodies as well as each other’s, but I must say, the sex in this one is what blew me away! It’s no secret that Natasha Starr is hot as fuck, but her and Magdalene together, with their perfect breasts and sexy accents, was a melting pot of European titty and ass bliss! Aesthetics aside though, they reminded me of two people who have wanted to fuck for a long time finally getting that chance. I’ve had the privilege of watching Magdalene St. Michaels fuck a lot of women, and usually she’s the one in the take charge role, but Natasha surprised me in this one, making sure she “did” Magdalene first (something that rarely happens). Watching Magdalene shake after multiple orgasms and smile through her moans of enjoyment was really exciting. The fact that they didn’t stray away from the basics turned me on like crazy! Sometimes when performers jump from position to position trying to be super creative it makes me feel like they’re trying too hard to sell me something. Everyone knows that when the head is fantastic all you want to do is lay on your back, grab her hair, and hold her head down there for as long as possible. That’s exactly what these two did and for me relatable is something that goes a long way in developing and maintaining the fantasy. The tribbing was insanely intense and enough to rival the all time tribbing and scissoring queen Sinn Sage! Both ladies’ orgasm faces are raw and magical throughout, but something about a woman’s clit rubbing up against you just takes everything to a higher level. I watched that at least 5 times back to back and could have easily gone for more.

Natasha Starr and Magdalene St Michaels in Stranded 2

Magdalene St Michaels and Natasha Starr in Stranded 2

Stranded III

Stranded III coverIn Stranded III, Syren De Mer and Blair Summers take the leading roles, with Syren playing Blair’s boss and attempting to figure out from her new young employee how scheduling got mixed up and caused them to miss their flight. Basically Blair dropped the ball when it came to prioritizing her personal assistant duties and it felt all too familiar watching her dig for valid reason as to why (shout out to my McDonald’s boss from back in the day, I’m sorry!). Blair eventually accepts responsibility and is offered a second chance by her forgiving yet firm boss, but only if she agrees to do any and everything asked of her from this point on. Syren does have a point when you think about it. She’s stuck paying for two hotel rooms, all acquired expenses, and is missing out on a date all because her hot but irresponsible employee, who she’s helping out as a favor to Blair’s motherBTW, can’t get her shit straight. I’d want some head too, dammit! I can’t lie, things get a little dark from there (which fits my taste perfectly) as Syren laughs at the idea of a sexual harassment complaint being filed and explains that Blair’s mother wouldn’t believe a word out of her mouth since she’s been a liar all her life. Blair never stood a fighting chance, so it’s time to prove her worth.

Stranded III with Syren De Mer and Blair Summers

Since Blair is nervous after being yelled at and expected to perform in the bedroom, Syren takes some of the tension away by leading the way. She takes Blair over to the bed and slowly begins undressing and rubbing her pussy. The moans are instantaneous and it doesn’t take long for Blair to warm up. She sucks Syren’s full breasts like her mouth craves them before letting Syren kiss her way down to the sweet spot. Watching boss lady eat pussy I couldn’t help but feel sorry for whoever she stood up due to Blair’s screw up. The woman has tongue skills for days! She employed everything from the tip action to the full tongue-to-clit lick and all of it drove little Blair crazy. What pushed her over the edge though was the tribbing and grinding. They bumped pussies and had about 3 orgasms straight with Blair moaning and crying out in ecstasy. The view of Syren’s ass was a turn on too, watching it jiggle as she thrust back and forth. When it was Blair’s turn to return the favor she held no punches, munching on Syren’s wet pussy like it’s the first meal she’s had all day. The tongue strokes were very deliberate without being overly slow and sensual, and Syren came so hard her legs were on vibrator mode. The youngster takes advantage of the sensitive clit and continues to lick and fondle it causing Syren’s body to jerk with every touch. Blair wants more clit to clit action now that she’s worked herself up again, so she hops in between Syren’s legs and scissors away!

Stranded III Blair Summers and Syren De Mer

Stranded III Syren De Mer and Blair Summers

The older/younger, boss/employee power struggle in the beginning was an incredibly hot buildup! Listening to Syren back Blair into a corner she had no chance of escaping turned me on immensely. It balanced itself out during the sex which felt really natural and relatable to me. Both Blair and Syren have beautiful bodies so it’ very easy on the eyes and the chemistry they share just makes everything pop. Something really cool and different in Stranded III is that they added the behind the scenes footage, and if you’ve been following me at all you know I love interviews and behind the scenes stuff. What makes this particularly interesting is Magdalene’s perspective as director/camera woman as opposed to her usual role as performer. This is the first time Magdalene has been on set and watched an entire scene from beginning to end without starring in it, so things like room lighting, close up ass shots, and shadows against walls really fascinated her and it was fun to watch her all giddy and schoolgirl like. It was also Blair Summer’s first girl/girl scene (I definitely would not have guessed that!) and the first time anyone was that close to her asshole(I noticed the slight jump during the scene). All three ladies, and the camera man, agree with me about the chemistry as well. Syren talks about not really needing to guide Blair’s body and how the two stayed in sync without much conscious effort to do so. The entire scene was really impressive and captured the essence of the plot perfectly.

Stranded III 5

Check Magdalene St. Michaels and the Stranded series out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below. And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 and the rest of the gang @HotMoviesForHer! Until next time…

Kinky Fantasy Club Review

The latest addition to Severe Sexs line of kink-inspired humor is Kinky Fantasy Club. Imagine if the comedies you’re used to watching took on BDSM as a plot device, then you would have Kinky Fantasy Club. Like many popular “bro comedies,” our four main male characters all have different relationships with their partners and each one of them has a significant problem. What if there were a place to go to where you got what you needed from your romantic partner without repercussions? These guys find out what happens when they get what they wish for.

The Characters:

Dominik Kross & Ela Darling: Ela and Dominik are a married couple that seem to get along on the surface. The movie opens with Ela giving Dominik a jaw-tiring blowjob. Dominik is into it, but whenever he closes his eyes all he can see are two enormous breasts jiggling. When Dominik lets slip that he wants to see her “bouncing while she rides him,” Ela realizes he’s fantasizing about big tits again and she’s had enough. Ela likes her boobs the way they are (rightfully so), and she’s not changing her body for anyone.

Tommy Pistol & Casey Calvert: Tommy is waiting for his wife to come home so they can go out to a nice dinner together. He decides to kick back and put his feet up on the ottoman like any normal person would do. When his wife Casey comes through the door after another one of her exhausting shopping trips, Tommy is immediately scolded for putting his feet on her new furniture and then has to listen to his wife describe all the expensive shit she bought while they’re $50,000 in credit card debt! To add insult to injury, Casey says she is too exhausted from shopping to go to dinner with him. She also says that he could get a better job to pay for all of her new items if he weren’t such a loser.

Tony Orlando & Charlotte Cross: Tony loves nothing more than a good G/G/B threesome, and he’s in the middle of watching a steamy one from Forbidden Fruits Films on HotMovies.com! When his girlfriend Charlotte walks in and sees Tony jerking off to porn instead of helping her around the house, she’s hurt that he didn’t ask her to join him. When Charlotte realizes Tony’s watching a threesome video, he reveals that one of his deepest fantasies is to share a threesome with her. Disgusted and hurt, Charlotte promises that will never happen.

Brad Knight: Brad is a single guy living by himself. He’s good friends with Dominik, Tommy, and Tony, but doesn’t have a lot in common with them. He gets a call that his buddies are in the doghouse, and they all decide to have a night on the town.

Boy’s Night Out

Kira Noir: When the guys arrive at the strip club, they’re greeted by Kira, one of the club’s gorgeous, fit dancers. This girl’s got moves for days.

Lily Cade: Lily is an employee at the strip club and not someone to mess with, as Tony will see in his fantasy.

Kiki D’Aire: Just because Kiki is a bartender at a strip club doesn’t mean she’s available for a private dance. When Dominik tries to touch her tits, she puts him in his place. Later, Kiki and Kira pour the rowdy men a shot of their special tequila, which transports the guys into fantasy land.

So long, suckers!

Dominik’s Fantasy

Alura Jensen: Dominik’s fantasy lands him in a room with his dream girl, ostensibly. Alura is a beautiful blonde with a huge rack just like Dominik likes them. However, Alura has plans of her own. If Dominik wants to suck on those luscious titties, he’s going to have to perform a series of tricks for her. Dominik soon finds out that his love of big-breasted women has gotten him into severe trouble.

Tony’s Fantasy

Tony awakens to see his girlfriend Charlotte in the embraces of another woman. She looks quite similar to the employee at the bar he got in an altercation with earlier that night. When Charlotte tells him that she’s ready to have a threesome with him, Tony is super excited, but when he looks down he sees that his dick is in chastity! Instead of the hot threesome he’d always dreamed of, he is bound to a chair, gagged, and made to watch Lily Cade cuckold him.

Tommy’s Fantasy

In his waking life, Tommy is constantly humiliated by his wife, but in this reality he’s finally the one in charge. Revenge is sweet, and Tommy’s retribution comes in the form of some very sexy BDSM play.

Brad’s Fantasy

Brad, being the only nice guy of the group, finds himself struggling to figure out if his incredible encounter with Kira Noir is a fantasy or reality. Do not miss Kira going down on Brad while suspended from her stripper pole.


Definitely watch what happens after these fantasies come to completion. You get to know the characters pretty well via their fantasies, and everyone seems to get what they deserve.

Bonus Scenes

Check out behind-the-scenes interviews with director Dee Severe, Casey Calvert, Kira Noir, and Charlotte Cross, as well as an extended blowjob scene with Ela Darling and Dominik Kross, as well as Kira’s full strip-tease.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Heartbreaker Vs. Obscura

Heartbreaker vs Obscura CoverWho isn’t excited for Lily Cade and Severe Sex’s Heartbreaker Vs. Obscura lesbian superhero porn drama!? After Fuck The Police, I make it a point to see any and everything Cade writes or stars in, so it was no surprise to me that this funny, drama filled lesbo flick was absolutely amazing and so much fun to watch! The comic graphics are cool as fuck, the plot is hilarious, the acting does perfect justice, and the sex is enough to send you into orgasm overdose if you aren’t careful.

Scene 1 – Ela Darling & Kelsey Obsession

The Ice Queen, played by the lovely Ela Darling, is tied up all sexy-like by Crimson Menace, the beautiful Kelsey Obsession, and it appears she may have finally met her match. Tied and gagged, it looks like the Ice Queen is about to be done in, when suddenly the phone rings, and the role play ends. Turns out Crimson Menace is really Alex, the retired Ice Queen’s girlfriend, pretending to be an evil villain to spice up their sex life. After Ice Queen finishes her business call, the kinky lovers return to their role playing and the sex commences. Both of these petite wonders are true freaks between the sheets and I enjoyed every minute of it. The Ice Queen is a very talkative submissive and the more she’s punished, the wetter she gets. Alex knows this of course, and takes every opportunity to assert her dominance. She starts by flogging the Ice Queen and then spanking her ass red. They repeat a few times in different positions before Alex finally fingers her tied up Queen who’s been begging for it the entire time.

Alex makes her submissive Queen eat her ass and then turns her over missionary, still tied up, pulls out a pinwheel, and goes to town on her slender body leaving all types of pleasure-filled scratches everywhere. From there we get some nice titty slapping as Alex fingers the Ice Queen until she cries mercy and cums all over her hand. There went my load! What I love most about this scene is how much it resembles my bedroom and the light BDSM play I’ve mimicked. The plot is improvised in the heat of the moment, there’s way more pleasure than pain, and overall feel is extremely fun and upbeat. The fact that this scene is so relatable makes it sexier.

Anyway, Ice Queen is tied up spread eagle while Alex sits on her face. I love facesitting! Just when shit is getting good and another orgasm is on the horizon, BAM, two crazy, hot Mighty Morphin Power Ranger-looking bitches orb into the room and grab Alex right the fuck up! I mean, like right the fuck up, right there, in the middle of climbing climax mountain shit gets real! And the poor Ice Queen is still tied to the damn bed, butt ass naked, and possibly a little more turned on (because I am). Talk about pulling you into the plot!

Scene 2 – Anikka Albrite & Kelsey Obsession

Foxxx News Breaking Alert! We’re told super heroes are being kidnapped all over town and all signs point to mastermind villain Obscura, played by the absolutely gorgeous Anikka Albrite. Cut to Obscura’s secret lair, where poor Alex is being held hostage and explaining to Obscura that her stupid minions kidnapped the wrong person. Of course, this sours Obscura’s plan, but she decides to keep the helpless civilian anyway.

Back on the streets, Ice Queen is looking for some of her old gal pals to help find her lost love. Meet Spex, played by the talented Kameltoe. Immediately it’s obvious Spex is the comic relief for this flick. She has this weird Riddler thing going on (minus the crazy schizophrenia) and her superpower is the ability to see through clothing, which turns out to be more of a burden than you might think. Ice Queen asks Spex to help her find her Alex, but Spex isn’t as goofy as she looks, and demands payment first. Ice Queen hands her a broken heart necklace and the foreshadowing couldn’t be clearer.

Heartbreaker, naturally played by Lily Cade, is bad ass! She can make women do whatever she wants, kinda like how vampires can compel humans these days. Only thing is every heart she breaks takes a toll on her own. When the Ice Queen knocks on her door, Heartbreaker is visibly annoyed and even more so when she finds out what the Queen is there for. She tries to explain that “shit gets weird in your 30s” and you can only assume that her emotions are starting to get the best of her, but nonetheless, she decides to help Ice Queen since it’s all in the name of love. So Spex, Ice Queen, and Heartbreaker meet up to devise a plan for infiltrating.

I love the Dark Knight/Taken voice Heartbreaker has going on throughout this! Anyway, we’re back in Obscura’s lair and back to some sex! This time, Alex is the submissive one, and Obscura is one hell of a Domme. She flogs and fondles and slaps Alex around from the very beginning, and although Alex doesn’t want to betray her beloved, her pussy can’t resist and it isn’t long before she’s moaning with pleasure. Right away the clit stimulation and finger fucking is intense. You can actually see Alex being driven crazy by the relentless Obscura and the whole ordeal is crazy hot! Alex is whipped and made to thank the mighty Obscura for every lash received, before being pleasantly tortured by this incredible, trident-like scepter.

Now it’s Obscura’s turn to get off and it was well worth the wait. She sits on her helpless captive’s face and rides nonstop getting her pussy and ass licked while fingering herself. The climax definitely pushed me over the edge and apparently it was so good that Obscura ties Alex back up so she can come back for more later.

Scene 3 – Lily Cade & Paris Lincoln & Darcie Dolce

Ice Queen, Spex, and Heartbreaker carry out their plan to infiltrate Obscura’s lair and now we get to see Heartbreaker in action. Spex and the Queen need to find exactly where Alex is being held, and Obscura has a shit load of minion bionic step-sister clones, or something crazy like that, watching guard, so it’s up to Heartbreaker to compel/seduce them all. It starts with Paris Lincoln and Darcie Dolce. Heartbreaker wastes no time getting into their heads or their pants. Visually, these three women naked in the same room was enough for me. Darcie’s body is incredible, Paris’ long hair is perfect for pulling, and my girl Lily is the strap-on goddess so I couldn’t wait to watch her pound a few pink pussies.

Paris gets face fucked by Heartbreaker before taking her cock from behind and eating Darcie’s pussy at the same time. This scene follows in the light BDSM/rough sex theme of the previous two with lots of spanking, slapping, and hair pulling and Heartbreaker owns it all. After fucking Paris for a while she pulls out her belt uses it as a leash to control the girls. Paris gets her face shoved in Heartbreaker’s ass while Darcie takes a strap pounding that leaves everyone in the scene out of breath and me like “YAAAAAAS!” These women worked hard for their multiple orgasms in this scene and they still aren’t done!

We get more slapping and rough housing and orgasms with positions for all shapes and sizes to enjoy, but what I enjoyed most about this particular scene, as with most threesomes I like to watch, is the equality. Not once did it feel like anyone was left to the side, even for a minute, and I think this is owed to Cade’s command over the scene and her overall kinkiness. It’s like she’s the Energizer Bunny personified. She never gets enough, and since Heartbreaker has a billion chicks to seduce and leave behind, that’s the perfect quality to have. When everything is finally done with these two and it’s time for Heartbreaker to move on, she leaves the beautiful women behind with instructions to keep fucking, but not before giving each one with a broken heart necklace, and, of course, grabbing her dick and belt. (Never leave your shit with hoes, it makes them get attached.) See, Cade even teaches life lessons through her craft. The woman truly is brilliant!

Scene 4 – Lily Cade & Anikka Albrite

Now this is the scene I’ve been waiting for. Heartbreaker and Obscura finally come face to face and I know the sex is going to be top of the charts! But first…Ice Queen and Spex (I love her a little more every time she pops on screen!) burst their way into Obscura’s room where poor Alex (this bitch is still tied, gagged, and butt naked) sits and waits to be rescued, only to realize their powers don’t work on Obscura. She has a flogger that apparently steals powers from whoever she whips, so now everybody is captured and tied up when Heartbreaker, aka Hancock 2.0, walks in and manages to get herself frozen and captured too.

For some reason Obscura’s whip doesn’t work on Heartbreaker, which really pisses her off since she’s tired of breaking hearts left and right. Obscura uses this opportunity to attempt to persuade Heartbreaker to cross over to the dark side, and it looks like it just might work when the evil villain turns on her sex appeal and says “I’m not like the others, you can’t break my heart.” You can see the intrigue in Heartbreaker’s eyes and then of course, there’s Obscura’s body. Everyone knows Anikka Albrite is gorgeous, but she really shocked me in this scene. Not only does she bring Obscura’s character to life and keep it consistent throughout the sex, she actually goes HAM on my girl Lily Cade and takes over the scene! Heartbreaker goes down on Obscura first (I bet she tastes like rainbows and lollipops), finger fucking her at the same time and there I go! The chemistry between these two is like they’ve wanted to fuck for a while and are finally getting the chance. I don’t know if that’s between Heartbreaker and Obscura or Lily and Anikka, but I fucking loved every minute of it either way!

Now it’s Obscura’s turn to please Heartbreaker and from the jump it’s intense. She makes Heartbreaker scream out in pleasure (Dark Knight/Taken voice still in full effect) in every position they explore. While sitting on Obscura’s face, her body shakes with so much vigor that I blew it again just imagining what that feels like! The villain mastermind then jerks Heartbreaker’s clit off and I seriously had to take a 15 minute smoke break. Yeah, I needed a cigarette and there was still so much more to cum! Obscura absolutely loves giving Heartbreaker the business and has the rough and tough superhero begging to cum one more time.

Obscura still wants to be partners, and after she put it down on Heartbreaker, I fully expected her to accept the invitation. Shit, I would have and wouldn’t have thought twice about it if she had me shaking like that! But luckily Heartbreaker is stronger than me, and tricks Obscura by planting kisses and slaps (I love romance) all over her soft body while handcuffing her to the table they fucked on. I actually felt bad for the villain right then and there, but hey, shit happens. Anyway, Heartbreaker frees the Ice Queen, Spex, and Alex to back to their happy-go-lucky lives, but not before reminding Ice Queen that she personally owes her for all those minions she had to fuck and leave brokenhearted. Credits Roll. The End. Except not really.

Scene 5 – Lily Cade & Ela Darling

I’m not sure how much time has passed, but after the rescue mission the Ice Queen shows up at Heartbreaker’s house and I’m thinking it’s time for payment. Heartbreaker said she was owed and there’s no way she would let the Queen forget about it, so here we go. Turns out it’s a little sadder than that, but in a comedic way. After all that bullshit, Alex ended up running back to Obscura. The sex and power was just too much to resist, I guess, so poor Ice Queen is left all alone and, of course, Heartbreaker is the first person that comes to mind. Heartbreaker isn’t one to pity and instead of being a shoulder to cry on, she’s a Domme looking to assert some much needed authority. They figure out some math (I won’t lie, I couldn’t keep up) and decided that Ice Queen would take one slap on the ass for every chick Heartbreaker had to fuck (which turns out to be 78). The Ice Queen counts out all 78 and you can tell Heartbreaker loves the control. She’s showing off and it’s a major turn on. After she gets a little taste of the Queens’s pussy, Heartbreaker face fucks her and bangs her back out doggy style-my favorite part of the scene!

Ice Queen returns the favor by licking and fingering Heartbreaker to orgasm and then the two fondle and finger each other one more time. There isn’t much to else to describe sex wise, but the chemistry between these two makes this scene a lot of fun to watch. I like that we get to see what happened after the big mission and watch the Ice Queen pay off her debt. Plus, they improvise the plot a little while staying in character and it makes for some pretty funny lines.

Heartbreaker Vs. Obscura is definitely worth a watch and as a bonus you get an original song written and sung by Kameltoe aka Spex, when the credits roll. It’s pretty awesome! Make sure to check the movie out and let us know what you think.

For more on all things lesbian follow me @authenticlezz1 and keep up with @hotmoviesforher!

Ms. Grey – The Real 50 Shades

2015-06-30_8-05-58Ms. Grey is the long-awaited Severe Sex answer to the ridiculously popular 50 Shades empire. Unless you don’t own a television, lack access to the internet, or neglect to go outside, 50 Shades of Grey has been a part of popular media coverage since the release of the first installment of the book series, and even more so since the 2015 release of the first film. 50 Shades depicts a relationship between a heterosexual couple who engage in some BDSM activities, but also have a pretty messed up relationship outside of the bedroom. Regardless of whether you may like the books or film , there is no denying that the way Anastasia and Mr. Grey relate to each other has caused a huge debate over what are considered to be the best and safest practices within a relationship involving BDSM, as well as what constitutes as abuse, unsafe play, or is just plain cheesy. Directors Lily Cade and Dee Severe have created an alternative to the heterosexual narrative in the relationship between Cade and newcomer Dolly Leigh. Leigh really holds her own with Cade, which is saying a lot since Cade is an intense top, and a veteran performer and director. Other stars include Ela Darling, who is in my favorite scene from Femdom Dream Date (also from Severe Sex), Kasey Warner, and Skin Diamond.

2015-06-30_8-02-35Similarly to how the original movie sets its plot, Ms. Grey starts with Annabelle Irons, a young, naïve, and beautiful woman who is performing the excruciatingly intimidating task of interviewing the untouchable and highly successful Ms. Grey. Of course, Annabelle trips immediately when she walks into Ms. Grey’s office. She’s like a fawn learning to walk on Louboutins. After a minute or so, Annabelle’s questions get into the meat of who Kristin Grey really is. Is she a lesbian? Why is Kristin Grey never seen in public with any significant other? These questions make Grey become flippant and bored. Grey tells Annabelle to email her the rest of the questions, and if Annabelle wants to know more about her sexual preferences she can ask her in a more private way.

The next scene cuts to the hardware store where Annabelle works. Grey is there for some essentials for home improvement to her luxury penthouse, like duct tape, rope and zip ties. Annabelle asks what kind of project the items are for and Grey says “It’s for women. What are you doing with the rest of your evening?” Unlike most people, Annabelle is not deterred from such creepy banter. The next scene takes place in a lesbian bar where Skin Diamond is the bartender. Grey and Annabelle are in a corner chatting. Annabelle is looking over a slave contract. Asserting her authority, Grey tells the confused Annabelle, “I’m a business person. When I see something I want, I get it.” Annabelle seems game, but is not ready to sign the slave contract just yet. She tells Grey that she would like to test the product before she signs. Excited by Annabelle’s business savvy, Grey takes her to her house and begins to show her why she is considered one of the best service-tops in the game.

2015-06-30_8-03-02It’s bath time at Chez Grey, and Annabelle is strapped to the tile wall by Velcro restraints attached by suction cups. Grey begins by kissing and sucking on Annabelle’s nipples, pinching and pulling at them until little screams erupt from Annabelle. Annabelle is then blindfolded, legs spread with one leg attached to a strap on the wall. Grey uses one of the straps to whip Annabelle’s breasts. Grey spins around and starts going down on Annabelle, playing with one of her nipples, and making Annabelle scream even louder. Grey spins Annabelle around so that she can use a small cane on the backside of her thighs and ass. Grey rubs Annabelle off to orgasm, makes her lick her fingers, inserts a long butt plug with several balls into Annabelle’s ass, and then-while still blindfolded-makes Annabelle go down on her and get her off. You think they’re done, but they’re not. This scene is pretty long, and they get some good vagina smacks in, as well as more intense kissing to conclude a very enthusiastic scene.2015-06-30_8-03-52

Some of the highlights of this film are the “Red Room of Pain,” Skin Diamond (because she is Skin Diamond), a threesome with Kasey Warner, and Ela Darling, who needs to be in everything Severe Society does. The Cade/Severe “Red Room of Pain” is much more realistic, more in touch with what actually happens in a private BDSM relationship, and depicts kink in an intimate way that is exciting and definitely not phony. The issue with most “mainstream” depictions of kink or BDSM, is that the producers often either make a situation so cheesy, or so unbelievable that nobody cares about the characters because they seem weak, over-acted, or under-developed.2015-06-30_8-04-32

Luckily, Cade and Severe wanted to make a more believable version of 50 Shades and use their real-life experience to change what they saw as an anti-kink message. Both Cade and Severe do an interview at the end of the film, and they discuss their desire to change the characters from being fucked up kinksters to being real people who also happen to be into kink. Both women critique the relationship between Grey and Anastasia and change the dynamic slightly by the focus of the film being a lesbian relationship. Although, the dynamic isn’t really that different because Grey is still older, more economically stable, and way more sexually experienced than Annabelle, the type of kink the characters can get into is more developed than its mainstream counterpart.

2015-06-30_8-05-33Cade states that the original Mr. Grey was an emotionally cold, distant person who had relationship issues. He tried to control Annabelle outside the bedroom, and was wrong for not treating Anastasia with respect, not the fact that he liked to spank girls. Severe interjects, “Most people would not take a vanilla, naïve girl and push her off the deep end and make her sign a slave contract–nobody does that.” The Cade/Severe team follow the plot up to a point, but the story changes due to the agency that the writer’s have given Annabelle, which they found to be lacking in the mainstream version. Cade nicely explains how the difference between fantasy and reality can often cause confusion for people in relationships. She states that often, people are not always attracted to the nice people, the people that are in the same financial bracket as you. In fact, most people fantasize about the opposite. However, that is the type of thing that makes BDSM play good, it’s that aspect of fantasy, and also remembering that these activities are just play. The original 50 Shades implies that all fetishes come from a dark place, where that may not always –or often – be the case.

2015-06-30_8-06-38In addition to the interview with Cade and Severe, Dolly Leigh sat down with Jimmy Broadway to answer a few questions. These interviews are pretty rich with personal information, and they are a great companion to the film. One thing that these interviews provide is not only a portrait of the personalities behind the content, which is always interesting, but the interviews show the varying perspectives of kinky minds. Not all people who are interested in a particular fetish have the same ideas about why they like that thing, and not everyone will be in agreement about a particular fetish. As long as you treat people with respect, have their consent, and know how to properly use the instruments you wield, you should be able to have a great time and enjoy the fantasy-and not end up like Ms. Grey.

Porn For Women – Free Lesbian Porno Clips! You’re Welcome.

Butches And Babes

Today we are offering up more free porn for women clips!  This time I put together seven clips from a variety of super hot lesbian movies.  As with all smut, there are many more types of lesbian XXX flicks than you see here, but I can’t give away all of the porn for free!  I always like to clarify this because we love all types of people and sex, even though they all may not make it into a particular post.  With that being said, I’m fairly confident you’re going to enjoy at least some of these lesbian porno clips.  I sure enjoyed picking them out!  (Sorry if that was creepy.)  As a side note, I would recommend any of the movies from the studios listed below!

Butches And Babes from Filly Films

Crash Pad Series Episode 36 – August & Stacey from Pink And White Productions

Sinn Sage Loves Girls from Sweetheart Video

Strap-On Lesbians from Triangle Films

The Slumber Party from Good Dyke Porn


Girls Indulging from AbbyWinters


I don’t know about anyone else, but man, I love me some therapy!  I am a firm supporter of keeping mental health healthy and I think that every single person could benefit from some form of therapy.  Though I may never have had the inclination to strip down and jerk off during my own sessions (what was that about therapeutic relationship boundaries??), in porno anything is possible.

Unlike other masturbation movies I’ve watched, Therapy brings this amazing added element of spoken erotic storytelling that leads to the performers getting themselves hot and bothered.  It’s an exciting and totally hot addition that really moves this title to the top of my masturbation movie picks.   Well, that and the fact that it is beautifully shot and super high quality.  I love the minimalist backdrop and simplicity of the set, which is just one padded lounge.  Though I need to interject and mention how awesome the lounge is – very stylized and modern, without being too cold or sterile.  What can I say, I watch so much porn that I can’t help but take note of the furniture…

One of the things I like best about this movie is that the scenes are the perfect length for me.  Each solo scene is about 10-15 minutes long.  While some folks love a longer scene, I like that these ones are just enough time to get both a story and a mind-blowing orgasm out of each performer.  Nothing ever feels rushed or too fast-paced for me; it’s just the opposite actually, and I am relieved to not have the scenes drag on.

The actual jerk off action is super sexy and sensual. The performers take their clothing off slowly and take their time touching their bodies tenderly in anticipation of the pleasure.  As much as I like the whole thing, there are a few parts that confuse me a little – such as the fact that one woman is pretty much dressed as a superhero and it’s never mentioned (there are actually a bunch of random outfits), and that the performer named Laura is most definitely Dylan Ryan in a wig.  I’m into it all, but it definitely has me scratching my head.

I’ve been hearing about the entity of Girlfriends Films that is Juicy Pink Box for a while and I have to say that I am so happy that all of the rumors are true – these movies are stellar.

Watch “” Now!



2012 Feminist Porn Awards – Recap 3: The Main EVENT!

And we are BACK with Recap number three of my trip to Toronto for the 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards.  This time we are ready to actually get to the action of the awards gala, and we hope you are ready too, because this is going to be a media heavy event.  I’m talking LOTS of pictures and videos crammed into this porn award extravaganza of a post.  So, if you’ve put your helmet on and packed your lunch, let’s get to it.

Just to get a feel for how crowded the standing-room-only event was, here is a shot of the crowd before the awards started.  All those empty seats were filled and then some!  Plus a balcony.  Yeah, it was awesome.

The awards kicked off with a fantastic dance troupe Ill Na Na doing a stellar performance.

I don’t even know how to explain it, other than amazingness.  I mean, look at that action shot! Love it!

The host Elvira Kurt took the stage to welcome us and introduce the first presenter, the fabulous Tristan Taormino!  There were so many awards to give that the gala that many of the presenters did double duty, doling out two awards.  Tristan started the party off announcing the award for Hottest Lesbian Vignette, which went to Jincey Lumpkin for her film Boutique.  Next up she announced the Sexiest Short movie, which was taken by Toronto local N. Maxwell Lander’s super hot flick, Emile, a beautiful movie of her girlfriend getting herself off and smoking cigarettes.  Really, really hot.

Check out N. Maxwell Lander accepting her butt plug and her girlfriend clapping off to the right (behind the ASL interpreter).  Congrats to you both!

Next jury members (the ones that chose the winners) Skye Blue and Joseph Pauls took the stage to announce Steamiest Straight Movie winner, The Female Voyer by Petra Joy (who was unfortunately not at the awards), and the Most Deliciously Diverse Cast winner, FUCKSTYLES (of the queer and famous) by Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn.

Congrats to Courtney, Tina and all the awesome queers involved!

Good For Her owner Carlyle Jensen and Professor Sheila Cavanagh (also on the jury) headed on stage next to present Most Arousing Adaptation and Smutty School Teacher Award For Sex Education, which went respectively to Nica Noelle’s Last Tango (wasn’t there to accept the award) and Tristan Taormino’s The Expert Guide To Advanced Anal Sex. I was lucky enough to catch Tristan accepting this awesome award for the second year in a row!  Woohoo sex education!!

Next on stage we got a special treat with a performance by the amazing Olive-or-Oliver, a transgender burlesque circus-y performer with a special attraction to all things shiny and glittery.  It was awesome!

After the sparkly Olive-or-Oliver left the stage, FPA organizers Carla Henderson and Lorraine Hewitt came up and gave nod to four amazing Honorable Mentions, including Seminal by Bren Ryder, TressPass by Bianca Stone and Ned Mayhem, Brunch Bunch by Ian Sparks (Woohoo!) and Switch: Hometown Hotties by Carrie Grey.  I haven’t seen all of these movies, but from the clips, holy hell do I need to!

Then we took a little intermission break to stretch our leggies and ring out our soaking panties…  And we are back!

Allyson Mitchell & Eden Baylee headed to the stage to present the honored websites of the night.  I’ll admit I have no recollection of who these two women were (sorry!), but the winners of the website honors went to CrashPadSeries.com (Shine Louise Houston), LilyCade.com (Lily Cade), DaneJones.com, and JizLee.com (Jiz Lee)!!

Lily accepted for her win.

While Jiz went on stage for both their own win, as well as to accept CrashPad’s butt plug as well.

All those sites are seriously deserving of honor and I am so glad they were given plugs!

Before we got to the next award, the audience were privy to a special surprise treat… Buck Angel giving us a super steamy striptease!  I’m so happy I got this on film (minus a few seconds because someone needed to move in front of the camera to sit down – seriously people, could you not see I was filming something important?!? Animals!)

Holy crap was it awesome!  Who doesn’t love a sexy surprise like that?!  Especially the part where he doused himself in lube! Woah!

Fleshbot’s Lux Alptraum hit the lube-filled stage next, presenting Hottest Kink Movie to Julie Simone’s Vicious Strap-On Bitches (no Julie Simone to accept, booo) and Hottest Dyke Film to Hella Brown: Real Sex In The City by Nenna!!!  I was super disappointed to not get a good picture or video of her accepting the award, because Neena is seriously awesome.  Congrats!!

I know I have the order of the evening a little mixed up, but I will say that CoCo La Creme took to the stage next, where she was looking for some hot stuff, baby, and looking to give us a balloon-filled action.

By the end, all those balloons were popped and we definitely found that hot stuff that CoCo was seeking.  Yum, right?

All throughout the evening, co-host Ryan G. Hinds would pop up on the big screen and do interviews with performers and directors.  He met up for a super cute rendezvous with Jiz Lee and I just had to share the video.

Seriously sexy Cliks front man Lucas Silveira headed to the podium to present Orgasmic Original Concept to the amazing Cheryl Dunye for her film Mommy Is Coming (which I cannot wait to watch in entirety!!) and Most Tantalizing Trans Film to the man of the hour (how could he not be with that strip tease?), Buck Angel for Sexing The Transman XXX!

Congrats to Buck – as well as James Darling, who was in the movie, and Lucas Silveira, who was in the non-XXX version.

Next up 2011 Heartthrob of the Year Drew DeVeaux took the stage to pass her crown to the this year’s winner… James Darling!!!

Woohoo!  Congrats James Darling!  That role is so fitting.

Ill Na Na returned to the stage for another amazing performance before the Good For Her folks came up to thank the organizers, volunteer and everyone involved in the production of the awards weekend.  And then it was time for Movie Of The Year.

Yep, that’s when your friendly neighborhood porn blogger took to the stage to present.

Thanks to my party buddy Jess for taking pictures while I was doing my thing.  I don’t love being up on stage in front of tons of folks, so I said my thing and announced the Movie Of The Year Cabaret Desire by Erika Lust!!!

Major congrats to Erika Lust for this totally deserved win!!  And with that, the awards gala transformed into a rockin’ dance party! And I was able to get some exciting pictures of folks with their awards.

Erika Lust – Movie Of The Year!

Erika and N. Maxwell Lander – Sexiest Short.

Dylan Ryan, Nenna (Hottest Dyke Film) and Drew DeVeaux.

I also had the great fortune of slipping into a stall in the bathroom with Dylan Ryan and James Darling to have a little chat after the awards.  Gotta love folks who will pack into a bathroom stall with me to do an interview.

After we emerged from the bathroom, I headed over to the photo wall thing to grab a few pictures.

One with Tristan Taormino and Buck Angel.

And one with Buck Angel and myself!

And that, my friends is the end!  That you for taking this crazy trip with me!  And if you are interested in seeing some real photos from the evening, take a look at the Feminist Porn Award’s facebook, where there are some amazing shots!

Hope you enjoyed the recaps!  Thank you Good For Her! We can’t wait til 2013!!


Feminist Porn Awards – Recap 2: Pre-Awards Party!

Welcome back for recap two of my whirlwind trip to Toronto for the 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards!  When we left off on Recap 1, we were just getting into Friday, the day of the awards gala.  I won’t bore you with the details of my day, which just involved hanging around and getting ready for the evening really.

A few weeks back, the folks who put the awards on asked me if I was interested in getting my hair and makeup done for the show, since I was presenting an award. If you know me at all, you know how excited I was by the prospect of actually looking put together. So, I started off the evening doing that before getting down and dirty into the VIP pre-awards party and the ceremony.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, the pre-awards party was a time where stars and porno folks in town for the FPAs could meet with the press and photographers to chat about their work.  Being the high-tech photog that I am, I took my fancy camera (cough, cough, iPhone) and got a few snaps of some of the awesome people getting ready for the awards.

First up was Tristan Taormino and Buck Angel, who both had movies up for awards this year.

 Also up for awards was Lily Cade, who was more than happy to give me both front and back access for photos.

Why, hello nice ass in a well tailored suit.  It’s so nice to meet you.  I did get a photo of Lily’s beautiful date, performer Ela Darling, but my phone took such washed out pictures with the flash on, that I can’t put those pictures up here in good conscience.

I was happy really that this photo I got of director Erika Lust came out alright, because she is seriously adorable, along with being the sweetest.

I also really love this next picture because it illustrates just how vibrant and fun Erika Lust is, and I’m sure you know how hard it is to capture that in picture form. Iphone did me well here.

Alright, a few more before we get into the actual awards.  This is going to be a long post, so I hope you packed some lube, and maybe a snack.

Next up James Darling and Tina Horn posed for my camera and James let me go on about how much I enjoy and appreciate his work.

I also got a chance to grab a picture of Arabelle Raphael and Courtney Trouble before we started toward our seats for the awards to begin.

As the theater began filling up, the main screen above the stage projected the #FPA2012 Twitter feed going on. It was really fun to watch all of the folks that were there, and the folks watching the livefeed of the awards, all talking about what was going on there.

I tweeted a couple of times just to see my tweets up on the screen.  What, you know everyone else was doing the exact same thing.

And finally, I grabbed Alison Lee (who used to put the awards together) and Dylan Ryan for a quick picture, just as the awards we about to get underway.

Ok!  And now for the awards!!!  In Recap 3!


2012 Feminist Porn Awards – Recap 1: Arrival, Party, Panel!

This past weekend, I had the great fortune of returning to Toronto for the 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards!  This awesome ceremony celebrates all the fantastic folks who are working hard to make porn as ethical, diverse and downright sexy as possible.  For the last four years, HotMoviesForHer as had the honor of sponsoring the awards and to show our support, I’ve (JD) got the chance to go and help ring in the festivities.

Each year the awards weekend gets more and more exciting, with 2012 beginning on Wednesday, April 18th with Buck Angel’s ‘Sexing The Transman’ workshop (which I’ve been to in Philly twice and is awesome), then moving into Thursday’s Public. Provocative. Porn: The Year’s Best In Feminist Film screening and panel, Friday’s 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards Gala, Saturday’s ‘Making Your Open Relationship Work’ with Tristan Taormino and Sunday’s “Dirty Talk” with Tina Horn.  Plus Drew DeVeaux dance party on Thursday night and play party on Saturday night, hosted by Aslan Leather.  Holy hot weekend, right?  I’m getting warm under the collar just thinking about it all.

On Thursday morning I got up bright and early at 4:30 am, got a ride to the airport from one of my dear friends (seriously, Kira, you are a mensch!) and hoped an early flight into Toronto, where I dropped by bags at the hotel and met up with the lovely Alison Lee (the fabulous woman who previously put the awards together) for lunch and a date in the park. Afterwards I was able to check into my room, get ready and head out to meet up with fantastic feminist director Erika Lust for an interview (which will be up on the site asap!).

Getting a chance to sit down with Erika Lust was one of my porn blogger dreams.  Not only is she extremely smart and passionate about the work she does, she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  Seriously awesome.  I won’t go into all the stuff we talked about, because it’s a long interview and will be up on the site shortly.  I’ll just say that the whole experience was all I ever could have hoped for and I can’t wait to put the video up!

After our interview, Erika, her partner, Pablo, and I met up with Buck and Elayne Angel and Nenna (the amazing director of Tight Places: A Drop Of Color) to go over to Good For Her (the fabulous shop that puts the FPAs on) for a pre-screening/panel party for all the porn folks in town. There I got to meet Carla who put together the awards this year and a whole bunch of other fun folks from Good For Her.  I also had the chance to meet a few other porn people that I haven’t meet before, including Lily CadeEla Darling (who is, in fact, darling), Arabelle Raphael and James Darling (swoon).  And I got to see a few old favorites, like Courtney Trouble, Tristan Taorminoand Jiz Lee.

While we were at the party, I pulled a few folks downstairs to chat and interview with my little flip cam.  First up was Lily Cade, who was at the awards with a few nominated films and a nom for her website, www.lilycade.com.

Sorry about the shaky videos – I am far from a photographer or videographer.  Next year maybe I should invest in a tripod…

Courtney Trouble, Nenna, Arabelle Raphael

I also got to spend a little interview love with Courtney Trouble and Nenna, both who shared about the awesome new projects they had up for awards.  Take a look!


Courtney Trouble

After the gathering, we all walked over to the theater for Public. Provocative. Porn: The Year’s Best In Feminist Film screening and panel, where Nenna, Erika Lust, N. Maxwell Lander and Buck Angel all showed snippets of their nominated works, as well as took the stage for a little Q & A.

Left to right: Moderator CoCo La Crème, Erika Lust, N. Maxwell Lander, Nenna, and Buck Angel.

Each movie was hotter than than the next and I was able to get a little footage of some of the folks doing their own intros.

Erika Lust

And Buck Angel

And a little clip of the panel action.  Again, clearly I am not a videographer.

Anyway, It was a fantastic evening that ended with a dance party hosted by 2011 Feminist Porn Heartthrob of the Year Drew DeVeaux.  What a lovely welcome to the 2012 awards!

Keep a look out for Recap 2 – the actual awards gala!