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Top Drawer Sex Toys In Porn

Njoy Eleven

I like porn. I like sex toys. I like sex toys in porn.

But what takes me right out of the moment is seeing porn stars jacking each other off with a nasty jelly dildo, a weak ass vibrator, or a floppy grocery store banana. It’s not sexy or cute. So when I happen upon a porno where the stars and studios have invested in some body safe, non-porous toys made from beautiful materials, I have to squee a little bit. I literally get turned on just reading about or shopping for top drawer sex toys, but seeing them put to good fucking use is enough to turn me into a little puddle of lustiness.

So dear readers, I scoured HotMoviesForHer to find the best scenes featuring some of my favorite top drawer sex toys in porn!

Crash Pad Series Episode 85 – Juliette March

Juliette March uses the Double Trouble sex toy in Crash Pad 85Juliette March (and her beautifully bruised ass!) stars in this solo scene from The Crash Pad. The Hitachi magic wand has been in pornos since dinosaurs roamed the earth, and features prominently here, but Juliette has tons of other goodies to play with. Besides clipping clothes pins to her perky nipples and swollen labia, she also slips an Njoy buttplug into her ass and fucks herself with a gorgeous black Double Trouble (named for director Courtney Trouble) from Fucking Sculptures! [UPDATE: Crash Pad reached out to inform us that Juliette was not actually using a piece from Fucking Sculptures. It was a toy from Juliette’s personal collection, and our best guess is that it is a Spectral from Good Vibrations.]

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 – Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee

Crash Pad Series Episode 41 - Dylan Ryan & Jiz Lee use the njoy Eleven sex toy togetherNjoy makes another appearance at the Crash Pad in Episode 41. The amazing Jiz Lee pulls the massive Njoy Eleven from its leather purse, and Dylan Ryan gasps at its size (eleven inches!) weight (2.75 pounds!) and girth (two inch diameter at its thickest!!!) Jiz wastes no time putting the big end in Dylan’s pussy, and then gets on the smaller end for some double dil action. Dylan gasps, “This is amazing” over and over again, and I can’t help but believe her.

Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3

Dana Vespoli's Real Sex Diary 3Scene four of Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary 3 isn’t my favorite of the movie, but I did perk up a bit when Chanel Preston pulls out her impressive Njoy collection: the Pure Wand and the Eleven. Dana puts the Pure Wand in her ass and enjoys its fullness, and Chanel inserts the large end of the Eleven; they put their legs over their heads and chill with the toys inside of them. It’s not the best use of such great toys, but its always fun to see them pop up!

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty Fucks

Fuckstyles Vol. 2: Dirty FucksScene 7 stars trans* performers James Darling and Papi Coxxx, each sporting some impressively girthy strap-ons (unfortunately I can’t identify the brands by sights.) Later in the scene, James sucks on the head of the Njoy Eleven and rolls a condom onto it with his mouth. He bends over and offers his holes to Papi, who obligingly fucks him with the smaller, ribbed end, asking him if he prefers shorter or longer strokes. He moans with pleasure, enjoying its unyielding size and shouting fuckword after fuckword.

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap Ons

Lesbian Curves 3: Soft Girls & Strap OnsThis is another flick from Trouble Films, and is probably the first time I ever saw an Njoy toy put to good use in a porno. Butchy Maxine Holloway dominates candy-colored BBW femme Kitty Stryker, gagging her with an o-ring and clipping clothespins to her pierced nipples. She fucks her with a pink Ola from Minna Life, a cool G-spotting silicone vibe with a squeezeable pad that allows you to control the vibrations. After Kitty’s warmed up by the Ola, Maxine fucks her with a strap-on (again, I unfortunately couldn’t identify what dildo or harness she used.) Once Kitty cums, it’s Maxine’s turn with the toys. Kitty kneels before her and fucks her brains out with the Pure Wand while Maxine buzzes her own clit with the old standby Hitachi. It’s a wonderfully memorable scene; I first watched it about a year and a half ago and never forgot about it.

Occupy My Ass

Occupy My AssThis anal extravaganza from director/star Bobbi Starr has a great variety of awesome toys, all the better for occupying the aforementioned asses. Bobbi uses the Tantus Ripple on Lily LaBeau in Scene 1, as well as some gorgeous glass toys, and maaaaybe the Ringo (a 5” plug from Tantus) as well. Dana DeArmond’s Njoy Eleven finds itself in Sarah Shevon’s ass in scene 3. On Disc 2, the brilliant Aiden Starr dominates Arabelle Raphael’s ass with some glass toys and some giant black monstrosity. When she pulls with a pretty purple Tantus Silk, it seems almost meek by comparison.

BONUS: Belladonna Sexual Explorer

Belladonna Sexual ExplorerSo the toys in question don’t actually get used here, but in scene 5 Dana DeArmond proudly shows off some of her favorites from her sex toy collection to the legendary Belladonna. Naturally there’s a Hitachi, but there’s also the massive Njoy Pure Plug 2.0 and Njoy Eleven. She also owns two Tantus dildos, including Hank.

Sex toys can be an iffy, unregulated business, and pretty much the only film media that they show up in is pornography. As an advocate for body safe toys made by companies focused on pleasure and sex positivity, it’s always welcome to see porn showing off toys from great companies like Njoy, Fucking Sculptures, Crystal Delights, and Tantus, to name a few.

Watch more porn for women featuring sex toys here on HotMoviesForHer!

Judy Hologram wants an Njoy Eleven so that she can keep it under her pillow and smash skulls if there’s ever a break-in. You can follow her on Twitter @JudyHologram and the rest of us @HotMoviesForHer.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Crash Pad Series – Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker

Crash Pad 1In desperate need of a Shine Louise Houston fix, I went back to my roots and started digging through the Crash Pad Series. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular, but rather browsing box covers and reliving story lines (and of course, the sex) when I stumbled across the very first Crash Pad episode and couldn’t remember it! Knowing that I wouldn’t rest until I jogged my memory I decided to give Crash Pad Series Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker another look and an authentic review.

As with most of the Crash Pad series episodes, this is sexy from the beginning. The opening is dark and shadowy with sexy music playing in the background, and the crash pad is introduced as a secret spot for late night hookups and undercover escapades (our spot was called the Cut back in the day). I still couldn’t remember this one, but immediately I remembered why I fell in love with Crash Pad in the first place. The heavy music and dark lighting add to the intensity that somehow always follows the actors in this series.

Dylan Ryan is a cute blonde wearing red pumps with one thing on her mind…fucking Trucker Cash! She walks into the room and takes the phone off the hook, the universal symbol for “we about to fuck and don’t wanna be bothered.” Trucker speaks the language well, not wasting any time getting Dylan’s panties down and pussy stuffed with fingers. The sense of urgency Trucker creates is hot and even though you know the two aren’t necessarily in a rush it adds to the passion between the two. Trucker’s aggression continues while fingering and eating Dylan out.

The pair moves to the couch where Dylan gives Trucker a blowjob. BJ’s aren’t really my thing, but this one doesn’t last very long because Trucker is all about the pussy at this point. After playing with Dylan’s clit for a minute or two, Trucker fucks her missionary, making her beg and plead for the cock. The entire encounter is very real and you can almost feel them coming off the screen!  From there, the sex gets a little rougher and I loved every moment! Dylan wants her pussy eaten again, and of course Trucker abides, but what I liked most was Trucker’s inability to keep hands off Dylan’s body. The touching and groping is firm and with purpose. I’m completely in love with everything about the female body and I find myself behaving just like Trucker so the fact that I could relate to what I was seeing made the fantasy that much better. Plus, looking at Dylan it’s easy to see how one handful probably isn’t enough! Trucker power fingers and licks Dylan to one more body shaking earth altering orgasm that literally left my jaw open and slightly jealous of both stars!

Short, not sweet, and to the point! Exactly what I wanted and exactly what I got. Crash Pad never lets me down, but knowing this was the 1st episode heightened everything for me (I think I’m a Pink And White geek) and on top of the intense passion they already brought to the set was the creative shooting genius behind the lens, editing and production. When I grow up, I want to be Shine Louise Houston!

Make sure to check out  Crash Pad Series Episode 1: Dylan & Trucker here and follow me and the gang on twitter @authenticlezz1 and @hotmoviesforher!

Porn Invades The Lady Blogs!

Two of our favorite performers recently took to the lady blogs to give a little insight into their own personal experiences within the industry.  Both pieces are fantastic and so worth a read!

First I stumbled upon the zaftig porno goddess of my dreams, April Flores, on xoJane.com talking about her experiences growing up fat and what impact it has had on her life.

Take a look at this little snippet:

I decided that I would use my body and body of work to challenge the ideals of beauty and what is considered desirable. I decided that I wanted to make a statement to other women of size and to the world that fat women can be seen as attractive and that we can, and should explore and enjoy our sexuality. I wanted to show other women that they don’t have to wait until they lost x amount of weight to feel sexy and worthy. I want to show them that we can enjoy the bodies that they currently inhabit.

I feel fortunate because I have had success with spreading my message to women across the world, and my work has been well received. I am proud because my work in adult film has gotten me many firsts, and has opened doors for other plus sized performers. I was the first plus sized performer to be on the cover of AVN Magazine. I am the first ever BBW to have sex toys molded from my body, which is great because it sent the message that there is a demand and market for sex toys that represent a more diverse body size.

Oh man, that April Flores is something else!  Definitely read the whole piece over at xoJane.

And then earlier today Janie sent me a link to Jezebel, where the fabulous Dylan Ryan posted a blog about why she wanted to get into the porno biz and what it means to her to be a feminist porn star.

Here’s a little bit:

My engagement with porn was not one challenged by shame. I respected the women who I saw in the films and had little to no preconceived judgments about them, but I would find myself critiquing them as performers and considering what I would do differently and better. I had experienced sex in my personal life as a mostly positive, enjoyable, and liberating experience. I wanted to see that experience in the porn I was consuming. Like many female viewers, I had difficulty relating to the women in these films and their sexual presentations. Their bodies looked different from mine, and they seemed to embody a sexuality that was foreign to me, one of extreme femininity: vulnerable but hypersexual, passive but sexually desiring, ready for any sex act but without the impetus to make it happen. It seemed as if sex was happening “to” these women rather than with them or because of their choices or motivations. I didn’t imagine that the actresses hated having sex, but rather that they were performing in a venue that discouraged their personal expression. I wanted to know what they looked like when they had sex in their real lives, and I wanted to see that onscreen.

This is a seriously awesome article and you need to read it.  Head over to Jezebel for the whole thing!

I don’t know about you, but I, for one, am so damn happy these women exist and are out there spreading the word about the amazing work they do!

Go get your read on, then come watch them in action (you can even watch them together in Roulette Toronto)!


Top Five Tuesday – 5 More 2013 AVN Noms!

A few weeks back Ginger Leigh added her top five nominees for the 2013 AVN Awards coming this weekend! This time around I wanted to add my own favorites to the mix.  Sure, we have crazy similar tastes, but I thought I’d offer up something a little different with 5 MORE 2013 AVN Noms!

(Best Educational Release) –
I am an academic perv and I have a total boner for all things educational and smutty, so of course I’d start this list with a Best Educational Release nominee.  I love pegging and I love , so it was an easy choice when it came to picking which one I wanted to kick off the list.  And really, this flick features Dylan Ryan, Wolf Hudson, Jiz Lee and more… did I really have all that much of a choice.  Yum!

( Best Wall-to-Wall Release, Best Makeup, Best Music Soundtrack) – While most of ‘s new movies are up for AVN Awards in 2013, and they are all awesome, this retro-flavored fuck fest is my favorite of the bunch.  The costumes, styling and backgrounds made the sex even hotter for me – and Burning Angel Entertainment brings super sexy smut to the screen every time, so clearly this time I was on fire.
(Best Transsexual Sex Scene,
Best Transsexual Release)-
 I’ve been singing the praises of this movie since we added it to the site a few months ago.  It’s really the first awesome, sex-positive, mainstream porno featuring trans women that is both romantic and well written.  How exciting!  I have such a big heart on for Trans Romantic and seriously cannot wait until we get more in from them.  Major high fives to director .
(Best 3D Release, Best Parody – Drama, Best Special Effects) – I was totally anti 3-D porno until I put on my blue and red 3-D glasses and sat down with This Ain’t Jaws XXX, which offers up both in-your-face fucking and a giant shark chomping right into you.  Yep, it was the shark that changed my mind.  I will say that I never experienced the cum shot to the face that I hoped for with a 3-D movie, but I can forgo that for Jaws.  
Belladonna's How To Fuck
Belladonna’s How To Fuck (Best Educational Release) –
And I’m ending this list the same way Ginger did, with the magical Belladonna bringing up the back.  It’s not exactly an instructional porn, but way more than just some dirty fuck fest and full to the hilt with Belladonna’s signature awesomeness.  I really don’t know what else to say other than Belladonna could sit around and watch paint dry and I would watch every second.

Congrats to everyone and every movie that was nominated!


Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Female Ejaculation

There is a feeling I get every time I hit the Recently Added category and a Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide movie pops up.  It’s a mixture of excitement, anticipation, deep admiration and pure old fashion horny.  By now everyone who has ever come to this site before knows how strongly I feel about .  Yes, she is my own personal sexy education idol, but really she is so much more than that.  Tristan Taormino is a sex educator/pornographer that takes all the juicy tidbits you’ve heard about in the bedroom and breaks them into bite sizes pieces that are easy to understand and enjoy.  And not only that – she does it in a way that maintains the eroticism and thrill that are meant to be there.

Take a topic like female ejaculation.  To some, female ejaculation is still a taboo subject, or one that folks still doubt is a real thing.  But instead of shying away from something that could still be considered risqué, Taormino takes it on head first, making sure to call bullshit on all the doubters (in the most professional way possible) and bring us all the real info about this sexy experience.

Following suit on her other movies, Tristan begins the lesson with a basic anatomy recap, this time focusing more on the urethral sponge, commonly known as the G-Spot.  She explains the anatomy and the best ways to stimulate the G-Spot, all along cutting in with interview clips featuring the folks performing in the video.  Before getting to any action, Taormino touches on misconceptions, common questions, technique variations, and toys, which eases us into the sexy stuff.

While all the couples are really exciting to watch, I am especially into scene 3 with  and , a pairing that is so seriously HOT!  They make out for a few minutes before they start shedding clothes, which just highlights the obvious chemistry between the two. It’s not too long before Dylan is laying back on the couch getting her clit worked over by Marcus’ skilled tongue.  One of the most exciting things for me is the communication that happens between them during the sex. They are able to get all the info across while still keeping it super hot.

Marcus treats Ryan’s pussy so nicely, giving it the intense action it deserves with njoy’s Eleven, a giant stainless steel dildo with curves and a head that are designed to make a woman ejaculate.  It is so apparent that Dylan Ryan is soon out of her fucking mind with pleasure.  The woman can barely complete a moan she is so blissed out.  The Eleven does its job and has Ryan gushing all over the couch in no time.  The rest of the scene involves Mr. Marcus fucking the crap out of Ryan and her using a Hitachi to ejaculate all over the couch some more , which is all so damn hot, but the Eleven is what really got my heart racing, so I think I’ll keep the focus there.

Like I say in all of my Tristan Taormino movie reviews, I seriously love that we get a ton of performer interviews, letting us know exactly what’s going on and how they feel about the sexy acts and the experiences they are having on set.  They totally enhance the movie for me and make everything just that much more exciting to me.  Thank you for yet another awesome instructional, !

Watch “” Now!

Fixed Gears Fast Girls – Scenes 3 & 4

Instead of our usual method of staggering our scene-by-scene reviews a few days apart for varieties sake, today I am throwing caution to the wind and reviewing the same movie – two days in a row.  Gasp!  I know, I am a rebel.  Anyway, that said, I am reviewing scenes 3 and 4 of  today, and I, for one, am pretty excited about it.  I mean really, I get a second day of hot queer bike messengers, who am I to complain?

In my review of the first half of this flick, I made sure to mention that this movie is directed by the awesome , who never fails to offer up the hottest sex imaginable on screen.  Young makes the perfect pairings, always getting delicious chemistry and explosive orgasms out of the performers.  Whenever I see her name in the director slot, I know that I am about to watch something outstanding – and this movie is no exception.

While Eden Alexander, Maxine Holloway, Annika Amour, Billie Sweet and all got busy in scenes 1 and 2, the second part of this movie features Dylan Ryan and Arabelle Raphael going at it, and Juliette March playing with the lovely Maggie Mayhem.  Yum and yum!

First up is scene 3, with Dylan as a bratty bike messenger delivering a package of banged up baked sweets to Wicked Grounds coffee shop (a kinky café and boutique in San Francisco) and Arabelle as an unimpressed barista.  Dylan drops the damaged goods off, offering up a bad attitude too boot, which, of course, leads to boning and smearing each other with the icing off the treats. (Are they cupcakes? Donuts? I can’t tell!)  Soon these horndogs move away from the counter and end up utilizing the café’s furniture.  It makes perfect sense to me.  I have a feeling that anyone who patronizes Wicked Grounds would probably be thrilled to know that folks were fucking on the chairs they sit in.

Dylan wastes absolutely no time getting Arabelle stripped down and covered in kisses, from her mouth, down to her full tits, and over to her beautiful, round ass.  Dylan knows exactly how to make her moan!  Plus, there is a full-circle poetry to having Arabelle’s face pressed into the spokes of a bike tire that she’s leaning again on the wall.  Nice work, Madison.

Soon we get to see that Dylan has been packing heat this whole time in the form of a hard, thick cock in her pants, which Arabelle is only too happy to stick in her mouth and then hop onto for a ride.  It looks like the chair they are on may break into pieces, but it surprisingly holds up through the rough fuckfest.  Plus Dylan Ryan looks like a total boss sitting in that random, high-backed, leather rolling chair, especially with Arabelle perched on her strapped-on dick.

Then out of nowhere Arabelle grabs her own harness and cock and gives Dylan what’s coming to her bratty ass.  First she gets Dylan on her knees and has her give that dick a thorough blowjob.  Soon Dylan is leaned over a table, getting screwed from behind by a very eager Arabelle.  Good thing she has her bike to hold on to so she can keep herself steady.  And it’s back to the rickety executive chair, with Dylan taking her ride this time.  Back to the table and hand replaces cock, with Dylan rubbing her clit to a huge, mid-blowing orgasm.  Man, oh man, that was four paragraphs work of amazing sex!

And onward to scene 4, the last of the movie, featuring Juliette March with a special spermy delivery for the ovulating Maggie Mayhem.  Only Juliette doesn’t exactly know that yet…  Maggie is a little “woo” about the whole thing and ends up talking Juliette into the action.  Seriously, she says “touch my heart chakra,” which is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard in porn.  I am totally in love with this movie just on that.

It isn’t too long before both ladies and naked – other than Juliette’s awesome fingerless gloves.  I am a big fan of how this movie features hot sex with a few accessories left on.  Too bad Juliette’s platform boots with wooden heels didn’t make the cut to stay on.  Finally the gloves come off as Juliette gets her hands deeper into Maggie’s waiting pussy.  My favorite part of this scene is definitely when Maggie is fucking Juliette with one hand and rubbing her own clit with the other, as Juliette has her own hand on her clit.  There is so much amazing moaning going on – it’s the best!

After a whole bunch of hardcore strapped-on pounding and lots of amazing orgasms, Maggie brings out a blindfold and a Hitachi for Juliette and a turkey baster full of sperm for herself.  There is a whole strange blindfolded insemination thing that happens, that I admit is unexpected, and definitely steams from queers making fun of themselves, which, of course I think is hilarious and amazing.

Whatever scene you decide to watch, you totally need to check this movie out.  Two very excited thumbs up from this reviewer!

Watch “” Now!



Fixed Gears Fast Girls – Scenes 1 & 2

Alright, we are back from our week o’ horror porn and ready to bring you so much sexy action, with far less blood and guts.  Instead of ghouls, today we offer up some with this new release from .  Directed by the fabulous  and featuring  and , among others, I know we are in for such a treat!

Before I even get into the sex, I just need to talk about how queer bike messenger porno is totally freaking hot!  Holy late ‘90s, San Francisco, Michelle Tea/Lynnee Breedlove-esque fantasy fodder!  I feel like I am stuck in a Team Dresch song that I can’t get out of, and really that is totally fine by me.  Anyway, back to the banging.  Within minutes a couple of sexy bike mechanics (Eden Alexander and Maxine Holloway) are going at it with new messenger Annika Amour watching and learning the tricks of the trade.  I love that everything is going on right in the shop!  I’d be totally bummed if this movie said it would be about hot dyke bike messengers, and then just end up being a bunch of folks fucking in beds.  Soon Annika is pulled into the action and needs to prove herself as the newbie on the block, which she does by ejaculating all over their workroom chair.  Yep, she’ll do what it takes to get the job done!

Next up Billie Sweet is working away in her sewing shop, making her sewing machine purr like a kitten.  She is awaiting , a sweet, tattooed messenger queer.  When Dante doesn’t show on time, she tries to leave but ends up with a flat tire.  What a bummer!  Thankfully Dante actually shows up and brings her more than just a delivery.  They start off making out and getting a little rough from the get go.  And obviously because I am me, I have to mention the giant octopus stuffed animal they are banging next to – seriously, it’s amazing.  Dante wastes no time and gets to undressing Billie and biting her nipples hard. Yum.  I absolutely love that Billie keeps her green, peep-toe pumps on the entire time, no matter how naked she gets and that they show Dante taking off their boots and strapping-on.  There is just something so real and sexy about that!

Because I am running out of time for the day, and I really want to review this whole movie, I will make sure to review scenes 3 and 4 a different time.

Just know that this movie is awesome and if you like hot queers fucking, you will like this!

Watch “” Now!

Queer Porn TV: Dylan Ryan + Tina Horn

My, my, hello Butch Friday! Hello on this Tuesday afternoon!  While I don’t usually think of  as a particularly butch queer, she certainly falls into the role of Butch Friday perfectly in this  flick.  Paired with a submissive , Butch Friday gets her bossy top on nicely – and quickly, starting the movie off with Tina’s face ground into her demin-covered cock. Yum.  Within two minutes of the opening , Dylan has her giant cock out and drenched in Tina’s spit, with Tina repeating “yes, sir” over and over again.

If I’m not mistaken, this is one of the last few  TROUBLE Films that we have left to review.  We just can’t help but want to watch them often.  I mean really, can you blame us?  Just take a peek at any of their movies and you tell me that this isn’t one of our biggest job perks.  Anyway, back to the action!

Butch Friday has Tina face down, ass up on a bench, with her butt cheeks hanging out and bright red from her smacks.  Soon she picks up a delicious, long, leather flogger and goes to town keeping Tina’s cheeks crimson.  The ass beating goes on for a while, enhanced by the soundtrack of Tina’s moans and squeals.  Dylan knows what she is doing, which is so freaking sexy.  There is nothing hotter than a knowledgeable top!

After ten minutes of whooped ass, Tina gets down on her knees and deep throats Dylan’s long dick easily.  Seriously, that girl makes it look so easy.  I guess that’s what happens when you want something so badly.  She keeps looking at Dylan lovingly, all the while gagging and choking on her big, black cock.  Tina aims to please, and please she does – both Dylan and myself.

It’s not too long before Tina is back on the bench, getting finger fucked and smacked around a little more.  Soon a sex swing comes into the mix and Tina is tied down and teased over and over again before finally getting it hardcore from Dylan’s hot cock.  This gives pussy pounding a new name and I, for one, could not be happier about it.

This was 26 minutes of my day that I would be happy to repeat on a regular basis.  Thanks Queer Porn TV!

Watch “” Now!

Lesbian Sorority

Back when I was in college it never crossed my mind to join a sorority.  Not only did I not look like any of the sorority sisters I saw, but I also just didn’t get the appeal of it.  I guess if I had watching a few movies like this, I probably would have rethought my decision and did a little rushing of my own.  And by “rushing,” I clearly mean fucking hot pledges.  Isn’t that what Greek life is all about.

New girl  moves into the sorority house, stirring up big feelings for some of the roommates. Dylan Ryan is none too pleased when girlfriend Adriana Sephora invites Sinn to move into the house.  Her jealously flairs and she needs a little hot sex to reassure her that Adriana isn’t interested in banging Sinn.  Good thing Adriana is game to fuck Dylan at any time and they go at it like rabbits – sucking, licking and grinding into each other to mind blowing orgasm.

Sinn is brand new in the house, making her fresh meat to all the horny house sisters. Sovereign Syre wastes no time in seducing her new housemate, complimenting her and giving her the sexy eye.  Sinn seems a little standoffish at first, but quickly gets on the same page as Sovereign as they begin to make out.  Good thing that Sinn just got out of the shower and only needs to let her towel drop to be totally naked.  Thank goodness for that easiest of access.

Scene three brings us a delicious tryst between Sinn and .  Apparently Drew isn’t pleased that Sinn fucked her girlfriend, Sovereign, and needs to let her know exactly how unhappy she is about the matter. Of course Sinn isn’t going to take Drew’s threats and gets all sassy right back in her face.  It looks like a cat fight is on the horizon, but no, it just turns into super hot sex.  Woohoo!  Oh man, I love me some passion filled hate-sex (consensual, of course).  Drew lets Sinn know exactly how she feels as she slaps the shit out of her tits and fucks her nice and roughly.  And oh the dirty talk!  I am in filthy lezzie dirty talk heaven.

Before I move onto scene 4, I need to say that I love! love! love! that this movie features Drew Deveaux without making it anything that she is a transwoman.  Sweetheart Video is a more mainstream lesbian studio, and I am so pleased that they have Drew as one of their performers.  Drew is as much a lady as anyone else in the cast, and I am so happy that Sweetheart treats her as such.

And lastly we get Sinn Sage and , who happens to be one of my personal faves. She is so seriously sexy.  Sinn had enough of all the sorority house drama, so she moves out and gets a room in a new place… with Skin Diamond as one of her roommates.  She appears at the pool in a super hot gold string bikini. Yum.  It isn’t long before the sexual tension grows and the pair gets down and dirty.  All in all, this movie is great from start to finish.

Watch “” Now!

Top Five Tuesday – Happy Anniversary J.D. Edition!

It’s J.D’s 5 year anniversary at HotMoviesForHer and I’m congratulating her by posting five 6 porno clips I know she’ll love!  You know you’re friends with someone when you know exactly what kind of dirty pervert they are and it isn’t from experience.  I’m totally lucky to have this awesome lady as my work wife and partner in smut peddling.  Thank you, porno, for bringing us together.  More importantly, congrats to J.D. Bauchery on 5 years at HM4Her.  She is the best sex educator and porn-for-women-expert I know!

And here she is, smiling on all of the free porno!

J.D. Bauchery

Good Dyke Porn – James Darling & Deluxx Dash

Alpha Femmes

Roulette Toronto

River Rock Women’s prison

Going Down – The Official Guide To Cunnilingus

Rec Room