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Kay Brandt Interview: Director Of The Baumgartners Series

The second installment of the Baumgartners saga, Adventures With The Baumgartners , is beautifully filmed in a dream location with super star couple, Mick Blue and Anikka Albrite. Based off of author Selena Kitt’s bestselling book series and directed by award-winning powerhouse Kay Brandt, Adventures shows the continued growth between Doc and Mrs. Baumgartner as a sexual and happily married couple and introduces us to some new characters as well.

In Adventures With The Baumgartners, we meet two new couples that enjoy experimenting with open relationships and partner-swapping. The movie portrays these couples as having very happy and healthy attitudes towards non-monogamy. We asked Kay Brandt to tell us about her experience filming the series and her thoughts on non-traditional relationships.

Do you feel that polyamorous or non-monogamous relationships are becoming more commonplace and socially acceptable?

No, I don’t feel that way at all. A massive shift in consciousness and acceptance would have to take place in society first for polyamorous relationships to go mainstream, and I don’t think we’re even close to being there collectively. It’s been how many decades for gay rights and the entire LGBQT movement to find true societal acceptance? There’s too much religion dictating the importance of one-on-one, and there’s safety in tradition. To be cool with the three adults living in the house next door, and not question or judge when seeing them openly loving each other on their front lawns requires a very evolved way of thinking and judging others, and we’re just not there yet. And we may never be. That’s why polyamorous relationships make great foundations for storytelling in both movies and books. It’s a fantasy situation, and what so many people would want to do if given the freedom to at least explore it. When you think about it, having a third person in any situation where emotions are on the table and love is shared would probably drastically reduce the divorce rate. Especially if the three-way scenario’s one male and two women. Women do better when there’s a bestie close by to buffer moods, wants, and needs. It makes perfect sense to me.

What were the most important aspects of Doc and Mrs. B’s non-monogamous relationship that you wanted to be exemplified onscreen?

Their love for each other. Selena created a deeply in love and very happy couple in Doc and Carrie. They were written as a loving, trusting husband and wife where the open boundaries feel like natural extensions of their love. There’s a magical aspect to their love because Carrie feels entirely safe openly exploring her sexuality and passionate needs without worrying about how Doc will handle it. He’s so super okay with it all, and constantly lets Carrie know she’s his one and only, even when his dick’s in another woman’s pussy. That’s where the magic in their relationship exists – both Doc and Carrie are getting their needs met and everyone is safe and happy. I feel like I captured that dynamic in the movie and so much of that honest translation from book to screen was due to Anikka and Mick being similar to the characters in real life.

You write about different types of relationships within the film. Open relationships, threesomes, and foursomes are shown in a loving and exciting way. What would you say is the main focus of your dialogue when you write about these characters navigating these types of sexual situations?

See, the thing is, it’s not all my dialogue – it’s Selena’s. In Babysitting the Baumgartners, I literally transcribed the novel into script word for word. The dialogue spoken came directly from the book, which was written by Selena Kitt. Selena approved the script before I made the film, and I wanted it that way. I wanted her to be happy. We’re talking about a novel that’s sold millions of copies and put Selena on the map as an erotic novelist in a big way. I pulled as much content from the book as I could realistically film and kept the integrity of the original story. That was important to me because part of the intent in making a New York Times bestselling novel into an X-rated film was to connect with Selena’s readership base. For so many of her dedicated readers, bringing the Baumgartners to life was like seeing a fantasy come true, and I didn’t want to disappoint them. For Adventures though, the book was in process and in first-draft stage when I had to start writing the script. We’d decided that instead of filming the next book in the series, we’d create a brand new one. Creatively, Selena and I collaborated from start to finish with Adventures, which means together we decided how many sex scenes there should be (ten) and what they should be (boy/girl, BGG, BGGG, three GG, and more). I loved that we decided to make one of ten scenes between one male and three females because I’d never directed a scene like that before and I wanted the challenge. And a challenge it was, indeed. Four on a bed can sometimes look and feel like a game of Twister, and it’s tough for the camera crew, too.

Is there a difference you have experienced when writing for a heterosexual storyline versus a lesbian-themed narrative? What is the most challenging aspect of writing about any relationship for you?

Depth of honesty and emotion are first and foremost for me, and that goes for farcical comedy, too, like what happened in the movies I wrote/directed for the Mother-Daughter Exchange Club series when I was working for Girlfriends Films. In my all-girl 2012 Cherry movies, there’s a firestorm of emotions going on, and same for my boy-girl movie, Safe Landings. So, no, I haven’t found a difference writing lesbian or hetero material. Love is love, sex is sex, and emotions are emotions. These aspects don’t change due to sexual orientation. Not for me, anyway.

In Adventures, we see Sara Luvv’s character, Ronnie, really take what she learned from the Baumgartners’ relationship and apply it to her own romantic life. However, Ronnie’s love triangle between Vince and Gretchen gets somewhat entangled when Gretchen has jealous feelings over Ronnie’s other relationship. Do you have any advice on handling jealousy for couples in open relationships?

Oh my gosh, no, I don’t have advice to give on jealousy. It’s such a raw and common reaction that doesn’t respond to rational thought or analysis. It’s the bug that stirs within. But, my assessment on poly couples is that they aren’t jealous people to begin with, therefore, it’s not an issue. I think it would be tremendously difficult to be poly if you’re someone who suffers with jealousy. Trust, like in traditional relationships, must be the strongest part between all involved. Without trust, you can’t build a solid foundation for anything to work or grow.

How did you become involved with Adam & Eve?

I emailed them. Simple as that. And it took a few years before I made my first movie for them, Safe Landings.

In addition to your directorial role with Adam & Eve, you are a bestselling author of erotic fiction. What made you want to begin writing erotic literature and how did you begin presenting stage plays?

I’m a storyteller, so, it was natural for me to find a channel of expression other than writing screenplays. There were professional circumstances beyond my control that led to the transition from writing one format to another, and at the time I felt an overwhelming need to go “long form” and write manuscripts. And writing manuscripts as opposed to screenplays was very freeing creatively because I wasn’t restricted by structure, and I mean the structural format used when writing for screen, not books. Screenplays are rigid formats where less is more usually. Books are the exact opposite. It was like a hurricane was let loose in my soul when I was writing my first manuscript, and story after story flew out. Now, several years after my first book was published, I’m amazed at all the content I’ve produced and grateful I had the opportunity to devote time to the art and craft of book writing. It was an important road to explore and shockingly, it brought me right back into movie making.

When I produced my first stage play, it didn’t seem like a big undertaking, but it was. At the time, more and more writers and actors were producing their own plays, and so I thought I should too. This was before social media and YouTube and, as creatives, we had limited modes of showing off what our talents were if not cast in a movie or television show back in the 1990s. Too much creative downtime was the catalyst that spurred me to write plays and produce them. It was fairly inexpensive to do, and the results were mostly rewarding, and opened other doors for work. That’s the name of the creative game, to keep work coming in.

You released your first horror novella, Soles, in 2016. What was different about writing horror as opposed to writing an erotic novel?

When I write erotica, the story leads to sex because the characters are in pursuit of it. Soles is about a young man’s need to confront his demons. There’s the main difference. But writing is writing. Really, writing sex is just about using select words to describe an act, and it’s the same thing for writing horror, or any other genre. I had a story to tell, and it just happened to be Roland’s (the lead character in Soles), and sex didn’t fit into the overall tale. My next horror novel, Cutters is erotic, though, and will contain graphic sex as well as violence.

The World of Cherry book series has a ton of wonderful reviews and so many people have remarked upon the fictional world within the club as being incredibly realistic. The books translated so well into a film series. When writing erotic fiction, do you write with the intention of adapting the books into films?

I didn’t adapt The World of Cherry books. The two Cherry movies came first. So, the movies translated well into books, which is probably a first for erotica as well as mainstream films.

You’ve adapted two of Selena Kitt’s novels for the screen. Not only did you adapt Babysitting the Baumgartners, but previous to that release you filmed Safe Landings. How were you first introduced to Selena Kitt and her work?

Selena owns an indie publishing company, Excessica. When I’d completed my first manuscript, I sent query letters to publishers, received a few rejections, and a few invites. Selena’s invitation to publish through Excessica was the offer I picked and I’m so glad I did. It was truly meant to be. Making her books into films was the furthest thing from my mind at the time. I’d done research on Excessica and Selena, and was impressed by what I discovered about her and her businesses. Excessica has a good rep in erotica, and that’s important when it comes to attracting avid readers who want quality, and then add in Selena’s popularity – joining up with her was a no-brainer.

What about the Baumgartners characters appealed to you when you first read Selena Kitt’s book?

They were real yet living in a wonderful fantasy. They were sexual, passionate, and loving. What’s not to like?

After the overwhelming success of the first Baumgartners film, what made you want to continue the Baumgartners’ story?

Um, the overwhelming success – that’s why. And the fact that there are more books in the series as well as other potential ways to continue the story in new directions, like what we did with Adventures. And perhaps creating movies based on subplot characters, like Daphne and Ari played by Edyn Blair and Derrick Pierce. We touched a nerve by bringing such a beloved book to screen, and turned on a new fanbase – book readers as opposed to movie watchers. There’s plenty of fresh ideas for us to explore by continuing the series.

Critics and audiences were blown away at the concept of Forked. Combining a cooking reality show with porn stars, and having them cook their own personal recipes has never been done before. And we certainly learned a lot from watching Dick Chibbles in the kitchen. Forked won at XBIZ and AVN this year, in addition to receiving two XCritic Pick titles. AVN just announced Forked as their critic’s pick and is featured in this month’s publication. What was your inspiration for the porn/reality cooking show concept?

My inspiration was to do something completely fresh and new, to experiment, and to prove movies like Forked are needed and wanted. There’s an undeniable curiosity about adult stars, hence the popularity of performers on Twitter. And I wanted to celebrate another side of adult – the human side – where performers reveal more about themselves because, to me, that’s interesting. It’s almost taboo watching adult stars just be who they are, without the heavy facade of only being sexual creatures, and that turns me on. And that two-day shoot making Forked was the toughest one I’ve ever done because so much work went into it. It took me four days just to buy all the groceries before we filmed! There was so much magic on set and the cast was so happy to be cooking AND having sex. They loved having the opportunity to be so candid and have fun together, not simply fuck. They actually “thank” each other on camera – when does that happen in porn?

Do you plan to do any more reality-based movies in the future?

I would love to! I have a couple of ideas for different reality-type shows. And of course, I’d absolutely LOVE to make more Forked movies.

Do you have plans to make a third Baumgartners movie?

Selena and I are prepped to make more, as in, we have good ideas about where to take future installments if Adam & Eve wants to continue with the series.

What are the upcoming projects from Kay Brandt that we can look forward to?

In May I’ll be filming a new movie based on my upcoming novel, Naked. I don’t want to give too much away yet, but Naked is a very original concept and I’m looking forward to the challenge of adapting one of my own novels again.

I also have more books coming out this year, including the sequel to my first BDSM book, At Mother’s Command. A few weeks ago my novelette, “Hotwives and their Dirty Desires” was published and is selling strongly. I’ll be guesting on more radio shows and podcasts as well as updating my own YouTube channel.

Check out more from Kay Brandt here, and be sure to check out Adventures With The Baumgartners exclusively on HotMoviesForHer and brother website, HotMovies between May 9th and May 23.

What A MILF Wants: Top 5 Male Porn Stars

If you are anything like me, you know sometimes being a mom can be hectic, to say the very least. After a long day of cooking, cleaning, resolving spats between siblings, getting dinner on the table, and all the other daily tasks it takes to run a household – sometimes Mommy needs a little “me” time…and I’m not talking about a Calgon moment. Yes, a hot, long, luxurious bubble bath, complete with candles and a good glass of wine can be extremely relaxing, but who has time in their busy schedule to take that time out, right? There’s just way too much to do in a single day and wearing that “S” on your chest can get to be downright stressful! What’s a MILF to do when she has limited time to take a timeout for herself? When this mommy needs a little “me” time, I like to relax and relieve by watching a hot stud pound away at a hot chick, and wishing it was me. But I’m not talking about watching just any guy. I’ve got a “Fab Five” list of guys I would love to invite over for a special Mommy & Me play date.

First up is the fabulously freaky Derrick Pierce. I don’t usually go for domination and submission, but this man is so sexy and versatile with his kinkiness he could talk me into ANYTHING from nipple clamps and spankings and whatever he wanted to do! He has a way of making you feel like a sexy lair kitten without the experience being a degraded one. Watch him top Skin Diamond in Adam and Eve’s Legendary Sex Tips:

Next up is Bruce Venture. What MILF wouldn’t want to get down and dirty with the “hunk next door,” as Megan Rain does in Don’t Tell My Boyfriend I’m Cheating 2. If you want to have a clandestine affair…even in your fantasies…Bruce is your guy!

Ladies, if you love a guy who fits the tall, dark, and handsome category with a hint of rogue-ishness, then Tommy Gunn is the man for the job. He’s got the experience and stamina to scratch that itch and then some. He knows exactly what to do with Brooklyn Chase in Cute and Curvy 2 video:

Okay, I admit sometimes fast and hard doesn’t necessarily hit the spot, but when you’ve got Ramon Nomar‘s sexy accent talking dirty to you – lets be honest – what wouldn’t you do just to keep him talking?

Last, but definitely not least is, drum roll please…Xander Corvus. Xander is another one that just strikes me as so adorable it’s almost hard to believe that he’s just so damn nasty…I LOVE IT! And is it just me or when you hear that name you start envisioning your own parody of Evolution?

The Top 14 Hottest DILFs in Porn

With Father’s Day looming before us and plenty of sexy, older men on HotMoviesForHer worth watching, I decided to compile a list of the hottest over-35 male performers currently making porn, and making it well! Age is just a number, and you definitely don’t have to be a father to be a DILF in my book. Without further ado, here are my favorite DILFs in porn today:

2015-06-08_17-16-211. Manuel Ferrara

What can possibly be hotter than a super-hung scruffy guy with a French accent? That’s right-nothing. Manuel Ferrara is a long-standing porn crush of mine. Everything about him is delicious: his furry dad-bod, his commanding sexual performance, and the inaudible things he mutters in French when he’s about to cum. Some things really do get better with age, and Ferrara is one of them! Kayden Kross is one lucky lady.

2015-06-08_17-06-482. Ramon Nomar

This Venezuelan hottie brings his Latin flavor to every performance he’s in. Not typically one to turn up the volume during scenes, I always make it a point to listen to the phrases Ramon Nomar utters while fucking. When he’s not calling his costars “mama,” he likes to encourage the women he’s fucking by showering them in compliments and, of course, spanking their asses with fervor! Once he gets rid of that faux-hawk he’s been rocking lately, I’ll be his “mama” anytime.

2015-06-08_17-07-153. Mick Blue

I’ll admit it-I’ve got a thing for uncut guys. Mick Blue’s penis is not only an uncircumcised masterpiece, but attached to a gorgeous Austrian man with piercing blue eyes-hence the last name. While Blue may be married to Anikka Albrite, I can’t quite say I’m jealous; instead, I’ll just squeeze between the both of them for a chance at this super-DILF!


2015-06-08_17-07-514. Steven St. Croix

A venerable performer with over 15 years in the industry, Steven St. Croix is a DILF-y favorite among the women at HMFH. Croix plays the father figure in many of the plot-oriented films he’s cast in, and it’s easy to see why. Croix’s authoritative presence, mixed with his mature age and delectable, toned physique make a girl want to enjoy the loving care of a decidedly way more experienced man.

2015-06-08_17-08-365. Rocco Siffredi

The incomparable Rocco Siffredi is an Italian Stallion I’d love to ride someday. Siffredi’s lustful enthusiasm and masterful anal scenes make him a favorite performer of mine. Combine his classically handsome look with that huge dick and you have a Euro-DILF for the ages. Not to mention, Siffredi has the cutest dimples ever. Awwuh.

2015-06-08_17-08-596. Lexington Steele

Lexington Steele is not only one of the most well-endowed male performers in recent memory, but he’s got a goddamn gorgeous smile. Steele’s performances are frequently nominated for awards, and he’s got plenty of trophies besides the one in his pants. An educated guy with a dual-degree in history and African American studies; I wouldn’t mind if Steele schooled me sometime. *winky face*

2015-06-08_17-09-257. Derrick Pierce

Derrick Pierce is an avid Crossfit devotee which, if you’ve seen his physique, isn’t much of a surprise. Pierce’s body is a smooth, solid muscle-mass covered in tattoos and most likely capable of fucking you into a coma. I’m not usually into bald dudes, but his “piercing” eyes coupled with his sculpted body are undeniably sexy. Plus, his fetish scenes are really fucking hot. I like a dominant man, and Pierce’s spanking scenes are worth watching even if you aren’t a spanking fanatic.

2015-06-08_17-10-048. Nacho Vidal

It doesn’t get much more caliente than a Spanish man with an 11-inch dick. Nacho Vidal has been a staple in the adult industry for almost two decades, and he’s really aging to perfection. Vidal looks like that one friend’s dad all the girls wanted to fuck in high school. Or like, the sexy older neighbor who you secretly watched mow the lawn every Saturday, hoping he’d pop that shirt off. A man with tattoos is always going to be hot in my book, but he’s also got some pearly-whites that are damn-near perfect. *swoon*

2015-06-08_17-10-489. Kurt Lockwood

Not only does Kurt Lockwood have a toned, bangin’ bod and impressive dick; this DILF-y, tattooed dude can really act. I always find myself mesmerized by Lockwood’s performances in films like B. Skow’s Gardener and Control. Besides his male-model figure and acting chops, Lockwood’s got some street cred as a musician too, having played and toured with Dee Dee Ramone. Who doesn’t love a mature, multi-talented guy?

2015-06-08_17-11-1910. Alec Knight

Alec Knight is pretty adorable. If I hadn’t watched him fuck girls up the butt a lot, I’d probably assume he was a stay-at-home dad or a paperweight collector. But nope, Knight is a straight-up DTF DILF with over 500 movies under his belt and really great sense of humor that makes me want to hang out with him in a sexual way. He used to work on the show Family Guy, which is also very awesome. I love funny, cuddly guys that happen to have big dicks.

2015-06-08_17-12-1111. Toni Ribas

Everyone loves Asa Akira, but Toni Ribas is the only guy worthy enough to lock down the gorgeous starlet. It’s pretty easy to see why; the Spanish stud is a solemn sex-machine. Ribas has spent nearly half his life in the industry, both directing and performing in award-winning movies like the Ibiza Sex Party series. And, weirdly enough, he kind of looks like Sopranos character Christopher Moltisanti, who I always had a crush on.

2015-06-08_17-12-5112. Erik Everhard

Erik Everhard reminds me of those aging boy band members from the 90s who are still pretty cute but have a hard time giving up those frosted tips. I can look past Everhard’s goofy spiked hair when I watch him go down on a girl, because he clearly knows what he’s doing! Plus, he usually maintains some level of scruff on his face in his scenes-an added plus for any girl that loves facial hair (me!).

2015-06-08_17-14-2913. Ryan McLane

Ryan McLane’s body is heart-stopping. I mean, this guy is fit. Beyond his chiseled 6-pack and sexy-sharp hip-bones, he’s got a pretty nice pecker. It’s not overwhelmingly huge, but it’s a nice dick nonetheless. McLane is nice for those slow, erotic scenes that some women enjoy, but I prefer him in a more fast-paced fuck like his scene in the movie, Our Father.

2015-06-08_17-15-0114. Prince Yahshua

Speaking of fit bodies, Prince Yahshua has the musculature of a body builder. Unlike most body builders, however, Yahshua has an incredible 11-inch cock that needs no performance enhancers! But don’t let this hulking hottie’s look fool you; he’s really a gentle giant. After reading a few interviews Yahshua’s done, it’s clear that Yahshua loves pleasing his female costars, and I can certainly appreciate a man that loves giving women pleasure.

If you liked this list, check me out on Twitter @BridgetXXXXXXX and follow all of us @hotmoviesforher.

Go Watch: “Tuff Love”

If there’s any obvious trend going around right now it’s MMA. And, consider me just a trendsetter, but Tuff Love stood out to me because of this reason. It was also getting a ton of hype, so I jumped on the bandwagon and set up shop for a Live Twitter Review.

Thought Finale//It was hot. It was seriously hot. And the acting really added to substantiate the plot-driven theme. There was fighting, fucking, and a whole lot of tension. Hiiiissssss ffft ffft fft catfight. But not really. The stars definitely weren’t kittens, they were straight up mountain lions defending some pride.

Watch the whole thing right now, right here


Main Cast

Adrianna Luna
Jessica Drake
Derrick Pierce
Steven St Croix
Brad Tyler
Mischa Brooks
Charlee Monroe
Stevie Shae

Top Five Tuesday – Christmas Porno!

It Christmas time again and that only means one thing: It is time to get busy watching Christmas porn! Forget the eggnog and presents, it is all about festive dirty movies all day and night. I’ve compiled a list to make it easy on you so I hope you enjoy!

Merry Fucking Christmas

Merry Fucking Christmas
Private always comes through with instant Christmas porno classics filled with beautiful women from all over Europe.  This Best Of flick features filthy dirty orgies and lots of sexy-santa-ladies.  We also get treated to a scene starring the gorgeous Alletta Ocean.  I hear if you stare into her eyes for too long you may never walk again.
SantaOn the other end of the spectrum we have creepy Santa coming down the chimney for a 3-way during his break from delivering presents.  It’s a HotOldMovies vintage flick that will definitely fill you with holiday cheer. And possibly leave you scratching your head.
Holiday Office Party Holiday Office PartyWe all know that the holiday office party is the one time of year that  co-workers feel the need to get intoxicated and show their true feelings towards one another, either good or bad.  Here it is all good, as they get there bang on.  I love that Mr. Pete, Mark Wood, Mick Blue, and Derrick Pierce are in the same porno together!
Stickin' It To Saint Nic Stickin’ It To Saint NickWe have a Santa of a different color in this porno.  He has a holly jolly Christmas with Miss Mya as she ties him up, spanks his ass, and jingles his balls.  Miss Mya takes no mercy, not even on Saint Nick.
Christmas Carol
Christmas Carol
This is another old school flick will have classic porno lovers popping girl boners until the new year.  Debi Diamond does not dissapoint… nor do the ghosts of past, present, and future.

2 Out of 2 Porn Bloggers Agree…

1000 Words

That having Wicked Pictures pornos on HotMoviesForHer is awesome.  They’re kind of the bee’s knees.  Here is a free clip from 1000 Words in celebration of Wicked joining the esteemed ranks or our studio page.  Yep, that is Derrick Pierce working his oral magic on a pool table.  How’s that for a fantasy?  Enjoy!



Top Five Tuesday – Happy Birthday To Me!

Happy Birthday to MEEEE!  That’s right, your friendly neighborhood smut peddler is turning a whole year older!  And not only that – I’m transitioning into a totally new decade!  Yep, this perv is 30 years old today!  Of course I am writing this a week early, because I took off today to celebrate the thirty years that I’ve been kickin’ it.  But don’t you worry, even though I am out doing all sorts of important 30 year old things today, I left you guys a Top Five Tuesday… which is all about birthdays!  Can you tell I have one thing on my mind until Sept 4th??


 – Who’s ready for a birthday party!?!  I know I am!  And even more than being up for a shindig, I’m looking forward to an all out fuck fest with Faye Reagan, Georgia Jones, Danny Wylde, Derrick Pierce and more!  I mean, c’mon, is that a birthday celebration or what!?!

What do you get for the guy that has everything?  Well, if your birthday boy is a submissive, I’d go with a pervy party featuring humiliation and all sorts of kinky debauchery.  Clearly those are the gifts that keep giving.  Oh, and  is awesome, so be sure to take a look!
It’s Tom Byron‘s birthday and a whole group of big booty ladies are on standby, just waiting to give him the presents of his lifetime.  I don’t know about you, but I am perfectly happy to live vicariously through Tom to enjoy this booti-ful birthday bang-fest!  Happy Fucking Birthday to ME!
One of my favorite things about this movie is that they flat out admit that it has nothing to do with birthdays – not even a little.  Seriously, that’s how they start out the description.  Amazing, right?  So instead of this being a birthday flick to watch, I like to think of this one as a special birthday present specifically for me.   is one of the best dirty talkers in the biz, and I am so grateful to hear her filth as my own personal party.
 – A innocent job interview turns risque when mentions that she doesn’t mind starting work there on her birthday because she doesn’t have anything fun to do in celebration.  Of course her new boss jumps at the chance to help her have a very happy birthday – by covering her in melted chocolate, frosting and birthday candles.  Who needs a cake when you can become one?  Sign me up.

Woohoo Dirty 30!


Hello Nurse

I woke up this morning feeling like total crap, so I decided that a nurse movie would be the best choice for a day like today.  Of course I don’t feel like watching dirty movies in the state that I am in, but hey, I take one for the team when it comes to bringing you the best that porno has to offer.  Hopefully these naughty nurses will help get me back to fighting shape!

A mix of various medical-themed vignettes, Hello Nurse, dishes out a delicious dose of sexy that could cure the even the most advance cases of horny-itis.  Yeah, I know that’s super cheesy, but cut me some slack, I am unwell.

Anyway, and Marco Banderas kick this flick off with some steamy bed-side manner.  Nurse Eva comes to check on Marcos, only to find him warm and moaning.  Maybe it starts as moaning in pain, but as soon as the nurse’s touch travels to his hard cock, that moaning turns to pleasure.  Eva strokes his dick through his hospital gown a bit before unsnapping her uniform to make it so much easier to bend over and suck his cock dry.  You can tell she’s a medical professional because she allows him to continue lying down for most of the scene, allowing him to gain his strength for later, when he gets up, bangs her from behind, and cums all over her stethoscope.

Scene two is a little more conceptual, with Annette Schwarz as some sort of fantasy angel nurse that comes to find Derrick Pierce lying in a heap of garbage and brings him into his own personal fantasy.  There must be some reason she is dressed as a nurse, but honestly, I’m not seeing it.  I guess it doesn’t matter, because Derrick Pierce is so super hot that it trumps all the stuff that doesn’t make sense here.

Next up Lexi Belle heads over to Alex Gonz’s place for a house call.  Well, it looks like Alex actually ordered a sexy entertainer dressed as a nurse, because Lexi starts to unsnap her uniform within minutes of getting to his house.  Or should I say to his patio, as they are hanging out in the back by the pool.  While the sex is pretty hot and I really like the outdoor bonuses of sunlight and birds chirping, I am honestly a little disappointed by this scene not even pretending to have medical/nurse undercurrents.  Maybe I’m just a porno purist, but I say why bother with the costume if you aren’t going to use it to its full potential?

Scene four brings us back to the doctor’s office with Alexis Love and Chris Cannon.  Finally, a setting I can understand!  Alexis needs to collect a sample… of Chris’ semen, of course.  And to do that, she has to jerk him off with her own two hands!  She even strips down and plays with her tits to get that sample from him.  What a modern day Nurse Nightingale!  I’m just so happy that they are playing “doctor” that I wouldn’t even mind if the sex wasn’t great, so it’s a total plus that it is!  Good thing Alexis remembers to spit that cum into the jar so she gets her sample.

And lastly we come to scene five, a threesome with Ava Rose, Kelly Kline and Marcus London.  Again it’s a nurse costume scene, with no actual medical plot.  I know the point of porno is the sex, but I find it really annoying when I expect one thing and get something totally different.  Of course I don’t mind watching beautiful women in nurse’s garb dancing with each other, but I was in the mood for something a little different, so I was a little disappointed.  That didn’t last long though, because once the real action began, I got preoccupied with all the hot sex the trio has to off.

So, am I cured for what ails me?  Not really, but I definitely feel better.

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Some Of The Hottest Guys In the Biz!

If I never hear the phrase “there are no good looking guys in porn” again, it will be too soon.  Seriously, every once in a while someone says that to me and it takes all the self control I have not to bitch slap some knowledge into their heads.  But rather than resorting to that, I decided that I should make a gallery of super hot porno dudes that I can shove into their faces instead.  Of course I couldn’t fit every single sexy man in the industry, so here is an abbreviated list of smutty studs that Ginger and I agree are extra hot, in no particular order.

No need to thank us, but you are welcome.

JD and Ginger

Dinner Party

I’ve searched long and hard for a Thanksgiving porno to review, but alas, I’ve already reviewed the only two I know (Inside Marie’s Play Place – Thanksgiving Special and Spanksgiving 3 Return Of The Spank).  So instead, I’ve decided to just go with a dinner-themed movie, because if Thanksgiving isn’t about eating, I’m not sure what it is about (well, other than giving thanks, I guess).  I hope you don’t mind indulging a celebration-happy smut peddler in her attempts at being festive.  Now, let’s get to it!

Dinner and sex don’t usually go together, that I know of.  Sexy action is usually relegated to dessert, what with all the whipped cream and chocolate sauce applied liberally, but here, we aren’t actually talking about food porn.  No food is fucked on, or with here.  This flick is all about getting people together for good food, then good fucking, which is honestly something I am more interested in exploring…

What would happen if a bunch of porn stars got together for dinner to relax, eat and talk about working in the biz?  That’s what we are here to find out!  Performer Monique Alexander is the center of this delicious dinner directed by Paul Thomas.  The stars chat about the porns they watch, what they do on screen and everything in between.

The sex is really random in this flick, happening interspersed with scenes of the stars hanging around a table chatting.  There are these quick fade outs to black screens with text saying who is gonna fuck, but that’s about it for the transitions.  A little strange, I think. But whatever, as long as the sex is hot, right?  And it totally is!

First up we get Monique and Derrick Pierce, a wicked hot muscle man who gives Alexander a quality deep dicking and more.  What a nice way to start the meal!  Soon we get the second course – a three-way with Alicia Angel, Amber Ashley, and Jack Lawrence, which almost doesn’t leave room for a SUPER hot solo of just Alicia Angel.  And with so many more amazing combos, I can honestly say that I, for one, am totally stuffed!  Happy Thanksgiving!

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