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Straight Women, Gay Porn, and the Fight for Equality

CockyBoys One Erection promo imageIn the last several weeks, a number of mainstream outlets, including the ever popular Cosmopolitan magazine, have published articles delving into the latest trend of Millenial women (ages 20-35) and their penchant for skipping right past traditional straight pornography in exchange for the guy-on-guy gay titles. In an article penned by columnist Cheryl Wischhover entitled, “Call Us One Erection: Why Straight Twentysomething Women Are Obsessed With These Gay Porn Stars,” Wischhover dissects why straight women in their 20s and 30s have suddenly become not just dedicated fans of gay celebrities but, “obscene, screaming fans” for gay porn stars and the films in which they star.

CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson
CockyBoys director Jake Jaxson

The article takes a look at the female fans specifically of gay mega studio, CockyBoys, and how these fan girls came to regularly “message the guys on social media, create elaborate fan art in their honor, and breathlessly mob them at public events.” According to the studio’s estimations, this demographic now accounts for 30% of their membership subscribers and at least “80% of the fans that attend CockyBoys’ meet-and-greets,” such as the studio’s annual CockyCon.

Other adult sites have noticed this growing trend as well.  According to the annual Insights report from the “Porn Site That Shall Not Be Named,” 18 – 24-year-old women are 24% more likely to watch gay porn than any other age group or demographic.  Gay male porn is the second most viewed category by women on the site, and women of all ages account for 37% of all gay porn watched on the site overall.

It shouldn’t come as much of a surprise when most straight porn is tailored for and marketed to men with what the Cosmo author refers to as “disembodied jack hammering and fake seeming female orgasms.” Another recent study , consisting of 500 female respondents, revealed that most felt while watching straight porn, they “can’t be sure the woman is actually having an orgasm.”

Cockyboys Performer Tayte Hanson
CockyBoys Performer Tayte Hanson

Dr. Lucy Neville, a senior lecturer at Middlesex University London, conducted the survey and explains, “women definitely have a preference for gay porn when the men look like they are into each other, where they are smiling, laughing, and taunting each other.”

Many female porn consumers have expressed this desire for authenticity, while others have shared that while viewing straight porn, which often focuses on the female performer’s body, they are constantly comparing themselves to the star, which can become distracting and take away from their enjoyment. With guy-on-guy scenes, they’re able to focus on the sensuality, the passion, and most importantly to them – the multitude of cocks on screen. One fan quoted in the article explained further, “I am attracted to males, so seeing two of them get it on together is like:  BOOM, twice as sexy!”

In a separate article published by the left-leaning political site AlterNet, the author quotes an interview the same Dr. Neville gave to PsyPost, in which she expounds further on the feedback she received in her research.  “A lot of women’s disdain with straight porn is their perceptions that it undermines female pleasure, is catered to a male perspective, and even that it focuses on the female body in an almost exploitative manner while featuring ‘ugly’ men: ‘The way [women] perceived women as being treated and exploited in heterosexual porn, the invisibility of female pleasure, the fact that identifying with the female actress made them less able to enjoy the eroticism of looking, and the fact that most heterosexual porn invited them to view the sex acts occurring from a ‘male’ perspective – noting the way that the camera tended to linger on female anatomy and that men in heterosexual porn were ‘ugly and out of focus at best, and just a disembodied cock at worst.’”

A separate CockyBoys fan quoted in Cosmo agreed with Neville’s sentiment.  The reason she attends the CockyBoys events and follows the stars is because they “provide a fantasy with no pressure.  I know they’re gay, which makes them easier to talk to.”

Cockyboys performer Levi Karter
Cockyboys performer Levi Karter

An additional element that may drive women to turn to gay porn and attend industry events may be the “familial” feeling, and sense of community they feel, as well as the excitement of the behind-the-scenes drama of stars feuding, and the interest in the star’s private lives as they speculate over who’s-dating-who. And according to Dr. Neville, this is a good thing! “This sense of community that’s been created has been incredibly liberating in terms of making [fans] feel they’re not alone and they’re not a pervert and that [preferring gay porn is] actually quite common and natural.”

In a society where pornography, homosexuality, and women expressing their own personal sexuality are discouraged, considered to be “unnatural,” and looked down upon, this convergence of the three may  actually prove beneficial to our culture and could “take us one step closer to leaving society’s heteronormative culture in the dust, even if only within the realm of adult entertainment.” As both women and the LGBTQ community continue in their battle for equality across the globe, isn’t it kind of nice to think that watching a bunch of sexy-ass men going at it might just be assisting in achieving that hard sought-after goal? I know you can certainly count this writer in!

20 Questions With… Wolf Hudson

There is no one else quite like Wolf Hudson. A Dominican-American diamond in the rough, Hudson crosses through porno worlds like a charmed man, rocking gay, straight and queer screens left and right. This dude does not discriminate, and frankly, either do we – our eyes are glued to him no matter who he’s humping! We could go on and on about how hot (and awesome) this handsome Hudson is, but why listen to us if you can listen to him… and lucky you, we recently got a hold of Wolf and asked him our usual twenty questions. So sit back and take a gander at all the important info from the one-of-a-kind Wolf Hudson!

1. How (and when) did you get started in the industry?
In the simplest of ways to explain it; I saw an ad on Craigslist. They need white guys for a shoot. I replied, they said yes, I went to the shoot and the rest is history. This was back in late 2006 in New York City. It’s kinda crazy to know where this all started.

2. If you weren’t in the adult industry, what would you be doing?
I’d probably still be a struggling artist in New York, dancing and probably doing a lot of production on and off Broadway. I mean, it’s not like I CAN’T go back. I think I still do it, but I’m sure if porn wasn’t in the way, that’s what I’d be doing. I love to dance!

3. What’s the best thing you’ve learned or best advice you’ve received from industry?
I’ve learned to really enjoy what you do and explore your sexuality. Learn every aspect and of the industry. Time is not granted to us, so while you’re in it, make the most of it and set the standard. Push the envelope and pioneer the craft.

4. What’s the funniest thing that’s happened while filming?
Oh man, hands down that would have to be my naked Michael Jackson dance. I remember one of the crew guys was a huge MJ fan, like myself, and people were talking shit about him. She shot a scene in the loft apartment in West Hollywood, so I literally ran down the stairs and started busting out my MJ moves naked. The whole set was in a riot. Laughter for a like 20 minutes. It was great!

[Not to worry, we posted the video back in 2009 and here it is again!]

5. What do you think is the biggest misconception about performers in the industry?
That we are not intelligent or not able to care about real issue. To think that just because we take our clothes off, we can’t have a rational though or make an smart statement. There are so many people in the industry that are smarter than of the most “Ivy League” people out there like Danny Wylde, Bobbi Starr, Nica Noelle, Nina Hartley,Jiz Lee, just to name a few. We are still human beings with sharp brain and not just one giant sex organ.

6. What did you do today?
I ate and jerked off for my fans on webcam. Isn’t that everyone else day to day routine? 😉

7. What would you rather have done today?
I wish I could’ve fucked a nice and round bubble butt. I was looking at some pictures my photographer friend, Ashes Wednesday, took of Skin Diamond today and let me tell you… I was hot and bothered! YUM and a flavor explosion to finish it off.

8. If you could do a movie with anyone (living or brought back from the dead) who would it be?
Does it HAVE to be just one? Here’s my short list (my longer list won’t fit in this article): Belladonna, Stoya, Selena RoseKayden Kross and April O’neil.

9. Who is your favorite adult performer?
Again, just one? The ones that stand out are Asa Akira, Francesca Le, Belladonna and Asia Carrera. There are more to be completely honest. So much talent out there.

10. You’ve got 20 bucks left to your name; what would you do with it?
I’d get lots of food and juice. I’m a foodie kind of guy. Most of my fans who follow me on Twitter know that I LOVE food. I talk about it everyday. So probably that, like seafood or Italian food.

11. If you were president, what’s the first thing you’d change?
I’d legalize gay marriage. I mean, I know there’s a lot of politics involved and I would have to deal with both houses of congress, but that would be first on my agenda. Quality for ALL Americans!

12. What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve ever done?
Giving my crush at the time a card and box of chocolates in grade school for Valentine’s Day. I was so shy and very scared. It took a lot of balls to do it on my part. And came up to me and gave it all back and told me that someone else already asked her to be her Valentine. Right in front of my friends. I cried so hard, it wasn’t cute. Then to stop it off, her and her friends came up around me and laughed at me. It was humiliating. I don’t torture myself with such thoughts, but that was the most embarrassing thing I ever did.

13. Which is your favorite project that you’ve worked on?
My favorite project was in Chi Chi LaRue‘sShifting Gears: A Bisexual Transmission.” It was my first starring role and I got to play the head mechanic at a auto shop. Such a fantastic cast and great crew and working with Chi Chi was one of the highlights of my career. I had so much fun on and off camera. I’ll never forget it. Also, Nica Noelle’s “Sinderella & Me.” I got to show off a different side of myself that people weren’t use to – the nice guy. It was a very demanding role, but one of the most important since getting into the biz. Nica is AMAZING and a pleasure to work for.

14. If you could have 1 superpower what would it be?
As cliche as this might sound, I’d like to have the ability to heal people from all sorts of illnesses. I don’t like seeing people suffer in pain. It breaks my heart to witness things like that, especially when it comes to children.

15. Meat or veggie?
Meat ALL the way, baby! I like my veggie on the side.

16. What is your favorite book?
Rich Dad, Poor Dad – by Robert Kiyosaki

17. What is your biggest pet peeve?
People who sneeze on there hand YUCK!!! I hate that to the fullest. Cause then you touch everything and bacteria spread and people get sick. I ALWAYS encourage people to sneeze between their arms. I become a fascist when it comes to that and have NO problems pointing it out to people. Haha

18. What is your best piece of sex advice for women?
DON’T FAKE IT! It serves no purpose. Don’t do it for your partners benefit, cause they’re not learning and you’re not being satisfied the way you want and deserve. Be completely honest and don’t be afraid to communicate with your partner about what you do and don’t like. Your partner will learn how to better please you and you’ll learned new things about what you DO like. It makes for a healthier relationship and a better sex life.

19. What is your favorite adult movie?
I don’t have one per say, but some of my favorite scenes were from the early 90s with Asia Carrera and Janine. Those two women together – explosive and electrifying!

20. Tell me one thing you’ve never told anyone else.
I use to jerk off ALL THE TIME before I went to take dance classes. Like literally, right before class. I would do into the bathroom stalls, rub one out and that would put me in the mood to dance. So there, now you heard it first. Haha

Man, oh man, is that Wolf Hudson a catch or what!?!

Check out Wolf’s work here at HotMoviesForHer, take a look at his new website, head to his tumblr and follow him on Twitter!

Lady Villian Smoochfest and Risque Ragu – Link Love!

Happy Humpday!  Welcome back to the midweek stretch.  I don’t know about you guys, but for me this week feels like an “it’s ONLY Wednesday?!?” kind of week.  I am honestly surprised that it’s not Thursday every single time I see what day of the week it is.  All I can really say is thank goodness it’s not Tuesday, right?  We are at the hump and there is no going back!  So hows about I stop my whining and get to celebrating this wonderful hump with a little Link Love!

– Artist Rodolfo Loaiza decided to re-imagine the Disney world by adding a little same-sex lovin’ among characters.  Obviously I chose the picture of my favorite Disney ladies.  Sure, Ursula may be a total sea bitch, but she is one hot, fat, tentacled sexpot while she is wreaking havoc.  And who doesn’t love that horny little minx Maleficent…

– Between today and tomorrow,  Trojan Vibrations will be handing out 10,000 FREE vibrators in New York City.  And not only that – they will be distributing them by special hot dog carts they are calling “pleasure carts.”  How awesome is that?!?  Check Trojan Vibrations’ Facebook page for update on where they will be.

– Apparently former porn star Jenna Jameson has recently made headlines by endorsing Mitt Romney for president.  Good for her.  Oh, and please let me know when Jenna Jameson is relevant again and maybe I’ll start caring about what button she presses in the voting booth.  Kthanxbi!

The Pentagon’s Missile Defense Agency would really like their employees to stop watching porn while on the job.  While I am as big an advocate for porn as you can get, I think that’s probably for the best, since, you know, they need to pay attention to the missiles and all! (via Jamye)

– On a brighter note, here are 32 Helpful Things You Can Learn From Porn. Yay!

– Check out this in depth article of a “throuple” with three equal partners… who happen to run CockyBoys porn company.  Pretty awesome. (via Jamye)

– And lastly, I can’t say this ad makes any sense to me really, but it’s kinda funny.

Hope that gets you through til the weekend!


Top Five Tuesday – Solo Male Goodness

It’s Top Five Tuesday Time and today we’re celebrating solo male masturbation! Why? Because it’s fun to watch. Also, I like it and it’s my turn to pick today’s top pornos. Read it and like it!

Meat Market
Meat Market
Playgirl DVD tends to bring the softer side of porn to the screen.  While this isn’t my usual smut style, I like to throw it in the mix every once in a while.  To know hardcore, you must know softcore, right?  Gentle or not, these hunks still know how to take care of business.
Handyman Volume 4 Handyman Volume 4This is one of those pornos that gets me all excited in that star struck kind of way.  I get to watch Dane Cross and Chris Strokes as they talk dirty to the camera and jerk off to my heart’s content.  I dig their work and it was a total treat to watch them all by their lonesomes in this flick. 

Adam Frost - Fleshlight Fun Adam Frost – Fleshlight FunBeing the sex toy junkie that I am, I love it when people incorporate them into their on-camera solo sessions.  I love watching women use dildos and vibes, but getting to watch a dude play with a masturbator in a porno is both rare and awesome.  I’m especially excited that the wonderment that is the Fleshlight gets used here!
Minute Man Solo 33 - Heads Up! Minute Man Solo 33 – Heads Up!I can always count on Colt to give me a gaggle of hot beefy guys with chiseled rock hard bodies.  There is nothing wrong with admiring a man with muscles.  A lot of hard work goes into such body, I might as well enjoy them!
Horns and Halos
Horns & HalosI did indeed recently review this movie, but it made a lasting impression on me.  The fresh young studs that Cockyboys features are fun to watch jerk off.  They’re cute, cut and dirty.

Happy masturbating!


Ride My Disco Stick

With the Lady Gaga-holler of a title, Ride My Disco Stick, how could I NOT review this porno?  In need of filling my gay porn tank, this CockyBoys flick definitely got the job done and then some.

Ride My Disco StickThe dudes in this dirty movie are super cute and in shape.  They aren’t all pumped up and stiff, they aren’t twinks and they don’t look like characters out of Zoolander.  They are just straight up hot guys that are really into fucking on camera.

The first scene is definitely the standout part of this movie.  It is everything I want from gay porn: attractive men enjoying protected butt sex.  Simple.  These boys have no problem vocalizing how good the other feels or how hot they are.  Cover boy, Mason Star has a sizeable cock that I don’t mind feasting my eyes on one bit!  Whether he is quickly pumping his fuck buddy or slowly driving his cock home, his muscular bubble butt looks great.  He knows how to work his body and the camera.  Mason makes it obvious to us that fucking his fun!  I also liked that he kept rubbing on his guy’s abs.  Knowing what turns a performer on (beyond a tight hole) is awesome.

The rest of Ride My Disco Stick will keep you satisfied.  Although, I will say that scene 2 lacked the enthusiasm I was looking for.  Scene 6 ends the movie on an up note with a super hot poolside wang-fest.  Count me in!

If you’re looking for a solid man on man flick, you should definitely check out this one.  You won’t be sad you did!

Men of Monday – Cockyboys!

We added Cockyboys.com movies to the site late last year and I’ve loved every single thing I’ve seen from them. The men are gorgeous and the sex is hard and hot – just the way I like it. I thought I’d feature a few of my favorite Cockyboys today for those of you who need a little eye candy to get you through another crappy Monday.

First up we’ve got Jesse Santana – a real dirty dude who looks like this:

Honestly, I don’t even know what I need to say to convince you he’s worth checking out if that picture doesn’t do it for you!

If you’re looking for All-American good looks, you might be interested in Bobby Clark. I mean, this pic has obviously spent some time in Photoshop, but I can tell you from watching this guy fuck that he’s hot as hell.

Finally, because it wouldn’t be a Men of Monday post without a cock shot, this gorgeous picture of Nelson Troy from Fuck Machine. You don’t want to miss him topping Orlando Dawson in this XXX fuckfest.

Until next week!

2 Out of 2 Lesbians Agree…

We love rough boys!

Our Cocky Boys know that a big cock is a terrible thing to waste. These guys beg to be fucked, stuffed and pounded by the most aggressive fuck studs around. The bottoms almost regret it as their holes are stretched to the limit, but the tops make recompense for the pain with exploding orgasms. And in the end, every Cocky Boy agrees that It Hurts So Good.

Fuck The Hell Out Of Me – Scenes 1-5!

I reviewed scene six of Fuck the Hell Out of Me a while ago because I couldn’t wait to watch Wolf Hudson and Skyler Caine in action. I enjoyed it so much that I decided it was time I went back and checked out the rest of the movie!

First up we’ve got Ace Warner (who is super duper hot) and Bobby Clark in a nice pool side scene which I always enjoy. I really love the passion in this one – from the beginning they start making off like there’s no tomorrow before Ace rips down Bobby’s trunks just to get a taste. Clark proves to be a fantastic bottom, but anyone who can handle Warner’s aggressive dick knows a thing or two about getting fucked. This is pretty great XXX with just the right amount of anger. The only thing wrong with this scene is Clarks’s stupid blond mohawk, but I can forgive him that this one time.

Next up is a solo scene which I don’t think belongs in a compilation called Fuck The Hell Out of Me. However, Joey Angel is super handsome and does break out some toys, so it’s worth a watch if you’re in the mood for a little male masturbation.

The third offering from Kyle Majors’ takes place in a shower and stars a couple of guys I’m fairly familiar with, Kai Cruz and Nelson Troy. I’m beginning to spot a trend because Troy has stupid blond hair which is unfortunate because he’s a really handsome dude. The good news is that I barely noticed it when he was getting drilled by Cruz. Both men have amazing bodies which are totally highlighted by the water glistening off of their skin. Good stuff.

Scene four is pretty good, but the one I’d skip if I were you. Of course, what the hell do I know?

Anyways, that brings us to the final scene before the epic Wolf/Skyler action that I super loved. Let me just start by saying that Jesse Santana is one of the hottest Cockyboy studs. He is just the right amount of muscular and super handsome – Seth Clark is one lucky straight (?) dude. From what I’ve read this is one of his first gay experiences, but you wouldn’t know that watching him skull fuck Santana a few minutes in. Of course, the onslaught has only begun and Santana proves he can take cock with the best of them as Clark relentlessly goes at his hole. After the Wolf/Skyler scene, this one may be my favorite.

I’m pretty glad I went back and watched the rest of this one because it’s packed full of hot fucking and sucking. Cockyboys is quickly becoming one of my favorite studios!

First Time Fucked

I think that choosing to watch only one of CockyBoy’s films will go down in history as one of the few times I agonized over my choice of what to review in a very long time. Would I pick the former twink with the bubble butt and the sullen stare turned into a delicious cut of tattooed muscular meat with attitude? Or go with the two hot guys that also like to fuck women, who are also tatted (of course) and getting fucked for the first time? In the end two hot guys were just that much more compelling than one. I’m sorry Sebastian Young, I’ll definitely come back for you later!

This is not my usual movie, there’s absolutely no dialogue, no pretense at plot and very little foreplay. Think I’m joking? In the first scene MJ Taylor swims up to Bobby Clark and sucks on his cock for maybe 2 minutes, there’s a quick switch on the sucking action and then straight to the fucking. From swimming to fucking takes about 3 minutes and some change – still I’m not complaining. Nope, not complaining in the least, why? Because “First Time Fucked” has some of the hottest guys I’ve seen in porn and I just really want to see them fuck, yeah I can be shallow sometimes.

Is this the start of some disturbing new trend with me? On the rare occasion that they tried to set the scene with a little titillation before the nakedness, I found myself hard pressed to resist yelling at the screen “take of your pants already!” Well, at least I was focused on the task at hand.

The theme here is first timers – the title is a pretty obvious giveaway – so each scene is a shot of these guys taking on a role they never have before and may never again. There’s something extra hot about a vulnerable new bottom just begging to be fucked at least to me. This time around it was Wolf Hudson and Brodie Sinclair that had me perched lecherously on the edge of my seat – remember those super hot stills from Men of Monday a week or so ago? They’re from this movie and man did the movie ever live up to those still shots, definitely the hottest scene in the movie!

Ok this was totally lust fulfillment for me. Like eating an entire tub of cookie dough or an entire quart of ice cream it feels oh so good in the moment but I get the feeling it’s not going to satisfy me for long. The guys are hot but they’re not as well lit as I’d like and I usually need a little foreplay/plot more often than I don’t to help get my juices flowing. But damn, sometimes a girl just wants to watch – and drool, and “First Time Fucked” is definitely drool fodder.

Men of Monday

Happy Monday! Some of you ladies actually have today off today, congrats! Of course I’m not going to leave the office ladies hanging either; I’ve got the Monday morning man candy that makes every Monday a good Monday!

Today it’s all about Nelson Troy, a part-time dancer, part-time trainer and full-time sex god. At six feet tall with a muscular body that was built to fuck, Troy has quickly proven himself to be a very popular stud. Don’t forget to click on the images for a more naked larger pic!

To be absolutely honest I took one look at the second linked shot and knew I had to share this chameleonic stud with the world. I mean gods be good, that would be the most beautific site to wake up to ever! Please grant me such a man that I might bath him in sunlight and with my tongue!

You can catch Nelson Troy, in various hair styles, along with a host of other studs in no less than 3 of our current CockyBoys films.