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Writers’ Roundup: Porn Stars We’d Love To Date

Porn can be a tough business. Not only does a performer have to work hard on their body, perfect their scene skills, and constantly promote themselves, they also have to deal with a lot of people who misunderstand them, unfairly categorize them, or troll them on social media. We all know not to feed trolls, so let’s celebrate this industry as best we can by lifting up these hard-working performers. Porn is about fun and fantasy, and we decided to fantasize about porn stars we think would make great partners. Of course, these stars are much more than their relationship status, but this was a way for us to look past the stigma that working in porn has created and showcase that they’re worthy of just as much love as the rest of us.


Ok so FIRST OF ALL no woman’s worth should be based on whether or not anyone thinks she would be a good girlfriend. Even my opinion shouldn’t matter to her, and I’m a super cute badass with great opinions. So that being said, there’s lot of porn stars who I think would make pretty baller girlfriends. One of course is Charlotte Sartre. The first time I ever watched one of her videos, Dr. Mercies of Assylum was making an omelet in her ass. It was some wild out there shit, and it certainly isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but goddamnit, it was memorable. I love a woman who knows what she likes and isn’t afraid to express it, even if it grosses out some guy on the internet.

Another thing that makes Charlotte 100% wife material is this tweet from Janice Griffith:


Holy shit, I don’t know about you guys, but the quickest way to MY heart is to arm me to the teeth. Another very cute thing about Charlotte is that she is an animal lover. I’m a sucker for an orange tabby, and Charlotte’s cat Juice is no exception. She also has tarantulas and scorpions and I think lizards too, which just goes to show you that Charlotte has a big heart and can love even the most seemingly unlovable creatures, such as weasels.

I should also mention that Charlotte is already someone’s girlfriend, and that someone is Draven Star, a very lucky lady indeed. Another porn star that I’d wife up in a hot second is Missy Martinez. She’s got the fake-boobs-fake-lips-bimbo-porn-star look down pat, which demonstrates that she is able to commit, a very important quality in a life partner. Also, Missy is hands down one of the funniest women in porn, and I like a lady who can joke about her asshole and peeing and stuff. Last but not least, this is Missy’s pinned tweet:

As you can see, Missy Martinez is a Godly type of woman that you can bring home to meet your parents.

Janice Griffith Missy Martinez Ivy Aura Dana DeArmond


Keeani Lei would be the best girlfriend ever. We would take nice baths and showers together. She would wash me and I would wash her. Sometimes we would hang out with Dana DeArmond, and Dana would boss other people into to washing us all. I would be a very clean person if Keeani Lei was my girlfriend. Nicki Hunter is also into bathtime, and I enjoy watching her play with bubbles. Contrary to what you may have heard she can take it just as good as she gives it out. Both of these woman have performed in over 800 videos combined. I need strong and interesting ladies in my life. I apparently also really need a bath.


If I were to choose just ONE porn star to have as my girlfriend, I would be in a pretty tough position. There’s so many awesome performers out there that I’d be happy to date that narrowing it down seems nearly impossible. But since I have to choose, I would pick Keisha Grey. Keisha Grey just seems so downright date-able for a number of reasons. First of all, there’s that gap in her teeth that I think is pretty adorable. Secondly, she has a really nice body, and is completely unapologetic about her amazing curves. And lastly, she’s just extremely down to earth. Watching her in interviews and seeing her social media presence, it’s obvious to me that Keisha and I would be extremely compatible together. She’s a chill girl with a cute smile and a big butt… who wouldn’t want to take that home to mom?!?

Keisha Grey Marica Hase


Marica Hase – Personally, I believe Marica is one of the best-looking and cutest women in all of porn. Also, Marica isn’t just any Asian starlet — she’s one of the biggest Asian starlets in the American XXX scene today — and she’s developed a rabid following thanks to her sensational work featuring plenty of double anal, triple penetration, bondage, bukkake and more! If that’s not girlfriend material, I’m really not sure what is!

Kink School: Tips From A Master

2016-10-11_15-41-10If you follow this blog, you’ll know that we’re huge fans of fetish studio Severe Sex. Their BDSM education-based series, Kink School, is an excellent resource for anyone curious about the lifestyle or just looking to add kinky elements to their usual bedroom routine. After reviewing Tips From A Dominatrix when it came out over the summer, I was super excited to receive Tips From A MasterI was interested to see what insights were offered from the seasoned Maledoms compared with the advice given by the Dommes in Severe’s previous title.

Scene One: Performer Interviews

Like the former Kink School titles, this film begins with an introductory scene interviewing lifestyle Doms and fetish performers. The questions focus on getting each of the performers’ takes on how they discovered BDSM and how they realistically incorporate kink into their relationships. Familiar faces like Tommy Pistol and Mickey Mod are among the men interviewed. I found it interesting how different each of their perspectives about kink were. While some of the men were dominant 100% of the time in their play and relationships, a few of the performers admitted that dynamics change with different situations. Oddly enough, even though it’s an environment that typically focuses on satisfying the male gaze, porn seems to rarely value the opinion of the men who appear in it. It was refreshing to actually get into the mindset of what makes a Maledom tick. If you’re looking to educate yourself about BDSM, this isn’t a scene to miss.

Scene Two: Charlotte Sartre & Mickey Mod

Now to the fun part: putting all the theory to use! In the first scene, we have stunning Charlotte Sartre dominated by the very debonair Mickey Mod. Mickey begins by looking over and groping Charlotte’s various body parts, paying special attention to her mouth and pussy. Mickey fingers Charlotte for a while and informs her that she’s clearly aroused by how wet she’s become, but refuses to let her cum yet. When in Dom mode, Mickey has a great way of speaking softly, and yet somehow simultaneously coming off as authoritative. His dominance is proven by his commanding presence rather than a showy presentation of force. After refusing her request to orgasm, Mickey proceeds to face-fuck Charlotte and test her deep-throating limits. After thoroughly exploring her throat, Mickey gingerly touches Charlotte’s face and asks if she’s ready to continue. There are no words for how much I appreciate Mickey’s consideration for Charlotte’s comfort and consent throughout the entire scene, even when he’s pounding her ass into oblivion.

2-1 2-2 2-3 2-4

Scene Three: Charlotte Cross & Tommy Pistol

In his interview, Tommy Pistol admits that he likes to keep his work and private life separate. His Dom persona is something he brings out just for work, and after over a decade in the adult industry, it’s safe to say he’s perfected his craft. In this scene, Tommy is dominating busty, natural babe Charlotte Cross. As a submissive, Charlotte’s stamina is impressive; Tommy chokes, canes, gags, and plays with her tits and pussy in a way that is not for beginners. Charlotte is demure and obedient throughout the scene, ensuring to thank Tommy, who she refers to as “sir,” for every pain and pleasure he administers. While lacking just a little in the sensuousness of the first scene, Charlotte and Tommy’s performances deliver on the D/s front.

3-1 3-2 3-3 3-4

Scene Four: Cupcake SinClair & Tim Woodman

In the final scene, Tim Woodman dominates curvy cutie Cupcake SinClair. When submitting to Tim, Cupcake is bubbly and downright giddy in her obeisance. Tim alternates between punishment and pleasure in the scene, flogging Cupcake at first, and then making her cum repeatedly the next. Cupcake is every dominant man’s dream submissive: clearly empowered by giving up her control, she appears to have a sublime experience even while being whipped. Cupcake really made this scene for me, and I hope to see her in more movies soon.

4-1 4-2 4-3 4-4

To see more, watch Tips From A Master now here!

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Up and Coming Tattooed Stars

Summer is almost here, and with the warm weather comes the shedding of most of our clothing as we bare our backs, thighs, and upper arms to the world. It’s during this time of year that we get to show off any body modifications that may have been covered by layers of alpaca in order to endure the unbearably cold winter months. Just as tattoos have become more popular than they were in previous decades, the porn world has acquired an influx of tattooed performers who are helping to change what an “average” porn star looks like. Besides being a niche interest, such as the Alt scene in the early 2000s, tattooed women have been able to amass work outside of the standard alternative studios and work with mainstream directors, stars, and become part of long-term series that are not specifically focused on their body art. This is a brief list of women who have made a definite impression on the industry in 2016, and we are positive we will be seeing more from them.

alby1alby2Alby Rydes is an Alabanian adult film actress. She was born in Albania, and is of mixed Albanian and Cuban heritage. She first traveled to the United States in 2005 and settled down in Miami, Florida. She began performing in porn in 2013 for local Miami companies. At first, she was heavily compared to similarly tattooed porn star, Christy Mack, but soon became popular in her own right. She has many, many tattoos, enough that she claims to have “lost count.” For example, she has a tattoo of a marijuana leaf, the word “Pow,” a slice of pizza, and the word “Bad Ass,” all on her right ass cheek alone. Her Twitter is incredibly entertaining, and shows that besides being super-hot, she has a wicked sense of humor. Alby’s porn dream is to have sex while skydiving.

kim1kim2Kimberly Chi is a cute and diminutive “alt starlet” who officially broke into the industry in 2016. Kimberly’s put the industry on notice with her unique looks, tattoos, and piercings. She’s appeared in a handful of titles for popular and successful companies like Filly Films, Evil Angel, and Burning Angel. And she’s displayed some serious versatility by performing in different genres like interracial, lesbian, and creampie films. Kimberly has a great scene with Marcus London in Exchange Students 2, and she also stars with new director/performer Bryan Gozzling in Hookup Hotshot: Extreme Dating.


charlotte1charlotte2Charlotte Sartre does her own tattoos via the punk “stick and poke” method, which some people refer to as “jailhouse style.” Charlotte has some interesting hobbies, including taxidermy (stuffing and preserving dead animals) and mathematics. She is currently enrolled in college, majoring in accounting. She has an interest in economics overall, and she’s considering becoming a CPA.

Sartre was raised in a small rural town north of Sacramento, CA. She says she was the last person her friends would’ve thought would be doing porn. She’d always been shy, quiet, and not very active in dating or sex for most of her life. She’d been a long fan of BDSM porn behind closed doors, and she began doing cam modeling in 2015 at the age of 20. She soon became a popular model for various BDSM and alternative style adult websites. She intends to primarily stick to BDSM scenes; she finds it less confining and exploitative than mainstream porn.

august1august2Indigo Augustine or Indigo August is known for her fantastic features with mainstream costars, as well as her signature clavicle tattoos.

Originally from New York, Indigo describes growing up on Long Island as being boring. It was a small town community and she never really quite fit in. Despite all that, she was a gifted student and could have graduated early from high school if she wanted to. Besides working with Burning Angel, Indigo has also had the opportunity to work for other popular studios like Vivid, Digital Playground, Evil Angel, and Brazzers. Based on her work, Indigo is anything but shy and she’s performed in boy/girl, lesbian, anal, interracial, and double penetration films. Check out Indigo take on Mike Adriano in Ready for Anal.

luna1luna2Luna Lavey hails from Arizona (though alternate sources suggest she may be from Salt Lake City). She shot her first scene for Burning Angel Entertainment with Mr. Pete, in the film POV Punx 12: Tig Ol’ Bitties.

Luna is known for her body modifications including a large labret piercing, stretched nostril piercings on both nostrils, and forehead implants. Most notably, she has a large tattoo on her left cheek of the word, “Petrichor” (the pleasant smell that precedes a summer storm). There are several pictures of Luna without a facial tattoo, but she sometimes uses a dermablend to cover it up. Luna’s social media accounts focus on her love of suspension performances, vegan cuisine, and great fashion sense.