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Girl/Boy 2 Review

Girl/Boy 2 BoxcoverWhen Girl/Boy 2, the latest from performer/director Dana Vespoli, hit HotMoviesForHer on June 8th, it created a mini sensation in the office. To be honest, it feels new, important, and valuable. Other studios and directors have been exploring gender for years, but the backing of industry leader Evil Angel allows Girl/Boy 2 to reach and influence new audiences. Vespoli builds on the themes of gender fluidity of 2013’s original Girl/Boycasting genderqueer, trans, and cis stars, including the original FTM pornstar Buck Angel in his first ever mainstream straight scene with the stunning Valentina Nappi. Where Girl/Boy used a lot of dialogue between mostly cisgendered performers to communicate gender fluidity, Vespoli allows the performers’ bodies and actions to speak for themselves in Girl/Boy 2, resulting in a powerfully quiet and erotic work of art.


Scene 1 – Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree

Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree

As a huge Bowie fan, I was absolutely thrilled that Dana Vespoli (one of my favorite directors and performers) would do a tribute to Bowie in Girl/Boy 2. Bowie played with gender his entire career, from his Ziggy Stardust persona to the Thin White Duke. He played with stereotypes, theatrical tropes, and sexual identity. Who doesn’t like a masculine body in a tight-fitting dress? If this is your thing then you will love Markus’ look as the Aladdin Sane character, and Dana with an altered Ziggy mask.

Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree

Dana takes the lead as she brings Markus deep in her mouth, but as they start to have sex Markus takes back the dominant position. At times Dana is submissive and pleads with Markus, and at other times she is definitely in charge. Just like the Starman, Dana and Markus create a scene in which they ask the audience what it means to be a boy or a girl. Is it how we like to have sex, or is it the clothes we wear? While there is no definitive answer, watching the shifting dynamics in this scene was really fun.

Dana Vespoli and Markus Dupree


Scene 2 – Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

Sovereign Syre and Venus Lux

When Judy asked if we could do a group review of Girl/Boy 2, I made everyone else choose their scene to review before me. I honestly couldn’t pick because I’ve been excited about the movie and the cast list since I heard about it. The whole movie is dynamite, and I truly enjoyed seeing Sovereign Syre and Venus Lux together. Both women exude confident femininity and supreme sensuality. The opening of the scene, when Venus joins Sovereign on the couch, is ripe with a sense of longing and bubbling desire. The two porn stars tentatively touch hands and furtively glance at each other, as if to suggest they’re not supposed to be together. The scene is quiet but for the crunching of the leather sofa.

Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

And then a gonzo porn rarity happens. Venus’ eyes graze over Sovereign, as if she’s deciding what to do with her friend. Venus and Sovereign start kissing, slowly, delicately. Sovereign slowly strips to her bare, creamy skin while fully clothed Venus begins to choke her. That’s when I noticed the dynamic shift from a nervous set of lovers to one with a slight D/s twist. Venus runs the scene, gently giving directions to a submissive Sovereign. They maintain long stretches of eye contact as if engaged in a call and response pattern of dominance and obedience. It’s so subtle, but it’s absolutely delicious to watch. Venus looks as though she’s evaluating every move Sovereign makes. Sovereign barely talks, but gasps at every nipple pinch, tit slap, girl cock thrust, and cunt fondle Venus delivers.

Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

Compared to most gonzo scenes I’ve watched, Scene 2 of Girl/Boy 2 is so quiet. All of the dialogue is spoken in low tones, and the breathing of the performers seems to indicate actual pleasure rather than dutiful performance. Venus and Sovereign look completely at ease. (Maybe this is due to the lack of contortionist positions in the scene. Also, there are no close-ups of the penetration.) Both ladies are flushed in the face and chest towards the end of the scene, indicating actual arousal. The simultaneous, yet separate, orgasms and dazed post-climax expressions of Sovereign and Venus at the end make this scene intensely erotic, and one of my new favorites.

Venus Lux and Sovereign Syre

-Dee Viant

Scene 3 – Buck Angel and Valentina Nappi

Valentina Nappi and Buck Angel

Looking like a picture-perfect 1950s housewife, the scene opens with stunning Italian star Valentina Nappi sweeping the floor before strapping Buck Angel walks through the door. Buck sits down in an armchair and Valentina begins doting on him like a loving wife, but Buck doesn’t seem all that interested in Valentina, at first. Soon, Valentina uses her feminine wiles and sexy pantyhose to entice Buck into noticing her, and notice he does!

Valentina Nappi and Buck Angel

Once she sees that she’s caught his eye, busty Valentina climbs atop her man’s lap and hastily unbuttons his shirt while kissing him with fervor. Val’s red lipstick smears all over Buck’s lips and mustache, but he doesn’t seem to mind. Buck stands and removes his pants and reveals his shaven pussy. Valentina wastes no time kneeling down before her man and taking his engorged clit in her mouth, while Buck leans over and fingers her pussy.

Buck Angel and Valentina Nappi

After eating Buck’s pussy in a very submissive fashion, Valentina is seated down while Buck hungrily returns the favor. Enthusiastic cunnilingus and finger-fucking ensues from both parties throughout the scene, ending only when each performer has cum multiple times and they are too exhausted to continue. If this scene doesn’t get nominated for an AVN award, I’ll be genuinely surprised.

Buck Angel and Valentina Nappi


Scene 4 – Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Girl/Boy 2 concludes with inimitable non-binary star Jiz Lee joined by pansexual, heavily tattooed Ruckus. Beautiful, butchy Jiz picks up hitchhiker Ruckus, clad in a breezy orange sundress, in a blue mustang alongside a California mountain road. Without a word, the couple parks at a scenic look-out point (they have company – the white minivan next to them also contains a couple making out). Jiz sits Ruckus up on the hood of the car for a bit of kissing that quickly turns into cocksucking, and Ruckus’ cock looks gorgeous against their dress.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Jiz plays a bit of an aggressor and Vespoli’s camera keeps the focus on Ruckus laying back, looking pretty, and enjoying the blowjob. After a few minutes, it’s Jiz’s turn, and they switch places with Ruckus, laying back on the hood and getting their pussy eaten. These two make for an incredibly sexy visual; Ruckus is tan, tatted, and their shoulders look particularly broad and strong in the skimpy spaghetti straps of their dress. Jiz, on the other hand, looks pale in the sun, and their body is both strong and feminine in their black tanktop, dark jeans, and leather chaps.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

Ruckus finger fucks Jiz while Jiz rubs their clit, Ruckus’ brown hair flopping around as they stare at Jiz, leading to Jiz’s first orgasm. Jiz orders Ruckus back up on the car and continues sucking cock before the condom comes on. Jiz briefly grinds their pussy on Ruckus’ cock before slipping it inside for some cowgirl.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

When Jiz pulls Ruckus into a sitting position, it strikes me how often we see male performers repositioning their female counterparts, but not the other way around, and that the radicalism of this scene goes much farther than just casting genderqueer performers. There were times where I wanted Jiz to peg Ruckus, but I actually don’t miss it. I feel like that may have been too obvious, and that Vespoli and her performers have much more subtle and more powerful ways of undermining the typical binary structures of pornography.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

The scene continues with Jiz and Ruckus fucking in missionary, where Jiz rubs their clit to another orgasm. Ruckus leans back onto the hood and Jiz pull the condom off and jerks Ruckus to orgasm, their ropy cum pooling on pubes and belly. Ruckus is left waving goodbye on the side of the road as Jiz drives off, concluding a great scene in a soon-to-be legendary film.

Jiz Lee and Ruckus

-Judy Hologram

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My Name is Andi, and I’m Here to Watch You Masturbate – My Experience Working With Buck Angel

Buck Angel
Buck Angel

As a burgeoning photographer, Buck Angel took a chance on me to shoot content for his Sexing the Transman series. As a cis-gendered female with no previous porn experience, I was honored, ambitious, and totally scared I would fuck it up. Luckily for all of us things went well, and I have gone on to photograph more of Buck’s movies, mainstream work, and other trans content. But, if you get down to basic facts, I started my photography career by watching people masturbate.                                                                                       DSC_0145

I was the photographer for scenes included in Sexing the Transman Volume Two  and Volume 3, and one scene in Volume Four. While I had been on other adult sets before to shoot fetish content, I had never photographed oral or penetrative sex. The scenes I had shot were mostly posing, spanking, a little whipping, and bondage. There was more of a theatrical sort of atmosphere in those shoots, and sometimes they were a little campy–on purpose–but this was my first time being on a set with trans men doing solo scenes. I didn’t know much about trans men’s sexuality, except for my conversations with Buck and various other friends, and I had never been in a sexual relationship with a trans person. Not only was I nervous about doing well with the photography, I was nervous about making any kind of mistake that would negatively affect the performer.

IMG_3827Often in movies we see a stereotype of a male photographer coercing a female subject into being more suggestive with her body, saying things like “Yeah, baby. Give me more of that. You’re so hot.” I didn’t want to be that creepy photographer, and I was very conscious of the fact that I was a cis-female being let into an intimate space, and I wanted to be respectful and professional. Since Buck was the director, I took cues from him.

Dicky Johnson signing his first 2257
Dicky Johnson signing his first 2257

The first thing  we did was get set up in the main room where the guys would be doing their scenes. The room was spacious, and had a ton of natural light. I had brought my super-fancy light set, but ended up not really needing to use it due to the sky light and open layout. While I was setting up, Buck began setting up lube, gloves, bottles of water, towels and sheets, and the most important element in any porn shoot, 2257 documents.  As you may know, the 2257 document certifies that the performer is at least 18 years old. This enables them to be able to participate in on-camera sex. This form plus the performer’s identification must be documented before the sex can begin.

Rude Bwoy
Rude Bwoy

The first guy to perform was Rude Bwoy. Buck set him up by a window, and began asking him a few questions, and I starting to doing test shots of them.  As I was shooting, Buck started his interview. Buck asked Rude Bwoy about his life experience, when he began his transition, his interests and talents (he is a poet and MC), and what turns him on. I did some shots with Rude Bwoy, he got naked and started performing, and at one point I left the room so that they could finish the scene.

Dicky Johnson
Dicky Johnson

This process was repeated with Dicky Johnson, who was doing his first ever porn shoot. Dicky and I had a chance to talk for awhile, I got some pictures, and then I left the room so that he could do his scene. I came back after they were finished and took more pictures of a very relaxed, and happy Mr. Johnson.

Dominic Reinhard
Dominic Reinhard

Then came Dominic Reinhard. Dominic is a smiling and bright individual, and his interview in Sexing the Transman Volume Two is wonderful. I did some shots of Dominic, and he got naked. I was about to leave, but he said he didn’t mind if I was there while he did his scene. Buck said that was great so that we could get more in-depth footage of Dominic jerking off. As the day went on I had become more comfortable with my photography ability, and my presence in the day’s activities. But, I hadn’t watched the two other guys get off. To an extent, I was unsure of how to behave while the scene was happening. I knew to be quiet, not shoot right by the microphone, and to stay out of frame, but was it OK for me to be staring straight at the performer? Then it happened. Dominic had been jerking off more quickly and then he started squirting as he climaxed. I was upset that I hadn’t gotten that shot, but then I realized that he wasn’t done. I got in a bit closer to photograph and I realized a few drops of his cum had gotten onto my camera lens, and he kept on going. Sometimes Dominic was looking at me while he was jerking off, but then he would look at the camera too. His eyes were closed when he came, and he came a few times. I was struck by how what Dominic was doing was performative. I mean, he wouldn’t necessarily be standing and spreading his legs in a certain way, or making sure he was in the light if he were alone, but it was also incredibly intimate. I tried the best I could to be professional, but I wasn’t exactly sure if being too professional would kill the mood. This was not the same as shooting fetish at all, because there was no camp to play to. This was someone, very openly, sharing themselves with me in a way that I had never experienced before except for in my personal relationships. It was honest, real, and amazingly fucking hot.

IMG_3820After my experience on that shoot, Buck decided that he liked working with me and he asked me to participate in future projects. I was reacquainted with Rude Bwoy on my second shoot, and his girlfriend at the time, who is a trans woman. Since I knew Rude Bwoy, this shoot was a bit less stressful for me, and we ended up laughing at really silly jokes, and making plans to work together on other projects. Other shoots I worked on with Buck were with trans men and their partners.


While many directors interview their performers before or after a shoot, Buck’s questions usually have more to do with giving the performer a platform to talk about their sexuality rather than an attempt to turn the viewer on. These conversations usually turn into questions about what turns the performer on, but the performer is always presented as a thoughtful person who exists beyond their gender or sexual identity, who has agency and wants to display their sexuality in a public forum.

I am grateful to Buck for giving me a start in this industry, and for allowing me to be a part of a project that means so much to him. Since these gigs I have gone on to do some really neat projects, and I keep working to get better at what I do. For all the grandiose ideals I may have wrapped up in photography, sexual politics, and my place in those worlds, I really have to laugh at myself because I got my start watching people masturbate, and that is pretty cool all on its own.

Riding Into the Sunset – J.D. Bauchery Says Goodbye!

Well, my friends, the time has come.  After 5 and a half years, today is my last day at HotMoviesForHer.com.  While I inherited the site from a bunch of amazing women (Venus, Essin’ Em and The Porn Librarian, to name a few), over the years I’ve come to consider HM4Her my baby.  It has been a great honor to help create a space to talk about women’s sexuality and offer up hot movies for all to watch and enjoy.  I am lucky to have had the opportunity to help folks get off for such a long time!

As I wrap up my time here, I wanted to look back a little and reminisce over some of the awesome stuff that I’ve had the chance to experience. For time’s sake, I’ll keep it to a brief top five.

1.  I’ve worked with some pretty freaking awesome people in the time that I’ve been at HM4Her.  Seriously, these ladies are bad ass!  (Pics are JD and The Porn Librarian; Ginger, Jo and JD; Ginger and JD; and Janie and JD)


And got to meet some amazing folks in the biz, like Erika Lust, April Flores, Carol QueenNina Hartley and Jiz Lee, among so many others.


2.  I got to use the blog as a teaching tool to offer up realistic, non-judgmental sex education to the masses, in a way that I never thought was preachy or uncomfortable.  My favorite sexy education posts I’ve written are:

– My very first blog post: Introducing J.D. – Your Newest Sexpert Extraordinaire, which talked about anal sex.

HotMovies4Her Sex Tips – Getting Real About 4 Popular Sex Beliefs

HotMovies4Her Tips – How To Be An Empowered Submissive

HotMovies4Her Tips – Goal-Oriented vs. Pleasure-Oriented Sexin’

Hot Pink: Sex and Cancer

3.  I’ve had the amazing fortune of getting to go to The Dinah and The Feminist Porn Awards for multiple years and connect with our readers/viewers.  I love talking to people about HotMoviesForHer and porn in general.  There is nothing quite like seeing someone realize for the first time that there really is porn out there they they could enjoy.

The Dinah!


The Feminist Porn Awards!



4.  Over the last five years, I have reviewed an insane amount of sex toys.  Like a lot a lot.  My toybox runneth over for real.  Some of my absolute favorite toys to review were:

– SpareParts’ Joque Harness
– Topsy Turvy
– Kinklab’s Triple Leather Slapper
– Fleshlight Freaks – Frankenstein
– Handmade Leather Restraints From Project TransAction
 -Pure Wand
– Hitachi Magic Wand

5.  And lastly, the porn.  Seriously guys, I can’t even pick a few movies to put in a list here.  I’ve watched a ridiculous about of porn in the last five years – some of it good, some of it bad, but all of it pervy, just the way I love it.

Thank you all for making my last five years awesome.


-J.D. Bauchery

Cringeworthy Crotch Facts and Sexy Science – Link Love Is Here!

Happy Humpday Plus!  Welcome back to the midweek(ish) stretch.  This week has been little less hardcore than usual with the soft opening thanks to the holiday, and that mixed with taking off to celebrate a big birthday, a few things got pushed back a bit, including Link Love.  But not to worry, I am back, and I am on it – getting ready to bring you the best of the internet’s sexy news.

– While it make make us a little squirmy, let’s start this Link Love off with ten unsettling facts about male genitalia.  Any link that referenced penile rupture gets a cringe out of me for sure.

– Apparently New York tops the list when it comes to BDSM porn searches online.  Way to get kinky, Big Apple!

– Ooooooh!  Buck Angel launched a new dating site specific for trans folks!  How sexy is that?!?  If I wasn’t already engaged to the hottest trans man ever, you know where my mouse would be pointed… Thanks Buck!

– Last week we reported on porn outlets seeking the newly legal Courtney Stodden to do movies.  This week we learn that Courtney said nay to movies, but decided to go with posing in Playboy… that is until Playboy declined to feature her, citing too much “enhancement.”

– Speaking of the the Hollywood set, it’s rumored that Shia LeBeouf sent director Lars von Trier his own personal sex tape (with girlfriend Karolyn Pho) to land a part in his latest movie, Nymphomaniac.  True or not, I’d vote to give him the part.

– Sure, we know that texting while driving is a no-no, it turns out that accidents involving cars and sex are actually a lot more common than you may think.

– And lastly, science can be so sexy sometimes!

Hope this gets you through til the weekend (which is so close we can taste it!).


Top Trans Tuesday: My Five Trans Porn Picks – Take 2!

This week, our Top Five Tuesday is all about trans folks…again!  That’s right, this very same week last year I rocked the Top Five Tuesday with the same topic.  And just as I was in 2011, this week I am headed back to the  Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, an amazing conference that focuses on the needs and issues of folks of transgender and gender variant experience.  And again I’m not only attending, but also presenting a workshop.  Last year I did a porn workshop with the fantastic Drew Deveaux, and this time around the education collaborative I co-run is presenting on relationship navigation and communication for partners of trans folks.  Very exciting.  Anyway, in honor of the conference, here is an updated Top Trans Tuesday for 2012!

Sophia St. James seriously is a saint for bringing us this awesomely kinky bed and breakfast getaway.  So much hot queer sex!!!  My favorite scene is the second, with  and Marxxx heading down to a basement place space decked out with all the swings and kinky accoutrement that any pervert would long for. Yum.  Maya gets into the swing and rocks a Hitachi on her bits while Marxxx has their way with her asshole.  If you are looking for some transman on transwoman action, definitely check this out!
What do you get when you mix a super duper sexy performer with the 2012 Feminist Porn Awards Heartthrob of the Year and a big beautiful bathroom?  A ridiculously hot two parter from our friends at .  It’s a good thing cis-gendered dude  and transman  (our aforementioned heartthrob) are getting it on in a bathtub, because man are those guys getting down and dirty!  And at less than 20 minutes long, you have time to press replay when it’s finished!
: At this point, I’ve been to Buck Angel‘s workshop of the same name twice because this is such a great movie.  But don’t bother believing me, just ask all the panel members of the Feminist Porn Awards – the people that awarded this movie Most Tantalizing Trans Film for 2012.  Yep, it’s that awesome.
: Those dudes over at  seriously know how to throw a party!  Lube wrestling, hot guys and lots of slippery – what else do you need, right?  This flick is a little older than some others on this list, but still totally delicious and full to the brim with trans-masculine foxes.
Doing It Ourselves – The Trans Women Porn Project: I know this movie was on last year’s list of top trans picks, but honestly, it’s so great that I have to continue it’s reign for another year.  I mean really, a bunch of transwomen realized that they didn’t see themselves represented in porn, so they decided to create their own and and make sure that they were visible in the porn world – how awesome is that?  And honestly, there aren’t that many porn movies with transwomen in them that give a real and accurate portrayal of their sexuality – or at least ones with out exploitative and offensive language.  Just sayin’.  Definitely watch this one!  Thanks Tobi Hill-Meyer!



2012 Feminist Porn Awards – Recap 3: The Main EVENT!

And we are BACK with Recap number three of my trip to Toronto for the 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards.  This time we are ready to actually get to the action of the awards gala, and we hope you are ready too, because this is going to be a media heavy event.  I’m talking LOTS of pictures and videos crammed into this porn award extravaganza of a post.  So, if you’ve put your helmet on and packed your lunch, let’s get to it.

Just to get a feel for how crowded the standing-room-only event was, here is a shot of the crowd before the awards started.  All those empty seats were filled and then some!  Plus a balcony.  Yeah, it was awesome.

The awards kicked off with a fantastic dance troupe Ill Na Na doing a stellar performance.

I don’t even know how to explain it, other than amazingness.  I mean, look at that action shot! Love it!

The host Elvira Kurt took the stage to welcome us and introduce the first presenter, the fabulous Tristan Taormino!  There were so many awards to give that the gala that many of the presenters did double duty, doling out two awards.  Tristan started the party off announcing the award for Hottest Lesbian Vignette, which went to Jincey Lumpkin for her film Boutique.  Next up she announced the Sexiest Short movie, which was taken by Toronto local N. Maxwell Lander’s super hot flick, Emile, a beautiful movie of her girlfriend getting herself off and smoking cigarettes.  Really, really hot.

Check out N. Maxwell Lander accepting her butt plug and her girlfriend clapping off to the right (behind the ASL interpreter).  Congrats to you both!

Next jury members (the ones that chose the winners) Skye Blue and Joseph Pauls took the stage to announce Steamiest Straight Movie winner, The Female Voyer by Petra Joy (who was unfortunately not at the awards), and the Most Deliciously Diverse Cast winner, FUCKSTYLES (of the queer and famous) by Courtney Trouble and Tina Horn.

Congrats to Courtney, Tina and all the awesome queers involved!

Good For Her owner Carlyle Jensen and Professor Sheila Cavanagh (also on the jury) headed on stage next to present Most Arousing Adaptation and Smutty School Teacher Award For Sex Education, which went respectively to Nica Noelle’s Last Tango (wasn’t there to accept the award) and Tristan Taormino’s The Expert Guide To Advanced Anal Sex. I was lucky enough to catch Tristan accepting this awesome award for the second year in a row!  Woohoo sex education!!

Next on stage we got a special treat with a performance by the amazing Olive-or-Oliver, a transgender burlesque circus-y performer with a special attraction to all things shiny and glittery.  It was awesome!

After the sparkly Olive-or-Oliver left the stage, FPA organizers Carla Henderson and Lorraine Hewitt came up and gave nod to four amazing Honorable Mentions, including Seminal by Bren Ryder, TressPass by Bianca Stone and Ned Mayhem, Brunch Bunch by Ian Sparks (Woohoo!) and Switch: Hometown Hotties by Carrie Grey.  I haven’t seen all of these movies, but from the clips, holy hell do I need to!

Then we took a little intermission break to stretch our leggies and ring out our soaking panties…  And we are back!

Allyson Mitchell & Eden Baylee headed to the stage to present the honored websites of the night.  I’ll admit I have no recollection of who these two women were (sorry!), but the winners of the website honors went to CrashPadSeries.com (Shine Louise Houston), LilyCade.com (Lily Cade), DaneJones.com, and JizLee.com (Jiz Lee)!!

Lily accepted for her win.

While Jiz went on stage for both their own win, as well as to accept CrashPad’s butt plug as well.

All those sites are seriously deserving of honor and I am so glad they were given plugs!

Before we got to the next award, the audience were privy to a special surprise treat… Buck Angel giving us a super steamy striptease!  I’m so happy I got this on film (minus a few seconds because someone needed to move in front of the camera to sit down – seriously people, could you not see I was filming something important?!? Animals!)

Holy crap was it awesome!  Who doesn’t love a sexy surprise like that?!  Especially the part where he doused himself in lube! Woah!

Fleshbot’s Lux Alptraum hit the lube-filled stage next, presenting Hottest Kink Movie to Julie Simone’s Vicious Strap-On Bitches (no Julie Simone to accept, booo) and Hottest Dyke Film to Hella Brown: Real Sex In The City by Nenna!!!  I was super disappointed to not get a good picture or video of her accepting the award, because Neena is seriously awesome.  Congrats!!

I know I have the order of the evening a little mixed up, but I will say that CoCo La Creme took to the stage next, where she was looking for some hot stuff, baby, and looking to give us a balloon-filled action.

By the end, all those balloons were popped and we definitely found that hot stuff that CoCo was seeking.  Yum, right?

All throughout the evening, co-host Ryan G. Hinds would pop up on the big screen and do interviews with performers and directors.  He met up for a super cute rendezvous with Jiz Lee and I just had to share the video.

Seriously sexy Cliks front man Lucas Silveira headed to the podium to present Orgasmic Original Concept to the amazing Cheryl Dunye for her film Mommy Is Coming (which I cannot wait to watch in entirety!!) and Most Tantalizing Trans Film to the man of the hour (how could he not be with that strip tease?), Buck Angel for Sexing The Transman XXX!

Congrats to Buck – as well as James Darling, who was in the movie, and Lucas Silveira, who was in the non-XXX version.

Next up 2011 Heartthrob of the Year Drew DeVeaux took the stage to pass her crown to the this year’s winner… James Darling!!!

Woohoo!  Congrats James Darling!  That role is so fitting.

Ill Na Na returned to the stage for another amazing performance before the Good For Her folks came up to thank the organizers, volunteer and everyone involved in the production of the awards weekend.  And then it was time for Movie Of The Year.

Yep, that’s when your friendly neighborhood porn blogger took to the stage to present.

Thanks to my party buddy Jess for taking pictures while I was doing my thing.  I don’t love being up on stage in front of tons of folks, so I said my thing and announced the Movie Of The Year Cabaret Desire by Erika Lust!!!

Major congrats to Erika Lust for this totally deserved win!!  And with that, the awards gala transformed into a rockin’ dance party! And I was able to get some exciting pictures of folks with their awards.

Erika Lust – Movie Of The Year!

Erika and N. Maxwell Lander – Sexiest Short.

Dylan Ryan, Nenna (Hottest Dyke Film) and Drew DeVeaux.

I also had the great fortune of slipping into a stall in the bathroom with Dylan Ryan and James Darling to have a little chat after the awards.  Gotta love folks who will pack into a bathroom stall with me to do an interview.

After we emerged from the bathroom, I headed over to the photo wall thing to grab a few pictures.

One with Tristan Taormino and Buck Angel.

And one with Buck Angel and myself!

And that, my friends is the end!  That you for taking this crazy trip with me!  And if you are interested in seeing some real photos from the evening, take a look at the Feminist Porn Award’s facebook, where there are some amazing shots!

Hope you enjoyed the recaps!  Thank you Good For Her! We can’t wait til 2013!!


Feminist Porn Awards – Recap 2: Pre-Awards Party!

Welcome back for recap two of my whirlwind trip to Toronto for the 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards!  When we left off on Recap 1, we were just getting into Friday, the day of the awards gala.  I won’t bore you with the details of my day, which just involved hanging around and getting ready for the evening really.

A few weeks back, the folks who put the awards on asked me if I was interested in getting my hair and makeup done for the show, since I was presenting an award. If you know me at all, you know how excited I was by the prospect of actually looking put together. So, I started off the evening doing that before getting down and dirty into the VIP pre-awards party and the ceremony.

Not bad, if I do say so myself.

Anyway, the pre-awards party was a time where stars and porno folks in town for the FPAs could meet with the press and photographers to chat about their work.  Being the high-tech photog that I am, I took my fancy camera (cough, cough, iPhone) and got a few snaps of some of the awesome people getting ready for the awards.

First up was Tristan Taormino and Buck Angel, who both had movies up for awards this year.

 Also up for awards was Lily Cade, who was more than happy to give me both front and back access for photos.

Why, hello nice ass in a well tailored suit.  It’s so nice to meet you.  I did get a photo of Lily’s beautiful date, performer Ela Darling, but my phone took such washed out pictures with the flash on, that I can’t put those pictures up here in good conscience.

I was happy really that this photo I got of director Erika Lust came out alright, because she is seriously adorable, along with being the sweetest.

I also really love this next picture because it illustrates just how vibrant and fun Erika Lust is, and I’m sure you know how hard it is to capture that in picture form. Iphone did me well here.

Alright, a few more before we get into the actual awards.  This is going to be a long post, so I hope you packed some lube, and maybe a snack.

Next up James Darling and Tina Horn posed for my camera and James let me go on about how much I enjoy and appreciate his work.

I also got a chance to grab a picture of Arabelle Raphael and Courtney Trouble before we started toward our seats for the awards to begin.

As the theater began filling up, the main screen above the stage projected the #FPA2012 Twitter feed going on. It was really fun to watch all of the folks that were there, and the folks watching the livefeed of the awards, all talking about what was going on there.

I tweeted a couple of times just to see my tweets up on the screen.  What, you know everyone else was doing the exact same thing.

And finally, I grabbed Alison Lee (who used to put the awards together) and Dylan Ryan for a quick picture, just as the awards we about to get underway.

Ok!  And now for the awards!!!  In Recap 3!


2012 Feminist Porn Awards – Recap 1: Arrival, Party, Panel!

This past weekend, I had the great fortune of returning to Toronto for the 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards!  This awesome ceremony celebrates all the fantastic folks who are working hard to make porn as ethical, diverse and downright sexy as possible.  For the last four years, HotMoviesForHer as had the honor of sponsoring the awards and to show our support, I’ve (JD) got the chance to go and help ring in the festivities.

Each year the awards weekend gets more and more exciting, with 2012 beginning on Wednesday, April 18th with Buck Angel’s ‘Sexing The Transman’ workshop (which I’ve been to in Philly twice and is awesome), then moving into Thursday’s Public. Provocative. Porn: The Year’s Best In Feminist Film screening and panel, Friday’s 7th Annual Feminist Porn Awards Gala, Saturday’s ‘Making Your Open Relationship Work’ with Tristan Taormino and Sunday’s “Dirty Talk” with Tina Horn.  Plus Drew DeVeaux dance party on Thursday night and play party on Saturday night, hosted by Aslan Leather.  Holy hot weekend, right?  I’m getting warm under the collar just thinking about it all.

On Thursday morning I got up bright and early at 4:30 am, got a ride to the airport from one of my dear friends (seriously, Kira, you are a mensch!) and hoped an early flight into Toronto, where I dropped by bags at the hotel and met up with the lovely Alison Lee (the fabulous woman who previously put the awards together) for lunch and a date in the park. Afterwards I was able to check into my room, get ready and head out to meet up with fantastic feminist director Erika Lust for an interview (which will be up on the site asap!).

Getting a chance to sit down with Erika Lust was one of my porn blogger dreams.  Not only is she extremely smart and passionate about the work she does, she is one of the sweetest people I’ve ever met.  Seriously awesome.  I won’t go into all the stuff we talked about, because it’s a long interview and will be up on the site shortly.  I’ll just say that the whole experience was all I ever could have hoped for and I can’t wait to put the video up!

After our interview, Erika, her partner, Pablo, and I met up with Buck and Elayne Angel and Nenna (the amazing director of Tight Places: A Drop Of Color) to go over to Good For Her (the fabulous shop that puts the FPAs on) for a pre-screening/panel party for all the porn folks in town. There I got to meet Carla who put together the awards this year and a whole bunch of other fun folks from Good For Her.  I also had the chance to meet a few other porn people that I haven’t meet before, including Lily CadeEla Darling (who is, in fact, darling), Arabelle Raphael and James Darling (swoon).  And I got to see a few old favorites, like Courtney Trouble, Tristan Taorminoand Jiz Lee.

While we were at the party, I pulled a few folks downstairs to chat and interview with my little flip cam.  First up was Lily Cade, who was at the awards with a few nominated films and a nom for her website, www.lilycade.com.

Sorry about the shaky videos – I am far from a photographer or videographer.  Next year maybe I should invest in a tripod…

Courtney Trouble, Nenna, Arabelle Raphael

I also got to spend a little interview love with Courtney Trouble and Nenna, both who shared about the awesome new projects they had up for awards.  Take a look!


Courtney Trouble

After the gathering, we all walked over to the theater for Public. Provocative. Porn: The Year’s Best In Feminist Film screening and panel, where Nenna, Erika Lust, N. Maxwell Lander and Buck Angel all showed snippets of their nominated works, as well as took the stage for a little Q & A.

Left to right: Moderator CoCo La Crème, Erika Lust, N. Maxwell Lander, Nenna, and Buck Angel.

Each movie was hotter than than the next and I was able to get a little footage of some of the folks doing their own intros.

Erika Lust

And Buck Angel

And a little clip of the panel action.  Again, clearly I am not a videographer.

Anyway, It was a fantastic evening that ended with a dance party hosted by 2011 Feminist Porn Heartthrob of the Year Drew DeVeaux.  What a lovely welcome to the 2012 awards!

Keep a look out for Recap 2 – the actual awards gala!

Top Five Tuesday – Feminist Porn Award Nominees!

The 2012 Feminist Porn Awards are coming at us fast! In only two days I will be heading to the Great White North to help celebrate some of the hottest dirty movies of the past year. Pretty exciting, huh? And not only that – I have the honor of presenting the Movie Of The Year Award again this year, which thrills me and makes me full of stage fright at the very same time.  Anyway, to help usher in the 2012 FPAs, take a look at our top five picks from this year’s list of noms!

Tristan Taormino’s Expert Guide To Advanced Anal SexI’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Tristan Taormino is fucking amazing when it comes to giving concise, easy-to-use, sexy education (I’m a sex educator – I know these things.)   As an expert on all things anal, Tristan brings her skills to the screen and gives us all the goods on getting it on butt-style in more advanced ways.  She really is the one person I would trust my ass with above anyone else.

Cabaret Desire Erika Lust always offer up seriously amazing movies that are perfect for women, men and whoever else is into erotic delights! This latest masterpiece has sensual readings and steamiest sex come together at a magical, bohemian place called the Cabaret Desire. Mmm, even the name makes us a little warm under the collar. Definitely spend some time at this delicious destination!
Buck Angel’s Sexing The Transman XXX – This collection of interviews and masturbation scenes featuring four different transmen offers up the delicious variations of the transmasculine experience.  Each dude gets a chance to talk a little bit about how and who he likes to have sex with, and how his sexuality has changed since starting hormones, all before stripping down and getting it on solo! While all of it is super exciting and hot, it’s also so important for other transguys to see people like them enjoying their sexuality.  Never underestimate the empowerment of recognition and the indirect permission that comes along with it. This movie gave me a boner, both in my pants and in my brain – my favorite kind.
The Female VoyeurDished up in three vignettes, this movie focuses on just how visually-charged women can be, and how much they like watching sexy exchanges.  Each piece is extra sultry and features a collection of beautiful performers that exude obvious chemistry – in both pairs and during group sex! Yum!  Along with all this delicious content, the actual quality is super high end as well, with elegant sets and post-production galore.  There is definitely something to be said for the trend of amazing quality in erotic, sex-positive porno.  Don’t think we didn’t notice, Petra Joy!
Brunch Bunch: Queerly SF (Disc 1) Brunch Bunch is full of trans-identified folks with a whole bunch of different bodies, playing together and experience pleasure in a ton of various ways.  It’s always awesome to see folks get off in the ways that work best for them, as well as important for other people to see that there is no one way to use your body, no matter how you experience your body.  While this may not have been made with a teachable moment in mind, this sexy educator just brought it there. If hot queer action is your thing, you’ve just hit the mother load.

Good luck to all the noms!! I can’t wait til the awards!


Buck Angel Does Philly (Again!) – Video Interviews!

You know you live a charmed life when you can take work home for the weekend and really not be bummed about it at all.  I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I can’t say I was too upset about getting a chance to hang out with Buck Angel this weekend.  Tough work, but someone has to do it, right?  Anyway, that’s right, I was lucky enough to spend some time with the trans porn pioneer a few times this weekend, including going to his “Sexing The Transman” workshop on Friday (for the second time – it was that good), having a little brunch on Sunday (where my hot trans partner happens to cook delicious food) and spending some time hanging out while Buck shot footage for the second volume of “Sexing the Transman XXX.”

(Buck and JD, from last year when he was in Philly)

Before I even got a chance to sit down with Buck and chat for a bit, I was able to nab some time with Rude Bwoy, Buck’s newest star and subject (as well as one of my friends and fellow Philly queers).  Rude Bwoy was nice enough to hang with me for a minute and talk about his first experience in front of the porno camera.

How cute is he, right?  Totally adorable… and definitely one to look out for when the movie comes out.  When I did the interview I didn’t realize that Rude Bwoy hadn’t actually shot his masturbation scene yet (oops, since I asked all these questions assuming that it had already happened!), but it ended up that he was about to jerk off when I stopped by, so we did the interview first.  But all’s well that ends well because it ended up that Rude Bwoy wanted a little extra dirty visuals, so I pulled up the mobile HotMoviesForHer on my phone and was able to provide a little porno action.  Yes, I know that it totally sounds like I am a commercial for HM4Her, but really, it happened and I was so excited to play with the mobile site (because really, how much porn can one reviewer watch?).

After hanging out with Rude Bwoy, Buck went to go shoot his jerk off scene and I hung out with the fabulous photographer, Rude Bwoy’s friend, and a lovely gentleman that turns out to be the SoloSuck.com Video guy (which is hella impressive!).  Once Buck was done – or should I say, when Rude Bwoy was done, we sat down for a few to chat about the projects he has been working on.

It’s always such a pleasure to hang out with Buck Angel.  I’m thrilled that I got a chance to spend some time with him this time around while he was in Philly.  We are actually both off to Toronto later this week for the Feminist Porn Awards, so hopefully I’ll actually remember to take a picture with him!