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10 WTF Halloween Costumes With Their WTF Descriptions

If you get through this post without shaking your head in disgust, then….well I just don’t want to be friends with you anymore. Common denominator: boobs.


A Peacock

“The peacock is one bird that knows how to do it right. If you want to get the attention of someone special, just display some bright colored feathers and show off your best moves. Of course, most humans aren’t naturally born with a set of sexy feathers, but we got the cure for that. This costume brings together those beautiful feathers and a showgirl style that no bird could ever pull off.”



Leonardo, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle

“TMNT! Costume includes: Printed t-shirt (front & back) with character eye mask.” $31




Mickey Mouse…I Think

“This three piece sexy tux and ears costume includes s pull-on, stretch tube romper with a cheeky cut back, black stretch shrug and cuddle plush ear headband. (Leg warmers not included.)”




“Enjoy ocean life as a sassy fish in this Naughty Nemo Costume! Leg warmers and elbow fins are included with the dress. Add a pair of black shoes to complete your costume. Have them saying Nem-OH! in this sassy fish costume!”




“Take an oath of evil on Halloween when you wear this Bad Habit Nun Adult Womens Costume. Wearing this sexy turtle neck dress with bare cleavage, attached tulip skirt, headpiece, glovelettes and thigh highs, you can be as naughty as you want.”




“You’ll look good enough to eat in this Sexy Watermelon costume. This Yandy exclusive costume includes a tube-style plush mini dress with a bite-shaped cut out side, watermelon seed detail and green rind hemline. The fabric for this costume is ultra plush and unbelievably soft, warm and cuddly!”



Chinese Take Out


“This is a very clever costume. You know those containers you get when your order Chinese take-out? Well this dress is modeled after them. The front of the dress has a Pagoda with Thank You printed underneath it. On each breast you will see the word Enjoy. Across the upper back are the words, Take Me Out. This funny outfit even has a fortune cookie headband with a fortune inside that reads “you are one smart cookie”. We have Asian wigs and sexy red shoes that would go perfectly with this costume. Now you’ll get to go on a Halloween date and let him enjoy some take out.”



Wet Tee Shirt

“It might not be as warm outside as it was during the summer, but that’s no excuse to not have a wet t-shirt contest. Blow the other competitors in the dust with this Wet T-Shirt Winner Costume. Plus, I’ve heard that contest winners get all their drinks for free!”



American Flag

“this American Beauty Adult Women’s Dress. Shimmery flag dress has classic star and stripe print and extends into one sleeve that drapes down and connects to the hemline of the dress. “



Boob Hands

“Double-takes are guaranteed when you wear this funny Adult Hands Over Chest T-Shirt! Wear it with your own faded jeans. The strategically-placed hands are suggestive, but you’re still covered. You can look like you’re going wild, without actually going wild!”



A Day in the Life of Helly Hellfire

Continuing the A Day in the Life of a porn star series, we have the honor of presenting to you, bombastic sex lady Helly “Hellywood” Hellfire. This fierce betty is a DJ’ing legend, having schooled dance clubs internationally with her illustrious music knowledge repertoire. Helly is also a fine star in the adult entertainment world as well. So ogle over her beautifully crafted ink and go on to read what a random day for her holds.



10am: I wake up and make fresh juice (my favorite is spinach, lemon, apple, ginger). Then, I finalize my packing so I can hit the road, because I’ve got a long drive ahead to Vegas where I’ll be DJ’ing and signing at the Exotic Dancer Expo.

noon: My boyfriend Tak has just pulled in the drive and I’m ready to leave the house. We make a quick pit stop at the tanning salon to get a last minute spray tan…Gotta have dark bronzer for extra shimmer!

1:30pm: I’m picking up my new business cards and DJ booth banner from Next Day Flyers. Now, I can finally be on my way.

 3:30pm: Now, I’m sitting at an auto shop just outside of Los Angeles. There seems to be a problem with the thermostat on Tak’s car. This wouldn’t have happened if we’d taken my Mustang. This reminds me why I don’t buy foreign cars! American cars for life!

4:30pm: Its going take about 2 hours to replace the part, so I head over to the AM/PM station next door for an iced coffee.

6pm: One thermostat & a fan clutch later, we’re back in business! Not even in Vegas & we’re already $400 down. I’m going to have to manifest some luck and make that money back at the roulette table tonight. Tak is kinda pissed off right now, so I suggest we go around out back of the garage and have rough sex to let off some steam. He said he’s afraid he might hurt me. I assure him I can take it! 😉

6:15pm: I take a quick rinse in the sink. My spray tan is coming in nice & dark! I head back to the car & we’re back on the road. I play Judas Priest “Heading Out to the Highway” to get us back in road trip mode.

11pm: I’m finally checked into the hotel room. I’m going to jump in the tub and get caught up on the latest episode of True Blood. What a day! I’m going to bed early tonight, because I have to be up tomorrow at 7am so I can be ready to hit the expo tomorrow.

midnight: I check into my Facebook & Twitter profiles to retweet press releases from my amazing publicist Erika Icon at The Rub PR. I wish my friends and fans “Good night Peepz!” Now, I’m ready to crawl under the sheets with my Zombie Bear: Dead Ted.



Kick it with her every day via Twitter, and please do yourself a favor and check in to her website as well; it’s smoothly designed and you can give her spins a play or two.



jessica drake Pretty Much Owns The Porn Industry

Trying to sort through all the nominees of The Sex Awards for our Featured Star, well, it wasn’t all that hard. We wish the best of luck to all the porn stars, and we certainly love them all, each in their own way, but the hottie of lower-case nomenclature jessica drake, just stood out with such an in-depth résumé.

Case in point? She currently is up for thirteen and-a-half Sex Awards nominations. So, in honor of Sex Awards Week, let’s take a look at some of her nominations and why she should win, in pictures.


Porn Star of The Year

CNN did a photo montage and story on jessica, noting her many accomplishments on-screen, off, and in the sex education field. Add her fundraising dedication, and this year is looking pretty full for one unique star.


Hottest Sex Scene With Derrick Pierce in $EX

Natural Bondage. Man’s belt, tie, nails, and ordering her to hold onto her heels. Big giant window!



Hottest Sex Scene With Julia Ann and Brad Armstrong in $EX

Lots of demanding in this scene. “Amateur” directing (from the movie’s actual director), and a strap-on featuring girl/guy DP. Yup.


Adult Movie of the Year: $EX

First time jessica ever wore latex in a movie. Concept? Due to an economic meltdown, paper money and credit cards are gone, and monetary transactions are exchanged by personal bar codes on everyone’s arm and scanners. Prostitution is now legal and also widely accepted as high-class, but jessica’s character gets into dangerous trouble.


Adult Movie of the Year: Countdown

The end…is coming.


Adult Movie of the Year: Tuff Love

I wrote a Twitter Live Feed Review of Tuff Love. Check it out here.


Favorite Adult Web Site

jessica’s website www.guidetowickedsex.com is a hub for her series of erotic educational films, also featuring blog posts, resources, and pictures. All are to help you get educated on positions, anal play (for men), threesomes, g-spot, and more. You know, wicked sex.


Favorite Adult Web Site

Duh. She’s poppin’ up on here all the time. It totally counts.


Porn’s Best Body

Um, HI


Porn’s Perfect Screen Couple (Girl/Girl): jessica drake and Asa Akira

That picture alone is reason why.


Porn’s Perfect Screen Couple (Guy/Girl)

They have the perfect chemistry, and work together pretty often. They both take the acting seriously, which eases the complement of the pair; for that, they deserve to win this.



Vote for jessica in all of her categories at TheSexAwards.com, and you can always get your fill of her on-screen work in our theater.




10 Reasons Why Women Watch Porn (Or Should)

Porn is the ultimate slice of cake. It can be tempting, revolting, or have different flavors (and if that’s what your into, it’s totally up to you). Sure, it’s known that men indulge quite a bit, but women are all up in that ish too, because, you know we also have the internet.


1. It’s like a 5 Hour energy shot for your sex drive when your partner(s) is/are getting boring or predictable or absent.








2. Spanking kind of hurts in real life. And [enter your secret fantasy here] would definitely hurt in real life.




3. That multi-speed, multi-angle, multi-attachment Dolphin 5000 vibrator pretty much requires the visual aid of porn to get you off since it’s starting to actually scare you even if you just hold it.











4. Your boy really needs to be taught new moves, and the pictures in your Kama Sutra book are just like…no.



5. Boobs are really, really pretty to look at.



6. The sitcom parodies, like now I can watch the geeky crush I have on The Big Bang Theory get dirty.


7. The lingerie can be flippin gorgeous and would look even better on you in real life.


8. Oh, it isss possible to bend that way. That’s funny.


9. Female porn stars pretty much have the best self-confidence, and you just gotta support that.


10. James Deen, duh.




Big Brother 15 Housemates and Their New Careers

I do not have a history of following Big Brother 15. In fact, up to the events of this particular season, I did not know the rules, the format, anything at all about the show other than it’s a reality show of people manipulating their way to money. Or, to put it in a gentler light, “a social experiment”. But now, the cast of the current season is sweeping the news feeds with shocking bigotry and inappropriate comments that are flooring the nation. Two members have even lost their jobs because of statements and whispers caught on the 24-hour live feed that they are fully aware is taking place. One other member is in muddy waters with his employer, though because of strict union rules, his employment is still intact, as upset as the company may be about it.


The Out of Work Culprits

Aaryn Gries

GinaMarie Zimmerman


The Saved-By-The-Union Offender

Spencer Clawson


The Other One

 Jeremy McGuire


Since employment will now be an issue for them once they are released by the Big Brother house, whenever they are evicted (or maybe one will win, who knows) they will learn of the terminations and will be on the lookout for a new day job. Unemployment? Racist/insensitive remarks? We have the perfect solution for flipping both issues in a positive way —


Aaryn, GinaMarie, Spencer, and even Jeremy can show the world that they are not in fact bigots and racists who are insensitive to our nation’s multi-ethnic and varied-sexuality population. They can do this by working with porn actors of all kinds. This will allow a healthy paycheck that can reflect on their inner heart — whatever reason they stooped to such a level in belittling certain cast members, surely they have a soul and are not so ignorant to our cultural and forward-thinking acceptance in the US, right? Here are our suggestions.




The Accused//Aaryn

Terms//Comments ranging from “no one is going to vote for whoever that queer puts up” re: Andy, “he’ll win because America loves the queers” re: Andy, “be careful what you say in the dark, you might not be able to see the bitch” re: Candice, and mocking an Asian nail technician at length.

Termination//Dropped by the talent agency Zephyr Talent and let go from Bella Petite magazine.

Redemption//Make porn name Love Coloure. Set her up to do an opening scene with Asa Akira and Katsuni, an all-girl set. This will prove that she believes the ethnic look of Asian women is beautiful and strong, and her sexuality beliefs are independent of her stupid earlier comments. She then will go on to star with Misty Stone in Dark Magic Lovers, which will showcase her talent of open-sexuality ideals and feature an intense make-out scene in a darkened summer patio with Misty proving that yes, you can see humans at night.






The Accused//GinaMarie

Terms//Called welfare n**** insurance to cast members, referred to the black population as “tokens” and that they “stick together”, “she’s on the dark side because she’s already dark” re: Candice, accused Candice of “talking fake” because she talks “too white”.

Termination//East Coast USA Pageant, Inc. has fired her as a director and has cut all association.

Redemption//Make porn name Onyx Amour. Prove that her slurs were out of a mental issue that occurred because she was cut off from the outside world for the first time of her life. In addition to saying stupid shit, she dealt with the side effect of not being able to see her reflection in the mirror to acknowledge, again, that she is also a human being. Make up for this by starring in Onyx Amour’s Party Down, featuring an intimate gang bang of dark-skinned hotties and light spanking.



The Accused//Spencer

Terms//Refers to women as, ugh, “cunts”, praised Nazi doctors and said that “Hitler was a gifted speaker”, called Helen “Kim Jong Un”, called Andy “Kermit the Fag”.

Termination//No actual termination yet. He is currently a railroad conductor for Union Pacific, but they are quick to chide his comments and announce that he is on “unpaid leave” and that Spencer’s harsh words “do not at all align with Union Pacific’s values.” However, he is part of a Union, which makes termination a tricky thing. They said they are “acting in accordance with Collective Bargaining Agreement terms regarding Mr. Clawson.”

Redemption//Make porn name Guy Feltistein. Debut film, The Cuckold Speech, will show Guy giving Jewish Porn Babe Joanna Angel, his on-screen wife, only amazing, stellar oral. He gets literally nothing back, to show his devotion to pleasuring women. He then steps back as Jewish Porn Babe James Deen comes into the room to fuck Guy’s wife, in the most intense and sexy cuckold film scene ever. Guy just sits there, watching, proving his dedication to seeing women pleasured even in the case of receiving nothing in return.




The Accused//Jeremy McGuire

Terms//Refers to the women in the house as “bitches,” and says of Kaitlin “I did touch her vagina today.. she didn’t act like she was happy.. I like to feel around see what’s she’s working with.. see if it’s a nice meat wallet … I know she’s on her period.”

Termination//Every vagina in the nation has terminated him.

Redemption//Make porn name Dick Twinkle. Cast him solely as the submissive in the fetish domination film, Strap Attack 14. Since he loves the ladies so much.



Money = Made. Evil comments = Redeemed by action. Even Paula Deen was offered a porn gig, so come on BB housemates, the industry is a’waitin! Unless of course, it isn’t. No one said the porn world was forgivable toward idiots.

Sovereign Syre’s New Project, Fourth of July Weather – Morning Quickie

On May 20, Moore, OK suffered too much loss and too much damage due to one of the worst EF-5 tornadoes ever recorded. And horrifically, days later, they were struck again. So when businesses like The Kerr Foundation, who formed a group called “XO” or “Hugs and Kisses” to rally support for those affected, we should get behind it. Baci Lingerie heard the word and just donated more than $15,000 in bras for women in the grief-stricken zones. XO plans to take that and other donated women’s wear and open up a pop-up boutique free of charge to the ladies, as well as offer hair and makeup styling, food, drink, and just a lot of smiles and support.

you can help here

There will be no Bridesmaids sequel! True, this isn’t exactly breaking news, but it still kind of hurts. Can’t knock Kristen Wiig’s perseverance though, in keeping with her gut instinct on creative vision always wins over money.


Well J.Lo fucked up. Having nothing to do with the creeptastic relationship she’s in, nor sidestepping some dancer into the floor or something dance-related, she just plum fucked up. She sang at a dictator’s birthday. SHE SANG AND PERFORMED FOR A DICTATOR. On Saturday night, in Avaza, a tourist zone in Turkmenistan, Miss Jennifer led a rabble-rousing few versus of “Happy Birthday, Dear Gurbanguly Berdymukhamedov!!!” This dude has a ridiculous amount of human rights violations against him, which most people seem to know, since, as Slate reports, “Lopez may be the first major American celebrity to visit Turkmenistan, an isolated former republic of the Soviet Union.”

symfh here

Sovereign Syre is hyping up her next movie, called Girls In Heat, which will feature “lots of shimmering bodies, bikinis, water, sweat, smiles and sex”. That description is just so summer I already need an EnduraCool.


The latest in the game of “Fair or Fucked Up?!” is the story of a University of Virginia sorority sister who had to spend the night in jail because some Alcohol Beverage Control officers attacked her car with their plainclothes and screaming. She had some bottled water, they thought she had some berrrrr. They went monkey on her car hood and she took off, thinking they were scary civilians trying to attack her. Then got arrested.


On the east coast, Fourth of July means no fireworks (probably) due to rain (probably). Be prepared, dammit! Did you see if you’ll be stuck inside with fake sparklers and oven-cooked cheeseburgers?

find out here

or if you’re lazy and a day-of person,

go here

The Only List of Legit Nerd Porn Babes Ever

What makes a nerd? Well, what makes a hipster? Yes, getting the label of actual nerd, geek, dork, dweeb or even goober is now just as saturated as any other stereotyping. But I’ll tell you what. Here, at this blog, we did some serious discussing, and as long as I could prove that years and actual knowledge went into the “nerd” title, than the stars in question got the seal of geek-proval. The link below is a video of pornstars that are not nerds (which is totally fine), with the exception of Bobbi Starr, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

If you get offended by Mario Bros. being the best game ever, then no clicky.

And with that, let’s get on with the name calling.

I didn’t rank them because they are all on the same level.

Okay seriously, here we go.



Bobbi Starr


I’m starting off light with Bobbi, because you kind of have to do some digging to find out just how she’s a nerd. Her website doesn’t advertise it, though if you check her Twitter profile it begins with “Former professional oboe player”. Moving onto more links, her Amazon Wish List features books, books, more books. Also, check out that video again. She knows her shit.

Bobbi’s definition of nerd // “A nerd is someone who pursues intellectual pleasures and is not ashamed of it. Dungeons & Dragons, high order math, computers, these are all hobbies that exist as more abstract concepts than things you can touch or feel.”

wish list item//Plants and Their Application to Ornament: A Nineteenth-Century Design Primer



April O’Neil


I admittedly didn’t know too much about April before this post. I had heard, but not seen. And now I’m so in love with her that I’m actually scared to watch her porn…I feel like I’m invading a part of her life I shouldn’t be watching! JK she has the best boobs and I get paid to watch porn. She’s littered with reasons she can be called one of the hottest nerds in porn. Title AWARDED.

name//from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

tumblr//pretty much a gallery of dr. who, E3, mystery novels, adventure time, etc.

hashtags//#omgE3      #prettysuregirlinredissummerglaumayyyybebutprobably      #imissmyglassessofuckingmuch      #bayonetta2      #needantiglarelens      #castlevania2      #mightymorphincameltoe      #triforce

example wish item//Operation – Star Wars Edition

good lord do i want to be pals with this chick.



Justine Joli


Justine also went by the name Swan, and hasn’t been seen on the scene as of late, which makes it a little hard to find her geekdom card. Trust, it’s still around. From her plethora of pictures with the Animaniacs (personal fave so I chose it above), Wolverine, Wesley from TNG fame, Adventure Time, Harry Potter, Superman, Spiderman to her calling for fans to help her buy a Google Glass, she’s legit. If you still don’t bite, she was also a video game reviewer and also known for her voicemail to play you William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Ginsberg.

cosplay wear// harley quinn, princess leia, link, starfleet red shirt, princess leia take two, motoko kusanagi

banned from san diego comic con?//yes



Tanya Tate



Tanya is the Cosplay QUEEN. Even before I even entered this industry, I had heard of her from my ex’s gaming obsessionHow she manages to juggle her company — Star PR, starring in her own and others’ films, public appearances, promoting her plethora of sites, and keep up in the world of Cosplay and comic industry, just…it leaves me speechless. Still awaiting word on if this busy babe ever sleeps. She has an entire site dedicated just to her passion of the geekdom, and after sorting through it, there’s just one conclusion – woman is an expert.

favorite characters//emma frost, ned stark, the hulk, dr. doom, she-ra

name// “It’s a Marvel thing. You know, like how Stan Lee used to remember his character’s names? They all had the same first and last name initials.”

reviews//comic book covers, funko pop dolls, superhero action figures, blu-ray films

example wish item//The Art of Zenescope Limited Edition V1



Misti Dawn



Before you get all, “MISTI DAWN ISN’T EVEN IN THE BIZ ANYMORE, EMJA”, I know, I know this. She “quit that crap in 2011”. But the epic name and whirlwind character and presence she created all has history, and herein lies the key to her empire – combining two of her passions: gaming and sexual things. Easily, without a doubt the babe that comes to mind when you think of “hottest sexy nerd girl”, she has become a legend and I must own up to that, even though she has stepped out of the porn star title. She is still sexy, and still nerdy, and so she makes the list, end of story. After all, she still has an Amazon Wish List!

about sex// “I think sex is a great thing, but like Spider-Man, with great power comes great responsibility.”

wish list item//PS3 The Last of Us

what she does now//the jarl of gingertude! and, she’s also a featured character (you can PLAY AS HER WHUT) in the upcoming first-person shooter Rise of the Triad as Thi Barrett.

SB#5 Has Died, Get Your Mile High Card in Ohio, Drawing a Penis is Now Automatic – Morning Quickie

Here’s a lady that I’m sure you’ll be seeing a lot of this year — Dayna Vendetta. I’m sure as shit you’ve heard of her already, seen her, jerked off to her, but have you watched the lady after her redux? She’s a redhead bombshell now, and hell yes does it make a difference. She’s just signed up to work with the stellar team over at The Rub PR, and OC Modeling. She’ll be launching her new site soon, DaynaVendettaXXX.com, and expect some anal action coming shortly.

Hopefully, at this point in the day you’ve been alerted to the awesome news. That damned Senate Bill #5 bullshit that tried to say Texas ladies were all but banned from getting abortions is dead, dead, the wicked shit is dead. But since you should already know that, Jezebel’s Celebrity Gif Party dedicated to the news, features comments that are stealing the stage. My fave is a picture of the Honorable Wendy Davis with a dragon on her shoulder, à la Dany T.


In so much less but totally still-fun news, Miss Lola Byrd has shown me the ways of the Penis Drawing Machine. It draws a shoddy penis. It spells out PENIS. And that’s it. IT’S AWESOME. Thanks to her for entertaining my morning with this fine piece of craftsmanship.

I want to be one of the first to tell you; a Tupac musical is in the works, and it’s hitting Broadway next year. If you are not excited about this, go put yourself in a corner until you’ve thought long and hard about your shame.


If you live anywhere near Ohio…no, forget that. If you ever wanted to fuck in an airplane than I have good news. Flamingo Air, in Cinci-nat-nat, promises to deliver to you a discreet pilot to fly you and your fuck-buddy partner around the area, complete with curtains, a bed-seat, champagne and…chocolates (too cliche, I prefer Jameson). You have a flat rate of $425 to pay and then you get your hour of initiation into the Mile High Club.


Oh, and speaking of miles high, the tightwalker dude totally cheated, and FunnyOrDie has uncovered his secret.

“Daredevil Nik Wallenda completed a high-wire walk across the Grand Canyon without a safety harness, repeatedly saying ‘Thank you, Jesus”‘along the way. It was all a little suspicious.”

Porn Ban in Cabs, Dating Profiles for Game Of Thrones Characters, in the Morning Quickie

And the Cup came home! I guess I haven’t shared my hockey obsession here much or…ever…but it’s a dedicated passion of mine, besides boobs, diet coke, and dresses. Being from Chicago, I’m a huge ‘Hawks fan, and just want to offer my congratulations for being Stanley Cup winners again, even if this season was a jumbled, shortened mashy lump. Ah. Brings back memories of being in the midst of chaos on Clark St. just a few years ago.

I’m still mourning over the end of Game of Thrones. And the nudity of it that I can no longer enjoy on Sundays. But there’s a compilation! Of all of the nipples! It’s nostalgic and sextastic.


I’m also obsessed with this creature known as “Courtney Stodden“. Have u herd of her? Shez so ridic prittY! JK. But she used to be. And she looked eloquently natural and purely blonde. After you see these pictures, go back to this one. It’s funny.

Play this game with me — I have been in a cab when the cab/cabbie has: been in a car accident (yes), been pulled over (yeah), spoke to his family in another country in a different language and have been 110% sure they are talking about your un-brushed hair (on the reg), threatened to punch you and your crew (uh-huh), for not having cash and refusing to go to the ATM (damn, son), watched porn (uhhh, hold up). In St. Louis, it is now banned (what do you mean now?!) for cabbies to watch porn in their vehicles.


I’m sneaking in one more GoT reference, and then I’ll knock it off for awhile. The group Team Pwnicorn went all “cheapy OKCupid” and made dating profiles for the characters. You can see the rest here, but below are my two favorites. Look at all the ads underneath the profiles.



Newest Sextastic Porn Ladies of 2013

Meet the Freshman Class of 2013

It’s the end of June. Which means six months in, the ladies below have done wonders in only half a year, and we expect big things for these eight babes.


Karmen Karma

why//she beat out nine girls for top spot as Exxxotica’s fan-chosen New Girl On the Block award winner.

sample tweet//Bubble butt playing in the tanning bed is dangerous.

where you’ve seen her//Pretty Dirty vol.5

find more//twitter

 Romi Rain

why//she may be blunt, but she’s still sweet and full of intellect, and has been featured in Hustler and Inked already.

sample tweet//My dry cleaners remember me by name because I mostly bring them things like my oil soaked lingerie.

where you’ve seen her//Ink Girls with Christy Mack

find more//romirain.com

Jessica Robbin


why//this girl has the best smile i’ve seen in porn. totally au naturel and rad.

sample tweet//Self tanner made me fucking orange. I’m digging the oompa look though.

where you’ve seen her//Bra Busters

find more//JessicaRobbin

Emily Austin

why//she has such a dedicated loyalty to her fans (aaah! and animals, squeee!), which is so commendable. also, she’s fun in her movies. watch co-eds are easy and watch her ‘oops’ face. she. is. divinely awesome.

sample tweet//Last minute Father’s Day gift? ADOPT Check out your local shelter and add a furry little one 4 your family to enjoy! [ed. note: i told you!]

where you’ve seen her//Co-Eds Are Easy

find more//facebook

Laela Pryce

why//she is a complete nympho. in the best way possible.

sample tweet//you shall worship my ass!!!! submit to the booty!!!

where you’ve seen her//The Initiation of Ava Dalush and in Funny or Die in the “Ask A Pornstar” series

find more//twitter

Adriana Chechik


why//her name is fun to say. seriously though, those damn EYES.

sample tweet//Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person is typing… Person says: hi [okay it’s a RT, but she still has an awesome, realistic sense of humor]

where you’ve seen her//Pretty Dirty vol. 6 she’s on the front cover!

find more//facebook

Layla Sin

why//she is drop dead gorgeous, her moans and sighs are realistic, not cheesy.

sample tweet//I’m so stressed I need a dick

where you’ve seen her//Lesbo Pool Party 2

find more//twitter

Amanda Tate

 ^^ this is hilarious ^^

why//this girl is smoking. and brand spankin’ new. with the right studio, her presence will blow up – gorgeous and a great personality.

sample tweet//I think the guy sitting on the floor near me sharing my electrical outlet just farted. Awesome.

where you’ve seen her//you haven’t yet, probably! but keep your eye out. she’s already signed with 101 Modeling – a solid start.

find more//twitter