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My TS Teacher Movie Review

My TS Teacher BoxcoverBefore I talk about My TS Teacher, I should mention that I’ve been looking forward to writing about the Canadian studio TransSensual ever since their March 2015 debut with My Dad’s TS Girlfriend. Like the rest of the world, the pornography industry has not historically been kind to transgender people, especially transwomen. Porn has often cast trans bodies as spectacles, predators, and fetish objects, hardly ever showing them fully as people with their own agency and desires.

Helmed by veteran director Nica Noelle, TransSensual burst onto the scene last year to prove that porn can tell complex, erotic stories about realistic relationships, where the characters just so happen to be transwomen, and people will watch them. In fact, My TS Student and TS Massage were among the 60 most watched movies on HotMovies.com in 2015. Their latest effort, My TS Teacher, stars River Stark as a college professor and ciswoman Danica Dane as her troubled student.

Scene 1 – Danica Dane

River Stark and Danica Dane in My TS TeacherMy TS Teacher opens with a strong after-school-special vibe as Danica walks across town wearing her backpack on a beautiful, fall day. She arrives at Professor Stark’s home for a tutoring session on the literary Romantics, where they delve into themes of how doing the right thing or being a good person isn’t necessarily supposed to be easy, as the universe will seemingly throw every obstacle it can at you. They also briefly discuss Danica’s troubled on-off relationship with her boyfriend Dmitri, played by Wolf Hudson, an inconsiderate douche, before she heads back home to avoid his jealousy. Later that evening the two starlets head to their respective beds in their own homes and can’t stop thinking about each other. Noelle alternates between River dreaming about Sarah showering, and Sarah masturbating in bed while thinking about her time spent with her teacher. It’s pretty sexy and romantic, and Danica has a fit, thick body and cute round face that gives her a girl-next-door quality. It’s great to see a female masturbation scene that isn’t exaggerated to be uber-porno, as Danica rubs her clit with her eyes closed; it feels very close to how most other women casually rub one out before bed. I do really wish, however, that River had gotten a masturbation scene as well. She’s a hot TS MILF, and having a simultaneous trans-cis jerk off session would have nicely balanced the scene.

Scene 2 – Aspen Brooks and Jaxton Wheeler

Jaxton Wheeler and Aspen Brookes in My TS Teacher Scene 2The next day, Wolf is becoming increasingly jealous of Danica’s closeness with River and insists on sitting in on their next study session. After being incredibly rude and going out of his way to interrupt them, Danica storms out, leaving Wolf and River alone in a cloud of tension. Later that night, River calls up her ex-boyfriend, uber-hunk Jaxton Wheeler, to confess her growing feelings for Danica and get his advice on how to proceed. After giving his blessing, Jaxton hangs up and his new girlfriend, the gorgeous Aspen Brooks, demands to know why he’s still talking to his ex. They briefly argue and Jaxton teases that he only looks up River a few times a year, and to calm his love, he starts sweetly kissing her. What follows is the sort of scene that makes me love TransSensual; Aspen and Jaxton have super romantic make-up sex, like any other couple in love, regardless of the status of one’s gender. There’s tons of give-and-take with their pleasure, with each of them going down on the other for a while before Jaxton tops Aspen. As a couple, they look great together, with the soft, blonde Aspen contrasting beautifully with dark, rugged Jaxton.

Scene 3 – River Stark and Wolf Hudson

Scene 3 River Stark and Wolf Hudson in My TS TeacherSometime later, Wolf shows up at River’s house again to confront her; Danica has dumped him, and he blames River’s influence. Wolf plays the sexy/threatening bad boy part well, and demanding to know what Danica sees in River, he pushes his way into the house. River resists him, but thanks to Nica Noelle’s direction and River’s performance, the scene manages to avoid becoming gross. This scene is vastly different from the tenderness between Aspen and Jaxton; River and Wolf have a passionate hate-fuck on the couch. There’s little eye contact and all manner of sweaty, heavy breathing ass slamming. It’s a fun, sexy scene that gets into your head, and definitely makes me want to see more of River in the future.

Scene 4 – River Stark and Danica Dane

Danica Dane and River Stark Scene 4 of My TS TeacherThe next day, River is hanging out on her couch looking very cute in a purple flannel but also looking very sad and confused when Danica shows up. She tells River that she and Wolf broke up and we’re all like, “Yeah, we know.” Danica makes the first move, putting her hand on River’s knee, and soon the pair are locked in an embrace. They’re romantic and passionate all at once, making out on the couch before moving to the bedroom. River’s clothes come off first, and the whole scene feels super natural, with lots of heavy breathing and very little fake, porny moaning. The women masturbate and go down on each other, forgoing any penetration, which is fine by me. I particularly loved a few moments when River rubbed Danica’s clit through her panties. It’s a satisfying ending to a movie full of sexual tension.

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