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Bisexual Pick Ups 2 Review

Bisexual Pick Ups 2 boxcoverWhen I first started this job over two years ago, the first month was spent with some serious reservations about the content I was watching. Most of it was fine, but a lot of what came across my desk had a lot of sex that just seemed downright questionable to me. Between the anal roses, crying Japanese girls, outright racism, transphobia, and all the misogyny that sometimes comes with porn, I often felt that there wasn’t really any smut being made that I could get behind.

And then Fucking Hostile appeared on my desk, like a god damn glowing revelation; rough anal galore, with plenty of sloppy blow jobs, light bondage, filthy dirty talk, and massive cumshots, but done so fucking well. I excitedly told a co-worker that every scene was interracial, but no one had bothered to make a big stinking deal of it. To top it all off, a woman was behind the camera, a woman who teased her subjects and commanded them with a voice of knowing authority.

Aiden Starr gave me everything that I’d been dying to see in one movie.

Aiden recently released Bisexual Pick Ups 2, with an all star cast of performers from the kink and queer scenes. Each scene features boy-on-girl anal (no boy-on-boy) with tons of yummy, slurpy blow jobs for everyone all around. Aiden told me, “This series is really fun to shoot because of all the possible combinations of the performers! Lots of spontaneous double penetrations happen and everyone’s mouth is always full!”

Scene 1 – Ella Nova, Damien Thorne, Wolf Hudson

Ella Nova Wolf Hudson Damien Thorne Bisexual Pick Ups 2

Kink.com staple Ella Nova looks perfectly angelic as she teases the camera in lacy blue lingerie, while Aiden, ever the Domme, commands her to “Roll around on the bed like a horny kitty” from behind the camera. The boys Damien and Wolf come in and hungrily kiss all over her body, leading up to a whirlwind of pussy eating, cock sucking, ball licking, ass fucking, dirty talking glory. While getting her pussy fucked, Ella commands Wolf to, “Make my pussy jealous,” resulting in some of the best spontaneous DP I’ve ever seen. Normally in DP scenes, the girl remains still while the guys work on her, but not here! Ella gleefully rides both their cocks, and it’s fucking awesome.

Ella Nova Wolf Hudson Damien Thorne Bisexual Pick Ups 2

I have to mention that Ella is a bit farty here, and I didn’t mind one bit. It wasn’t fetishized or ridiculed; rather, it was just presented as something that can and does happen during sex, especially when asses are involved.

Scene 2 – Nikki Darling, Wolf Hudson, Jasper Stone

Nikki Darling Wolf Hudson Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

Pretty, lithe Nikki Darling (who was the cover girl for Fucking Hostile, I might add!) writhes on the couch for Aiden’s camera. Wolf Hudson returns with Jasper Stone and Nikki gives them a double blow job, and I can’t help but feel relief that no one is worrying about having their dicks touch. It’s quite the opposite, in fact, as the boys take turns dropping to their knees to help Nikki suck each other off. There’s plenty of ass slapping and lots of focus on the boys blowing each other.

Nikki Darling Wolf Hudson Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

Anal comes towards the end of this scene, which means we get an extended period of double vaginal penetration featuring one of the most novel DVP positions I’ve ever seen. The boys moan and growl as their cocks press and slide against each other inside of Nikki’s pussy; it’s so refreshing for a movie to finally acknowledge that rubbing your cock against another dude’s cock during DAP and DVP probably feels really fucking good.

Scene 3 – Denali Winter, Jasper Stone, and Damien Thorne

Denali Winter Damien Thorne Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

This was the scene that I was initially the least interested in, if only because I’m not familiar with Jasper and Damien and didn’t feel very invested in this. However, scene 3 quickly became one of my highlights of Bisexual Pick Ups 2. Denali Winter is deliciously thick and simply glows under Aiden’s camera. It’s an easy, quiet, sometimes gentle scene, with Denali mostly just laying back and enjoying Jasper and Damien.

Denali Winter Damien Thorne Jasper Stone Bisexual Pick Ups 2

This scene has way more pussy eating than the others, which I always love to see, and Denali even gives instructions to Jasper on how to work their clit.  Of note is when Damien eats Denali’s pussy while Jasper fucks Denali’s ass and kisses them. It’s a surprisingly un-athletic, naturalistic scene from Aiden that I could definitely see myself watching again in the future.

Scene 4 – Daisy Ducati, Ruckus, and Connor Maguire

Daisy Ducati Ruckus Connor Maguire Bisexual Pick Ups 2

And this is the scene that I was initially looking forward to the most! I have a big ol’ crush on Ruckus, adore Daisy, and am always game for a hunky, hairy ginger like Connor. After the tease, Daisy attacks Ruckus and Connor’s cocks with sloppy, slurpy, deepthroaty blowjobs until she leans back and presents her pussy, insisting that it’s her turn now. Connor seems to have a spot of trouble staying hard (whatever, it happens) and disappears off camera, but that’s ok because it results in some mutual masturbation between Daisy and Ruckus and I kind of love watching mutual masturbation so it’s all good.

Daisy Ducati Ruckus Connor Maguire Bisexual Pick Ups 2

Connor quickly returns to start fucking Daisy, who is delightfully bossy and spouts some totally filthy dirty talk throughout the scene. The dudes take turns fucking Daisy’s ass and pussy, and Ruckus seems to be a stronger presence than Connor. In all, it’s a fun, filthy, armpit sniffing, butt fucking, aggressive joyride of a scene.

There’s a line in my notes where I mused that Bisexual Pick Ups 2 feels like the bi threesomes are played out as a fantasy fulfillment scenario for the subset of women who love watching gay porn. I asked Aiden who her intended audience was, and she responded, “This movie is for everyone!!” I can get behind that; it’s a really well done, thoughtful bi movie, and let’s be honest; who doesn’t love watching hot people get off, no matter their gender?

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Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix

Kink School: Tips From a Dominatrix box coverKink School: Tips From A Dominatrix is the latest fetish instructional video from Severe Sex. It’s probably pretty obvious from our many posts about their films that we love the Severe Sex studio. Not only are Dee Severe and Jimmy Broadway a good model for a marriage and working partnership, they make educational movies that are exciting. There is genuine enthusiasm in their scenes, and the group of professionals they work with are the best in their fields. You can be sure that when you watch a Severe Sex film you are seeing a carefully selected group of performers in thoughtfully scripted scenes, and everything they are doing on camera is done in a safe and consensual way. This kind of transparency is particularly important when depicting BDSM and sexual SM practices. Sometimes a viewer’s first exposure to BDSM is through video, so displaying the correct way to do something is important in case they decide they want to try this in their own sex life. For the beginner, knowing how NOT to do something is just as important as knowing how to do that thing. Safety is always a concern, but that doesn’t mean something done safely isn’t sexy. Severe Sex’s  instructional videos have always combined information and best practices with hot performers who love what they do.

Tips From a Dominatrix is a two disc set. Disc one has four hot scenes with professional dominatrices who show varying styles of D/s play, while disc 2 has almost two hours of some real talk from six of the hottest professional Dommes working right now.

Session One: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Marcelo is a newcomer in Mona’s dungeon, and he is excited about the opportunity to serve a new Mistress. Dressed in form-fitting latex, Mona sidles up next to Marcelo as he is strapped into a St. Andrew’s cross and promises that she is about to do some terrible things to him. After “tenderizing” his chest, stomach, legs, and cock with a flogger, Mona moves on to whipping him lightly across the chest and stomach. I’ve hardly seen Marcelo flinch when getting dominated, but the whip seems to almost do him in here. Continuing to impress, Marcelo tests his limits with CBT in the form of magnets and weights while Mona switches him across the stomach and praises him for being an “overachiever.”


Session Two: Mona Wales & Marcelo


Mona must’ve taken to Marcelo’s obedient nature, because she’s locked him in a cage to serve her once again. Once Marcelo has begged like the puppy Mona wants him to become, she lets him out of the cage and their scene begins with her walking him around on a leash like a dog. Marcelo licks and worships her feet and plunges his nose into Mona’s ass like a curious pup looking to make a new friend. While this play seems humiliating or degrading, it is this power dynamic that Marcelo craves and Mona clearly feeds off of. They have excellent chemistry together, and these first two scenes are a great example of a dungeon session gone right!


Lifestyle Play: Lyra Louvel & Michael Vegas


One of the questions most kinksters face is how they incorporate their preferred style of play into a relationship dynamic. Real-life lovers Lyra Louvel and Michael Vegas provide an intimate look into how they enjoy sensual domination together. The scene begins with Michael blindfolded and waiting expectantly for his Mistress as she saunters into the room in her thigh-high boots. She is pleased to see Michael doing exactly what she asked of him, and rewards him with a few playful whacks of her leather flogger. Lyra instructs Michael to smell her pussy, and he begins worshiping her like a good little slave. After Lyra’s been properly pleasured, she allows Michael to fuck her and he cums on those sexy boots.


Heavy Session: Cybill Troy, Jimmy Broadway & Marcelo


This scene begins with a “do not try this at home” warning, so you know it’s going to be good. Cybill Troy has Marcelo strapped to a St. Andrew’s cross in her dungeon, and she warms him up by tying his balls tight with a rope while ashing her cigarette on them. If you’re thinking that this looks intense, you’d be correct. Cybill Troy is a professional, and she knows how to safely play with Marcelo and respect his boundaries. Continuing to watch this scene, however, you’ll quickly learn that Marcelo has an incredibly high pain threshold and that his boundaries are not that of the average person. Cybill brings out Jimmy Broadway to crawl along the floor as she ties his and Marcelo’s ballsacks together with a long rope. As Jimmy attempts to crawl away, both men howl as their balls are stretched. Cybill continues the merciless CBT with a crop, a whip, and some clothespins.


Disc 2

Dee Severe

Disc two includes in-depth interviews on an assortment of issues regarding professional dungeon experiences, BDSM in a relationship, manners with your Domme, and a lot of personal insight from the women who have been doing this for a long time off camera as well as on set. Aiden Starr, Justine Cross, Elena Deluca, Mona Wales, Lyra Louvel, Cybil Troy, Alexandra Snow, and Dee Severe break down a ton of subjects concerning kinky play. Here are just a few of the many details they discuss:

Elena Deluca Justine CrossDo your research before picking a Domme, and make sure you have similar interests. The more specialized your interests the more important this is. For example, if you’re into some type of role play and you are super specific about the scenario, email your Domme and ask if she provides this type of scenario, if she enjoys it, and what her favorite part about this is. You don’t need to write novels to each other. In fact, be as succinct and clear as possible, but ask the deep questions before you show up so that you know what you are getting into.

Cybil Troy Aiden StarrDirectories and numerous websites will prove helpful. Google is your friend. There are plenty of resources out there to help in your research for the perfect match for your particular interests.

Beginners might feel more comfortable going to a big dungeon where there is support staff and security. If you’ve never been to see a professional Domme and you’re worried about going to a stranger’s house to get tied up (or whatever you are interested in trying) then a larger dungeon may be a good place for you to start. There are a variety of different providers working there, and often the manager or receptionist can help you find your best fit. With a larger dungeon you have the option to try other Dommes if the initial fit doesn’t click with you.

Alexandra Snow Lyra Louvel Mona WalesSometimes fantasies should stay fantasies. Make sure you’re ready to take the next step with a particular fantasy. This is fairly self-explanatory, but do the work and figure out if this is something you actually want to bring into your life, or if this is just something you want to keep as a happy, little secret.

Watch out for red flags, like not obeying hard limits…Don’t take chances and put yourself in a dangerous situation. With research of professionals of any kind comes a thoughtful exploration of your own needs, and safety should be your top priority whether you see a Domme or meet a stranger for a date. Make sure your Domme (and anyone you play with) is safe, sane, and consensual.

Some of my favorite tips are: Don’t be smelly. Don’t try to cram all of your fantasies into a half hour visit. Don’t try to date your pro-Domme. 

Think of disc two of Tips From a Dominatrix as a talk with your professionally kinky friends who want you to be safe while you have a good time finding your perfect Domme.

Now go explore and watch Kink School: Tips From A Dominatrix now on HotMoviesforHer!

Between the Headlines Review

Between the Headlines box coverWith the upcoming election season dominating the US news lately, it’s only appropriate that we discuss Between the Headlines: A Lesbian Porn Parody from Filly Films. Directed by Lily Cade, and starring Lotus Lain, Nina Hartley, Aiden Starr, Ela Darling, Aaliyah Love, Vanessa Veracruz, and Zoey Monroe, as well as Cade herself, Between the Headlines is a corker of a political satire. If you’re like us, you’re going to love seeing Hillary, Michelle, Megyn Kelly, and Rachel Maddow get the XXX spoof treatment from some of porn’s top female performers. Released in 2014, this lesbian movie came out during a rather quiet political season, but with Hillary Clinton currently angling for the Democratic nomination, it’s all too fitting that we revisit this lusty, comedic gem of a film.



Scene 1-Lotus Lain and Nina Hartley


Lotus Lain and Nina Hartley

The first scene opens in what I’m assuming is the White House, with our beloved First Lady, played by Lotus Lain, and presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, played by the legendary Nina Hartley, sneaking off to discuss their strategy meeting amongst themselves. It doesn’t take long before the two women switch the conversation from business to pleasure, and Michelle reveals that her husband has been so busy and stressed lately running the country that he hasn’t had much time to pay attention to their marriage. Michelle Obama is a beautiful, independent woman of course, but there are some jobs even the First Lady can’t do all by herself. Hillary, who is no stranger to marital issues herself, informs Michelle that Washington DC isn’t just a boys’ club of infidelity – women can have their extramarital needs met too! In a stunning display by one of the lesser-sexualized women in politics, Hillary Clinton grabs Michelle Obama by her stunning arms and begins to kiss her on the lips. When Michelle recoils in shock, Hillary reassures her that she’s good at “covering things up,” and the First Lady’s worries go out the window.

Nina Hartley and Lotus Lain as Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama Nina Hartley and Lotus Lain in Between the Headlines

Nina Hartley and Lotus Lain are two forces to be reckoned with when it comes to lesbian sex, so to have them in a scene together is a real treat. Not only is Lotus Lain a dead-ringer for Michelle Obama, but she’s a delightfully nasty performer who relishes in getting her partners off. Nina, on the other hand, is a sultry seductress, taking her time – while remaining completely in character – to show “Hillary” the ropes of girl-girl lovemaking. The witty dialogue and political puns continue throughout the scene without ruining the atmosphere of the sex. Nina’s 100% real, body-spasming orgasm that wraps the scene up perfectly and is not to be missed.

-Judy Hologram

Scene 2 – Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling


Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling in Between The Headlines

White House staffer Elena Rodriguez leaves work and heads to Bad Girlfriend Ela Darling’s apartment. Ela, all decked out in magenta lingerie, expects a late night booty call, and is instead disappointed to find Elena a bit shaken. After a bit of prying on Ela’s part, Elena spills the beans and reveals that she walked in on Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton’s Sapphic affair. The dynamics of Ela and Elena’s relationship are made perfectly clear, and it’s a great bit of casting. Doe-eyed Venessa Veracruz is lovely as shy, loyal Elena , and the impish, sexually aggressive Ela Darling drives the action. She makes a great speech about the oppression of the American people and how the powers-that-be wouldn’t hesitate to throw Elena under the bus. It seems that she’s convinced Elena to sell her story to the press, but not until they fuck each other. Ela is definitely the star of the scene, taking charge and aggressively fucking Vanessa with clit rubbing, finger fucking, pussy eating, and face sitting.

Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines Ela Darling eats Vanessa Veracruz Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines

Ela gets plenty of chances get pleasured by Vanessa as well, and it’s a lot of fun to watch her cum. She does this thing where she shuts her eyes tight, clenches her teeth, and grabs her hair that I love seeing. As they cuddle on the couch afterwards, Ela has a glint of mischief in her eyes as she asks Vanessa if she would prefer a cab or an Uber.

Vanessa Veracruz fingers Ela Darling Vanessa Veracruz and Ela Darling in Between the Headlines Vanessa Veracruz sits on Ela Darling's face Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz Ela Darling and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines


Scene 3 – Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe


Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe in lesbian porn parody

I really wanted to write about Scene 3 in Between the Headlines because I’m all about kitchen sex. This cute and bright kitchen also makes an appearance Kink School: A Guide to Anal Play, which I discussed here. I also really loved Zoey Monroe (she’s since left the porn industry) and Aaliyah Love together, as both women are ultra sexy dynamos who seem to actually have a good time on camera.

Before I even get to the sex in Scene 3, I have to share my favorite moment in the entire movie, which takes place before the Megyn K (Aaliyah Love) and Intern Zoey encounter. The scene opens with Hillary explaining her predicament to her fixer, Aiden Starr:

However, we soon find out the Megyn K already has the dirt and broadcasts it on her Foxxx News show The Megyn File. Bad girlfriend Ela leaked the story and now Elena is pissed.

The Megyn File is additionally funny as Aaliyah Love does a great job as uptight Megyn, and the news ticker at the bottom of the screen packs a bunch of goofy faux news jokes in on top of her icy comedic role. However, once the icy Megyn struts off the set, she needs her personal intern Zoey for refreshment. Megyn coaxes Zoey into a kitchen tryst, and the eager-to-please gal is happy to comply in order to keep her internship.

“Do I get a paid job out of this?” Zoey asks, and shrewd Megyn dodges the question. Megyn also stresses the value of sororities in a successful woman’s life, and Zoey replies that she’s Kappa Alpha Theta. Actually, Kappa Alpha Theta, according to their own website, “was founded in 1870 as the first Greek-letter fraternity for women. We value our history and our long tradition of leading the way for women’s groups and women in higher education.” In other words, KAT invented lesbian networking. Welcome to the perils of climbing the corporate ladder, Zoey!

Once Megyn gets her intern on her knees and between her legs, the sorority sisters do some networking. Megyn’s chirps of pleasure are a huge turn-on, as are Zoey’s dreamy eyes are she eats Megyn’s cunt. Also, Aaliyah Love’s ass and legs are gym time tight, and I’m jealous. There is not a jiggle in her toned butt!

Zoey Monroe and Aaliyah Love in Between the Headlines Lesbian Porn ParodyAaliyah Love fingers Zoey Monroe in Between the HeadlinesThese uptight, good girls are on the path the success, and Zoey butters her boss up as she gets on the counter to have Megyn’s experienced mouth and fingers work her pussy over. “I love Kappa Alpha Theta,” sighs Zoey as her boss begins to tease her twat. It’s not easy to be funny and keep your audience aroused, but we’ve already established that Between the Headlines manages to do that. The sex seems to flow naturally between these two, with Megyn asserting her power over Zoey throughout.

I don’t know if Zoey got a paying job out of anything, but she did get an ass teasing that made her knees buckle!

Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe lesbian sex
Aaliyah Love and Zoey Monroe in lesbian porn parody Between the Headlines

I also really enjoy the wide angle shots that show the room. Seeing an “ordinary” room turned into a fuck location flicks my imagination switch on more than a pretty, stark, modern loft does. Show me a (tidy) space that looks like my reality, and I’m in.

-Dee Viant

Scene 4-Vanessa Veracruz, Lily Cade, and Aiden Starr


Aiden Starr and Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines lesbian porn parody

Elena Rodriguez is in a difficult spot. She realizes she can’t trust her girlfriend after watching the Megyn File show, so she leaves her girlfriend’s apartment to think things over. Of course Hillary knows that it was Elena’s big mouth that leaked the story, but how will she prove that it wasn’t her who sold the information to the Megyn show? Just as she is thinking things over, a shadow appears from out of the darkness, and a stranger approaches her. The stranger (Aiden Starr) tells Elena that she is in deep shit because of her big mouth. Does Elena like spreading rumors and trying to ruin the best chance for a female president of the United States? The stranger thinks she might be able to bully Elena into submission but, Elena is a bit too cocky to take a stranger trying to strong arm her into silence, so she leaves Hillary’s henchwoman in the dark to think of plan B.

Vaness Veracruz, Aiden Starr, and Lily Cade in Between the HEadlines

Knowing that she has to do something, Elena goes to the Rachel M. show to tell her about the affair between the First Lady and the Secretary of State. She also knows that if talks to the press she may have a chance of staying safe. As Rachel and Elena prepare for broadcast, someone enters the room, and that someone looks dangerously familiar. Never stating her full name, Hillary’s henchwoman tells both Elena and Rachel that this story cannot go to air. A compromise must be made, and tits must be a part of the deal.

Vanessa Veracruz, Aiden Starr, and Lily Cade Lily Cade, Aiden Starr, Vanessa Veracruz in Between the Headlines Lily Cade, Vanessa Veracruz, and Aiden Starr in Between the Headlines

The henchwoman bares her breasts for Rachel and tells her that if she postpones this show she can give Rachel a much better deal for two Republican scandals, and throw a State Rep under the bus. If the site of those fantastic boobs wasn’t enough to convince Rachel, Elena decides that she would rather work in the White House than be unemployed and scared for her life. Elena undresses and lets Rachel know that she too is part of the deal, and if Rachel acquiesces she can have both pairs of tits caressing her face within seconds. It’s a hard decision, but Rachel may have to decide which is the better deal.

-Andi G.

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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline

Whipped Ass - Skin Diamond CoverIt’s been a while since new straight and lesbian Kink.com videos came my way, so when a batch finally landed on my desk I jumped at the opportunity to write a review. After going through a few options I decided on Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline. Naturally I was drawn to my beau Skin, but being the dedicated and loyal fan that I am, I’m well aware of her love for BDSM and her onscreen relationship with Aiden Starr. Mix that with the Kink.com’s overall theme and format and you have a hit.





 Opening Interview

Skin Diamond Whipped Ass interview

Heeeey boo! Look at her sitting there all cute and shit. Even Maitresse Madeline mentions how adorable Skin Diamond looks during her introduction. Right away the set gives off a futuristic feel as Skin explains that she’s playing an innocent (one of her favorite roles) curious woman from the future who visits a doctor of sorts in search of a girl-girl virtual reality experience. The format is the same as with other Kink studios with Skin introducing herself to the audience and giving a brief synopsis of her history with Kink.com and WhippedAss specifically.

I love these interviews because one thing they do is serve as a great way to judge how excited the star is and what she is looking forward to or wants left out. Skin’s freaky ass wants just about everything, and watching her face twist with excitement while explaining it all to the audience is almost as fulfilling as the sex! We learn she hasn’t been a submissive in a while but is thoroughly looking forward to Aiden Starr easing her back in with some foot torture, forced orgasms, bondage (of course), clothespins everywhere, and she wants to be DP’d. The only no’s for the day are to body marks and fisting, and, after going over the safewords and gestures, the fantasy begins.

Scene 1 – Verbal Humiliation & Forced Orgasms

Kink is known for getting really into their sets and WhippedAss didn’t hold any punches on this one (or the cool graphic effects!). It made me feel like I was in some type of medical space ship and the production that went into the music enhances it. Everything from the lighting to the costumes made the energy jump out the screen and come to life.

Skin Diamond and Maitresse Madeline

The goal is an alternative reality experience with another woman, and after a few suspicious looks from Maitresse Madeline, our closet freak gets what she’s been asking for. A pair of VR glasses are put on her face as she lays down in preparation for her adventure, and I thought that was a cool prop to throw out there with virtual reality making its way into the porn industry rather rapidly (I’m taking this as a sign that Kink.com plans to jump on the VR train and I can’t wait!). Maitresse Madeline also inserts what looks like an electrically charged dildo of sorts into Skin’s pussy, pulls up a really cool Star Trek looking screen out of the air, slides some things around, pushes a few buttons, inserts a lesbian BDSM chip and we’re off…

Aiden Starr and Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

The screen glitches and we’re now in a dungeon. Skin’s hands and legs are tied with rope as she stands with a gag in her mouth and it doesn’t take long for dominatrix Aiden Starr to walk in. The verbal humiliation is instant and clothes come off soon after. Aiden calls Skin all types of bitches and sluts while rubbing her pussy, and, with each insult, Skin moans a little harder and louder. She’s already completely into it and Aiden picks up on it and attacks. She pulls out a flogger and goes to town on Skin’s perfect little nipples while throwing insult after insult. She even verbally attacks the fact that Skin likes being talked down to and the whole thing is extremely hot. I didn’t know Aiden’s word game was so strong, but you can tell there’s chemistry between the two and she knows exactly what to say and when to say it to get Skin off.

Aiden Starr and Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

There’s a brief flashback to “real life” where you see Skin on the table squirming and moaning in pleasure with the electro plug still in her pussy and then it’s back to the dungeon where Aiden continues her nipple torture, this time pulling out clamps. She fingers Skin’s pussy while Skin drools all over herself, and then denies her an orgasm which was insanely sexy! Skin proves she’s no rookie, taking 4 clamps to her nipples like a champ. Aiden makes her beg to cum with the gag still in her mouth and I almost didn’t make it. The Hitachi vibrator finally makes an appearance and my eyes lit up almost as much as Skin’s! Aiden puts it directly on Skin’s clit and makes her grind on it (God, I love this woman!), then counts down from 5 signaling to Skin that she’s allowed to cum. The orgasm is epic! Her eyes roll back in her head, her body quivers all over, and the intensity can literally be felt. Aiden doesn’t let up and I absolutely love the forced orgasms that follow! Skin mentioned that she was looking forward to that in her opening interview and Aiden was more than happy to oblige. They decide to go for more and this time Aiden pulls out a pump for each nipple and one for the clit. When the Hitachi hits the pump on her clit, you can see the flashes of pain and pleasure all over Skin’s face. The pumps are pulled off and our little submissive freak gets a moment to rest, but I did not want this one end!

Scene 2 – Foot Play

Skin Diamond in bondage

This looks promising…Skin is lying on her back with her arms tied down with rope and her legs tied in the spread eagle position (I have dreams that start just like this!). Remembering the interview, I could tell this scene would be heavy with foot play, and I was anxious to see how Skin handled it, mainly if she would cum as a result. Aiden made sure my curiosity was answered by immediately whipping and biting both feet. I’ve never considered myself a foot person. I don’t find feet disgusting or anything, I just never got into the toe sucking or foot fucking craze, but watching Skin and Aiden definitely gave me a few ideas. After the whipping and biting Aiden makes Skin hold the whip between her teeth while she fingers and licks her pussy. Watch Skin perform the balancing act of keeping the whip steady and getting finger fucked was fun. She’s completely lost in the scene and the pleasure is so real you can’t help but experience it too.

Skin Diamond and Aiden Starr lesbian bondage

Now shit gets real, and I must admit I was pleasantly surprised at my reaction to it all. Aiden pulls out an electric wand and gets screams of pleasure and pain from Skin, but the cane is really what sends her over the edge. She said she likes foot play, and she’s never lied to me before, but I was not expecting this! Watching her cry out while trying to grasp the whip still in her mouth and managing what I assume will be slight rope burns was beyond a turn on. You can’t help but cream your panties watching it go down, and if you’re a huge Skin Diamond fan like I am, you’re sure to love the raw and realness of it all! Things heat up even more as the scene goes on with dominatrix Aiden placing clothespins (something else mentioned in the interview) between and on Skin’s toes and whipping the bottoms of her feet with a huge rubber belt. They were going for 5 lashes on each foot, but Aiden pays attention to Skin’s body (always a great attribute in a sex partner) and decides 4 will do. Again, my boo is a champ! She takes those lashes like a pro and even gets called a pain slut for it, which sent both her and me into climax mode.

Skin Diamond in Whipped Ass

To finish things off Aiden teases Skin, letting her sniff her pussy but not lick it. She gets in the 69 position and begins fingering and fondling her clit while Skin desperately tries to reach Aiden’s pussy and munch out. There’s another flash of Skin enjoying her virtual reality experience (Maitresse Madeline is looking mighty anxious herself in the background) and then we’re back, with Aiden finally sitting on Skin’s face and letting her have a taste. She continues to force orgasms, fingering Skin until she squirts all over everything, and riding her face at the same time. There aren’t enough words to describe the insanely intense pleasure this scene brought into my life, so I’ll just leave you with this visual…

Skin Diamond smilling in Whipped Ass

Scene 3 – Time To Fuck!

Aiden Starr strapon Whipped Ass

Still restrained with her arms behind her back, Skin is ripe to be fucked, and as Aiden walks in with her big black strap-on I couldn’t hold my excitement. Before entering Skin’s vulnerable juicy pussy, Aiden puts a tight green rubber band looking thing on each nipple and the gasp of air lets you know this is something new and pleasantly painful for our little diamond. She has a ball gag in her mouth this time, but that doesn’t silent the moans as Aiden fingers her pussy and slides her black strap into that tight sexy hole that I imagine to be where Heaven resides. They start off missionary and Skin’s eyes say it all. They widen with such delight that just staring at them is enough to make you cum, especially with the drool all over the gag! Aiden pulls out to face fuck before flipping Skin over and fucking her ass up! The scene is short (you’ll see why) but sexy as hell nonetheless.

Aiden Starr fucking Skin Diamond

Scene 4 – DP Me Please

Aiden Starr Skin Diamond And Maitresse Madeline

So, remember in that helpful opening interview when Skin said she wanted to be DP’d?? Well, the ladies listened and gave her one hell of a time! Back in the lab, VR programmer Maitresse Madeline is done watching the young beauty on her table squirm and moan with pleasure and decides to get in on the action. She plays with Skin’s clit a little (creepy yet so hot!) before placing a pair of VR glasses on her face and sending herself into the fantasy. She pops up in the corner of the dungeon, strap-on dangling and ready to fuck, and immediately jumps in. She sucks the green rubber bands off Skin’s nipples while Aiden fondles and pulls hair from behind. Skin takes her seat on top of Maitresse Madeline and grinds up and down with Aiden pushing down on her shoulders. The Hitachi comes back out and Skin yelling “yes” and “thank you” while all holes are filled was enough to make me cry out!

Lesbian threesome with Aiden Starr Skin Diamond And Maitresse Madeline

The pair continue fucking Skin silly, making it impossible to count the orgasms, and after hurling a few more insults her way, they toss her down like a rag doll they no longer have use for and leave her to lay gasping for air, body still shaking, with pleasure written all over her face.

Skin Diamond bound

Closing Interview

Skin Diamond hugging Aiden Starr

After all that intense pain and pleasure play, I love how these two sit and talk like two old friends who haven’t seen each other in a while. The comfort level between them is something to be admired and listening to them talk about it was pretty cool. Skin looks completely worked out in the best way imaginable and Aiden looks like a mutha fuckin’ BAWSE! Skin really enjoyed the character she played and admitted that her favorite part was the foot play (mine too!) because she realized just how much she could take when the clothespins and rubber slapper began to feel good. Aiden breaks down the equipment she used and we find out the little green rubber bands, officially called elastor bands, were new and really intense for Skin. The ladies get all girl mushy and thank each other for the experience while explaining to the audience that knowing each other helped them take the scene to a heavier place verbally, sexually and corporal-ly. It came across beautifully in the scene, propelling this one to the top 10 of my favorite Kink.com scenes.

Watch Whipped Ass – Featuring Aiden Starr, Skin Diamond, And Maitresse Madeline right here and comment below to let us know what you think. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for all things lesbian and the rest of the gang @hotmoviesforher!

Authentic Lesbian Review: Bisexual Pick Ups Scene 3

Bisexual Pick UpsThere are so many things right with Aiden Starr’s Bisexual Pick Ups that it’s impossible to even list them all, but scene three with Jeze Belle, Brock Avery and Ruckus XXX was soooooo perfect I had to give it it’s very own review. I mean, this scene HAS to win an award! It’s that good, and there are so many factors that play into why.

First, I like plots. I like a back story and a little humor with my sex.  It doesn’t matter if they change from scene to scene or get more and more elaborate as the movie unfolds, I just like being told a story. In my opinion it adds to the fantasy and this one was short sweet and to the point. Ruckus is selling one of his old motorcycles and Brock is a beginner looking to buy his first hog. Of course Ruckus suggests that Brock sit on the bike and get a feel for it before going out on a test drive, and of course Brock’s legs and midsection need a little adjusting. Ruckus makes sure to let his hands linger a little too long and porn gold is what ensues. Brock lets him know he notices by saying “You’re very friendly” and the next thing you know lips are being complimented and clothes are being taken off! Next thing you know, Brock’s girlfriend Jeze walks in on her boyfriend with a mouth full of cock and doesn’t hesitate joining in. If only…

Second, everyone in this scene is fucking HOT! Clearly I’m not attracted to men. The lack of titties and ass just doesn’t make sense to me. However, I can certainly appreciate the male body and Brock Avery has it going on! Everything from his hair to his muscular build just fits and pairing him with Ruckus XXX’s skinny tattooed cute self was genius (the motorcycle was the perfect prop). As soon as I saw the two of them in the frame together for the first time I wanted to watch them fuck, and when Jeze Belle finally entered the picture I felt like I was somehow cheating the system. She’s sexy, pierced, tatted up and to top it off her hair is green! Nothing screams “I’m sexy and I know it” like bright colored hair and her boldness works the shit out of it. This was hot people overload and if there isn’t already an award for casting it needs to be created ASAP!

Okay, so we have beautiful people and a short script to match, but what we’re ultimately here for is the sex, and if that isn’t fantastic nothing else really matters.  Luckily for us it’s beyond fantastic. In a lot of bisexual themed movies what you really get is two guys who are cool with giving each other blowjobs but both are obviously there for the girl. This scene is so awesome, in my opinion, because it’s balanced! Whenever there’s a threesome in the mix you have to make sure everyone plays an equal part and nobody is left in a corner, but with bisexual flicks I expect more than that. No one should be excluded but I want guys who enjoy fucking guys and I want that to come across in the scene. Brock, Jeze and Ruckus have that shit down. If I had to guess I’d say these 3 are friends in real life, that’s how amazing their chemistry is in this scene! Brock and Jeze know exactly what turns each other on and Ruckus plays the 3rd wheel role perfectly, sticking his dick where it’s wanted right on cue and pretty much letting these two gang up on that great body of his (they both seem really turned on by him).

As a lesbian who loves watching gay porn I was really excited to see how much dick on dick action I would get to see between Brock and Ruckus because up until this point there hadn’t been much. Don’t get me wrong, Jeze is fucking awesome throughout the scene and her body is sexy as hell. Brock fucking her ass while Ruckus holds a Hitachi to her clit blew my mind along with a few other body parts more than once. Watch for yourself…

But Brock stole the show halfway through the scene. You can tell from the very beginning he’s into Ruckus, especially when Ruckus is fucking him and he says “don’t hold back” while Jeze sits on his face. Things get even more intense after Brock’s first orgasm (he has 3 total!) when he isn’t quite ready to stop. He keeps jerking himself off and tells Ruckus to fuck him again and then magic happens! I had never witnessed an anal orgasm before this. In fact, I didn’t even know if they were real or not since I don’t do much butt stuff, but Brock and Ruckus opened up a whole new world for me. I mean, just look at his face!

Right! That shit stopped me dead in my tracks it was so intense and real. How can you not cum from watching that!? Just imagining how Brock feels is a turn on. I could watch that part a million times! From there, besides Brock looking completely exhausted, Ruckus continues fucking Jeze until he cums in both of their mouths and they swap and spit it around for a while. Amazingly enough Brock has yet another orgasm (this dude is my hero) and Jeze walks away feeling like a bad bitch having caused 2 of the 4 orgasms in the room that day.

Well, I’m going to smoke a cigarette and take a nap after that one. Make sure you watch Bisexual Pick Ups  and follow me and the gang on twitter @authenticlezz1 and @hotmoviesforher.com!


Hot Reviews: A Thing Of Beauty

When I began watching Dana Vespoli’s A Thing Of Beauty, I knew a few things right off the bat-it was going to be super hot, compelling, and maybe a little twisted. What I wasn’t prepared for was the incredible pornographic psychodrama that ensued. Of course, any porn directed by a woman has my immediate attention, but Dana Vespoli’s directorial work has a specific style and finesse that is nothing short of artistic.

A Thing Of Beauty is, of all Dana Vespoli’s films, a standout favorite of mine. As both a bibliophile and a professional pervert, I was ecstatic to find that Dana based her premise for Beauty off of the 2015-06-18_15-04-16classic Faustian legend of one selling their soul to the devil in order to gain an earthly desire. In this case, Bree Daniels is a depressed, mousy girl working a shitty temp job. She can’t get a man to save her life, and she’s at the end of her rope…literally. Just before Bree is about to end it all, she sees an infomercial on her TV for the “Victoria Hook Two-Part Plan” to turn things around and start living the life that she deserves. Bree watches as the scary-beautiful Victoria, played by Dana Vespoli, works her she-devil magic and sells the hell out of the extremely vague plan that consists of “believing and receiving.” Easy enough, Bree figures, and calls the number on her screen. She has no idea what a fateful, yet sexy, decision she’s made!2015-06-16_11-46-03


After meeting Victoria Hook and signing some documents (without paying much attention), it’s official-Bree Daniels has made a deal with the devil! Victoria ensures her that the life-changing effects of this pact will be noticeable within 24 hours. Bree goes home, 2015-06-18_15-06-42unaware of the price she’s just paid, and goes to bed. When she wakes up, looking more like the Bree Daniels-sexpot we’re accustomed to seeing, she has an extra pep in her step and she’s ready to see what this two-part plan is all about. As she’s walking down the street, she runs into none other than the dreamy Logan Pierce. Once Logan gets a glance at Bree’s newfound confidence and rockin’ bod, he invites her out for coffee. Sparks fly as they desperately clutch their Starbucks cups in order to conceal the copyrighted logo, and soon the new couple is headed to the bedroom. This was the first guy-girl scene of Bree’s that I’ve watched, and fans of her lesbian work will be pleased to find that she’s as demure as ever even while being ferociously penetrated. Logan starts out the foreplay by eating Bree’s pussy with her perfect ass in his face. I mean, seriously, look at her flawless, porcelain cheeks. She’s got quite the jealousy-inducing booty! After some expertly executed cunnilingus, Bree goes to town on Logan’s handsome cock. The sex that follows was nothing out of the ordinary for a straight, hardcore scene, but watching two gorgeous people fuck is always awesome.

SCENE TWO:2015-06-18_15-09-35

The following Monday, Bree lands a new job and can’t wait to get started. She takes the bus to the address of her new office, but finds that the directions led her right into the middle of the woods. Things are starting to get creepy! Shadows pass in the forefront and Bree is rightfully creeped out. Suddenly, two mysterious women-Sinn Sage and Karlie Montana-appear out of nowhere at Bree’s side. They’re wearing top hats and all black, and something about the look in their eyes makes evident the fact that 2015-06-18_15-11-54Sinn and Karlie are not of this earth. In fact, I’m pretty positive these chicks are demons sent by Victoria Hook. Well, the demon-girls grab Bree and pull her down into a graffiti-covered tunnel, where they proceed to grope and undress the frightened girl. They laugh and moan and inform her that they’re going to make her “do things she’s never done before.” Soon, Sinn and Karlie have Bree pinned against the wall as they lick and finger her pussy. Bree meekly submits to the Sapphic fiends and a hellishly hot lesbian threesome ensues! For someone who was raised Catholic, the demonic dirty talk hit home in a specifically sexy-but-scary way for me, especially the Jesus-cross dildo that Sinn and Karlie fuck Bree with. This was a seriously twisted, awesome scene.



I admit this is my favorite scene. Bree must’ve passed out after Sinn and Karlie fucked her brains out, because she awakens in a weird 2015-06-18_15-13-52plane of existence that is surely hell. Bree opens one of the velvet curtains she’s surrounded by to reveal Lea Lexis adorned in a spine-chilling ballerina-doll costume, dancing in pointe shoes like she’s possessed. That freaks Bree out, as it should, so she moves on to the next curtain to see what lies behind. Bree opens the curtain to everyone’s favorite femdom, Aiden Starr, cinched in a leather corset with appropriately black, demonic makeup covering her face. Aiden is caressing Skin Diamond, asking if she’s in pain. Skin Diamond is a fallen angel, and her wings were ripped off, as evidenced by the feathery scars on her back. Aiden makes Skin Diamond say that she’s better off without her wings, and Aiden proceeds to spank Skin Diamond’s gorgeous ass. In typical Aiden Starr style, Aiden says some hilarious shit while she dominates Skin Diamond. When Skin Diamond moans “oh god” as Aiden continuously stimulates her G-spot with her fingers, Aiden stops and demands, “Don’t say ‘god’ anymore.” Because, get it, 2015-06-18_15-16-12they’re in hell! Aiden flogs Skin Diamond while asking her why she’s such a fucking slut, but Skin Diamond doesn’t have a good enough answer. “You’re a fucking whore for no good reason?” Aiden quips, and continues punishing her ass with the flogger. When Skin Diamond pushes her ass out, Aiden says, “This is the naughtiest little pussy I’ve ever laid my fucking eyes on.” Aiden makes Skin Diamond eat her pussy as some really hot punishment, and Skin Diamond is able to make her cum. Aiden is proud of her angel-turned-devilslut, and some really awesome strap-on sex ensues. I can’t give this scene enough credit, so if you like kinky lesbian scenes, just go ahead and watch it already!



Bree’s mind is blown, as it should be, so she retreats back to another2015-06-18_15-19-55 curtain, where none other than the devil herself, Victoria Hook, and Mick Blue are about to get it on. Mick Blue is another fallen angel, and as Victoria gropes his body, she says, “I love turning good boys out.” Victoria shakes her hot ass and tells Mick, “So many bad things have happened here.” That’s all the she-devil needs to say, and Mick rips open her pantyhose and begins to rim her. Victoria turns around and sucks Mick’s huge dick, and soon the two are having hardcore anal sex the way I’d imagine Satan would enjoy it. All throughout the ass-pounding, we know Bree is watching from afar. When the steamy encounter is over, Victoria Hook approaches Bree and informs her that she’s cashing in on her half of the deal. This is the part in all Faustian schemes where the devil collects the protagonists’ soul, and even this porn movie doesn’t skip out on that half of the deal. When Bree realizes she’s sold her soul to the devil, 2015-06-18_15-24-56she puts her head in her hands and calls Victoria “heartless.” In response, Victoria reveals that-indeed-her heart has been ripped out of her chest, right between those perky tits! The only way Bree can get out of this deal is if she offers up another soul to Victoria in replace of her own. When Victoria asks if she’d sacrifice Logan Pierce’s soul instead, Bree admits that she could never do that to someone, and somehow this pure-heartedness frees Bree from the deal! Suddenly, Bree wakes up at home in bed with Logan, and *cue Biggie* -IT WAS ALL A DREAM. Thankful she isn’t stuck in hell with those sex-crazed demons, Bree wakes Logan up and begins to kiss him. Logan pans over to the camera, and the last thing we see before the screen goes black is his face transform into a dark, devilish grin.

All in all, A Thing Of Beauty is one of the coolest movies I’ve had the privilege of reviewing at HotMoviesForHer, and I highly suggest you check it out; if not for the incredible sex, for the insanely cool plot. Dana Vespoli has truly created a porn masterpiece here, and I’m really thankful that intelligent female directors like her are so active in the industry these days. For more movie reviews and sex-related stuff, follow me on twitter @BridgetXXXXXXX and all of us @hotmoviesforher!



Creamy Panties

It takes some really hot action to make me overlook a movie title that totally turns me off.  Sure, the phrase “creamy panties” may do it for some folks, but for me, it turns my stomach like spoiled milk.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not yucking anyone’s yum here – if you like “creamy panties,” I want you to have the most fun with it, but please, leave me out of it, thanks.  That said, you know that Girl Candy Films is offering up some seriously sexy smut if I am willing to click on “.”

As with all of the awesome movies that  directs, this flick brings us a variety of vignettes that feature some of the sexiest ladies in the biz, including a few of my personal porno favorites like Sinn Sage and .  Each scene has its own mini plot, which only pushes us into the sex, without making it a whole story.  As much as I love a plot-heavy porno, there is definitely something to be said for keeping things simple and focusing on the action, but for me, and others, I’m sure, I need a tiny bit of storyline to make the experience complete.   What can I say – I’m a sucker for a little back story.

One of my favorite scenes is the first, which gives us a first time lesbian experience story with Sovereign Syre.  She has been kicked out of her apartment and ends up staying with her hot bartender friend, , who just so happens to have a crush on Sovereign.  After a few minutes of hemming and hawing about her college lesbian experiences and how they were just for guys, Sovereign allows Aiden to seduce her and lots of really delicious sex commences.  I absolutely love when Aiden licks Sovereign’s pussy through her panties. Yum

Before moving on to another scene, I just have to say that I don’t think I’ve ever really noticed her Sovereign Syre before, but she is super hot.  She has a sweet face, a bangin’ body and is a pretty decent actress during the non-sexy moments.  I plan on seeing what else she has to offer for sure.

The other scene I really love is scene two, which is a group romp featuring Gracie Glam, Jelena Jensen,  Alyssa Reece and Sinn Sage as lingerie models gone wild… or just tipsy and horny after downing a bottle of champagne.  First they are trying the lingerie on for each other, but soon it (of course) turns into an all out fuck fest, starting with a little “innocent” massage.  The women pair off, but all play next to each other on the bed.  Sometime it’s hard to figure out whose parts are whose…

All in all, this lesbian fuck flick is sure to leave you with wet panties

Watch “” Now!

Anchorman – A XXX Parody

“60% of the time, it works every time.” Unfortunately, Anchorman – A XXX Parody fell into the other 40%.

Anchorman - A XXX ParodyOf course, expecting anything to live up to the original Anchorman is asking way too much. It was a magical mix of characters filled with one liners that you just can’t help but recite, even years after it’s release. Regardless, I just didn’t love it. It wasn’t a total bust, but it isn’t at the top of my list of parodies to watch.

As the story goes, Ron and the boys have lost their jobs at the news station and are all working at random places, wishing for the days of old. Mr. Burgundy’s brilliant idea to get them back on the news team is to pay a visit to Veronica Corningstone (Tasha Reign) and make magic happen under the sheets. The rest of his crew follows suit by hopping in the sack with the all-lady news cast.

As you can imagine, the boning goes down. The sex scenes are decent, but not out of the ordinary. Per my usual complaint, no one fucks in character. I get that it is a challenge to do this, but if you’re going to make the Anchorman XXX Parody, I think you should fuck the way you think Champ or Brick would fuck. Throw in an “I love lamp,” or something… anything!

One distracting element for me was Jack Lawrence’s not so good Ron Burgundy voice. He certainly gave it a lot of effort, which may have been the problem. It just wasn’t believable for me. Also, Tasha as Miss Corningstone was not a win for me. Again, who could fill Christina Applegate’s shoes? Brian (Dale Dabone) won the award for most entertaining. He totally grasped the character and seemed completely comfortable and natural. He is the man when it comes to the porno parodies. His scene with Aiden Starr was fantastic from every angle – the characters were believable and the van sex was dirty and hot. Aiden was really able to put on the news reporter facade and she had the voice/”non-regional dialect” down!

Is it worth the watch? That is for you to decided. If you’re an Anchorman fan, I think you should check it out and see. Just because my expectations were high, that doesn’t mean you won’t like it!

Watch Anchorman – A XXX Parody (Disc 1) now!

Watch Disc 2 for special features!



Inquiring Minds Want To Know: Holiday Wish List

What do our favorite porn performers think about the industry? Inquiring minds want to know! Well, we asked and they answered! Welcome to our latest editor’s spotlight column, where we ask a bunch of stars the same question and see what kind of awesome answers grace our inbox.

This month’s question:

We know you’ve all been super nice… as well as deliciously naughty this year, so… what tops your holiday wish list?

Free healthcare and college education for all Americans. – Aiden Starr

I love the holidays, they are my favorite time of year, though, living in Toronto, the snow can get me down a bit.  So!  This year the top of my holiday wish list is occupied by a trip to other climes.  My first stop would be Paris and then Berlin where I am working on a sort-of top secret new project that is guaranteed to be super sexy and groundbreaking.  After Europe, maybe Aruba?  Or, I have always wanted to visit Cuba while I still live in Canada and can fly direct.  To help make my travel dreams come true, I am officially making my wish list full of airmiles donations, airline giftcards and the ever-lovely; cold, hard cash.  Dreams into reality, that’s what the ho ho holidays are all about!  Wishing everyone much joy and all the things they most want this year. xxo – Dylan Ryan

Top of my holiday wishlist? A wonderful 2011 for myself, my partner, our kitties and our loved ones. Sounds cheesy, I know, but honestly, being able to get by, having less pain than I might, and having my perfect queer-tastic family with our fabulous friends is what I love.  I guess if I had to say something tangible, I’d love to have my student loans and medical debt paid off, so we could start saving for a house. Happy non-denomination season of joy, love, giving and capitalism! – Shanna Katz

What tops my Holiday wishlist this year is for everyone to run out & buy AlphaFemmes! The film releases in January (street date TBA), and the DVD will be available for purchase at www.alphafemmes.com. Pre-orders begin in late December. Wholesale inquiries please contact wholesale@annadevia.com. (and coming to VOD as well!) – Anna Devia

My holiday wishlist consist of:
– Vintage 1960’s Swiss Hermes 3000 Typewriter ( i have a huge type writer fetish)
– a phonograph or record player
– Some of my friend Alana’s delicious vegan peanut butter bars
– Dressing Gown from Agent Provocateur
– Bondage Ilya Fleet Reins from Coco de mer
– Bondage Ilya Fleet Web Body Piece from Coco de mer
– Bondage Ilya Fleet Dog Mask from Coco de mer
– Designer pearl anal beads from
Coco de mer – Madison Young

Funny you should ask! We actually made a wish list for our studios that includes things like Polaroid film, books, and a Brevis with rails and shoulder-mount with L2 cineglass. But the thing at the top of our list is probably a new bed! – Shine & the Crash Pad Gang

Besides world peace and and end to hunger and violence against women and children in DR Congo, I want an agent! I want to take my message of sexual sanity and happiness to a wider audience and need a good, for-real agent to do so. Oh, yes, and more hot sex with my hubby! – Nina Hartley

What tops my holiday wish list?  I like to write nasty stories for my lovers.  I was lucky enough to have one of my stories fulfilled on my birthday and I would love to have another one come to fruition.  What a great Christmas present to have one of my Vampire stories brought to life or one of the dirty Lesbian bar scenes become reality.  Gifts last a few moments, memories last a lifetime. : )  – Melissa Monet

A gift card to buy an awesome dress for the AVN awards!  Also, gift card for the spa/fitness center at the hotel during AVN so I can de-stress and get those endorphins going. Happy holidays everybody! – Mistress D Severe

Multiple orgasms for everybody who needs them! (That should take care of holiday stress and uncivil public discourse. Not to mentions starting the new year out well!) – Carol Queen

An exciting year of hot projects, sexy films and loads of educational experiences. That’s what tops my list next year. I’ve been focused on my life for a while, with a big move to LA, and now I’m really excited to get back into work mode. So, an year of many great, and sometimes silly, projects tops my holiday wish list. That and I’d love 101 Positions for Lovers to win the AVN Award for best educational DVD. Even if it’s just an honor to be nominated. – Jamye Waxman

2010 has been a challenging year. What tops my Holiday wish list is for things to get better in 2011. I would love for everyone to have their health and happiness, but also for everyone to struggle less in the upcoming year. – April Flores

On the top of my holiday wish list is… myself! I’m giving myself more free time, more healthy meals, and fun physical activities like dancing, swimming, hiking and creating art. I’m gifting myself with quality nights alone to read books I’ve been wanting to finish, I’m showering myself with good times with friends. And I’m allowing myself to open my present early, and every day. And more masturbation, of course. – Jiz Lee

Thank you so much to everyone who participated!  If you are a porn performer/director and are interested in answering our questions, please email me!

-J.D. Bauchery

8 Masseuses

It’s not hard to figure out why this movie might stand out in a sea of other boxcovers.  Sure Aiden Starr’s amazing tits were a total draw, but it was really the bright blue waters.  That electric blue caught my eye in a way that didn’t quite scream porno to me, and made my brain glitch even the slightest bit to a full stop.  What can I say, when you’ve been watching porn professionally for a while, sometimes the small details behind the boobs are the things that draw is in.  And in this case, I am so glad it did.

Set with a loose plot, this flick features eight masseuses that work in this utopian spa, catering to rich men.  And shocking they give more than back rubs!  But don’t go thinking this is all about the happy endings.   It’s erotic experiences extraordinaire here!  Elegance and class, along with super hot cock sucking, pussy pounding – all within a beautiful background of glass paneled walls and seaside hot tubs.  What a life!

While it was Aiden Starr who lured me in, the lady that totally won my attention was Juelz Ventura.  Ever since watching her in Riding Hood XXX a few weeks back, I’ve been totally smitten.  I did not know she was in this movie when I started watching it, but boy did I perk up when she came on screen!  Juelz doesn’t actually get naked until the last scene, but the wait is definitely worth it.  She takes on two guys in this super sexy poolside bedroom (or maybe it was just a bed next to the pool?)  and woos them into complete pleasure.  Not a bad way to de-stress, if you ask me.  I think it’s time to book a day at the spa!

Watch “8 Masseuses” Now