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The Authentic Lesbian Review: Lesbian Porn For Lesbians

Here at HotMoviesForHer, we pay attention to what the people want, so when we did some research and found out that a good majority of you are out there searching for lesbian porn for lesbian women, I jumped all over the opportunity to point you in the right direction. Below is a list of studios that create genuine lesbian content for lesbians and a few movies from each to start you off…

Pink And White Productions

It would be blasphemy not to start this list off with Pink And White Productions. Directed by Shine Louise Houston, P&W is known for its array of sexuality, genders, and genres. Everything from them is inclusive and fluid, with something for everyone to comfortably enjoy. Seriously, there’s a CrashPad for every single mood you can think of and some you can’t. I absolutely love it!  The influence Pink & White Productions has had on gender queer pornography, actors, and the industry as a whole cannot be ignored, and if you’re looking for authentic content absent of gender lines, there’s no better place to start. Below are three of my favorites to serve as a starting point…

Filly Films

What I love about Filly Films most is that they center their movies around women who enjoy sexual encounters with other women. For a lot of us whether the actress is actually a lesbian isn’t a factor when picking a movie. Instead we want to see someone enjoying the person they’re with, not thinking about the paycheck they’ll get to cash if they get through the scene. We’ve all seen the girl giving head for about 30 seconds using only the tip of her tongue with an expression on her face like she’s licking a sour apple, and then spend the rest of the time staring into the camera making “O” shapes with her mouth. That’s for the fellas. For us lesbos you gotta come with something real, something we can relate to and throw ourselves into the fantasy. Filly Films is great at that and A Girl’s Tale is the perfect place to start in my opinion.


With her rise to the top of genuine lesbian actresses (having real lesbian sex) Lily Cade‘s studio LilyCade.com must be on this list and I’ve gone on and on about her in this interview and too many movie reviews to count. Everyone’s favorite redhead has beat a lot of odds in this industry and once you really dive into some of her work it’s easy to see why. Her short red hair, raspy voice, and aggressiveness pull you in right away while her acting (and writing) brings every character she plays to life and keeps you glued to the screen. It’s impossible to name my favorite LilyCade.com titles (just about every one featuring Officer Cade is amazing) but here are a few that I keep on repeat.


Bree Mills and Stills By Alan are the power forces behind Girlsway and you’re truly missing out on something if you don’t check out their brilliant movies. They successfully fuse social issues and concerns, like the fear of catching gay (yup, that’s a thing) in with incredibly erotic lesbian porn. Like Filly Films, Girlsway casts a variety of actresses, a lot of whom aren’t lesbians, but what sets them apart for me is the writing and acting that goes into everything they produce. I write in my reviews all the time that it’s so easy to forget you’re watching a porno, even during sex scenes, because it feels like you’re watching a movie on the big screen. Seriously, you’re doing yourself an injustice if you never tune into The Turning and Project Pandora – A Psychosexual Lesbian Thriller, and below are three more that are near and dear to my heart. Have fun!

Viv Thomas

Viv Thomas takes a very different approach to lesbian sex. At first glance I want to say they’re more on the softer side of girl-girl action, what most people expect when they think of two girls having sex. Where this studio sets itself apart is its attention to detail and the intensely close-up camera work that I’ve grown to love. There’s also an artistic approach to the way they capture women exploring themselves and each other that just can’t be taken for granted. Just look at their box covers…


From the beautiful minds over at Kink.com comes UltimateSurrender.com, competitive girl-girl sexual wrestling, featuring hardcore face-sitting and strap-on sex. I love playful fighting and aggressive wrestling that turns into sex, so I can never get enough of Ultimate Surrender. Plus, they have actresses from all walks of life like Lily Cade, Ana Foxxx, and Andre Shakti getting all oiled up and fighting each other to the point of strap-on domination for the winner. Do I even need to say any more!?


OffWorld currently houses only 4 titles, but I like to think that’s because Magdalene St. Michaels is extremely busy pleasing women around the world non-stop and doesn’t always think to pull her handycam out. That’s right, the same Magdalene St. Michaels that Girlfriends Films has endeared in our hearts for years! There’s something about the way she looks at and caresses a woman that’s enough to send anybody over the edge. Check out my review of her Stranded series. You’re gonna love it…

Triangle Films

I didn’t know much about Triangle Films until I reviewed 2016’s Blue Collar Lesbians, but after watching that one I had to know more about Kathryn Annelle and her approach to top notch authentic lesbian porn. Since 2006, Triangle Films has been producing feature after feature of electrifying plots and incredible sex created by women for women. Loaded with fan favorites such as Jizz Lee, Dana DeArmond, Syd Blakovich, and Sasha Grey, how could you not want to know more about this studio!?


The one word that immediately comes to mind when thinking of AbbyWinters.com is “authentic.” Everything they do is genuine. Casting mostly European amateurs between 18 and 25 years of age, AbbyWinters manages to take you into the bedroom of every day girls and watch as they explore multiple positions (I always find it interesting that amateurs explore more made-for-porn positions than porn stars), and give and receive multiple orgasms all while keeping the atmosphere light and playful. I love the before and after interviews, and with a catalogue totaling over 300 movies, there’s always something new to find. For lesbians looking for authentic lesbian porn this is a really good studio to explore.


To top off the list we go back to the beautifully warped minds of those running Kink.com to WhippedAss.com. If you’re anything like me, you like to mix things up a bit and there’s no better place to start mixing shit together than WhippedAss. Lesbian Femdom at its finest is an understatement! You get everything from domination and discipline to humiliation smothering, but there a reason “ass” is a part of the studio name. They whip, cane, spank, slap, and do just about everything else you can think of to my favorite part of the female anatomy and it is beyond fun and sexy to watch. Start wherever you want with this studio because we all end up in orgasm heaven by the end!

These are 10 of my go-to studios for high quality authentic lesbian porn made with lesbian viewers in mind, but there are plenty more to me discovered on the site. Pick a starting point, dive in, and get those fingers nice, wet, and messy. Until next time, make sure to follow me on Twitter @authenticlezz1 for the latest on all things lesbo and some random shit that pops out of my mind from time to time.

The Authentic Lesbian Review: Girls Keen For Sex

Girls Keen For SexThere are lots of things to love about AbbyWinters.com, so when it came time for me to review Girls Keen For Sex I knew I would enjoy it. For anyone unfamiliar with the studio, AbbyWinters.com specializes in filming amateur young women having real sex and real orgasms, and is known in many places throughout the world as the flagship studio for sex positive, pro-female porn. The models always seem very natural and the atmosphere is always one of fun and sexual exploration. The production quality is amazing and everything is done in a tasteful, yet erotic way. Whenever I watch something of theirs I feel like a fly on the wall. Their content is unbelievably candid, giving the impression that the actors forget a camera and other people are even in the room. Being the authentic authority around here, I especially love that the girls are your average girl-next-door type and naturally beautiful at the same time. I don’t know what Abby is doing over in the Netherlands, but she attracts a lot of hotties!

Scene 1 – Flora & Salma

Girls Keen For Sex follows the same format as many other AbbyWinters titles. There’s an opening conversation between the two performers, followed by sex and ending with an interview of the two regarding the sexual experience they just had. Flora and Salma have one of the best opening conversations I’ve seen from the studio, and I’ve seen quite a bit of them. First off, their accents are fucking hot, but more importantly the content of their conversation actually turned me on. I couldn’t believe it. Fifteen minutes of fully clothed chicks talking and I was enjoying myself already! Maybe the stars aligned perfectly or maybe the Dyke Gods were happy that I helped an old lady across the street and didn’t correct her when she called me sir…either way, I’ll take it! More likely, it’s because they reminded me of my girlfriend and I sitting on our couch talking to each other. It’s important to remember that this is amateur porn, and part of the allure of amateur porn is being able to relate to it and situate yourself in it in a way that can’t always be done with glam Hollywood porn. The fantasy aspect is there in amateur porn, but it takes more of a backseat to being able to relate and understand what’s happening within the scene because of your real life experiences. The girls touched on everything from how love isn’t necessary for good sex to how being physically submissive is freeing in a lot of ways. From there they discussed what they like sexually and found some common ground. Speaking from personal experience, I know what it’s like to have this conversation with a woman before the fun begins, and as awkward as it may seem, it really makes you feel more comfortable about what you’re getting ready to do and it gives you a starting point and rough outline of what you want to do. Trust me, it’s soooo much easier knowing from the jump that she prefers 2 fingers instead of 3. Get that wrong and you can seriously fuck up a good time! Now, on to that good time…

Flora and Salma seem really at home with each other. The playfulness to start out the scene is fun and sexy, but you can tell they’re ready to get to it. Salma pulls Flora on top of her for a grinding session that turned out to be sexier than I would have thought (I’m pretty sure Flora cums here), and after teasing each other a little longer, clothes finally start to come off. There’s nothing worth looking at more than a naked woman, and these two have great bodies! There’s nothing that really stands out, but both are naturally fit with a handful of titties I’d reach out and grab, no questions asked! I really enjoyed the positions they explored. They hit my favorite power position and Salma toyed with Flora’s clit for about 3 more orgasms before being flipped over and having her pussy licked until she came for the first time. Speaking of pussy licking, I never noticed before how boring watching a good munching session going down could be. I’ve become so accustomed to pussy lips being spread apart and just the tip of the tongue being used so viewers can actually see what’s happening, that I forgot most of the time your mouth is completely covering her vag. Don’t ask me why I suddenly had this “revelation.” I’ve seen it done both ways countless times and I’m always turned on no matter which is presented. Watching Flora on Salma, I remembered how it felt to be the giver and the receiver and the whole thing was really hot. The tribbing stood out to me also. I’m one of the lesbians who actually enjoy tribbing (Sinn Sage, you’re a hero and my teacher!) and watching these two pussy bump through their clothes was a major turn on. The 69 and finger fucking is as you’d expect, but I found myself getting slightly hornier watching the awkwardness of them getting into these positions. It’s never as smooth as it looks in the movies and watching these two was like watching me and my girlfriend. There’s an almost kick to the head that happens and a lot of sliding back and forth for perfect positioning. I caught myself giggling during these change ups and it was cool to see something that resembled what happens in my personal sex life. The ending interview wasn’t as exciting as the opening conversation, but I like to feel like I’m learning something from the performers I watch so hearing the girls explain what was most exciting for them and what they’d try again was interesting, especially coming from two girls with more sexual experiences with men than women.

Scene 2 – Luna & Maylin

Bare with me for a moment…LUNA IS MY NEW GIRL CRUSH! It’s one of those things that just happens. Her complexion is perfect, her accent makes me hot, and her boobs remind me of Skin Diamond’s (for anyone who knows me, it doesn’t get any better than Skin fucking Diamond!). To top it off, she’s a lesbian and appreciates a beautiful, naked woman just like I do AND she likes to fondle titties which is one of my favorite pastimes. She’s perfect, I tell you! Okay, now that I got that out of the way, this scene was awesome. Maylin, a sexy Asian, and Luna have great chemistry and since both are already very familiar with sex with a woman, there was a level of comfort ability they had with each other, even in flirty conversation, which I appreciated. Again, both girls have great bodies and these two were even more eager to explore each other, taking their time with foreplay and making sure they memorize reactions to certain kisses and caresses. When the buildup hits crucial, they jump straight into face sitting and clit stimulation, which I thought showed their comfort levels as well as their strong attraction to the female body. There wasn’t anything particularly aggressive about their acts, but the way they changed and explored positions felt like it was done with an aggressive passion, like they wanted to do as much as they could with each other. I know this feeling and it was nice watching that intensity coming from average women who look like people you could run into while out jogging or sitting at a bar.

One of my favorite moments in this scene is what I like to describe as simply the phone intermission. First off, girls take intermissions all the time (in fact, it happened in the first scene too) and it’s pretty amazing. We’re usually having 2-3 orgasms in one round (because lesbian sex is just that awesome) and after that, you understandably need a break, during which you grab your phone to check on the world and play a game with the beautiful naked woman sitting beside you. Yes, that happens in real life. Of course, it doesn’t last long because there’s a beautiful naked woman sitting beside you. The reason this one is so great is because the girls come back with a refueled appetite, deciding they now should attack window sex. That’s right, WINDOW SEX! How fucking cool is that!? I completely forgot about window sex since my college days. My girl and I would prop ourselves up on our window, that happened to face a bar, and put on a show for the ages! Those were the good days, and Luna and Maylin brought all of that back for me. I watched this part and let memories and fantasies run through my head more than a couple times. After Maylin cums, the two move a coffee table out of their way and have an intense tribbing session. Next we get a little coochie eating and fingering before the two finally decide they’ve reached their limit. Then Maylin gives us, and Luna, a squirting surprise…impressive to say the least. It even gets on the camera woman. There was a lot of laughter during their ending interview, which is a good sign, and I walked away from this scene totally expecting these two to film another scene together.

This movie is a complete hit! I forgot how much fun and how erotic amateur porn can be. I love seeing someone act and look and laugh and talk like I do. There’s still that element of fantasy that you get to play out in your head, but the understanding that comes along with knowing exactly how something feels or looks can be the perfect push over orgasm edge.

Watch Girls Keen For Sex now!

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