Men of Monday

Morning ladies, have I got a treat for you this bright and bushy tailed Monday! You see I was snooping around in the star profiles as I’m want to do, strictly for research purposes you understand, when two plus two came together for me and made four! Not only do I have two scrumptious men for you to ogle this morning but I’ve got them paired in at least one scene together as well – awesomesauce! Remember; click the close up for a bigger more naked image.

First up is Wolf Hudson, a really awesome performer with an eclectic heritage and portfolio. Born in New York City in 1984, Hudson has African American, French and Dominican ancestry and he’s appeared in straight, bisexual and gay adult films since 2007 when he was around 23 years old, many of these films feature a bondage theme. Prior to his adult entertainment career, Wolf studied dance, and acting at the New Dance Group Arts Center in New York City. In his gay films Wolf prefers to top, though he sometimes also bottoms and has an impressive 9″ uncut cock. He’s also a real sweetheart to chat with which only makes him hotter in my book!

Then we’ve got a double dose of the legendary – Ben Andrews. Ben’s biggest claim to fame is his humongous 11″ uncut cock. Apparently having such a big member isn’t always a blessing in the industry because it reportedly led Andrews into brawl with fellow Lucas Entertainment exclusive, Chad Hunt, about who’s is bigger (Ben won according to Michael Lucas.) With an innocent look, completely at odds with his monster meat, it’s no wonder Michael Lucas chose Ben as the lead for the comic adult film, “The Intern.” After the bump a very big NSFW  shot of both performers in their scene together.

And yes, these two scrumptious hunks really were crammed together in one jaw dropping scene together in Michael Lucas’ Auditions Volume 22. How the hell am I going to top that next week? No idea, I’ll just have to keep digging through piles and piles of hot men till I’m struck with inspiration I guess – oh woe is me – till next week ladies!

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