Ophoria Rapture #5

I was super surprised when I got the Ophoria Rapture #5 anal probe in the mail. The Shunga Massage Candle I had requested was on back order, so Eden Fantasys decided to send me off a big butt plug instead. Once I got over my disappointment about not being able to sucker a massage out of my girlfriend (in the name of “working from home,” of course), I quickly warmed up to the idea that I had a fancy new silicone butt toy to play with! What’s better than a massage? Fucking, that’s what!

The Ophoria Rapture #5 is a pretty big hunk o’ silicone. At 7” long (5 ¾” insertable) and 1 ½” at the thickest point, this hefty anal probe is not for the butt play first timer. The Rapture #5 is made of five gradually increasing bulbs that are one on top another, with a nice big loop handle at the end. The velvety bulbs go from smallish to big fairly fast and unlike other probes and anal beads I’ve tried, the Rapture #5 doesn’t have much of as indented space between the bulbs.

While some people might not enjoy the lack of space, I thought that it made the graduation to the next sized bulb go smoother. Because the bulbs sizes do cover a pretty big range, it can be a bit tedious to go from one to the next, and I think more space between the bulbs would make it harder.

I also really liked the Rapture’s design because it made the toy a lot sturdier and easier to pull in and out of your butt. The loop and design even allow for one finger control, which is definitely helpful if you’d like to keep your other nine fingers busy as well. Also, the Rapture is 6.4 oz, which means it feels weighty without actually being heavy – basically the perfect weight. You can tell a lot of thought went into the creation of this awesome toy.

Ophoria Rapture #5 can also be used vaginally. It was a really different sensation in my vag than it was in my butt, but definitely felt good. It’s hard to describe the differences, but vaginally I really enjoyed the increasing girth and the shape of the toy. The handle came in handy for thrusting as well.

Because it’s made of silicone, Rapture #5 is both hypoallergenic (phthalate free) and super easy to clean, as well as really good quality. Being a butt toy, I really like that Rapture #5 can be sterilized. I makes me happy to know that my anal toys are super clean before I put them away. I’m not going to say I love the name anal probe – it makes me feel like I’ve been abducted by aliens – but really, that’s my only complaint about the Ophporia Rapture #5. Well, that and it won’t help me woo a massage.

Find euphoria with Ophoria Rapture #5!

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