HotMovies4Her Sex Tips: Sexy Ways to Warm Things Up!

I don’t know about you, but it sure is cold here at the HotMovies4Her headquarters in Philadelphia.  There is ice everywhere and I just can’t seem to warm up.  No amount of hoodies, hats, scarves or gloves is ridding me of this chill that I feel all through me.  This has inspired my top four sex tips for today: Sexy Ways Warm Things Up.

Warming Lube: While I don’t necessarily recommend using this stuff for penetration, I like using it on the nipples and perhaps on the exterior of the genitals, or anywhere else you desire.  It creates a unique sensation and adds a surprising yet satisfying element of warmth (when you expect everything to be cold in the winter).  Some lubes get warmer when blown on or when friction occurs.  This creates a whole other set of fun HotMovies4Her Sex Tipsactivities!  As with all lubes, try and look for paraben and glycerin free formulas to avoid possible irritation.  Sliquid Sizzle is a good one!

Sex Toys You Can Heat Up: This is one that I myself need to explore more than I have.  If you have any glass, ceramic, stainless steel or even silicone toys, just dip them in a bowl of warm water for a minute or two and pull out a nice cozy heated toy.  These materials, except maybe silicone, are generally pretty cold on their own so warming them isn’t such a bad idea any time of the year.

Wax Play:  There is no question that dripping hot wax on your body will damn sure warm you up a bit!  If you’ve never ventured into such territory, there are few things you should know:  when you are first starting out, only use candles made especially for wax play.  This ensures it won’t be too hot.  Never use beeswax.  It will hurt!  Hold the candle far above the above the person you’re dripping on, this way the wax will be a bit cooler.  Avoid areas near the eyes and hair as wax tends to splash.  Always test a small amount on the skin to make sure all is well.  There is a lot more to this, but this is a good base layer of information to get you going!

Sex with Your Clothes On:  This is my favorite tip.  I think it is super hot to see what you can do while you’re completely clothed.  While it may seem prudish to some, I find it to be totally erotic.  Plus, it changes the game a bit.  You have to think creatively instead of going for your same old moves… And you stay warm.

Best of luck keeping warm this winter!


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