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Reviewing sex toys is a great way to explore new frontiers and expand your sexual boundaries, something I love doing, so I went in an unusual direction for myself and picked the Stranger II by Fun Factory for this particular review. I’m not usually a great fan of the insertable type toys, but I reason that’s simply because I haven’t found just the right one to rock my world yet and unlike with dates (and certain vegetables), I’ll try anything once. Actually when it comes to sex toys, I insist on trying it way more than once, because I reason I didn’t like my favorite vibe the first time out of the box either.

Speaking of boxes, when this one came in the mail I was in for a bit of a shock. It was right about then that I started to suspect I’d bitten off more than I could chew. Because boxed up, the Stranger II was almost as long as my forearm! Out of the box and still nearly as long as my arm, the Stranger II is supposedly 6.75 inches long which is a little longer than your average guy is likely to be endowed. Luckily my Stranger also has a gently tapered head and a soft pliable silicone body, so I wasn’t running for cover just yet; even if my mind was screaming ‘are you kidding me, it’s 9 inches if it’s anything!’

The Stranger, like most vibrators is pretty simple to operate, just turn the dial at the base to increase or decrease the vibrations as well as turn the device off and on. The only complex part of the Stranger’s design is where to put the batteries. I actually had to get the instructional booklet out for that one. Turns out that in order to put batteries in the Stranger, you first have to squeeze either side of the base to get to the compartment, not unlike some safety caps on pill bottles. Now’s a good time to mention that I hate safety caps – if you have any kind of problems with your hands, they are absolutely impossible to get off.

Getting into the Stranger’s battery compartment took me a good couple minutes of squeezing and cursing -the thing was tight! At one point I actually tried putting it between my legs and squeezing with both knees, because I couldn’t seem to apply enough pressure on either side of the large base to open it. I did get it open eventually, but if this had simply been a case of me trying to enjoy some private sexy time with a new toy, the mood would defiantly have been spoiled by the time I did. This might not be a problem for others, but I have very tiny hands. Someone else might not have found it so difficult to get a good grip on the base and apply pressure, but it definitely irked me more than a little.

Onto the good vibrations! Ok maybe not so good vibrations. With the batteries inserted, finally, and the toy turned all the way up there was definitely a lot of vibration going on… at the base. The Stranger’s motor is at the base of the shaft and the vibrations have to travel through the material all the way to the tip. What you end up with at the tip is a very gentle motion. Unfortunately I’m a fan of strong vibration for a little clit and lip tease before insertion and because of limited vibration in the tip, the Stranger just couldn’t tease very well. Using the entire shaft produced better results, but lacked the precision that the tip offers. It was like the difference between using a Hitachi Magic Wand when you wanted a bullet vibe. Still that motor goes deep! Once you do achieve orgasmic bliss there’s little chance that you’ll stop the Stranger in its tracks during those oh-so-wonderful contractions.

Clean up with this toy is a breeze; it’s water resistant, though not proof, so I wouldn’t suggest chucking it in the nearest pot of boiling water! A wipe off with soapy water and a rinse is all you need to clean your Stranger, or wipe with a 10% bleach/water solution to sanitize.  All in all, my experience with the Stranger II was ok, but it’s nothing I’d write home to mother about. Probably not the best insertable toy for wary beginners, though the more adventurous or experienced might quickly warm up to its size.

Get to know Fun Factory’s Stranger II!

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  1. I can tell you from experience that Fun Factory makes and awesome product . Their vibrators are second to none. Of the manufacturers out there, they are in the top 5.

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