Body Butter

I popped my edible massage lotion cherry. Wild Cherry, I should say, and it was delicious. Wild Cherry Body Butter is smooth, hydrating, and above all, tasty. I’m not sure who enjoyed it more! Licking or being licked clean – this treat is an all around win-win.

While Body Butter is primarily a massage lotion (and what a massage lotion it is!), I just had to incorporate this Wild Cherry delight into my favorite frisky activity: Oral Sex! I am very generous when it comes to using my mouth and there is nothing I like more than hearing my partner’s moans and knowing that all the pleasure is my doing.

I spread a very small amount of the Body Butter on my partner and massaged it in. The cherry smell was nice and subtle, not overwhelming at all. The taste was just enough to put me in the mood to devour my lover, instead of just a tongue moving ritual. Yum. The idea of treating external genitalia like a gourmet meal is heavenly (and that’s only where you should use this when it comes to genitals – mixing it with your vagina is a yeast infection waiting to happen). Body Butt is definitely a fun, and scrumptious, way to add a little spice to your oral sex life.  Between this and my Chocolate Lovers Paintbox, I swear I’ve gained 14 pounds!

Be careful not to use too much butter – it can easy become overpowering and get greasy fast. Just a dab will bring your taste buds to a whole new level. Body butter can be applied to all sorts of different parts of the body to induce erotic sensations. Add a touch of massage on the neck and shoulders with the butter and it works as a moisturizing type cream, with an active ingredient being Shea butter… then trail your tongue from the base of the neck to a nipple to enjoy the moans and groans from your excited partner.

When it comes to clean up, don’t worry. There won’t be too much clean up needed, unless you overdo it on the application. The butter licks off easily without leftover stickiness, but in the event that you put on too much, it washes off well with a little soap and water. Plus, there is no sheet or skin staining either. Overall, Body Butter is an inexpensive, quality product that is the perfect way to add a sensual spark to your life.

Bring Body Butter Into Your Own Bedroom!

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