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The big thing in sex news recently is this article on MSNBC about female executives in the adult industry.  The Porn Librarian talked about it already, but I wanted to add my two cents and talk a little bit more about the awesome ladies that make adult great.

It’s always kind of funny to me when mainstream media tries to talk about the adult industry, especially women within the industry.  It’s like they are totally blown away by the idea that a woman can be in the porno biz without taking off her top and they don’t really buy it, but report on it anyway.  I’m pretty used to mainstream media sensationalizing “the industry” and sex in general, but I was genuinely and pleasantly surprised by how thorough and informative the article actually is.  Good work MSNBC.  Not only did they talk to women that are currently bigwigs in the industry, but ladies that helped make porno female friendly in the past.  

I was actually really blown away by the comment made by UC-Santa Barbara’s Constance Penley about people giving excessive attention to the negative stuff that happens in porn, yet totally ignoring that it happens in every industry. 

Name an industry that’s different, she said. Because porn involves sex it is subject to what Penley calls “exceptionalism.” It is not judged in the bigger cultural context. But it should be. “You have to ask: Does it have more drug abuse or more suicides, more incidents of girls being sexually abused as children, more cosmetic surgery than Hollywood, TV, the recording industry?” she said. The answer, she pointed out, is probably not. So why pick on sex movies?

Penley is absolutely right.  The adult industry – and anything having to do with sexuality at all really – has been target to a kind of scrutiny that goes above and beyond the levels that most other entertainment industries face.  When it comes to women in the industry, all the arguments seem to lead back to the welfare of the performers and their motives.  I’m all about making sure that all the performers are treated fairly and get what they need, but I think automatically assuming that their motives must be linked to sexual abuse and exploitation is unfair and perpetuates the idea that women can only explore and express their sexuality if it is a symptom of psychological damage.  Fucked up, I say.

And it’s not like I’m coming from a totally biased place because I work in the industry either.  I was a women’s studies major.  I’ve read my fair share of Dworkin and have gone through enough abuse culture lectures and feminist theory roundtables to know the ins and out of the issues that feminists (mostly second wave) have with porn.  I just don’t agree.  I believe that looking at female sexuality on a broader scale allows women to have the agency to make decisions about their bodies and sexual practices without automatically boxing them into the roles of victims.  And just like the conversation from the previous paragraph – yes some women may be in an exploited situation, but that is not exclusive to the adult industry or to sexual women in general. 

Anyway, like I said above, I thought the article featured some of the raddest ladies in the biz and I wanted to give a few of them a little extra touting. Check them out below!

Nina Hartley – One of the biggest names in porn made for both men and women, Hartley has been in the business forever and stars and directs movies, as well as has an awesome series of instructional guides.  We pretty much love anything Nina has to offer!

Sharon Mitchell – The veteran performer not only starred in and directed a bunch of super hot movies, after being attacked by a fan, Mitchell helped found the Adult Industry Medical Health Care Foundation (AIM), an organization that helps adult performers get tested for STIs and stay healthy. 

Candida Royalle – The fabulous Miss Royalle is pretty much the founder of erotic, couples-style porn created by women especially for women.  Candida’s plot-driven, sensuality focused movies opened up the world of adult to welcome women at a time when sexual repression was rampant – the 1980s.

Kelly Holland – The Penthouse and Playgirl director not only has a heap of hot titles under her belt, she won a Feminist Porn Award last year with a submission from her very own production company, Chick Media.

Shoosh of Triangle Films – Co-owners Shoosh and Kathryn Annelle of Triangle offer up awesome erotic lesbian movies with some of the hottest stars to hit the porno screen.

And let’s not forget about all the amazing directors we featured as our Top Five Female Porn Directors

When it really comes down to it, this provocative article is really just reiterating what HotMoviesForHer has been saying for years: Women in porn are awesome – be they on the bed, behind the camera or signing the checks. 

-J.D. Bauchery

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  1. It’s sad to not see Shine Louise Houston mentioned in any of the blogs on this site, I hope readers realize this is probably because Hot Movies For Her doesn’t carry Shine’s work… yet! Hoping Hot Movies From Shine soon!

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