Kendra Lust Interview

Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us! I spoke with your assistant earlier who told me you were feature dancing last night. How was that?

I was in Long Island dancing at this really great club called Gossip and it is a gorgeous club. Definitely one of the nicest clubs I’ve been too.

You started dancing before you were ever in adult, right?

Yes, I started dancing while I was in nursing school to help get through school.

From when you started dancing in clubs to now, has the scene changed at all?

No, in all honesty, it hasn’t changed much. Maybe the rules have a bit, but that all depends on what city or state you are in because everywhere has a bit different rules, but I hate to say it, it’s pretty much the same. You still have the house-mom and other girls, the dynamic definitely hasn’t changed. Some of the stories that you hear in the dressing room never change.

What are some of your favorite cities to dance in?

New York is cool. The city is great, but I like some of the outer pockets because I like to reach out to some of the locals out there and experience Long Island. I really enjoy Long Island. I’ve been here before, not to this club, but to Long Island and I loved it. I love San Francisco. I don’t know if it was just the Bay Area or being in the city, but the clubs there are some of my favorite to feature dance in.

Are you feature dancing by yourself or with other girls?

I have featured with other girls, but sometimes that is hard because sometimes clubs financially can’t bring in additional girls, but in this city I’m just featuring by myself. I do love to engage with fans, and working with other girls in the clubs brings attention to them. So, that’s nice and I give them tip money, and it’s fun. It spices up the show a bit.

What kind of music do you like to dance to?

Last night I did a completely different playlist. I like hip-hop, but I like to gauge the crowd and gauge the club. If the club likes more hip-hop I’ll do hip-hop. If I think it’s more a rock-and-roll crowd I can do rock-and-roll, but I like music that gets the crowd going. So, last night I had a little bit of Enrique Iglesias, a little bit of Pit Bull, some 90s hip-hop, some Megan Trainor, lots of variety. I worked with one of the best DJs last night. He’s probably one of the best DJs I’ve ever worked with. I actually sent him a text today and told him thank you for making last night so much fun. He amped up the crowd, and he was really great.

Your career has had a really cool trajectory, from dancing to being a registered nurse, and then adult work and directing. You’ve mentioned that you came into adult later than many of the women in the industry usually do. Do you think you had an advantage to starting an adult career after you had already gone through your twenties and figured out who you are and what you wanted to do?

I think from a business standpoint, yes. However, it does –well, I’m not trying to play victim at all because I’m all about embracing the opportunities that are in front of you and the options that I have, but I do feel like it can hinder you a little bit too. Your opportunity to play certain roles or, maybe some of the opportunities that they younger girls might have are not available to you. So, it has pros and cons, but from a business standpoint absolutely. I got all the craziness out in my twenties, because who knows what I would have done. That’s why I try to not judge any of the younger girls because I’m thinking, “Oh my god, save your money!” But, then I think about what I would have done if I were 21 and making all this money. I don’t really know. It’s all relative.

Do you find yourself in a mentor role now with younger performers? I mean, you are directing now, so obviously you’re helping people. But, do you find that there are young people who are open to suggestion and to your expertise in the industry?

I don’t even know if I would consider myself a veteran of the industry, just based on my age and being in for five years because I am always learning and growing. I know this might sound bad, but I am selective about who I try and reach out to. Obviously, the girls on my roster, I am an open book for them for whatever they may need, but I try not to give too much information because I don’t always know if they want it. And, I don’t want to smother them. I kind of like them to reach out so I know where their head’s at. Some girls might just be trying to work 3 days a month and not make a career out of it because everybody has different goals and different mindsets. And, that’s a character flaw that I had when I first came into the business. I thought, “Why don’t these people get here on time?” I realized, it’s not them, it’s me. Not everybody is driven by the same thing, not everybody has the same work ethic or goals. So, I try to wait to give advice unless they reach out first.

Well, I do think you are a major influencer in the industry and I do think that people look up to you for multiple reasons.

Thank you.

You film with a variety of different stars and companies, but you are selective about it and that makes you stand out because you make good choices.

Well, I really appreciate that, but I cannot take all the credit for that. I have a really great team. I have a great guy in my life who is very supportive, I have a team that helps and guides me to make good decisions, and we bounce ideas. So, ultimately I have five heads that help me. So, I’m really grateful for them.

What issues are important to you and what issues do you see that might be misrepresented in the adult industry? And how does your team help you to make good decisions when it comes to these issues or selecting good roles?

I think sometimes the industry can get a little negative, you know there are so many girls. We’re a bit oversaturated with talent, and there aren’t a lot of opportunities for everybody to get into a ton of movies, and that makes it very competitive. So, I try to stay positive and my team is very positive and focused, and they’re very realistic. I think that helps put things into perspective. For not only me, but for a lot of the girls. It just helps being realistic. You know, every girl is not going to be a star. But, just try to work and play to your strong points. If you’re a girl with a butt, maybe play to that strength-not just with your butt, but what can you do to promote that part of you, get some interest…

And expand on it?


Speaking of expanding on your strengths, I wanted to ask you about how you started directing and how you began your relationship with Archangel.

That’s a good question. I think a lot of people may still not be clear on how the relationship with Archangel and me started. I am eternally grateful for that opportunity. So, let me take it back a little bit. When I decided to do my first interracial, I had a couple different companies approach me. I kept going back and forth and back and forth. I thought, I could go with this company because the paycheck is there, but maybe not the exposure. Or, the exposure is there, but not all the necessary other things are. There were a lot of opportunities and I couldn’t a make a decision. Archangel was really new to adult. They maybe hadn’t even been around for a year. So, they were a newer company, they didn’t have that many films out, and they offered me a really nice incentive and I liked the autonomy they were going to give me. I wanted to give them a chance and people had asked me why I would take a chance like this with a newer company for my first interracial scene. And, some said I was making a dumb decision and I actually got a lot of flack from some performers. But, I thought, you know what? This is a new company and I reflected back on when I was new and people had to take a chance on me.


So, I thought about the company, and a lot of this had to do with the owner, Gabriel Guzman. When I spoke with him I could tell that he was just so genuine. We talked about the scene and I felt really comfortable and he was so professional, and I thought, yes! I’m going to go with them. And, in their words, they said, “You kind of helped put Archangel on the map.” From that point on we began to work with each other and build a relationship. They have been just amazing. I started talking to them about directing, and I told them that I know my vision, but I don’t really know how to go about this, or how to do the distribution. So, I talked to Gabe and asked him what he thought about all this and he said he would distribute my movies and we discussed how we would go about doing this. From that point on we’ve been working together and he’s been great. He’s a very successful business man outside of adult. All honesty, adult is kind of leisure money for him. He has several other businesses and he has a proven track record, and he knows distribution, as he has done that for over eight years. So, I trust him. I trust him with my family, as a person professionally, and it’s worked out. He’s taken a chance on me. When I started the agency (Society 15) he handed me a check and said, “Here you go. No contract. Your word is good, I’ve known you for awhile. I know and I trust you.” Obviously, the loan has been repaid, but this all just happened with a handshake. So, we have this trust. He’s a trustworthy person and it’s been great.

Yeah, I wanted to ask you what was the reason behind you starting Society 15?

That’s a really good question. I hate to really say anything negative, but… So, when I started I was with an agent and she was really great. She represented me for three years and I was really appreciative. She was great. After three years I decided to go on my own. I was on my own for a little bit. Then I started with another agency and it didn’t turn out how I wanted. And I thought, eh, this isn’t going as planned. So, after a bad experience with that agency I decided that, maybe I can take that negative experience that took place and make it into something positive. And, I have met some really great people along the way. So, I took a negative experience and thought, I can make something positive out of this. Why not start an agency? I kind of felt empowered after I had, for lack of a better word, got burned. I had an investment of about 20 thousand, and I took that money and I got a team together to start this agency.

In adult, you have a shelf life. Even in your twenties you have a shelf life, but me being in my 30s I need to start thinking long-term and think past just shooting. At that time I was just shooting and I had a website. I wasn’t even directing yet. I thought, maybe if I had an agency I could build something. Something positive. We represent girls and we’re not shady. And, I don’t want to talk negatively, but some of the agents they don’t have the best reputations. I thought, we can do right by the girls and I have connections. The people I am working with have connections and we have business backgrounds. I thought, we could build an agency were girls are safe, where they feel comfortable with positive representation and I can have something to fall back on. So, it wasn’t just about something negative happening, but there was a lot of thought before we started this agency. So, we started in November of 2015. It’s been about a year and a half, and we’re still standing, so that’s a good sign! Especially in this industry.

You guys represent a lot of awesome people. Are you still representing Flash Brown?

We are! He’s a really busy guy. He is awesome. He’s great. He’s definitely a top-notch performer and he brings a level of –I don’t know, swag and a presence about him that really stands out.

I feel like the men are really the unsung heroes of the industry.

You know, they don’t really get a lot of credit. A lot of times the directors will say, “You’re just a prop, it’s all about the girl.” But, ultimately it takes two people to make a great scene. And, if your male talent is not having a good day it can really, really ruin your ratings and potentially ruin your chance for working with that director again. So, they definitely impact the scene more than what people think.

Have you noticed any differences in your personality when you’re directing versus when you are performing in a scene as far as dealing with male talent?

It has to be different because when the male talent is working for me, they are working on my dollar. When you come to set you are expected to do a job. And, they know that I am pretty easy and go-with-the-flow, but when I am directing I know what I want and I have the power to let them know that. If the scene is not going how I want then we will redo it. Most of the time, it isn’t what you say, it’s how you say it. I’m a pleaser, that’s just kind of my nature, being a registered nurse for eight years. I’m still registered. I’m going to keep that. I worked hard for it and to keep it current. But, it is different. I’m more aware of the time and thinking about all the things that have to get done. So, you have to put on different hats.

Do you feel that nursing prepared you for this profession? Do you see any similarities?

I’ve made jokes about that. I sometimes say that I miss nursing because I’m not taking care of people, but then I think that I am taking care of people. I’m helping people. I’m helping couples, and I may be helping their marriage by spicing up their sex life. I think it is a helping profession it’s just a different type of help.

Also, as a director. I see that as being a service profession too because you’re helping people bring out their best performance possible.

You just gave me chills when you said that because I love empowering people. I don’t like to blow smoke up people’s asses, but I really enjoy complimenting people when it’s deserved and I want people to feel good when they are on my set. I always tell them that I want them to be comfortable, I want you to have fun and enjoy the sex as much as we can while we still get the angles. I like the sex to just kind of flow, I don’t want people to be nervous, I just want them to relax and have fun. Obviously, that’s hard because we have to maintain that flow, but it is a sexual art. With that you have a lot of different things to think about. But, ultimately I just want people to feel comfortable and have fun. You know? Easier said than done, but I like a relaxed set.

I’ve read before that you have been watching porn since back in the VHS era, and you had mentioned being really into Nina Hartley and how you looked up to her. Now, I know she wasn’t directing at that time, but can you think of any directors at that time that might have stood out to you?

When I was younger, I didn’t really pay attention to directors. In all honesty, I didn’t even give two shits. I was more like, “Oh my god, that chick’s hot!” I enjoyed a lot of porn for the women. But, it wasn’t until I became a performer that I really started paying attention to directors. Then I started to become more aware of certain things that certain directors did.

So, tell me about directing the Booty Lust series. Booty Lust 2 is a video on demand exclusive at HotMovies starting on May, 29 and I wanted to know a little bit about your experience directing it.

Booty Lust 1 did really well and I really enjoyed filming it. I have a butt, and I like to accent it, I guess, and the cast was really great, and this cast is really great. This is kind of my baby. We have a really strong cast and they are great at promotions. The more they tweet it out and get the word out the more likely I am to hire them. It just helps everybody. All directors love that. But, I had a lot of fun directing it and right now it is my favorite out of what I have directed so far.

A strong cast is important, for sure, which brings me to my last question. What is your favorite porn scene that you have NOT starred in?

That’s really hard. Male or female?

Give me one of each!

You know, I like a lot of the girl/girl stuff. I just think it’s really hot. I know AJ Applegate had done AJ’s Angels, and that was so hot and really sexy. While I enjoy working with males and females, I do enjoy watching a lot of girl/girl porn. It’s really hot to me.

As far as girl/girl goes, I just want to say you were so good in Little Red with Abigail Mac. I just thought of that because Abigail was in AJ’s Angels.

Really? Thank you!

Oh my god, yeah! Your sense of humor really came out and the scene was really great too, but it just seemed like you had a lot of fun.

Thank you. I’ve had the opportunity to work with Abigail Mac again and she is a really versatile performer and actor. I really enjoy working with her too. She’s a lot of fun on set. Probably one of my favorites.

She seems like a really awesome woman. So, Kendra, is there anything that you want to add? Or tell your fans the best way to support you? Any last shout-out you want to give?

I want to give my Archangel family a shout out. Gabe is really awesome as I’ve said and MimeFreak is as well. He has really helped to lend some of his insight to me as far as directing. And, my team at Society 15 is amazing. And you guys. Thank you so much. You can find all my stuff at and

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