Interview with Eliza Allure

Eliza Allure has amassed an enormous fanbase over the course of her career in the adult industry, and it’s certainly no surprise why. Bubbly, intelligent, and downright dirty, Eliza Allure is any man’s dream woman with some seriously kickin’ curves! We got the opportunity to speak with the beautiful BBW superstar about her career, home life, and the difficulties of the plus-sized porn industry, and Allure was wonderfully candid with us.

HMFH: We’re so excited to be speaking with you. Since 2014 you were nominated for BBW of the Year and Social Media Star, an award that BBW stars don’t often get recognition for. You’re gorgeous, gaining weight, and looking better than ever. What are some of your favorite ways to pamper yourself?

I have really had to make time for my beauty routines and to help me de-stress. I have a toddler and recently turned thirty so it’s more important then ever. Every month I book myself a massage and facial. I’m obsessed with microderm, dermaplaning, and hydra facials. I love getting my nails and toes done every two weeks and I get my individual eyelashes done every three weeks. I also just got my eyebrows micro-bladed so I literally can roll out of bed with no makeup and get on webcam.

I’m a bigger girl myself. What sex positions do you find work best for your body type?

I guess that just depends if I’m being lazy or not lol. I love riding on top to achieve my orgasm, but to start off with I prefer doggie-style.

On your website you describe Eliza Allure as your “porn alter-ego.” How is Eliza Allure different from you in your downtime?

While I certainly try to be true to myself in how I conduct business, Eliza is a fantasy. I get to be super dirty and do anything I like as Eliza. In my downtime I prefer to hang out at home with my kid. I’m very much the one you would want your mom to meet. I pride myself on manners and morals. All my good friends would tell you I’m pretty boring.

What are some of your offscreen kinks?

I love women. Most men think I’m lying as a way to get them to stop hitting on me, but if I’m turned on I’m either thinking of my own body or looking at a sexy female.

Your filmography is incredibly diverse. You shoot lesbian, interracial, trans, anal, group sex, etc. If you had to shoot one type of scene for the rest of your career, what would it be and why?

I guess group sex so I can still do all of the other type of scenes in one.

You’re open with your fans about your quest to gain weight. What size/weight are you hoping to achieve?

They can join my site ( to feed me and find out my goal weight.

What’s an average day like in a feeder/feedee relationship?

All my feeders are mostly from the U.K. So they will send me money to buy whatever type of food they want to see me eat, and then I either eat it for them on, or I go on Skype and get 100% of the profit. They want to discuss my eating habits, how lazy I am, see my body jiggle, especially my belly. Sometimes they have very specific fantasies surrounding my gain. For instance, one fan likes to pretend to abduct me then feed me till I’m over 600lbs.A few years ago you performed pregnant. What was that experience like?

I liked that it was unique but being pregnant in general was difficult for me. I don’t like shooting when I’m not feeling well because I want to give my fans the best, and I know it won’t translate well onscreen if I am.

You’ve seen the industry change so much since you have been working. What challenges have you had to overcome as a BBW performer?

I have definitely been at the forefront of pushing for change in the BBW industry. A lot of people who have been in it for a decade are threatened by me because I am all about model education so we all go into our scenes with open eyes and are less likely to be taken advantage of. The three major companies shooting BBW porn are all run by men. These men take advantage of models in so many different ways and up until now no one has cared or stood up for the girls. If a model spoke out against the abuse, the men are quick to discredit her as bitter and crazy. No model should be shortchanged on her check. No model should have their content stolen from them by producers. No model should show up to set expecting to shoot a lesbian scene and it turns out to be a full-on orgy which the producer doesn’t want to pay her extra for. Most importantly, no model should ever have to sleep with a producer. All three producers expect the models to fuck them offset or give them blowjobs, sometimes even before the shoot. Currently all of that is going on and will continue to unless we hold men accountable for their actions and force them to do business in a reputable manner.

Some bigger-name models have tried to discredit me even when they know what I’m talking about is true, quite simply because those certain models are benefiting from it. So recently I created my own ( which will be in January, and all winners will be chosen by fans only. There won’t be opportunities for the men in power to use it to coerce sex from these women. This is just one of the many projects I’m undertaking along with to give the models a safe and fun environment to mingle with fans and make money. I’ve had models come to my events and try to start trouble so that the event is kicked out of those clubs. I had to get a restraining order on one model who came to my night and punched me in the face in front of everyone. Most recently I had to ask a model to not attend my last strip night because she was talking badly about all the other girls attending that no one else would have showed up if she went. So what did she do? She proved me and all the models right about her and she started talking to a guy who was threatening to shoot up any events around that time. This model professes to care for other girls who attended the night but was willing to get them killed. These situations are completely serious and I have a zero-tolerance policy for any model causing drama, doing drugs, or anyone who has a pimp. We can expel the stigma of the porn industry if we all stick to our morals and ban together.

If you could offer any kind of advice to new BBW starlets entering the business, what would it be?

Check out my blog I have for new models (

Check out more from Eliza Allure here, follow her on Twitter @ElizaAllure and all of us @hotmoviesforher!

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  1. Eliza,
    I love the fact that you seem to be well educated. It is wonderful to read how you are trying to improve the industry with better morals for how the actresses and actors and treated. Just because you are in the sex industry doesn’t mean it is okay to take advantage of the stars.

    You are a beautiful woman. I love the softer side of you… the last picture in this article is terrific. Your face is gorgeous.

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