Our First Time Swinging, Part 2

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We were standing under the carport after me just having finished giving Tim a blowjob like my husband requested. Travis motioned for me to come over to where he was sitting. He started kissing me and told me it made him very turned on watching me swallow Tim’s cock. I had enough vodka to drink that I was feeling very laid back and told him he needed to do something for me since I had done something for him.

Travis asked what it was that I wanted and I told him I wanted some cock in me. Travis stood up, pulled my jeans down, leaned me over the hood of my truck and started pounding me from behind. He was really getting into it, asking me, “Is this what you want?”

I could barely do more than moan, it was feeling so good to me. I had my arms stretched out across the hood of my truck, leaning over the truck. My tits were rubbing up and down as he pounded me from behind. I was really starting to get into it when he turned me around and told me to lay down on the porch and put my feet up on the side of the carport which hung really low next to our porch. I was laying on my back with my feet propped up on the carport and the next thing I know, Travis had motioned for Tim to come over to me, and he slowly put his cock inside of me, moaning as he entered me, telling me how my pussy was the tightest pussy he had ever been inside before.

He kept moving at the slow pace until he had put the entire 8 inches inside of me. He started getting into a good rhythm, pounding my pussy good. When he started to get ready to cum, Travis pushed him to the side and then he slid his throbbing cock into me. He started pounding his cock into me just as hard and fast as Tim had been. I was on cloud nine by then, having two hard throbbing cocks taking turns pounding my pussy hard. It was more than I could take and I exclaimed,” Oh my God! I am cumming!!”

As I started to convulse with the contractions of my body, I felt Travis empty his load into me. Tim, not one to be left out, took Travis’ place and finished what he had started earlier. He only had to pound on it for just a minute until he was cumming as well. When he withdrew his cock, we all three were just sitting there on the porch, realizing that traffic had been coming by and Tim’s girfriend was inside passed out on our couch.We all three sobered up pretty quickly then.

We pulled up our pants and decided to sit down under the carport like we were and went back to drinking. Tim was the first to break the silence, saying that he had never been part of a threesome before. Travis told him that was nothing. Maybe we should take it inside and really show each other what a threesome should be like. Meanwhile, I had sobered up enough to stammer out, “Am I the only one that realizes that Lea is passed out on the couch and that this is really wrong?”

Travis and Tim looked at me and started laughing, and Travis said, “Well, if we are gonna get in trouble, we might as well make it good! Have another shot of vodka and come in the bedroom.” I did as I was told and couldn’t help but smile as I followed Travis and Tim inside and walked to the bedroom.

I went ahead and started stripping and it didn’t take them long to follow my lead. Next thing I know, I am on the bed on all fours and Travis started easing his cock into my already wet pussy. He started really getting into it, and told me he wanted to fuck me in the ass. Me always being up for that, told him to go right ahead. Travis eased his hard cock into my tight ass and started stroking it slowly. Once he had a good rhythm going, he leaned me back so that I was sitting on top of him backwards. He told Tim to come put his dick in my pussy which was up in the air the way Travis had me leaned back. I told Travis I thought there was a difference between us doing DP with a toy and with another man. He whispered in my ear to just relax, so I did, and Tim came and slid his cock into my pussy.

I had never had such a full feeling in my life! They took turns, alternating sliding their cocks into my pussy and ass, and got it going really good. Before I could even think about what was going on, that I was having my first DP, I was cumming to the strongest orgasm I have ever had! Travis and Tim slowed their pumping when they felt and heard me orgasming.

Once I had regained my composure, they attacked me again, neither one having took their cocks out of me as I came. I was squeezing my ass and pussy so hard with the pumping they were doing, the next thing I know Travis is filling my ass with his cum and Tim was saying, “Damn! I can feel you nutting! I guess that was enough for him because he shot his load of cum for the second time that night, this time in my pussy. He and Travis slowly pulled their quickly shrinking cocks out of my body.

I laid down on the bed and stretched out, realizing I had just had my first DP! I lay back smiling like an idiot, hoping that this first time for me and Travis sharing wouldn’t be our last.


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