Voluptuous Biker Babes

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Studio: Adam & Eve Category: Features

The best way to describe this latest Carlos Batt venture is that it’s kinda like an acid trip mixed with one of John Waters’ earlier movies. I watched the whole thing, credits to credits, and fuck if I could tell what even went on. But for me, as long as I get to watch April Flores get plowed with a strap-on cock or wield a dick herself, I am totally sold. Her zaftig body, with its perfect curves, and seductively sassy smile always keeps me coming back for more.

I really wish I could explain this movie in full, but I don’t even think they make the right words that would encompass the sheer bizarre/amazingness. First up a trio of badass beauties get stranded in the desert with a broken down car, then a group of dancing desert cult members led by the louder than life Pa Fuschia come around in a golf cart. Then there is a tea house involved. Get it? Yeah, see what I mean about the lack of words? Anyway, the point is, among the dance interludes, crazy plot and fabulously strange wardrobe, there is a ton of super hot fucking scenes, including a few with the lovely Miss Flores. My favorite was definitely scene one, where Flores and blond bombshell Bunny De La Cruz go at it atop a bed in a truck randomly in the middle of the desert. Lots of intense nipple licking gives way to pussy eating and both gals getting their holes filled with hot cock, both strap-on and in the flesh (which goes into scene two).

While I may not make this movie a go-to flick when I want some nice and easy plot-driven porn, this face paced thrill ride is definitely going on my list of favorites.

-J.D. Bauchery

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