The Erotic Witch Project

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Studio: Seduction Cinema Category: Fantasy & Supernatural

In this hauntingly hot feature from Seduction Cinema, three college co-eds – Katie, Darian and Victoria – set out on an erotic witch hunt in the backwoods of New Jersey with a camera to document their findings. The girls have all left their boyfriends behind and aren’t afraid of the Erotic Witch’s seduction powers.

In the first few minutes of the movie, we learn that Victoria doesn’t do all that “sex stuff” but she’s still out to find this witch. After a long drive, they make it to the woods where the girls set up camp for the night but are disturbed in their sleep by the sounds of hot sex somewhere in the distance. Katie wakes up her tent mate Darian because she’s scared, but her fear suddenly turns into desire and the girls go at it in the tent until all fears subside.

The next morning, Katie catches “too shy” Victoria masturbating behind a tree away from camp until they hear Darien scream – someone has stolen all her clothes! Katie’s too! Could this be the work of the Erotic Witch? Victoria returns to the tree and so does Katie…but this time Victoria catches Katie watching her and the girls put on a show together for the camera. Soon, all three girls are together in a really hot lesbian threesome right in the middle of the woods. Maybe it’s my mountain roots, but this was definitely one of the hottest lesbian scenes I’ve ever seen.

Soon, the girls can’t keep their hands off of each other or themselves. Katie puts the camera on herself and brings herself to orgasm while saying, “I’m so horny and so scared at the same time!” The Erotic Witch has completely taken over their desires and the girls disappear into the night, never to be seen or heard from again. Spooky, sensual AND exciting, in more ways than one.

Have a horny and happy Halloween!

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