Straight Guys For Gay Eyes & Women Too! – Nick

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Studio: Straight Guys For Gay Eyes Category: Hetero Couples

Nick is the strong silent type. He doesn’t say much, but really he doesn’t need to – he uses his massive cock to entertain the ladies (and the men, as this video caters to both) instead of the art of conversation. Unfortunately I can’t say the same about his annoying friend Kandee, whose super high-pitched voice and giggle are totally a turn off for me. No worries though, because as annoying as her voice is, she is not the focus of this flick. It’s all Nick – from his tight abs and bulging muscles to his chiseled face and raging hard on. And while the video is a quick thirty minutes, it is packed to the gills with pussy pounding in a whole host of different positions. I love the minimalist nature of the couple just straight up fucking without a bunch of toys or plot or any other distractions, but I do love that they keep all thirty minutes fresh by shifting around the whole time.

And I can’t finish this review without noting the totally phallic skyscrapers poster over the bed. How fitting.

-J.D. Bauchery

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