Stood Up

Bring on the funny! My last few reviews all had pretty heavy subject matter, and though “Taboo” ended up having me rolling in the aisles, it also had me ready to pick a fight. So I was definitely in the mood for something a little lighter. With three AVN award nominations, “Stood Up” looked like it might actually hit the spot.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. The sex scenes were pretty long, giving plenty of time for all the staples: oral – both a blow job and cunnilingus, as well as at least three position changes, probably anal in one form or other and a little dirty talk during the pounding prior to that all important cum shot. I must commend the sex scenes in “Stood Up” for their efforts in one particular area – “Stood Up” does have a lot of hot male performers doing the pounding. Tommy Gunn, Evan Stone and everyone’s current golden boy James Deen are just some of the hotties that put this film high on the female friendly eye candy side of the spectrum. It is still a film made with more of a male audience in mind than a female one, so we’re treated to lots of female writhing and moaning and only really get to see the torsos of these hot men instead of their faces.

Plot, my love, where are you? Some women go for looks, others go for brains and if the performers are the looks of a movie, then its plot is its sweet juicy succulent brain. Nearly one hour in and I’ve only got the tiniest hint of a plot – aging comedian tells tale to doting fan about his life in the comedy business. That really was the entire plot I got after watching “Stood Up” for over an hour, but I got two sex scenes and one of them a threesome that would have been so much hotter if they were more than just fucking bits on my screen though. Then it hits, a wonderful acting performance followed promptly by James Deen taking his clothes off.

Ok, I admit it – throw a naked James Deen into a scene with a natural breasted, natural brunette and my only apparent response is happy drooling. He’s not even my type, but man is he fun to watch fuck. Plus the female performer James was paired with gave really amazing performance moments before the actual sexing started, definitely my favorite scene in “Stood Up.”

Ok, so all in all “Stood Up” is about two and a half hours long. Ninety percent of that time is taken up with some rather acrobatic sex scenes (there’s this one in a tiny trailer that should win an Olympic Gymnastics award.) Though I think James Deen’s scene was by far and away the best, most of the scenes had their own O potential. On the sex I can barely fault it, on the comedy and plot it left a lot to be desired. “Stood Up” will probably get you off but I wouldn’t expect it to entertain you in any other way.


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