Safe Is Desire

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Studio: Fatale Media Category: Lesbian – Dyke Porn

This movie is awesome! A little after school special-ly and total 90s at times, but that really just adds to the charm that is a movie about safe sex being super hot. Allie and Dion are totally into each other and want to fuck, and being the smart girl that she is, Allie refuses to have sex unless it’s safe. Unfortunately Dion just doesn’t get it. But not to fear, because being in sex positive San Francisco in the mid-90s means that they can head over to the local dyke party that teaches ladies how to stay protected and safe as the suck and fuck the night away. And as any good love story goes, Dion comes around, learns the ropes and gloves up (and dams up) for the fuck of her life.  Hope I didn’t ruin the ending…

My favorite part is definitely when the club’s entertainment, the Safer Sex Sluts, comes on stage and shows the audience exactly how to stay healthy and keep their pussies in perfect condition. A blond, a brunette and a redhead, educating as they lick each others’ saran wrapped clits. Hot dykes, racy sex ed and lots of latex-ed up humping… what more could a queer pervy sex educator ask for? I mean really!  Two thumbs up!

-J.D. Bauchery

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