Rituals In Ropes

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Studio: Bondage MaidensCategory: Bondage

For those of you who like a little kink, I just watched a great amateur flick with a lot of really great rope work. As the movie opens, we find two super hot tattooed girls hog-tied on the floor. As they struggle to escape bondage, their Master comes in and begins tickling them with a long feather tickler. In spite of the fact that I hate being tickled, I loved watching these girls writhe and giggle as they try to escape.

Next up we see Natalie M, being bound for suspension. While the master shows his expertise, we get a chance to check her out a little better. She’s got a great curvy body, gorgeous red lips and some nice ink. I especially love the stars on her hips and the design she has on her upper back. If you’ve never seen a woman suspended, this is a great intro because you get to see all of the care and time that goes into this artistic work. Once she’s hanging from the ceiling while balancing on one foot, her master methodically spanks and flogs her most sensitive spot. He’s never rough or cruel, but she’ll remember the session tomorrow, no doubt.

There’s plenty more action throughout, including a full suspension in the final scene. While this type of scene may not be your cup of tea, I definitely had to highlight it for those of you who are interested. Gorgeous girls, attentive masters and nice rope work!

-The Porn Librarian

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