Queer Manor

Studio: Reel Queer Productions Category: Lesbian

This movie had me before I even pressed the play button. Queer sex, Madison Young direction AND cupcakes?!? Did they make this movie especially for me? I’m thinking maybe so. Even the description talks about all the debauchery (as in J.D. Bauchery, I assume) going on at Queer Manor. And what a Manor it is, with all things sexy and Victorian, but all of those values tossed out the window!

Even the production quality has a very refined sensibility to it, almost like watching a very dignified BBC documentary, only with loads more fucking. Bloody brilliant! We start off with Sadie Lune having a delightful little solo jaunt, complete with tiny hand mirror to treat her to the perfect view and a string of pearls coming out of her perfect pink pussy. My favorite part of the scene was that during the most intense parts of her insanely hot climax, the camera specifically focuses on her from chest up. Sure you don’t get to see the speed of her fingers working her clit, but you do get a closer up view of her totally blessed out face and her biting her arm to stop from screaming on the top of her lungs. So, so hot. And this is before Anne Lane even comes into the picture.

I’m sure you can easily spot my absolute favorite scene in this seven scene flick, though they are all ridiculously good. The one with fucking and eating cupcakes, of course! Anne Lane comes out of the closet (heh) and fucks Lune up with a black gloved hand while she devours a cupcake resting atop Lune’s public hair. They giggle and tease in French as they screw and keep the action super hot. I love love love that they use a dental dam as a pussy placemat for one delectable looking confection, before smearing it all over Lane’s tits, then actually use the dam for it’s given job, as Lune licks and sucks Lane’s clit. It also keeps the frosting out of her cooch which is a definitely plus. And of course this wouldn’t be a Madison Young original without a little rope play, which works its way nicely into the plot.

Two very outstretched thumbs up for cupcakes and cute girls getting’ busy.

-J.D. Bauchery

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